One genuine question...

Posted: 2018-04-28T23:54:57Z
If white washing Namrata is so important for the makers and they wanted Inder as the main culprit and also they wanted to show a mental Namrata, why didn't they show Namrata as a woman with personality disorder? Someone who is different person without even her knowledge. They could show Inder used her when he learnt about her disease. He gave medicines to her which made her more violent, hypnotised her and made her play Masterji all this time. It would have been another HP inspired scene. Remember Ginny Weasley from Chamber of secrets?
We still dont know who framed Rahul and why Rahul was attacked inside the temple? We also dont know when KB idol crying was planned because Namrata needed more labourers because thr explosion had killed her workers. She was with Rahul when the explosion happened. Thereafter they both were unconscious till the morning. KB's idol was already crying by then. 

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Posted: 2018-04-29T02:26:31Z
They probably could have shown Namrata that way if they didn't have Sheru and Nattu though we didn't see Namrata's real side till much later. Also maybe it wasn't initially planned and they had to change the character drastically. 

Still don't get why Sheru was killed and by whom, makes more sense if Ved did it but I don't think he even knew Sheru was there. 

Idol crying plan:

1 Namrata's men could have made the KB idol cry but Gauri was there all night.

2 The KB idol did actually cry and Namrata stole that idea and implemented that evening. Gauri has the dream and next morning every house has an idol outside.

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Posted: 2018-04-29T08:22:44Z
Who is Nattu?
Sheru's murder was so not needed. And that horseman had almost killed Rahul also. Why would Namrata plan anything like this? For me Namrata never wqs the original conspirator. She had already antagonised her father by befriending Rahul and he had been following her and even Aditya's moves. Yet he never learnt what Namrata was doing hardly makes sense. Thakut himself had many night outs including the night Vaid was murdered. He never realised one of his cars was missing?

They could also show Namrata as Inder's GF and then try to whitewash her. They could show she did every crime for her love for Inder or just to avenge her mother's death. 

@ Crying Idols, I think the second one makes sense. 

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Posted: 2018-04-29T14:32:48Z
It seems they decided to white wash her after some time
it was not planned from before
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Posted: 2018-04-29T14:35:29Z
some question will remain unanswered
they have changed the story later
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Posted: 2018-04-29T14:36:21Z
Nammo would have been perfect as Inder partner
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Posted: 2018-05-02T15:49:06Z
Namrata being culprit was never planned from beginning!!!!

Even in the novel or Tamil TV show she is not the culprit!!!!

Basically they roped her in saying she is the lead!!!

But Star Bharat being Star Bharat had to glorify the village girl!!!

So they cut costs by not calling her for shoot and not giving her scenes!!!!

They give more scenes to Gauri as she comes cheap being a newcomer!!!

Probably that led to a few issues because when an actor signs up for a show she cannot do another show and she is sitting at home if they are not calling her for shoot!!!

They thought of making her negative as they normally do with the modern girls in two heroine shows!!!

But the cause of rivalry and her turning negative over Rahul drives the plot away from the temple!!!

So they made her the main culprit!!!!

To drag the story more they got Sethji and the story went from the rational to supernatural losing all connection with the original story by now!!!!Silly

Since everyone liked Iqbal in his cameo, they thought of bringing him in to make the main villain, someone more convincing than Namrata!!!

It is only by now that they realize that the audience are certainly not interested in Rahul-Gauri or Rahul-Namrata pairing but in the mystery!!!!Stern Smile

Once another villain was brought in, Namrata was a pawn and they didn't exactly know what to do with her!!!!

So they thought of whitewashing her a bit and then killing her off in the end!!!!

Plain and simple!!!!Smile

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Posted: 2018-05-02T16:39:12Z
I don't know if Iqbal has ever done any grey shade or negative role before
But I enjoyed him in both the avatars here 
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