OS - Accepting Her Child ( Acceptance 1 )

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                   Accepting Her Child

                      ( Acceptance  1 )

          " Mr khurana her condition is very critical we can only save baby or mother . Tell your decision first.."

         " sa-ve-e the baby doctor " he replied not looking at anywhere . Doctor surprised for few second then went to start operation . Maan set on nearby chair , hating himself for saving that child whom he hates so much .

         " Saheb hum apse kuch maangna chate hai , ap doge " Maan wanted to shout at her but controlled as her eyes getting wet because of tears ' uff women and their best weapon '

           " hmm bolo " he asked totally disinterested like always ..

                 Geet got courage and finally muttered those words " agar kabhi koyi aasa mauka khari ho, ki mein or meri bacchi ke beech koyi ek bach sakta hai , ap meri bache ko chunoge " she finished with lots of hope in her voice " saheb waada kijiye "

             Maan only smirked at her , yes he is not surprised at her demand " damn why I even bother to take her hospital disturbing my sweet sleep " he didn't bother to hide his irritation as usual Geet kept quiet but another tear drop silently..

                       " Fine I will do it , bas ab yeh aakhose nadiya behna band karo "

          Maan clenched fist tightly recalling that moment when he promised her he would choose her child , He is burning with anger on himself and to that child too ,who is now sole reason that he gonna lose his saviour Geet ..


                    In this moment he realised , how much Geet mean to him . In all these month he thought he letting her stay with him because she saved his life so he indebted to her. But no, unknown to him Geet did manage to make a place in his big house , in his lonely life , may be in heart too which he never thought is still exist .


         He is a big business man . Money , deal he knows only these thing but all changed when that incident happened .He was returning from a trip when his car met with an accident that too middle of night , out of now where. When he thought he gonna die , simeone came as his saviour . She took him hospital and stayed till he got better .

            When he asked her what she wants ..he can give any amount of money but to his surprise she wanted to accompany him till Delhi. Maan got suspicious asked again and again if she run away from home..her answer always same.

                     " saheb agar ap sach puch karz chukana chahate ho , toh hume aapke sath le chalo...i promise you I won't bother you after that . Just take me with you and drop me to Delhi "

                  Maan can't back out from his promise so he did what she wanted .. As he thought Geet doesn't know anyone from Delhi and he didn't want to take risk that's why let her stay with him . And from that time she is with him .

                First he thought it will be for few days then he will told her to go and give her huge amount so that she can live the way she wants . But that day never came . Even as time passed he totally forgotten that . He has few servants who came for few hours and left doing their works. Then all day Geet spent doing small small things . He doesn't trust anyone easily but in her matter he couldn't distrust her and let her stay without questioning .

               Days were passing silently till one fine morning police came when Geet was serving him breakfast .

                   " Inspector you here ? What can I do for you ? " He asked totally confused seeing police at his home ..

             " hello Mr khurana ..Im inspector Jagdish Singh from Delhi police actually we are here to take your maid Geet " ..

            Maan narrowed his eyes at him then look at Geet who sweating badly hearing inspector " And why you think I would let her to go with you ".. She came and hide behind him

               " relax Geet..don't need to be scared he can't take any innocent..."

              " sorry to say Mr khurana this girl isn't innocent .. she is a murderer.."

                  " What ? " he looked at Geet who nodded no as tears flowing..

              " yeh jhoot hai humne kisika khoon nehi ki "

           " look inspector there must be some misunderstanding..she can't.."

                 " we have proof Mr khurana ..we have eye witnessed who saw how she killed her own boyfriend "

              Maan's fist clenched together..eyes turned cold,he looked at and dare her to say truth " humara koyi boyfriend nehi hai humara ekin kijiye ..yeh sab jhoot hai "

                " did you hear it ? she had no boyfriend nor she killed anyone . You better leave my place right now "

                  " Mr khurana she is lying..see this pic " he showed him a pic of Geet and a boy hugging each other ," now see this " ..he gave another pic where that boy is lying in pool of blood ..Geet took step back seeing it ...

               Maan controlled his anger " look this don't proof that she killed this boy "

                " As I said Mr khurana we have eye witnessed who saw her killing that boy . She and that boy run away from their home and stayed at Manali in blue moon hotel but something went wrong between them and she killed him, then run away from that place .. if I'm wrong ask her if she stayed there or not "

             Maan looked at Geet with questioning eyes " ji woh ha hum uch hotel mein thhe par "

               " see I told you ..she killed and runaway now staying here to save herself..par woh bhool gayi police ki hath bohot lambe hote hai "

              Maan was in shock..he recalled how she saved him from Manali high way road and adamant to come with him then always trying to avoid question about herself..he looked at the picture and then at her who crying , pleading him not to believe all this ..

                " please Mr Khurana cooperate with us ..she is a criminal , she should be in jail .." then ordered women constable to get her .Geet run to him..

                 " Hume maat le jaane dijiye , yeh log jhoot bol rahe please trust me ..i didn't kill anyone. "

                 " who are you Geet ? " Maan gave her last chance but she stayed quiet again take her inspector he turn around not want to face the scene but still Geet manage to push those women and hold his feet..

             " humne kisiko nehi maara ..woh log " before she could say more they started dragging her outside ...

              " saheb hamara yekin kijiye ..all are lies ..woh hume bacch( sell )denge please save me " Geet keep shouting till they took her out of his sight ..

                He went numb ..he couldn't believe he again trust a wrong person ..he went to his private bar to forget another person who betrayed his trust . He was furiously drinking just when remember her last word ' woh log hume bacch denge '

            " why Geet said something like that ? "

             he seeing Geet for months now ..his mind telling him to forget this matter but his heart not in peace and telling him she is innocent ..

             " she is my saviour I should give her a chance , at least I can try to know if it's true or Geet was saying right ,she is innocent..all are lies "

                  he contacted Delhi commissioner and with his help he finally discovered the truth , which is not less than a death for him ... She was a prostitute and those are fake police sent by her brothel owner ...

                His blood boil to his foolishness ..he only prayed his saviour's safety and finally after two days he get to see her ..but half dead.. they beaten her black and blue..when he thought may be ,it will end here but no another big blow came ..


              " Abort the child " that's the first thing he uttered when Geet open her eyes in hospital ..

                 " nehi this is mine " I won't " she touch her belly with all her love " yeh bas hamara hai , iss par kisika haq nehi..after ages I got something which can I call mine ,I won't let it go .."

                  Becoming a mother in that profession is big no .even if anyone become by mistake, they bound to kill it . But Geet couldn't do it ..she wanted to give birth to her child . But owner is too cruel to hear her wish . She only see money so she sold her to a rich man from Dubai but Geet can't go when she is pregnant . Geet knew what is coming , they will force her and eventually kill her baby ..

                        it years since she is staying this hell ,many times she thought to ran away but seeing other girls condition who tried to run she dropped that idea ..but this time it was matter of her child so she took risk and her luck was with her ,she manage to run away ..all she did just for her child . Now how can she kill her unborn precious baby for whom she beared so much and ready to bear more ...

                " for God sake Geet think wisely ..your body is too fragile to carry this pregnancy ..if you didn't abort that your life will be in danger . Open your eyes try to understand the whole point .. " but she nodded no as tears falling .

                  " Geet look you just come out from a hell. God giving you a chance to live ..don't waste it for that " he indicate to her belly " its not like you won't be able to be mother again ..live your life first "

               " This child is now my life saheb "..

            hearing her Maan got the message she is determined and won't change her decision for anything ..from that day he start hating that child ..


                      " what you will do with that ..i mean how will you raise that thing ? what's the plan ? "

                      He asked her once back home . She pouted cutely " stop calling my child as that ..this ...it " Maan rolled his eyes at her.. " I will give my baby to an orphanage "

           " What? Geet you taking risk of giving birth of that to give it away ? "

             she nodded sadly " you know na saheb my past would never let me stay in peace ..and if my baby stay with me sooner or later have to suffer . It would be better if my baby grow up in good place.."

               " And you think orphanage is a perfect place " he smiled bitterly thinking about his life ..he didn't grow up in orphanage but he did grow up without parents and he knows how it feels ..

                " fine good luck to your That for it's bright future " he called her baby that again making her angry but Maan as usual went out without hearing her lecture ..

                one day she came with a wish in which he laughed at her " you want me to take care of that till it grow up and then send that to orphanage..you must be dreaming right ."

                  " why are you saying like this saheb ..hum toh bas yeh kehe rahe hai ..agar humhe kuch ho jaye toh bas kuch waqt ke liye..."

                   " No im not keeping that ok ..that's the biggest poison of your life ..you could have start fresh but that thing put your life in danger " he gave a glare to her growing belly and went out angrily ..


                 from past 5 months countless time she had to admit to hospital and every time his hate grew for her child ,as it's the only reason she suffering like this ...

            OT door opened, he run toward it ..before he can ask about Geet , a nurse gave him or say forcedly put the new born child to his arm " congratulation sir it's a girl ."

                 he stood as rock for few minutes then went back to chair still not looking at the baby girl. Many people come who were passing and congratulate him he only gave cold glare ...

                finally after sometime he looked the baby in his arms who sleeping " you are so bad . You killed your mother ,you know ..from childhood she is suffering but when finally she was getting a little happiness you took it from her. I hate ..." Maan stop as baby opened her eyes softly and looked at him ..

                  " I hat..." he tried again but couldn't utter those word ..he looked away from baby and trying hard not to look again. But then he felt something wet in his pant " crap how could you ? Nurse nurse "

                    Nurse came running saw the condition but before she can took baby from him baby start crying " I think she is hungry..let me get the milk ..her mother still in OT , for now bottle milk is only option "

                      She went and came back with a small bottle and put it to her mouth .." please hold it " she told Maan and went leaving him in difficult state..

                  " What the ...hey where are you going ? I don't know how to .." he stop as baby start drinking slowly . After one hour he was still sitting like that just then realise something soft is holding his finger ..it was baby's soft fingers . He tried to take it out but seeing her sleeping form drop the idea ...

                 Geet opened her eyes and what she saw is not less than a miracle ..her saheb holding her girl to his chest ,a small tear drop in happiness ..

            " ahh you still crying ..God see baby when you were not here she was crying, now you are here still your mother is crying .."

               " Thank you saheb for saving my child " Maan smiled softly , a genuine smile after months

             " and thank you Geet for coming back to us "

            She was in critical condition but still she fight back for which Maan can never thank her enough .He looked the baby in his arms and felt guilty for hating such gift of God . He hold Geet's hand surprising her ,then looked at baby and announced proudly " Meet Singh Khurana "

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Not new ..was written for anniversary thread ..hope you guys will like it ( most people already read it I guess )Smile
Sorry for not updating storySleepy ..guys I'm totally blank , don't know what to write . I tried but nothing cameConfusedSleepy...
That's why posting this old OS , hopefully I will be back on trackSmileTonguegood luck to meBig smile
Enjoy ... Ramadan MubarakSmileSmileSmile

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Have read it already!Big smile
It was quite emotional oneCry
It might have been quite difficult for him to accept her baby as his but love overpowers everything Smile
Thanku for pm 
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Nyyyccc story
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Nice update dear
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Lovely emotional os dear.thnx fr d pm Edited by priyarthiroy75 - 1 years ago
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No child in this world is cruel, we just can't blame them... After lot of misery and hardship god gifted Geet with angel to make her life heaven... Maan although showed like he didn't care but he was worried for Geet and secretly to this unborn baby also which he didn't realise until she was born
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Amzing os

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