Samaina SS : "Suhana Safar" (*Updated*; Epilogue on Page 85)(Page 31)

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Unres on pg 27.. 
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Aaisha...another amazinggg updateee!!! 
Your writing style is soo inline with the show and it gives me happy goosebumps when I read through your story!! Embarrassed

I totally loveddd the progression of the friendship with Sameer and Naina...woh dono ek doosre ke saathi and sahara ban gaye and are slowly but surely realizing it! 

Sameer sharing his bachpan with Naina and then following her guidance shows undeterred love he has for her! The way he impulsively holds his hand just shows that he can't lose the person he cares the most in this world to leave him! Heart

Nanu ka inclusion bahut sahi kiya tumne...totally got reminded of those happy days and their amazing bonding the duo shared!! hayee yaadein! 

Rohan-Deepika and Sameer bonding was simply ClapClap...loved to see the sensitive side of Rohan and love he has for his brother! It is so great to know that he is not alone and he finally has siblings he can rely on in that household and feel the love he deserved for all these years! 

The subtlety of his confession and the hand hold at the end...HeartBlushing...beautiful! truly love does not require words! 

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Aaisha...another amazinggg updateee!!! 
Your writing style is soo inline with the show and it gives me happy goosebumps when I read through your story!! Embarrassed
Thanks a lot, l love the show islie usse dur nhi jaati. Your comment gave me happy goosebumpsEmbarrassed

I totally loveddd the progression of the friendship with Sameer and Naina...woh dono ek doosre ke saathi and sahara ban gaye and are slowly but surely realizing it! 
I am glad you loved it. The developed a connection in their first meet only and like you said ab dheere dheere ek dusre ka Sahara ban rhe

Sameer sharing his bachpan with Naina and then following her guidance shows undeterred love he has for her! The way he impulsively holds his hand just shows that he can't lose the person he cares the most in this world to leave him! Heart
That's what I miss in the show. I want Sameer to vent everything out but he doesn't or we are made to assume that he already had. You are right, Naina is his world now, the only person after Nanaji and Mundit who understand him. He can't let her go.

Nanu ka inclusion bahut sahi kiya tumne...totally got reminded of those happy days and their amazing bonding the duo shared!! hayee yaadein! 
Awww thanks, I love Nanu and I miss himCry

Rohan-Deepika and Sameer bonding was simply ClapClap...loved to see the sensitive side of Rohan and love he has for his brother! It is so great to know that he is not alone and he finally has siblings he can rely on in that household and feel the love he deserved for all these years! 
Oh yes, he is getting that love from the same house which had taken away everything from him. Kids never have bad intentions for others. Rohan and Deepika only wanted Sameer to make a move, afterall he was the elder one and Rohan to bholabhala hai na LOL now they will always stand by his side

The subtlety of his confession and the hand hold at the end...HeartBlushing...beautiful! truly love does not require words! 

Thanks a lot yar. Embarrassed

Thanks love for thisSmile
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First of all so sorry Aaisha.. Issbaar bohot late ho gayi main toh Ouch

Don't be sorry yar Sona. I understandEmbarrassed

Sameer ne Naina par gussa utar diya.. Main bhi bohot time aisa hi karti, kisika gussa kisipe nikal deti hu.. Bohot achha feel hota hai par baad mein utna hi guilt hota hai LOLCry

Aww Mai bhi krti thi phle Aisa, pr ab nhi because as you said guilt b hota hai aur samne vale bande Ko hurt bhi bohat hota hai. Tum bhi try kro control krne kaEmbarrassed

He shared his past, his pain with her.. I'm glad, he feels that she is closer to him Day Dreaming

Embarrassedhan dono ek dusre ke bohat close AA gye hn

He suffered a lot of pain in his childhood.. Par uski nanu ke saath ki misunderstanding dur ho gayi wo achha ho gaya.. Big smile

Han baccha tha na ab SB smjh gya hai.nanu to uski Jaan hain

And their handhold thoda filmy tha.. par achha laga.. I liked the way she explained it to him very calmly Smile

Haha Sona ye to mere sath hua hai sach Me, mtlb mere sath SB filmy hta hai LOL

I loved Rohan and Sameer's talk.. I wanted this desperately in the show, but never got it Unhappy

Me too. Pr chlo yahi sahi. CVs se umeed nhi kuch mjeConfused

The Bhai' word, with so much feels.. And chhotusa Deepika scene was really cute Embarrassed

Hehe thanks. I want their bond to get stronger Dil se

It was such a cute convo between SamAina after RoMeer talk.. Big smile

They helped each other in studies.. Show mein sirf naina hi help karti thi LOL

LOLhan to kuch mauka Sam Ko b milna chahie

Sameer giving confidence to Naina.. Best part for me in this update Embarrassed

Hehe thanks. Dono ek dusre ki strength hain

And the poem was Heart.. Loved it.. Tumne likhi hai??

Haan maine hi likhi. I am so glad tmhe acchi lgi

I loved the VO's in this update Clap

Thanks thanks

Thanks for the PM dear

Thanks a lot Sona. Hug
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Hey folks, sorry for keeping all of you waiting again. I hope this update is worth the wait :)

                 Part 5- 'Dheere Dheere Pyaar Ko Badhana Hai'

The first orange hued rays of sun peeked through the respective windows caressing the two lovers who were sleeping peacefully with a smile on their faces probably dreaming about the special moment they shared the last night. As light filled the sky and birds chirped into a chorus of melodies, Sameer and Naina reluctantly let go their dreams and got up to welcome the first day of their togetherness. The morning was different that day. The breathtaking amber and the brilliant hues mirrored their hearts' sentiments carrying the promises of a beautiful future ahead.

Sameer wore his red turtle neck t-shirt which was Naina's favorite and paired it up with a pair of black jeans. Naina, on the other hand wore a blue coloured churidar, blue being Sameer's favourite colour. She adorned her dress with small silver jhumkis and let her hair flew open. Unlike other girls, Naina was never bothered about her looks. But that day, she wanted to dress up for Sameer. Thinking of how he would react, she blushed by herself. As she was ready to leave, something struck her mind and she walked towards her roomate's bed to wake her up. Shefali, who was a B.A second year student and Naina's roommate was sleeping peacefully in her bed as being an evening college student, she still had a lot of time at her disposal.

'Shefali di utho na mujhe kaajal chahie' Naina said shaking her up.

Naina's unusual demand startled Shefali and she woke up with a jerk, 'Kya tune, topper Naina Agarwal ne, jo kaajal ki taraf dekhti bhi nahi hai, usne mjhse kaajal maanga?'

'Haan maanga, ab uth jao jaldi se, mjhe class ke liye late ho raha hai?' Naina pulled her up from the bed.

Shefali looked at Naina from head to toe as she rubbed her eyes to get a clear view of her surroundings. 'This is not the Naina I know', thought Shefali.

'Tu Naina hi hai na? Kahin teri tabiyat to kharab nahi hai?' Shefali put her hand up on Naina's forehead unable to cope up with the shock.

'Ho Gaya aapka?' Naina asked irritatedly.

'Are gussa kyu ho rhi hai, Mai tujhe kaajal sirf dungi nahi balki laga bhi dungi kyunki mjhe pata hai topper Naina ne aaj tak pen ke alawa to kuch pkda nahi hoga. Haina?' Shefali got up from the bed and took out her make up kit from the cupboard. She made Naina sit on the chair and in a flash of seconds applied kajal to her. Naina looked herself in the mirror one last time, thanked Shefali and got up to leave.

'Aaj to Maheshwari Gaya kaam se' Shefali chuckled and before Naina could reply, jumped on the bed and went to sleep again.

Given the fact that Shefali had evening classes, Naina and Shefali's timings never really matched. On Saturdays and Sundays while Shefali would go to take home tuitions, Naina would spend her time studying or with Sameer. In the last one year their interactions were very limited but still they held good views about each other. If Shefali came late some day from her classes, Naina would take food from the canteen for her and whenever Naina felt homesick, Shefali would keep her company. Naina had not told much about Sameer except for the fact that he was her best friend but Shefali had understood Naina's feelings very early and never left a chance to tease her regarding Sameer. Naina never took her teasing in a wrong way, such was the bond of understanding and friendship they had built up in the last one year.


Sameer entered the class and searcher for Naina. His eyes fell on her and his heart skipped a beat. She was wearing his favourite colour and her kohl black hair flowed over her shoulder. He walked towards the bench, his eyes still glued to Naina. Naina, as on a cue, looked up, her eyes met his and she blushed profusely. Sameer sat next to her and not for once his eyes darted to somewhere else. The professor came and began with his class. Naina was fully engrossed in studies when she felt Sameer hold her hand under the table. She looked at him with surprise indicating him to leave it but Sameer winked at her and tightened his grip on her hand. She felt a tingly sensation conquer her body as he shifted close to her. She couldn't understand what was happening to her. Only yesterday, she had held his hand on her own, yet his proximity today was making her heart thudder again. In between her confusing thoughts, she heard the professor scold a student for not paying attention in the class. The fear of getting caught by the professor scared Naina and she tried to withdrew her hand but Sameer didn't let her. After few tries, Naina surrendered knowing her attempts would anyway end up in futility. Throughout the day, Sameer efficiently managed his studies along with leaving no chance to hold her hand whenever possible. As the classes ended, Sameer and Naina rushed to their favorites place, away from the crowd, to spend some alone time.

'Sameer, aise koi class me hath pakadta hai kya? Kisi ne dekh liya hota to?' Naina asked faking anger.

'Dekha to nahi na, aur vaise bhi Sameer Maheshwari kisi se nahi darta', Sameer retorted back.

'Accha Sameer Maheshwari kisi se nahi darta', Naina imitated him and laughed out loud. Sameer looked at her lovingly thinking how he loved the sound of her laughter. She stopped midway as she realised Sameer had gone quiet and was staring at her. Her eyes met his and slowly he took steps towards her. She took a few steps backward and her back hit the tree behind. Sameer came closer, put his hands on either side of her face, careful enough to maintain a reasonable distance between them. He looked into her eyes and asked 'Toh'?

'Toh kya Sameer'? Naina's heartbeat increased on hearing his question. Yes, she never understood what his 'toh' always meant but this time the intensity in his eyes spoke of love, the love they had been carrying within themselves for a long time now. She found herself drifting to some other world under his intense gaze.

'Vo three magical words bolo na Naina, Sameer requested.

Naina blushed and looked down, ' Bolo na Naina, please'.

'Kuch baatein smjhni chahie, mere Buddhuram', Naina replied still looking at the ground.

Sameer smiled as he heard her use the word 'mere' for him. For the first time he didn't defend himself when she chided him for being a buddhu. 'Ji nahi, kuch baatein bolni chahie, jaldi se bolo mjhe sun na hai, varna mai jaane nahi dunga'

'Nahi bolungi, Naina bent down and came out of the virtual cage he had tied her into. 'jaane nahi doge? Mai to Nikal aayi', Naina laughed and ran away.

'Naina, sare romance ki aisi taisi kr di, Sameer ran after her.

After few minutes of making him chase her, Naina stopped, turned back and with a mischievous smile, said ' Nahi bolungi, tmhe sach me kuch smjh nahi aata, bolne ka bhi koi fayda nahi hai, kyunki tmhe tab bhi nahi smjh aaega'

This time Sameer was quick enough to not let her go. He held her wrist and asked 'Kya nahi samajh ata' and moved closer to her again.

'Kuch bhi to nahi', Naina replied breathing heavily.

'Accha, tmhe kya lgta hai mje smjh nhi ata ki ye blue colour ka suit, uspr ye matching jhumke aur ye kaajal, mere liye lagaya gaya hai. Ya mujhe ye nahi samajh aata ki aaj in zulfon ko aasaad mere liye liya gaya hai? Sameer asked entwining her fingers with his'.

'Tumne sab notice kr liya? Naina asked looking in his eyes.

'To aur kya? Meri Naina jisne kitabon ke bahar kbhi jhanka hi nhi, vo aaj mere liye itna taiyar ho kr aayi hai, to mai dekhunga bhi nahi? Asked Sameer softly.

'To bola kyu nahi? Mjhe itna gussa aa raha tha, Naina made an angry face.

'Are, subah se tum me hi to khoya hun, bolne ki fursat kise hai', Naina's cheeks turned red reflecting the colour of a beetroot on hearing his remark.

'Hayeee, pata hai aise sharmate hue kitni pyari lagti ho? Man krta hai bas dekhte jaun' Sameer took a pause and continued 'Vaise ek baat bolun, mjhe tum jaisi ho vaisi hi achi lagti ho Naina. Tmhe ye sab krne ki koi zarurat nahi hai. Meri Naina ki saadgi hi use S
sabse alag aur khoobsurat banati hai'.

'Are, tum bhi to aaj meri favourite shirt pehan kr aaye ho na. Maine to aaj ye sab islie kiya kyunki Mai bohat khush hun aur itna to banta hai', came a reply from Naina

Sameer thought for a second and replied, 'vaise tum kaajal laga ker bdi sexy lag rhi ho to haan itna to banta hai. Aur itni pyari lagne ke  baad bhi vo teen magical words bole bina hi chalo jaogi to kya fayda hoga?

'Tum na pite bina maante to nahi ho and Naina slapped him hard on his arm. 'Ouch, pichle janam me sumo wrestler thi kya Jab dekho tab haath chalta rehta hai tmhara. Chalo kuch khane chalte hain. Tmhara bas chale to thappado se hi pet bharwa dogi mera'.

The sudden change of topic confused Naina but she nodded in affirmation went along with him to a nearby restaurant. After dinner, Sameer dropped her to the hostel and drove away.


Sameer was sitting on his bed holding a pillow in front of him ' Mujhe pata hai Nainu tum bohat nervous ho gayi thi naaa jab maine vo three magical words bolne ke liye kaha. Pr koi baat nahi mai tmhe force nahi krunga, pr haan jyada wait mat krana, tmhare Buddhuram ka kya hoga varna'.

While he was busy talking to the pillow, he heard his phone ring twice. Sameer saw the time and wondered why was Naina calling at this time. He hurriedly went downstairs and picked up the phone as it rang again.

'Naina, ye kahan se phone kr rhi ho tum? Aur kya hua? Asked Sameer as soon as he picked up the call.

'Uff o Sameer, sawal par sawal. Meri baat to sun ni nahi tumhe, aur kuch bhi nahi hua hai' Naina replied.

'Accha sorry, bolo'; Sameer relaxed and lied down on the sofa.

'Sameer vo, vo mai keh rahi thi ki', Naina fidgeted with her dupatta.

'Ki?' Asked a confused Sameer

'Sameer I, I, Naina stopped in between.

'I'? Sameer got up excitedly as he realised what was coming.

'I love', Naina clutched the receiver tight.

'I love?' Sameer repeated. 'Bolo na Naina, chup kyu ho gayi?'

'I love you, I love you, I love you, Sameer Maheshwari', Naina smiled as she finally professed her love for him.

'I love you too, Naina'. Sameer replied smilingly trying to control his heartbeat which had gone haywires.

'Sameer, tmhe pata hai mjhe bohat sharam aa rhi thi din me. Fir jab main hostel vapas aayi to maine socha ki jab mai tumse itna pyaar krti hun to bolne me kya sharmana. Aur mjhe pata hai aaj achanak se tum topic change kr ke khane ka kyu bolne lag gye the, tum mjhe uncomfortable nhi krna chahte the na'. Sameer wondered how well his girl understood him.

'Pehle to socha ki kal bolun fir socha ki jis phone ne hmme itna Kareeb laya hai use is khaas mauke par kaise bhool jaun?' Naina opened her heart to Sameer.

'Accha chalo ab Mai jaati hun, itni Raat Ko PCO se phone kr rhi hun, ye nahi ki bol do ki Naina ab hostel jao', Naina teased him.

'Are, tmhara sahi hai, kuch bhi ho mujh par hi baat ghuma deti ho, accha chalo theek hai kal milte hain, Bye, replied Sameer and both hung up the call.

Final exams were round the corner and preparatory leaves had begun. Accordingly, Sameer and Naina started studying diligently. Their outings reduced and most of the time was spent in library making notes and revising whatever had been taught the whole year. Naina being a strict teacher often scolded him whenever he wouldn't concentrate.

It was a day before the Accounts exam when she caught him sleeping in the library. She put forward her hand to wake him up but the calmness surrounding his face didn't let her disturb his sleep. He looked like a small baby while sleeping. She gently ran her fingers through his hair and he relaxed on her touch. She knew he was putting in a lot of efforts and she was being harsh on him sometimes but she wanted him to realise his own capabilities. She wanted his mother and father to know that he was not the spoilt brat they thought him to be. There was no doubt about the fact that Somanis had softened a little for him after whatever transpired at their home but she wanted them to realise what was he capable of. Even in college there were people who thought that he being from such an affluent family, did not need to toil hard like others. She wanted all of them, infact all the people who have befriended him for his money to be proven wrong. All he needed was some attention and care and she was ready to bestow it upon him. She promised to herself that she won't let anyone point fingers at him anymore. When time will come to take over his Nanu's business, people would not say that he did not deserve to handle that business, rather they would accept him whole heartedly.

Exams went smoothly for both Sameer and Naina. During every exam, Naina would look at him and feel satisfied seeing him write the paper with so much ease. It wasn't the case that only Naina had helped him study, Sameer had patiently translated every difficult sentence in the books for her. He had made her so fluent in English that she could now beat any English medium student and this helped her regain the confidence she had lost when she started studying things in English. They both were completing each other in truest sense.


Two days before Sameer and Naina had to leave for Ahmedabad for their two month long summer vacations, Rohan's 12th results were declared. He had topped Delhi and there was a festive atmosphere in the Somani household. Sameer was more than happy to see his brother's hard work paying off. He felt proud at his achievement. He was so excited that he immediately called up Munna, Pandit and Nanu to share the happy news with them.

Rohan was sitting in his room reading a GK magazine when Sameer came there ' Hey bhgwan, ye ldka aaj bhi pdhai kr raha hai. Chal kahin bahar chalte hain celebrate krne aur Deepika ko bhi le chalte hain, Sameer snatched the magazine from him and kept it aside.

'Aur infact aaj na tujhe teri tarah hi ek topper se milwata hun. Tujhe bhi to pata chale competition kya hota hai'; Sameer said jokingly. 'Chal taiyar ho ja jaldi se'.

'Sidha sidha kyu nahi bolte ki bhabhi se milwaoge', Rohan muttered under his breath as he walked towards the cupboard to take out his favourite shirt.

'Kya bola tu?' Sameer asked in a suspicious tone.

'Mai, Mai kya bola? Maine to bas yahi bola ki bhabhi se milwana hai to sidhe sidhe bolo, ye ghuma fira ke baat karne ka style to nahi hai Sameer Maheshwari ka', replied Rohan while he put on his shirt.

'Tujhe kaise pata Naina ke bare me?' Sameer crossed his arms demanding an explanation.

'Oo to bhabhi ji ka naam Naina hai. Nice name haan', Rohan replied as he moved in front of the dressing table and combed his hair gently.

'Rohan', came a stern glance from Sameer.

'Are bhai ab baki logon ka to mujhe nahi pata par meri neend thodi si kacchi hai. Aur aadhi rat ko guitar bajaoge vo bhi pehla nasha to obviously Munna Pandit ke liye to nahi baja rahe hoge na' Rohan put up his hands in air singing the song.

'Beta tu jitna bhola dikhta hai utna hai nahi'; Sameer slapped his arm lightly.

'Aakhir bhai kiska hun?' Rohan winked at his brother making him smile. Sameer and Rohan had come a long way since the time they patched up. Whenever Rohan was free from studies, he would go to Sameer's room and spend time with him. They both had started enjoying each other's company to the core. Sameer had taught him the basics of guitar and had also partially succeeded in bringing out Rohan from his tightly scheduled life while Rohan and Deepika's unconditional love was slowly erasing the harsh memories of his childhood.

Sameer and Rohan came downstairs to ask permission from Vishakha to take Deepika along. Dadi tried to interfere but Mr Somani and Vishakha allowed them to go out with Sameer.

Naina's VO: Chandani Chowk, modern hote hue Dilli me itihaas ko sameete hue yaha ka sbse purana ilaaka. Haha, mere aur Sameer ke liye to Chandani Chowk aana jana bohat aam si baat thi. Vo tang galiyan, purani purani imaraten, vo parathe vali gali ke parathe aur lassi, gyanis ki falooda, chatpate dahi bade hamari jaan the. Jab bhi hum college se free hote the to bas yahi ghumte the. Lekin us din baat kuch alag thi. Vo din mere liye khaas tha kyunki Sameer pehli Baar mjhe apne bhai behan se milwa raha tha. Mujhe itni nervousness ho rahi thi ki kya bataun. Pr pata hai aapko us din bhi vo janaab late the. Batao bhala dekha hai kabhi kisi ko apni girlfriend Ko is tarah wait karate hue?


Wow aap kitni beautiful ho, bilkul fairies Jaisi', Deepika jumped in excitement as soon as she saw Naina.

Naina couldn't help but smile at the little bundle of cuteness standing in front of her holding one of her either brother's hand. She could easily read protectiveness in Sameer's eyes and a wave of memory hit her taking her to the days when Sameer didn't even want to look at Deepika. She felt ecstatic at the love she could see in Rohan and Deepika's eyes for Sameer. Her Sameer was finally experiencing the joys of having siblings. Happiness engulfed her senses seeing the three of them together.

'Deepika mjhe bhi yahi lagta hai ki ye bilkul fairies jaisi hai'. Sameer said in a flirtatious tone bringing Naina to the present. She felt embarassed as he openly praised her in front of his siblings.

'Ye Rohan hai aur ye Deepika aur ye hain', before Sameer could introduce Naina to Deepika, Rohan spoke in between, 'Aur Deepika ye hain hmari bhabhi'. Naina's face turned into shades of crimson red on hearing the word bhabhi from Rohan but deep down her happiness knew no bounds on being addressed as bhabhi, afterall it was the first sign of acceptance from Sameer's family. She looked up at Sameer and rolled her eyes as in asking him as to when did he tell Rohan. 'Bhabhi, ye kaisa naam hai?' Deepika asked before Sameer could answer Naina.

'Oho meri buddhu behan unka naam Naina hai aur vo hmari bhabhi hain, Rohan replied laughing at his sister's silly question.

'Bhabhi? Pr bhabhi hoti kaun hain? Came another question from Deepika

'Deepika jaise papa ki special friend mummy goti hain vaise hi bhai ki special friend ko bhabhi kehte hain, Rohan tried to explain'.

'Pr Rohan bhaiya papa aur mummy ne to shadi kri thi tab vo special friends bane the', Deepika looked up at Rohan trying to understand the situation which seemed more complex to her than her studies. Suddenly her expressions changed from confusion to that of shock and she shifted her attention towards Sameer. 'Haw Sameer bhaiya apne shadi kr li aur mjhe bulaya bhi nahi. Pata hai mjhe shadi me jana kitna accha lagta hai. Nayi dresses pehan ne ko milti hain aur accha accha khana bhi. Ab mai aapse baat hi nahi karungi'. Deepika left Sameer's hand in anger. Deepika' never ending questions made Rohan curse the time when he decided to use a new word in front of Deepika while Sameer and Naina laughed at their antics.

'Deepika, aisa ho skta hai kya ki aapke Sameer bhaiya aapse kuch chipae?' Naina kneeled down in front of her. Deepika replied in negative. 'To fir? Aap gussa kyu ho rahe ho? Chalo gussa chodh do'.

Deepika put her finger on her head and began thinking something. Her reaction scared the rest of them who were sure that she would now come up with something even more bigger. After a few minutes, a huge smile appeared on her face confusing the trio, 'Ab Mai sbko bataungi ki mere paas bhabhi hai vo bhi fairies jaisi, yay.

'Nhii', Rohan, Naina and Sameer shouted in union scaring the child.

'Ye mera, Rohan bhaiya aur bhabhi ka secret hai. Kisi Ko nahi batana?' Now it was Sameer's turn to handle her.

'Mumma ko bhi nahi?' Deepika asked sadly and all of them nodded in affirmation.

'Theek hai, pr ek shart hai. Ab mai bhabhi ke saath rhungi, saying that she quickly held Naina's hand'

'Dal badlu kahin ki', both Romeer said at the same time and laughed out loud.

Together they took a tour of Chandani Chowk. Naina bought colourful hair clips, hair bands and shoes for Deepika which instantly increased Deepika's liking for her. She didn't leave Naina's hand for a second and both guys were amazed at the bond which had developed between them in a span of few hours. After shopping and visiting Red Fort and shishganj Gurudwara, they settled down in one of the restaurants there to have food.

While Sameer was thinking what to order Naina decided to initiate talks with Rohan, 'Rohan, Sameer ne bataya ki aapne pure Delhi shehar me top kiya hai. Congrats. Ab kya krne ka socha hai aage?'

'Vo bhabhi, mujhe Economics bohat acchi lagti hun to soch raha hun London School of Economics me apply kr dun, mai bachpan se vahin pdhna chahta tha'. Rohan replied shyly .

'Are vaah', Naina was amazed at Rohan's dedication towards studies. In order to keep the conversation going, Naina continued talking, 'tumhe pata hai mera bhi favourite subject Economics hai'.

'Sachi? Hi5 bhabhi', Rohan excitedly raised his hand in the air but then lowered it down thinking it to be not a right thing to do. 'Are, ye kya baat hui Mai hi5 dene hi Vali thi aur aapne haath niche kr liya. Not done'. Naina's reaction made Rohan relax down.

As Naina and Rohan continued chatting about studies, Sameer looked at them in awe. Since the time he had started to bond with Rohan, he realised that Rohan was an introvert and he found it extremely difficult to open up to people. Sameer knew very well that that day also Rohan had come to meet Naina only because he didn't want to deny Sameer. And Naina, he had no words for her. Naina was a shy girl too. She wouldn't talk in class with anyone except for Sameer. Even she took time to open up to people but here she was trying to make his little brother comfortable. A lone tear escaped his eyes thinking of the fact that how blessed he was to have her in his life. She always understood without him conveying his needs to her. She was full of surprises and even he wasn't sure that how many surprises were yet to be discovered.

Sameer's chain of thoughts was disturbed by Deepika who once again had a dissatisfied look on her face. 'Sameer bhaiya hum log kya yaha padhne aaye hain?'

'Han Deepika, kitna paka rahe hain ye dono. Karne do inko padhai ki baatein, hum golgappe khane chalte hain', Sameer said loudly.

'Are ye kya baat Hui, hum bhi chalenge, haina Rohan? Yaha is restaurant me vapas aa jaenge.'

The four of them stood in front of the most famous chaat vala in Chandani Chowk to have golgappas. While Naina and Rohan wanted to have spicy golgappas, Sameer and Deepika preferred to have the ones filled with sweet water. As Deepika took the golgappa in her hand, it broke down splashing the water all over her face and clothes which made Sameer and Rohan erupt into laughter.

'Bhabhi dekho na ye dono has rahe hain,' Deepika complained to Naina.

'Chup kro tum dono', Naina scolded both the brothers , took out a tissue paper and slowly wiped away all the water from her face. 'Mai khilati hun aapko, theek hai?'

Rohan who was by now at ease with Naina's company decided to tease his brother. ' Bhabhi mjhe bhi please, mjhe bhi nahi aata golgappa khana. Naina laughed at his sweet request and fed him the golgappas too while Sameer looked at them in shock. 'Hello madam, sbko apne haath se khila rhi ho? Mera kya? '

'Vo dono bacche hain, tum bde ho Gaye ho khud khao', Naina replied leaving Sameer sulking while Deepika giggled seeing her bhaiya behaving like small kids.

'Rohan bacha hai? Aur mai bada hun? Ye kaha ki calculation hai. Jao mjhe khana hi nahi,' Sameer turned away his face. Deepika, Rohan and Naina tried hard to supress their laughter and decided not to tease him any further ' accha baba tmhe bhi khila dungi. Happy now?' And Naina fed all three of them one by one.

'Mtlb tum teeno ne mjhe mummy bna diya', Naina said feeding the last golgappa to Sameer.

'O madam, mummy hogi tum in dono ki, meri to jaan ho', Sameer said loudly again receiving a smack from Naina while Rohan lovingly looked at both of them. He rarely talked to girls and was apprehensive about meeting Naina too but the thought of hurting his brother's feelings didn't let him say anything to Sameer. And now he felt content that he did not deny to meet his bhabhi. 'They both complement each other so well', thought Rohan and smiled to himself.

Rest of the evening was spent trying every famous food item of Chandani chowk. They shopped some more, bought balloons for Deepika and finally proceeded back carrying memories of a well spent day together.

Posted: 1 years ago
Originally posted by Rucha21


first of all so sorry for replying so late, but you know the reason na..TongueTongue
Nhi toOuch kya hua? LOL

Now about the update..

The angry young man..Sameer Maheshwari..itna anger dekhke to koi bhi dar jayega..
Tum bhi dari ya nhi ye btao bas?

"lekin dard baantne se kum hota hai aur har problem ka solution gussa nhi hota"...this line...kya likha hain aaisha..kudos to you..ClapClap
Thanks, sweetie. I truly believe in this.

So realistic depiction of the first hand hold, sameer on realizing the confused expression instantly released her hand..SmileSmile
Thanks darling.Embarrassed Naina Jaisi ldki ke liye bohat bdi baat hai na

Thank you so much for clearing the confusion about the sameer's past life incidences which CV'S vaguely and in haph hazardly manner were shown in the serial, not at least in my mind I am at peace that this was the sameer's past (Which CVS of the serial have failed to show miserably..OuchOuch)
Haha, same here. CVs changed the whole crux of Sameer's character by introducing mama mami and not giving a logical explanation behind Vishakha's decision of leaving him alone. I am glad you liked it.

Sammer's past is so dard bhara, that feeling of no one apna in duniya is so darawana, but sameer us daur me so gujar kar itna strong ban gaya hain..
Exactly, Dard se guzar kr sab strong bnte hain, vo bhi ban gya hai. Pr hai to baccha hi, Dil ka Dard Abhi PURA bahar nhi Nikla hai

Both have their tale of sorrows in past life that they can instantly to connect to each others thoughts..a well written characters..ClapClap
Thanks Jaaneman

kitna stubborn hain sameer, he didnt meet his nanu for whole 3 could he..
Bacha tha na, maaf kr doTongue

Nanu's bonding with sameer was shown so well in serial, I miss Nanu in serial.

It's so soothing to hear/read the word your update..
Hayeee, mje bhi Sameer ke mu se nanu sun ke itna accha lagta tha kya Bataun. I miss Nanu yar

Naina knows him in and patiently she pacified Sameer and convinced him to talk to Rohan at least..sara scene najaro ke samne chal raha tha while reading..I can totally relate to it..
Sach me? Oh God I am so happy reading this. You know na I want both of them to be each other's strength. Dono ek dusre Ko smbhalenge bhi, samjhaenge bhi aur sath bhi nibhaenge.

One step at a time Naina..abhi to Rohan se bat karlega..
Aur kyaWink

The whole Sameer - Rohan scene played out perfectly..

"Bhai" ek word se hi sameer pighal gaya..

Buddhuram ka buddhuram hi rahega..Naina was right..Big smileBig smileBig smile

Haha aur kya. Kayi bar Hume bas ek ladam Lena pdta hai bs bhi Sameer le bhi paa Ra tha

You have summed up their college life perfectly in those 3 paragraphs..ClapClap

Naina's VO about pyaar said it all..Heart
Eee I love their VOs islie yaha to hoga hi. Pyaar vale dialogues hi to likhne ate hn mje bs LOL

All rounder Naina ne Main Co-Ordinator aur anchor ka Role bade acche se nibhaya with Sameer in her side and encouraging her throughout..
Aur kya all she needed was a push, fir Naina Ko kaun roke

Last but not the least..Sameer's Kavita..Heart
Embarrassedthanks thanks 

Again great closure of the Update..

Pheww..done with Comment..LOLLOLLOL

PS - Apni Kavita aur shayari ki Gist save karke Rakhna..along with all the stories..
Done, babyWink

PPS - Ek index Bhi bana do may be below 01st Update..

I am extremely sorry yar, mje sach me LGA mne reply kr diya. Aage se kbhi nhi miss krungiEmbarrassed
Aur Index h na first page prSmile
Posted: 1 years ago
Awesome update! Loved reading it... The bonding between the four was so sweet... And you have written it so well..I could picturise it while reading... Continue the good work and keep writing such beautiful updates for us..
Posted: 1 years ago
Very sweet update! Lovely bonding between the siblings & theirs with their Bhabhi! Ab hua na Felhi family ke rolenko justice rather than only dadi doing politics in the show! Awesome...AB kya hoga aage in vacations? M so eager...plz update ASAP! & thanks for the PM

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