Geet 8th Anniversary Celebration thread

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Posted: 3 years ago
it's unbelievable , Our Geet Show completed 8 years and we are here and celebrating the event back to back... 
ek choti si jhalak is sath ke naam

kuch  yaad aaya aapko Wink

let's start the eventBig smile

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why we need index when we going or check all pages so let's start from page 1 to 16Wink  & important note on page 86 (10.04.2018)

Writer name revealed on page 126
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Priya : kaha se shuru kre hum ye kahani
Preety : stop here
sanju : savdhan
is baar sath hongi PC Wink

kalpi : kitna khatra hai bhai

priya : now can i continueWink
trio noddedBig smile
priya : kahani ko shuru krne se phle
one small note
Preety : yaha bhi note

sanju : ha PC
jaruri hai

Kalpi : safety purpose

Priya : if anyone have any problem with any content
just contact us
not post comment here regarding this
taking story , from movies, novels, TV and from any another sources not come in copyright issue...we not support plagiarism , concept can be same... so don't point out those things...  

preety : we hoping you understand our this point and don't mess the thread

Sanju  : so let's rock
Kalpi : humari phli kahani 

Preety : stop stop
Sanju : now what
Preety : SD let me speak
priya : bol PC BOL
Preety : last time you trio enjoyed alone
so this time i going introduce first story
sanju : ah le
itni si baat
priya : jaa PC jaa 
kalpi : Preety di
help me too
ye dono itna ladte hai
mujhe bhi mauka nhi dete
preety : poor girl
sanju : kalpi tu apni di ko kh rhi hai
priya : ha sanju tujhe kh rhi hai
aur khud ko
preety : not again
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maan : tumhara asar in bechare fans pe bhi pd gya hai
geet : mujhe kh rhe ho
mana : nhi 
mein toh wall se baat kr rha hu
geet : then fine
aur baat kro diwar se
ab na ussi se baat krna
kyunki mujhse baat krne ka time toh hota nhi hai aapke pass
maan : oh babaji
save me
geet : isme babaji kya kare
mein hi pagal thi
aapke pyaar me pd gyi
maan : mein bhi kitna pagal tha
geet : finally you accepted
ase apni galatiya maan lag jaayo
she patted his cheek and left...
poor maan go in shock Shocked

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Around 9 PM, in small town Amritsar at bus stop, one Man sitting of Roadways Bus for going to Delhi, in this period, one bike come and stop near bus stop, one guy removed helmet and handover to another guy, he realized he is not any guy but girl, her long hairs, her pink lips, her side face, he can see from that side, that Man shouted on her, she turn face to my side, wipe the tears from back hand... Her beautiful eyes now fill with tears... he not able hear what both talking but he feeling bad for that girl , she take  bag from him and silently take steps towards bus Stop, that guy left her here alone...

His eyes not want to miss her expressions, he not getting why his heart not liking tears in her eyes , she feel someone gaze upon self, she look towards him, he look down not want meet eyes with her... he don't want she get to know he staring her... He is feeling catch...

Bus come and both take steps in bus, she take window seat and placed bag on another seat, he roam in full bus, only two seats are emptied, first occupied by her bag and another man sleeping not ready to take him space, in end he come back to her seat and pick her bag placed on floor and sit beside her...

In mid he start stealing glances of her face, she so much lost in today event, how her one year relation break...few more tears slipped from her eyes... he feel bad for her.. He want to distract her mind...

Excuse me




Can you close the window, I feeling little cold?


She not move and again lost in own miseries... he stand and close the window, his hand touched her hand... she take hand back and he also come and sit beside her...


She close the eyes and lost in past hour incident


Only for him, she wear tight fitted jeans, sort top with black jacket, all things going good with him, she lost in his arms, he hold her more close and try to kiss him... she is perfect match for her, but she feeling uncomfortable, she push him...

What you have problem geet

Whenever I try to come closer

You push me

Karan I specially come here for you

I get ready for you

But I not feel good

I mean


Just shut up

You love me right





Then what you have problem

I think you are not perfect for me


Please karan listen me once


I can't spend my life with abnormal girl

Who can't kiss own boyfriend



She opened the eyes and feel same stranger gaze, she wipes the tears and said own self

Am normal

Geet you are normal


He thinks what she mummers, why she holding fingers tightly

I hope she is fine


He placed hand on her shoulder, she opens the eyes and next moment her lips touched his cheeks... he placed palm on cheek and get sweet shock in own life, first time one stranger girl kissed him...he blushed little...

Geet : am normal

Dekha tumne

I kissed you


Karan ko lagta hai am abnormal

Mein kiss nhi kr sakti

Dekho now I kiss you


Let me call him

I tell him I kissed one stranger


Few seconds ago he flying in sweet world sudden boy name in her life makes him restless; he held her hand and said tumhe call nhi krna chaiye

Geet : tum hote kaun ho


Whi stranger jisse tumne kuch minutes phle kiss kiya


Geet : dekho mujhe call krne do


He is not right for you


Geet : oh hello

He is my perfect match

He matching with my check list

She takes out one book from bag and showed him


Maan : ye sb book na bakwas hoti hai

Tum in sb cheezo me believe krti hu

Geet : I don't getting why I talking with you

Maan : tum ladkiyo ka na yhi problem hai

Kuch khdo

Toh mooh fela ke baith jaati hai


Geet : you


Conductor : bus going stop here for 15 minutes

Kissi ko kuch khana pina hai toh samaan lele


Maan : chalo niche chalte hai

Geet : am not going down

Maan : bhookha rehna hai pure raste

Jaha tak mujhe lagta hai

Due to fight you not eat anything

Geet : how you know

Maan : because I use brain

Not follow books like you

Geet give him glare and come down with small bag...


Maan : it's tasty

Geet : hmm

Maan : so how you meet with Karan

Geet : my online friend

We regularly meeting from past two years

Not getting suddenly what happen to him

He never behave like this before

Then suddenly he start coming closer

I not like all this

I mean

Maan : relax I understand

Waise what your dream

Geet : hmm


Actually my dad has so much money

So I never feel to think about that topic


Maan : I want to open a Hotel

Mera khud ka Hotel

Geet : now you are studying

Maan : yes

Doing MBA in HR & Marketing

And you

Geet : am in final year of BA

But not interested in study

I like to spend time with friends





Waise all the best

Maan : thanks


Bus reached to delhi , and while journey both casually share about school days...

Geet : so

Maan : time come to say bye each other

Geet : wish you all the best for your dream

I wish for you, you get success in your project

Maan : thanks


Geet : bye


(Two unknown people share some dreams, secrets, what you feel, now what happen next...know soon)

After one year

Today is her boyfriend birthday, she giving party in one of famous Hotel in Delhi...

Thank you baby for this surprise

He try to kiss on her cheek, she make some distance , he feel awkward due to her sudden withdrawal, he give her glare, she just force the smile on her lips...


He held her hand and make excuse for some privacy, he take her to corner...

What is all this Geet

Geet : Aman am sorry

I know you not like my withdrawal

Par mujhe ye sb nhi pasand

He held her hand tightly and pressed little

What you like

Make me ashamed in front of all

She tries to touch his cheek; he pushes her hand and left inside...

Few tears slipped from her eyes, why he like that, he and she is perfect match as per horoscope then why this fight between us...she wipes tears hurriedly and come inside...



In mid of party, her one of close friend Priya held her hand and asked

Sb thik toh hai na

Geet nodded

Priya : this time too you going pay all expense

Am right

Geet : he is my boyfriend

And I arrange this surprise for him

And I have money

I mean my dad can afford this then why not

Priya : why he never take out single penny from own purse

Geet : common priya

Why you always make this issue

Priya : you never going understand...


One by one all left ...geet also left outside then she realized, she forget the purse inside...

Geet : aman you go

Mera purse rh gya

Bs 5 minute me aayi

Aman : ok


When she come inside , she seen one man clearing the table, she pick the purse and going left, but his side view make her turn, this man only looking down, she bend little , make him lift the eyes...


Oh god

She feel so much happiness seen him after so long time, she hugged him by wrapping arms around his neck... he take step back make her frown...

Ye tum kya kr rhi ho


Geet : that's mean mein tumhe yaad hu aaj bhi

He nodded

Geet : you know am here

He nodded again

Geet : then why you not come to meet me


Mein kaise

Am here only a servant or you can say one of waitress

Geet : common Maan

Maan : aapko jaana chaiye

She held his hand and asked can we meet again

Maan : no

Geet : why you so much tuff or hard like Coconut

Maan : mein toh humesha se asa hi hu

I just want to say one thing

Change your choices

Geet : you pointing to AMAN

Maan : who am I

Geet : yaar tum na

Bhut ajeeb ho

Maan : mujhe kaam krna hai

Nhi toh he cut my pay

So please go

Geet : ok


Raat ko milte hai

Maan : mein raat ko yaha Cleaning ka job krta hu

Geet : can I come

Maan :

Geet : common us waqt toh Manager nhi honga

You going to clean alone this

He nodded.


At night, he cleans one by one all things, and she roaming behind him...

Maan : can't you sit

Geet : maan am just come here to talk with you

And you giving more importance than me that stupid work

Maan : this is stupid for you

Not for me

This work gives me MONEY for survival here

You never going understand this

Because you have your dad hard work money for wasting in stupid parties

She feels bad to hear this from him...

He not likes her sad face, he realized what he did, he is just angry on her, why she not take life seriously but then realized he have no right on her...

Maan : look

Am sorry

Mujhe tumhe ye sb nhi kehna chaiye tha

And I have no right to pin point your mistakes

Geet : it's ok

We are friends


You can scold me

But not so much loud

Mujhe dra diya




Mera chodo

Apna batao

Maan : kya batayu mein

Geet : tumhare dream ka kya huya

Maan : you remember

Geet : yes

How can I forget?

Maan : waiting for results

And doing this job

Geet : why job

Maan : sit


Both sited on chairs

Maan : first thing this job giving me experience in Hotel Line

Second I getting money for living here

Geet : your dad also give money

Maan : geet I belong to middle class

I can't put all burden of my expense on my father shoulder

And my sister is younger and her study expense, marriage expense


You never going understand this

So leave that topic


She sadly smiled and said you think

I not understand Maan

Tum shi ho apni jagah

I have only mine

When I try to ask anything

Whenever I need time

My dad gives me money

And said your wish get fulfilled with this

He held her hand and said don't be sad

You not look good when you sad

I like your smile

She smiled to hear his words...

Maan : I think

Tumhe ab jaana chaiye

Geet : itni jaldi

Maan : I have to go Home and caught some sleep

Fir subh aake kaam bhi toh krna hai

Geet : can I drop you

He wants to deny but at end he nodded...


Maan : thanks


Geet : andher tak nhi bulayonge

Maan laugh and said geet where you lost

Its boy's hostel

You can't come inside

Geet : I just lost in your stories

His laugh stopped and said I think ab tumhe apne ghar jaana chaiye

Geet : hmm

When we going meet next

Maan : never

Geet : asa kyun

Tum khi jaa rhe ho

Maan : Geet why you want to meet me

Just think

And second point what your boyfriend feel about this

Geet : why he have any problem

You are my friend

Maan : geet our status is different

So we ending this friendship here

Geet : Maan

Maan : geet please

She nodded and asked can we exchange the number

When you get time

Just drop me small message

He want deny but her eyes carrying expectations, he can't say NO to her... he nodded...


One more years Passed

She getting ready for engagement , few month back both meet in one party, after dating two month , he proposed her to Marriage... he is handsome guy, good package , working in one of MNC... she not able to say NO to her... He is sweet like Maan... Why am thinking about him ... but when he go out from my mind... she sadly smiled, remember how she met with him and that kiss...  Those memories still freshen in her mind...

In past one year , in starting month she just wait of his one message... but he never drop any message, some time she try to send message but left unsend... She not getting why his presence give happiness  to one month She break up with AMAN...then she met with Raj... She likes his company...


She feels someone pressed her shoulder...

Raj tum yaha kya kr rhe ho

Kissi ne dekh liya toh

She stand from Stool and asked why you come here

Raj : just want to see my bride

Geet : Raj I want to tell you something

I mean about someone

He nodded

Geet : I met with one guy and my first kiss happen with him

He take step back and shouted

You always push me and said no Raj

Marriage se  phle nhi

And now you kissing another guy behind my back

Geet : raj it's not like that

Wo tumse phle tha

Raj : so what

Kitno ko kiss kiya hai tumne

Don't tell me you slept too


She pushed him and said get out

Koi engagement nhi hongi

Raj : sorry I reacted little over

Jaan you know na am just possessive for you

Geet : don't

If you not trust me enough

Then no relation going work between us

Raj : geet you can't do this now

He held her arm tightly and said you going marry with me

At down all guests waiting for us

Let's go

Geet : am not going anywhere

Koi engagement nhi hongi

That final

Raj : you

She slapped him hard and said you are also in relationship with someone before dating me

I never asked what relation you both share

Today I just share one truth of my life

And you just blame me

Why you are behind me

Now am feeling Priya said right

You are like another man

Who behind my dad money

And I don't want this type person in my life


I confessed one more thing today

I already denied to taking any single penny from this property after marriage

I already signed all papers and give to trust

Raj : are you gone mad

How can you do this

Geet : I can


Raj : tum kya ye engagement nhi karongi

Mujhe nhi krni tumse

  He left, she fall down on knees and cried...


Two months passed

Maan you can't go like that

Just once call her

Maan : kya kahu usse

I reject first top offer of job for my dream project

Then no one ready to finance my project

Yaar me haar gya

Am going back to Chandigarh to my family

Waha ek job ke liye apply kr diya hai maine

Arjun she living in fantasy world

Uske liye sb alag hai

She is princess

And am just


Mein usse kuch nhi de sakta

Arjun : you can give her LOVE

Maan : LOVE

She not going live happy with me

Arjun : Maan jaane se phle ek baar mil toh le

Maan : nhi arjun

When we meet first time, I fall to see her, she is cute and innocent... full of lives... her cute-cute logic... but we not perfect ... and I not match with her check list too...he laugh to remember how she showing the book and her so called logic for relation...

Arjun : Maan you love her

Then how can you leave her like that

Maan : Arjun please

He picks the bag and left...


Priya : what happen to you geet

Nowadays you not come in any party

And why you caged own self in home

Raj is just a idiot

You did right

So come with me

Geet : nhi priya

Tu shi thi

Maan shit ha

Am only wrong

Mein kuch nhi smjhti

Mein toh ye tak nhi smjh paayi mein kyun maan se milna chahti hu baar-baar

Do mulaqat

Priya bs DO

Usne dil pe asi chap chodi

Mein unki kahi baato ko

Usko ek pal na bula saki


I try to forget his words that kiss ... I not talked Karan because he stopped me... then I start dating Aman, try to adjust or come back to my old lifestyle... I thinking I going on right track... then I bumped to him.. I just feel true happiness around him...I want his friendship but he not given me that...

Kyun usne mujhe apni dosti tak nhi di

Kya mein itni buri hu uski nighao me

Kasie usse smjhayu me Priya

Mein nhi jaanti ye sb

I mean how relation handles

Mere pass toh relation ke naam pe bs DAD hai

Yes when I small, mom take me to some relatives but after mom death all thing lost...

Maan mujhe meri maa ki yaad bhut dilata hai priya


Priya wipes her tears and said geet if not taking first step

He pushing you

You can take first step

You go and confessed own love for him


Geet : usne jb mujhe dosti nhi di

Wo pyaar kaise de denga mujhe priya


When he denied for friendship, I just feel I lost him; I try hard taking his number... I waiting each moment ... just one message... I not able to concentrate relation with aman , we just parted... At that moment too, I not realized this is love...

Then raj come, his sweet nature similar with maan... You thinking

Jitna maine maan ko leke bataya

Wo sweet kaise huya


My heart just feels this


I think Raj feel this gap

But he proved me wrong

And that two month, I fight hard to make own self confess this is LOVE


 I know he


Her phone buzzed and hears _____________


Where you running geet

Geet : I tell  you later

First I need to go and give him one slap

        She run out and priya laughed, she can guess it's related to maan...


Maan standing on bus stand, and feel someone turned him and give him slap...

He placed hand own cheek and look her angry eyes...

Maan : how dare you.


Just shut up Maan

How can you go like that?

You not feel once

You need to inform me


She held his collar and asked from past one year two months

I just waiting your one message

And you

She pushed him and asked why you doing this with me

Why you take promise from me while giving your number

I never can call you

Only you going decide


After that I nodded

And in this you give me promise

Whenever you going out from Delhi for long period you going meet with me

Then why

You not inform me


Maan : mein bs chote se kaam ke liye jaara tha

Geet : you liar

You going left me

I know

He tries to hold her hand and she take step back and said I know

Am not perfect like you

Am just silly in your eyes

But I like you


Like you is small word



He placed finger on her lips and said nhi geet

I can't hear your words

She removed his finger and said you have to listen

What my heart feels for you

Maan : I can't

Geet : am not giving you any choice today


She cupped his face and lightly kissed on his lips...


Both sitting in park holding each other hand...

Maan : geet you can think once again

Geet : your words not going change my decision

I love you

And now I know you love me too

Then what you have problem

Maan : I  have no job

My dream spoiled everything

Geet : I don't care

Aaj nhi hai na

Kal hongi


If you want I can ask from dad

He can help you

Maan : no

Geet : ok

Why you getting angry

I just trying to help you


My angry bird

Maan : geet

How you get to know

Am leaving

Geet : wo huya ye



Hey am arjun

Am friend of Maan

He love you so much

Now you thinking from where I get your number

I stole from his mobile

I try my best to make him understand

But he not ready to understand anything

He feels he is not perfect for you

He belong to middle class

Can fulfill your wishes

You listening

Hello miss

Geet : yes

She cut the call


Maan : that idiot person

Geet : he is smart

You are idiot

You going without confessing own feeling for me


Dekho abhi bhi maine I love you kaha

Tum issi janam me kehne wale ho

Yaha angle janam me

Maan : I love you geet

I really love you


Geet : please leave your but

Maan : geet I have to go

Tomorrow is my interview

Geet : all the best

And now you can go

But you have to talk with your parents soon

Plus now I can call you whenever want

Maan : yes boss



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Mere bin sooni hain dil ki raahein
Mere bin pyaasi sabki nigahein (x2)

Jo mile bole bhar ke woh aahein

Aashiq banaya...
Aashiq banaya...
Aashiq banaya aapne 

for seeing VM Click on following link

Google drive & FB link

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kalpi : swag se karenge sabka swagat
Preety : kaha

like last year this year too
we organize the vote's


preety : and we going announce the winners and runner up
one by one

sanju : our first category is 

kalpi : see belowWink
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first award for Active member of the year

and our winner is 

And 1st runner up is

For more detailed - click here 

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The hall was decorated lavishly as it is the engagement of maan singh Khurana with his love sameera chopra...both their families have been friends from decade and it couldn't b wrong in telling the couple knew eachother all their life...for sam it was always love she loved him with heart for maan he believes it is love as he is very much sure no one can ever understand him like she when their family asked him to tie the knot he gave his nod while sameera was over the moon to get her love..she cherished their friendship and from now on sharing the life with him made her feel she is the happiest person on earth...

They exchanged rings and the party continued through out the party sam saw maan who was smiling she kept looking at him and decided to ask what was bugging her,she slowly poked him gaining his attention and whispred to meet her next morning in the park,she need to talk something important..he looked at her surprised... as they met at every morning its routine in  same park from the time he started jogging,she will drop by from her dance class and he will gift her rose everyday and she asking him to meet particularly tomorrow made him amuse...

Next morning as usual he finished his jog and was waiting for meera as he called her with a rose beside him,he looked around to see the people enjoying the fresh breeze and across the road people offering prayers in Krishna temple,he was brought back by the thump sound behind him and realized its meera..he silently offered the rose and she took it with a frown

Sam:maan why r u marrying me!!?

She asked out of the blue

Maan:why meera!!?dont u want to marry me!!?

Sam:maan I do want to marry u ,because I love u,the minute I saw u,but its not in your tell me

Maan :what do u mean by minute u saw me!!?

Sam:true maan ,we knew eachother all our lives but I did fell for u when u came from us after 5 years,it's a love at first site for me..

Maan:love cant b at first site mayb u r attracted to me,but love no...

Sam:why cant it b

Maan:u cant love a person on just a glance...u need to understand him/her,their likes and dislikes,trust reach other then only u can feel love..

Sam:love cant happen with planning maan,it just happens ..

Maan:then I say it cant b love,uu cant love a total stranger,in love both need to know eachother

Sam:maan I don't trust your theory

Maan:as I don't trust your love at first sight concept..

Sam frowned at him and challenged:so u mean to say,if u meet a girl and can understand her,share her likes she can love u...u can love her..

Maan:yes...and as for your previous question why I am marrying u..u yourself said the answer meera,we know eachother ,we trust eachother and I can spend my life with yes I love u..

Sam:maan don't change the topic,u said u can make any girl love u...

Maan :mera why r we even discussing this...

Sam:no,I want to prove u wrong,love just happens,not with your theory I had a dare for u Khurana... r u ready

Maan: r u challenging me


Maan:then I am in,u know I love to win...

Sam:ok the dare is,u have a make a girl fall for u with in 30 days,u do know I am going to london with your parents,by the time I return she must love u,dare u mister only she must love u not the other way and u can fall for her..

Maan :meera u do know I love u

She smiled sadly yes,I know

Maan:ok,I can select a girl

Sam;no,she almost shouted..,I will show u a girl u must make her fall for u

Ok,who is the perfect moment someone rang the bell in temple and both looked atthat side and found a girl clad in white chudi decending the stairs,she looked beautiful as an angel and maan kept looking at her much to sam anger she clicked her fingers before him making him aware of his stare ,

Sam:beautiful wasn't she..


Sam:so she is the girl,make her fall for u

Maan :what!!?i don't even know her

Sam smirked didn't u said love happens when u knew her,so try to knewher,and make her knew u,and in 30 days she must say I love u to u..if not u lost,u have to give me what ever I ask



 Maan :ok what if she had already bf

Sam:then u lost even before u started

Maan:msk never looses meera,I will make her fall for me

Sam:even if she had bf


Sam:ok then,I am leaving her to u maan,will meet after 30 days,bye take care my flight is in few hours bye

Maan :I know,I am coming to airport remember,even my parents r travelling,I don't know whats up with u all

She smiled nervously and left even before he questions more...she turned and saw him watching the girl they both spotted,she gave a longing look and left hoping to get what she wants...On other hand maan saw the girl getting into a car ,he quickly memorized the number before the car zoomed vanishing.

Maan entered his office Khurana technology,which was buzzing with models he never spared a glance at them while all the girls try to make a move on him,he love to shoot,and making adds was his proffesion,he called adi in his room and gave the number demanding all the details about the person in few minutes..and as expected adi never disappointed him,he told the details like he knew the person very well

Adi:her name is geet handa,sister of brij handa,handa group of industries,they both lost their parents at early age and brij loves her to bits,he didn't even got married fearing how his wife will treat his baby sister,geet very wish is his command,she is pampered to no end


Adi:she loves music,she did completed her studies presently enjoying her time doing nothing...

Maan:boyfriend r fianc

Adi:no..she is single


Adi:she visits Krishna temple daily,at noon she spend time at orphanage,evening her music classes...


Adi;she never attented any party without her brother,they r more of family functions..

Maan dismissed adi and closed his eyes lost in thoughts,what ever he heard about geet made him wonder,she doesn't behave like the girls he knew,if he is truthful to himself,he is more curious to know about her...her first image is still fresh in his mind,the way her hair flew while she decending the stairs,her smile which she passed looking at the children...he snapped open his eyes wondering why he is thinking about her and looking athis ring reminding himself he is taken,geet is just a game,which he had to win...

Whole day passed in her thoughts maan was thinking for ways to meet geet but he didn't knew he was going to meet her same evening,he was to attend a party of his old client ,he decided to just show his face and made an escape from there not knowing his piece of intrest was also in the party,he entered only to get a sweet shock on finding geet greeting the couple...he quickly reached them taking her look..she was dressed in red chudidhar again her hair open looking simple and stunning.he again scolded himself for getting lost in he reached he saw her leaving from there..he frowned yet again missing the opportunity to talk..

He greeted the couple and his eyes only were on geet and he knowingly banged with her spilling the juice on her dress making her frown..ho her frown is cute too he said to himself...

Maan:ho I am sry miss..

Geet:its ok..she looked here and there for washroom,and he helped her

Maan:I am sry again for your dress

When she just smiled,he knew she was about to leave..which he cant let

Maan:hai,I am maan,maan singh Khurana,khurana groups

Geet looked surprised and her eyes sparkled with intresert making maan happy finally he got her attention..

Maan:r u interested in modeling...

Geet:no no,if u don't mind can I see your shoot..i love to see how u guys made it

Maan was amused hearing her innocent question,here he thought she was interested in modeling and wants to try it but she wants to see the shoot...well coming to think of it..he never really allowed his family in his working space..he love his work and needs no distraction even meera never visited while he work but he cant refuse her..seeing her child like hope made him agree and his nod rewrded hima million dollar smile of her making his smile wide...

Maan:this Saturday we r shooting u can come tomy studio..he said giving her card

Well now u can say your name


That evening they both had dinner and exchanged numbers promising to cal eachother morning maan eyes kept looking at temple in wait to see soon as she came he waved his hands to gain her attention and both acknowledge eachother with a smile..

Geet:u r here..r u following me..


She was surprised at his answer

Geet: u came here for jog

Maan:every day

Geet:I visit this temple everyday..

Maan just smiled as he knew that already..he asked her sit showing a bench

geet:aren't u getting late for your work..


that's a lie..he was very particular about his work and timings,but with geet every other thing took back seat,he didn't know why,yet he preffered to not to know..

geet:but I am..i had to reach some where soon ..

now that confused him according to adi she goes to orphanage ..which she can go anytime...he couldn't stop himself from asking

maan:where r u going!!?

Geet:today is pari birthday,we are celebrating in orphanage

Maan:attenting a party without your new friend..

She looked at him surprised :will u come

Maan:only if u invite

She smiled and drove with him towards the orphanage ,the  kids shouted seeing her this early and ran towards geet...maan kept looking at her how she talked with them and made the hall ready for the birthday girl,he even don't know what and how he helped her all he did was stare at what ever she did..and at the end of evening when she asked him where to drop he had no heart to leave her,but he had to..he asked to drop at the park and she left him leaving in thoughts..

Instead of making him fall for her,he is getting lost in her,instead of making her know him..he is knowing her what is he doing with her whole day,yet he didn't try to make her interested in him,he left his work for her which never happened before,his whole day went in staring at her and when she asked him where to drop him,he didn't want to leave her..leave her!!??where did this come from!!???he questioned himself...he never felt this lost with meera,she never disturbed his life r work ,like he never poked in her life...they both were perfect with eachother r that's what he thought..but why with geet his feelings are all disturbing,today he literally forced himselfon her to spend time with her..what happening to him..a strom was ragging in him thinking about the day..unkmown to him another strom was coming his way..

Brij saw geet was with aman in her car while they were crossing eachother..she didn't saw him but how can he miss his sister car while she was with a stranger...he stopped his car abruptly and called his bg to follow geet car and see the person who was with geet and get his history to him...he didn't move from his place until he got with whom geet was and next second his blood boiled thinking about the man.

That night when geet arrived at dinner brij was confused will geet share her day like every other day r she will hide about the new man in hes life..buttohis wonder geettold abot maan and every little thing about her day to him making him sigh in relief and like every night she wished him good night with akiss..but he cant sleep that night until he meet the manand get clear about his intrest in geet.

Next few days brij kept his eyes on geet when ever she met maan...he knew his sister in and outto say she was interested in maan,slowly he was making his way in geet heart he couldn't forget the evening when geet left to meet maan few days before and what all chaos he created and how geet explained how she got lost of time that day.

It was same day when maan offered geet to show the shoot,geet went thinking she will return by evening but unknowun to her,she was lost in that world forget about was past midnight she was still looking at the happenings and the way maan dictating them what to do,and the crew following his orders,the actors taking retakes,maan trying to make them do what exactly he wants,for the person being first there she was amused to watch all that,even busy in work maan did look after her with small breaks ,made her forget time and place,she was lost in glamor world until the packup happened ...

Maan :so how was it

Geet:it was fun..i really enjoyed watching it..patah nahi chala tym...

And her eyes went on watch only to get wide ,she looked at maan and without a word made a mad dash and went driving to her home...

The scene there wasas expected brij stood at the entrance of mansion on steps with a stressed look while a team of police standing there...the moment geet came out of car one officer reached her questioning

Of:where were u madam!!??we searched whole city thinking u were lost!!?your brother made us all search each street for u..but here u r..

Brij:not a word..he roared scaring not only ooficer even geet too..


Brij:bacha ,u r alright that's what matters,come sleep its late

Geet:bhai I was..

Brij:we will talk tomorrow u need rest

Off:but sir

Brij glared at him to shut and asked a maid to escort geet to her room turning to officer

Brij:my sister is most precious thing to me,no one questions her,her safety is my priority that why I troubled u,now she is safe and home,thanks for your service..saying he dismissed the team

From that day brij appointed a guard for geet even after her constant refusal,his point is clear he is worried for her safety and finally geet too agreed making brij happy,unknwon to geet guard was only to keep watch on maan...when she was with him.

It was almost a month and maan geet met everyday at park,sometimes she visited his shoot ,maan was still struggling with his feelings towards geet constantly reminding himself he is engaged,sam is his love,while geet was slowly falling for maan and she was happy in her own world ,maan look always made her feel butterflies which she always read in her fairy tales,she never felt this way maan made her forget her surroundings,with him she even didn't feel the need to breath as he slowly became her reason to smile,she was sure even her brother knew her growing feelings,as she never kept anything from brij,her each moment with maan she shared with her bhai,even she is sure he didn't miss her blush  when ever she talks about him,the only thing which is stopping brij was her confession,if she said she loves maan,she was sure her bhai will accept him for her,but she will only confess to brij after she confess her feelings to maan,which she was going to do today...geet blushed with the thought and made a cal to maan to reach the address which she just messaged him...

Maan who was busy in work got the message without even thinking he wrapped the shoot making others confuse and rushed to meet geet,even he was confused himself why he didn't ask her to wait,it was so unlike him to wrap the work just for her...still confused he reached the address which was a mansion,he frowned..this is the place geet asked to meet..was he at wrong address whose home it is..all his thoughts broke with geet arriving ,he turned to watch her getting out of the car with a smile

Geet:hai maan



Maan:hmm geet..he was still comfused looking at the mansion..

Geet:its mine maan,yesterday bhai gifted me this...

Maan eyes popped out seeing the mansion,:gift

Geet:yeah,we were passing bythis road when I casually said to bhai,how beautiful this mansion is...bhai took my words seriously and brought for me..come in..i am yet to see in..wasnt I beautiful from here

Maan :couldn't agree less,your brother loves u a lot..

Geet:I am his life

They both took a tour of the house which was splendid ,geet smile said it all she not only liked but loved it,her eyes widened seeing the violin on center table no need to guess her bro brought it for her..the silence around them broke with her say it was melodious would b light,she had a good grip on it...she played forgetting around her surroundings making even him lost in her and she slowly started to twirl with the music and taking a small rounds she lost her balance and landed in his arms,making him to hold her tight..both their eyes met and slowly he brought her close almost making geet almost hug him...when maan was about to hug geet completely..she blushed amd made a run to other end of the room,she took a few breaths to calm her heart,she closed her eyes to gather strength facing the wall

Geet:u know maan I always thought I will marry the person whom bhai will choose for me,not once the thought of love crossed my mind because bhai loved me more than naything in this world and i owed this to him,that was until u entered my life,u made me feel all the things which I thought I will never feel before marriage,I got my fairyfale because of u..i know my bhai will accept u,u r perfect prince charming for any girl maan..i love u

She waited for maan response but even after few minutes when she didn't get anyreply she turned only to find him gone...she was confused whether he didn't love her..was he upset with her confession..when she found him entering the hall looking at his mobile with a smile...seems like he was on cal


Maan:geet sry we need to go..a emergency at shoot

She just nodded unable to deal with disappointment while maan heart bleed,he cant explain the joy he felt when geet was about to confess and he heardeach and every word she uttered but the moment she confessed he was about to say he did too..but stopped himself from uttering,how can he say that,the thought itself scaredhim,how can he love geet,when he loves sam,what about sam,wasn't she his fianc,wasn't geet a deal,a game,the thought itself made him feel disgust but he couldn't let her hope for he left and pretended he didn't heard any of her confession...

When geet returned home she found her bro waiting for her shrugging all her thoughts she went to hug him and thanked for the gift,but none could make brij forget the look on his baby sister face when she entered home..he knew she is upset about something..he only thought it shouldn't b any where near to the guy whom he saw with her..if its yes then god only save him for hurting his sister...

Geet:bhai I need to say something important

Brij looked at her blushing face and he couldn't stop the sinking feeling..he just nodded

Geet:not today tomorrow...

He saw geet ran to her room smiling ,he prayed to keep his sister happy always like this...if only he knew...

Maan was fighting a battle with in...he still couldn't forget the moment geet landed in his arms...the feelings she evoked in him...his thoughts broke when he felt someone hand on his shoulder out of reflex he said


Geet..yeh geet koun maan

Hearing her voice he snapped out of his thoughts:sam...tum...

Sam:sam..u just called me sam..

Maan:so..he asked slightly irritated

Sam:no..u always called me

Maan:hmm,when did u come back..i thought there is still a week left for your return

Sam:today morning,why r u sounding upset with my return..i missed u maan,so I cut short my trip

Maan just nodded for first time he didn't have any words,he needs to b alone for some process his thoughts,to know what exactly he was doing with his life and geet..when sam found him again in thoughts she nugged him to get his attention..

Sam:who is geet

Maan:geet is..

Sam looked curious,but he didn't find a proper word to explain..

Maan:the girl whom we saw in temple

Sam eyes widened with realization:the girl whom u r about to make fall for u...our how things are going..

Maan :sam she is not a deal..he almost shouted making sam scare...

Sam:maan realx what happened to u..u seems disturbed..saying she was about to touch him when maan took a step back..he don't know why he didn't like sam being touchy with him,its not new though they always held eachother hands,even she had a right on him..but today he was feeling like he is cheating ...and his thoughts were all making him scare more...

Sam looked at maan and her hand which was still in air..she knew maan enough to say something is bothering him...but what pained her was even her touch wasn't acceptable to him..this wasn't the maan she knew...something is surely changed but what!!??


Maan:sam plz I want to b alone..plz leave..

Sam:ok tomorrow dinner with me

He just nodded and sam went from there,thinking they will atleast meet tomorrow morning at park..and she will make him say what is troubling him...

Next morning sam saw maan waiting on the same bench where they always met,she smiled and about to cal him when she noticed another figure sitting with took few momets for her to recognize the person as geet,but what surprised her was the way maan smiling with her,it pained her see him happy with other woman..but a friend in her wished to see him happy...she loved him and wants to b loved by him even though knowing he never had same feelings ,she dared to took a step and get engaged thinking one day he may did love her...but now seems like her dream will always b a dream...she didn't make her presence obvious..she hid behind a tree keeping eye on both but couldn't hide her tears which flowed

After geet left man waited for sam when she didn't turn up he too left thinking to talk with her at night..he needs to clear few things with sam...he couldn't keep her in dark...

Sam saw maan who was struggling to say something from past few minutes they met at dinner as planned but she knew maan wants to say something which is going to put a stop on their relation what ever they shared,she wants to stop him from what ever he wants to say..but she couldn't,she smiled at her fate that when her eyes landed on the figure beside maan and she spoke deliberately gaining their attention...

Sam:maan...toh geet khey sath kaha tak aayi tumhari love game...

She didn't use the word deal as before which made him mad...

Maan:sam who..

Sam:maan u remember right..if u didn't make her fall for u in next four days,u lost the game and u have to do what ever I say..

Maan:sam listen..

Sam:and u know what u have to do...u have to listen all my orders after marriage and maan guess what our marriage date fixed its in...

She didn't finish when both heard a roaring

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