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UPDATING Embarrassed
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editing, spelling and coloring of dialogues will be done one by one.. from the first part. kindly bare with me Embarrassed


S Self Talk: Yeh Maan...huh...What ever happens, I need to fix his wedding too...I need to source someone who can command and control him? Wish God has already manufactured someone like that.

On the other side...Maan sends Aadi to meet Daadi and by the time he is done with the current meeting, its already 4:30 PM. He hands over the responsibility of the next meeting to Chief Architect and Project Manager and leaves immediately and by the time he is out of office, its already 5:00 PM. Still he makes a move towards KM as he cannot face Daadi's anger.

At KM:
Geet has made it on time and she walks in Khurana Manscion after security check. They were informed well in advance by Savithriji. Geet is still all lost in the place...

G Self Talk: Hey Babaji...Priya di is so wrong in terming this place as PALACE...Yeh tho...BHOOL BHULAYA Hain...Huh...see, That security guy explained me the way to the place where Savithriji is waiting for me and I am all lost here...

Just then, someone calls out for her and it was Nakul

Nakul: Ji...Madam ji is waiting for you. Please follow me.

Geet follows him quitely as she doesnt want to get lost again.

Clock is striking close to 5:00 PM. Daadi is pacing left and right...

S Self Talk: Kamaal hain...Its not really surprising that Maan is not here still. Let him come, I have to take fresh lessons for him. But what happened to Aadi? He was suppose to come over here by 4:00 PM Why is he not here?

She tries calling Aadi again and again but no answer.

S: I am sure Maan would have played some tricks...khud tho nahin aayen aur Aadi ko bhi yahan aane nahin diya (He didnt make it and he didnt allow aadi to come over here ?).

Daadi is really fuming now and she is piling all her anger to burst it out at Maan...and all her anger vanished in thin air when she got to see this cute young girl (Geet)has walked in with a long jute handbag and hand full of albums and files just like Priya did. Savithriji scans her thoroughly ...this girl is dressed in a simple orange chudidar and her long hair neatly platted...and she is very simple with almost no makeup and yet she manages to carry herself so very well. She snaps out of her thoughts when Nakul calls out for her.

Nakul: Madam ji...she has come to meet you.

S: OK..Aap jao.

S Self Talk: This girl seems to be a coordinator for Events Manager...but where is the Events Manager of Elegance whom Priya was mentioning in the morning?

G: Good Evening M'am

S: Good Evening. Please take your seat

Geet sits down and settles down..Daadi scans around and also visions out at the path which leads to the Main door of KM assuming the Events Manager will also join them while Geet is feeling uncomfortable as Daadi is still standing and seriously looking at the other side. She decided to break this silence.

G: M'am..Sorry to ask, are you waiting for someone?

S: are here but where is your event manager?

G: M'am..I'm the Event Manager..I'm Ms. Geet Handa

S: What?

Savithriji almost had a sweet heart attack listening to this...and she fell back on her seat...and Geet gets concerned for her.

G: M..Ma'm are you fine?

Geet rushes to support her..and there was a small bottle of water near by which Geet hands over to her. Savithriji drinks one full bottle of water in one go and calms down.

S: I am fine now...please have your seat

Geet nods her head cutely. On the other hand, Savithriji admires this girl's kind gesture but she is still not come to terms that this young girl is the Events Manager of Elegance.

S: Aap?

G: Ji..Main Geet ...Geet Handa...I am Events Manager of Elegance.

She hands over her Business Card to Savithriji and continues..

G: Woh...Di ...I mean, Priya Ma'm has explained me all what happened during the meeting this morning...

Savithri ji is still not come to terms ...she is busy scanning Geet from Top to bottom..and she no way appears to be near the designation that she posess. Moreover, she seems to be one or two years younger to Annie. For time being, she packs all her confusions in one corner of her mind and continues to listen to Geet...

G: And..we are really honored to get this opportunity to offer you with our services...

S: Well..pleasure is mine beta...

She is rolling her eyes why she is calling her "Beta...that came in so naturally as Savithriji is all lost in her innocent and flawless beauty and talks...Geet is also equally surprised. As mentioned by Priya, she found Savithriji to be so very down to earth person.

G: Woh...I have got new albums for your can check them if you want..

She forwards them and Savithriji stops her

S: No need beta...I have already seen your works that were shown by Priya and I am more than convinced.

G: Thank You Ma'm

Savithriji again tries to call Aadi and his mobile is still no answer. Daadi is not atall calling Maan as she is Mad angry on him and she continues to talk with Geet..

S: By the way...I am curious to know more about you...You see...I never ever expected the event manager of Elegance to be so very young

Geet smiles at her question..

G: Well..Ma'm I am lucky to have a boss cum metor like Priya Di. Oh Sorry...That's how I call her.

S: Its Ok..There's no formalities what so ever..and also, you can call me Daadi.

Now its Geet's turn to get Sweet Heart Attack...but she manages not to react like Daadi..

G: OK Ma'm

S: I Said, Daadi...

G: OK Daadi..

Now both laugh out together..

S: I said, I would like to know more about your qualifications, your experience..

G: Ji..I have specialised in Home Science.

S: Home Science? Arre wah..

G: Ji..I had further specialised in Catering and Events.

Daadi is very impressed with Geet's profile now. Moreover, Geet and Annie are of same age group and hence Geet would understand Anni'es preferences, likes and dislikes very easily.

S: Yeh tho bohuth achi baat hain...

But Geet has been very honest in giving her negetive too..

G: Haan Ma'm but Unfortunately, I couldnt continue with my studies. I have completed till my 2ndyear of Graduation.

S: Oh...Why?

Geet had to stop here with her honesty.. she cannot talk on this further...

G: Woh...My family was highly conservative and due to some internal family situation, they had put a stop to my studies.

Geet's eyes becomes moist thinking about bad memories and Savithriji is feeling really sad to hear this but still she consoles Geet..

S: I understand...Its really unfortunate. Daadi holds on her hand...But you are doing so well in your job.

G: I still have a long long way to go. I have to learn a lot ...and there's no limit in learning...Moreover, Priya Di has been very kind and supportive...

Nakul serves them coffee with snacks...and both sip coffee and continue to talk.

S: I could sense that. By the way, how long have you lived in Delhi and how long you have been working with Priyaji?

G: Ji..for 2 years and these two years I have been working with Priyaji only.

Geet pause for a while and have been asking about me only what about you?

S: What to there to tell beta? Everyone knows about me..

G: I dont know, please tell me.

Geet tells this with kiddishness whilst munching buiscuits and sipping her coffee..and Daadi really admires it.

S: People know me as MD of Khurana Group. But before that, I am a woman who values my family the most. I came into business throne about 30 years back...when my husband passed away and no one to take care of it..

Geet instantly stops her munching session hearing this...

G: Oh ...sorry to hear this.

S: And you were feeling bad about your education. I had completed only my 10th Standard.

Geet is really feeling sorry for this lady now while Savithriji continues...

S: All that helped me to maintain and further succeed in this business is my Self Confidence.

Geet holds her hand...

G: You are a true inspiration for we woman Daadi...

S: Thank You beta...But I am really tired because of my old age and my health condition is also not very promising. I have opeted to stay at home and handle business. Will officially retire soon. Now my eldest grandson is the acting MD and soon he be given that post permanently. He is the one who is yet to get married.. my second grandson got married last year and now, Annie's marriage is fixed.

G: Oh...Got it...So, its Annie who is getting married now...

Savithriji nods for a Yes with a smile.

G: And what about your eldest grandson? Why is he not married yet while the younger ones are already on the family way? Did'nt you try looking out for a suitable match for him?

S: His life has completely dissolved into this business. Everyday, I get hundreds of profiles of suitable girls passed on to me either by known sources or marriage brokers...but nothing has worked out...he is not even interested to look at them. Even I made him understand so much regarding this but he is not willing to give in..

Geet is really getting into serious thoughts with regard to Savithriji and specially for their elder grand son. She holds on to Savithriji's hand and consoles her.

G: Daadi...please dont take anymore tension...your Grandson will get married soon...

Geet herself is wondering why she is telling this and that too with such a confidence.

D: Aap ki muh mein Ghee Shakkar...I will be the happiest see all my 3 grand children settled down in their life and I shall close my eyes peacefully for ever.

G: Yeah kya keh rahi hain aap? You have to live for many many more years to come...Lets sort out with Annie's wedding first, then we both will sort out your elder grand son's issue...

D: Aso, you will assist me in finding a suitable soul mate for my grand son. PROMISE?

Geet holds on her hand..


Coming to Annie's just take a back seat and stay rest assured... WE Elegance Team are there to help you. And you can completely rely on me personally.

Savithri hugs her tight ... thank you beta.

G: M..hmm!!! What did Priya di tell you? No Sorry...No Please...and Now, I add one more rule to it..NO THANK YOU... OK?

Savithriji pats on her cheeks sweetly

S: Hmm

Savithri tries to call Aadi one more time. Again, Geet could sense some tension in her..

G: Daadi...I have also been noticing you that you are trying to call someone but guess there's no answer from the other side..

S: Woh haan..My elder Grandson and My PA were suppose to join us in this meeting. But then, My Grandson has a busy day at office and hence he couldnt make it. But wonder what happend to my PA? He left office early and I have been trying to reach him and his mobile is switched off...

Geet is getting angry on this PA now.

G: Daadi..Coming to your Grandson, I could understand very well that he must be having a busy schedule. But your PA? Huh!!! Such an irresponsible person. He doesnt even care for your old age and he is doing all what he wishes?

S: Nahin beta, he is not like that. I am sure something has happened that's why he couldnt make it.

Geet is really not convinced. She feels Savithriji is way too kind and innocent and Positive. That's why people around her including her grand children are taking her for granted. And this PA has already fallen in her bad books.

G: Rehne dijiye Daadi...its really not done on his (PA) part. Anyways, Where is your second grand son? And where is the would be bride? I mean grand daughter?

S: My second grandson is in US right now. My grand daughter, her friends had arranged for a trip and it was only for a weekend and somehow got extended till today. She will be back by tomorrow morning.

Geet really feels sorry for this old lady...she is handling such a huge business empire and no one near her when she needs the most. And upar se yeh PA...HUH!!!

G: Daadi...I need to have couple of detailed meeting with you...and Annie...and with her wouldbe if possible. You see...We have about 4-5 weeks time for the wedding and lots and lots of things to be arranged. To begin with, I need to know what are your's your grand daughter's and her fience's personal choices...and then take it from there.

S: Yes beta...why not we sit down tomorrow on this? Annie would be here...but her Fiance is not here.

G: Atleast you and Annie and if possible, your irresponsible PA.

Daadi couldnt control her smile hearing Geet's Anger filled tone against PA

S: Beta...main ne kaha na..something has happened otherwise, my PA would never behave like this. He is my RIGHT HAND.

Geet ST: Why is she trusting everyone like this? I could clearly sense this PA is No. 1 Kaam choor. Ab tho milna hi padega is Mr. RIGHT HAND se...

Geet checks the time and its already 6:00 PM

G: Daadi...I have to leave now. Its getting late.

S: Arre...Ek minute...Take your Advance Cheque..

Geet is feeling shy to ask 10 laks due to the kindness and warmth extended by Savithriji...she decided to take any amount that she gives and anyways, convincing her Priya di is not at all a problem. But when Savithriji handed over her the cheque, Geet couldnt even believe what she got to see...she read the cheque amount

G: 10 Lakhs...Thank you..

D: Tik se pad Geet...count the zeros properly..

it was 1 followed by 7 zeros...and then she reconfirmed reading the words...ONE CRORE ONLY. Geet had a sudden current pass thro her hand and she was about to drop the cheque down...she composes herself again and holds the cheque with her shivering hand and reconfirms...

G: D...Daa...Daadi...This is too much...10 lakhs is more than enough for the time being. please issue another cheque

Savithridevi is all lost in this girl and her innocense...

S: Mmm Hmmm...Its just the signing amount... Later after the wedding we shall zero on the final settlement.

G ST: Hey Babaji...I guess she has already made the double the amount of final settlement amount thro this advance cheque.

Geet is still staring at the cheque and the amount filled in there...and she snaps out when Daadi holds her shoulder

S: You see...from your end you need to pay advance to so many sub contractors, employees, temporary workers/ know how long and long the list goes. And especially for this wedding, sky will be the only limit.

G: J..Ji ..Woh ...I am not finding right words to express my Thanks. But rest assured that I will give my complete self for this wedding.

S: I have full trust on you and your team. And please feel free to ask for anything else you require.

G: I will surely let you know and I will update you with all what we are doing on a daily basis.

S: the way..shall I arrange to drop you home?

G: No need Daadi...And...Tomorrow, at 2:00 PM Sharp? Please check with Anni ji and reconfirm.

S: Take it confirmed...She will be there..So, See you at 2:00 PM tomorrow.

Savithriji and Geet hugged each other and bid good bye.

Geet is murmering to herself clutching her handbag tightly...she looks up so cutely "Hey babaji...Why am I feeling my bag has become two times heavier with this cheque? She is still lost in her babaji world seeking for an answer and whilst making her way to the exit again she is lost in this place searching for the way out of this Bhool Bhulaiya. Just then she banged on someone and all her files and papers that she was carrying fell down...

Geet immediately bends down and collects the scattered papers...The person on the other hand was wondering who is this girl and what is she doing in his manscion..Yes...she banged on Maan Singh Khurana...the angry young man and Eldest Grandson of Savithri Devi...and ofcourse his very first reaction ishe gets angry at this girl for almost walking on him blindly and was about to shout at her but just gulped down all what he was about to pour out on her hearing her innocent sweet voice..

G: Oh no...I am sorry..I am new to this bhool bhulaiya...

She is hitting her forehead for talking viz-a-viz her mind...whilst accumalating the scattered papers and files..

G: I mean..I am new here and was searching for the exit...and I wonder how I even missed to see you...

Maan is still not convinced...and not able to understand how to react on her continuous blabbering...he too bends down to help her with the papers and files..

Geet and Maan extend their hand to pick up a blue file and just then their hands clinged..and that's the time they happen to glance at eachother...

His charming chocolate brown eyes met with her deep hazels and they are lost in that brief moment without even a single blink and their hands ...uff... their hands are in a state as if they are glued and not willing to let go of eachother..

He is all lost in her natural beauty and just then she blinks and she is the first to adress their current state they are engulfed in and stands up...followed by him.

Just then Daadi was making her way to the enterance seating area of KM and she happens to see Maan and Geet face to face...she had least expected this to happen and she instantly and smartly walks towards the closest wall where she can hide and hear their talks and observe their reactions..

Back to Maaneet...

Geet scans him..from top to bottom...she looks up and hits her chin with index finger as if she in some serious thoughts...and then she got an answer who this person could be and again looks back at him with a seriousness filled face...and Maan gets a bit cautious now with her expressions and antics

G: O...tho aap hain? (Oh..its You?) Mr...Right... Hand!!!

Maan is just blinking at her blankly...And on the other side of the wall...Daadi's mouth is wide open with shock..

G: You are Savithriji's PA..whom she rightiously adressess as her "Right Hand and she trust you blindly...even more than her own grand children...But YOU...YOU...Huh...

She tells this in all anger filled actions...where as Maan is absolutely clueless about who is this girl in the first place and what is she talking about and on top of that why is he listening to her?

Daadi who has been listening to them and wanted to correct geet's misunderstanding but then she held back hearing thier further conversations..

Maan: Kya??

G: Daadi has been waiting for you all this time...aap ko kab yahan aane ko bola gaya tha aur aap poori Dilli ki sair karke ab aarahe hain?( by what time you were asked to come down here and YOU are roaming around Delhi and reaching here now?) How could you be so irresponsible?

Maan is counting stars above him...While daadi is in cloud nine now..Daadi rubs her eyes and ears to confirm what she is seeing and hearing is right..someone has dared to threaten her elder grand son..THE MAAN SINGH KHURANA

M: dare you call me irresponsible?

Maan talks in anger filled tone..and widening his big eyes...which just angers Geet further...

G: Oye Mr. RIGHT HAND...

Maan and Daadi stand frozen in their respective places hearing her call out Maan like this...Maan's patience has crossed all boundries but he hasnt yet got a chance to express it...

G: what do you think? I will instantly change my opinion If you showcase your big big eyes? She takes an anger filled sigh and continues. YOU ARE AN IRRESPONSIBLE dont even care for your boss who is old lady and because of her health reasons she is forced to work from home and rely on people like you...Do you even care for her? She has been waiting for you for long time.. she takes a anger filled sigh..and how many times she has called you on your mobile? Did you even answer her once?

Maan: LOOK

Geet: I will LOOK later ...but for now, I care only for Daadima...Go and meet her now..she is still waiting for you.

Geet murmurs and leaves...Huh ...Itni Akad? Ek tye kya pehenliya? khud ko MD Samajne lagthe hain ...HAH..

Maan is absolute speechless wondering who is this master piece? No one ever dared to even stand in front of him and the entire KC staff and clients fear his anger the most and look at the guts of this girl

Savithriji self talk: Oh upar waale...aap ne meri sun li ...finaly, I found someone who can show eyes and voice out to Maan Singh Khurana...I have to teach him lot of lessons of life thro this girl.

On the other hand, Geet turned away from him and walks towards the exit and he stood there like a statue but within himself, he is gritting his teeth and staring at her with his wide eyes..till she vanishes out of the KM Exit...

PRECAP: HUH..Negative about each other... Angrybut 2 negatives makes it positive right Wink..lets see how.

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Awesome update
Dadi got mini heart attack seeing geet as event manager
Dadi waiting for aadi but he is not picking call
Maneet banged with each other
Geet mistook him as dadi pa and called him irresponsible omgg maan face poor him
Waiting for next
Posted: 2018-07-05T06:47:08Z
Such a fabulous update my dear:):):) ROFL:):):) My reaction is the same same as Dadima:):):) Can you imagine the great MSK being scolded by Geet:):):) I should be there like Dadima to admire the situation. You see Babaji heard Dadima's prayers and answered it by sending her the person he made for MSK:):):) Hilarious yet was very sweet and endearing...the way they were lost in each other's eyes...hand on hand not letting go...So so sweet:):):)

I loved the way Dadima admired Geet and loved her simplicity, honesty and achievements.  I loved their bonding a lot. I am sure that Dadima and Geet will be besties and partners in crime against the great MSK:):):) I can't wait to read more of this story:):):)
Posted: 2018-07-05T07:08:34Z
Dadi is surprised to see young girl as event manager
Both had a nice chat knowing each other
N geet was shocked seeing 1crore cheque as advance
Geet is angry on dadis pa
Maans entry 
Geet thought he is pa
N shouts at him
Making him speechless
Dadi on the other hand is so happy with geets approach towards maan
Superb part
Posted: 2018-07-05T07:32:37Z
Great update 
Geet like dadi aldo dadi like her 
But she give shock to  MSK 
and dadi was happy seeing this
Update soon 

Posted: 2018-07-05T09:28:53Z
Nice update dear Mann is shocked to see Geet dominating him
Posted: 2018-07-05T10:15:43Z
Superb update. Loved how daadi and Geet bonded instantly. Geet's recation on seeing one crore cheque was cute Big smile First meeting with Maan was a blast. Geet really gave him nicely. Would love to see her reaction on knowing who he is LOL

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