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Lost & Found 


"Have you got everything? Maan looked at his wife as she packed her things.

"Almost done she shoved a couple more things in her suitcase and noted the expression of his face, "Are you upset? she arched her brows.

"Oh I don't know, let's see my wife is going away for 3 months, hmm I don't know if that's something I should be upset about he crossed his arms nonchalantly.

Geet smirked, she zipped the suitcase and walked around the bed approaching her husband. "My cutie wutie is getting upset she pinched his cheeks.

"Geet Maan pushed away her hands frowning. "Don't call me that.

"Oh am I bruising your ego? Geet mocked.

"Seriously woman! Aren't you supposed to be already gone? he huffed.

"I've got... she glanced at her wrist watch and looked at her husband, "An hour and a half left she answered teasingly.

Maan smiled and swooped his wife into his arms hurrying her into their bed.

Geet giggled as her husband tugged off his shirt and worked on pulling her jeans down her legs. She sat up on her knees cradling his cheek in her hand and kissed him hard.

She was going to miss her husband madly, she couldn't imagine being a day away from him let alone 3 months. Maan reciprocated to his wife filled with love and passion for her. He helped pulling away her clothes leaving her stark naked before his dark eyes, she blushed crimson under the intensity of her husband's eyes moaning as he lowered his head and latched onto her nipple fondling her breast with his hands.

"I love you so much Maan muttered as he entered her, Geet moaned clinging onto him for dear life, her soft whispers of confessing her love over and over reached his ears.


"Passport? Maan asked as he walked inside the airport with his wife.

"Yep, got it she nodded, "Got the ticket as well she assured knowing his next question already. Geet waved at her group noting them all gathered together. Maan grimaced, the time had come to say goodbye to his wife for 3 whole months.

"Make sure you call me at least once Maan informed, "I know you're going to be tired doctor but I'm alone he pouted.

"Okay, okay Geet nodded and tiptoed kissing him once more. "I'll call you, I promise she assured, "Maybe not as frequently as you'd like but I'll call she added.

"Take care of yourself out there, damn I'm going to miss you terribly he envelopes her in his arms tightly. "I love you.

"I love you too, hot stuff she grinned releasing him, "Take care of yourself, I'll be home before you know it she stated. "Bye

Maan waved as she walked to the other side joining her friends once she'd checked in. Geet glanced over waving and blew him a kiss making him smile. His smile faltered once she'd walked away, he was already missing his wife so much and she was only gone a minute.

How was he going to survive the next 3 months without waking to her rummaging at 5am in the morning, he already hated the idea of sleeping and not feeling her climb into bed after her long shifts at the hospital.

Sometimes (though he'd never say it out loud in front of his wife knowing her temper) he hated her job. Why did she want to be a damn surgeon? Couldn't she just choose a normal 9am-5pm job? He glanced at the time, only 3 months and 16hours until he sees her again he thought inwardly as he turned and walked out of the airport and headed home.


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Posted: 2018-03-01T18:44:00Z
congrats on your story
lost and found hmm who is lost here ?
and who found whom I think it would be interesting to read
but liking maaneet already
crispy couple
geet in her best naughty self ...
its gonna be interesting
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Posted: 2018-03-01T19:00:36Z
a little bit past it showing geet is always like this fully bindas
his bitterness for his mother clearly visible ..so guessing may be he was lost
love their present
geet and her naughty plan no doubt maan missing his wife so much
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Posted: 2018-03-01T20:08:58Z
Nice one
actually enjoying her character she very focused one
doctors job not so easy
im actually very excited about past and varun too
she and her note can't stop laughing
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Posted: 2018-03-01T20:44:30Z
Congrats for new story...
Maneet are husband and wife and are in love so much...
I guess they will separate or something because this ff name lost and found...
So waiting to
Please do consider me in adding your blog
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Posted: 2018-03-01T21:07:36Z
Awesome concept and parts loved geet maan bonding and how these 3 months will they survive without each other...update next part soon
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Posted: 2018-03-01T23:55:35Z
lovely prologue
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Posted: 2018-03-02T01:34:44Z
ClapHello...just now found this amazing ff...v different geet...bold n beautiful and a doctor...just amazing...loved both the chapters...but yet to know what is lost and what is found...seeing the interns names are from grey's anatomy...lovely...
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