New Samaina SS/ FF (18+): Expectedly Unexpected (Part12-Page140)

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Hi guys, 
Sometime back I got this idea for another story on Samaina. Please note that here the characters might seem a little different from what we see on the show. This story too is set in college, in Mumbai. 
Let me know how you guys find it! Kindly ignore the grammatical errors. 
Disclaimer: It is not the sequel of my other FF: Love in Mt. Abu. For that, I guess I would need some more time. Smile And yes,I've censored it as 18+ in case I put in some mature content in here. It would not be explicit though, but this is just a warning in case our innocent readers tread upon this story! Smile

PS: Some quotes/ songs have been referenced from the Internet. Having said that, the respective lines belong to the original, rightful owners. No copyright infringement is intended. 

~ Expectedly Unexpected~

Part 1: The History

Sameer was eyeing her chatting happily over at the plates counter. He didn't know why, but he wasn't able to tear his gaze away from her. Had never been able to!  And today, he felt that familiar unease creep up when that Tibrewal came near her. "Jackasses! Both of them! he thought as he took another swig of whiskey. He knew she was eyeing him through the corner of her eyes. "Did she fancy him? Yeah, he thought so. Well who wouldn't fancy the stud! The Sameer Maheshwari! he thought contentedly. But then, if she was indeed taken in by him, what the hell was she doing, looking all resplendent in that transparent pink sari, fluttering her eyelids in front of that dunce, Tibrewal! Well probably she knew she didn't stand a chance in front of him. "Behenji! College ki freshers pe sari pehen ke aayi hai! Sameer mused as he took another sip of alcohol, his fingers caressing the edge of the glass in his hands, and his eyes still fixated on the woman in that transparent sari.

Naina was fully aware of that pair of beady eyes on her. And she was doing her best to act normal. It was a mountainous task for her, for everytime he looked at her the way he did today, she would seem to melt under that gaze. Those eyes had a strange magic, something which Naina never really understood. Since the day she had almost collided with him on his first day in school, to today- the day of their freshers party in college, Naina would lose herself in those eyes everytime they found hers. It had been love at first sight for her. The plain-jane, sweet, studious Naina fell for the rich, outgoing, handsome stud in her class. The guy every girl in school would drool over!

Naina always hoped to get a chance to talk to him, to spend time with him. A heart in love turns absurdly foolish, she thought. She was well aware that such chances are hard to come by, especially with the gang of pretty girls vying for his attention. Little did she know though during the starting of 11th, she and Sameer would interact much more often than she had ever expected. Though most of these meetings had revealed an unpleasant side of Sameer to her, some had surprisingly displayed a chivalrous man. Like when she had to tell the truth to the principal about the fight he took on with Pankaj on his first day of school- the one which had resulted in his suspension. He had been really upset, not to mention pissed off at her. Yet the same evening, he had helped her take out her shoe stuck in the cycle. And then when her shoes were lost, he'd found them and returned them to her. Naina had been completely bowled over by his sweetness, only to realize two days later, that Sameer had been the one who had stolen the shoes in the first place. Just when they had started to get along (thanks to Naina helping him with studies), their relation or the lack of it had suffered another blow. The paper-stealing incident ended the short-lived camaraderie and Naina decided that she must loathe him. He was a spoilt brat and a good-for-nothing scoundrel, a cheater, to say the least, she convinced herself! However, fate had intervened again and Naina got to know that she had wrongly accused him. At that time, the fault had lied with her own brother- the do gooder. Overcome with remorse, she did eventually ask Arjun to confess his crime to Sameer. Naina expected a big hue and cry from him, but as he heard Arjun's confession, she saw a fleeting wave of emotion pass through his face. He immediately covered it up with his smug expression and said, "it's okay! Bhul jaa! Aur aage se behtaar hoga ki tu aur teri ye chugalkhor behen mujhse door rahein! Post that incident, Sameer had made no effort to hide his anger at Naina. He openly glowered at her whenever he got a chance. Though sometimes, she'd caught him staring at her, not with anger, but with an expression she hadn't been able to place accurately till now. Maybe it was her imagination or maybe he knew she liked him? Or maybe he liked her too? But if such a thought dared cross Naina's mind, she would immediately shrug it off. She did not love Sameer, she would repeat until her mind absorbed this.

Over the past 2-2.5 years, Naina had convinced herself that Sameer too could never love her, that he was way beyond her reach. He was Salman Khan for sure, but he was definitely not the Prem of Maine Pyaar Kiya!' Why would he even look at her the way she wanted him to? Say for instance, the rags in his house might be costlier than her most expensive dress. Naina had nothing to boast about except her academic performance, for which Sameer was hardly a taker. She was cute, but did not know the basics of makeup. She had never even let her hair down in front of a boy. Though she had developed a perfect, hourglass physique over the years, she took care to wear as baggy clothes as possible to hide it from guys, especially from him. Yet Naina always had the uncanny feeling that Sameer was well aware of her measurements since long. A few months into 12th and Sameer had started staring at her openly too. Perhaps he drew some sadistic satisfaction in making her uncomfortable. She could sense the way his eyes would graze her from head to toe, and then he would sneer at her and look the other way. And the way he was staring at her now, was nothing but a confirmation of her instincts- Sameer did know her measurements. This was the first time, she had worn a sari in front of him and that too was paardarshi', if you go by her Taiji's words. She had put on a matching, sleeveless, laced blouse to go with it. Naina had let her luscious locks untied for the first time tonight. Glittering jhumkas adorned her ears. The light lipstick and the eyes lined with kohl had transformed the simpleton Naina into a ravishing woman for the night. And this was all because Shefali had insisted on giving her a makeover for the fresher's night. "Who knows, some hot guy might fall for you, Shefali had chuckled while helping her drape the sari. Naina's heart yearned for the gaze of that one hot guy, and tonight he was obliging her with fervour. He hadn't come over to talk though and instead was over there at the bar, drinking like a lush.

By now, Naina's heart and mind were in two different places where Sameer was concerned. While her heart was foolish in love, her mind was wise. It always warned Naina about the vices of Sameer. He smoke, he drank (now excessively), was arrogant and rude, did not respect her father, liked to display his wealth, was extremely obsessed with his looks and liked females to fall for him and then shrugged them off like they were doormats. A complete womanizer! Naina's mind took over her heart at that point, and she returned her focus on Sanjay Tibrewal, who had been blabbering something from the past 15 minutes.

Suddenly, Sameer could take it no more. He couldn't stand the idiot prattling away in front of her. Tibrewal- the perfect example of all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy'. And though that girl could be a pest, she was genuinely brainy, he did acknowledge. But Tibrewal- he could only rote like a parrot. "Don't know what Naina sees in him! Does she really like him or is she only trying to make me jealous? Huh...not her fault...I can be tempting, he smirked to himself again. His head was spinning a bit. He'd had too much to drink tonight! What had started as a mere tasting session during the Mt. Abu trip in 11th, was turning to become a habit for him. "Well! Who cares! His mother would hardly bother herself on petty things like her biological son becoming a drunkard.

Sameer adjusted his silky hair with his fingers and ambled over to the plates counter. "God, is this Tibrewal glued to the spot or are his shoes too heavy? Can't he move away from her for a bit? he mused again, a little piqued.

Sameer had decided to pursue his graduation from Mumbai on his Nanu's insistence, and he couldn't say no to him. After all, he was the only family he had in this morbid world. And that meant he had to leave Munna and Pandit and all the humour they provided, behind! They had always stood up for him in times of need. Like real brothers would! Munna and Pandit had joined a college in Ahemdabad, and had started helping their dads in their respective shops. On the very first weekend of his college, they had given him a surprise though. They had come over to visit him in Mumbai as they had been missing him a lot. However, what came as a bigger surprise for Sameer (no, it wasn't Tibrewal's entry into their college), but the studious, teacher's pet, the centre of all of Sameer's problems in school- Naina Agarwal had enrolled herself in the same course as him- B.A. (Honours) English. "Why again! For the love of God, thought Sameer.  While Sameer had secured a seat in St. Xaviers, partly on the basis of his performance in cricket (the sports quota), though Nanu's wealth did push things in his favour a little, Naina had secured the seat, purely on the basis of merit. "3 more years to spend with her! he groaned. And then, to top it all, Tibrewal had entered their class, raising Sameer's irritation to a whole new level. However the clincher was when that dolt had come and settled himself on the seat besides Naina. Sameer decided he hated him.

"Tibrewal! Tera naam chewing gum kyun nai rakha tere maa baap ne? Sameer sneered at Sanjay. "Kya? asked Tibrewal as he and Naina looked over at him in surprise. "Kuch nahi...Ja wahan seniors tujhe koi award dene ki baat kar rahe hain! Sameer muttered, taking another swig from his glass. "Haan kya? Naina! Main abhi aaya! Main jaanta hun best 1st year student ka award to mujhe hi milega! Tibrewal said excitedly and ran over to the crowd awaiting the awards. Sameer leaned on the counter for support and said, "saala chewing gum...kya namuna hai...badi achi choice hai tumhari! Naina looked the other way and ignored him. "Kyun abhi tak to bada khilkhila rahi thi us Tibrewal ke sath. Abhi muh pe taala lag gaya? Sameer asked, his voice laced with arrogance. "Kyun tum ghur rahe the mujhe? Naina questioned coldly. "Tumne dekha to tha mujhe ghurte huye! Sameer replied, in an even colder voice. Naina felt herself blush. "Vaise sari jach rahi hai...kisi khaas ke liye tayyar hoke aayi ho? quipped Sameer. Naina saw his eyes sizing her up from top to bottom again, shamelessly. "Sharam nahi aati? she said, as she wrapped the pallu around her, disgusted at his demeanour. "Kis baat ki sharam...ab transparent sari pehnogi to dikhega hi na...dikhane ke liye hi to pehni hai na... Sameer retorted. Naina remained silent, visibly irritated now. And then Sameer added in a salacious whisper, "chahe aise kapde pehno ya apne behenji type ke dheele dhaale kapde, Sameer Maheshwari ki aankhon me X-ray hai...tumhari figure ka andaza lagane ke liye ye pardarshi sari ki zarurat nahi hai. He sipped at his glass again, thoroughly enjoying Naina's disgust and discomfort. "Tum mujhse door raho samjhe. Samajhte kya ho khud ko. Ladkiyan ko aise ghurte ho. Pata nahi tumhari maa ne kya sikhaya hai tumhe! Naina slammed in anger. The last line pricked Sameer. He spoke after a while, "kuch nahi sikhaya usne..., and immediately strode off from there.  

He went straight to the washroom and splashed cold water on his face. The taunt had got the better of alcohol tonight. Tibrewal had returned and told Naina he would need to leave as it was already late. Naina requested him to drop her to the hostel, but he politely declined saying he had to go to another boys' party. "Arey Naina...choti bacchi ho kya...akele chali jao! Bye, he screamed as he ran over to his gang of friends. There was no one to help her around. Naina's shy nature had hardly made her friends in college as yet. Naina fidgeted, not knowing who else to ask for help and slowly started making her way towards her hostel alone. It was a dark night, it was already 10 pm and the hostel was around half an hour from the party venue. Suddenly, Naina saw a flash of light as a bike stopped besides her. Sameer took off his helmet and said, "Oh 26 ki kamar...akeli ja rahi ho? Tumhare chewing gum boyfriend ne nahi choda tumhe? Naina started walking again as if she never heard him. "Sorry..., the word escaped Sameer inadvertently as he drove a little towards her again. "Baith jao, hostel chod deta hun, he added airily. "No thanks! Naina snapped coldly and inched forward. Sameer took off his helmet and slammed it against his bike in anger. "She's too much. Attitude to itna bhara hai isme jaise koi heroine ho! He saw her walking alone in the night and somehow bottled up his rage. He parked his bike nearby and ran besides her. He kept walking with her silently, looking the other way all the while. Naina couldn't control herself after a few minutes. "Tum mera picha kyun kar rahe ho? she asked irritatedly. "Andhi ho...peecha nahi kar raha...saath me chal raha hun! he snapped. "Mat chalo. Mujhe tumhari zarurat nahi hai, retorted Naina. "Aur tum mere layak bhi nahi ho...aayine me dekha hai kabhi khud ko? came the pat reply. "Itni buri hun to kyun chal rahe ho saath mein..., Naina was fuming now. "Baat to sahi hai...tumhare jaisi behenji ke saath koi vaise bhi kuch nahi karega..., Sameer sneered again, but continued to walk. He realized a few steps later that Naina hadn't moved. He turned to look at her. She seemed upset and was glowering with rage. "Tum khud ko samajhte kya ho haan? Koi hero ho film ke ya pati ho mere? Mujhe kisi ki zarurat nahi aur tum jaise ghatiya insaan ki to bilkul bhi nahi, Naina shouted at him. Sameer had had enough. He retraced his steps back towards her, grabbed her arm on impulse and pushed her roughly against a tree on the street. "Aur tum khud ko kya koi heroine samajhti ho jo aise kapdon me raat ko andhere me akele chal rahi ho. Itna dimag dimag karti ho na...zindagi me kabhi istemaal kiya hai? Aur haan, mujhe kya padi ki tum theek se wapis pahuncho ya nahi. Ek to acchai karo, lekin ghatiya fir bhi main. Tum to devi ho! he shouted in anger. He didn't realize he had inched quite close to her while screaming, and her arm was still in his hold. Naina gulped as their eyes met. There was a strange intensity in that eyelock, something which glued them to the spot.

Naina was the first to come out of the trance, "Tum kabhi seedhe muh nahi baat kar sakte? Paida hi badtameez huye the? Naina asked in a much softer voice now as she tried free her arm from his grip. Sameer looked down at his hand and realized. He immediately let go and stared away. "Aur mujhe kisi gair ka choona pasand nahi hai..., added Naina. "Tumhe, Sameer stressed the word, "choone ka koi shauk hai bhi nahi mujhe... After another brief heated eyelock, they both started walking again. A silence etched between them. After a while, Naina stopped again. "Ab kyun ruk gayi? he demanded, now visibly vexed. "Hostel aa gaya hai mera! she replied, a tad bit meekly. Sameer looked up at the hostel building and then at her again. He hadn't realized how time had passed so swiftly with her. Naina gave him one last look as she started climbing the stairs. Her heart was beating wildly. She couldn't pretend anymore. He had touched her tonight, for the first time. He had walked for half-an-hour by her side. Why do women fall for the bad men, she thought as she hopelessly entered her room.

Sameer saw her climb the stairs and stared after her. Like father, like daughter! How is he going to spend 3 more years with this girl! Though, despite his anger, he chuckled as he admitted, "vaise behenji aaj lag to sexy rahi thi...Not bad! If she wore that sari to impress me, then I dare say, she succeeded. Sameer combed his fingers through his hair again and smiled smugly. His charm had made the most studious and simple girl in school and now in college, fall for him too. He was pretty sure of that fact now!

Part 2 (Page 12): Meghnaa...with the double 'a'
Part 3 (Page 23): The Turning Point 
Part 4 (Page 37): The Morning After 
Part 5 (Page 49): I can't stay away from you! 
Part 6 (Page 63): A Farrago of Emotions
Part 7 (Page 76): I Care! Do You?
Part 8 (Page 87): The Confrontation
Part 9 (Page 104): The Romance
Part 10 (Page 116): Shades of Green
Part 11 (Page 125): Hum Aapke Hain Koun?
Part 12 (Page 140): The Monsoon Effect
Part 13: The Winter Break... onwards: 

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Posted: 1 years ago
Res...raat mei padna hai!!!
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Posted: 1 years ago
The bad boys are  always ugly in books and movies. Necessarily so, it seemed. Because if they are attractive--if their looks matched their charm and their cunning --they wouldn't only be dangerous.

They would be irresistible...
And so our Sameer Maheshwari here is...Wink

I think when it comes to bad boys, girls/women have this desire to step forward and try to rescue that sort of individual. It is very appealing to the nurturer inside us I think..

Hence awaiting to see how Naina would be the nurturer than only a temptress in transparent sari.

Loved the inception.It was truly Unexpected but then I am now expecting more from the characters and the writer too.Embarrassed

All in all loved the detailings and the length.Update soon the next part and keep coming up with more surprises.Big smile

Thanks for the PM.

With love-
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Posted: 1 years ago
It's fab dear..
I m happy to see them in college..
We always get attracted to bad boys only..
Waiting for next update dear.. Edited by lakku19 - 1 years ago
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Posted: 1 years ago
Bad boys and their charm! Hahahaha! Sameer the rake and naina the cute sanskari girl who falls for the smug arrogant stud. Am gonna look forward to reading this one. Loved the first part. Sameer's eyes caressing naina while she stealing glances at him through the corner of her eyes. You.nailed It! Their monologues were the best part of the update. The fact that there's raging fire of passion ready to be unleashed on both sides was quite clear. Do continue soon. Will be waiting!
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Posted: 1 years ago
Oooh it was fab. .. i really loved it and their tashan ... Already waiting for next part ... Pls update soon cant wait its a nice story
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Posted: 1 years ago
Amazing start sur
Sameer is a bad boy here... He's so rude and arrogant... So self obsessed... He need to be taught a lesson. 
Sameer jealous of tibriwalLOL... 
He's falling for her or already fallen for her, bt his arrogance won't let him admit that.
Btw i too always wonder why do girls fall for bad boys... There is something about them... Some charm just like sameer.
Anyway amazing story telling... Update soon dear... Thanks for the pm. 
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Posted: 1 years ago
Kya baat hai Sur.. aaj to treat pe treat...!! Dancing

Sameer Maheshwari the bad guy... drunkard... still arrogant... still thinks his charm is the best weapon for girls... but still unexpectedly chivalrous and definitely not a womanizer... AWESOME character formation...!! Day Dreaming

Naina struggling between her heart and mind.. and knowing something is beyond that surface presented to the world... And she is the one who unexpectedly scratches that surface and brings out that core which Sameer tries to hide much to the irritation of the man himself... LOVED IT..!! Heart

Amazing style of writing... and you managed to bring out not only the emotions but the exact EXPRESSIONS the character had on their face... I swear I sneered along with Sameer and had the disgusted expression along with Naina... The eyelock was heated... and the chemistry sizzling...!! ClapClapClap

I am looking forward to read more on how the unexpected circumstances bring forth the unexpected and hidden emotions to the surface... I am sure you will manage to scorch us... and I don't want to escape this fire.

Loved it Sur... Please update soon... Embarrassed
Tadpana mat... warna hum readers ki unexpected emotions bahar aa jayegi!! Wink

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