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Hi Everyone  I am Arohi ...First Time on Yhm Forum With A Shot on IshRa

Dedicating this too my Pyaari Harshita Di Heart



Standing by the window with the gentle wind hugging her and kissing her curves with her long tresses flying in the gentle breeze..the moonlight splashes down it's watery white-silver glow which poured into her room through the curtains bathing her ...she looked angelic...with her arms wrapped around herself try to keep her warm... she stood waiting for her man ...       The fragrance of air filled with his aroma ..taking slow strides he moved forward...she knew it was him but she did not dared to turn back...his hand snaked through her exposed waist ...holding her from behind ..he swept the curtains of hair to one side..burying his face in the crook of her neck he left delicate kisses moving up ..he nibbled her earlobes leaving her weak in her knees...she clenched his fist with her eyes closed...

With a smirk he ran his hands up down of her either sides as he flushed their bodies against one another...his breath fanning across her neck did not help her...the close proximity made her feel dizzy ..she inhaled sharply savoring his scent which intoxicated her...his proximity ...his thumb unconsciously moving up and down along her midriff ...his lips nibbling her neck sucking and soothing ...unable to take in the sweet torture .she turned around hugging him ...their heartbeats synchronized in a rhythm ...their breaths heavier...he lifted her chin up using his looking into her eyes filled with passion and swift moment she was scooped in his arms.

Dil kho gaya ho gaya kisi ka
Ab raasta mil gaya khushi ka
Aankhon mein hai khwab sa kisi ka  

Placing her in the middle of the bed..he took his own sweet time admiring her...making up his mind he leaned forward placing wet kisses along her shoulder blade across her jaw...placing a soft kiss he'd moved forward to taste her lips...he moved forward..they were inches apart ...the only thing she had to do was to tilt her head to enjoy his essence...a gush of wind passed by waking them up...

Ab raasta mil gaya khushi ka
Rishta naya rabba dil chu raha hai
Kheeche mujhe koi dore
Teri ore


She looked around but no one wasn't there..he wasn't there was just a dream...Was it only her dream ?...No it wasn' was the condition of him too...he looked around but she wasn't there...they blushed crimson red thinking about the moments they spent in was their wedding tomorrow ...They both got down from the bed and moved to the window side looking over the the moon and the night sky draped in a blanket of stars...they smiled...gazing over the moon bought them the feeling of them calling each other..they'd smiled...they haven't known each other not less than week and now They are consummated with each other's thoughts ...

Teri ore, Teri ore, Teri ore, Teri ore
Hai rabba
Teri ore, Teri ore, Teri ore

He was a complete stranger a week back...but now he'd become her life ...was this the feeling of being in love ...Is she hopelessly in love with her future ..oops...her tomorrow's  gonna be husband...She squealed in excitement with the new found feeling... caressing his face in the photo she placed a kiss blushing red... Was it the same for him ?...No the feeling of love he felt was when his eyes got locked in her...she walked down the stairs with a tray of coffee ..she was his prospective bride who he had come to see...she was to shy to look at him but he shamelessly had his eyes on her...Did he care that her parents were around nor his parent's were he didn't care ...he felt as only they both were left around..he was mesmerized by her beauty...she bend down a little to hand him the cup of coffee..But was the Groom in mood for coffee ?...No...he was lost in the world of her's ...she had to call him up to twice to break his trance...when her smooth as silk voice pronounced his name.."Raman"...his name from the tip of her tongue added more beauty to his name...he took the cup of coffee from her ...and looked up at her once again

Teri Ore, Teri Ore, 

Teri Ore, Hai Rabba...                                                                                                              

Teri Ore, Teri Ore, Teri Ore                                                                                                                                                  

For her The Moment she walked down from the stairs she got lost in his handsome features ...  He was handsome with a killer smile to go with made her heart skip a beat ...his gaze over her made herself conscious ...she knew he has not blinked since the time he'd set the eyes on her...the moment he took the cup of coffee and looked up and their eyes met hit her ...she'd felt like his eyes captivated hers was as if he was staring straight down into her soul and she couldn't do anything to avoid it... 

 Khulti Fizaein, Khulti Ghatayein                                                                                                       Sar Pe Naya Hai Aasamaan                                                                                                                    Chaaro Dishayein, Hass Ke Bulaye                                                                                                     Yun Sab Hue Hai Meharbaan...Haan...                                                                                              Hume To Yahi Rabba Kasam Se Pata Hai Dil Pe Nahi,                                                                  Koi Zor, Koi Zor 

Now Standing  beside the Window... Tracing his name over her mehendi patterns...She smiled...She could not believe that he had liked her..while leaving he had winked which caught her off guard...gaping at him  a devilishly grin he had left ...she was more than happy to share her life with him ...she had never thought of her future..but now he had become her future...the thoughts of him surfaced her...their future amazes her the what kind of a relationship is marriage...she is yet to get into matrimony...precisely a day left...She could not wait to become...One body..One soul..One life... ...


Teri Ore, Teri Ore,                                                                                                                                                   Teri Ore, Hai Rabba..                                                                                                                             Teri Ore, Teri Ore, Teri Ore 

Here he was ogling at the moon..Wondering why? ...blinded by love...Raman could not see the moon as moon it was her he saw in the moon .."His Ishitha"...His Ishu ...His gonna be life line in future...he turned red...he was blushing...just a day left and she'd become his ..  .just a day...Flawlessly Twelve hours left...Seven hundred twenty five minutes for her to become his...From passing minutes to minutes he checked the clock ...but it seems the nature was testing his patience...the clock strucked as never to move.. ..the moon did not budge to leave the Sun to rise ..The moon ignored the poor Groom's was a long night...                    he sighed...but on the other he did not want the moon to move away...because it was her who he saw...he closed his eyes to live with the flashes of them dancing was their Sangeet ...Guiding her to the dance floor he placed his hands in her waist..She rested her palms in his chest ... The slow music twirled like thread around them...She rested her head of his chest, and let him sway her body 'round and 'round again. The violins came in, then the piano, and then the slow and sure beating of a drum. That was the moment he feelings overtook him and he understood that he was hopelessly in love with his to be wife...without a thought he had cupped her face and placed a deep long kiss in her forehead promising her beautiful lifelong relationship ahead...She went red ... 

  Ek Heer Thi Aur Tha Ek Raanjha,                                                                                                       Kehte Hai Mere Gaon Mein Sacha Ho Dil To...

Sau Mushkilen Hon Jhukta Naseeba Paon Mein..                                                                            Ho Ho..Aanchal Tera Rabba Falak Ban Gaya Hai                                                                             Ab Iska Nahi, Koi Ore, Koi Chore Teri Ore, 

Teri Ore, Teri Ore, Hai Rabba.. 

Teri Ore, Teri OreTeri Ore 

She sat by the window longing for the darkness to go away...The Moon to get replaced by the Sun ...She had not been so desperate for anything in her life but now...She loved night because it bought all the tired souls to rest with blanket of stairs filled in the night sky with the moon ...but now she wanted to scream at The Moon to go away and get replaced by the  Sun Rise...she could not wait...excitement ...anxiety... is killing her...just once she want's to see him...his killer smile...his gaze which she want's to drawn in...bringing her palm to her lips she placed a kiss on the ring he put on her On their Engagement three days back...he had gone on his Knees proposing her for marriage making her gasp...her eyes filled with joy...she too had bend to his level and hugged him overcome with happiness...their bodies pressed ...the warmth...the desire...They almost cease to remember that they had an audience including their parents...a hearing the claps...They had parted Feeling embarrassed she missed the warmth ...she wanted to embrace him...cuddle him...hug him as her teddy bear ...have him close to her heart...she could not wait for sunlight to seep in... 

Dil Kho Gaya, Ho Gaya Kisi Ka...     

 Ab Raasta Mil Gaya, Khushi Ka...                                                                       

 Aankhon Mein Hai Khwab Sa, Kisi Ka... 

"I could not wait to be yours Mr.Raman Kumar Bhalla she whispered to the Moon ...The moon would pass her message to him ...He blushed looking at the moon as if the moon conveyed her feelings to him...gazing up he spoke lovingly "I cannot wait to make you mine"...She face palm herself blushing...Sleep was long gone...both sighed indeed it is gonna be a long night ... They went to bed ...Waiting for the beautiful morning to become One ...Their Souls to be bind together ...                                         

"I love you " They whispered ...hugging the pillows...May be this was the last time they would go to sleep hugging pillows...isn't it ?...after this night Ishu had Raman...Raman Had Ishu...They would become "IshRa"...

Ab Raasta Mil Gaya, Khushi Ka...

Rishta Naya Rabba, Dil Chhu Raha Hai

Kheeche Mujhe Koi Dore, 

Teri Ore... Teri Ore, Teri Ore, 

Teri Ore, Hai Rabba.. Teri Ore, 

Teri OreTeri Ore




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Firstly Thank you so much aarohi for this Tongue
Loved this Os totally
Both ishra madly in love with each other
Omg they consummated in thoughts..
Loved it..
Keep writing like this girl..Edited by harshiidiv - 2018-03-19T09:06:49Z
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Awesome os 
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Originally posted by -Kavya_P-

Awesome os 

Thanks for pm 
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Me Second One 
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Superb os
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Posted: 2018-03-19T05:35:26Z
Loved it
Thank you for the pm
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Nice OS...
Beautifully written...
It was love at first sight for IshRa...
Both are madly in love with each other..
They are eagerly waiting for 'the day' to become IshRa..
Thank you...
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