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Yes only if it's convenient to you. 
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Daily updates would be nice :)
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Originally posted by Hend_Refai

Daily update will be great
But please dear don't stress yourself 

I know how hard it is to update daily

So do what is suits you
Thank y ou sooo much for the love and concern dear!
I will try my best, if I can't one day, I will tell!
Thank you so much!
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Originally posted by Jyoraj

Yes only if it's convenient to you. 
Thank you dear!
Yep! It will be all good with all the lovely and understanding people around me!
Thank you!
See you soon with the 1st part!
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Originally posted by aishu007

Daily updates would be nice :)
Yup dear!
Thank you!
Soon will post the 1st part!
Thank you!
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As said, here is the 1st part!
Short as an introduction!
Happy reading!


Part 1

Life is not that easy when happiness comes with struggles. Or might I say, struggles comes along happiness.
Years has passed since a long but still I feel I met him just yesterday.
Yesterday! No! Not yesterday! It's been almost 4 years. 4 years I have met him. 4 years I started to trust him unknowingly and knowingly. 4 years that everything in my life started to change.

***** 4 YEARS BACK *****

"Tinaaa!" I called standing outside of my friend's house.
Her bike is in mechanical shop, so it's me giving lift every day.
"Coming Madhu! Coming!" She hurriedly came out with her bag in one hand and shawl in another.
"Can't you wake up earlier to get ready?"
Putting the bag in front, she climbed behind me "I wish we were on holidays every day of my life!"
Shaking my head "You are laziness personified!"
Showing all her teeth, she thanked me as we made our way towards our college.

This has become my routine since one week.
Getting up earlier, get ready, spend time with Papa and Maa before Papa goes to work, then helping Maa with lunch before we both leave our home, separating on our ways with me getting here and she going to her work. Then I get to pic my bestest friend, bestest friend since I don't remember and as of now, we are heading to our college.
"We need to go to library this evening!" 

She said as I parked my scooter.
"What do you hold in that damn library? Come with me to Avinash's house! He is throwing a party for his birthday and you know what, No elders at all!"
Shaking my head at my friend, I parked my bike in its regular spot.
Locking it, we both headed to our classes.
"Hey twins!" and one by one everyone welcomed to our class.
We are addressed as TWINS! 
That too since the time we were in school.
And me being the sincere student, everyone gets to know me.
And she being the friendly one, gets everyone to be her friend soon.
So whoever knows me, knows her and vice versa.

We don't have a lot of classes today.
2 hours of lecture and 3 hours of practical and then the day ends!
But then we have to submit our analysis report on a new medical case!
Forgot to mention that I'm a medical student.
That too to fulfil my Dad's wish!
He is from a region of India where medicine and doctors were available Kms away.
He lost his mother in the emergency of taking her to the labor ward.
Not only his mother but a small brother who breathe the air of this earth for just few minutes.

So since then, he wanted his family descendant to be doctors who could serve his people freely.
And I'm proud to be the one to make his dream come true.
And now, that is my dream!
My own dream!

2 more years and I will be finishing my studies and starting my job. My career.
Wish me luck that all goes well here after too.

Enough of my story for now, lecturer is here!
See you after the classes.


How is the first part friends?
Did you find it interesting?
Thank you for reading!
All COMMENTS are welcomed!
Next part hero entry!
See you tomorrow!

Next part : Part 2

- Maithili

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Interesting start maithu.. 
Waiting for the story to unfold.. 
Update soon.. 
Thanks for the pm :D
Posted: 2018-04-16T04:26:31Z
Awesome update dear..
And congrats for this new theme..
Viraah.. I love the title..
Ch-1 is lovely..
It's basically about her life & routine..
So, her father wants her to be a doctor..
And 2 more years is left for her dream to get accomplish..
Great going..
Thanks !

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