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Posted: 2018-04-27T23:55:55Z
Awesome update,
so her getting hurt was her nightmare,
Madhu went to the temple to pick her mom,there she saw Rowdy,
he called her but she ignored him,
why he was calling Madhu,
continue soon,
thanks for the update
Posted: 2018-04-27T23:59:39Z
Hey maithu..
Lovely Updates.. I read it in whole..
The way u pull the story no one can..
Madhu character is very nice & significant.. throughout..
Loved it..
Keep rocking like this !
Posted: 2018-04-28T00:19:56Z
Superb update dear...It was madhu's dream...Madhu had nightmare about rk...
I think rk wants to talk to madhu...Why he called madhu and madhu don't want to see him and she is really scared for rk...Waiting for the next part dear...
Posted: 2018-06-07T05:24:03Z
Waiting for the next part maithu Smile
Posted: 2018-06-18T03:54:52Z
Hello buddies!
Finally started to write but I can't guarantee if it will be regular or not!
But I can be sure that I will not leave this story unfinished!

See you soon!
Thank you
Posted: 2018-06-25T09:03:36Z
Hello lovelies,

Sorry for being months away from this story!
Here is the next part!
Hope you all like it!

Link to previous part: Part 6

Happy reading!


Part 7

Days started to move and I saw him here and there but always hid myself to not show up in front of him.
And you all might be thinking that I should go and ask him why and what he was going to talk to me the other day. Well! I'm not in a mood to talk to him and to get in any problems thanks to him. Stay away from negativity and people who are negative! My mother always says and that is what I'm doing.
And now it's been one week since the drama at the temple.
Today, we are organizing a blood donation camp in several places of this city.
And my place is just not far from home.
And I will be here for 1 more hour and then weekend is waiting for me.
Papa wanted us to go on a small trip and to my surprise, he asked also Tina's family too and they are also coming.
A super exciting trip is waiting for us.

"Madhu!" my classmate "Can you take the next person?" she asked as I close the donators' list paper.
"Yeah!" I say and go outside to see a small boy being there, in the next person's place, sitting on the bench, his legs going up and down. He must be around 7, I think. "Who is next?" I ask over the few people there, and the little boy jumps and stands in front of me and stands folding his arms.
"Me!" he says and a smile breaks on my lips "How can you call someone else when I was waiting?" he looked so cute.
"Well dear! You need to wait for few more years to do the good work you are here for!"
He smile "It's bhaiya(brother) who is going to donate! Not me!" he added pointing towards the exit.
I looked from where I was standing but I couldn't see anyone.
"I will go and get him!" he said as he went sprinting.
I just shook my head at this little boy and was counting how many more people were there.
In the meantime, the little boy came back, holding someone's hand, pulling the man along with him.
"Come on bhaiya! You promised you would do what I ask!"
As I lifted my eyes, I looked at the person who I never wanted to meet.
I knew it wasn't that easy as he is in the same place but not this close.*
"Di! He is the one who is going to donate blood!"
I thought rowdies only know to take blood!
Well, I think I have to do my work whoever it is.

"Do you want to come in to?" I asked the little boy as he was still holding his hand.
"Is it possible?" he asked with curiosity.
"Yes!" I said.
"Come bhaiya! Let's go in!" he pulled that rowdy along with him as they entered.
I asked the little boy to sit in my stool while I just directed him to take his place.
"Name?" I asked.
"Name?" the little boy repeated.
Dusting his hand as if he touched sand but it was bed, he answered "Rishab!"
"Full name?"
"Just Rishab!" he pressed each of his words as if passing the message, don't ask again.
Shrugging, I continued with all the other question before, I went to check on is he can give blood or not.
"We will first test if you can give blood or not." I informed him.
"Why Di, a test is needed?"
"Well dear! It is check if the blood is in good conditions and the person willing to give is not in need of anything or having any problems."
"Hmmm" he nodded his head "What should I study to be like you?"
As the checking was going by the side, I explained the little boy who seemed to be interested in becoming a doctor.

"My father is working in transports! He loves cars! But I'm like my mother! I like cooking! Yummy yummy colorful dishes with hmmm sweet sent."
This guy succeeded in making my stomach grumble.
"I think you need to eat Di!"
"And I think we can leave Rajesh!" the rowdy said. I though he lost his tongue as it's been 25 minutes that he is here like a statue, with closed eyes.
"Raj!" The little boy said as if he got offended by saying Rajesh.
Getting on his feet "Come Rajesh!"
"Di! I'm Raj! Not Rajesh! It's an old fashioned name of my lost Uncle! My fathers wanted to satisfy his mother so named me same but I'm not satisfied."
"Satisfied or not! It is not in your control!" he said rudely to that little boy who flinched at his voice as I can see there was no patience in it.
"Raj!" I neared him after setting all the materials in its place "Names are a reflection of love." I said calmly as I went to his level "Few things in this world can be decided, like places to go, studies... and these same few things along with rest are already selected for you in some ways or the other."
Making a cute face "I don't understand!"
"Not now but in future!" I said as I ruffled his hair.
"See you! Tata bye bye!" he said waving his hand as he went and took that Rowdy's hand.
"Thank you for donating blood!" I said this line out of formality than anything else and turned to do my work as I didn't see any reaction on his face.

Does he really want to give an heart attack to me.
I was getting the blood pack to its box when he called.
Luckily I caught back the box in time.
"You scared her!" the little boy commented.
I looked at the little boy then at the rowdy's face.
"He wanted to say thank you!" he said it plainly with no emotions.
"He?" who is he talking about? Is he addressing himself as he? Well I think he is able as he is a ROWDY!
"For the other night!" he said and turned and left from there.
Other night? Oh yeah! For his friend or the guy who was with him. Well he didn't even stay a second so that I could ask if he is doing well.
And just now I get it! That is why he approached me that day, near the temple.
Well! Mention not mister! I said to myself and finished my work before heading home for a week-end trip!

"I'm home!" I said as I entered as I knew today Maa has took half day, to prepare everything along with aunty, Tina's mom.
"Get ready dear! Tina and Anitha will be soon here."
"Going going!" I said as I went and made myself ready and carried my already packed bags to check on my Maa and Papa.
And they were all set for the departure.

"They are here!" Tina's father announced as he entered.
"Leave it bhaiya! I will take it!" Maa said as uncle started to move with luggage.
"Ahaan uncle! I will do it!"
"I'm still young and active! So this is nothing dear!" he said.
"Young with white and grey hair!" my father mocked.
"As if you have all black!" Uncle reverted as we moved out of the house, toward the minivan where Tina was already waiting for me.
"You know! The helper is so sweet!" she commented as soon as I neared her.
"They are not going to hear me!" as we went towards the door where I saw the back of a man.
"Until when?"
She shrugged as we come face to face and the man looked at me with wide eyes and I think I looked the same.
And my thoughts immediately went to that ROWDY!
Tina nudged and I broke the train of my thoughts.
And the man simply smiled and took the bag from my hands and went inside the VAN!
And we stood there with Tina looking at me with a look 'I told you!'
But all that buzzed my head is 'If he is here, where is that ROWDY?'


Thank you buddies!
Hope you all liked it!
If not also, let me know it in the comment section!
Any guesses for where the ROWDY is?
Next part! No assurance for that soon!
See you!

- Maithili

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Posted: 2018-06-25T10:10:54Z
Hey maithu.. 
Good to see you back.. 
How are you..?? 
I was reading the update but noticed few minutes.. I think you updated Sukor version here.. Coz suraj & chakor names are seen in more than one place.. 
Posted: 2018-06-25T10:21:53Z
Thanks a lot Aishu. I made the direction but think I didn't press that update button before closing my laptop. 
Corrected it.
Thank you.

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