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You know your world revolves around your dear one, the only one you have in your life who is your family. But there comes a moment when your heart splits into two, when without asking your permission, someone enters your life and fills the emptiness of your life. How do you deal with it?

Pairs are made in heaven but get married on earth. But is it necessary that the first decision is always the correct one? And what if how hard you try to avoid the second chance you get in the same life, the second chance gets entangled to you in someway or the other, each time?

All have pasts that they don't want to think about. They want to move forth in their zindagi but something or someone keeps pulling them back. How do you deal with it?

And amongst all the chaos of life, when you think you can never smile again, someone becomes a reason of your laughter. Someone whose presence brings a smile on your face, without much effort. How do you feel about it?

Let's see how do Naushad and Meherunissa deal with their lives and still get entangled together for a sole reason!

This story is based on ALTBalaji's serial : HAQ SE starring Rajeev Khandelwal as Dr. Naushad Rizvi and Surveen Chawla as Dr. Meherunissa Mirza.

My other works on Haq Se :

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Thoughts and Copyright :

Wanted to write on Naushad and Meherunissa since a long time, even before the webseries got released. TongueGave a guest appearance of Charu (Meherunissa/Surveen) in my story 'Rajveer-Naina Kuch To Log Kahenge Alternate Story'. LOLToday finally got a chance to start a story on this beautiful pair. Thanks to @Raj_Naina_LRL (Ayesha) for sharing that she is thinking about starting a NAUHER story that I finally decided that it's really a high time and I should seriously consider writing a story now on NAUHER. Ayesha do bring your story real soon, looking forward to reading it. Hug

So here I am starting this story.

This is officially my first story on Naushad-Meher; first story based on HAQ SE!

No part of this book shall be reproduced in any form or by any means - electronic or mechanical.


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Prologue :

It's about to strike eight in the morning and still there is no sign of her in the hospital. She surely is punctual. So what is it that is taking her this much time to reach the hospital?

Dr. Rizvi sitting in his cabin, whilst checking the reports of his patient gets impatient to get the glimpse of Dr. Mirza. 'Khadoos', 'Akdu', 'Pohncha hua dakhal andaaz' name him whatever you like but this she cannot deny that he is much more punctual than the careless Dr. Mirza. Careless! Well at least in the books of Dr. Naushad Rizvi, she surely is that. This adjective is a new addition today otherwise uptil yesterday he has already awarded her with many other objectives! One such adjective is - secretive!

Secretive, oh yes that she surely is. But could you blame her for that Dr. Rizvi? Leading a life with zero friends has turned her secretive. Living a life full of obstacles has turned her quiet.


the voice of his angel, comes as a surprise for Naushad.

Putting the file down, he looks towards his daughter.

"Aalia aap yahan kaise ayin?",

asks Naushad, pleasantly surprised.

"Wo maine Raheem uncle ko phone karke kaha ke wo mujhe yahan le ayein. Aur main yahan aa gayi",

says Aalia, beaming with joy on being in her father's cabin.

"Aalia, bhai ye to galat baat hai apki. Aap agar iss waqt yahan rahengi to apni parhayi kab karengi aap? Ab school na jane ka matlab ye to nahi na ke aap parhayi hi na karein?",

asks Naushad, lovingly.

"Main yahan Meher Didi se milne ayi thi Abbu!",

says Aalia, her face expression falls as she mentions that.

Naushad's smile vanishes too gradually.

"Apne unse abhi tak sorry nahi bola na?",

asks Aalia, sorrowfully.

Naushad looks towards his daughter apologetically, feeling guilty.

(Naushad-Meher's background tune begins as he remembers Meher and feels guilty)

The opening of his cabin's door drags the attention of both Aalia and Naushad. Aalia, swivels her chair she is sitting on to get a proper view of her father's visitor.

The face in front of the father-daughter duo succeeds in making the hearts of both to flutter. The only difference they have is where on one hand Aalia freely expresses her happiness on witnessing her Meher Didi, there Dr. Naushad keeps his emotions under check. Well at least that's what he feels, otherwise if asked to Meher, she perfectly reads his approval and excitement about her presence there in his cabin.


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Chapter 1

Meher wraps a terrified and crying Aalia into her arms, comforting her. Witnessing her favourite singer Bano Di's jamming spot turned upside down is no where a treat for that little soul. It is rather a horrific sight which is for sure going to terrify her for days to come! Not only has it affected the innocent, but Meher alike. But then even she is innocent! Innocent, as she thought that for once the cruel men who are against women's singing and dancing would leave them alone and to their peace. That for once they would be able to carry out their lives as per their wish. But alas! no one is going to change.

She realizes, the reason behind all this is no one else but her own sister - Jannat!

With teary eyes, Meher looks heavenwards, and mummers,


Looking towards a terrified Aalia, Meher kisses her forehead lovingly, whilst controlling her own emotions, her throat aches as a lump builds up there! She hugs back Aalia tightly.


In the hospital

Naushad holding an asleep Aalia into his arms, gets into a room alotted to doctors to rest in times of their night shifts. Meher follows him nervously, guilty, accepting the fact she shouldn't have taken Aalia with her. She shouldn't have given heed to Aalia's plead.

She knows what's coming up next is a good thrashing from her boss - Dr. Rizvi. Had it been any other reason, she would have either got determined to argue with Dr. Rizvi on scolding her; or would have slipped away, grabbing an opportunity, but right now it is about Aalia! Aalia the child who is as much important to Dr. Meher as she is to her father Dr. Naushad Rizvi.

Carefully and quietly as he doesn't want to wake Aalia up by any means, Dr. Rizvi places his daughter on a sofa. Meher quietly keeps an eye on Aalia, concerned about her well being.

Slowly, Dr. Naushad shuts the door, noiselessly. Dr. Meherunissa who is standing behind him steps back her eyes still on Aalia whilst Dr. Naushad shuts the door.

What follows next is yet another shock for Meher! Of course, not that she was expecting sugar coated words from her boss. She in fact was expecting a good thrashing from her arrogant boss. Her heart skips a beat as she realizes that she has tagged him as - pohncha hua dakhal andaaz but today, knowing-unknowingly, she herself has stepped into his territory without asking his permission! She mustn't have done that, she realizes. Is she herself a - pohnchi hui dakhal andaaz?She wonders!

His angry glare is more than enough for her to feel guilty afresh. As for Naushad, his heartbeat picks up pace out of anger. Inside he calculates what to say and from where to start scolding her! His level of anger increasing with each passing moment. She of all people had to be the reason for making his daughter feel miserable? Where on the other hand he secretly expected she of all people would take his daughter away from all the miseries! Had it been someone else he would have by now started scolding that person, might have even thrown her out of the hospital but there is something about this woman in front of him that despite being utterly angry and pissed off on her, he doesn't utter those words!

But anyways he cannot let her go like that. He needs to bring out his pent up anger on her or else he won't be able to calm himself down.

Meher waits patiently for him to begin with this.  She knows she can't escape this, and she doesn't even wish too. But she knows the faster he scolds her, the faster she would be able to get away from this situation. Unable to resist any longer, she breaks the ice, apologizing, her eyes lowered,

"Dr. Rizvi I am..."

But Naushad intervenes, in no mood to listen to her as it becomes impossible to control his anger.

"Wo chaar (4) saal ki hai! Sirf chaar (4) saal ki!",

he scolds, grinding his teeth in anger. His eyes glaring Meher. How difficult it is to keep a check on his voice right now, only he knows.

His words skip another of Meher's heartbeat. The ache she had been feeling for Aaliya this long, becomes more acute. Not that she didn't know about Aaliya's age but the fresh mention from Naushad's side and that too in a situation as this one, his words pierces through her heart. Meher keeps her eyes lowered unable to meet his eyes. Her fidgeting with the end of her duppatta explains the level of her nervousness. But Naushad chooses to ignore. If today he takes the situation lightly and let her go, this might repeat again tomorrow! She needs to be taught a lesson.

But if that's the case so why punishing her by merely scolding her? She surely needs bigger punishment. Why don't you make it clear that henceforth, she is not aloud to be around your daughter? Why don't you restrict her from talking to Aaliya? Surely that would give you satisfaction to a great extent - hurting Meher, a punishment for her deed! Is it that difficult a task? Whom exactly are you concerned about - Meher? that she might not like it if you restrict her from meeting Aaliya? Or is it Aaliya and you, you are concerned more about? That the ray of happiness that's occupying the empty spaces in the lives of both Aaliya and yours, might get snatched away before it could lighten up the hearts of both of yours? Aaliya's heart being a tiny one was easier to enlighten and fill with love for Meher! But what about you Dr. Naushad Rizvi? What would it take for you to understand and believe Meher?

"Kis haq se apne usse bahar le jana munasif samjha?",

scolds Naushad.

A nervous Meher, refrains from looking towards angry Naushad, but of course that doesn't mean that she is completely obvious of his mood. His each and every gesture is being noticed by Meher.

Feeling already guilty, and now nervous too, it becomes difficult for Meher to speak in front of Naushad. But of course she knows he won't take her silence as his answer. She needs to speak; she needs to tell!

Slowly looking towards him, Meher apologizes for her fault,

"I know... I... I shouldn't have... I am... am... sorry!"

His constant angry glare refrains her from looking into his eyes for long and hence she keeps changing her vision from him to the floor and vice a versa.

"Wo... Aliya meri behn ke band se milna chahti thi aur...",

explains Meher, her heart throbbing inside her chest but she chooses to hide her nervousness to whatever extent she can.

While Naushad stands there in front of her, bended a little towards her, glaring her in anger.

"...unka college yahin bagal mein hai. So I thought...",

Meher gets intervened by Naushad, as her words increases the level of his anger, he scolds her, taunting her,

"You thought!!!"

Meher lowers her eyes, feeling guilty all over.

"Please do me a favour Dr. Mirza, next time apke dimag mein koi brilliant thoughts ayein to please don't act upon them!",

he blurts out in a single breathe, glaring her throughout.

Feeling extremely guilty, Meher keeps her eyes lowered and tries to keep her heartbeat under control.

"Aap... aur apke khandan ko risk aurdanger ke saath kuch khaas lagaw haijo ki baki duniya share nahi karti, least of all a child!",

scolds Dr. Rizvi in a single breath, emphasizing, raising his voice as he utters the words - 'least of all a child!'

The mention of her family, his taunting about it, affects Meher and hence unable to control the anger surging through her, she widens her eyes whilst, retorting back, but she doesn't forget that she is in hospital and hence needs to maintain silence, therefore she keeps her voice under check while speaking, looking straight into his eyes,

"Dr. Rizvi it was a mistake!"

The ringing of the phone kept at the reception, drags Meherunissa's attention for fraction of seconds, she turns to look towards it and quickly looks back towards Dr. Rizvi to deal with the current situation in hand.

"And will never happen again!",

she tells sincerely.

Then her tone changes, she gets more confident as she says looking straight into his eyes,

"Aur rahi baat mere khandaan ki... haan, hum dhamkiyon se nahi darte!"

Naushad's constant glare doesn't shake Meher's spirit this time because this time it's not about her, but about her family! With her this reply and attitude, she makes it clear to Naushad that her priorities would never change! To her, nothing or rather no one is above her family. Her determination ignites his anger. Whilst glaring her, he thinks about what to say next as his anger doesn't seem to calm down, it's rather increasing with each passing moment, thanks to Dr. Mirza's determination which he can read from her eyes. He walks closer to her in anger, glaring her throughout, while Meherunissa takes backward steps, he tries to think how else can he hurt her and hence bring her straightforward answering to an end.

Looking away out of anger, she doesn't forget to mention,

"Aur agli baar apke dil mein humein apni...",

she lowers her eyes whilst continuing,

"ex-wife ka saaz de kar saath dene ka khyal aaye...",

she looks back towards him, and says,

"Khuda ke liye, please don't act on it! It almost makes you look like a nice person!",

her sugar-coated words, used on purpose, pinches Naushad all the more, just the way Meher expected!

Her taunt has its affect, and Naushad scolds her further, as his anger level increases all the more by her words.


says Naushad, grinding his teeth, pausing after each word, just to emphasize on them.

Meher keeps her eyes lowered, having nothing to say further and deep down feeling guilty.

At that moment Aliya slowly pulls the door open of the room she was in.


she calls nervously, looking up towards her father.

Naushad turns to look towards Aliya on hearing her voice.

Meher quickly controls her emotions of humiliation, anger, frustration, guilt all mixed up together, not wanting to sadden Aliya by her face expressions. Controlling her racing heartbeats, Meher quickly plasters a smile on her face which turns into genuine one as she lays her eyes properly on Aliya! Her heart flutters seeing the angelic face, forgetting all her prior tensions.

For seconds Naushad, when turns to address Aliya, comes in between Meher and Aliya, such that his back is facing Meher. This he does to give her space to control her emotions and get hold of her expressions in front of Aliya.

Meanwhile, he picks up Aliya into his arms whilst asking lovingly,

"Arey aap kyun uth gaye?"

Aliya bearing a sweet smile on her face says pointing towards Meher,

"Dr. Meher Didi ko punishment mili hui hai!"

Naushad staring his daughter lovingly, nods his head simultaneous to her words and says,

"Hmm... yes!"

Meanwhile, Meher gains back her equilibrium.

"Kyunki Dr. Meher didi ne naughty wala kaam kiya hai!",

explains Naushad to Aliya.

This he does on purpose, not only to make Aliya aware of the fact that Meher committed a mistake but also to teach his daughter a lesson through Meher! Of course had it been anyone else instead of Meher, Naushad would have dismissed her before focusing on Aliya. But this is about Meher, Naushad doesn't understand why, teaching his daughter through Meher's deed is no where a harm! And also he knows she won't mind either and even if she does, it won't affect him because he knows that he isn't humiliating her in front of anyone else other than Aliya, his daughter and this shall remain a secret among the trio!

Aliya keeps looking towards her Meher Didi, her eyes glitter with joy as if one of her classmates has gotten punishment on not completing her homework.

While Naushad explains everything to Aliya, the smile gradually vanishes from Meher's face as she stares Naushad and hears him. Her heart clenches as she realizes yet again how much angry he is on her!

"Aur jo naughty wala kaam karte hain hum log unko kya banate hain?",

asks Naushad to Aliya, looking towards her.


says Aliya in her innocent accent, snapping her fingers and pointing her index finger towards Meher, laughing hesitatingly, enjoying the fact that her Meher Didi would turn into cock.

Meher understands how Aliya is enjoying seeing her being punished. This fills Meher's heart with more love for her. After all if she could bring smile on the face of the little angel, it would always be a pleasure for Meher. For these fraction of seconds on seeing Aliya enjoying seeing her being punished, makes Dr. Meher to forget her current equation with Dr. Naushad.

Just to make Aliya to enjoy her state more, Meher pretends to make a sorry face in front of Aliya and holding her ears she says sorry to Aliya, making a puppy face.

Nothing goes unnoticed by Naushad. He of course doesn't turn to look towards Meher, just to keep his stand that he is angry! He doesn't want to show that his heart is melting for her. But the smile he already had on his face because of Aliya, stretches a little more because of Meher's gesture towards his daughter.

She of course could have stayed quiet, keeping the angry face that she had moments ago intact. But she made sure that Aliya doesn't get affected by her expressions, her this maturity, without being asked to do so, does have it's affect on Naushad, which he shields from Meher very well.

Meher doesn't realize that he is affected by her gesture towards Aliya and inside she still feels he is cold hearted person. His affection can never be for anyone else other than Aliya.

Looking towards Aliya, Naushad lovingly reminds her, asking her,

"Agli baar jab Aliya bahar jayegi, to wo Abbu se kya legi?"


replies back Aliya in her adorable accent, looking towards Naushad, whilst playing with his tie.

"Good girl! Chalo abhi nini karte hain",

whilst saying so, he turns back to walk into the room and make Aliya to rest again.

As he turns, Aliya's face turned towards her Meher Didi, she waves her hand towards Meher, smiling throughout, her eyes glittering again seeing her Meher Didi. Meher continues waving her hand, smiling lovingly throughout at Aliya.

"Bye! Bye!",

mummers Aliya in low tone, as she enters the room.

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Chapter 2 

The ringing of her phone distracts Meher. Her mind which was occupied with the thoughts of Aliya and her boss - Dr. Rizvi gets distracted because of the phone call.

Smiling throughout, she checks her cell phone. As soon as her eyes fall on the phone screen and she discovers the number flashing on the screen, the smile vanishes away with in moments.

Her heartbeat picks up pace. Moments ago she was having her most pleasurable time and now she has to endure this - a dark secret of hers! She has been avoiding this for many days. She decides to deal with this now, to get into a conclusion, give it closure! She doesn't realize this is just the beginning of the closure!


Inside the room

Naushad lays his daughter on the bed and starts arranging the sheets and her toys that she brought with her properly.


Aliya addresses her father, nervously.


says Naushad, whilst preparing her bed.

"Aap Dr. Meher Didi se gussa ho?",

she asks, nervously.

This catches Naushad's attention. Surprised, he turns to look towards his daughter. With his brows creased, he asks,

"Ye apko kisne kaha Aliya?"

'Has she heard their conversation?',

wonders Naushad.

"Kisi ne nahi Abbu. Par aap kabhiMeher Didi se gussa mat honaWobohot achi hainWo meri tarahshaitani bhi nahi karengi. Promise!",

says the little angel, nervously.

This drags Naushad's attention. His heart clenches as he realizes how afraid his daughter is of him.

Inside her heartbeat increases, as she gets afraid that anytime her father might end up scolding her.

Before he could react, she adds further,

"Unhe maine hi bola tha ke mujhe BanoDidi ke paas jana hai!"

Taking a deep breath, Naushad slowly sits on the sofa, around Aliya's feet.

Looking at his daughter lovingly, he explains,

"Aliya beta aise zada bahar jana achibaat nahiAap janti hain na Abbuapko kahin akele nahi chorte?"

Aliya lowers her eyes, feeling guilty.

"Bacha aap Abbu ki jaan ho! ApkoAbbu humesha apne paas rakhnachahte hain. Agar apko jana tha to Abbu ko boltin aap",

explains Naushad, lovingly.

"Meher Didi buri nahi hai Abbu!",

says Aliya, her heart contracts all the more on realizing that her father doesn't like her Meher Didi.

Smiling at her innocence, her father explains her lovingly,

"Nahi beta. Abbu apse ye nahi keh raheke apki Meher Didi buri hain!"

(Naushad-Meher tune begins as he starts thinking about Meher and her goodness!)

Looking back towards Aliya, Naushad explains her,

"Par beta bahar kab kya ho jaye koibharosa nahiAbbu ne isi liye apkischool bus nahi lagate aur apko khudlene jate hain school ya Rahim Uncle ko bhejte hain!"

"Apko wahan jana tha aap Abbu ko bhisaath le chalte!",

explains Naushad.

"Haan ye baat to hai ke Abbu bhi johua usse nahi rok patey, par beta jab apke apne apke saath ho tab ek tassalirehti hai."

Sighing, he adds,

"Mujhe pata hai ke abhi aap bohotchotey ho ye baat samajhne ke liye. Par ye yaad rahe ke agli baar aap Abbu ko bina bataye kahin nahi jayengi. Okay?"


promises Aliya.

"Chaliye ab aap aram kariyeAbbubaad mein aatey hainTheek hai?",

smiles Naushad, lovingly.

Aliya nods her head into affirmative.

"Aap Meher Didi se sorry bologe na?",

asks Aliya, hopefully.

This comes skips Naushad's heartbeat and he feels guilty about scolding Meher. He considers Aliya's words.

Naushad stares away, giving it a thought, while Aliya waits for her father's decision holding her breath, staring him throughout, nervously. Naushad looks back towards Aliya, all serious. With in moments he smiles with all his heart.

The far stretched smile relaxes Aliya, as it confirms that her father will apologize to her Meher Didi and hence she won't be denied to meet her Meher Didi again! And this also leads her to hope again that she might finally get a chance to meet Bano and checkout her jamming session.

As for Naushad, his daughter's request gives him a hope, that he and Meher are going to talk to each other, again!

"Meher Didi ko mere paas bhej do pleaseee Abbu!",

requests Aliya, stretching the word 'please' to emphasize on it.

Naushad takes a deep breath and stares her, after few seconds he smiles. His smile confirms that she is about to meet her Meher Didi!


While Naushad was with his daughter, Meher receives the call.

"Tumhe kitni baar kaha hai maine!",

she says to the caller.

And hearing the reply of the caller, she replies back,

"Baar baar ye kehne ki zarurat nahihai!"

After few moments of hearing the reply of the caller, she says,

"Mera ab uss baat se koi taluqat nahihai!"

"Nahi bikul nahi!",

as she says this a lump builds in her throat.

Her eyes start welling up gradually.

"Aur meri zindagi ka kyaAur issehasil kya hoga? Tum apne duniya mein firse...",

she trails off, getting emotional.

She gets another reply from the caller.

"Galti thi meriAb wo bewakufi firnahi karungi!",

she says, controlling her emotions.

"Tum jante ho, tumne... tumne kismajdhaar mein lakar rakh diya haimeri zindagi ko?",

she asks, her eyes start welling up.

"Main ab ye aur nahi kar paungi!",

she says crying, in a shaky voice.

But she controls herself yet again, she won't break down! Not in front of the caller at least!

"Wo sub kuch khatam ho gaya hai ab."

She gets yet another reply from the caller, which irritates her to the core. Unable to resist herself any longer, she shouts,

"Mujhey phone karna band karo!",

and in anger she throws away her phone in the bush.

After gaining back her equilibrium, she realizes what she has done. She looks here and there through her peripheral vision to notice if someone has seen her throwing the phone or not. Satisfied that no one has, quickly she picks up the phone from the bush and starts fixing it. Suddenly through her peripheral vision she realizes someone's eyes are on her.

She looks up towards the stairs and discovers Naushad standing there, his hands tugged into his pockets, staring her seriously. This skips her heartbeat. She gets startled! Goes numb! Her ears start warming up instantly, out of embarrassment. After few moments of stare when her mind starts working, although in slow pace, she decides that today if he asks her anything regarding the caller, she of course won't be able to set the question aside or ignore it altogether, that's his effect on her! But this she would surely ask - Who is he to ask her that? If he dared to cross his limits, she wouldn't shy away from crossing her limit! But deep down both know that they don't have any limit set when it comes to a matter between the duo!

"Boyfriend ke saath argument hua hai?",

he asks, all serious, in a no nonsense way!

Meher begins to explain but he doesn't even let her say anything, and continues,

"Don't worry, pyar mein aksar aisa hota hai!"

Meher doesn't understand why his words pinch her so much. Just moments ago she was prepared to retort back if he dared to cross his limit. But now that he has, all that she does is lower her eyes, as if accepting his thoughts. Only if she would have dared to make him understand the situation! But why would she? Afterall he too jumped into conclusion without asking her all about the matter! When he doesn't have faith in her, then he doesn't even deserve any explanation.

Meher lowers her eyes, inside her heart gets divided into two and begins a war. Where half of it pleads Meher to confront Naushad and explain the situation to him. There half of her heart asks her to stay strong and deal with the situation herself. Telling him won't make the situation easy. It would rather affect his life too, adversly, just like it has affected her life! It rather still is! Does she want that?

And that's it the second half wins the argument over the first half of her heart!

As about Naushad, only he knows how much courage it took him to blurt out those words! Imagining Meher with someone else is torture enough for him, let alone verbally saying that! But no! he won't let this happen again! He won't let his heart break again because of a woman. Not this time! It's good that he got the alert signal before his heart crossed the limit!

"Aisa kuch...",

begins Meher, lowering her eyes, only to get interrupted by Naushad,

"Aliya apko yaad kar rahi thi!",

his sudden intervening comes as a surprise for Meher, she looks towards him.

She goes dumbstruck yet again! It wasn't easy to calm her inner turmoil and answer him, but she did it! She didn't ignore his words. She rather took it as her duty to reply him back. Courtesy or something else, say whatever, but she did reply! She didn't say NO to you!

And here he is showing audacity to ignore her reply? What is he? Why is he doing this?

Had someone dared to touch her cheeks this moment, that person must have realized how this situation she is into, is affecting her.

She wants to tell him something! explain him something! but what? she knows not!

Accept it Meher despite the fact that you are feeling glad that he didn't ask you anything about the phone call, deep down you wanted him to ask you about the same! You wanted him to take the initiative to start this conversation. Because deep down you know, that only he has the power to drag you out of the chaos you are in right now. You know only he is someone who might lend an ear to your story and in the end won't leave you all alone.

Having said that, Naushad gives her a look that explains how he is disappointed on discovering what he discovered, and leaves for Aliya's room not caring to even know whether she is coming or not.

As for Meher until he vanished from her sight, she kept expecting that may be now he would turn and ask something? Anything? His cold behavior towards her instead of calming her down, gives her adrenaline rush! What a contrast! How can someone do that to her? How can hedo that to her?

Realizing that he won't listen, Meher lowers her eyes and gains back her equilibrium. She reminds herself that she is about to meet Aliya, she can't keep that look of horror on her face intact.


As she reaches the thresh of the room and finds Aliya busy spending time with her father, a smile automatically touches her lips. Her eyes twinkle seeing Aliya indulged into playing with a doll.

"Meher Didi!",

Aliya's innocent and melodious voice fills the room.

Naushad half turns his face to right but avoids looking towards her. Giving her all the signals about how he is not in any mood to talk to her. But when are you ever ready to talk to her anyways Naushad? Oh yes, may be then when you need to scold her for her deeds!

Meher's smile diminishes a little as she feels awkward at Naushad's presence there.

"Meher Didi aap mere paas akar baitho na!",

says Aliya innocently.

Meher smiles a little and nervously walks towards Aliya, fully aware that Naushad might not like it after the fiasco that took place. But she of course can't avoid Aliya's demand. What would she say anyways, that no, she can't get closer to her, or else her father might hurt her again? Though not physically but emotionally?

With a throbbing heart, Meher reaches Aliya, ignoring to look towards Naushad. While Naushad stares her as she crosses by him to reach Aliya.

As she sits next to Aliya, Aliya tells her,

"Meher Didi, Abbu aap par aj  gussa ho rahe the na?"

Her bold statement skips Meher's heartbeat. She widens her eyes a little secretly at Aliya, indicating her to drop the topic. Aliya does understand what her Meher Didi wants but inside, she promises herself that although she is afraid of her father, but she would protect her Meher Didi from him and hence ignores her Meher Didi's widening of eyes.

Nothing goes unnoticed by Naushad - neither Meher's nervousness; nor Aliya's innocent boldness.

Inside, Naushad smiles, enjoying witnessing these two girls - his personal possessions!

Whatever it is, Meher would never let Aliya think anything negative about her father. He might be a strict boss to Meher, but he loves his daughter immensely and Meher is completely aware of the fact.

"Nahi Aliya!",

says Meher, widening her eyes a little, out of surprise.

"Beta Abbu ko apki fikr hai!",

explains Meher.

Her words have their effect on Naushad. His cheeks start warming up by her warm gesture towards Aliya and knowing-unknownigly towards him as well!

"Aur jab humein kisi ki fikr ho, aur unko kuch ho, to hum aksar aise hi react karte hain jaise apke Abbu ne kiya!",

explains Meher.

(Naushad-Meher's background tune begins)

The fact that she understood his position, swells Naushad's heart. But he chooses to keep it a secret.

Aliya doesn't understand why but she gets the urge to hug her Meher Didi, not for herself, but for her Meher Didi. As if she can feel it that she desperately is in need of a hug.

The sudden assault from Aliya's side, comes as a surprise for Meher. But soon she smiles and hugs her back lovingly.

"Ab aap Abbu se gussa mat hona!",

whispers Meher into Aliya's ear whilst hugging her.

This makes Aliya to broaden her smile. The realization that her Meher Didi doesn't only care about her but about her Abbu too, swells Aliya's heart with joy. She has never witnessed such concern for herself and her father, both, coming from someone, for a long time now. In Meher's arms, Aliya feels like this is her home; this is where she belongs!

As for Meher, her eyes get on the verge of brimming with tears. First the call; followed by Naushad's taunt and now this immense love from Aliya the three different emotions, make it difficult for Meher to bear them altogether. She looks heavenwards just to control her tears; refraining them from falling.

Standing at his place, Naushad enjoys witnessing the love that Aliya and Meher share. But Meher's dilemma too doesn't escapes his eyes. He knits his brows as it become difficult for him to decipher her present feelings and thoughts.

Slowly, as Meher gets hold on her emotions, her eyes fall on Naushad and discovers him staring her. She realizes that his stare is not a glare but it's different! Feeling uncomfortable by that possessive look of his, Meher slowly lowers her eyes. Her doing so, makes Naushad to realize what he was doing, he lowers his eyes too, feeling a bit embarrassed.

Clearing his throat, Naushad intervenes,

"Ahmm... chalo Aliya, apko ghar chor dun!"

Meher and Aliya look towards Naushad. Naushad gets taken aback on witnessing the sadness in the eyes of both Aliya and Meher. Clearly they are enjoying their moment together and don't want anyone to end it.

Aliya, unable to resist herself, asks her father,

"Abbu kya main Meher Didi ke saath aur kuch der reh lun? Only two minutes!",

she gestures 2 with her fingers and tilts her head to the left.

Meher who finds her gesture so adorable, unable to control herself, for the first time intervenes in a matter between the father-daughter duo saying,

"Awww... Aliya... of course hum saath reh sakte hain, only two minutes!",

Meher mirrors Aliya's gesture, smiling loving at her.

"Only two minutes!",

repeats Aliya.

Still maintaining the gesture, Meher smiling constantly, says,


blinking her eyes lovingly at Aliya.

At this point Naushad intervenes, bearing a sarcastic smile on his face, which of course innocent Aliya takes as a genuine smile but Meher!

"Nahi Aliya Dr. Meher ko aur bhi kaam honge; aur bhi logo se milna hoga!",

taunts Naushad.

His reminding her all over again of the incident that took place moments ago, drains the blood out of Meher's face.

"Aisa... aisa kuch nahi hai Dr. Rizvi!",

explains Meher.

"Well that's none of my business!",

says Naushad, the smile intact on his face, but the way he looks at her, explains Meher, how much it means to him!

Meher stares him, her blushed up cheeks and the smile vanished from her face, explain Naushad how much his words are affecting her, just the way Naushad wanted!

Remembering Aliya's presence yet again, Meher plasters back a smile on her face and turns to look towards Aliya. Aliya doesn't smile back, knowing that her Meher Didi is hurt. Not having courage to say anything to her father, she wraps her Meher Didi into a tight hug.

While Aliya hugs, Meher pats her back lovingly and looks towards Naushad, pleading with her eyes to keep the discussion for later and not in front of Aliya.

Giving her a last look that reflects his anger towards her, Naushad turns to look towards his daughter. Sighing, he walks to her and sits next to Aliya such that Meher is sitting to the right of Aliya and Naushad to the left.

As the hug ends, Aliya smiles looking towards Meher. Meher reciprocates the smile. Naushad doesn't miss anything!

"Apko bhook nahi lagi Aliya?",

asks Meher.


says Aliya and shakes her head into negative.

Meher smiles on her gesture.

"To kal se firse school jane ke liye ready ho aap?",

asks Meher.

"Mujhe kal school nahi jana!",

says Aliya making a puppy face.

"Awww... kyun Aliya? Aap school nahi jaoge to badey ho kar apne Abbu ki tarah doctor kaise banoge?",

asks Meher, lovingly.

"Mujhe doctor nahi banna!",

says Aliya, wrinkling her nose.

"Doctor nahi banna!",

exclaims Meher.

Hearing their on going conversation, Naushad realizes, he has never cared about asking his daughter what she wishes to become when she grows up!

But then can he be blamed for that? A child of Aliya's age, should it be put into priorities list of a parent to think about what she wants to be as she grows up? Or rather what he wants her to be as she grows up? But the initiating of such a conversation from Meher's side, does make him to wonder!

Is it because of this that they say a father can never provide as much care to a child as a mother?

Meher looks towards Naushad in astonishment. Her pursed lips tells Naushad that she is making fun of him. He knits his brows, staring her, indicating her not to mock him.

Laughing still, Meher shifts her attention back on to Aliya and asks,

"To fir apko kya banna hai?"

"Mujhe Bano Didi ki tarah singer banna hai!",

says Aliya.

Her innocent wish clutches Meher's heart. She doesn't even know what might be the consequences if she dares to become a singer in a place like Kashmir. Meher slowly looks towards Naushad. Naushad gives her an understanding look. He feels guilty for having scolded her earlier. The possessive father took over a practical doctor; practical person.

Lowering his eyes, he thinks about apologizing to her, but his male ego comes in between!

Holding Aliya's hand lovingly, Naushad starts explaining her,

"Aliya, apna raasta khud chunne mein koi burayi nahi hai. Aap badey ho kar kya banna chahte ho isse mujhe koi problem nahi hai. Bus ye hai ke sahi raaste par chalna. Kabhi kuch aisa mat karna ke Abbu ka sir jhuke. Aur na hi kissi se kabhi darna. Beta succhai ke raste par chalna kafi mushkil hota hai. Par uss par chal kar, thoda zid; thoda khud par bharosa rakh kar hi hum apne sapno ko pura karte hain. Aur iss mein kuch galat nahi hai!"

Saying that to Aliya he looks towards Meher. More than to Aliya, his words were indicated towards Meher. And Meher doesn't fail to realize that. A knot forms in her throat as she realizes that he does understand.

Naushad realizes that Meher hasn't talked to her sister Bano yet! She must be very tensed about her. But here she is taking care of his daughter. The realization clenches his heart but he doesn't speak to her about the same. After all she has committed mistake by taking his daughter along, it is her punishment, he won't ask her whether she talked to her or not. And then if she had time to talk to 'that person' who so ever he might have been, so she must have had time to talk her sister as well for sure.


After sometime

Assured that Aliya is fast asleep, Meher pats her lovingly one last time, smiling, looking at sleeping Aliya. Aliya was to go home with Naushad, but here she ended up sleeping in the hospital itself, soundly. Unable to resist any longer, Meher bends towards Aliya and kisses her forehead lovingly. Naushad happens to enter the room at that moment and gets surprised on discovering Meher there. He checks his watch and realizes that it's late and she must leave.

With his hands tugged into his trousers pockets and his hesitating eyes on Meher, Naushad enters the room and takes Meher by surprise by speaking suddenly,

"Bohot der ho chuki hai. Apko ghar jana chahiye".

His voice skips her heartbeat and drags her out of her thoughts.


she says involuntarily, getting out of her daze and looks towards Naushad.

Her eyes tell Naushad about her disturbed state. She surely wants to be with her sister and then the way he treated her after that phone call, she must be going through a lot of turmoils. Naushad realises this yet again and secretly feels guilty.

Smiling sarcastically, Meher, still in a state of daze, says,

"Ghabrayi hogi Bano!"

Her words drag Naushad's attention. He stares her seriously, starting to feel her pain.

"Bohot mulayam dil hai uska. Agar zor se koi baat karle to ghabra jati hai wo",

says Meher, her eyes welling up gradually, her voice shaky. She smiles sarcastically whilst uttering these words.

Naushad lowers his eyes slowly, he starts feeling a kinship with Bano.

"Jab... Jab humein ye ehsaas hua ke usse saazsargam selagaw hai...",

her teary eyes blink as she remembers the moment she is describing.

"Tab Jannat... Jannat ne atkeli lete hue kaha... 'Ghar mein thodatez koi baat karle tumse to tum darr jati ho. Aur jab apne band ke saath hoti ho to tez tez ga ga kar humare sir mein dard kardeti ho? Tab itni fuurti kahan se aati hai tum mein? Tab tezawaz se darr nahi lagtaKahan chupa kar rakhti ho tum ussawaz ko ghar mein? Jo bus gatey waqt hi nikalti hai?' ",

laughs Meher.

This makes Naushad to laugh too, noiselessly.

"But you know what Dr. Rizvi?",

says Meher, looking towards him with a new determination in her eyes.

Naushad gives his full attention to her, a smile stretched on his lips.

"I am really proud of her!",

she confesses.

Naushad could feel her happiness. Smiling, he knits his brows a little and turns his head just a little towards right, as a gesture that he is hearing her and wants to know what did she do to make Meher proud of her?

"Isliye kyunki usne kisi ko apne sapno ke adey nahi aney diya",

Meher says proudly.

Anger surges through her as she says,

"Wo sub jo aurton ke saaz nawaz hone ke khilaf the, Bano kisi se nahi dari!"

"And I am really very proud of her for that!",

declares Meher, in a shaky voice, but still the determination and pride are evident in those eyes of Meher which are looking towards Naushad.

Smiling, Naushad nods in affirmative.

"You should be Dr. Mirza! You should be!",

Naushad motivates her.

She feels all the more nostalgic as she realizes that he is not against her. They stare each other transmit their emotions to each other through their eyes. Where on one hand a little smile stretches on Naushad's face there on other hand Meher stays serious.

After few moments of enjoying the eye lock, Meher lowers her eyes out of hesitation. Her cheeks warm up again. But this time the feeling is much different than the previous time!


he addresses her for the first time by her first name and that too the informal one. He could have said Meherunissa, keeping the formal touch intact. But he doesn't realize why he decided to call her Meher! May be because her co-doctors call her Meher? Or may be Meherunissa is a lengthy name to take; time consuming may be? Or could it be something else?

This skips Meher's heartbeat. When has Mr. Sadu; Mr. Chauvinist; Mr. Judgemental turned cordial? Did she miss something? Any new gossip about him may be? All these thoughts make Meher to blush as she realizes she is thinking rubbish.

Meher stares him waiting for him to speak further because she herself after hearing him calling her by her first name, is at a loss of words!

Despite understanding how this affected her, he doesn't make any effort to rectify himself and address Dr. Mirza instead like always!

"Bano ke saath jo kuch bhi hua... main agar kisi bhi tarah apki madad kar sakun to...",

hesitates Naushad.

This certainly hurts Meher!

Had it been someone else instead of him saying those words, she would have felt offended then too but would have politely declined the help. But the help coming from no one else but Naushad Rizvi, is certainly not acceptable to her.

She hasn't still forgotten their first encounter where he taunted the Mirza women!

"Thank you for your concern Dr. Rizvi. But I am capable enough to take care of my family!",

states Meher, clearly.

This contracts Naushad's heart as he realizes that she took him wrong.

Meher lowers her eyes as she understands that he reply has hurt him. Then looks back towards a smiling Naushad, his head bowed. Smiling, but sarcastically; feeling guilty.

She waits for him to look towards her to know that he is fine. He does look up towards her again, the smile intact on his face. His twinkling with pride on her.

Giving him a last look, she leaves. Inside she regrets the fact of choosing to have a normal conversation with him at first place, despite knowing how narrow minded he is!

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Chapter 3

It's about to strike eight in the morning and still there is no sign of her in the hospital. She surely is punctual. So what is it that is taking her this much time to reach the hospital?

Dr. Rizvi sitting in his cabin, whilst checking the reports of his patient gets impatient to get the glimpse of Dr. Mirza. 'Khadoos', 'Akdu', 'Pohncha hua dakhal andaaz' name him whatever you like but this she cannot deny that he is much more punctual than the careless Dr. Mirza. Careless! Well at least in the books of Dr. Naushad Rizvi, she surely is that. This adjective is a new addition today otherwise uptil yesterday he has already awarded her with many other objectives! One such adjective is - secretive!

Secretive, oh yes that she surely is. But could you blame her for that Dr. Rizvi? Leading a life with zero friends has turned her secretive. Living a life full of obstacles has turned her quiet.


the voice of his angel, comes as a surprise for Naushad.

Putting the file down, he looks towards his daughter.

"Aaliya aap yahan kaise ayin?",

asks Naushad, pleasantly surprised.

"Wo maine Raheem uncle ko phone karke kaha ke wo mujhe yahan leayeinAur main yahan aa gayi",

says Aalia, beaming with joy on being in her father's cabin.

"Aaliabhai ye to galat baat hai apkiAap agar iss waqt yahan rahengi to apni parhayi kab karengi aapAbschool na jane ka matlab ye to nahi nake aap parhayi hi na karein?",

asks Naushad, lovingly.

"Main yahan Meher Didi se milne ayithi Abbu!",

says Aalia, her face expression falls as she mentions that.

Naushad's smile vanishes too, gradually.

"Apne unse abhi tak sorry nahi bola na?",

asks Aalia, sorrowfully.

Naushad looks towards his daughter apologetically, feeling guilty.

(Naushad-Meher's background tune begins as he remembers Meher and feels guilty)

The opening of his cabin's door drags the attention of both Aalia and Naushad. Aalia, swivels her chair she is sitting on to get a proper view of her father's visitor.

The face in front of the father-daughter duo succeeds in making the hearts of both to flutter. The only difference they have is where on one hand Aalia freely expresses her happiness on witnessing her Meher Didi, there Dr. Naushad keeps his emotions under check. Well at least that's what he feels, otherwise if asked to Meher, she perfectly reads his approval and excitement about her presence there in his cabin.

Excited, Aliya runs to Meher and hugs her tight wrapping her arms around Meher's waist. Meher loses her equilibrium for a moment but gains it in moments.

Sitting at his desk, Naushad knits his brows as he feels that she is not well.

Meher knits her brows, closing her eyes as the pain surges through her and she endures it.

Naushad gets tensed!

Staring Meher, his forehead bearing lines of tension, he calls Aliya,

"Aliya, jao jakar Dr. Azam uncle ko ye files de aana",

he extends a file to Aliya.

Aliya looks towards Meher, her eyes reflect her disappointment on having to leave her Meher Didi. Meher understands her situation, so does Naushad.

Meher looks towards Naushad to check his expressions. The seriousness tells Meher that he has something important to discuss with her.

Knowing that he has something serious to discuss, Meher turns to address Aliya, bending down towards Aliya, in the process her back hurts, but she tries to control her feeling of pain and hurt in front of Aliya and Naushad.

"Meher Didi apke Abbu se baat kar lein, fir apse bhi special appointment le kar baat karengi. Okay?",

smiles Meher, despite the pain.

Her words make Aliya to beam with joy. The expectation of seeing her Meher Didi in moments were enough to make mend up Aliya's broken heart.

Aliya hugs Meher in joy and leaves. While she leaves, Meher stands up straight again she feels an acute pain on her back. She controls her urge to hiss in pain, completely aware of Naushad's presence around her. Standing up, Meher stares Aliya leaving. Meher's face bearing the smile in front of Aliya, diminishes gradually, seeing her go.

As she gets assured that Aliya is gone, she turns to towards Naushad.

Never meeting his eyes, she asks him,

"Ahmmm... yes Dr. Rizvi. Kya apko kuch kaam tha?"

Naushad notices how she is avoiding to look towards him. He doesn't even fail to notice her reactions. She is not well! She is behaving weird! He mentally calculates.

He walks towards her, his eyes constant on her; his brows creased.

Meher feels a bit uncomfortable, especially because of the sudden silence in the cabin. It makes the prevailing situation all the more awkward. Her heartbeat picks up pace. Cautiously, she pulls the sleeves of her kurti down, despite the fact that they were already arm length but still she couldn't help but pulling them more, if that was possible! At that moment Meher wished the sleeves were longer than they already are!

Nothing goes unnoticed by Naushad. She is certainly acting weird today. Is she nervous of him? Naushad suddenly feels guilty for scolding her the previous day, for he takes this hesitation a result of yesterday's heated argument.

But then didn't they have a light hearted conversation too? She surely was better than what she is today. Has it gone that bad last night with Bano?

Naushad doesn't understand why, unlike other times, today he wants to politely ask her to take her seat. And so he does,

"Dr. Mirza please have a seat",

he says, gesturing towards the chair which was earlier occupied by Aliya.

"Ahmm... no doctor that's fine. Aap please jaldi batayein apko kya kaam tha, so that I can resume with my work. Actually I just came and got to know ke apne mujhe bulaya tha",

says Meher, trying to avoid looking towards Naushad as much as possible.

That reminds Naushad and he asks,

"Apko aaj aney mein itna waqt kyun lag gaya? Aap to usually waqt par aati hain?"

Whilst asking this, Naushad notices how she is pressing her wrist lightly. Giving it a slow massage.

"Ahmm... haan I am sorry, wo... Bano se baat karte karte kal sone mein late ho gayi. Isliye aaj jaldi uth nahi payi!",

says Meher, still ignoring to look towards Naushad.

"Oh! I hope you slept well and ab apki neend puri ho gayi hai?",

asks Naushad, concerned.

His question skips Meher's heartbeat. She somehow found his asking this... intimate!

She looks towards him and the way she stares him, makes Naushad to realize that with this question of his, he could touch her heart! Although it didn't have a great affect on her but something did change!May be her look towards him?

Shyly, blushing, Meher replies back,

"Yes... Yes Dr. Rizvi... I... I did sleep well last night, thank you".

The formal tone does irk Naushad, as a result he knits his brows lightly but with in moments the crease was gone, like magic! But Dr. Rizvi may be you are too late to do that, she noticed anyhow.

Clearing his throat, Naushad asks his next query,

"How is she? Apki behn... and aap please baith jayein. I am sure you can spare few moments from your busy schedule for me? Or is it that I don't deserve even this much?"

His last two questions skip her heartbeat. She realizes he is getting angry again! She gets nervous. She doesn't want to deny him. She of course isn't doing this on purpose, to show her anger towards him. But how can she sit?

Her expression changes, hurt visible in her eyes. Meher replies,

"Dr. Rizvi please. I sincerely apologize for last night and...",

closing her eyes, taking a deep breath, she opens them, looking towards him, she says,

"I... I don't hold any grudges against you. So you don't have to do this!"

Till this moment, Naushad was believing that may be he can look above her determined self. But at this moment he surely is regretting of having thought that. Giving her a chance, starting with her something other than the regular cold war, he was prepared for that but may be she is not meant to be friends with him. With this attitude of hers towards him, she doesn't deserve his friendship at all!

Blinking his eyes, pressing them with a little more pressure while closing them, out of irritation and anger towards Meher's secretive attitude in front of him, Naushad looks back towards her, in anger and irritation. But this time his anger is slightly different than other times! This time he doesn't want to punish her. He rather wants her to open up in front of him. So that he gets to know her cause of worry and eradicate it altogether!

But wait! Why would you do anything for her Dr. Rizvi? Why do you care about what's causing her trouble? Of course she is mature enough to handle any situation. Why suddenly today are you getting desperate for her to share with you her cause of worry?

"Boyfriend se patch up nahi hua kya abhi tak?",

his sudden bold question takes Meher  by surprise.

She stares him in utter disbelief, widening her eyes. How could he do that to her? How could he make her feel vulnerable in front of him so easily?

"It doesn't matter to you. So why this fake concern?",

she asks, hurt and anger visible in her voice.

This reminds Naushad unfailingly, how she was trying to justify that she wasn't talking to her boyfriend, but he didn't allow her to complete!

Pissed off Naushad asks her again to sit, raising his voice, almost like scolding her out of irritation. Knowing that she won't listen. He holds her by her wrist to pull her and make her sit. Of course his pull wasn't  a harsh one; just a dominating one though. But he realizes that she hissed in pain, although he didn't put much pressure on her wrist. Her hiss affects Naushad. He gets tensed and looks towards her. Meher quickly lowers her eyes and gains her equilibrium.

But Naushad understands that she is hurt. And this fact pierces his heart. In a shock, he leaves her hand immediately. Meher avoids looking towards Naushad, feeling guilty of having hissed. She didn't want him to know that there is something amiss with her. But why, she knows not! May be she just doesn't want to bother anyone with her problems. Or may be she doesn't want to bother him with her problems! Or may be she is too scared to tell him because deep down she knows he would surely retort back, which she doesn't want. Which she is afraid of!

Naushad stares her, shocked. Staring her, he tries to decipher what has happened with her. But he fails to conclude anything. And by her gestures he understands that she herself would say nothing.

After gaining back his equilibrium, he walks towards his desk's drawer. Pulling it open with a jerk, never looking away from Meher, he brings out a tube of ointment. Shutting the drawer with a loud noise such that it skips Meher's heartbeat and she shivers, he walks back to her. Dragging a free chair, placing it opposite to hers, he sits facing her.

Witnessing his on going attitude, Meher gets scared that he might pull her hand with a jerk again. She silently gets ready for enduring yet another pain. But to her surprise, Naushad holds her wrist just above the hurt area. As he pulled her, he had witnessed the mark on her wrist so he could calculate that where should he touch her to hold her such that she doesn't get hurt or go through a burning sensation. And slowly he pulls her hand. It doesn't hurt her at all. She goes numb though by his polite gesture. Her eyes brim with tears not out of hurt; but by the fact that he didn't hurt her!

Removing the cap of the ointment, pressing the tube, he puts the ointment on her wound. The sudden contact of the cold ointment with her burning skin makes Meher to shiver and she lightly holds Naushad's hand to gain strength and support her body weight. For that brief moment, Naushad looks towards her; their eyes meet. Naushad succeeds in reading the hurt in her eyes.

Staring her for sometime, all serious, Naushad shakes his head, closing his eyes as anger surges through him afresh - she still won't tell him! And takes a deep breath to calm down his anger that is towards her stubbornness.

On the other hand Meher gets relaxed understanding - he won't ask!

Slowly he rubs his index finger on her wrist to spread the ointment. The impact of the ointment and his touch together create a havoc in her mind.

Having completed with applying the ointment, Naushad sighs and looks towards her and finds her staring him with a little smile on her face. This skips his heartbeat! She doesn't really smile at him. This is new!

He stares her, waiting for her to explain but deep down he knew, she won't!Lowering her eyes, while Naushad continues staring her, she asks,

"Ahmm... apko kuch kaam tha?"

Tired sitting in the same position especially because with him she doesn't understand why she remains more alert. No, not that she doubts his gentleness. Secretly she accepts that despite the on going rumours about him murdering his wife, she trusts him! His eyes... those eyes seem to be of that of an innocent. His immense love for his daughter... such a heart can never hurt anyone; kill anyone!But wait, hurt anyone? Doesn't he hurt you everyday by his taunts and comments?

Meher rolls her eyes in her mind, and shoo her subconscious off! This is different and his taunts and comments on her is... different! She blushes thinking that.

So now you are enjoying his taunts and comments that he throws towards you?

She rolls her eyes again!

Meher changes her position a bit that she gets reminded of her back pain! She hisses in pain.

Naushad gets concerned again,

"Are you fine Dr. Mirza?",

he asks in urgency.

Meher smiles apologetically and nods her head in affirmative, lowering her eyes. Naushad knows she is lying!

Taking a deep breath to control his frustration, he asks,

"What made you to roll your eyes?"

His sudden question skips her heartbeat and she widens her eyes.

"Aisa... aisa kuch nahi hai Dr. Rizvi!",

she says nervously.

Naushad narrows his eyes on her. Meher lowers her eyes out of hesitation.

Relaxing, Naushad rests back on the chair leaving her. Giving her space to leave but he keeps staring her pushing the back of his chair with his back, such that he is swinging to and fro in the chair in a slow pace.

"Nahi kaam nahi tha, bus apki behn ke barey mein puchna tha. Aap late bhi ayin aaj to... bus isliye.",

he says, hesitantly.

Meher smiles hesitantly, and replies politely,


Naushad tilts his head slightly towards left, as a gesture of asking - why?

"For your concern!",

smiles Meher.

Naushad notices that she has turned polite. She isn't angry on his asking about her family. This brings a smile on Naushad's face. Meher smiles too, looking towards him.

Getting a little serious, Naushad apologizes,

"I am sorry Dr. Meher!"

His sudden apology takes Meher by surprise.

"Aap sorry kyun keh rahe hai Dr. Rizvi?",

asks Meher, confused.

So much she has gone through since morning that for a moment she could grab the reason for his apology.

"Mere kal ke bartaw ke liye!",

he says, feeling guilty, bending forward, resting his hands on his desk, such that his fingers are intertwined.

His words touch her heart!

She realizes that he is deeply sorry. 

Knitting her brows, smiling sadly, she bends forward too and places her hand on his hand, looking at him. Her sudden resting her hand on his, skips the heartbeat of both Naushad's and Meher's alike.

(Naushad-Meher's background tune begins)

In the process, as she bends forth again with a jerk, she yet again gets reminded of her back pain. She purses her lips to control her hiss and shuts her eyes tightly. This happens so quickly that she doesn't get time to hide it from him.

"Dr. Mirza kya hua?",

he asks immediately, after feeling her hand on his. He gets tensed with in fraction of seconds of feeling elated, placing his other hand on her hand.

"Nahi... nahi nothing Dr. Rizvi. I... I am fine",

she tries to assure him, gaining back her equilibrium and plastering a smile on her face.

Naushad clutches her hand, staring her throughout. Anger surges through him afresh.

Meher feels the pressure on her hand, looking towards their hands, she looks towards him, surprised.

Plastering a smile on her face, she says,

"Ahmm... I guess mujhe ab chalna chahiye. Waise bhi apke class ka bhi time ho raha hai!"

Naushad doesn't reply and keeps staring her, his brows knit.

Meher with her eyes gestures him to set her hand free.

Realizing that he has been holding her hand, Naushad sets it free immediately.

Meher smiles awkwardly. Naushad lowers his eyes too, feeling guilty.

Nervously, Meher stands up. Thankfully it doesn't hurt her. Giving him a nervous smile that he doesn't reciprocate, as his mind gets clouded with the thought that she is keeping something from him, he just stares her, his brows knitted lightly. Giving him a last look, she leaves.

Sitting on his chair Naushad witnesses the change in her walking pattern.


As she walks a little away from his cabin, her phone rings. The number flashing on her mobile screen drains the blood out of her face yet again.

Nervously, she receives the call.


she says, with no tone of excitement on getting called up by the caller.

She gets a reply from the caller.

"Sochna bhi mat! Kal jo tumne mere saath kiya...",

and she ends up crying. The situation she just handled in Naushad's cabin was more than enough to break her down and now this call! Unable to control her emotions even till she reaches the washroom, she bursts out into tears.

She gets a reply. Anger surges through her afresh.

"What do you mean leave le leti?",

she scolds the caller. Her heartbeat picks up pace out of anger.

"Tumhara aur mera rishta ab khatam ho gaya hai. Khuda ke liye mujhe phone karna band karo! Tum mujhse akhri baar milna chahte the na mil liye hum akhri baar. Ab tum mere barey mein sochna bhi mat. Tumhari gandi nazar kal...",

she trails off, feeling disgusted and cries more. She covers her mouth with her duppatta to keep her sobs soundless.

"Please mera peecha chor do... tumhara mujhe waise dekhna...",

she shuts her eyes tight and cries more, enduring the flashes of his that's coming in front of her eyes.

She gets a reply!

"Nahi... nahi... meri baat...",

she says, frustrated.

But before she could continue further she hears the sound of beep. The call has been ended without even caring to listen to her reply properly! That leaves Meher frustrated.

Having ended the call, she looks heavenwards, crying silently.

Looking straight, she calms herself down. She knows she will have to face her boss - Dr. Naushad Rizvi again anytime soon. And she knows he is too quick and accurate to read her! She needs to plaster a smile on her face again.

Gaining back her equilibrium, she last time turns to look towards Dr. Naushad's cabin. And what she discovers, drains the blood out of her face!

Standing at the entrance of his room, he stares her, his brows knitted together. His that angry glare makes her to go weak on her knees. How she is managing to stand, only she knows. Finding him standing there, takes away all her strength. She shivers as cold air hit her.

He doesn't ask her anything. Glaring her throughout, he walks to her. Meher stares him dumbstruck!

"Mohobbat jab humari takat ki jagah humari kamzori bann jaye, usse tod dene mein hi samajhdari hai!",

he says, staring her throughout.

"Aisi... aisi koi baat nahi hai!",

says Meher, lowering her eyes.

"Aur jo baat hai, aap mujhe batana munasib nahi samjhtin!",

he taunts her.

Meher looks towards him. He stares back, challenging her to tell him!

After fighting her dilemma for some moments, she finally comes to a decision and says,

"Main batati hun!"

Naushad's heart skips a bit - finally she is ready!

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Chapter 4

Back into Naushad's cabin

"Wo mere professor the college mein!",

she begins reciting her story, her eyes lowered out of guilt and shyness. The fact that she is sharing this story with no one else but him, makes the whole process all the more difficult for her.

"Main shuru se hi kafi chulbuli thi. Mera kisi mard se koi wasta nahi tha. Apne doston ke saath main jitni aazad rehti hi; utni hi khamosh aur band rehti thi ladkon ke samne.",

she shares with him, hesitantly.

This is the first time she is discussing about herself openly with someone!

"Hum chaar behne, Ammi, Abbu, Khala, meri zindagi aksar inhi logo ke ird-gird ghumti thi."

"Kuch dost the jo, unke saath college mein hansi mazak ho jata tha warna ghar aatey hi mera pura time main apni family ko deti thi."

Naushad hears her with great patience.

"Main college ke 2nd year mein thi jab meri zindagi mein ek shaks aya... mere professor ke roop mein."

Naushad who was sitting laid back, bends forward, resting his hands on the table, giving more attention to her.

Meher feels a knot forming in her throat as she remembers him again!

"Pehle din se hi sari ladkiyan unn par jaan chidakne lagi."

"Kyunki mujhe inn baaton mein kabhi koi diljaspi nahi thi isliye maine zyada dhyan hi nahi diya."

"Ek roz ki baat hai, main apni ek dost se milne ek class mein ja rahi thi..."


"Allah iss ladki ko bhi abhi mujhe lab mein bulana tha. Main already aaj late ho gayi hun ghar jane ke liye",

curses Meher whilst walking towards the lab of her college.

She takes the left turn that she gets collided with someone, she cares less to know who it is and gets indulged in collecting the scattered papers from the floor.

But may be the guy gets interested in knowing her!

"Hi... aap meri student hain right?",

he asks her, sitting on his feet, helping Meher to collect the papers.

At this Meher looks towards him. Widening her eyes out of shock, she stares him. He stares back, smiling.

After few moments of stare when her eyes on him turn soft, Meher realizes what she is doing and quickly lowers her eyes feeling extremely shy for staring at her teacher for this long. What would he think about her?

She quickly starts collecting her papers and gives a short answer,

"Yes Sir!"

The breeze enters the corridor and blows away a sheet and the sheet happens to land at Meher's teacher's left side.

Smiling, understanding her nervous state, he picks up the paper and hands it over to her.

"Thank you",

says Meher quickly, to get done with this awkward situation.

He keeps staring her bearing a smile on his face. Meher before getting up nervously glances towards him and her heart skips a beat! He certainly has beautiful features for a girl to fall for him. Surely the gossips going on among the girls round the college is true. Not only good features but he posseses the power to put a magical spell on girls around him that attracts them to him.

May be his smile? Of course he does bear a sweet smile on his face. Although she hasn't seen him eye to eye many times but surely she has seen him quite a lot of time walk from one class to another and smiling politely to other teachers and seldom to his students; particularly to the female ones!

Such a good soul he is to smile seeing others, especially girls! A person who is so gentle towards girls, how nice a person he must be. Whoever he gets married to, must be so lucky.

Wait, is he married?

'Well why do I care?',

thinking so, she shrugs off the thought.

But he doesn't seem to be a married guy! But then he is my teacher. Older to me. Then surely must be married.

She eye him, trying to read by his gestures whether he is married or not. If he is married he would definitely maintain a distance and lower his eyes out of courtesy.

His gaze constant on her makes her to feel uncomfortable; yet pleasurable! But she wants to run away from here. Away from his eyes.

"Excuse me!",

saying so, she leaves without glancing back at him again.


Next day in his class

While he teaches them, Meher's eyes remains constant on him. His height; the way he walks is just perfect. The way he jokes around while teaching, to keep the class light hearted; he certainly knows how to talk polite.

"What do you think? Anyone...??"

His question and the way he is looking towards her as if expecting an answer from her, drag Meher out of her reverie. She lowers her eyes. At this moment she wants to hide herself from him desperately.

But oops! she is caught!

"You... the one in yellow!",

he points towards her.

Oh no! she is in trouble! She doesn't know what's his question for her.

"I... I am sorry... Maine... maine apka question nahi suna!",

she says, nervously.

Had it been some other teacher of hers, he would definitely have scolded her for not paying attention. But he actually enjoyed discovering, that she wasn't attentive. Or rather too attentive in checking him out!

Of course he cannot let his students feel that he is being partial to her. He needs to punish her!

"Agar main aise hi subko chorta raha bina punish kiye to subko aadat ho jayegi mere class mein dhyan na de kar; kisi aur hi baat mein dhyan dene ki! So it is important that you get punished!",

he says in a serious tone, emphasizing on the words kisi aur hi baat mein dhyan dene ki!

This skips Meher's heartbeat, she stares him in disbelief! Is he going to punish her? And that teacher of hers has the audacity to smirk at her! Thank heavens that all were busy discussing among themselves in a hushed voice, wondering what would the punishment turn out to be like and they didn't notice his smirk!

Holding her breath, Meher too waits for the same. The bell rings, indicating that the class is over. The sudden ringing of the bell affects one and all present in the class; Meher being affected the most! She shivers! The only person who doesn't seem to be affected is the teacher who continues staring Meher with that smile still intact on his face, which Meher took as a polite gesture towards her. Too intimate!

Gradually all leave the class.

Meher looks back towards her teacher. As the class empties leaving the two alone, Meher's heartbeat picks up pace.

The way he walks towards her does amazing things to her insides which she didn't know exist before today!

"Kahan dhyan tha apka?",

he asks her politely, never looking away from her, smiling throughout.

"Ahmm... sorry Sir main... main agli baar se dhyan...",

she says hesitantly, her eyes lowered.

He keeps smiling, staring her throughout, never ending the eye contact. She feels awkward and to end the situation, she hands him her diary,

"Ye... ye maine notes complete kiye hue hain. Aap... aap chahein to aap dekh sakte hain...",

saying so she extends her hand carrying copy, still not ready to meet his eyes.

He deliberately holds the copy with both his hands such that he get to touch her hand.

Her breath hitches as his touch comes as a surprise for her. She shoots a look towards him and says,

"Ye... ye aap kya kar rahe hain?"

Acting to be innocent, he says,

"Oops! I am sorry. Actually dhyan hi nahi gaya...!",

saying so he stares her with that smile intact on his face.

Meher stares him. Something in his eyes catches her attention. How hard might she try she cannot bring herself to take her eyes away from him.

"Main... Main chalti hun...!",

saying so she leaves without giving a proper reply to him.

As she crosses by him, he asks, never turning back to look towards her,

"Iss khamoshi ko ek nayi shuruat samjhun?"

His words skip her heartbeat and make her to blush. He half turns to look at her, smiling throughout. She half turns too finally giving him a smile.

"Aazma kar dekhiye humein. Zindagi jannat na bana di to kehna!",

he says poetically.

And the poem succeeds in vibranting the chords of her heart!

"Kisi par itni asaani se aitbaar karna, fitrat nahi humari.",

says Meher, blushing.

Smiling he walks towards her and asks,

"Hum par aitbaar na karne ki wajah to bataiye? Kya khata hai humari?"

And these lines affect her the utmost. She blushes. Bringing out a paper, she jots down her number and extends it towards him shyly. Smiling, looking towards him throughout he accepts the paper. And she runs away.

"Arey sunno to... naam to batati jao...",

he calls after her.


she shouts whilst running away giggling.

"Aur tumhari saza ka kya?",

he shouts.

"Mil gayi...",

she replies back, shouting.

"Mil gayi?",

says he to himself, puzzled, his voice lowered.

*Flashback ends*

Laughing sarcastically, Meher says,

"Tab kya pata tha, ye such mein ek saza hi hai. Meri zindagi ki subse badi saza!"

Naushad gets all the more interested in knowing the further story.

"Fir kya hua?",

he asks without wasting time, all serious.

Meher looks towards him and realizes his eagerness.

"Fir unhone mujhe phone karna shuru kiya. Roz subah college jane se pehle unka phone aata tha puchte the ke kab tak pohnchungi. Unse pehle kabhi kisi ne mera iss tarah se college pohnchne ka intezaar nahi kiya.",

she says.

At this Naushad lowers his eyes as he realizes how he waits to see her desperately each day. And smiles feeling guilty.

"Unki ye tehzeeb achi lagti thi.",

smiles Meher, cherishing that feeling she used to get those days.


*Aap college ke liye nikal gayin?*

His message brings a smile on Meher's face.

*Jee bus panch minute mein niklungi.*

*Agar aap kahein to main lene aa jaun?*

This skips Meher's heartbeat and makes her to blush. She looks towards Jannat just to make sure that no one is paying attention on her.

*Apko mera ghar pata hai?*,

she asks teasingly.

*Kal ghar tak aya tha apke!*

His reply skips her heartbeat and makes her to widen her eyes.


she swears, unable to believe him.

*Kisika peecha karna achi baat nahi!*

*Kisika kahan kiya? Aap hi ka to kiya!*

This makes her to blush all the more.

*Baaton mein apse jeetna aasan nahi.*

*Hahaha!!! *

*Chaliye ab jaldi ayiye apke ghar ke bahar khada hun!*


exclaims Meher, surprised.

*Flashback ends*

"Bus aise hi humari dosti hui. Rishta aur gehra hua. Ab mera zyadatar waqt unhi ke saath guzarta tha. Wo nahi bhi hote the to unhi ki baatein sochti thi. College mein wait karti thi ke kab unki class ki bari aye.",

she smiles sadly.

Naushad looks towards her. Meher looks too. As their eyes meet their heartbeats skip. Naushad wonders does she wait for his class as well? Meher realizes what he must be thinking. They lower their eyes, smiling apologetically.

Taking a deep breath he asks,


"Fir... Unka janamdin aney wala tha. Bohot khush thi main. Bohot taiyariyan ki thi maine.",

says Meher, a fresh lump starts building up in her throat.


The remembrance of the voices sends shivers down Meher's spine. She doesn't realize when she shuts her eyes and starts shaking her head. Her heartbeat picks up pace, she covers her ears to shut the voices.

Naushad gets tensed!!

"Dr. Mirza... Dr... Dr. Mirza... Meher...",

Naushad calls her.

When she still doesn't get out of her state of shock, Naushad slowly, calculatively places his hand on her to bring her back to present. In her state of shock and horror, she shrugs his hand off her, pushing it with force!

Naushad feels her strength, it was at such a great magnitude! But he doesn't mind at all. He rather gets concerned about her state.

She shivers! And the feeling dies gradually! She is back to her normal state; but the after shock persists!

Meher slowly looks towards Naushad. His eyes bearing immense patience and understanding towards her; give Meher strength.

Naushad doesn't ask her to elaborate and silently let her to choose whether to elaborate or keep it untouched. In both the ways, he won't say anything because he understands what it's taking her to say all that to him. He notices, she hasn't broken completely yet!

"Chua mujhe usne!",

she says in broken voice!

Her words pierce his heart!! He knits his brows as anger surges through him. He stays quiet, completely aware of his blood's boiling.

"Main... main... mana kar rahi thi usse...",

she says, crying.

"Mujhe... mujhe sahi nahi lag raha tha wahan...! Main fir bhi wahan rahi...!"

"Kyunki wo chahta tha ke main rahun wahan!!",

she says raising her voice, crying.

"Mana kiya tha usse maine... mujhe nahi jana aise...!"

Naushad knits his brows, unable to understand what did she mean!

"Nahi jana?",

asks Naushad, unable to understand what is she saying as she has skipped a part of the story as anxiety overtook her.

"Jab wo mujhe lene aya tha usne mujhe nahi bataya tha ke hum kahan ja rahe hain; kon kon aa raha hai uske birthday party par."

Naushad hears her, intruiged to know further.

"Maine usse kaha... ke maine bhi party rakhi hai... par... par usne bola ke uski party mein kayi log ayenge...!"

"Aur maine...",

she laughs sarcastically, whilst crying.

She shouts,

"Maine to kisi ko nahi bulaya tha!!!",

her eyes somewhere in front of her, visualizing everything.

"Kyunki maine socha tha ke sirf hum dono honge. Ek saath... shanti se... pyar se... uska birthday celebrate karenge!",

she laughs sarcastically, whilst crying.

"Par wo mujhe le gaya. Main bhi chali gayi!"

"Raaste mein usne apne kuch aur doston ko bhi gadi mein bithaya! Teen... teen dost!",

she remembers!

Naushad turns his hands into fists as fresh anger surges through him. He can very well anticipate where this story is leading towards! His breath comes in shallow, out of anger. His eyes full of rage and anger!

"Main... Main pehle uske bagal wali seat par baithi thi. Pehle do (2) dost aa gaye aur peeche baith gaye. Fir jab teesra dost aya... usse pehle usne mujhe peeche baithne ko keh diya. Ye keh kar ke usse apne ek teesre dost se raaste mein kuch discuss karna hai.",

she says, spitting venom through her last few words.

"Mujhe bohot ajeeb laga... maine usse kaha bhi main kaise aise do (2) ladko ke beech...",

Meher shuts her eyes, tolerating the emotional pain.

This hurts Naushad. But he needs to stay calm as for now because he understands that if he speaks now, he might explode and then Meher might not get another chance to speak.

"Uss waqt behs karna maine munasib nahi samjha, isliye main chup chap baith gayi, ye soch kar ke iss mein konsi badi baat hai bus kuch der ki hi to baat hai.",

she spits venom through her last words.

"Gadi agey barhi!",

saying so she takes a deep breath, before continuing further.

"Wo mujhe chu rahe the! Dheere dheere, subse chupa kar!",

it tears her heart into pieces while she speaks so.

The wounds feel so fresh!!!

"Main koi hungama karna nahi chahti thi, isliye maine shant ho kar usse kaha ke mujhe ghar jana hai.",

she tells further, controlling her emotions.

Naushad's heartbeat picks up pace, eager to know what happened next.

"Usne kaha ke main uska birthday bina celebrate kiye kaise ja sakti hun?",

says Meher, spitting venom through her words.

Naushad looks away out of anger! Taking a deep breath, trying to calm his nerves, he turns back to look towards Meher and waits for her to continue when she feels comfortable.

"Wahan pohnchi to dekha sub mard the! Mere alawa koi bhi ladki wahan nahi thi!"

"Mujhe... mujhe sahi nahi lag raha tha! Mujhe nahi jana tha. Maine usey kaha dheere se ke ke main comfortable nahi hun... par usne mujhe khudke saath hone ka dilasa diya."

She weeps, as the feeling that she was basically all alone there that day, rushes to her heart.

Naushad extends his hand to help her but something comes in his mind that he retreats his hand without touching her; comforting her. Taking a deep breath, he asks her,


Rubbing off her tears, with full confidence, Meher continues,

"Party shuru hui. Sub hansi-mazak kar rahe the. Wo mere paas aya. Mujhe laga yahi sahi mauka hai, gadi mein jo hua uske barey mein baat karne ka."

"Atey hi usne mujhe hug kiya. Sub the wahan. Aise sub ke samne... mujhe bohot ajeeb lag raha tha. After all humare rishte ko shuru hue abhi waqt hi kitna hua tha? I wasn't habitual to all this. Especially public displaying of affection, that's not my thing!",

says Meher, frustrated.

Naushad although thoroughly indulged in the story, but her this confession touches his heart. He notes it subconsciously!

"Mujhe chor kar wo apne doston ke saath tha. Main bohot akeli and out of place mehsus kar rahi thi.",

Meher's chest contracts and expands in quick succession.

"Even uss waqt bhi uske kayi doston ki nazar mujh par thi. Par wo... wo meri taraf dekh bhi nahi raha tha!",

Meher feels the adrenaline rush.

Naushad starts swinging the chair he is sitting on, to and fro, glaring somewhere on the floor.

"Tabhi unn mein se ek mere paas aya aur mujhse baat karne ki koshish ki."

Naushad shoots his gaze back on to Meher, eager to know further.

"Pehle main chup rahi. Fir socha agar baat ki to shayad meri situation koi samjhe and mujhe help kar de?"

Naushad's heart clenches on that, he understands how it feels when you are desperately in need of help and you get none! But his face expression gives nothing but anger!

"Maine usse request ki ke wo log mujhe wahan se janey dein. Main wahan nahi rehna chahti. I was into tears by then...!",

cries Meher.

Naushad bends forward, almost like wanting to go to her, but resists, shutting his eyes tight. Blazing with anger and frustration, he forwards a box of napkins to her. Meher accepts silently, never looking towards him. Wiping off her tears, blowing her nose, she calms herself down.

She slowly looks towards Naushad. Controlling her emotions, she thanks him,

"Thank you!"

Occupied by his thoughts about this matter, this comes as a surprise for Naushad. He knits his brows all the more, and tilts his head a little towards right as a gesture of asking - thanks for what?

"Maine aj tak kisi se ye baat share nahi ki. Iss baat ki kitni frustration chupi thi mere ander, iss baat ka ehsaas mujhe aaj ye baat share karke mehsus hui!",

says Meher, and looks towards Naushad.

Naushad blushes looking towards her and lowers his eyes.


he asks, trying to change the topic, as her attention and gratitude become too much for him to handle.

"Kisi ne meri baat nahi mani.",

she says, tears rolling down her cheeks as she could visualize vividly, what is about to follow!

That tenses Naushad!



"Come on Meher bus ek kiss ki hi to baat hai!",

he says getting closer to her.

All other men enjoy witnessing the scene. Devilish smile evident on each one's face.

"Please... main aise... mujhe nahi karna...",

protests Meher, her voice low out of hesitation, she doesn't look towards him.

Sitting on the sofa, she corners herself. Her heartbeat picks up pace, regretting that it's the end of the sofa and he is standing this close.

"Come on Meher. Tum kisse sharma rahi ho?",

he says flashing his devilish smile, showcasing himself to be polite.

"It's my birthday jaan!",

he reminds her, smiling.

"Birthday matlab tum kuch bhi karoge?",

says Meher, still not looking towards him. Anger visible in her voice. Her cheeks burning out of anger and embarrassment.


he says, placing his right hand on her shoulder.

Meher shrugs it off immediately, feeling disgusted. This gets him angry. A tight slap comes across her face. This comes as a shock for her. She stares him, shocked, her hand on her slapped cheek.

"It's my birthday Meher!",

he shouts, pulling her hair with a jerk, which makes her to cry in pain.

Unable to control herself any longer, she shouts,

"Do you even know kya kar rahe the tumhare dost mere saath gadi mein?"

She cries!!!

Getting polite, he smiles and says,

"To jaan kya hua? Thodi bohot masti kar li to kya galat hai? Rahogi to tum meri hi girlfriend na?"

His words come as yet another shock!! Is this the kind of mentality he bears?

Shutting his eyes, tilting his head heavenwards, he tries to calm himself down. Meher doesn't for once looks away from him, shock and anger visible in her eyes.

Opening his eyes, calming himself down he looks back towards Meher. Giving his devilish smile to Meher, he politely says,

"Meher it's just for fun okay! Aur main hi to hun tumhare saath, tumhara pyar! You love me right?",

he asks.

Meher looks away, showing her disgust towards him.

This certainly irks him, he shouts,

"You love me right Meher!"

She glares him!

Unable to resist his anger and to show off his dominance on his so-called girlfriend, in front of others, he clutches her hair into his fist and angles her head such that she gets forced to look towards him.

She shouts as the acute pain surges through her,


her shout, a mixture of pain, frustration and anger!

Tears roll down her cheeks, but he cares less!

He needs to showoff his authority on his girlfriend in front of his friends.

Not waiting for any cue, and why would he? after all he is angry!

He seals her lips with his!

While they perform this activity which makes him feel alive and crushes her soul and dignity, his friends encourage him; encourage them by singing loudly in unison, keeping a record of the time - for how long can he continue kissing her without breaking the seal,


And finally whilst they sing, and Irfan feels victorious, he brings the torture to an end! Getting away, staring her as if she is the medal he has won, he wipes off his lips!

*Flashback ends*

Meher chooses to keep the name of the guy under wraps! Hence she omits his name while dictating the story to Naushad. But the culprit's name keeps ringing in her ear! She weeps unable to control herself any longer!

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Chapter 5

Meher bursts out into tears.


Naushad takes his hand towards her shoulder but stops in the mid air. He turns his hand into fist out of frustration. Frustration that he cannot console her like he wants, as they don't share such bond yet!

"Do you want water?",

asks Naushad, politely.

Meher controls herself and shakes her head into negative.

Never looking towards him, Meher continues,

"Bhaag ayi main wahan se...!"

At first Naushad keeps staring her, trying to muster courage to ask her.

Cautiously, he asks,

"Apne mara kyun nahi usse?"

Meher looks towards him. A sad smile touches her lips as she feels relaxed that he understands her. He is not being gender bias!

"Darr gayi thi main! Dimag kaam nahikar raha tha mera!",

she says.

Then laughing sarcastically, Meher continues,

"Agar koi ajnabi aisa kuch karey to revolt karna aasaan hota haimagarkoi apnajis par bharosa karke aapuske saath aye, wo aisa kareydil aurhimmat dono tut jatey hain!!"

Hearing her, Naushad stares her, understanding her feelings. He chooses to remain quiet, as it becomes impossible for him to put his feelings into words!


asks Naushad.

"Usne mera phone bohot try kiyathakgayi thi avoid kar kar ke uske calls ko. Maine apna SIM badal diya.",

says Meher.

"Kuch maheene sub shant rahaMeracollege bhi khatam hone ko aa gaya tha isliye college zada jane ki zaruratnahi parhiJati bhi thi to unki class mein last bench mein baith kar bus class khatam hone ka intezaar kartithi."

Smiling sarcastically, Meher says,

"Kitni ajeeb baat thijis class ka pehleintezaar karti thi besabri seab ussi hi class se katrane lagi thi!"

Naushad lowers his eyes.

"Usne koshish ki kayi baar college kedauran baat karne ki, par main ussedurr hi rahi."

"Kabhi-kabhi beech raste hath pakadkar mujhey kisi khali class mein lejakar baat karne ki koshish karta tha. Main chup hi rehti thi."

"Maine kabhi kuch nahi pucha unseGhin aati thi unke barey mein soch karbhiAisa ehsaas hota tha ke agar main jakar unse puchungi to shayad ye merihi haar hogiChup reh kar tadpanachahti thi. Because I knew he was dying to get a word from me!"

Looking straight into Naushad's eyes, with full determination she says,

"I didn't want to give him the pleasure!"

The determination and hatred satisfy Naushad to a great extent. She is strong - he concludes! He smiles politely, looking towards her.

"To... aap milne kyun gayi aj?",

asks Naushad, hesitantly.


rectifies Meher.

This catches Naushad's attention.

"Kal yahan se janey ke baad uska call aata rahaWo aksar mujhe phone karke bulata tha. Maine kayi baar taal diya! ignore kiya! Par kayi baar aisabhi hua jab main usse milne bhi gayi."

Naushad knits his brows.

Meher looks towards him to make him understand,

"Aisa nahi hai ke uske paas jakarmujhe koi khushi milti hai!"

Bowing her head out of hesitation, she says,

"Har baar ye soch kar jati hun keshayad wo samjh jaye. Mera peechachor de!"

"Kal bhi gayi...",

she says in a dreamy voice, regretting doing that.

"Behs hui firseWo... wo chahta tha kemain humare rishte ko ek aur maukadun!",

she says, in a shaking voice.

Naushad looks towards her, holding his breath to know her decision as if his whole life depends on her reply! As if it's not a reply to this man she is talking about, but to himself!

"To.. apne kya kaha?",

asks Naushad, he eyes lowered out of hesitation.

Meher stares him, knitting her brows lightly.

"Maine mana kar diya!",

she says, looking straight into his eyes.

They stare each other, both transmitting their feelings through their eyes.

Meher lowers her eyes slowly, feeling shy. Her face bears no smile!

Naushad lowers his eyes too. He smiles a little, pain evident in his smile.

Meher keeps staring him while his eyes are lowered.

"Maine keh diya ke mera usse ab koitaluqat nahi hai!",

she says, slowly, staring him throughout.

At this Naushad looks towards her, his head still bowed, just his eyes are on her!

A knot forms in her throat as she continues,

"Ye keh kar main janey lagi... ke...",

her heartbeat picks up pace, as she revisits the moment.

Naushad straightens up, realizing her state, he knits his brows.

" unhone mera haath kas karpakda..."

Naushad realizes this is why her wrist is aching! His heart contracts! He looks towards her, his eyes burning with rage! Only if he could get hold of this bas***d and teach him a good lesson about how he should not mess up with Meher again! And ask him how dared he do that to her! He converts his hands again into fists to calm down his throbbing nerves.

Crying she continues,

"And zor se mujhe deewar ki tarafdhakka diya!"

This makes him clear why that pain in her back!

He opens and clutches back his hand in quick successions, trying to control his adrenaline rush; his anger!!!

She cries further, unable to say anything further.

"Did he...",

Naushad hesitates to ask. He tries to think of a suitable way to ask her, his raging eyes somewhere on the wall.

Meher looks towards him, knitting her brows, as her heart clenches.

She completes him,

"He tried to get intimate with me!"

Naushad shoots her an angry look. Angry not on her but on this man!

Meher refraining to look towards Naushad, trails her right neckline with her finger and says,


Naushad's heartbeat picks up pace!

"Maine bohot koshish ki Dr. Rizvi, but I couldn't stop this!",

she says, disheartened, with zero hope!

Naushad stares her. Meher looks towards him nervously. Her heart skips a beat as she witnesses his eyes filled with understanding and something else for her!

"Par fir maine apni puri taqat ke saathusse dhakka diyaaur bhag ayi!"

Completing her story, she looks towards him, waiting for his reply, holding her breath.

"Kya main uska naam jaan saktahun?",

asks Naushad, unable to resist himself any longer, staring her, confident about his question but hesitant about her answer.

Meher's heartbeat picks up pace. Is she ready for this? Is she ready to reveal the name?

Lowering her eyes she thinks about it.
Naushad gives her full liberty to choose whether she wants to reveal the name or not, waiting patiently.

Getting into a conclusion that she cannot hide anything from Naushad. She doesn't want to hide anything from him! Meher takes a deep breath. Looking straight into his eyes, she says,

"Uska naam hai..."

And as she was about to reveal the name, ringing of Naushad's phone distracts both of them.

This frustrates Naushad. Closing his eyes he takes a deep breath. Meher releases her breath too, lowering her eyes, calming herself down. Naushad first looks towards Meher to know if she is fine or not. Satisfied, he checks his mobile. He discovers that it's an unknown number. Being a doctor, he usually doesn't miss unknown numbers, thinking that may be someone needs his help desperately.

"Sorry but I'll have to take this!",

he excuses himself.

Understanding, Meher nods her head into affirmative, never looking towards him.

Frustrated, Naushad goes away to receive the call, to give her space as he somehow feels that she needs time to accept that she has finally shared her secret with someone, she can relax! She needs to calm herself down to make her mind run smoothly again!

Going out Naushad receives the call,


He gets a reply.


he blurts, almost like a whisper. His face bearing the lines of shock.

Getting back his equilibrium, Naushad in a no nonsense tone, asks her,

"Kyun phone kiya hai mujhe?"

"Kya hua apne ashiq se mann bhargaya?",

asks Naushad, taunting her.

"Tumne mujhse mera sub kuch cheenliyaMera hansta khelta parivaarbikhar gaya. Mera eklauta dost mujhsedurr ho gaya. Aur ab tum mere paaswapas ayi ho?",

asks Naushad, anger and disgust mingled together in his tone.

He gets a reply to which he laughs sarcastically,

"Konsi betiAb yaad aa rhi hai issbaat ki ke tumhari ek beti bhi hai?"

"Nahi hai nahi... thi...! Kyun Aliya sirfmeri beti haiSirf meriUski hifasatuske Abbu bakhubhi kar sakte hainAliya aur meri zindagi mein tumhareliye ab koi jagah nahi haiTumhetumhari zindagitumhare ashiq kesaath mubarak ho!",

he says, spitting venom through his each word.

He gets another reply.


he says, spitting venom through his word yet again.

His heartbeat picks up pace out of anger.

"Mohobbat alfaz ka matlab bhi jantiho tum?",

he asks her, knitting his brows.

After hearing her reply, he says, his voice bit softer than before,

"Haan ki haiBohot ki hai tumsemohobbatAliya humare mohobbat kinishaniSahej kar rakha hai usse!"

"Tumne to ek pal nahi lagaya iss rishteki tauheen karne mein. Par afsoosmain aisa nahi kar sakta!",

says Naushad, sadly.

"Kya kami thi mere mohobbat mein Arwa? Tum jaisa chahti thi waisizindagi to jee rahe the hum? Fir kyunachanak tumhara dhyan apne kaamapni khud ki bacchi se uth gaya?",

asks Naushad, accusing her.

"Child specialist ho na tum? Bachon keird-gird tumhari zindagi chalti hai? To tum apni bachi ke saath aisa kaise karpayiRuh nahi kampi tumhari ye kartewaqt?",

asks Naushad, hurt.

"You know what mujhe tumse...",

as he was about to continue, he feels that some activity took place behind him, he turns to look but finds nobody!

He stares at the entrance of his cabin for sometime. Taking a deep breath, he turns again towards his front and replies to Arwa,

"Aj ke baad mujhse baat karne kimujhe call karne ki kabhi koshish mat karna!"

He ends the call without waiting to hear her reply.

He walks straight across his cabin knowing that Meher has left his cabin. He searches for her.


Standing against a wall, Meher cries bitterly, noiselessly. He looks heavenwards, frustrated on her condition. She feels lonely. There is no one with her! No one to understand her! No one to rely upon at times of need! How could even for a brief moment, she think that he would take her away from all the misery of her life? Does he not have his baggage of problems to take care of? Why would he help her anyways? All these thought pierce her heart.

"Aadhe adhure lafzon ko sunn kar unnpar bharosa karkekhud apniimaginary story banana kahin kisamjhdari nahi hoti!",

his voice skips her heartbeat.

Rubbing her eyes off quickly, never looking towards him, she leaves saying,

"Excuse me!"

Naushad looks heavenwards, frustrated!

He walks after her. Her pace slow due to her backache. It doesn't take much time to Naushad to reach her.

"Meher... Meher please meri baatsunno...",

he says, following her.

Walking ahead, she turns her head a little towards her right and widens her eyes, realizing that he is following her! What would all think about them?

In a low voice, Meher asks him, whist walking,

"Dr. Rizvi please... aap please aisemere peeche mat ayiye. Sub dekh rahehain."

"I don't care Dr. Mirza. Just listen to me.",

says Naushad, caring less about the world.

Few people around them tend to ignore them while few find it intriguing, after all it's not a everyday scene - the strict, khadoos Dr. Naushad Rizvi, marching after a female intern! Pleading her to stop and listen to him!

"Dr. Rizvi sub kya sochengeAap... aapplease...",

she trails off, unable to understand what to say. How to make him understand?

Taking a deep breath, she tries another way,

"Main itni tez nahi chal pa rahi, it's hurting me..."

The moment she says this he halts immediately!

It clenches her heart as she realizes that her well being means so much to him! But she is not lying. It was becoming difficult for her to walk at this pace and that too with an exhilarating heart. She was feeling exhausted.

She turns to look towards him and says,

"Behtar hoga agar hum abhi kuch baatna kareinEk dusre ko akela chor de!"

Saying so she stares him, conveying through her eyes that they both need time and space to think clearly about their respective lives and deal with them.

Both the pairs of eyes contain longing to be with each other; talk to each other! But they don't understand, why this resistance and denial?


Meher returns back home. Entering her room she falls on her bed and bursts into tears. So many emotions flood her heart that she couldn't control herself any longer!

On the other hand Naushad too reaches his home. Getting into his room, he prepares himself a drink. Sitting on his arm chair, holding the glass in his hand, he thinks about Meher.

Yeh dooriyan
In raahon ki dooriyan.
Nigahon ki dooriyan,
hum rahon ki dooriyan,
fanah ho sabhi dooriyan.

Holding the glass he stares it and thinks about Meher. All her words; her eyes cascaded down; her anger and hesitation flash in front of his eyes. Her constant resisting him breaks Naushad's heart.

Kyun koi paas hai,
door hai.
Kyun koi,
jaane na,
koi yahan pe.

The thought that they were gelling up gradually; and now again this wide gap that he could feel, irritates him

Aa raha paas ya,
Door main ja raha.
Janu na,
main hoon kahan pe.

Why didn't she consider telling him everything without his asking her? The thought pierces his heart. Is he nothing to her? Didn't she have this much faith in him that she could rely on him?

Yeh dooriyan
In raahon ki dooriyan,
nigahon ki dooriyan
hum rahon ki dooriyan,
fanah ho sabhi dooriyan.

And how could she believe in something and start assuming without knowing the whole story? Couldn't she give him a chance to explain her?

Yeh dooriyan
Yeh dooriyan

Kabhi hua ye bhi,
khali rahon pe bhi,
tu tha mere saath.

The way Meher endured all his scolding and even after all that she took it as her responsibility to take care of Aaliya, swells Naushad's heart yet again. A satisfactory smile touches his lips.

Kabhi tujhe milke,
lauta mera dil ye,
khali khali haath.
Yeh bhi hua kabhi,
jaise hua abhi,
tujhko sabhi ne pa lia.

It doesn't last for long! The moments they shared moments ago comes rushing back to his mind. How hard might he try to distract himself but he keeps returning back to that moment. Closing his eyes, he takes a deep breath, frustrated.

Tera mujhe,
kar jaati hai dooriyan.
Satati hain dooriyan,
tarsati hain dooriyan.
Fanah ho sabhi dooriyan.

Then again his heart melts as he remembers her smiling face! She doesn't smile often. But when she does, it is a sheer bliss.

Kaha bhi na maine,
nahi jeena maine,
tu jo na mila.
Tujhe bhule se bhi,
bola na main ye ke chahun fasla.

He remembers he did scold her, but couldn't restrict her from meeting Aliya and himself! This is her effect on him. He knows if he asks her to do that, she would quietly accept, out of hesitation of trespassing. But it is more about Aliya and himself he is concerned about. He realizes that something has changed since the time Meher has entered the lives of himself and Aliya! The ray of hope, he doesn't want to diminish it at any cost!

Bas fasla rahe,
ban ke kasak jo kahen,
wo aur chahat,
yeh jawan.

But at the same time he doesn't want to shed his strict self in front of her. This he is doing not to torture her, but to save himself from another heartbreak!

Teri meri,
mit jaani hai dooriyan.
Begani hai dooriyan,
hat jani hai dooriyan,
fanah ho sabhi dooriyan.

Having thought about her so much that he again gets determined about the fact that this distance he is feeling between them, he would remove it soon!

Kyun koi paas hai,
door hai.
Kyun koi,
jaane na,
koi yahan pe.

Taking a deep breath, he rests back on his arm chair. He thinks will she be comfortable enough to trust him after all this? He certainly knows how it feels when someone breaks your trust. How hard might she show that she is very strong, but is she really that strong to face everything alone? Does she bear fragility? He concludes - she does! After all otherwise she wouldn't end up crying in front of him! This relaxes him! No not the fact that she is fragile, but the fact that she didn't hesitate to show herself vulnerable in front of him which he is sure she wouldn't have done in front anyone else. But then it took time to even him to bring her to comfort zone in front of himself. But all's well that ends well!

Aa raha paas ya,
Door main ja raha.
Janu na,
main hoon kahan pe.

But the phone call ruined everything, didn't it? Fresh anger surges through him. Why is he so pissed off, he knows not! She was his past, period! And she... she is his... present and... future! What would it take her to understand this? Where are they exactly standing now? Together? Apart? On the way to being together? Or... on the way to drifting apart?

Yeh dooriyan
In raahon ki dooriyan,
nigahon ki dooriyan
hum rahon ki dooriyan,
fanah ho sabhi dooriyan.

He rests back closing his eyes, a lone drop of tear rolls down his cheek!


At night Naushad enters his room and finds Aliya asleep. A smile stretches on his face on seeing her.

Walking to her, smiling, he bends upon her and kisses her forehead lovingly. As he gets away he gets surprised on finding her awake.

"Arey aap soyin nahin?",

he asks knitting his brows.

"Neend nahi aa rahi!",

says Aliya, making a puppy face.

This makes Naushad to smile.

Pressing her cheek lovingly, Naushad asks,

"Hmm... to..."

The loud thunder distracts Naushad, he looks towards the sky. The thunder skips Aliya's heartbeat too!

Naushad turns to look towards Aliya and smiles at her, assuring her that she need not worry, her father is there for her.

Suddenly, out of blue, Aliya says,

"Mujhe Meher Didi ki yaad aa rahi hai!"

This skips another of Naushad's heartbeat. He widens his eyes and stares Aliya out of surprise. Smiling, he says,

"Theek hai to kal hum apko apki Meher Didi se milane le jayenge okay?"

When he finds that Aliya hasn't got excited about it, he knits his brows and asks her, concerned,

"Kya hua?"

Aliya looks up towards her father and tries to gauge his mood and anticipate how he might react to what she is about to say, making a puppy face she says,

"Mujhe abhi milna hai!"

This skips Naushad's heartbeat. He didn't see this coming so widens his eyes out of surprise.


he asks, surprised.

Aliya nods her head into affirmative, in quick succession.

"Beta abhi kaise...?",

he asks, in a dilemma.


requests Aliya.

he asks in utter surprise.


Ringing of her mobile wakes Meher up from her nap. Having cried for so long makes it difficult for her to open her eyes. She rubs her eyes to wipe off her tears which she cared less to wipe off before drifting to sleep. Her head spins out of tiredness of crying.

Reaching her phone she checks the number, Dr. Rizvi, flashing of this name skips Meher's heartbeat. Her cheeks start warming up. She doesn't realize when she starts smiling and blushing.

Receiving the call nervously, she says,


Her voice skips Naushad's heartbeat and he blushes. Lowering his eyes, he hands over the phone to Aliya.

"Meher Didi!",

says Aliya.

Her voice comes as a surprise for Meher. A fresh smile of joy touches Meher's face.


she says beaming with joy.

"Aap soyi nahi ab tak?",

she asks, surprised.

Slapping her forehead, Aliya says,

"Ufffooo... Abbu aur aap dono bilkul ek jaise ho!"

This skips the heartbeats of both Naushad and Meher alike.

Meher lowers her eyes, blushing.

Naushad widens his eyes out of surprise and stares Aliya to know why did she say so?

"Abbu ko bhi mere sone ki fikr aur apko bhi!",

says Aliya, pissed off.

This makes both Naushad and Meher to burst out into fits of laughter. But Aliya remains irritated.

"To beta apke Abbu sahi to bol rahe hain. Apko so jana chahiye na?",

says Meher, forgetting all her tension.

"Mujhe apse milna hai abhi!",

orders Aliya.

This comes as a surprise for Meher!

"Mujhse? Abhi?",

asks Meher, her tone is that of surprise.

"Haan abhi! Aap yahan aa jao!",

says Aliya.

Meher knits her brows in a dilemma.

Naushad doesn't stop Aliya anymore. With his twinkling eyes, he looks towards Aliya sheepishly, to know Meher's decision. Aliya who is looking ahead of her fails to notice her father staring her expectantly!

"Aliya abhi kaise main...??",

says Meher, feeling bad about saying 'no' to Aaliya.

"Matlab aap nahi aogi?",

asks Aliya, sadly.

This sinks Naushad's heart too.

Then he remembers Meher's condition and says loud enough for Meher to hear,

"Ahmm... Aliya agar aap milna chahti ho to main... main Dr. Mirza ko le aunga. No problem!"

Hearing him, Meher lowers her eyes, realizing that he wants to meet her to know her condition. This swells her heart.

Never looking up again, and not waiting for Aliya to say again, Meher softly says,

"Main aa rahi hun Aliya!"

Aliya jumps with joy! This skips Naushad's heartbeat, he looks towards Aliya expectantly.

"Meher Didi aa rahi hain!",

she declares.

His heart skips another beat. He smiles secretly. Her yes means her approval to go along Naushad.

Ending the call, Aliya orders Naushad,

"Abbu aap abhi jao aur Dr. Meher Didi ko le aao!"

Naushad smiles looking at his daughter.

Ending the call, Meher shakes her head, smiling, thinking about Aliya.

Shiver runs down her spine as she realizes that she is about to meet him again!

In excitement she gets up with a jerk and she gets reminded of her back ache! She endures it and gets ready.

"Ahmm... wo hospital mein kuch kaam aa gaya hai to... jana parhega!",

Meher makes excuse in front of her family.

"Allah! Bahar mausam dekho barish aney ko hai...",

says her mother.

"Ammi... main jaldi aa jaungi!",

Meher tries to convince her mother.

"Nahi! Aap kahin nahi ja rahi hain Meherunissa.",

says her mother sternly.

Meher eyes Jannat to help her.

"Ye kaisa kaam hua? Na din dekho na raat bus bula lo phone karke.",

says their mother.

"Ahmm... Ammi... kaam hi to hai. Aa jayegi. Aur waise bhi Badi konsi koi bachhi hai ke aap itni fikr kar rahi hain!",

Jannat tries to help Meher.

Looking towards Jannat, her mother says,

"Humare liye aap sub ta-umr bachhe hi rahenge, samjhin aap?"

All the girls lower their eyes, understanding her concern.

"Ammi... janne dijiye na. Yakeen maniye jaldi aa jaungi.",

says Meher, holding her mother and turning her towards herself.

"Barish hone ko hai aap jayengi kaise?",

asks her mother.

Hesitantly, Meher says,

"Wo... Doc... Doctor Rizvi... aa rahe hain lene!"

Hearing that her mother's face expression changes. A smile twitches her lips.

Jannat too looks towards her sister bearing naughtiness in her eyes.

"Doctor Rizvi aa rahe hain?",

asks her mother, politely, hiding her amusement.

Meher looks towards her mother and nods her head, hiding her blush.

Jannat continues with her naughty smile.

Holding her hands together, such that her fingers are entwined and her arms held horizontally, Jannat swivels standing at her spot, to and fro.

All this makes Meher to blush all the more.

"Unhe ander bulayengi na aap Meherunissa?",

asks her mother teasingly.

Staring her mother wide eye, blushing, she scolds her teasingly,


This makes all to laugh.

Her mother extends her hand to love her that her mobile beeps. Checking the message she blushes. Looking towards her family, she informs them,

"Wo aa gaye hain!",


"Arey to ander bulayiye unhe!",

says her mother.

"Ammi... rehne dijiye na... waise hi late ho raha hai!",

pleads Meher.

Smiling, her mother accepts and says,

"Theek hai! Sambhal kar jaiyega!",

and pats Meher's face lovingly.

Meher embraces her mother into a warm hug.

Bidding all bye, Meher leaves.


Meher finds Naushad waiting for her in his car, outside her house. His eyes on her. They stare each other. The fact that his eyes are on her, skips Meher's heartbeat. Feeling extremely shy, she lowers her eyes. Her face bears no smile!

It takes Meher time to cover such a short distance because of her pain. Naushad aware about all that waits for her patiently. He tightens his hold on his steering wheel, refraining to get out and help her. This he does as he understands she wouldn't want others to notice his taking care of her like that!

Feeling thankful that he didn't try helping her, Meher walks to his car and gets into it. Naushad looks towards her to know that she is fine. Meher smiles politely to make him know that she is fine. He doesn't reciprocate, as he understands that she is lying! 

She secretly tells him,

"Mera pura parivaar dekh raha hai!",

and fakes a smile.

Understanding, Naushad finally smiles politely, never turning to look towards her family so that they by no means get to know that Meher just informed him about their presence there.

He pulls off the car!


In the beginning of the journey they remain quiet unable to understand where to start the conversation from.

For a brief moment they look towards each other, this coincident eye lock skips the heartbeat of both. They smile apologetically, Naushad looks forward and focuses on driving and Meher bows her head and lowers her eyes out of hesitation.

Naushad with his mind distracted by Meher's presence fails to notice a child crossing the road. As he realizes, he applies the break immediately! Thankfully it doesn't cause any harm to the kid. But the sudden jerk makes Meher fall forth and then backward with a jerk. She shuts her eyes as the pain surges through her.

Naushad of course doesn't forget about her condition. He gets nervous and cautious about her health. Stopping the car immediately, Naushad places his hand on her shoulder immediately to comfort her and asks her,

"I... I am sorry are you fine Dr. Mirza?"

Meher realizes his concerns and feels an urge to relax him so immediately she replies back,

"Ji... ji main theek hun Dr. Rizvi. Thank you."

Looking at her with his eyes bearing pain, he stares her for sometimes. Meher stares him back too.

Realizing that he is staring, Naushad lowers his eyes and turns to look at his front. Meher follows the suit.

Naushad doesn't continue driving. He rather fidgets with the steering wheel, holding it tight. Meher knits her brows noticing that.

She looks towards him and asks,

"Kya aap mujhse kuch kehna chahte hain?"

As soon as she completes with this line, Naushad grinding his teeth, says,

"Ye baat to mujhe apse kehni chahiye!"

Meher, who fails to understand his words, knits her brows.

Naushad turns towards her and asks,

"Kya aap mujhse kuch kehna chahti hain?"

"Main... main kuch samjhi nahi! Main apse kya kehna chahungu?"

"Hospital mein aap mujhse baat nahi karna chahti thi. Par ab? Kya ab bhi apko kuch nahi kehna? Kuch nahi puchna?",

asks Naushad, looking towards Meher, knitting his brows.

They stare! Meher takes a deep breath but still remains quiet and keeps staring him. Naushad waits for her to say something.

"It's none of my business!",

saying so, she immediately lowers her eyes.

Getting his own words as a reply from her makes Naushad to feel goosebumps!

Anger surges through him. He could feel the adrenaline rush! He puts on the gear with a jerk. Meher holds him by his upper arm in moments, fearing that the jerk might cause her pain.

The sudden touch skips the heartbeats of both. Naushad immediately, looks towards her hand, then looks towards Meher, all serious. Meher whose eyes were also on her hand, looks towards Naushad nervously. They stare each other!

Lowering her eyes, she removes her hand slowly from his shoulder. She could feel his disappointment on her withdrawal. Disappointment wasn't about the fact that she removed her hand but for the fact that she hesitated!

Nervously, Meher places her hand on his thigh, as a precaution to save herself from another jerk. This comes as a surprise for Naushad! Taking in deep breath, he sighs silently and a smile of satisfaction, that she trusts him, touches his lips. Meher could feel the relaxing of his muscles. He is not angry - she concludes!

Taking a deep breath he asks,

"Kya ab aap baat karne ke liye tayyar hain ya you still need time?"

He stares her, his look demanding.

"Dr. Rizvi...",

begins Meher, only to get interrupted by Naushad.

Closing his eyes, knitting his brows, he asks,

"Meher kab tak?"

This skips Meher's heartbeat. She doesn't understand what he meant.

"Kab tak aap bhagengi mujhse? Aur kyun?",

asks Naushad.

He looks towards her.

Meher lowers her eyes.

"Past ko na main badal sakta hun na aap. Arwa mera guzra hua kal thi..."

He gets intervened by her,

"Jo apke aj mein wapas aa gayi hai!"

Naushad glares her.

"Dakhalandazi kehte hain isse!",

he says.

This skips her heartbeat. Feeling guilty, she lowers her eyes and apologizes,

"I... I am sorry!"

Naushad rolls his eyes!

"Apki nahi! Arwa ki dakhal andazi!"

Meher stares him and creases her forehead.

"Shayad... shayad wo...",

she lowers her eyes and continues,

"Iss rishte ko dusra mauka dena chahti hai?"

Then nervously looks back towards him.

"Humara rishta to kabka khatam ho gaya tha Dr. Mirza. Samjhote par zindagi chal rahi thi. Uska kaam humesha se uski priority rahi hai!"

Meher knits her brows. Feeling sad for him.

Lowering her eyes out of hesitation, she asks him,

"Maine humesha apke barey mein ki gayi adhey-adhure baaton ko hi puri baat mani hai na?"

Her question surprises him. He looks towards her to know what is she talking about!

"Ab apke wife ke murder wali baat hi le lijiye!",

she says, hesitantly.

They stay serious for sometime, staring each other and then burst out into fits of laughter.

"I... I know that was stupid of me!",

she apologizes in between her fit of laughter.

"That's absolutely fine Dr. Mirza!",

replies Naushad in between his fit of laughter.

Gradually their laughter end while staring each other throughout.

The ringing of Naushad's phone distracts them. Reading the name, he says,


This brings a smile on Meher's face. Her heart melts.

As Naushad was about to receive, Meher asks him hesitantly,

"Main... main utha sakti hun?"

Naushad looks towards her. Smiling, he hands her the phone and continues with his driving.

"Abbu Meher Didi kab ayengi?",

asks Aliya even before Meher could speak.

"Aap darwaza kholo, bus Meher Didi aa jayengi!",

says Meher.

"Meher Didiii!",

Aliya beams with joy.

"Mere Abbu subse best hain!..."

Hearing that Meher's heart swells. She quickly puts the call on speaker.

"Abbu meri har baat mante hain! I love love loveee Abbu!!"

Naushad and Meher's hearts fill with all the more love for Aliya. Their eyes well up.

"Ab aap jaldi se aa jao. Hum saath mein mil kar ice cream khayenge!",

says Aliya in excitement.

Meher rubs the tears collected at the corner of her eyes. Doing that she looks towards Naushad whose eyes too well up but he doesn't rub off the tears as he is driving. The tears make Meher's heart to clutch. Smiling she boldly rubs off the corner of his eyes!

Her doing so touches Naushad's heart. He doesn't look towards her. But it does affect him! As a result fresh new tears start flowing. This makes Meher all the more emotional. She again rubs off his tear from both of his cheeks. Meher doesn't remain oblivious to the reason of his fresh new tears, it touches her heart!

"Haan hum bus pohnchne hi wale hain Aliya.",

assures Meher, smiling.


Aliya beams with joy.

"Chalo Aliya abhi aap phone rakho hum thodi der mein pohnch jayenge okay?",

says Naushad.

"Theek hai Abbu! Bye! Bye Meher Didi. Jaldi aana!",

says Aliya, innocently.

"Bye Aliya! Jaldi aungi!",

replies Meher, her heart fluttering with love for Aliya.

Ending the call, Naushad and Meher look towards each other, understanding the sentiments of each other and smile.

As they were about to reach, Meher asks Naushad to stop the car.

"Rukiye rukiye!"

Naushad stops immediately and looks towards her.

"Jaiye na ja kar Aliya ke liye ek ice cream le ayiye.",

she requests.

"Arey... Dr. Mirza par abhi wo sone wali hai."

"Haan to kya hua? Ice cream kha kar so jayegi.",

smiles Meher.

"Dekhiye that's fine ice cream lene ki zarurat nahi hai.",

Naushad says, politely.

Getting a frown on her face, Meher asks,

"Main ja kar la nahi sakti iss baat ka faida utha rahe hain na aap?"

This comes as a surprise for Naushad! Did she really say that? How can she think that? Why would he do that anyways?

Staring her throughout with wide eyes, he shakes his head in utter disbelief. Blush creeps onto his cheeks!

This makes Naushad look adorable for the first time to Meher.

"Lata hun madam!",

saying sarcastically, Naushad leaves.

As he leaves, Meher bursts out into a fit of laughter.

"Chocolate flavour lana. Aliya ko pasand hai!",

she shouts after him.

Having heard that Naushad shakes his head all the more, laughing silently, never turning to look at her, he walks to the ice cream parlour.

Soon he returns back with a brick of ice cream.

"Ye lijiye apki ice cream!",

he says, whilst getting into the car and handing her the packet.

Smiling she takes it.

"Bus ya Aliya ke liye aur bhi kuch lena hai?",

he asks, teasingly.

She blushes and shakes her head into negative. Laughing, they head towards home.

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