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This story is so perfect . Each and every part is justifying Sameer Nd his relationship status, his pain , longing and love.
Loved how he mended his relationship with Rohan and deepika. Loved how Rohan called Naina bhabhi. And cute banter between brothers. 

Last part was superb. Wow somani and Vishakha's trail and Sameers  judgement is just so apt.

Continue soon dear
Will be waiting to read further.

Just a small request Don't kill nanu

Thank you Suhana. It gives me immense pleasure when I see people conecting to this story.

Sameer had a very painful childhood but now he has Naina in his life.She will help him erase all bad memories of his life.

Are why would I kill nanu. he is the jaan of this story. so chillSmile

Posted: 7 months ago
 Hey everyone Hug I am back with the next part for the story. But before that, I would like to thank each and everyone who comments on the story. Due to paucity of time, I am not able to reply to everyone in detail but I want you all to know that each and every comment is precious to me. Your comments keep me going. Thanks a ton Smile

Also, I haven't proof read the next update so please forgive me for any mistakes Smile

                                                                          "Part 10"

It was a regular summer morning in Ahmedabad. The sun peeped through the horizon, signalling the arrival of  a new day. Bela, being the early riser she was, had already started the preparations for the breakfast. As she passed by her daughters' room on her way to fetch something from the store room, her eyes fell on Naina and Preeti sleeping, hugging each other, with a big smile on their faces. On any other day, she would have reprimanded them both for sleeping till late but that day, she didn't want to disturb their sleep. Her daughter Naina was back home after three years and her arrival had filled their home with happiness. It was true that she would come every year for her vacations and sometimes her stay extended for two months at a stretch but how could that suffice for the longing of a mother. She closed the door quietly, not wanting her daughters to get disturbed and returned back to her kitchen to complete her work.

"Kya baat hai, badi acchi khushboo aa rahi hai. Kya ban raha hai khane me?" Anand asked Bela.

"Puri aur halwa, Naina ko bohat pasand hai na. Bela replied.

Anand was amused seeing her excitement "Bela, tum to kal raat se aise khush ho rahi ho jaise Naina pehli baar mil rahi hai tumse Dilli jane ke bad se".

"Han to meri beti ab hamesha ke liye vapas aagayi hai mere paas, kyu na khush houn? Bhagwan jhuth na bulae, ab se na ghar me sirf Naina ki pasand ki chize banengi. Han." Bela rolled out the dough into small puris.

"Chalo accha hai, isi bahane ab Preeti aur mujhe tumhare tindo se chutkara milega", Anand giggled, only to receive an angry look from Bela. "Uda lijiye mazaak, kam se kam aapki tarah kal mai do ghante pehle to station pe ja kar nahi baith gayi thi", Bela countered back leaving Anand flustered.

"Chachaji, aap do ghante se station pe baithe the", Naina who had witnessed her chacha chachi's entire conversation asked bemusedly.

"Nahi, nahi. Ye tumhari chachi kuch bhi bol rahi hain. Mai to kuch kaam se station gaya tha", Anand bluffed.

"Chachaji, rehne do haan", Naina hugged him tightly in order to hide the tears that had started welling up in her eyes, "Maine bhi aap dono ko bohat miss kiya aur ab main kahin nahi jaungi aap dono ko chodh ke.

"Bharat milap khatam ho gaya ho to mummy kuch khane ko milega?" Preeti asked peeping through the small window that seperated the kitchen and the living room as she settled on the chair. "Vaise, kal raat se na aap teeno yahi karyakram 100 bar kar chuke ho. Ab kuch naya karo".

"Preeti, maar khaegi ab tu" Bela threatened her with the belan in her hand causing everyone to erupt into laughter.

That day and the next few days passed in a similiar fashion with Bela and Anand pampering Naina and Naina and Preeti thinking of ways in which they could tell Chachaji about Sameer. Earlier, Preeti was against he idea of informing her father about Sameer but Naina's consistent persuasion had forced her to change her mind. After trying various methods, from praising the love of Radha Krishna and the folklores which depicted the love stories of ancient India to talking in front of their parents about Meghaben, the only girl from their locality who had dared to fal in love, only to gauge what Anand and Bela thought about love marriages, they finally came to the conclusion that it was better to tell them directly. So one fine day, Naina gathered all her courage and decided to confront them.  Anand was working on some files and Bela was sitting on the bed, reading a magazine when Naina and Preeti knocked at the door " Chachaji, vo aapse kuch baat karni thi".

"Bol na beta", Anand signalled them both to come inside.

"Vo chachaji", Naina fidgeted with her dupatta, unable to find words.

Naina's VO: Bohat taiyari kari thi maine aur Preeti ne ki kis tarah se chachaji ko bataenge. Bakayda rehearsal bhi kari thi. Ji haan. Lekin jaise hi us din chachaji ne bola na ki beta bol, meri to dil ki dhadkan saatve aasman pe pohnch gayi thi. Mu se shabd nahi nikal rahe the aur chehra aise laal ho gaya th ajaise kisi ne tamacha maara ho. Agar Preeti nahi khadi hoti na saath me sambhalne ko to mai to chakkar kha ke hi gir jaati. Aaj bhi jab kisi ladki ko apne dil ki baat apne maa baap ko kehni hoti hai to uske paseene chooth jaate hain aur mai ye kaam 90s me karne chali thi. Sochiye zara.

"Naina, kya hua. Tum dono ki ye chuppi mujhe pareshan kar rahi hai", Anand asked as he shifted uncomfortably in his chair.

Naina took a deep breath, took a few steps ahead and sat on the floor in front of Anand, "Chachaji, vo, vo ek ladka hai"

Anand took off his specs and asked sternly "Ladka"?

"Ji. Vo hum dono ek dusre se pyaar karte hain aur, aur, Naina fumbled with her words. "Aur kya Naina", asked Chachaji cutting her in betwwen.

"Aur bas Naina chahti thi ki ye baat vo aapko bata de", Preeti intervened sensing that her father would  scold them anytime soon.

"Tu kisi ladke ko pasand karti hai Naina? Tujhe pata bhi hai tu bol kya rahi hai aur agar bol bhi rahi hai to sharam nahi aarahi apne chachaji se ye baat kehte hue", Bela shouted and got up from the bed. "Aur tu, tu kis mu se uski vakalat karne aayi hai?" Bela held Preeti's arm angrily.

"Chachaji, kuch to boliye na. Aise chup mat rahiye", Naina pleaded, unable to bear Anand's silence.

"Kya bolun? Teri is harkat ne bolne ke liye kuch chodha hi nahi. Isilie Dilli bheja tha maine tujhe? Chachaji asked.

"Nahi chachaji aisa nahi hai. Aap galat samajh rahe ho", Naina replied, unable to control her tears.

"To fir kaisa hai Naina? Bharosa toda hai tune mera aur apni chachi ji ka. Aaj tak humne teri aur Preeti ki har iccha puri ki hai chahe uske liye hume pure smaaaj se kyu na ladna pada ho. Aur aaj tune har vo baat sach saabit kar di jo log hume kehte the. Tere tayaji tayiji ne kitini baar hume mana kiya ki hum tujhe Dilli na bheje lekin humne ek nahi suni unki. Kisli Naina? Taaki ek din aake tu mujhe ye sab kahe?" Anand shouted as anger took the better of him.

Naina and Preeti, who had never seen Anand geeting angry, let alone shouting, were frozen at their places. Naina knew that it wasn't going to be easy to convince Anand but his words pierced her heart. The same chachaji who had always taken pride in Naina being the best daughter any parent could get, was accusing her of breaking his trust. "Chachaji,mujhe pata hai aapko accha nahi laga ye sab sun ke. I am sorry. Par ek bar meri puri baat sun lijiye".

"Anand got up from the chair and told Bela " Ise keh de mujhe isse koi baat nahi karni. Maine jo sun na tha sun liya"

"Chachaji, aise mat bolo", Naina pleaded tearfully.

"Bela, isse pehle mai kuch galat kadam uthaun, in dono ko bol apne kamre me jaen", Anand shouted again.

Naina looked at Bela for some support but the anger on her face took away her hope. Realising, there was no point arguing, Naina and Preeti left for their room. The next morning, Naina woke up early hoping for her chachaji to talk to her but he didn't even look at her once. When Naina tried talking to him, she got the same cold response as last night. Additionally, Bela was also acting indifferent towards her. Till last day, their house was filled with the echoes of their laughter and banter and now it had gone all quiet. Bela, who was extremely happy till yesterday, was unable to fathom what had caused her Naina to take such an unusual decision.

Days went by but Anand refused to budge. Naina and Preeti tried many a times to talk to him but their efforts failed every single time. Every night, Naina would sleep crying her heart out to Preeti and Preeti was not able to do anything except to console her.

One afternoon, Bela was sitting on the table, peeling peas when Naina approached her "Chachi ji, mujhe pata hai aap mujhse gussa ho lekin aap Preeti se baat kyu nahi kar rahe? Uski to koi galti nahi hai na. Aap use kis baat ki saza de rahe ho?

"Saath to diya na usne tera. Vo bhi jaanti thi na hamesha se is sabke baare me"? Bela asked .

"Chachiji please gussa chodh do", Naina tried again.

"Naina, tu jaanti hai ", Before Bela could  finish her sentence, Anand entered the house, smiling. "Kya hua, Preeti ke papa? Aaj aap bohat khush lag rahe ho?" Bela asked.

"Naina, Preeti ko bulao", Anand asked Naina and she run to her room to call Preeti " Preeti jaldi chal, chachaji ne aaj itne din bad mujhse baat kari. Aur vo bohat khush bhi lag rahe hain. Chal".

"Bela, Naina ka IIM Ahmedabad me admission ho gaya hai, MBA ke liye vo bhi full scholarship par. Dekho ye letter" Anand told Bela as he saw Preeti and Naina approaching the hall. Hearing the news, Preeti jumped up in excitement and hugged Naina tightly " Naina lagta hai papa ka gussa khatam ho gaya hai".

"Ek hafte tak documents sum bit karne hai aur agle mahine se classes start ho jaengi. To kal mai aur Naina ja ke sari formalities puri kar aaenge", Anand again told Bela. "Chalo mai kapde badal leta hun".

Seeing him walking towards his room without looking at her, Naina asked  "Chachaji, aaj bhi kuch nahi kahoge?"  Without replying, Anand proceeded futher when he was stopped by Preeti. "Papa, abhi bas bohat ho gaya. Aap kyu Naina se baat nahi kar rahe ho? Itni khushi ka din hai aur aap uski taraf dekh bhi nahi rahe? Agar aap humse gussa ho to humpe vo gussa nikalo. Hume thapapd maaro, daanto, jo karna hai karo par atleast humse aise naaraz to mat raho."

"Thappad nahi maara pehle kabhi islie to tum dono aisi ban gayi ho. Agar bachpan se hi tumhe itni azaadi nahi deta, to aaj ye din dekhne ko nahi milta?" Anand kept his briefcase on the chair.

"Preeti, dekh hum baad me baat karenge chachaaji se, abhi tu gusse me hai." Naina tried to take Preeti into their room but Preeti shrugged her off "Nahi, baat to aaj hi hogi".

"Aisa kya kar diya papa Naina ne? Aapse apni dil ki baat hi to kahi hai. Vo bhi sirf isilie kyunki vo aapse jhuth nahi bolna chahti thi. Aur papa jab Meghaben ne suicide karne ki koshish kari thi, tab aapne hi unhe samjhaya tha ni ki unhe apne mummy papa ko sab bata dena chahie tha. Aapne hi kaha tha na papa ki maa baap ke liye apne baccho ki khushiyo se bada kuch nahi hota. To fir aaj aapko kya ho gaya hai? Mujhe to lagta tha ki mere papa hamesha apni baaton par adig rehte hain. Lekin mujhe nahi pata tha ki hamare ghar me bhi duniya ke liye niyam kuch aur hote hain aur apni betiyo ke liye kuch aur" Preeti said disappointingly.

"Tu apne papa se behas kar rahi hai"? Anand asked angrily.

"Haan, kar rahi hun kyunki mai apni behan ko har roz rote hue nahi dekh sakti. Kya vishwas toda hai Naina ne aapka? Papa, Naina to aapki acchi vali beti hai na? Hamesha top karti hai, aapki saari baatein maanti hai, aapko kabhi shikayat ka koi mauka nahi deti. Aur papa aaj jo usne haasil kiya hai vo to hamare yahan ki ladkiya sochti bhi nahi hain. Aapko pata hai papa Naina ye sapne kyu dekh paati hai? Kyunki aapne use sapne dekhne ki himmat di hai. To fir agar usne ek aur sapna dekha, to aap smaaj ke dar se uske sapne ko kyu kuchal rahe ho?? Maana ki aapko nahi pasand aya ki Naina kisi ladke ko pasand karti hai to kam se kam aap uski baaat sun to lo. Aap to usse baat hi nahi kar rahe ho. Aisa kya kar diya papa usne?" Preeti burst  into tears. "Aap to duniya ke best papa the na,  vo papa jinke liye Naina aur Preeti se badhkar kabhi kuch tha hi nahi. To fir aaj kya ho gaya papa? Agar aap is baat pe garv mehsoos karte the ki aapke paas Naina jaisi beti hai to Naina ne bhi to apni puri zindagi aapke aur mumma ke shaare hi bitaayi hai. Please maan jaao, mummy papa. Ek baar samaaj ke purane niyaam kanoon chodh ke apni beti ki khushio ke liye maan jao. Please"

Bela, who was till now a silent spectator to her daughters' sufferings for the last few days, decided to speak up, "Preeti ke papa, sahi to keh rahi hai Preeti. Aaj itna khushi ka din hai aur hum sab aise udaas chehro ke sath baithe hain. Aap hi to kehte ho na ki hume samay ke saath badalna  padta hai to kya harz hai agar Naina kisi ladke ko pasand karti hai to. Hum ek bar us ladke se mil lete hain na. Aapne kaha tha na hame baccho ka dost ban na hai, to aap khud kyu  bhul gaye? Aur rahi baat logon ki, jab aaj tak humne parwaah nahi ki, to aaj kyu? Maan jaiye na. Hamari Naina me aapke sanskaar hain. Vo kabhi kuch galat nahi karegi."

Anand looked at Naina who was standing with her head down, probably trying to hide her tears. His heart sank. He was the one responsible for every single tear that had fallen off Naina's eyes in the last few days. Bela was right. He was the one who had always asked Bela to adjust her thinking with time. He was the one who had always tried to be more of a friend than a father to his daughters then how could he falter this time? There was not a single day in his life when he had scolded Naina, infact Naina had never given him a chance to do so. She had always been the perfect daughter, a daughter who could do anything to keep them happy. Then how did he end up scolding her? He took a step forward towards Naina and Preeti "Beta, mai dar gaya tha ki meri Naina galat raaste par chali gayi hai. Mai dar gaya tha ye soch ke ki mai kaise duniya ka saamna karunga. Ye sab baatein haawi ho gayi thi mujh par aur main apn aaapa hi kho baitha tha. Lekin ab nahi. Ab meri betiyo ki aankho me ek bhi aansun nahi aaaega. Maaaf kar do mujhe".  "Nahi aise mat bolo chachaji/papa", both Preeti and Naina said in unison and hugged him. " Chalo ab hum meri beti ki safalta ki khushi me bahar khana khane jaenge, chalo taiyar ho jao". Naina and Preeti's faces beamed with happiness and they forgot all their pain "Papa/chachaji pizza khaenge. Hum abhi kapde badal ke aate hain", both replied in excitement and  turned to walk towards their room. "Naina, kal 10 baje use mandir me bula lena milne ke liye. Hum bhi to dekhe hamari Naina ki pasand", Chachaji said smilingly and  Naina nodded.


Tring Tring! Tring Tring! The phone in the Maheshwari residence was ringing again and again for the last one hour and everytime Ramdhari went to pick it up, the buzzing would go off,  causing him annoyance. "Sameer bhaiya ke aane ka time ho gaya hai aur ye phone baji ja raaha hai. Khana bhi nahi banane dega ab ye phone. Are jab logon ko baat hi nahi karni hoti to phone karte kyu hain".

"Kya ho gaya Ramdhari? Kya bad bad kar raha hai akele me?" Sameer asked as he sat on the sofa, tired from the day's work. Ever since he was back to Ahmedabad, he had started going to his Nanu's office to learn business. Since Nanu was out of the town for some work, he had additionial responsibility on his shoulders. The days were getting more and more hectic with passing time. "Are bhaiya, pata nahi kaun phone kar raha hai itni der se . bar bar do ghanti bajti hai aur phone kat jata hai. Hum to pareshan ho gaye hain", Ramdhari replied, setting up the dining table "Aap haath mu dho lijiye, khana lag gya hai bas"

"Do rings? Do rings bola na tune? Are buddhu, teri bhabhi phone kar rahi thi",Sameer said and ran towards the phone and quickly dialled Naina's number. She immediately picked up as if waiting for him "Kahan the, kitne der se phone mila rahi hun".

"Are vaah. Itne dino se gayab tum ho aur daant bhi mujhe rahi ho. pata hai kitni tension me tha mai? Chachaji kya abhi bhi gussa hain?" Sameer asked forgetting every other thing.

"Tumhe kaise pata is sab ke baare me?" Naina asked confusedly.

"Nainu, to tumhe kya lagta hai. Tum mujhse itne din baat nahi karogi to mujhe kuch pata nahi chalega? Mujhe Preeti ne bataya. Tum to bhool hi gayi thi apne Sameer ko", Sameer replied. His sad tone pinched Naina hard, "I am sorry, Sameer. Mai itni pareshan thi ki mujhe samajh hi nahi aaraha tha kya karun. Aur mai tumhe kabhi nahi bhool sakti. Aise mat bolo"

"Mujhe pata hai. Lekin aise dubara mat karna. Nahi to agli bar sidha ghar aajaunga tumhare. Kisi ka lihaaz nahi karunga. Soch lo", Sameer warned her.

"Uski zarurat nahi padegi. Kal chachaji ne mandir me bulaya hai tumhe milne ke liye", Naina replied.

"Sachi?", Sameer asked unable to believe his ears. "Han baba sach. Tum 10 baje pohnch jana. Aur mujhe tumhe ek aur khushkhabri bhi deni hai lekin vo kal. Mai jyada der nahi baat kar sakti ab", Naina replied.

"Naina, kitne din se humne baat nahi kari aur ab bhi tum aise kar rahi ho. Mat jao. Mujhe kitna kuch batana hai tumhe, " Sameer said.

"Sab kal batana", Naina replied unwavered by his request which made him angry. "Theek hai jao". "Accha suno", Naina said lovingly causing his heart to flutter "Muaaah". Byeee" and she cut the phone

"Naina, this is cheating yaar. Mera jawab to sunti jaati", Sameer held the receiver close to his heart. He kept the receiver down and thought to himself "Chalo ab sasur ji ko manane ka time aagaya hai"


Sameer paced around in the temple hall, nervously. He had come to the temple, half an hour in advance, not wanting to take any risk "Sameer, aaj teri izzat ka sawal hai. Bohat hero bana firta hai na duniya ke saamne. Lekin aaj to teri saari herogiri nikal gayi hai. Kaise kaanp raha hai tu dar se. Aur, aur ,aur ye mai apne aap se baatein kyu kar raha hun? Calm down Sameer. Naina ke Chachaji hi to hain, maan jaenge. And now stop talking to yourself. enough of it".

Naina was climbing the stairs of the temple along with Preeti, Anand and Bela when she saw Sameer, standing in one corner, talking to himself. A nervous Sameer was an unusual sight for Naina and she couldn't help but chuckle. Seeing her laugh, Anand looked at her amazed. She pointed towards Sameer "Mujhe nahi pata tha ki ise bhi nervousness hoti hai". Her innocent reply made Anand laugh and he followed her direction to locate Sameer "Naina, ye to vohi ladka hai", "Ji chachaji", Naina nodded in affirmation. By now, Sameer had seen them and he came forward to greet them, "Namaste chachaji, namaste chachiji", and touched their feet. "Udhar chalen?" Anand said and directed them towards a corner in the backyard of the temple hall. He walked forward and rest of them followed suit. 

"Sameer, dekho hum  yaha tumhara koi test lene nahi aye hain. Hum jaante hain ki hamari beti ne agar koi itna bada faisla liya hai to kuch soch kar hi liya hoga. Naina ne hume tumhare aur tumhari family ke bare me bataya hai. Ye bhi bataya ki tumhare Nanaji ko bhi is rishte se koi apatti nahi hai. Jayprakash ji to vaise bhi Ahmedabad ke bohat izzatdar insaan hai.  Lekin dekho mai Naina ka chacha hun. Uspar mujhse jyada haq uske papa ka hai. Unke liye aur mere bade bhaishab ke liye ye jaat biradari bohat maayne rakhti hai. Isilie mai tumhe pehle hi bata dena chahta hun ki Naina aur tumhara safar itna asaan to nahi hoga lekin mai aashvasan deta hun ki mai aur Bela har smbhav koshish karenge" Chachaji said calmly. "Lekin, hum abhi chahte hai ki Naina aage ki padhai kare aur uske baad hi hum tum dono ke  rishte ki baat aage badhaen".

Sameer smiled a bit and replied "Hum bhi yahi chahte hain". He took  a pause and continued         "Aapko sach me mujhse kuch nahi puchna? Aap to mujhe jaante bhi nahi ho"

Anand and Bela looked at each other and smiled "Beta, soch ke to hum bohat kuch aaye the, lekin kabhi kabhi kisi ko parakhne ke liye ek nazar hi kaafi hoti hai. Aur maine to tumhe us din station pe hi parakh  liya tha", Anand added teasingly.

"Ab kyunki jijaji ko official permission mil hi gayi hai, to bhagwan ji se bhi aashirwaad le len", Preeti said excitedly and her father nodded in approval.

Anand asked Sameer and Naina to do aarti together and take the blessings of the almighty. As  they performed the aarti together, Anand asked Bela softly "Kyu Bela, sahi faisla liya hai na humne?"

"Bhagwan jhooth na bulae. Sahi, galat nahi pata lekin ye zarur pata hai ki Naina agar kisi ke sath khush rahegi to vo Sameer hi hai. Sameer ko dekhte hi uske chehre par alag si chamak aa gayi hai aur Sameer ki aankhon me bhi Naina ke liye pyaar saaf dikh raha hai. Humari bacchi ki khushi Sameer me hi hai. Bas ab aage sab accha ho", Bela replied and they both prayed for their children's happiness.

Posted: 7 months ago
Loved the update
it was awesome
how preeti confronted chachaji and he understood their perspective
and went to meet sameer
And approved of him
ab rakesh aur tai tau yha bhi drama krne wale hain kya

Posted: 7 months ago
Hi AaishaJi
This update was so good infact I re-read part 9 as well

The way Sameer dealt with his parents fiasco I am totally with him. I just want Somani and Vishakha' to support samerr when he will need the support to marry Naina.

Part 10 was so sweet.
I really loved Sameer's advising ramdhari that bhabhi ka call tha. And chachaji meeting Sameer was best.
Sameer toh puri preparation k saath aaya tha hone wale sasurji se kya bolega.
And chachaji shayad man hi man khush the ki Sameer hi wo ladka h

He left a very nice first impression indeed!!!

Waiting for Sameer supporting Naina and one thing I really loved is Sameer telling Naina agar tumhare ghar wale MBA nahi karwaenge toh me shadi k Baad karwaunga. I really loved him like that.
He understands and values Naina the most.Embarrassed

Superb part 

Edited by suhaaana - 7 months ago
Posted: 7 months ago
chachaji maan gye and bela chachi bhi
they really liked sameer and did not behave like typical in-laws with him
they were sweet to him
and understood the depth of samaina's relationship
But how will  the others react
can not wait to read it
continue soon
Posted: 7 months ago
Nice update
Posted: 7 months ago
Loved the update
Posted: 7 months ago
What an update...Thumbs Up... superb...
Eagerly waiting for the next update...plzzz update soon.
Thanks for the PM.

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