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As we all know, this is a place where you can request for a
Banner/HeaderCover [animated*non-animated] for your on-going Fan-Fiction/One-Shot/Short-Story/etc.
Basically anything that is related to your writing skills. This is a shop created specifically for the Writers for quick Banner/Cover/Header for your story without going to the Avatar & Signatures Shop.

Before moving on to the Rules & Regulations of this place, lets have a look at the wonderful Graphicers we have working 24*7 [worldwide] to give us one of the best creations possible.

Lets start with our Super-Seniors who keep an eye on us and are the ones who will take care of all the issues ultimately.

then to the next level will be the FF Graphicer HEAD and Co-Head
-Koeli_Appy- and Zephyr.

We are the ones you have to contact, if you have an issue with a member who's requested or if a member has an issue with a Graphic-er taking their request. If the issue is serious, you contact  hinz]

and that includes

We will also be taking requests alot more often. Thats makes the

Terrific  Graphicers


taaniroyal ,



Now, this is all about US, for Rules & Regulations please refer to the NEXT POST.Embarrassed

Thanks & Regards

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Please give the Official Graphic-Ers time to complete your request. It could take from 2 days to a week maximum depending on how busy they are and their availability.

Post your request here and the next Graphic-Er that happens to stop by here will take it. Do not request anyone in particular UNLESS there is something you want in particular [example: animated graphic-which not all can do]. 

Please do not criticize a Graphic-Er's work just because you don't like it. They took out time to complete the request for you so it's expected you appreciate that.

If you want changes made to your banner/signature, you can either PM the Graphic-Er that made the graphic or post here but PM them so they don't miss your comment here.

The Graphicers will ALWAYS update the Index below with the completed graphics. You can follow that to see the progress.

Once your banner is done, the request will be considered as "completed". You can only request changes to a signature ONCE. That too with minor or little changes so please very specific and clear when you post your requests.

Members can make one request at a time! Once his/her demand is completed then only the same member can post another request.

"Please be specific about what effects, colours, textures, and theme you need and make sure it is easier for the graphic-er to understand. Most importantly please provide pictures or atleast links. In addition to the previous point not everybody here watches every serial so they might not know the names and jodi names. Please do elaborate on the soap like it's name and full name of the characters. Instead of ArShi write Arnav and Khushi from Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?. If you have any doubts please clarify it here before posting your requests."

We will not entertain po*nographic or explicit images that violates IF-COC. Any member found posting such images or gifs will be dealt with severe warnings. If you are unsure of what kind of intimate images are allowed please either pm FF Heads or FF DTs and seek for confirmation.
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New shop.  
yeppiee. Congrats to all.
Appy di tags Title and introduction amazing . 
loved it.  good effort indeed. Heart
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Congratz guysEmbarrassed


Title: Illusion
Sub: There is an optical illusion about every person we meet
theme: mystery/thriller


Image result for marine drive mumbai

^^ only the cabin... I don't want scenery and water...just cabin!

^^^ laser beam across the title

Image result for barun sobti
^^ only sobti

^^ if you cannot include gif only one frame from above pic will be fine:)


Related image
^^ yellow strips should be prominent Embarrassed


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Posted: 2018-04-30T03:12:09Z
^taking. :)
Posted: 2018-04-30T04:19:29Z
@Sansie di, this would be fine? Embarrassed


Posted: 2018-04-30T06:37:59Z
that's lovely girl <33333 blendin is well and the perfect monochrome highlights the theme just like I wanted :)) well done Pro... darkening effect works magic on me :P
Posted: 2018-04-30T06:53:38Z
Congrats new graphicers 
My request 

Title: divided by hatred, United by heart 
Sub: the story of a unexpected meeting 
Theme: hate and truth and love (I know it's bit foolish type)

Only Meera and Vivan here please,  and just in the middle

Two different images...placed in two sides of main pic 

Just down the main image

^^^^^ I want the title and the sub title down the images

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