A day with Shivji - Happy Birthday Minaxi

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Minaxi was working in the office of India forums, overwhelmed by the number of reports she had to get through before the end of the day as well as work on a presentation for the revamp of the website.

MinaxiOh Shivji! Too much work and I have to get home in time for Maa's appointment.

<She was continuously checking the time>

MinaxiShivji please guide me, the work pressure is too much, I will lose the will to live at this rate! I know! I know, I could work somewhere else but I don't want a new job. It is my birthday in two days, please could you give me an early birthday present and allow me a break from all of this!

<knock at the door> 

MinaxiYes? Come in. 

PersonHello, I am the new intern here, I have been asked to inform you that the boss has gone home and has advised everyone to do the same. The presentation will take place tomorrow afternoon, so any pending work can be completed in the morning. 

MinaxiYay! my prayer has been accepted. I am going home now. (said a gleeful Minaxi)

           Person: (slightly confused) prayer? what prayer? 

MinaxiOh it's nothing! Just a little something between me and my Shivji. 

PersonOh! Anyway I am going the same way, so would you like me to drop you home?

Minaxi: (to herself) Technically, I shouldn't trust him since I don't know him. But he's maybe just offering since he is new and wants to build good working relationships with colleagues. (aloud) That will be awesome. Thank you. 

<In a hurry, she didn't stop to wonder how on earth he knew where she lived>

MinaxiSo Mr Nameless New Intern, what is your name?

Person: (smiled) Shiva.

<The ride home was quite interesting, Minaxi had bombarded Shiva with questions and learnt how he lived alone in this city and had no close family nor friends. Minaxi felt sad to hear he was alone, so upon reaching home, she invited Shiva for a cup of coffee.>

Minaxi: (Walking into the house with Shiva following closely) Maa? Are you ready? I'm going to grab a quick coffee with my friend and then we'll go! (Her mum retreated from her bedroom) Maa, inse milo, ye Shiva hai, New intern that recently joined the office.

Minaxi's mother: (confused as she couldn't see anyone else in the room besides herself and Minaxi) Who? I don't see anyone. 

Minaxi: (looks back at Shiva, who simply smiles at her and then looks back at her mother) Maa! aap bhi na? at least don't joke with a newly introduced guest Maa? I guess you really need the check-up! (Minaxi proceeds towards the Kitchen to prepare two cups of coffee)

Mother: (feeling slightly uneasy) We are going for a regular check-up Minaxi, I am fine. But it seems you aren't. There really is no one here besides us two. (caressing her daughter's face as Minaxi places the second cup on the table for Shiva) You do so much work dear! It's really taking a toll on you.

<Next day at the office>

<Minaxi was in the Conference room with the rest of the team, ready for her presentation. But something strange had happened - she was certain she had left the presentation incomplete last night - But when she reviewed the presentation this morning, much to her pleasant surprise, it was all complete! Minaxi shrugged it off, thinking maybe her mother was right. She was working too hard and forgetting stuff she'd done.>

Shiva: (Sat beside Minaxi and observed her work activities) Why did you use that orange in the background? (He questioned as he looked at the presentation slides)

MinaxiIt looks peaceful, that is why.

Minaxi's BossWhat looks peaceful!?

MinaxiSir, he asked me about the background. (she said gesturing towards Shiva)

Boss *suspiciously*: (Looking at the empty chair Minaxi was gesturing towards) Erm, who is he? 

Minaxi: (frowned slightly before replying) Shiva aur kaun?

ShivaIsn't it too hot here? Kailash me to aisa nahi hai?

MinaxiThe AC is running at 17 degrees! 

Boss: So?

Minaxi: By the way, did you just say Kailash?! (Shiva nodded positively)

BossNo, I said "So?"

Minaxi: Sorry Sir, I wasn't asking you. I was talking to him who keeps blabbering! (Minaxi frowns at Shiva, who just smiles at her)

Boss: (Looks in the direction, Minaxi is looking at and sees the empty chair) Who are you talking about?

MinaxiSir, I am talking about Shiva (The Boss continues to share a confused look) the new intern, Shiva? (says Minaxi, hoping that would ring a bell, but no luck) 

BossNew intern? are you out of your mind? There is no Shiva here nor any new intern, Minaxi. We are hardly in the position to recruit a new intern especially with all capital being invested in the revamp.

Minaxi was speechless, this was the second time, someone in her presence had refused to acknowledge the presence of Shiva. She walked out of the room absent minded, meanwhile her colleague stepped in to do the presentation. 

It took Minaxi some time to join the dots and realise Shiva was actually Shivji. The real deal! 

<Dinner time. Minaxi had returned early from work that day and her Boss had allowed her time off work for her birthday the following day. >

MotherWell, at least your boss gave you a day off for your birthday dear! Here iss khushi mein have some chappati. 

Shiva: I want dal chaval.

Minaxi: (nodded at Shivji and then addressed her mother) I would like dal chaval Maa.

Mother: (surprised) Huh? Since when did you start liking chaval?

<Minaxi looked towards Shivji and then back at her mother who was looking at her with questionable eyes. Minaxi remained quiet so her mother just served her the chaval. All the while wondering what on earth had happened to Minaxi>

Minaxi *whispers*Aap marvaoge ek din.

Shiva: And ask her to give me some of that him-cream.

MinaxiMaa him-cream do.

Mother (snapped back)Kya? what's that?!

MinaxiEr, ice cream. (she said, whilst biting her tongue)

MotherAre you sure you're alright?

Minaxi: Yes Maa, mujhe kya hoga! You are stressing for now reason. (She said rather nervously and then turned to glare at Shiva, who was about to ask for something else)

ShivaArey I just love that, you are my favorite child!

<At night. In Minaxi's room. Shiva sat eating ice cream, while Minaxi looked at Shivji in awe>

Minaxi: Prabhu, why did you choose me(she said whilst joining her hands together as one does in prayer)

Shiva *scraping out the last of the mango ice cream*I thought I had already answered that.

MinaxiBut aren't you Gods supposed to be impartial?

Shiva *laughing*Encore, encore! There goes the just Moderator of India-Forums Co.! Well, do you regret being my favourite?

MinaxiNo, of course not! I was just wondering what was so special in me that you decided to come meet me personally.

ShivaWell, to answer your first question, you are partially correct. You are just one of my many favourites. Now, coming onto your second question, it is your birthday tomorrow, right? And you prayed with a sincere heart! And I can never reject the wish of a sincere heart and follower. 

Minaxi(Looked in awe at Shivji) Thank you Prabhu. (The clock struck twelve, the next day had begun)

ShivaIt is time for me to leave now! But as I leave on your birthday, I grant a boon for you... ek aisa vardaan jo tumhe har kathinaye mein tumhare kaam aayega. I bestow upon you the boon of patience! no matter what lies ahead, I'll always give you the strength to be patient! 

Minaxi: (feeling ever so grateful, fell to her knees and bowed before Shivji) Thank you Shivji, Thank you! 

<And with that, Shivji disappeared. This was surely a moment she'd remember for many years to come! What a beautiful start to her birthday! For she knew, the day would only get better!>

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Happy Birthday Minaxi!

We wish you have a wonderful day and a lovely year ahead, and always be surrounded with happiness and good health!

May you always have the blessings of Lord Shiva and May He always be there to guide you!

Wishing you a cheerful year ahead with loads of good luck...Happy Birthday once again from the entire team of Crazy Creatives!

Here is a small gift from us on your special day:

|| ..Acciona23.. || MinzPie || .Leprechaun. ||
|| rai-kishori. || Yuvika_15 ||
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Posted: 2018-04-11T23:59:54Z
Happy birthday Minaxi di!

Great work, team! <3
...i am the dance and i still go on...
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Posted: 2018-04-12T00:08:31Z
Happy Birthday Minaxi! Hope u have a wonderful day. Smile
CC team, The writeup and the graphics are awesome.Clap
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Posted: 2018-04-12T00:59:25Z
Happy Birthday Minakshi
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Posted: 2018-04-12T01:14:06Z
Happy Birthday Mina have a fab one <3
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Posted: 2018-04-12T02:13:23Z
Happy birthday deary...
May God bless you and give you happiness
Through out the year
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Posted: 2018-04-12T03:31:15Z
Owesome theme!!!
Feeling truly blessed with The Real Boss's presence in the story.
Folded Hands on LG G5

Thanks a lot CC team, for your amazing efforts.
IF is blessed to have you all in their team. Big smile
Special thanks to, Rang_, Confused_soul & others in bday team for making it special one. Smile

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