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Rest of the evening was spent her trying to teach him the notes of the song she played in his house back in India. She had to agree he was awful.

That night, they made love slowly and passionately. It was amazing. He couldn't get enough of her. And it seemed that she couldn't get enough of him either. After making love, they stayed in bed, locked in each other's arms.

Geet cribbed - I will have to leave early tomorrow.

Maan - I will drop you to the airport. Take the keys to the apartment. That way you can come home whenever you are in town. Don't have to wait for me.

She accepted happily.

Maan - waisen bhi I don't like you living by yourself in that apartment.

Geet - why

Maan - For my peace of mind. I know you'll be safer here. You know this house has a central alarm system. You can enable it and it rings the police directly if something goes wrong.
She just looked at him in awe. How protective and possessive he can get. She was used to being so independent. This was all new and she loved every bit of it.

Geet - I can't help who I am, Jaan. I'll always be Geet Handa. But that does not change the woman you fell in love with.
Maan - First .. you will soon be Geet Maan Khurana and Now that we're on the topic, what else is there in Geet Handa's world? Because I don't want to be taken by surprise.
She sighed. She held him tighter, as if she needed to secure her hold on him before she told him the real deal

Geet - I grew up in West ... with my family. The only close friend I have is jiji and jiju. Once they became a couple I was left with not much choice. They did try to give me company but it is not the same. I have learned to keep myself contented by focusing in my studies and business. I have been helping dad in business since I was eighteen.

Maan - I know Geet u have a huge business. I don't think I can put a number to it.

Geet nodded - even I can't. I have been investing since I was eighteen. Soon, I inheriting more since dad officially retired of the business. I handle everything. No questions asked. Jiji will just be part of the board, with controlling shares. But she won't have hands-on management.
Maan - Why not?
Geet - Because she doesn't want to. She happy with her little ones and jiju.

Maan - What else do I need to know about my pari
Geet laughed - I'm practically debt-free. I don't mortgage to invest. I own everything, I just put money into it. Then I roll the income into another investment. I am very crude business woman. Success came to me at an early age guess I was lucky. Moreover mama-papa made sure I had everything I needed and more. I have been spoiled. I don't care about anyone or anything outside my loved ones. They put up with me because they all know the load of work I deal with.
I don't like to be week and emotional. I am not good with expressing my emotions.

Maan - Yet you're grounded, Misty. When we're together, I find it hard to believe you are the Geet Handa.
Geet - That's what I have been trying to tell you. I don't exist in glamor, and my life isn't always in the limelight. I can be your ordinary misty... your normal pari'. You don't have to be afraid with me, Jaan. Just give us a chance
Maan nodded - I already am.
He hugged her to him.

Geet - I used to hate guys who chased after me because of the material things I could give them. Now, the man I want doesn't want anything from me at all. Maybe that's one of the reasons why I fell in love with you. But that doesn't take away the fact that I am who I am. And I want to shower you with everything. Please don't deny me that
Maan - Oh misty I want to give you whatever you want. I feel I can't give you anything at this point.

Geet - you can give me yourself

Maan - I lost myself to you that very day in the mall..the very first time.. And I was just too stupid not to realize it. And I did see you in that white saree.. I almost forgot all my pain instantly.

He looked at her .. you are beautiful Geet. I love you a lot

She smiled - I love you, too.
Maan leaned forward and kissed her. That started a whole rollercoaster ride of passion again.

Next morning Geet was making typical desi breakfast. Maan turned in his bed looking for her... then rushed hearing the alarm system go on. Geet panicked and tried to turn it off.

Maan - 43386226

She was so embarrassed and tensed - how am I supposed to remember this

Maan kissed her forehead - just try spell your name and my name on the phone keypad. GEETMAAN

Geet looked at him in awe - when did you do this

Maan sighed - I always had it set like this

Geet was shocked - but you brought this house

Maan shuhhed her.. Don't know geet. I wanted all this to be true..

Geet - oh jaan.. I will miss you so much.

She couldn't believe he even found a place for her small office safe in his cupboard.

Maan - I thought you would need it

Geet smiled - yah it has important documents related businesses in NYC and..

He kissed her.. I don't want to know. That was Maan he didn't want to invade her business world.

He dropped her to airport. She hugged him goodbye.

Geet - miss me. Because I will be so miserable without you.

Maan - Miss you already.

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Lovely update
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The chapter was Beautiful

Maan and Geet had spend time together now been a real couple and I think both are enjoying this new experience and feel
Geet didn't have friends besides her sister and brother in law while Maan had friends yet I find
Geet to be much more understanding and though she is wealthy she does not demand anything from Maan all she truly wants is all of him with a clear mind
wow so Maan somewhere within himself he too wanted Geet fully in his life I suppose his insecurities clouded everything but now I'm hoping it would be smooth sailing and I just hope he trust Geet as both will be in different cities  
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I miss them already as well :( But omg Maan made it real before he even admitted to this realness lol He will discover more about his Pari and Geet will just fall deeper in love with her boo thing. :) 

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