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@paponecon: more romance? let me know what you are hoping. a sneak-peak into a reader's mind will be inspiring

@madhubala123: you keep mentioning "This Is Us" quite a lot of times and I'd be honest. I haven't seen the movie. So I don't know why you relate to it so much. About the physical intimacy part...I don't know. Their relationship has progressed in a much different tangent...and i don't want them to lose it. it is not that I am denying but if you see from the start, they connect more at a spiritual level and that is exactly why i do not mention those things very vividly here. I leave it upto the readers' imagination.  But let me see, what i can do about it...

@All: I know I have to catch up with you guys...and I promise I will. 
In the next chapter.

89. Yours Forever, Maan.

"Geet." Ana tapped her shoulder from behind, "What are you making?"

She sniffed the air. The air was fragrant with the smell of chocolate with a hint of vanilla.

"I am baking a chocolate cake." She continued greasing her tin mould. It had been a very long time since she had touched something remotely close to baking. It felt good. Work was smooth, she spent time with her family on the weekends and she had Maan beside her now. Life was beautiful now.

"Yumm..." Ana dipped her finger into the cake batter and licked it off, "I missed this."

She poured the batter into the mould and placed it into the pre-heated oven, "Ana, did you talk to Aarush?"

She watched her friend sigh and look at the floor, probably recalling the conversation she had had sometime back.

"Yes. He finally picked up the phone." She recalled the moment when Aarush had finally picked up the phone. She had cried, out of happiness or the pain she didn't know.

"Is everything okay?"

"Umm..." Ana helped in cleaning the things away, "he had been mad at me but then he had a call from home. Something came up and he had to leave."

"Did you sort things out?" Geet picked up the jar of flour and stopped midway on her way to the shelves.

"No.", Ana shrugged, "we talked a bit and he said he'd come back and talk. He said it was important that we talked face to face."

"And?" she finally kept the jar away.

"I don't know. I will wait for him probably. He said he was disturbed because we haven't been able to sort out." She looked up at Geet, "I think this break is good for us. Isn't it Geet?"

Her voice faltered at the last sentence. the thought hurt... what hurt the most was the wait. She felt Geet hug her from the side and she rested her head on her shoulder.

"You will be okay Ana. He said he will come back right. Give him some time. Let him sort out his issues come back."


The gloomy mood of her friend didn't please her at all.

"Say Ana, have you ever been to Shimla?"

Ana looked towards her, "Shimla?"

Her eyes twinkled at the trigger of fond memories with her siblings, "Yes. I had been there once with Maan Bhai and Kabir. We had so much fun."

"Wow. I wasn't expecting that. But anyways, will you come with me?"

Ana's eyes widened in surprise, "really? To your home?"

"Yes. We haven't gone anywhere for a long time now..."

"I'll go." She didn't even wait for Geet to finish her sentence, "tell me when."

Geet smiled, "probably in the next 3 weeks. We all can go."

"yay. Am already so excited. Let me call Kabir and tell him."

She hopped away dialing Kabir. It was easy to distract her, Geet thought. Or probably she was just waiting for someone to distract her. Summer was slowly going back into hibernation. Her Kanha remained back in her apartment. She looked outside the window. The sun was going down on the went and a floppy of clouds sneaked in from the east.


The timer went off and along with it brought Ana and Kabir, discussing about the trip. She had been in a dilemma about everything in her life and suddenly everything seemed to fall in place, making her happy and worried at the same time.

What if...

The what ifs always remained. She finished her coffee, cut out a big slice of the cake on a plate and walked towards the study. There was another world altogether when she was with him. She had realized it soon enough, after moving back to NYC. It did something to her for she was someone else. She opened up like never before, the urge to express herself became even stronger.

She knocked a few times first and then slowly entered the study. The music was on. Some rock band it was.

Guns n' Roses?

She wondered and walked into the antechamber. The place had always given her warmth. It did now as well. She stopped right under the arch that led to his study and smiled at the sight she witnessed.

There he stood, resting both his hands on the table, leaning over, looking into some papers. And there was that favorite glass of his and this time, it wasn't wine. He had this habit perhaps, to work with a drink. Stress may be?

She waited for him to notice her but he didn't. the glass of brandy remained unattended. She wanted to tell him about the trip but seeing him so engrossed, she decided against it. Keeping the plate on the coffee table near the ottoman, she quickly made her exit.

He reached out, grabbed her hand and pulled her back into his arms, "and where do you think you are going?"

She gasped and clutched his collars to steady herself, "Umh. You are busy. I will come back later."

She tried to pull away but he didn't let go.

"No. Stay. Talk to me little storm."

She looked up and into his eyes that looked only at her. Her lips curled into a smile as she raised one of her hands and gently pried away his hairs that fell on his forehead.

"Bahut kaam hai?"

He nodded, "Hmm. And why were you sneaking around?"

His hands comfortably rested on her waist. She finished with her ministrations and rested her hands on his chest, "I came to give you the cake. You seemed busy."

She glanced at the table near the ottoman and he followed her gaze, "you baked after a long time."

She nodded and their eyes came back to each other invariably.

"Hmmm. Maan, We are planning a trip to Shimla."

"What for?" his brows narrowed at her at the sudden plan.

The music changed and he ushered her to a soft waltz, like always. She swayed with him.

"You remember I was telling you about renting my home back in Shimla?"

"I do. You were so against it. What are you thinking little Storm?"

The breeze from the bay window made its presence felt, announcing the arrival of the rains.

She looked thoughtful for a while and then bit her lips. He tipped her chin and made her look up at him.

"What is bothering you?"

She blinked softly, looking at him to gain confidence, "I am going to rent it."

His eyes widened telling her how surprised he was. He was reminded of their flight to India that day when she had been so troubled. It was the only thing left of her parents. She wasn't ready to give it up.

"And what made you think that?" he questioned, overcoming his astonishment.

She shrugged and rested her head on his chest, slowly swaying to the music, "I don't know. I am here. There is no one to take care of it. It will be so much better no?"

His arms wrapped her, "what about your parents' things?"

"I am going to settle them up all in the attic. The tenants can use the rest of the house."

"Will you be okay with it Geet?" he asked thoughtfully, knowing her very well.

She looked up and this time her eyes had certain emotion swirling in them.
Something intense... something overwhelming.

"Umm. I will be. You are here, right? I will be okay." Her voice came as a whisper as she rested her head back on his chest.

"Like you say always, forever!" he teased with smile and she responded with a grin.

And just like that, his head went down to press a kiss on her forehead. She tiptoed and placed her lips on his instead. He let out a sigh as he took her lips in him and kissed her softly. Her fingers were restless, he could feel them as they tightened around his collars and then loosened.

He pulled apart wondering if she was actually disturbed about her decision but she was far from that. She let her fingers slide into his hair and pull him down for another kiss. And this was not as soft as the one he relished a few moments back. She was hard and quick... pressing her lips harder on his. He groaned in his throat at her fierce intrusion and held her tightly, close to him.

It was not like the previous time they had kissed. There was a difference. He couldn't pin point because she didn't let him. She was more demanding today. More vigorous. More wanting. her fingers clutched his hair tighter and pulled him more into her, as if it was ever possible. Surprised that he was, he did not miss how amazing that felt. The fierceness, the demand and the vigour.

When they parted, because they had no other option, he let his hold on himself falter a bit. She was anyways instigating. And without a thought, he dipped lower and trailed his lips along her neck, making her moan. They had always been at ease, languid about their togetherness. With time, it seemed to fade. They were drawn to each other even more readily.

"Maan.." she hissed as she felt his lips latch to  the pulse point of her throat. Her heart rate spiked up, now thudding in her ears. She trembled. And when he left, she was so drowned into the feel that she almost pulled him back for a kiss but settled for a kiss on his jawline instead.

Holding her close by one hand, he let his finger train down her forehead to her cheeks and settle on her lips. She slowly opened her eyes, drugged and breathless and flushed.

"Getting bolder, are we?" his eyes twinkled in mirth.

He expected her to blush red and come up with something to cover up her want.


Did he say that? They were getting deep into it, he realized. There was no backing out now.

"you really have never seen a woman in love." She answered as boldly as the kiss and wiped her lips with the back of her palm.

He was intrigued. She looked straight at him, not hiding behind the veil of shyness anymore. His little storm was soaring high.

"What if I have?" he tried to intimidate her.

She took a step back and pushed away her hair from her neck, "then you have never seen Geet in love."

And she walked away, leaving him floored and conquered and in breathlessness. He went back to his table and chugged down the not-so-chilled brandy in one go to ease his raging heart. But it did nothing. If at all, it burned him more.

She was in love. She walked away with a thudding heart. Oh how she wished she could just back into his arms and lie there in his embrace. Love had not come to her all of a sudden. It came little by little... every time he sought her when he came back from his responsibilities. Love had come to her when he had come to her apartment instead of going home. Love had come to her when he had made her sleep on his lap, telling her stories from his childhood. Love had come to her every time he had said -- it is okay to not be brave. It had come to her when he had just simply stood by her, not saying a word. And love had come to her when he had chosen her above everyone else. And she was filled with so much more of this love that it had now become overwhelming. She'd burn in agony if she didn't express it. She was in love...


It had been raining in Shimla. The four of them remained confined to the house, occasionally helping Geet to move her stuffs to the attic. Parents stayed back in Delhi house, catching up with the relatives. The evening was darker owing to the clouds that cried rivers. It was cold. She pulled out blankets and cuddled up with Ana and Kabir in the hall, talking about everything under the sun.

The rains refused to stop and the electricity went off. Maan stood by the window talking to someone of the phone. The dim light of the lantern illuminated the hall as the three of them sat and narrated stories.

"Wait wait... let me get some water. Am thirsty." Ana squeaked and dragged Kabir with her.

"why should I go with her?" he complained.

"because it is dark and your phone still has some life left. Turn on the torch and come with me." Ana bit back.

"the witch is scared." Kabir teased.

They bantered and walked inside.

She looked at him and found him standing quietly, looking out at the rain that smashed hard  on to the ground. They sounded angry at something it seemed.
She placed a hand on his shoulder to gain his attention, "Come sit with us if you are done with the call."

"Hmmm..." he answered without taking his eyes off the rains.
He sounded distracted.

"Maan?" she called out softly, "what happened?"

And this time, he looked at her, leaning against the wall, "Tell me little storm, what do you think of staying with me?"

One of his hands went ahead and smoothened her hair and then went to rest crossed on his chest. Her brow went up in question but then didn't say anything, waiting for him to explain.

"do you think we shall endure? This relationship...will this endure?"

He sounded dead serious and for a moment she felt scared.

"What do you mean? Maan, know that I cannot imagine a life without you anymore. Please don't say something like this..."

"are you scared Geet?"

She quickly held her hands, tearing up. He was poker faced, half illuminated by the dim lamp and half hidden in the dark of the approaching night.

"You said you won't leave me..." a drop of tear slipped down despite her attempts at holding them back. Life was so beautiful now. Why did he had to talk about this?

Somewhere deep down, a scared little girl cried.

"I won't..." he sighed. Something defeated it was...something told her it was wrong.

"then why do you talk like this? You are the only one left Maan... don't you understand? All I have now is you. I won't let you go. I can't..." She sobbed.

"even if I lock you up?" he asked, unfazed by her tears.

She looked at him, her vision blurred, "even if you cage me..."

"then that I shall little storm."

She blinked a couple of times to clear her vision and watched him slip something into her fingers.

The winds of Shimla witnessed both a beginning and an end. The place had taken everything from her. Fate had strange ways to make up to her for all that she had gone through.

She gasped, stunned and frozen in time. Memories of it haunted her as it sat proudly on her finger, boasting of its significance.

It was the Red Ruby Ring.


The door was locked.

He wondered if she went somewhere. There was no note or any word from her. He cursed himself for not calling her when he was back in Shimla. He had been so preoccupied with the celebrations and so many other things. there were relatives and cousins and travels and then there were two other people... Maan and Geet.
He quickly scrolled through his contact list and dialled her number.

The number you are trying to call is out of service. Please try again later.

"f**k!" he banged the door with his fist and rushed towards his car. How could he be so careless? And more than that, how could she leave like this?

Without a Goodbye?

He was enraged when he reached downtown and in front of the garret that she lived in. he banged on the door incessantly up until the moment a sleepy woman, clad in pjs and uncleaned makeup opened the door.

"I don't work in the morning." She yawned, swearing profanities at him, "come later."

He felt disgusted knowing where she was coming from. He couldn't believe she lived her. Was she the roommate that she was talking about?

"Where is she?"


"Where is Aayat?" he bit back, somehow not realizing he had been angry.

"she went to work. And who the hell are you?"

He didn't bother answering, "when will she come back?"

"Whatever." She banged the door shut on his face and he didn't bother going back.

He had no idea where she worked. He hit the steering wheel, not knowing what bothered him more now... her going away like that or her living a life here like this!!!

Was she also a...

He shook his head and drove back to his apartment to calm himself down.

What in the world was happening to him?


She looked at the ring on her finger and sighed. They had been back to NYC for a week now and everyone knew of them. She was engaged now.

Engaged... such a huge word it was.

She looked at her Kanha who stood quietly on the table, smiling.

"Where is this heading to I ready for this?"

A lifetime with Maan...hadn't she secretly wished for this all this while?

The sound of the door opening brought her out of her reverie. She watched him walk towards the table to get his laptop, wiping his wet hair. He had been out on a trip and ended up in front of her door the moment he was back. It was his routine now. She had learned of it well. And he'd head home the next morning.  She took pride in it and felt her heart slowly melting into a puddle.

Indeed his presence brought a new world to her...

She just sat on the bed, watching him work his way around. She never realized how quickly they made their own little world. She never realized how quickly she adapted to it. She never realized when he came and sat beside her on the bed, with his laptop. Her thoughts were pushed back because he brought something akin to calm within her.

"Where are you lost?"

She snapped out of her thoughts and he surprised her with a sudden unannounced kiss to her lips.

"Ummh..." she protested weakly and then gave in.

Truly...she never realized.

Before she could deepen the kiss, he pulled away and his entire attention went back to his laptop. She kept looking at him for a while until he noticed.


She shook her head and looked away.

"Geet, do you want to say something?"

"No. Don't you want to sleep?"

"I will. Just a few emails."

She nodded and pulled the duvet upon herself, turning away. Thoughts came back to her, one after the other and she tried to shut her mind down.

He sighed and got back to his work. it was long into the night when he realized he had lost himself in the work. he turned to see her and found her asleep, deep into a dreamless sleep. He ran his fingers across her forehead, wondering what bothered her now. She wasn't herself anymore.

Things were changing faster than expected...yet he was falling deeper.

He opened a new email and started typing.



Subject: Are we really over with this?

Little Storm,

Now that I have your attention, you must know that there have been a few things in my mind that I want to talk to you about. Remember, when you had once asked me why the weeping willow is called so? When you asked if I had ever felt something slipping right out of my hands and am not able to hold it back?

Today I know. Weeping willow is called so because the tree mourns for every loss that the world has ever seen. And now I feel that I am losing something... something that is slipping right out of my hands and I am not able to hold it. What have we come to Geet? Where did this start and how this is ending? Are we done with this? Whatever that is between us... love, friendship, attraction, affection, respect... whatever that has endured till date!

And what are we going to share now? Does it scare you? I see you fighting with yourself at times. Lost in your world. Sometimes I find you fighting with yourself. And you are hiding it from me. Are you scared? Tell me if you are, love, for I am not able to sleep anymore, thinking what you might be going through. I know this engagement is a big thing for you. And trust me, it is for me too. More so because now I don't know what you are thinking. Every night I think of sleeping but I can't. I keep staring at the ceiling and ask myself, what had become of us? Are we giving this up for something new? Are we really over with this...whatever we had shared all these days? Do you feel the same Geet? This feeling of losing something...  slowly, so slowly that it becomes an excruciating experience. Something that is happening which you don't want to happen... yet you are too helpless to do anything about it? Are you able to sleep little storm, knowing what tomorrow brings for us?

You had said that evening that you cannot let go of me. Trust me when I say I am the one who needs you more. Are you still scared Geet? You don't speak more now... we don't speak more now. Something has changed and I can feel it. Every time I look into your eyes, I find questions...numerous of them. Tell me...please speak to me.

I tried to find answer to your questions but I failed. and every time I failed, one question always popped up in my head. Oh, how did I ever fall in love with someone like you?

Yours Forever,
>>Did I make you happy?

>>I wonder what is bothering Geet.

>>Btw, why has the response dropped???Ouch

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Chapter 90
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Wowww Me first after Ages Clap

Thanks for Banner Will read soon... Though scared to do that...

But I'm going to hold my heart and read as you say Smile

Chapter 89. Yours Forever, Maan...

So indeed it was the letter part which I was fearing so much... I don't know whenever letter things get in between update it makes everything so intense for me...

Last time it was her letter and this time it's his...
First time when I have read that letter I have cried fearing worst... and when I'm reading this chapter it's not that bad but not good either...

Such bad experience it was to read this update always fearing about that coming grief and it was really stressful... I was reading each line so carefully... Your warning from Last night didn't help indeed it was like you have taken my sleep away ... From Nov 3 Last year we are seeing this letter on thread now that it's here it was indeed upsetting... I have to hold my heart throughout and expect this dreadful Moment...

Coming to comment Now... Arush has left due to emergency not in anger I'm so grateful for that... But they should really sort out these things... Arush should understand Ana's situation and Ana should know we can still be free and independent to do whatever we want while staying committed too... There's no need to rush into things when she's not ready yet...

This story has taken a different form all together I see a Man and Woman in Love Now so clearly Their closeness, their Moments conversation they have every single thing has a different touch in it... They have been in love for a very long time now but After Her confession things has changed she's more open now about her Feelings but hiding her Feelings too??? What's going with her? I am unable to understand for her the first time??? Is she bothered about their future together? Afraid of Life ahead laying for them together? Does she fear the same like losing what they had now?
They are engaged but I see things getting more complicated... She's not opening up fully whatever is going on with her... It was their connection which was strength for them... How they have always let go of their Feelings always it was her For Maan with whom he choose to open up after Dadima and For Geet it was Maan...

If now after coming such long way she doesn't do the same then clearly this relationship going to lack... And their fear going to be real of loosing this what they had together...

I have loved that portion where you have written how and when love has come to her... It was really Beautifully Written...

And I feel proud to see this Woman in Love. And her reply "Then you have never seen Geet in love." Awww this reply straight went to my heart like a bullet Geet baby you are killing it with your Style... I have loved this reply...

Trip to Shimla that place where they have met first... I was fearing something would happen and how he has made her wear that Ring... I am speechless Who the hell in the world propose someone to be his love for forever in this way?????

I was bloody scared woman He was saying Those things to her what she thinks about staying with him and all??? And I was constantly trying to fit my Mr.Sensible letter with all this... If I would have died today too from heart attack no body would have guessed them getting engaged KILLED me...

"Do you think we shall endure? This relationship...will this endure?"

See this line and say did anyone ever got engaged in this way??? You have to be unique in every way, eh???

But I'm so happy I just can't put it in words but I was shocked too and exact that Moment Kabir and Aayat scenario you didn't put name there... And you know what I thought??? Geet has left Maan without saying goodbye cause he had made her wear that Ring and then that letter will be followed onwards ... But it was relief I was assuming things wrong... But Aayat left why???? Not saying anything in return... I miss my baby Aayat and I feel for her... Don't know what wrong life has done with my cutie pie

Blissful life of Maan and Geet is turning into something else I'm fearing to read next chapter too... Plus you always scare me that doesn't help either... I don't want any misunderstanding, separation or problems in between... What must be bothering Geet???

What you are planning to do more with my heart woman????

dreading to even think what Geet would come up with for this email????

it was really Beautifully Written update by the way... Though upsetting but I enjoyed... 3 love story each one is on same level of enduring hard time...

it's getting more intriguing to see what happens next...
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Thanks for the pm and update was waiting for it...
Finally they are engaged... qow it was so AMAZING i CAN'T tell you...

You know it REALLY feels good ... this story is so close to my heart ...
It is just you and the way you write and expres their feelings and also loved maan here the way he do things is JUST so nice so good you know CAN'T express it in words...

And kabir is tensed for ayat... he should be...
Ana is facing a little difficulties in her relationship with aarush too...

But most amazing thing is that the  sweet relationship between maaneet... they are so nice some times a stupid wish come that this should be a more than a fantacy... you made me so happy...

Waiting for next update...

AND thanks alot for this gift of the morning it made my morning amazingly AWSEOME...
Posted: 2018-03-24T23:17:06Z
Nice part.. finally Geet got Dadi's ring..what bothering as how life after marriage.. Aayat left the his apartment.. his not wants her to go back same life.. Maan can't stay away from her..
waiting for email reply what Geet answer..
Posted: 2018-03-24T23:19:32Z
wow an update...

hope that arush will solve everything vry sn coz its really tough to stay away from ur lvd one...sometimes we say something in the flow of situation but thts not means its our mind...

the study scene n bold geet n maan n th feel omg...marvellous

wow thy r engaged...

what actually ayat is doing...

what actually bothering geet...definitely she should open her heart to maan coz its really hurting when u c ur lv is nt share her mind wth u...

finally th email..n what will b her reply...what is actually maan telling about losing...i think everything is going very well between she scared of losing him...
Posted: 2018-03-24T23:26:15Z
Wow grt update...awesome one
Posted: 2018-03-24T23:34:10Z
WOW that was a bit overwhelming to read. Last update you had me on edge like Arush isnt the kind to disappear and then at this update I read it to fast an I thought Geet ran away lol but unfortunately it was Aayat. I dont know whats bothering geet but it can be she never had so much of this high tide of emotion I mean seriously I have never seen a Geet like that in LOVE. Oh man I am so deep into this read lol Really enjoyed the update :)
Posted: 2018-03-24T23:40:43Z
Woww such an amazing update ClapClap
So many things had transpired between them! They are engaged Big smileEmbarrassed 
But why is geet so lost? She should be the happiest person right now and she is but  i think she's confused about some or other thingConfused  She should talk to maan and pour her heart out.
Thanku for pm 
Continue soon 

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