Samaina SS : "Suhana Safar" (*Updated*; Epilogue on Page 85)(Page 43)

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Part 5: Dheere dheere pyaar ko badhana hai...hadh se guzar jaana know I was humming this song all the time when I read this update of yours! Fantastic! 
Pehle to you showed Naina-Shefali bond...I used to love that in the show...unfortunately beech me they cut it down n ab to dikhne se showed Shefali as a cool senior...dono ke timings alag (acha hai privacy rehti hai Wink)...yet understanding puri! Shefali didi..kajal do na...n Shefali's astonishment! And the best one was: "Maheshwari to gaya!" Chalo sabko pata hai dono lattu hain ek dusre pe! LOL
Didi aap ulta chal rahe ho kya Wink
Are sachi? I was humming this song while typing the update. Embarrassed
I loved their bonding too. Hi5. I wanted to see more of them par kya karen nahi mila LOL
LOLAise hi mere friends bhi shocked hote hain jab mai kaajal lagati hun to.
are sabko pata hai. meri story me misunderstanding ka scope hi nahi hai Wink

And Sam actual me lattu ho gaya Naina ka makeover dekh! And his teasing...mujhe laga mere liye tayyar hoke aayi ho types! 
Dono ka pyaar to badhta jaa rha hai...n thankfully Rohan yahan bolta hai aur samajhta hai ki bhai pyaar mein hai! 
The entire meeting of Rohan, Naina, Sameer n Deepika at Chandani chowk was so cute! I was reminded of a story I was in the process of writing...usme bhi I had written something like this about Deepika thinking about Naina's name as bhabhi...n her bonding with her...hamare khayalaat milte hain vakayi! Approve I was happy you wrote on these mein to Deepika-Naina ki bonding ke sapne hi sajate reh gaye hum...
Are Sameer to vaise bhi lattu hi hai LOL Bechara behosh nahi hua shukar manaoLOL
Embarrassed I remember that part in your story. Hamare khayalat aur romance ki definition dono milte hain Day Dreaming
haha haan aur vo sapne lagta bhi nahi kabhi pure honge. islie as always, vahan nahi to yahan sahi LOL

And the best part was padhaku-padhaku dost-dost...sharmila Rohan bhi bhabhi se bak bak karne laga aur dono shararati sochne lage ki yahan bhi padhai ki baatein kar rahe hain dono! 
And the exam prep! Really! I liked that Sameer is also trying to work hard here...trying to do his best...doesn't love bring out the best in you? Wish show mein bhi they'd shown Naina worried for Sameer's studies as she used to be in 11th...lekin yahan ladka paper ke time pe use ghur raha hai n she doesn't even know! Na hi use saath baith ke padhaya! Such a contrast to 11th std head boy exams...when she gave him her lucky pen n was constantly checking as to how he was faring in the exam...n jaan me jaan tab aayi jab he told his friends he'd done well!

Real life me bhi aisa nahi hota? padhaku padhaku log baki duniya ko bore kar dte hain LOL
Didi this is so true,. True love always brings out the best in you. I miss that Naina who always tried to push Sameer to achieve better results. Mujhe dubara vahi Naina chahie Cry
EmbarrassedMere Sameer ko SJM jo ban na hai to vo to mehnat karega hi
Well written as always dear! 
Eager for more!

Thanks a ton didi. Love you loads Hug
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Res aaisha aati Hun Deepu ke birthday ke Baad Wink
I know kuch jyada hi late Hun main, but Abhi bas Suhana Safar Ko hi complete karna hai.
I'll be on track.

Part 3 ke liye unres.

Awesome update aaisha  Clap

That's really great, SamAina friendship grew more Embarrassed
This chapter was really good, you explained family problem very well. How much Naina's family conservative, you portrait them well, very well! 

I really admire chacha bhatiji bond and here it was amazing too.

New journey started, let's see this college Suhana Safar.

Going to read next part.

Thanks a lot darling Hug
I am happy you are enjoying their journeyEmbarrassed
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Part 4 
Awesome chapter aaisha that was really great.
Journey of two heart for healing each other started.

Sameer's anger and Naina making him calm the best part it could be.
Rohan and Deepika's bonding with Sameer was so so cute.

Ab time andar ke talent Ko bahar nikalne ka. And I loved whole concept and event.
Sameer bhi or Naina bhi par koi kuch bolta nhi.
But that shayri aaisha  Clap
Loved it alot.
Being little lazy to type long comment due to my health sorry for that.
Thank you so much sweetheart Hug

I always wanted to see the siblings' bonding. Par show me dikhaya hi nahi ConfusedLOL

Embarrassedhan yar I want to show the positive aspects of falling in love Embarrassed

Shayari ke liye shukriya Embarrassed
Koi baat nahi, health comes first Wink
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Part 5 
Dheere dheere pyar ho nhi Raha pyar hogaya Day Dreaming
Such a lovely chapter it was...
Just beautifully you have written it down.
Gosh so so beautiful 

Really love that part.

Naina and Sameer both got ready for each other. Hey Shefali is also there that's cute.
Naina's pov was beautiful, the way she got ready.

And sameer's reaction after looking at her was natural.
Sameer go ga-ga over her by in normal attire now she had put some extra efforts for him.

Their not so confession moment was cutest part.

Yes how can we forget phone that was best way to confess she loves him. You make it really beautiful aaisha.

Later that Chandni chowk part is bestest part.
Deepika Bonding with Naina was so real and cute. All their visiting was cute and bonding with bhabhi and devar and nanad.

Anmol Hug Thank you so much, sweetie.

I loved Shefali and Naina's friendship in the show, that's why brought that angle here also.

I am so happy that you loved the confession Embarrassed

Hehe han I wanted to see bhabhi devar bonding in the show badly par vahan to kuch mila nahi, to yahi sahi Wink
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Part 6 

Another cutest chapter.

I really love that song sequence. That was beautifully presented.
Nanu Ko bhi pata chal gaya. 
Preeti and Naina's scene were really cute 
And I love this kuch kuch ho Raha hai.
Continue soon.

Thanks sweetheart Embarrassed

I want to portray Naina and Nanu's bonding to islie nanu ko to pata chalna hi tha Wink
Mujhe bhi kuch kuch ho raha tha when I penned it downWink
Thanks for liking the update Smile
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Hey Aaisha!! 
Finally here after soo long! Lotsss of catching up to do as you know! 

Part 5: Haii you had me at the title only yaar!! Wink

The update is so inline and apt with your title. I loveee the way you are slowly bringing in the relationship aspect and and every small details with it! 

The simplicity in sameer and naina's relationship is super enduring and intact in your story! Embarrassed

Sameer is being his cute naughty self with holding hands or using his " toh" to communicate his heart's desires!!

The confession of ILU how sameer understood her shyness and  went on with protection mode and let her take her time to confess!! EmbarrassedEmbarrassed..

Rohan + Sameer+ Deepika + Naina = PERFECT FAMILY! 

I love the relationship that the siblings share in your story...has my heart too!! So, wished they elaborated and showed more of their scenes in the show as well! 

Rohan's and Deepika's instant bonding with Naina and Sameer finally getting the feeling of belonging and home was the highlight for me!! Smile

Hey AmanHug Thanks a ton for the appreciation.

For me, Naina and Sameer's love define innocence and I do not want to part away with that aspect in any of my stories. I am glad that you are loving the gradual development in their relationship.

I know right, Sameer is the most understanding boyfriend ever. He would never do anything that would make Naina uncomfortable. He is a sweetheartEmbarrassed

Awww, you found them to be the perfect family. Thanks, love. Hug The way Cvs dealt with Sameer's past was horrible. I always wanted a closure for Sameer and I am trying to do that through this story. I hope I am suceeding  Embarrassed
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First of all, extremely sorry for the late response.. Ouch

Preeti ki shayari toh matlab kamal ki thi.. Kyun na ho, tumne jo likhi thi WinkLOL

Finally they met!!.. But Sameer came directly to her home to meet her.. 2 months bhi wait nahi kar paya bechara.. LOL

"Bohot pyaar karte hai tumko sanam.. I was listening this song yesterday.. But the song sequence was written with beautiful balcony romance, that I loved it.. Clap

O bai bich mein hi tapak jaati hai hamesha.. SamAina's romance kharab karne ko LOL

Like Preeti said, it's true that Naina is a bit boring but our Sameer is totally romantic Embarrassed

Nanu ne Sameer se sab ugalava hi liya.. Please yaha Nanu aur Naina ki achhe se meeting karva do Wink

Just loved Naina Preeti's conversation about Sameer and how Preeti was teasing her about him.. Aur Sameer and Preeti ki bhi meeting karva dena jaldi se Big smile

Naina's gudgudi and Sameer's fantasies, that part was amazing dear Blushing

Thanks for the PM

Ia m sorry for being this late. Maafi de do D'oh

O bai ka kaam hi yahi hai. Lekin sameer jaldi hi unko line par le aaega Wink

Darling, maine naina aur nanu ki meeting kafrwa di hai next part me. Ab acchi hai ya nahi vo to tumhe hi judge karna hogaEmbarrassed

vo gudgudi vala part aur song na mera fav hai Embarrassed

I wanted to give a detailed reply but I am running shport on time. Thanks a ton for always cheering me up with your sweet comments Embarrassed
Haha haan jahan tinde ho vaha shayari to acchi hogi hi LOL

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Hey folks Hug I am extremely sorry for not updating this SS since forever now. Please maaf kar do. Things are not going that great in my personal life and it is becoming increasingly difficult to cope up with everything. I hope you people understand. Thanks for being supportive always. Here is the next part. Do let me know your views Embarrassed

                                                               "Part 7"

Naina's VO : Us raat jab Sameer meri balcony ke niche aya to hum dono ko ye ehsaas hua ki hum mil nahi sakte to kya hua? Kum se kum ek dusre ko dekh kar khush to ho skte hain.  Aur bas fir kya tha? Uska mere ghar vali gali me ana jaise ek aadat si ban gayi. Vo aata, hamara secret signal deta aur mai kisi na kisi bahane se balcony me chali jati. Kabhi kapde sukahne ke bahane to kabhi achaar; ya kabhi antenna signal nahi de raha uska bahana.  Vaise humari ye chupke chupke vali prem kahani sirf balcony tak seemit nahi thi; jab bhi mujhe kisi kaam se chachiji ya Taiji ke saath market Jana hota mai Sameer ko  ek missed call kr deti thi aur vo jhat se aajata tha. Gharwalo ke kade pehre ke beecho beech, puri duniya ke samne humne na jaane kitne pyaar bhare pal jeeye the. Meri Taiji jo vaise to kehti hain ki mai udti chidiya ke par gin leti lun, ek baar bhi nahi pakad payi ki ek hi ladka bar baar hmare aas paas kyu nazar aa jata tha, fir chahe vo golgappe ki dukan ho ya saariyo ki. Hahaha, ji haan koi mauka nahi chodte the hum ek dusre Ko dekhne ka. Yahi to tha hamara 90 ke dashak ka vo anokha pyaar.


Naina cursed her luck as she glanced through her cupboard and didn't find anything decent to wear. Frilled skirts, loose tops, two year old gaudy suits, neither of it was suitable for an ocassion as special as that day. She was going to meet Sameer's nanaji. How could she wear anything stupid? She had to look her best.

Naina felt anger rising in her veins and to calm herself, she sat down on the bed holding her head in her hands. Few moments later, she felt a tap on her shoulders.

"Ye le, tere liye", spoke Preeti as she waited for Naina to react. Naina looked up and jumped in excitement.

"Haaa, itna sundar suit, kahan se aya?" Naina asked as she admired the finely embroidered work on the suit.

"Kahan se aya matlab? Mai le kar ayi tere liye. Ye pehan kar ja Nana ji se milne. Vaise to mujhe ye tere birthday par tujhe dena tha. Fir socha birthday ke din dekh lenge kya karna hai , aaj ka din jyada khaas hai" Preeti smiled.

"I love you, I love you, I love you, tu hmesha meri har problem solve kr deti hai, Naina hugged her tightly.

"Bas bas ab tu over acting mat kar . Jab Jijaji se teri shadi hogi na, itna kharcha krwaungi tera yaad rkhegi tu, Preeti said teasingly and hugged her sister tighter.

One  night, owing to the fact that taiji was away at one of their realtives, when Naina had got the opportunity to talk on phone for a long duration ,  Sameer had requested her to meet his Nanu. Naina, who always feared her taiji finding about her and Sammer, declined initially as  getting out of the house alone for a long time would be impossible for her. But Sameer's repeated requests and the fact that Sameer's nanu was the only family he had, forced Naina to change her decision. When she told Preeti about it, she being a smartass, immediately hatched out a plan. It was decided that when tauji would be out of th city for his work,  Preeti would make a hoax call to taiji's house forcing her to leave for her mayka in jamnagar. And, it was a lways easy for them to convince Bela and Anand for going out. Even if taiji would find out that she was made a fool, the time taken by her to go and return would be more than enough for Naina and Preeti to meet Nanaji and Sameer.  Naina who dreaded the consequences of such an act, was hushed by Preeti and they desperately waited for the day when they could put their plan into action.


As the autorickshaw took a left turn from market road towards Sameer's house,, Naina's heartbeat increased mutlifold. She repeatedly fidgeted with her dupatta earning stern glances from Preeti.

"Naina, tu jijaji ke nanu se milne ja rahi hai, kisi jung par nahi ja rahi. Ye kaisi shakal bana rakhi hai?" Preeti scolded Naina.

"Preeti tu samajh nahi rahi hai. Agar Nanaji ko laga ki mai Sameer ke layak nahi hun to ai kya karungi?" Naina asked nervously.

Naina's stupid question made Preeti slap her forhead in disapproval. "Naina tu ye sawal na kal rat se 100 bar pooch chuki hai aur mai tujhe samjha samjha ke thak gayi. Ab na nanji se milne ke bad hi is bare me bat karenge.

Par Preeti, Naina tried to speak but Preeti kept her hands on her ears forcing Naina to stop her jibber jabber.

As the autorickshaw halted at it's destination, Naina and Preeti got off it. "Preeti, ghar me kisi ko pata to nahi chalega na ki hum Kaamya ke ghar nahi gaye hain? Naina rooted to her spot, asked Preeti.

"Naina, vo sab na hum baad me sochenge. Abhi tu andar chal". Preeti held Naina's hand and took her to the door and nudged her to ring the bell. Before Naina could gather the courage, the door flew open and she saw Sameer staring at her with a mischievous grin.  As soon as she saw Sameer, the unknown emotions she has experienced the other day Sameer came to see her, rushed along. She felt her stomach flutter and heartbeat increase. She was at loss of words, yet again.

"Mujhe pata tha tum hamesha ki tarah time se pehle aa jaogi. Mujhse to wait hi nahi ho raha tha apni sali sahiba se milne ka", Sameer walked past Naina breaking her reverie and offered the rose in his hand  to Preeti.  Sali ji, bohat suna tha aapke bare me, bohat khushi hui mil kar".

"Jijaji khyal hamare bhi kuch aise hi hain', Preeti accepted the rose and winked at Naina.

"Agar sali jija ka bharat milap ho gaya ho to Nanaji se milne chale?" Naina asked.

"Jijaji aapki madam na jalti bohat hai," Preeti replied and both she and Sameer burst out laughing.

"Ahem ahem, jale mere dushman, aap apni saali ko sambhaliye, mai ja kar aone do do devaro ko sam bhalti hun. Theek hai na?'' Naina asked innocently.

"Ji madam, aapse koi jeet sakta hai bhala. Tum log chalo andar. Left me pehla kamra mera hai. Mai tab tak Nanaji ko bula kar laata hun unke kamre se". Sameer said  and Naina nodded smilingly.


"Ae pandit, tu rahega to ponga ka ponga hi", Munna hit Pandit on his back.

"Chenu ke bacche kyu maara tune mujhe, tu ruk abhi batata hun tujhe", Pandit  said as he rolled up his sleeves.

"Are to aur kya karun. Sameer aaj hume bhabhi se milwa raha hai, teri hone vali dulhan se nahi jo tu subah se shishe ke saamne khada ho kar khud ko sawar raha hai", Munna teased Pandit as he imitated his actions.

"O hello, hum Sameer bhai ki girlfriend se mil rahe hain, impression to accha padna hi chahie. Aur vaise bhi, bhabhi ki behan bhi to aa rahi hai, kya pata uska dil mujhe dekhte hi fisal jae", Pandit said shyly while Munna erupted into laughter. "Han han, bilkul, Ahmdabad ki saari ladkiya bas Pandit ji ke intezar me hi to jee rahi hain, haina?" asked Munna mockingly.

Before Pandit could think of a befitting reply, they both heard someone shout in horror, "Munna, Pandit tum? Tum dono yaha kya kar rahe ho?" As Mundit turned towards the door , they were shocked to the core seeing Naina and Preeti standing in front of them.

"Kya matlab hai hum yaha kya kar rahe hain?  Ye hamare bhai ka ghar hai. Tum dono yaha kya kar rahe ho? asked Pandit in return.

"Matlab tum dono jijaji ke best friends ho? Naina, bas yahi bacha tha dekhne ko". Preeti said disapprovingly receiving a light smack from Naina?

"Jijaji?" Pandit scratched his head unable to understand anything. Suddenly realisation dawned on him and he squealed " Naina, tu  Sameer ki Naina hai? Munna, sun raha hai na tu?" Pandit asked Munna who was lost in his own thoughts.

"Ji haan, ye hai meri Naina aur tumhari bhabhi jisse milne ke liye tum log itne din se pagal ho rahe the. " Sameer replied excitedly as he entered the room. "Vaise kaisa laga mera surprise?"

"Surprise"? asked Preeti and Pandit together.

"Haan, surprise. Mai jaanta tha ki tum sab log ek hi school me ek hi class me padhe hue ho. Lekin maine jaan boojh kar tum me se kisi ko bhi ek dusre ke bare me  nahi bataya ye soch kar ki kitna accha hoga jab tum aise achanak se miloge. Dekho na kaisa ittefaq hai, meri zindagi ke sabse khaas log ek dusre ko pehle se hi jaante hain. Ab  batao kaisa laga surprise?" Sameer asked again.

"Bhai, bohat zor se laga", Pandit said in an inaudible tone.

"Bohat accha laga Sameer.  Aur mujhe to lagta hai Munna aur Pandit to khushi ke maare speechless hi ho gaye hain, Maniben ko apne saamne achanak se dekh ke" , Naina replied teasing Mundit.

"Maniben, ye kya bol rahi ho Naina tum, mujhe kuch samajh me nahi aa raha", Sameer said clulessly.

"Nahi bhai kuch nahi, bhabhi na ekdum sahi keh rahi hai. Kya bhabhi kya purani baatein le kar baith gayi ho, chalo na kuch movie dekhte hain. Vaise nanaji kahan hain Sameer ?" Munna intervened trying to brush off the topic.

"Are rahu ketu bulae aur nanaji na aayen aisa ho sakta hai bhala? Lagta hai hamari bahu time ki bohat paaband hai. Sorry beta vo office se phone aa gaya tha, zaruri tha isilie attend akrna pada" Nanaji said as he entered the room smilingly.

On seeing Nanaji, Naina immediately touched his feet to seek his blessings. " To ye hai mere Sameer ki Naina", Nanu said lovingly as he put his hand on her head to bless her making Naina blush. "Mai jaanta tha mere Sameer ki pasand laakhon me ek hogi. Vaise beta mjhe ek sawal hai jiska jawab mai kitne din se dhundh raha hun lekin kuch samajh nahi aa raha hai" Nanu asked suspiciously.

"Kya nanaji?" Naina asked as Nanji's tone  terrified her.

"Tum jaisi ladki ko ye buddhuram kahan se pasand aa gaya?" Nanaji asked and everyone busrt out laughing.

"Nanu, this is  not fair. Aap aisa kaise keh sakte ho?" Sameer asked sulkingly.

"Ab beta jo sach hai vo to hai, kyu Rahu Ketu?" Nanu looked at Munna and Pandit.

"Haan haan Nanaji, pata nahi ye Naina ko ye Sameer me dikha kya aisa? " Mundit joined Nanu in teasing Sameer.

"Accha beta, tum log bhi. Preeti tum to meri side ho na?" Sameer asked confidently.

"Sorry jijaji, aaj to main bhi nanaji ki baat se sehmat hun", Preeti joined the bandwagon.

"Preeeti, Munna, Pandit, Nanu, Rohan, Deepika sab Naina ki side aur mai akela. Huh" Sameer sulked again.

"Are tum kaise akele? Mai hun na tumhari side. Aur jab mai tumhari side to baki sab automatically tumhari taraf" Naina replied sweetly with a hint of teasing evident in her voice while everyone laughed whole heartedly at Sameer's kiddish antics.

"Chal bas kar ab rona" Nanu said and hugged Sameer along with Mundit.

Naina looked in awe at the scene unfolding in front of her.  She  was home today. When Nanaji blessed her, she felt as if she was the most luckiest girl on the planet. Her own father had never looked at her in the way Nanaji had. His eyes reflected pride at his grandson's choice while his mannerism were filled with happiness on seeing Naina. Munna and Pandit who teased her by calling her names like teacher ki chamchi  and maniben whenever she got them pubnished , accepted her whole heartedly today in the same way Deepika and Rohan had. She looked at Sameer with love filled eyes as she wondered how destiny had its own ways which no one ever understands. The same vulnerable guy who found solace in her whenever he cried missing the family he could never have, had given her a family who loved her without any condition. Seeing Naina engrossed in thoughts, Preeti nudged her and smiled reassuringly as she knew what exactly was going on in Naina's mind.

"Mujhe kuch kaam yaad aa gaya, mai bas abhi aya". As nanji left the room, Naina looked at Sameer questioningly and he replied that he had no idea what work was Nanu referring to.

"Chalo koi movie dekhte hain saath me. Pandit said excitely as he tried to find a movie casette from a bunch of them lying in the cupboard while Preeti, Sameer and Munna decided where they would sit.

Naina on the other hand, went out of the room to look for Nanaji. As she finally found him in one of the rooms, she sighed  heavily as her guess was right. Nanu was sitting on the bed with tears in his eyes, holding a photograph which she assumed it to be of Sameer's Nani.

"Nanu, kya hua?" Naina asked as she sat down on the floor facing Nanaji.

"Naina, tum, vo kuch nahi beta, koi khaas baat nahi bas Sameer ki nani ki yaad a agayi."  Nanu wiped his tears.

"Apne to mujhe thodi der pehle beta  bulaya tha na ? Aur ab aap mujhse kuch chipa rahe ho. Aap mujhse share kar sakte ho. Mai pakka Sameer ko nahi bataungi" Naina sweared.

Naina's gesture made Nanu smile and he decided to bare  his heart to Naina." Naina, Sameer ne apna bachpan jis haalat me bitaya hai vo shayad tumse chipa nahi hoga. Mai apne aap ko is duniya ka sabse badnaseeb baap maanta hun ki mai apni beti ko sahi raasta nahi dikha paya. Aur usse bhi jyada dukh mjhe hamesha ye khalta raha tha ki mai apne naati ko vo khushiya aur pyaar nahi de paaya jiska vo haqdar tha. Paise ki koi kami nahi beta lekin mai Sameer ko kabhi uski maa nahi lauta paaya. Aaj bhi jab vo 5 saal ke sameer ka vo adhura bachpan mere saamne ata hai, to mai tut jata hun. Mera Sameer bohat bhola hai lekin duniya ne uske is bholepan ko kabhi dekha hi nahi. Ye Munna, Pandit hain na, Mai inhe chahe jitna bhi daantu, mai jaanta hun ki ye dono mere bacche ka saath kabhi nahi chodenge. Nanu paused and continued, Pata hai jab Sameer ne mujhe tumhare baare me bataya mai itna khush hua ki mai tumhe bata nahi sakta. Mai nahi janta kyu lekin tumhare bare me sun kar hi mujhe aisa laga ki mere Sameer ke liye tumse behtar ladki aur koi ho hi nahi sakti. Aur aaj jab mai tumse mila to mera yakeen aur mazboot ho gaya. Aaj agar Sameer ki nani yaha hoti na to vo mujhse bhi jyada khush hoti bas yahi soch kar meri aankhen bhar aayi. Lekin mai Sameer ke saamne rona nahi chahta tha islie yaha aa gaya."

Naina wiped his tears with her hands and said " Nanu, kisne kaha aap Sameer ko uske hisse ki khushiyan nahi de paaye? Aagar Sameer ki mummy bhi Sameer ke saath hoti na to bhi vo Sameer ko kabhi utna pyaar nahi de paati jitna aapne diya hai. Mai maanti hun Sameer bohat aisho aaram me pala badha hai lekin usne kabhi apne paiso par gurur nahi kiya. Pata hai kyu? Kyunki usme aapke sanskar hai nanaji. Mai ye bhi jaanti hun ki aaj tak sabne Sameer ko ek bigda hua ladka samjha hai par us bigde hue ladke ne kabhi kisi ka dil nahi dikhaya kyunki use kisi ko urt karna aata hi nahi hai, kyunki uske Nanaji ne uspar kabhi galat sangat ka asar hone hi nahi diya.  Aap sahi maayno me uske mummy aur papa ho Nanaji.  Aapne to SAmeer ki adhure bachpan ko apne pyaar aur bharose se seencha hai. Islie aap ye khyal aaj aur abhi apne dimaag se nikal do ki aapki taraf se kabhi bhi koi kami rahi hai. promise kijiye mujhe ki aap aisa kabhi kuch nahi sochenge. Kijiye promise", Naina put forward her hand and Nanu obliged.

"Pata hai mujhe hamesha dar lagta tha ki mere baad Sameer ka kya hoga? Lekin aaj mera dar bilkul khatam ho gaya. Mere Sameer ko uska saathi jo mil gaya hai, vo saathi jo uska saath kabhi nahi chodhega aur use hamesha hausla aur vishwas dega. " Nanu said as he lovingly caressed Naina's head.

"Nanu, fir se galat baat". Naina stood up in anger. Ab agar aapne ye sab baatein kari na to mai aapse bolna hi band kar dungi.

"Hahaa, tum bhi sameer ki tarah ziddi ho. Theek hai aaj ke baad se aisi koi baat nahi." Nanu said as he walked towards the cupboard. He took out a saree and handed it to Naina. "Lo beta ye tumhare liye".

"Nanaji , ye main kaise le sakti hun? " Naina replied hesitatingly.

"Accha abhi to mujhe bohat badi badi baatein bol rahi thi aur ab apne Nanu se ek gift bhi nahi le sakti. Vaise bhi ye Sameer ki nani ki saree hai. Ye uska aashirwaad hai. Mai chahta hun ki jab Sameer ki dulhan ban kar tum pehli bar is ghar me aao to issi saree me aao. Bolo, karogi na meri ye iccha puri? Nanu asked.

Naina, overwhelmed by emotions, nodded in affirmative and hugged Nanu. Sameer, who had come to look for Naina and Nanu and had listened to their conversation, wiped his tears and smiled at the bond the duo had developed in a matter of few minutes. His family was complete, finally !


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