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this CC is for discussions regarding IB + idhar udhar ki baatein . 



NO Discussion of any other Fandom allowed in This CC in regards to IB. Only Shivika - NM/SC based discussions

you can talk about the social media updates  Of other actors related to show as far as it is not harmful & that is it . you are more then welcome to talk about other things not related to IB e.g films, this is us etc, other shows 

so feel free to Bookmark, fav and start discussing things lol
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Thanks Fary. BM
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Posted: 2018-05-04T09:27:11Z thread. ...Party
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Making of o jaana yet to watch

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Just watched the Making of O's like an extended version of the earlier short clip they'd posted of Gul and Gorky brainstorming with the music director...ab is baar Shivika scenes ke BTS clips bhi daal diye hain to make a longer 
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It's facinating..watching how a bg score comes onto being. 
Wonder if it was decided that it will be pucturized on shivika...and NM SC were already selected. 
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Posted: 2018-05-04T17:09:33Z
Just skimmed over the discussions from the last few pages of the previous there's just lots to try and digest from today given how all over the place it was...

1) Who gave Anika that jacket out of the blue? lol matlab it just appeared to suddenly "protect her izzat" in hot outfit? 

2) Again, why mishmash two tracks together simply to get it over with? They wanted to get rid of Pooja AND wrap up AniRi at the SAME time? lol aisi kaunsi aag lag gayi that they couldn't even wait ONE day for breathing room? Ek epi se itni kaunsi TRP change ho jaati when they've already built up a mess of two weeks. 

Cuz given how they mishmashed both things, there was nothing left to enjoy either which ways...I would have enjoyed Pooja getting lost more if it wasn't followed SO quickly by OTT behen milaap with SC looking utterly BEWILDERED at the speed of shifting emotions

3) Another casualty in all this...Shivika's emotions...which should have atleast gotten a few seconds of play after the COLOSSAL mess they are currently in, but got quickly shuttled to the side in awkward attempts at humor by Rudy and just giving me this weird feeling like I was watching strangers. 

4) Did I already mention how groupbaazi dragged down an already weird epi? 

5) And then the precap added to the W*F-ness...matlab KOI toh respite hota pure epi mein...we should technically have enjoyed an epi where this michmichi angle of fake wife was done away with...instead I was just left irritated yet again 

I saw the new pics...Shivaay is still in his black suit so I don't mind if she throws water on him and does away with this whole it is nothing is making sense...if they want to abruptly shift gears back to normal land, I'll take that also...but for god's sake, please normal, dimaag waali Anika waapis laao...right now she is looking like an utterly clueless and bewildered person. 
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