Ishra TS ,Main sau martaba deewaana hua, last part on pg 124 on 10/1(Page 6)

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Waiting for update
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This is indeed a Fantastic idea 
and thank you Faria for suggesting a Eid Gift 
now we all get to share in your gift too LOL
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congrats for new os di
eagerly waiting
updt soon di
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 Hello friends back with first OS for this OS series of Eid special .



Raman was doing something in his laptop when the door bell rang ,he waited for someone to open the door but non opened . He finally closed his laptop and walked to open the door. Till he reached the door ,the caller had already pressed the bell many times and was ringing it continuously . The moment he opened the door ,he listened some girl shouting " dolly ki bachchi ,mujhe jaldi jaldi bulaya ,saying aunty nahi hai and...

The girl was shouting but got silent seeing Raman standing there . Both looked at each other and their eyes got locked for a moment ,then the girl removed her eyes and checked the house number then spoke meekly " dolly.."

R- humm ,she is in her room.

The girl directly went to Dolly's room who was Raman's younger sister . Raman bhalla was elder son of Mr Om Prakash and toshiji bhalla ,and dolly was his younger sister .They were three siblings Raman was elder,then Romi and dolly was youngest . Dolly was about 10 years younger than Raman and five year younger than Romi  . Raman has done his MBA from London university then joined his father's business, two years ago . Now he was well known businessman and most eligible bachelor of town . His mother was behind him to marry but he was denying saying ,he don't want to marry so soon .Romi was still doing his MBA is for now living in pune .

The girl was ,ishita iyer ,Dolly's classmate . Ishita and dolly were best friends ,had just given their 10th board exam and were waiting for their results. Mr and Mrs bhalla were gone to their village to attend some marriages there leaving their kids in home itself as Raman has some important meetings to attend while dolly don't wanted to go to village ,rather she wants to enjoy with her friends in home itself . Dolly had talked to Ishita's mother and had called her to stay in bhalla house for two three days .At first Ishita's mother denied but when Toshiji talked and took the responsibility saying the girls won't be alone as Dolly's elder brother will be staying with them ,moreover they had many helps and tight security around their house . Appa has already visited bhalla house sometimes with Ishita and know that the area is safe . After thinking much and getting assurance from Bhalla's finally Ishita's parents had decided to send her to stay with dolly for a week .Though ishita knows about Dolly's elder brothers but had never met them . 

Ishita vanished from his sight but Raman was still looking at the direction. He has seen many girls in his life , in school, college , university , Toshiji had shown him pics of many girls for his marriage but he had never felt anything for any girl but don't know why ,he was feeling different with Ishita's sight . Though it was a sudden, prompt and unexpected meeting but still he could notice her beauty, innocence and spark in her eyes . Don't know what but something was there ,in her, which was attracting him towards her .Finally he closed the door and went to his room taking his laptop .

On the other hand in Dolly was coming out of the room to open the min door and witnessed the scene . She was smiling standing on the entrance of her room ,ishita reached to her room and saw dolly . She signalled towards Raman with core of her eyes and asked about him raising her eyebrows . Dolly giggled ,closing her mouth and signalled ishita get inside her room . Both the girls entered the room and ishita asked " dolly who was he ".

D- Raman bhai , though he loves me a lot but still I m scared of him . I had never spoke loudly with him aur tu to ekdum fire hi ho gayi unpar .

I- chee what he must be thinking about me , he must be thinking bad about me . sab teri wajah se. why didn't you opened the door when you were calling in so desperately ,kahaan mar gayi thi.

D- Mari nahi ,I was getting ready after taking bath .

I- should I apologize to him .

D- nah ,thats not needed ,my bhai is cool bas thore sent serious hain .

I- he didn't went to office today. .

D- I was alone in house na ,so he us working from home only .

I- ok .but kuch bhi kaho ,your brother looks like hero . unki shaadi fix ho gayi kya .

D- nahi to ,mamma is looking for a suitable girl but he is denying saying its so early and he will not marry till he gets perfect girl for him .

Ishita stood straight in front of dolly and asked behaving very calm and nice
" how m I ,will your brother like me ".

D- what was that .

I- yaar he is too hot and hando ,meri setting karwa de na . 

D- kya ,are you out of your mind ,bhai is 10 years elder than me ,matlab tere sent bhi utne hi bade honge .

I- so what ,shahid bhi to meera se 12 years bada hain,aren't they nice couple .

D- who shahid ,who meera .

I- uff ,duffer shahid kapoor hero ,aur uski wife meera rajput jinki daughter hai Misha .

D- oops you have gone mad ,they are celebrities and we are normal people moreover ,I think you forget you are just studying in class 10 .

I- no madam correction ,I have given my 10th std exam and will go in 11th std this year .

D- so what ,to bahut badi ho gayi kya . chup stop talking rubbish and chal we should make a table that what we have to do in these six days .

I- chee dolly ,you are so bad ,yahi teri dosti hai na .you can't even make me your bhabhi,main achchi wali bhabhi banoongi and will get you married to the guy you will love .

D- ishita if you will not stop you rubbish talk ,I will throw you out of my house .

I- haan that will be right and then I will pretend to get faint then your bhai will take me inside ,picking me up in his arms .

D- chee ,my bhai will not do that , Ishita will you stop bhai puraan or I should throw you out .

I- you are so bad dolly ,akhir nanad (sister in law), nanad hi rahegi .tu chod ,I myself will impress him and make him fall for me .

D- Ishu seriously ,now this is getting into my nerves,you stop this .

Ishita glared her and spoke "ok ".

Then both the girls started talking about their holiday plan when the help came and called them for lunch . Both the girls went to dinning table ,Raman was already sitting there and was talking to someone over phone . The girls went and settled on the chair . Dolly got up and started serving for them ,ishita too was helping her . Raman ended the call and spoke " dolly ,you didn't introduced me to your friend ".

Ishita got conscious listening to this whole dolly spoke " bhai she is ishita ,my best friend ,pagli hai thodi but still we are best friend ".

R- hello ishita ,I m Raman ,Dolly's elder brother .

I(being nervous )- hello .

R- so tell me something about you .

I-(pointing towards herself )- main.

R- yes you .

I- kuch nahi ,I m ishita iyer ,my father is a central govt employee ,we are two sisters me and vandu akka ,aur bas.

Raman smiled listening to her and asked " and what your akka does ".

I- she is elder than me ,unki shaadi hui last year .

R- ohh ,so now you are alone in your house .

I- haan thats why I came here 

R- thats great ,hope you enjoy .waise what stream will you take ,I mean you are interested in science or commerce .

I- appa want me to take science but I like commerce ,you know mujhe na businessman bahut achchi lagtein hain .

R- thats good .

They were talking like this when dolly spoke " I think you both forget that I m also there ".

R- arey nahi ,you was my baby ,just was getting an intro of your friend ,tujhe nahi pasand to I will not talk to her .now happy .

Dolly smiled while ishita made a dirty face ,rest of the lunch was silent affairs. Soon they completed their lunch and all left for their room . Rest of the day was normal as girls and Raman all spend their most of the time in their rooms .

Thats all ,again I couldn't complete in OS .Hope you all enjoy .

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lovely os
ishu fall flat on her friends elder brother who is 10 years older than her
Raman also interested ishu
but dolly is against
continue soon
Posted: 2018-05-31T04:43:33Z
awsome update 
it was too cute
somewhere raman also liked ishita 
pls update soon
Posted: 2018-05-31T05:18:22Z
amazing start
continue soon
Posted: 2018-05-31T05:23:37Z
Updated something ,have a look 

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