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Originally posted by sanum23

Geet now with ram and priya
Nice cs and pro 
Like the concept
Waiting now how u make Maaneet fall in love

Thanks Dear :)
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(Sorry for this post is the shortest update of my life LOL.  I felt its better if Geet-Daadi meet to be shared in the next post. Hope you dont mind Ouch)
Editing is pending for the 1st post and this post. Will do it one by one.

Savithri gives a friendly hug to Priya before she leaves from there. Now she is even more curious to meet the Event Manager of ELEGANCE.

At Elegance Office:

Geet is busy with her day-to-day work as usual and just then she hears Priya's voice which was loud enough that Geet dropped the box file straight on her feet and she is jumping with Pain...but Priya is way too excited to notice all that...


Priya runs to Geet and swings with her in current state of mind forgetting she has severe asthma problem.

G: Di...Di...Please aaram already have weezing problem and on top of that you are swinging like this..Please...

Priya stops at one point of time and she pants heavily resting her hand on her chest. Geet nods her head with amusement and she snatches Priya's bag and takes out the weezing pump and hands over it to her and also helps her with a glass of water.

P: Woh... She still panting heavy...G...Geet...W...we have got this contract...

G: Aaram se Di..Which contract?

P: Wohi...I told you this morning na...the wedding which is going to happen in Khurana Family...we have got that contract.

G: Oh WOW...That's a great news Di..

P: Haan Geet...believe me...with this event in hand, ELEGANCE will go 10 steps higher..and we will be getting to handle similar clients.

G: That's gr8 di...but our service level should be intact...we should never change our attitude towards the events for our existing see...we have reached this level today all because of them.

P: That's true my dear...we will never give up our services for our middle class customers at the same time, there will be no compromise on quality and there will be no partiality...I assure you that. "NOW YOU ARE HAPPY MADAM??

Geet nods for a Yes soo cutely.

G: By the way, you took so long??

P: Haan Geet...Savithriji is such a cute and down to earth person...she was talking a lot and trying to know so much about us. It seems she had attended the recent event which we organised...that wedding event with Mehras.

G: Oh ...really? That's so nice to know.

P: And...she was checking both the photo albums which I had carried...oh Ghosh...she was slowly and stedily observing each and every picture in that...and she gave in her points and inputs...and believe me...I would say 80% of the Pictures she liked are Your contributions..

G: Oh...that's so glad to know that.

P: And end of this, she had only one request. ..i.e she wants only "YOU to handle this event.

G: nice Di...She tells it excitingly but slowly realizes what she heard from Priya...

and she screams out mean...M...ME... ...Nahi...Its going to be a very big event I guess..How can I handle it alone? Last time also, that Mehra's event..I couldnt handle it but I had to because you had other events and commitments

P: did an excellent job for Mehras and Savithriji was very impressed with your work.

G: Di..MAIN...NAHIN...

P: Geet...I want you to handle this. I will surely keep a watch on you but from far away.

Geet nods for a no..

P: C'mon can do it...

Just then Priya gets a call from Savithriji again and she murmurs to Geet...Its Savithriji on line

P: Hello Mam..

S: Hi...Sorry to trouble you...I have a request...


Savithri again smiles at Priya's gesture

S: Well..I would like to meet your Event Manager this evening...Sorry..I forgot her name

P: Ji..Ms. Geet.

Daadi is wondering why Priya is addressing Geet as "Ms". She is under severe assumption that Geet is of equal age of Priya.

D: Yes...GEET. You see Priya Ji...when I decide on something...I stand very strong and make faster move to make it happen. I dont want to postpone or procrastinate things unnecessarily.

P: YES Ma'm..I 100 % agree with you.

D: Gr8...Ms Geet can meet me around 5 PM. If you want, I can arrange for her Pick up also,

P: Ji..Nahin Ma'm we will take care of it...thank you for your kind gesture...Geet will be meeting you at 5 PM sharp.

Geet is in utter shock hearing this...she holds Priya's hand tightly..and Priya consoles her.

D: Sounds Good. So, 5 PM Sharp...May be we shall make advance payment to start with..

P: No worries...and take your time mam

D..OK..shall wait to meet Ms. Geet...Bye..Take Care.

P: You too take care Ma'm Bye.

Priya keeps the phone and jumps and hugs Geet with Excitement...

P: Geet...I am not able to believe it. You are meeting her at 5:00 PM and you are also collecting the advance money.

G: Di...I am really happy..but nervous too.

P: Geet...You are a strong person with a high level of self confidence. trust can do it ... also, this marriage contract will further advance your career and moreover, it will transform YOU as a person.. I am handing over this contract to you...and I have full and full trust in you.

G: Di...Your trust in me is the one which is motivating me to take it UP...and I assure you that will not let you down. But you should also stand by me.


G: And Di...should I request any particular amount for Advance?

P: Usually, we take 1-5 lakhs depending on the client and budget. But with Savithriji, you can quote 10 Lakhs..if atll she asks you.

G: Hmm...OK..

P: Now finish with your work fast fast ...Its 2:00 PM and you have to finish with your work by 4:00 PM. We need to review current status of the on going contracts.

AT Khurana Mansion:

Savithriji just finishes with her talks with Priya and she calls her eldest Grandson...Maan Singh Khurana...Who is the CEO and Acting MD of the Khurana Group.

Maan: Hello

Savithri: Hello beta..

Maan: Daadi...what happened? You are calling at this time? All fine?

S: All fine and Good News to share with you...

M: Oh wow...dont tell me that there's one more wedding got fixed in the family...

S: will soon hear this news as well..and that will be the wedding of My eldest grandson..

M: Oh Daadi C'mon..not again...

S: Aur koun bacha hain? Dev, your younger brother got married too...and now, Annie's wedding is also fixed...Atleast now, you have to accept your turn..

M: Come to the point Daadi..

S: I Was upto the point...but you are the one who diverted me...Huh...Anyways I have zeroed on a organisation dealing with Wedding Contract for Annie's wedding.

M: Ok...So?

S:What So? This is the good news that I wanted to share with you.

M: Oh really? Aanie ki shaadi tay hone par bhi aap itne khush nahin huvi thi (You were'nt sounding this happy when Annie's wedding got fixed).

Savithri is getting annoyed with her Grand son's Taunts..

S: Maan... Shadi hai..koi mazak nahin...You and me can never handle this Marriage function alone...Aur yeh math bhooliye ke hum ladki wale hain (Dont forget that we are from the bride's family) . Hence we need to make this event more memorable and make sure we keep up to the expectations in line with Groom's family. Its not easy to find a wedding Planner who is loyal enough and who will work with professionalism with personal touch...But I have found them...You remember? Recently, I had attended a wedding of Mehra Ji's Son? That event was organised about same contractors..

M: tell me what can I do? I have an important meeting to attend so please be fast..

S: You leave your meetings aside and you reach home by 5 PM. I have fixed an appointment with the event manager of this entity.

M: Oh...Please...I am really really busy with some important projects.. I will not come home before 8 PM

S: I dont know all that. See, Annie's  being my only granddaughter and your one and only sister you are blessed with, I want the best of the wedding arrangements for her. If you really care for Annie's wedding, then you must make it here at 5:00 PM today. Aur haan...Please send Aadi here. I have lot of things to discuss.

M: Aadi has to be present for this project meeting here.

S: Maan...remember that Aadi is my PA and he is assisting you with work as I had to stay back at home for health, I will decide on his schedule...I need him to be at the Manscion by 4:00 PM.

M: OK...Aadi will be at Mansion by 4:00 PM. Aur kuch?

S: That's it and see you at 5:00 PM.

M: Let me see.

S: Maan...When I say, you have to be here, you have to be here.

M: I will do my best to reach by 5:00. BYE

Maan keeps the phone without any notice as he knows his Daadi. When she starts, she will no way stop. On the other side, Daadi is going if the entire burden of this wedding is weighing upon her head.

S Self Talk: Yeh Maan...huh...What ever happens, I need to fix his wedding too...I need to source someone who can command and control him? Wish God has already manufactured someone like that.

On the other side...Maan sends Aadi to meet Daadi and by the time he is done with the current meeting, its already 4:30 PM. He hands over the responsibility of the next meeting to Chief Architect and Project Manager and leaves immediately and by the time he is out of office, its already 5:00 PM. Still he makes a move towards KM as he cannot face Daadi's anger.

PRECAP: Remains same ...Geet meet Daadi and + Maaneet Meet WinkLOL

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Waiting for update 
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Nice update..
Waiting for next update..
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Nice update 
Geet was happy that they got the contract
But got shock that Dadi want to meet her 
She half heartedly agree 
Maan and Dadi phone conversation was great 
Waiting for Maan Geet also Geet and Dadi meeting 
Update soon 
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Interesting update.. Good to see Priya having complete faith in Geet's capabilities to handle a g=big event. Lets see how the meeting   goes with daadi and Maan. 
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Nice update. This meeting would going to be a surprise for dadi when she will come face to face with geet. I am imagining it to be a funny scene. Really dadi is a wonderful character here as whole story till now revolving around her n she is making all to dance on her tunes. 
Waiting for next.

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