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I'm finally back with another Abhiya story. I don't know how you guys will react after reading it but it just stuck my mind a few days back and I just couldn't get over it so from previous four days I am working on it leaving my another story hanging and finally today I completed it.

It was suppose to be an OS but due to the length that exceeded the expectation am turning it into two shorts i.e TS.

So read it and tell me how you find it. Oh yes the next part will be up in a few hours. I'm still proof reading it. Adding or cutting part if required.

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Abhiya TS - I Can Die FOR YOU

It was a magestic study room. The table was placed in center with lot of books roughly placed on it. The wooden bookshelves were arranged in left corner. The window was open letting the fresh air inside the room.

He was standing in left corner with his hands on his back touching his waist, he was looking at the picture with sorrowful eyes. His heart grieved looking at him, the gray eyes filled with happiness and the smile filled with joy. The vulnerable blue eyes drowned in pain flashed in front of his eyes and he took mouthful of air feeling suffocated in a well ventilated room.

He felt the presence in the room but didn't move. A young girl in her late teens stood beside him. He tore his eyes from picture and turned away. Wiping the lone tear from his cheek, he walked to the table and busied himself in arranging the books.

"You come early today?'' he asked with a mind still lost in past

The girl hmmed looking at the picture his father always stared. She observed the picture. It was of some party with a boy of her age standing in his glory. His hair was caressing his forehead. His eyes were glassy gray with a shine, and a smile adored his face that was slight in itself but warmed the heart giving the feeling of extreme happiness. Seeing his smiling face she too smiled in trance. There was strange aura around him that could be felt from his picture. 

"Doesn't he seem the most happiest person in the world?" She couldn't stop herself from saying it aloud

"Yes, the most happiest person... who was unaware of the cruelty that snatched his everything..." His voice filled with pain made her frown and she turned to him only to find him lost somewhere

On realizing what he said, he quickly looked away ignoring her.

"Father, why don't you tell me who this guy is? What's his story?" She asked intrigued by the person in the picture

Right from her childhood she had seen her father gazing the picture. He would never answer her curious queries but as she grew up the silence of her father and the aura of the boy intrigued her to the extent that she sneaked inside the very room to steal the book that held the secret of this man but her father caught her and never let her touch that book or enter this place in his absence. She was now too attracted to get over the guy or his story. 

"You can't avoid me this time... Please father..." She said as she saw her father completely ignoring her

She was getting angry now. What was wrong with her father? Why was he hiding about that guy to his own daughter?

"I won't leave this room if you will not tell me everything today." She said stubbornly looking away

She could see her father from periphery of her eyes. He was sighing and his eyes had that distance glance it always had with the sadness filled in them. She felt bad to see him sad but she wasn't ready to back off today. It was 'now or never' for her.

"He is Abhay Raichand.." 

She quickly looked at her father as she heared him speaking about the guy for first time. Her lips parted unable to believe her father was actually going to tell her about him. She looked at the picture once again gazing at the guy

"Abhay Raichand.." she whispered, the name itself stirred something in her heart and she wondered how his story would effect her

"He was the only son of Haseena Raichand and Chand Raichand..." 

She narrowed her eyes as her father stopped suddenly. He was hiding something and she could sense it. She chose to remain silent thinking her father would change his mind of telling her. She badly wanted to know about this mystery Abhay Raichand.

"He lost his father very soon and the only support he had was of his mother who..." He stopped once again remembering the smile of Haseena Raichand as she touched Abhay cheeks making him smile faintly

"His mother loved her but not as his father did... Ironically he loved his mother more than he loved his father" she narrowed her eyes as her father smiled that was anything but of happiness

"He lived a dead life..." He coughed and then continued "there was no happiness for him but he had a charm that made him center of attraction for every girl and boy..." he smiled lightly remembering his soft hair flying in the wind as he walked with a care less attitude and an aura that made everyone's eyes turn to him

"Every girl wanted to be his girlfriend and every guy envied him..." She watched as His smile fell suddenly and he mumbled something closing his eyes turning his head up like feeling pain

"He never cared for the girls seducing him or the boys hating him. He always lived in his own world until..." She became curious as she saw her father face lightening up

"Until a girl enter his life. Piya Dobriyal. She wasn't like any ordinary girl who trailed behind him or stare him continuously in fact she hated him. She thought he was an arrogant jerk and they both always end up fighting but even then she did what no one could. She arose those humanly emotions in him that he had forget to feel. His eyes gained the shine and everyone could see the spark when they meet in fact their first meeting was fascinating itself..." He smiled recalling the incident that changed Abhay life


His gray eyes scanned the pages of the book, he was holding. He was totally lost in the fiction world when he felt a presence around him. His face twitched as he closed his favorite book suddenly not interested in reading it. He didn't ponder over the change in his mood much and with an uncaring attitude turned around. 

He could just got a hazy glimpse of the figure standing in front him before his witty instincts kicked in and in a reflex he raised his hand gripping the soft wrist. His hand holding her's blocked his vision to see the person. He moved her hand to side still gripping the wrist to have a glimpse of the person who dared to slap him oh well TRIED to slap him nevertheless it was totally unexpected..

His glassy gray eyes met the molten brown and it was the moment everyone else was left gaping at the two as the spark could be already seen.

She tried to pull out her hand from his grip but instead of letting her go he tightened his grip making her wince. 

"You jerk, leave my hand.." she said angrily

Abhay raised his one eyebrow seeing the anger in her eyes. Wasn't he suppose to get angry?

He watched her struggling while glaring him in between.

Finally, she stopped and looked at him angrily.

"Who gave you the right to hold my hand?" She shouted

He rolled his eyes, tightening his jaws. 

She was frustrated of his reaction and felt like she was talking to a statue. She was feeling helpless now.

Before she could realize or he could think over his own decision, he pulled her hand bringing her closer to him, closing the distance separating them.

She was taken aback and looked at him with open mouth that soon changed into disgust but he cared less. In fact he looked at her as calm as ice.

"Who gave you the right to slap me?" His husky voice made her shiver and she looked in his eyes instantly

"That was part of a ragging damn it." She scorned coming into her senses, no one dared to mess with Piya Dobriyal but this guy was getting on her nerves

His eyes travelled to the group of girls standing at distance. One look on the Tanushree Anbolkar and she shifted uncomfortably under his gaze indicating him that it was her doing. He looked back at the girl struggling to get out of his grip.

"Ragging was of you not mine. You should've thought before agreeing..." He said mocking a smile

She gave him a disbelief look and concentrated back to free her hand from his grip even when her heart was burning in anger and she cursed him thousand times in her mind she didn't say anything.

A subtle smile adored his face as he watched her fruitless efforts.

She sighed out loud finally giving up. She looked at him and was furious to realize he was actually enjoying seeing her struggling. Her nose flared up.

"Will you leave my hand for god sake?" She shouted on top of her lungs

She was breathing heavily and he was amused of her reaction. Both were looking at each other forgetting about their surrounding.

He opened his palm leaving her hand but his gaze stuck at her. 

She looked at her hand in surprise and looked back at him.

"You left it?" She whispered in shock as she didn't thought he would left her so easily judging by his attitude

"Should I hold it back?" He raised his eyebrow pocketing his hands

She looked at her hand and quickly withdraw it glaring him. 

He smirked and turned around.

"I don't like to play with immature kids.." he said before leaving royally while open mouthed Piya Dobriyal stood fuming at the guts of Abhay Raichand

Back to Present

He shook his head remembering the shocked faces of everyone in college when the two had left, completely unaware of the stir that they had created in college.

"Their meeting never stopped after that. In fact it become more frequent since both shared almost same classroom in the same college. With their frequent meeting their quarrels increased and the whole college saw a completely different Abhay Raichand. The guy who never cared to talk to anyone would enjoy teasing a girl. Once Abhay save her and instead of thanking him she had blasted on him..." He chuckled through tears remembering their another silly fight


College was decorated with red and white balloons. The reason was simple, it was a valentine day. Whole college was buzzing that day. Running here and there, decorating college, some busy in getting ideas from their single friends to surprise their girlfriend and some were nervous to purpose their crushes. All in all, everyone had their own business to take care of.

Abhay on the other hand was surprisingly frustrated of all the romantic look of college. It wasn't like he never saw college like that before but he had always ignored it but from the time of entry of Piya in his life he started to respond to environment happenings. 

He groaned looking around. Unable to stand the stuff he decided to move out of the college. He pulled out his phone to distract himself till he reach the parking lot of college.

He raised his eyes on reaching the car and that's when his eyes caught her glimpse from far and he was surprised to see Piya walking without paying attention to the big hole in ground just in front of her.

"Damn this girl..." He gritted and rushed to protect her

He held her wrist and pulled her right on time when her foot was on edge and that's when unthinkable happen. His own leg tripped on a stone and he fall on his back with Piya came crashing on top of him.

Her hair covered her face as she hit his chest. She slowly looked up to see him looking at her. For a fraction of second she just couldn't breath. He was insanely handsome.

She blinked her eyes looking away cursing herself for her thoughts.

"What's your problem huh? Why you always come in my way?" Piya asked instead of standing up, she actually forgot she was laying on top of him and just started to lash him just to lighten her heart that became crazy when closed to him

"Actually its you who always find wrong path. It will be better if you buy some pair of glasses for yourself oh.." Abhay stopped for a second smirking lightly "I think the glasses won't help you either because the fault is in your mind not in your eyes..." Abhay said with sweet smile that was more of mocking her thus infuriating Piya

" You..." She tried to move her hand and saw he was holding her one hand, she looked at him

"Again?" She shrieked "why do you always find ways to hold my hand?" She said angrily

"Well am not just holding your hand if you notice... But you are too busy in enjoying my company that you didn't bother my back is hurting" Abhay replied back

Piya mouth remained open. She realized she was on top of him and they were on ground with him holding her from waist. Her heart flutteref but what if someone see them like that? She tried to stood up but due to Abhay holding her from hand and waist she fell back on Abhay.

"Now what? Leave me..." Piya said annoyed

"Not so easily..." Abhay said "first thank me for saving you" 

"What the heck... I won't thank you ever.." Piya retorted back

"I'm not leaving you then..." Abhay said shrugging

Piya was angry at first but then smiled.

"Fine then... It's not my back hurting..." Piya said clearly indicating she would instead remain on top of him than thanking him

Abhay raised his eyebrow. He was amused of her attitude. She was ready to be in his arms than to thank him and walk away. What a attitude!

"So... You want to be with me huh?" Abhay said with smirk

She looked at him horrified. She gulped looking around. What if someone come there? They would doubt them definitely...

"Abhay..." Piya bit her lower lip in nervousness

"I saved you Piya and you can't even thank me.. not done..." Abhay said understanding her unsaid word

"You didn't save me okay? It is due to you only I'm here, I didn't ask you to pull such stunts to irritate me..." Piya said thinking that he was talking about pulling her on top and not letting her fall on ground she was still unaware of the fact that she was going to fall down in a hole

"I'm not leaving you then and you know that..." Abhay smirked reminding her of previous incident

Piya became nervous. Her heart thump loudly. She looked at Abhay making face. 

"Why are you so stubborn?" Piya cried

"Why are you so annoying?" Abhay asked making face

"Can't you live without damn thank you?" Piya asked frustrated

"Why should I? I saved you and I won't leave you without getting my thank..." He said tightening his grip around her waist making her shiver

She swallowed hard and looked at him helplessly. He was so arrogant and would demand thank like a spoilt brat so what if he was the most handsome guy, he should be polite too but no... Piya put brake to her thoughts angry on her own thoughts regarding him. She looked at his smiling face with irritation.

"Fine... Thank you..." Piya said clenching her teeth

"I didn't hear you, can you say it loud?" Abhay said enjoying her expressions

Piya looked at him angrily. He was such a spoilt brat though she didn't know it was just for her...

"Thank youuu" she shouted loudly in his ears

"That wasn't genuine.." Abhay made face not even flinching for once that Piya was expecting

Piya looked away with attitude. She didn't reply him. If he was stubborn she wasn't less.

Piya gasped as in a jiff Abhay pulled her below him and came on top of her. He held both of her hands pinning her to ground. She looked at him in disbelief and he just smirked at her. She couldn't say anything as if words were just stuck in her throat.

Abhay stood up with a quick move and gave her a cheeky look making her gap at him.

He extended his hand to help her. She looked at his hand and then at him.

Abhay shrugged and pulled his hand back. Dusting off his clothes he walked away with a smirk.

"One thank you one help..." She heared him saying as he walked off

Piya fumed seeing him going. She realized he just teased her twice. First by shocking her pulling her below him and then offering a sarcastic help to stand back...

 She pushed her palm on ground and sat up. She muttered some curses eyeing him going and stood up stomping her foot on ground. That's when her eyes fell on the ground hole and her mouth remained open. Guilt surge through her as she turned around eyeing his car accelerating away.

He was just saving her...

But seeing him winking at her from his hazy glimpse beyond the window of his car vanished her guilt and she was annoyed once again.

"Bloody jerk... Couldn't live without thanks after helping.."

Back to present

She looked at his picture and smiled. Wasn't he a sweetheart? She turned to her father once again wanting to hear more.

"They were effecting each other but were in their own world to realize it. The whole college knew their was love story in their fights and it was just them who won't feel it. I wonder if Abhay would've let it happen if he knew the effect they were having on each other." He said thoughtfully

"Why? Why won't he?" She couldn't resist herself from asking

She regretted asking seeing her father response. He started to ignore her and became nervous.

"I think its enough you know who he is now.." he said

"I want to know his story father.. I want to know what happen to him. Tell me all..." She said pouting

"Ananya... Its..." Her father tried to resist

She didn't budge and he sighed looking away.

"No one dared to look at Piya. They all knew she got her love but there were a few people who couldn't digest their blooming love and a few who couldn't see Abhay being happy..." He sighed painfully holding the table for support

"It was a day after the valentine day, after their fall, when Abhay reached college and stood rooted to ground..." He recalled the fateful day


Abhay was in a good mood after yesterday bickering with Piya. He parked his car and got out.

As soon Abhay entered the college he was shocked. He couldn't understand what was happening.

Piya was crying while everyone surrounding her was just looking at her angrily.

He walked in the circle and looked around. He wanted to walk towards Piya and know the reason behind her tears but he didn't. Something stopped him.

"What's happening here?" Abhay asked angrily, why was everyone so silent when Piya was crying? So inhuman!

Everyone looked at him and turned their heads. Some were disgusted but others seemed helpless.

He felt angry but fisting his hand controlled himself. He walked to Piya and looked at her softly not able to see the tears in her eyes. Something pricked him seeing her in disheveled state.

"What happen, Piya?" He asked

Piya looked at him like noticing him first time. She gazed him.

He was surprised to see her getting angry but waited for her answer. The tears soaking her cheeks were making him weak.

The next moment he felt a stinging feeling on his cheek. His face turned to side. He eyed Piya with shock and...hurt. 

He couldn't believe that the girl he was worried for, just slapped him with.. disgust? 

"Pi..." He tried to speak but she raised her hand once again to slap him

This time he held her hand from wrist. He fumed looking at her. He couldn't believe she would just slap him without reason particularly when he was trying to wipe the sadness from her face.

She tried to pull out her hand but stopped and looked at him.

"This is what you can do right? I couldn't believe you can fall so low? You disgust me Abhay Raichand..." She cried

Hurt came out in the form of anger as he looked at her with fire in his gray eyes while she looked at him with tears and disgust in her brown eyes.

She tried to pull out her hand harshly but his grip was strong. It was the remembrance of their first meet and every fight but there was something different today. They weren't amused or annoyed but angry. Anger that was burning like fire.

"What the hell is this, Piya?" Abhay gritted unable to believe she was speaking low of him just because he didn't let her slap him

"You are asking me this?" Piya said with tears "I always thought you are arrogant but I never knew you have such a black heart... How can you do it? Was it because I tried to slap you at first day so you fall so low to take revenge?" Piya asked looking at him

That's it! Abhay couldn't bear it anymore. He was frustrated. No one was telling him anything and even Piya was behaving completely different. He couldn't control his anger anymore.

"Can anyone tell me what's wrong here?" Abhay roared looking at everyone shaking everyone by the intensity in his voice

Misha, Piya friend, came forward. She pointed towards notice board. 

Abhay looked at Piya and then towards notice board. He walked towards notice board without leaving her hand thus pulling her with him not caring the raise in her anger.

His eyes widened looking at the notice board. He fisted his hand as the fire in him flamed up. His gray eyes darkened.

 A painful yelp brought him in senses and he looked at Piya squeezing her eyes wincing. He looked at her hand, he was holding, and was shocked to realize that in his anger he tightened his grip on her hand leaving the devilish marks on her white skin. He quickly left her hand and looked at her with concern and guilt.

"Piya..am so..." Abhay tried to apologise but Piya showed him her palm with fresh tears in her eyes

"Don't Abhay... Just don't... Hurting me is your habit and who knows after apologizing you took revenge on me for making you say sorry..." Piya said with broken voice

Abhay fisted his hand looking away. His eyes again darted to the notice board where the picture of her with him in a compromising position was pinned. It was from their yesterday fall but someone took the picture from the angle that it gave wrong idea. 

He looked at Piya and their eyes meet with hatred and accusation in both. He quickly left the college without another word.

Back to Present

"Though the plan was to seed hatred between the two and defame Piya but unknowingly it turned in the favor of Abhay and Piya love story..." He smiled as he pulled out the drawer and looked at something inside it

Ananya became curious. It was turning interesting. She never found love story interesting but this one had an attraction.

"Piya cried that day because she knew she will be dispelled the next day. But Abhay didn't sat silent. The moment he left the college he started his investigation. It wasn't difficult for him to find out who did it and why. So when the next day, college commenced everyone saw an angry Abhay with a half dead boy pleading for mercy. That boy himself admitted that he wanted to defame Piya since she rejected him. He told them the truth but that wasn't the end, Abhay Raichand furious warning made everyone apologize to Piya for bad mouthing her."

She smiled widely. Yes that was the perfect thing to retain the dignity of his lover. Abhay Raichand was surely a best lover...

"This point marked their friendship as Piya perspective changed about him though her heart already knew but after this her mind too agreed..." He pulled the drawer close and continued


Piya looked in his gray eyes. Everyone was apologising her but she didn't hear anything or look at them. Her eyes were just stopped at the person standing at distance. She jerked as she saw him walking away. Her path was blocked by students apologising her. 

"Its okay guys..." She muttered quickly making her way out

She had to mend what she destroyed.

She saw him sitting on a bench reading a book. She sat beside him silently. He stood up seeing her. She looked at him startled but understood his anger. She stood up too.

Abhay started to walk away but Piya held his hand surprising him. He looked at her fingers wrapped around his wrist and then looked at her. He raised his eyebrow.

"Fine fine.. I know you are strong and can remove my hand in second and only you can hold hand better..." She stopped and looked at him with wide eyes, she became nervous realising what she said

Abhay suppressed his smile. 

She left her hand and he crossed his arms over his chest looking at her with interest.

Piya sighed closing her eyes. She took a sharp breath and looked at him.

"I am sorry... I am really sorry..." She looked at him with guilt "I didn't know what came in my mind... I wasn't suppose to say it..." She held her forehead feeling torrent of emotions

"They called me characterless and what not.. I was really hurt... Everyone was blaming me without reason... My mind stopped working and I just couldn't understand anything..." Piya looked at him for answer but seeing the blankness, her eyes welled up

"I really didn't want to hurt you but I..." She sniffed before continuing "I was reminded of my mother... My..." Her voice trembled as she tried to speak

 Abhay was startled to see her crying. He dropped his hand and wanted to hold her but stopped himself. 

"My father did same... He cheated my mother and when he... He found she... She was pregnant... He... He left... He defamed her... He publicised her... Pi.. Picture... She was left stranded as everyone blamed her... He did it...it.. to take revenge on my mother... Because..." Her words broke and she couldn't continued as lump formed in her throat due to continuous crying and remembrance of her mother tears

Abhay was hesitant but seeing her crying he couldn't stop himself and took her in a comforting hug. She cried hiding her face in his chest.

"He did all... Just for... Revenge... Because... Because... My mother had rejected him once... So he put up an act... And...and s..."she couldn't continue anymore as her crying increased

Abhay stroked her silky hair.

"Shhh... Its okay, Piya... Forget it... Forget everything... Its fine..." Abhay said ever so softly that he was himself surprised of his tone

After some minutes, her cries subsided but she was hiccuping due to so much crying. She calmed down completely after five minutes staying in his arms all this while. She realised her state and quickly came out of his hug. She wiped her tears as her cheeks heat up. She looked at him embarrassed.

"Sorry... I just..." Piya bit her lower lip in nervousness

Abhay didn't reply. He looked at her with unreadable expression. He was feeling bad for her.

"I don't have many friends... So will you?" Piya said suddenly with hesitation and chewed her lower lip as her gaze lowered

Abhay was taken aback but he took an opportunity to tease her and lighten the environment.

"Think carefully! you have slapped me yesterday..." Abhay warned raising his hands

"No problem... From where I'll get such a friend who protect me from dangers even when I scold him? I can compromise a little for such a friend..." Piya said in reply with a subtle smile

"But I can't compromise... Sorry..." Abhay gave cute mocking smile and started to go

Piya pouted and Abhay couldn't stop himself from laughing at her expressions. A laugh that he forgot long back shone on his face like never before and Piya couldn't took off her eyes from his face...


He stood by window gazing far at sky.

"Moment of happiness it was... Though Abhay never accepted the friendship in clear words but Piya would always stick to him as a friend. Their fights never ended though mellowed down. The love that was blooming from their first meet had started to show up much more clearly and even the enemies got the whiff of the Abhay love interest after all there was a lot of change in Abhay behavior. He turned a completely different person not just with Piya but with everyone and anyone could've realized it was due to love and then Abha..." He stopped feeling hesitant, he looked at his daughter waiting for him to continue with impatience

Ananya realized that the love story has taken turn from that point. Something happened that even her father wasn't ready to share to her. Her father was hesitant from start but this time she felt it was the point her father wasn't ready to spoke out.

"I don't want any excuse father. Tell me what happen next?" Ananya squealed

He looked at her and felt helpless.

"That's it, Ananya. They fell in love and proposed each other..." He tried to escape but Ananya didn't let him

"They didn't! I want to know what happen to them... C'mon father why are you so reluctant to tell me about him?" Ananya was frustrated now

"Because its not an ordinary love story, Ananya. Its more than you can even dream in your worst nightmare..." He shouted unable to stand it

Ananya felt a shiver ran down her spine. She almost trembled feeling the cold wind on her skin. What could be so worse?

"I want to know..." She whispered shocking him

She looked at him with determination. She had got so far to back off...

"I want to know even if it is worst... I want to know what held Abhay back... What happen to his love story? Why he was so insecure to accept at first place? Why is it that a life of a boy effects you so much?" She said it out

He looked at her startled. He knew she was old enough to find the dark secret of past. Maybe it was best he tell her himself or he might lose her in her quest to find about the truth that could be never hidden.

He sucks the air to normalize his breathing.

"Will you believe me? Will you be able to accept tha truth that is stranger than fiction?" He asked

"Yes!" She said strongly

"Fine..."he sighed slumping his shoulder

"Abhay realized that Piya and he was in love. He couldn't stand the truth. He was terrified by The reality but he was too late to realize it because on the same day he realized in a college party, Piya confessed him herself. He stood shocked. More than shock he was heartbroken and scared because it wasn't suppose to happen. He knew the consequences that Piya was unaware of... He left immediately without answering Piya and she... She was hurt and confused but more than her it was Abhay who was torn but as I said it was too late now..." He said remembering that happen later


Abhay stumbled on road remembering Piya confession. His eyes were stinging with unshed tears as he swallowed the pain that was no where suppressing. He didn't know how to be happy... There was no reason to... Not because he didn't like Piya but because he knew... Piya would never accept him.

He looked at sky with pain etched on his face. Suddenly screams diverted him from his pain and he turned around. The shock reeled through him as he watched the flames dancing around with smoke raising up high. He quickly rushed behind towards party Hall and asked few students about the matter. 

"I don't know anything... Suddenly just fire flamed up from the back side..." Student ran away telling so

Everyone was trying to save their life but Abhay stood rooted to ground. The words of student echoed in his ears.

"From back side..."

He remembered Piya confessing him in back garden. He quickly turned and ran to back side without anyone's notice.

The garden was engulfed in wild flames. The vision was disturbed by thick cloud of black smoke but he could see her badly coughing in the center of flames. She was half conscious.

His own mind got clouded with desperation as he saw her in a state of dire. He couldn't even imagine her getting hurt.

He tried to enter the flames but it hurt him and he jumped back yelping. 

"Ab..hay..." Piya broken voice made him look at her forgetting the pain he endured a second back

No, he had to save Piya. He thought with determination and forgetting every restriction tried to jump in the circle of fire. The fire burnt him from all sides and bloodcurling scream escaped from his mouth, frightening everyone out there and making them run away thinking something dangerous on way.

Abhay realized he won't be able to reach Piya in such state. The fire would consume him way before then. Fire was their weakness after all but not his...

Then the sky witnessed what no one could imagine. 

From the cloud of darkness, Piya could see the illuminating blue eyes. Her breath, if was difficult before, stopped seeing the sight. She could feel the darkness consuming her but from her half conscious state, she saw him reaching her with glory. Even when she lost her conscious, she could see the, once gray but now blue eyes.

He held her hand waiting for her to wake up. Fear was evident on his face. He didn't know what would happen when she open her eyes but he was content too that she was fine. He did the biggest mistake but he don't regret as long she was breathing.

He turned attentive as she stirred. Her eyeballs move before she opened her eyes slowly. Their eyes meet. 

He moved back as she sat quickly looking at him with shock. He looked down unable to meet his eyes with her while she tried to see those eyes once again.

"What are you?"

He heared her whispering and swallowed painfully. The bitter reality of his life was just in open...

He looked at her with most vulnerable emotions.

"Are you fine?" He asked instead with hesitation

She nodded though he didn't hope she would.

"Abhay... Will you not tell me?" She asked softly

He was surprised by the softness in her eyes. He just looked at her trying to understand her. He never felt such a genuine love before...

"Don't you know?" He asked with difficulty

"I want to know from you..." She replied touching his hand

"I..." He gulped unable to handle the turmoil of emotions "I am a... Vampire..." He hung his head as he said out

There was a silence for long time. At once, Abhay thought she fainted once again. He looked up at her and saw her looking at him without blinking.

"Piya... I..." He couldn't say anything more as his voice deceive him

"I never saw such a good and handsome vampire before..." 

He looked at her surprised. He saw her smiling and was shocked more than before. Did she accept him? Just like that?


She just smiled at him.

"Won't you tell me about yourself? Won't you tell me the story behind the reason that didn't let you accept OUR love?" Piya asked sweetly

He was warmed up by her gesture. She just said 'our love'. She accepted him and not just that but accepted his love too that he never confessed. He was too lost to say anything.

"Ok tell me why were you so hurt by fire before turning into a vampire?" Piya asked holding his hand as they sat under a tree far from anyone's eyes

"Fire is every specie weakness.. I don't think there's any specie that can withstand fire and vampires are no exception but yes being the head of vampire clan I have certain powers that can shield me from fire..." Abhay explained

"Your are vampires head?" Piya asked with excitement and it surprised Abhay that how could she be so happy instead of being afraid

"Yes... First it was my father but after his death I got the powers..." Abhay replied slowly

"Vampires do die?" Piya asked surprised 

Abhay nodded.

"Death is the ultimate destination. No one can avoid it..." Abhay replied with far off glance

"What happen to your father?" Piya asked after a moment of hesitation

"He was killed in a fight with fellow evil vampires" Abhay looked down as he replied

"You loved him a lot, don't you?" Piya said feeling his sadness

Abhay nodded slowly.

"He was the only one who love me more than anything after I turned a vampire..." Abhay replied "his death hurt me a lot... It was like feeling death once again..."

Piya pressed his hands to give him a support.

"But.. you... You brought back life in me.. I never realized I was in love with you until today... I can never lose you, Piya.. I don't want to lose you... I'll die once again..." Abhay looked at him with so much pain that even Piya eyes welled up and she quickly hugged him

"I'll never leave you, Abhay... You are my life after all..." Piya whispered in his ears as they hugged each other

They remained in hug for a minute that seemed like eternity. They felt like in a heaven and wanted the world to stop at this point but the reality always hurts...

Piya became confused as Abhay dropped his hands not responding her hug anymore. She broke the hug and looked at him.

He was aghast. The reality sucks all the color from his face. What was he thinking?

He quickly looked away.

"What happen, Abhay?" Piya asked confused at his behavior

"Its not possible..." He mumbled confusing Piya more "it's not possible Piya... We... You and me... It is not possible..." He mumbled in despair

"What are you saying Abhay? Why is it not possible?" Piya asked

"I'm a vampire... A blood sucking beast... Who died years back... And you... You are a human Piya... You are life... I'm death... Life and death can be never together..." Abhay said looking at her making her realize the bitter reality

"So what? I love you Abhay... You love me... And it is more than enough for us to be together" Piya said not caring for the life he was offering her

"Don't you understand, Piya? I'm a vampire... I am a monster... I have power that can destroy the world..." Abhay said exasperated why wasn't she not understanding it would bring death for her

"You are not monster, Abhay. I have seen the love in you. So what you do bad things, you are not bad from heart and that's all that matter to me..." Piya said with so much love that Abhay was overwhelmed but he couldn't accept the love she was offering because it was on the cost of her life and he wasn't ready to lose her its him who is cursed and he couldn't let his curse, shadow her life

"I don't have heart, Piya. It stopped beating long back..." Abhay voice cracked as he spoke fighting with pain

"Love is to accept the bad side not to avoid it and instead help to get over evilness. We all have evils in us. Your heart might be dead but it is pure than any human I have ever met... I accept you for who you are..." Piya said softly holding his hand and looking in his eyes filled with sadness

Abhay freed her hand from her grip and turned out painfully. His chest heaving with pain.

"Do you even know what you are asking for? Haven't you seen what happen sometime before? You would've died because of me... My enemies won't let you live..." Abhay said chocking on his tears remembering how he was going to lose her sometime back

"Then protect me, Abhay..."

Her words startled him. He turned around to look at her. He could see immense love in her eyes. The love he yearned all of his life.. that love was finally in front of him and he could just have it but the fear of losing her was killing him every second...

"Only you can protect me and I trust you with my safety. I know you won't let me down..." Piya cupped his face and looked at him trying to remove the pain he was holding from ages " I just want to be beside you Abhay. Don't push me away... I won't be able to live without you, Abhay. I'll di..." 

Abhay quickly closed her mouth by his palm not letting her complete the words. The pain was replaced by fear as he looked at her like making sure she was fine and it warmed Piya heart. She had no doubt about his love it was so evident.

She hold his hand and removed from her mouth. The smile lightening her face.

"See, this is what I was speaking about, Abhay... You won't let anything hurt me..." Piya said with a smile that had the trust of world

Abhay just kept on looking at her. He couldn't believe it was true. He was so lucky to have her in his life. But was the fate really on his side.

Despite of fear Abhay just wanted to feel the love that he never got. He wanted to be selfish for once... He wanted to have Piya by his side even if it costs his life he was ready to give his whole life for that one second with her.

He took her in a hug dropping all his guards he just feel the love of his life.

"I won't let anything happen to you... I promise..." He whispered while hugging her

Back to present

Tears slipped from his eyes as their promises haunt him. He squeezed his eyes inhaling sharply.

"What are you saying?"

Her shocked voice brought him back from his reverie. He swiped the tears from his face so not to be seen by his daughter but maybe he was too late.

He looked at her and sighed. The disbelief on her face... It was expected. He took the book from table and avoid looking at her.

"I'm telling what you wanted to know..." He said casually scanning the pages of book while his eyes looked at her time to time

"I asked about the life of this person not for some fairy tale father..." Ananya said pointing towards the happiness filled face of Abhay Raichand

Her fury turned into confusion as her father chuckled. There was something in it. He wasn't happy...it was of some sadness...

"Fairytales doesn't exist... They are fiction and reality is bitter than fiction..." He said sourly, his face etched with unfathom anger and feelings

Ananya gulped to calm down herself. She wasn't ready to believe such a shit.

"I don't believe it... Are you trying to divert me from the life of Abhay by cooking the story of vampires and all?" She asked angrily forgetting she was talking to her father

"I think you don't wish to listen more..." He placed the book he was holding and started to move out with baby steps

"How so you know all this?" She asked suddenly making him stop in his tracks

He turned and looked at her. She too looked at him with determination.

"How do you know about Abhay so much? I agree about the moments he spend on college but how do you know about his feelings when he was alone? You are telling me like you saw each and every bit of his life with your own eyes or maybe lived it yourself..." She stopped and observed his nervousness

"either this story is entirely cooked up just to end my questions for once and forever or..." Ananya stopped to notce his expression on his next words "... Or You are Abhay Raichand..."

She saw him looking at her startled on her last sentence. He was shocked but that was soon transformed into unfathomable emotions as he smiled sarcastically. Was she thinking right? But that wasn't possible...

Her gaze once again stopped at Abhay picture. His smile... The aura of happiness surrounding him... 
Her restless heart became calm looking at his serene smile yet she couldn't shook off the aura of mystery surrounding the colourful picture of Abhay Raichand...

"What happen after that?" She asked closing her eyes with defeat, she wanted to know about him and for that she could do anything even if it meant trusting her father

Her father took out the book from racks and sat on chair feeling weak. It wasn't going to be easy after all...


I don't think anyone will want PM for next update since I'll upload it by tonight or maybe tomorrow itself but still if someone wants PM then buddy me or post in comment. Smile

I won't take much time to post next part.

Thank you,


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Res/ Unres
finally uresing yaar really myne kitne din kardiya is unres karne me whole 2 months actually more than 2 monthsLOL
sorry for that dear first I was busy with exams then Ramzan and then health so not got the time to read the story and when I read it finally that time I couldn't comment and u know Y and later I forgot to unres only today on seeing the sequel and I got to know that my comment here is pending

and the actual reason I was denying this story to read is its title and its end so first I thought I should not read it as I cant over come soon with sad end stories and u know I leave watching serials too if the good people are suffering in them and I dont allow any one in my home to watch that as I dont want to hear even their cries also 
so funny ryt but I was as I really feel worried about them I know they are just acting but cant calm myself thats the reason it was unres for 2 months
but again I encouraged myself to read as it was your story that I cant skip and finally read it few days ago only 
uff bahoth bak bak hogayi na now coming to update

First of all banner it was really awesome and u know I am very fond of your banners and this one also one of them 
and I loved the concept very much 
abhiya meeting their fight at the first meet was superb
and the man ABHAY who doesn't care about any thing has started to change after he met with PIYA
and their small cute fights were so lovely
uff this type of bas***ds spoil the life of innocents for no reason
if she has rejected him it doesn't mean that u have ryt to spoil her life 
and PIYA she thought that it was all done by ABHAY but he was no less he got the hold of things and found the actual culprit and had exposed infront of everyone
PIYA felt sorry for acusing ABHAY but she was also not wrong in her place as her dad did the same thing with her mom just for revenge so she thought ABHAY was also like him
but she felt sorry and asked forgiveness and also freindship from him  and both became freinds
and their teasing session was so cute
ABHAY realized that he love PIYA and she loves him and he was scared of future and wanted to stop himself but it was too late as PIYA confessed her love to him and ABHAY he just left from there
but he cant be away as PIYA got in to fire and he came to save her 
and in that saving he exposed himself infront of his enemies
and PIYA after knowing about him she was not feared or love lessened instead she was teasing him " I NEVER SAW SUCH A GOOD AND HANDSOME VAMPIRE BEFORE"
and then PIYA herself made him confess his love or I shud say THEIR love

finally part-1 ends here  I mean PART-1 comment 
Uff yar ye comment tha ya updateLOL kitna bada I think its my first long comment ISN'T IT?
If I comment PART-2 comment here people will think me as fortunetellerLOL so I will comment in another comment
Thanks for pm
sorry for very very veryyy late 
Bye take care

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amazing start
Posted: 2018-04-16T04:59:56Z
Originally posted by sana1819786

Unres soonishBig smile
Posted: 2018-04-16T05:00:26Z
Originally posted by ..juhi..

amazing start

Thank you dearSmile
Posted: 2018-04-16T07:53:26Z
Interesting part
Plz update it soon
Posted: 2018-04-16T08:52:00Z
Originally posted by anjalisharma07

Interesting part
Plz update it soon
Thanks dear
I'll update it tomorrow morningSmile
Posted: 2018-04-16T15:24:13Z
Very interesting concept 
Wow abhiya first meeting was interesting 
After meeting with pia abhay totally changed
Abhiya nok jhok was so cute abhay even love to tease pia
Oh hell that jerk ass post abhiya pic just to take revenge from pia as she rejected him disgusting 
Glad abhay didn't sit quite he investigated & expose that asshole in front of everyone 
Poor pia felt guilty for not trusting abhay & from that abhiya friendship start
I felt sorry for both pia & her mom her so called dad did the same to pia's mom how disgusting he is
Hopefully pia will get revenge from that asshole someday 
Oh god abhay left pia when she proposed him
On the other hand pia got into trouble she almost died in fire
Thank god abhay came to save her but abhay biggest secret reveal he is a vampire 
Pia is really strong that she accepted abhay what he is didn't scared with him
Who is that father who is telling abhiya story to his daughter? I'm curious to know abt them
As story going I'm really worried what happened with abhiya all I wish they won't separate or die 
Continue plz 

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