Samaina SS : "Suhana Safar" (*Updated*; Epilogue on Page 85)(Page 37)

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My name is Manisha and you are Aisha right ?

Yes Smile
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Superb update
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Hey folks, I am back again. I am super late this time *Kaan pakad kar sorry*. This chapter is not edited and was written in a haste because I didn't want to delay the update any further. I hope it is as enjoyable as the previous ones. Please let me know your thoughts Smile


                                            Part -6 

June 1993

Sameer and Naina had come to Ahemdabad for their two month long summer vacations. This was the first time they were going to be away from each other for so long.

'Koi fikar nahi hai Naina ko meri, jab se yaha aayi hai apne gharwalon ke sath itni busy hai ki mujhe to bhool hi gayi hai. Milna to chodho, phone pr bhi baat karne ke liye do do din intezar  krna pdta hai' Sameer rolled on his bed sulking over Naina's behaviour'.

'I miss you yaar Naina, Sameer pouted and hugged his pillow tightly.

'Ae ponga pandit, do hafte ho gaye bhai ko yaha aaye hue, bas bhabhi ke hi khayalon me khoya rehta hai, hamari to koi matlab izzat hi nahi reh gayi hai' , Munna said loudly as he entered Sameer's room along with Pandit.

Sameer turned around and gave a angry look to both of them, 'chup kro tum dono, jab se aya hun tum dono ke sath hi to ghumta rehta hun tab bhi tum dono ki complaints khatam nahi hoti'.

'Chal chenu, dost hua paraya, Dushman hua zamana. Hum to yaha bhai ke sath masti krne aye the aur  isne to daant maar kr dil hi tod diya, Pandit wiped his fake tears and both of them turned back to leave.

'Nautanki kahin ke sudhroge nahi na' Sameer jumped out from the bed and hugged both of them. 'Maana ki mai use bohat miss kar raha hun pr iska matlab ye to nhi ki mai tum dono ko bhool jaunga, tum dono to mere jigar ke tukde ho'. Sameer paused and then gave a light slap to both of them 'Yahi sun na tha na'? Mundit laughed loud and hugged him again. Pandit put a cassette in the tape recorder and the music of their favourite song 'Tere Jaisa Yaar Kahan' filled up the air making Sameer and Munna's faces split into wide grins. The trio danced together relishing their moment .

The night had finally set in, the sun rays had long since disappeared over the horizon making space for thousands of shining stars. Whispers of winds could be heard in the rustling of leaves and swaying of tree branches. The night was perfect still Naina tossed around in her bed as sleep unable to sleep. She was lost in Sameer's thoughts. She hadn't met him since two weeks and wasn't even able to talk to him much. Ever since her neighbour Megha had eloped with her boyfriend, Taiji had strictly warned both the girls not to use phone or to watch TV. It was becoming difficult for Naina to talk to him in hiding. She knew Sameer must be sad as he always wanted to have her full attention which she hadn't been able to provide him with in the last couple of days. Even she missed him like crazy. She wanted to meet him, talk to him. She wanted him to hold her hands again. She missed his delicate touch and his non stop banter. Preeti who woke up to drink water saw her awake and jerked her out of her thoughts.

Kya hai Naina, jab se ayi hai bas Jijaji ke bare me sochti rehti hai, mujhe to tu bhool hi gayi hai, Preeti said as she straightened up.

Naina turned towards her and laughed, 'Tu na acting thodi kum kiya kar, jab tere paas baithi hun to aadha time to tujhe bas Sameer ki baatein sun ni hoti hain. Sara din to tere aas paas ghumti rehti hun ab tu kya chahti hai ki jab tu so rhi hai tab bhi tujhse baat krun?

Hearing her reply, Preeti too laughed, are ab mai kya krun, phle tu sirf meri thi, ab mjhe tujhe Jijaji ke sath bantna pdta hai na to thodi si jalan hoti hai, bas thodi si.

Accha thodi si, Naina imitated her and hugged her tight. Just then she heard two honks. She ignored the sound thinking it to be her imagination.  'Honk honk' again and Naina jumped from the bed. 'Sameer', she exclaimed and rushed to unbolt the door to her balcony. Preeti too walked after her cluelessly .

As she unlocked the door and came out, she saw Sameer standing on the road leaning against his car. On seeing her, he waved and flashed his cutest smile. Naina smiled back and they both stood like that staring at each other for few minutes lost in each other when Preeti who was enjoying the scene unfolding in front of her, decided to intervene.

Hayeee jijaji kitne handsome hain, Preeti said dreamingly.

Tujhe maine photo dikhai thi na. To ab kyu tujhe ye itneee handsome lag rahe hain, Naina replied angry on the fact that Preeti interrupted their special moment.

Han yar photo to dikhai thi, pr  ye jo samne khade hain unke samne to photo kuch bhi nahi, Preeti waved a hi to Sameer and he smilingly returned it back.

Sun na arz kiya hai,

Hamare ghar me hmesha bante hain tinde, nahi banta koi swadisht pakwan;
Hmare ghar me hamesha bante hai tinde, nahi banta koi swadisht pakwan
Mere jijaji to hain ekdum Salman Khan.

Vaah vaah vaah vaah, Preeti completed her shayari and received another angry glare from Naina, Chal andar ja.

Huh, bas yahi teri dosti yahi tera pyaar, beech me aa gyi jijaji ki Deewar. Ja rhi hun mai. Preeti replied sadly and went back into the room.

Naina turned her attention back to Sameer who gestured her to come down and Naina immediately refused, she took her hand close to her face as if slapping herself indicating the aftereffects of his demand. Sameer sulked at her refusal but he understood her predicament too. Calming himself down, he signalled her to wait and opened his car door searching for something leaving Naina in confusion. Having successfully found the object of his desire, Sameer turned back and smiled at Naina. Naina who was as clueless as few minutes before, blushed hard as a song reached her ears making her aware of Sameer's intentions.

Bohat pyaar krte hain tumko Sanam,
Bohat pyaar krte hain tumko sanam

Naina's lips stretched into a smile as the lyrics started sinking in and her heart started beating in sync with the rhythm of the song. What was he doing to her? Lovers promise to bring stars for their beloved and here he was making her heart flutter by this simple yet thoughtful gesture of his. Why he had to be this sweet always? thought Naina.

Kasam chahe le lo, kasam chahe le lo khuda ki kasam
Bohat pyaar krte hain tumko sanam

Sameer sang the song with his gaze fixed on Naina. He had a mischievous grin on his face trying to figure out what was going on in Naina's mind.

Naina twirled around stretching her arms in the air enjoying  the feeling as his love reached her ears through the music while Sameer watched her pleasantly surprised as the sight unfolded in front of him. His girl looked ethereal. He felt an invisible force trying to pull him towards her.

Hume har ghadi aarzoo hai tumhari
Hume har ghadi aarzoo hai tumhari

Sameer crossed his arms and dreamily looked at Naina while Naina turned around and hid behind the pillar unable to meet his intense gaze. She leaned over the pillar for some support. She felt as if he had cast a spell on her and she was losing herself under his spell. Sameer giggled seeing her hide.

Hoti hai Sanam kaisi bekrari;

Sameer tried to catch a glimpse of her while Naina brought her hand towards her chest and clutched her dupatta tightly fearing her heart might explode. His unhindered intensified focus on her was evoking new feelings within her which she wasn't able to comprehend.

Milenge jo tumko to , milenge jo tumko to bataenge hum,
Bohat pyaar krte hain tumko sanam
Bohat pyaar krte hain tumko Sanam

Naina turned to her side peeking through the slight gap between the pillar and the wall and blushed profusely as his eyes again met hers.

Kasam chahe le lo, kasam chahe le lo khuda ki kasam
Bohat pyaar karte hain tumko sanam.

Sameer's eyes sparkled as he saw her finally come out of her hiding. He tilted his head towards the right and winked at her. Naina forgot to breathe yet again. She had never told Sameer that his head tilt always gave her jitters. She imitated him tilting her head to the right too and both smiled shyingly at their antics.

Their moment of bliss was disturbed by Preeti who  came out of nowhere and ducked down Naina signalling her to keep quiet. Sameer who was shocked by the sudden turn of events saw a lady shouting loudly from the adjacent balcony of Naina's house, 'O bai, aadhi rat ko kis khushi me baaja baja rahe ho, chalo jao yahan se'. Murmuring curses under his breath, Sameer dejectedly drove off and Naina sighed in relief.

'Preeti tune to aaj bacha Liya, vrna Taiji pata nahi kya Karti, Naina hugged Preeti tightly.

'Han han ab to pyaar ayega hi, thodi der pehle to daant laga rahi thi' . Preeti broke the hug and continued, 'Yad rkhna side characters ke bina hero heroine ki love story adhuri hoti hai'.

Fir se dialogue baazi. Nhi krungi aage se aisa meri maa. Maaf kr, Naina folded her hands.

Hmm theek hai kar deti hun, tu bhi kya yaad rkhegi. Vaise Jijaji hain bade romantic. Tujh Jaisi boring ldki ko kaisse mil gye vo, Preeti chided Naina and ran to the room

Haw, tune mje boring kaha, chodungi nhi tujhe, Naina caught her and started hitting her with a pillow.

Maar kyu rahi hai .Accha ab kaam ki baat sun, tune Jijaji se pakka shadi krni hai na? Preeti asked seriously.

Haan, kyu? Naina asked back.

Nahi matlab agar tune nahi krni to mai hun na, kya khyal hai? Meri aur Jijaji ki to jamegi bhi khoob. Preeti looked at Naina and burst into laughter seeing Naina clench her fists in anger.


Ahem ahem, barkhurdar kahan se aa rahe ho? Nanaji asked Sameer as he entered the house playing with the car keys.

Nanu, aa aap aap, soye nhi ab tk? Sameer stammered.

So gaya tha pr abhi teri gaadi ki awaaz suni to neend khul gayi. Kahan gaya tha itni raat ko? Nanaji sat down on the sofa and Sameer cursed his timing.

Vo, vo Munna se milne gaya tha nanu, uski bohat yaad aa rahi thi, Sameer replied and sat on the side sofa facing Nanu.

Munna se? Accha accha, mtlb tu Delhi ja kr vapas bhi aa gya? Nanu stressed on the word Delhi and continued, Ud ke gaya tha beta?

Munna, maine Munna kaha kya ? Mai to Pandit se milne Gaya tha, Sameer bit his tongue as he remembered Munna had gone to Delhi for two days to meet his Bua.

Accha, pandit se milne gaya tha? Pr beta pandit to 4 ghar chodh kar hi rehta hai, vahan tujhe car le kar jane ki zarurat kyu pad gayi ?

Vo nanu, vo maine socha tha ki kahin bahar ghum aaenge, bas islie, Sameer replied meekly.

Accha accha, lekin fir beta Pandit ne abhi thodi der phle phone kyu kiya tha? Tu to usi ke sath tha na? Nanu shot a question again.

Sameer who was drinking water, splashed the water out as Nanu's relevation made him realise that he was caught off guard. He looked at Nanu who was waiting for him to come up with some other excuse.

Nanu pretended to think for a minute and said, Vaise ab mai smjh raha hun hamare sahabjaade ke mijaaz aajkal itne badle badle se kyu hain. To mujhe kab mila raha hai ?

Mila raha hun? Kis se nanaji? Sameer tried to feign ignorance.

Beta ye tere nana ji ne na baal dhoop me safed nahi kare hain. Vaise mai tujhse naaraz hun. Mujhe to laga tha ki mere Sameer ki zindagi me koi special friend aegiii to sabse pehle vo mujhe milwaega.

Nanaji, Sameer got up and sat beside his Nanu. Aisa ho sakta hai kya ki mai aapko na milwaun? Vo bas smjh nahi aa raha tha aapse kaise kahun. Sorry.

Haha beta jis din se tu phone ke sath zarurat se jyada time beetane lag gya tha na, tera ye Nana usi din smjh gaya tha ki daal me kuch kaala hai. Mai to kab se wait kr raha tha tu mjhe bta, aakhirkar mujhe ungli tedhi krni hi padi, Nanji patted his head.

Ungli tedhi? Sameer asked.

Vo kya hai na beta, Pandit ka koi phone nahi aya tha, mai to bas mazaak kr raha tha. Nanu laughed aloud.

Nanuuu, aapne aadhi rat ko mazaak mazaak me meri enquiry bitha di. Mai apko jaldi se milwaunga promise, saying this he hugged Nanu.


Sameer changed into his night clothes and lied down on the bed. His mind wandered towards the moment he had just spent with Naina. He had gone there to catch a glimpse of her but his senses had gone haywire on seeing her after so long. He dreamt of pulling her into a bone crushing hug and kissing her on her lips. His heart fluttered as he wondered how soft her lips would feel. He dreamt of caressing her soft milky skin with his hands. 'Ahh kya soch raha hun mai', Sameer got up and washed his face. He looked at himself in the mirror above the basin and tried to drive away his wild thoughts. He was not supposed to let his thoughts drift to that direction. His Naina was naive and he had to control himself.

Sleep was far away from Naina's eyes too. She couldn't understand what was happening to her. All she knew was that today when he came to see her, she felt like she would burn under the effect of his gaze. There was something different in the way he looked at her, his eyes spoke of something which she wasn't able to decipher. She wanted to know why she felt like that.

Preeti uth na, please, Naina shouted in Preeti's ears and Preeti woke up with a jerk.

Mummy, bhoot bhoot bhoot, Preeti shouted.

Bhoot nahi hai, mai hun, Naina hit her on her arm.

Kya hai, tum dono girlfriend boyfriend sone kyu nahi dete? Bol kya hua, Preeti asked getting irritated.

Preeti mujhe na kuch samajh nahi aaa raha, Naina tried to put her thoughts in a conceivable sentence.

Kya samajh nahi aa raha? Preeti asked confused.

Vo Preeti, jab bhi Sameer mjhe dekhta hai na to mujhe kuch kuch hota hai, Naina replied shyingly.

Kuch kuch kya hota hai? Preeti scratched her head.

Are kaise samjhaun. Vo gudgudi hoti hai, Naina tried to make her understand.

Kya? Naina tu pagal ho gayi hai? Jijaji niche khade the aur tjhe upar balcony me gudgudi ho rahi thi? Vaah, Preeti clapped sarcastically.

Preeti smjh na, aise ajeeb ajeeb sa lag raha tha, Naina felt frustrated unable to put her thoughts in clearly in front of Preeti.

Behan, tujhe kabhi kuch kuch hota hai, kabhi tjhe gudgudi hoti hai aur kabhi tujhe ajeeb ajeeb sa lagta hai, tujhe Jijaji ki nai doctor ki zarurat hai. Hum kal doctor ke pas jaenge theek hai? Soa ab aur mjhe bhi sone de, Preeti lied down on the bed and covered herself with the sheets so that Naina couldn't disturb her again.

Naina looked at Preeti angrily. 'Vaise to bda bolti hai ki mujhe sab pata hai ab is madam ko kuch smjh hi nahi aa raha.

Naina too lied down on the bed pondering over everything again. Sleep pooled in her eyelids and she drifted off into Sameer's dreams, yet again.

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Superb update
Thank you Smile
Posted: 1 years ago
Amazing update 
Posted: 1 years ago
awesome update dear 
It was just perfect 
So finally Jija-saali mil gye
SamAina scene was so cute mujhe bhi gudgudi hone lagiEmbarrassed
loved Nanu and Sameer's scene 
plzzz update soon 
Lots of love
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Mast update!!

Samaina in Ahmedabad has a completely different feel! Aashiqui song playing in the background lifted it to another level..

Naina Preeti conversation and Sameer Nanu conversation were just too good! Nanu always brings such an amazing energy to the show or stories. I loved how he managed to get Sameer to confess about his special friend in the story Smile

The story is progressing very well!
Posted: 1 years ago
A very nice update and the way nanu pulled Sam legs was nice. Taiji tho kisiko nahi chodthi.  Happy that nanu is still there for Sam as I love both of their bond very much. Thank you for the wonderful update. 

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