OS - Dare To Be Her Boyfriend

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        Dare To Be Her Boyfriend

              " Abhi tak kyun nehi aayi " Maan looked at his watch as he continue brushing his teeth ..just then his face broke into big smile as a lady come on roof nearby his house ..he looked here and there then wave to get her attention but no use ,as usual that girl stayed for sometime and went from there . This is his routine for 3 months now .every morning he would wave at that girl from his house but never did he got any response..

          So he started doing his early morning routine ..first washed his face and then went to take bath .. as soon as he came out from washroom with just in towel ,  shocked seeing a girl in black dress sitting on his bed ..

               " hey who are you ? What are you doing here ? " he said worriedly , in hurry he picked up a black shirt and start buttoning looking outside tensed ..

                 " aap kuch bol kyun nehi rahe ho ?..look just go..its not good for a girl to come to a bachelor house.. go go .." He again looked outside if anyone looking and when he turned saw her coming towards him " aapp , yeh aap kya kar rahi hai ? " his back almost touched the wall but she didn't stop ..." why are you coming closer ? Look people will think bad ..you " 

               " people would have think worse when you say hi from your house to my house but did you ever stop ? " She glared at him stopping his blabbing .. his face turned red realising the person before him .

                 " what do you think I never noticed ..you doing it for 3 months now ..mann toh karta hai ek thappar laggao. Are you blind or what? Do you even know sometimes you even waved to my Mother ..Ma aur beti mein farak nehi samajh te kya " She irritatedly looked away from him and went to his small closet..she looked closely to his clothes.. and picked up a green shirt ..

                     " oh seems like you even wear matching shirt with my dress colour " She eyed his black shirt to her today's black dress . Maan only stand like statue not knowing what to do ..she picked his mobile

                 " there is only one woman number in your phone , your mother ..does she knows what you doing all months ? "

               hearing her ice cold threatening voice he rushed to her and snatched the phone in fear .. " oh no did you call Ma ? " without hearing her answer he dialed his Ma only to hear a clam voice as if nothing happened..He looked at her direction  after ending call " you didn't call her ? ... "

               " nope I didn't..in fact you were about to confess your deed .. anyways is it this month salary ? " she picked up the envelope which was on his bed and start counting money.

               " it's 15000..your this month pay right " he nodded quickly " you work on that small Mehra company ?.." again he nodded innocently  just like before .

        " what's your name ? And this time do me favour and open your  damn mouth " he startled for few second but still muttered his name slowly..

            " M..aan Maan singh_khurana "

              " wah naam toh amir wala hai hmm chalega " she nodded thoughtfully " you know my name right " he stayed quiet ..not knowing " mera naam Geet hai mein city hospital mein nurse hoon ..baki dheere dhree jann jaoge "

                    He smiled at her , hearing her name ' beautiful girl with beautiful name ' he stopped thinking as saw her looking at him intently .

            " do you like me ? Do you want to date me? "

              " a_ah_ah" he started stammering ... Never met such straight forward person ...

            " did you date before ? " he nodded no feeling awakard all of sudden , but she didn't give any expression " didn't date ok .. tomorrow meet me before Classy world mall thik 11 baje .."

                 " Why ? "

                  " because I said so "

        " but I have office tomorrow "

           " chutti le Lena "

           " but I never " 

            " so what ? you never dated too right but now you will do , so take a day off "

               " par main kya kahunga..bohot ajeeb lag..."

                  " listen to me carefully jhut bolna, office se chutti lena , girl friend ke liye intezar Karna yeh sab jitni Jaldi ho saake shik loo ..or else forget me  boss , I'm going  " with this she is gone leaving him rooted in his place..


                  As expected Maan was waiting for her before mall but she came after one hour ..without saying sorry she hold his hand and went to mall ..both start seeing cloths although Maan not paying any attention ..She picked up a shirt and give it to him

               " go change "

               " but why "

        " because I want to buy it for my friend and his physic is same like you , so go and try if it get fit or not "

               Maan frowned making grumpy face but still went to change ..like this she made him wear more dress and Maan did without objection although he was not happy at all ..they went to bill counter and Geet asked him to pay which is more than 5000 rupees..

               ' why I would pay for your friends clothes ' he muttered under his breath but still took out his money ..he started counting again and again which makes her angry, she snatched notes from his hand and gave them on counter.

               " baar baar gin nese pach hazar sath hazar nehi ban jayega " .. giving a last glared she went out .. Maan came running behind her ...

               " Geet oh Geet agar apne dost ke liye shopping karna tha toh uuse hi le aate " Geet didn't paid attention to him

               " let's go to that cafe ..its so hot here " as usual he followed in with same sour expression ..she ordered cold coffee but to her surprise he drank it in one go ..

                  " what the ? " she gritted her teeth to control her anger " are you out of your mind? Why did you drink it like that ? "

             " Aren't we here to drink ? "

              " look at the people idiot all are eating slowly and talking more ..we were supposed to do that "

               " mujhe nehi pata tha " he looked sorry

              " go now pay bill " he pay without arguing " do you want to eat something sandwich , burger bagera "

                 " nehi main junk food nehi khati "

                  " tum toh kuch bhi nehi khate ..i saw all you and your friends in that stall , they were smoking but you only drinking milk..why ? Agar mein ladka hoti na sab try karti ..whisky beer cigarette everything .." Maan gasped at open mouth but didn't comment anything ..

                  very soon she finished her coffee and both went out just then she handled those shopping bags to him " here these are for you ..kal white shirt phenke Carol bagh police station janna aur waha pe Mohinder Handa se milna ok "

                   " but who is Mohinde..." she already gone without listening him . But his mood light up as he noticed  those bags in his hands , she actually did shopping for him , he couldnt stop smiIling ..


               Maan looked at the angry middle aged man who just come back from cell beating a young boy..

                  " Sorry for making you wait ..you see those bloody criminals , feels like shoot them on their head " Maan gulped in fear still manage to give a silly smile " do tell me why are you here ? kya problem hai ? "

               " woh Geet ne mujhe bejha hai aapse milne "

               " so you are Maan Singh Khurana ..naam toh accha hai par nehi calega jao "

                  " ji ? " He confused not getting his words

                 " Go "

                 Mohinder shouted seeing him still sitting ..

            " but what will I say to Geet ? " he looked more angry hearing Geet name.

               " tumhe pata hai aaj ke rashi mein mere hath se kisika murder likha hai "

               " ah am going I'm going ..you seem busy , carry on sir " He literary run from there ...

After Some Time ...

              " so what did he say ? " Geet asked as soon as he came to meet her .

               " nothing much , bola ki bas naam hi acha hai ..."

                 " oh he rejected you " she told straight

               " who rejected me ? "

              " my father whom you went to meet ..don't worry I will manage "

                  " your father ! why didn't you tell me before ? "

               " forget it..yeh lo kal iss address pe janna aur bolna you are my boyfriend " He sshocked at her statement but before he could ask something she is gone... 


               " ahh please thora dhyan se " he told Geet as she start doing his bandage " woh log mujhe marra kyun  ? "

                  " because you dared to call me your girlfriend..that person whom you meet is a local goon , shakti naam ha uska and he likes me for a year now " Maan lost his voice only stared at her disbelief...

                 " what you should know whom you want to date ..im not some fantasy but a real woman , it's not easy to get me " she opened a tablet " open your mouth ..its painkiller " he gulped in one go without asking further.. It's routine now he never dared to question her


           Maan looked around the park  feeling uncomfortable..its Valentine's day,  so many couple getting cosy " Geet let's go somewhere else "

               " where ? In a dark place or a hotel ..where do you want to take me ? " she raised an eye brow..
                 " chi chi kya bol rahi ho,  main aasa nehi hoon "

              " why ? what's is wrong in that ? ..don't you like me ? "

             " it's not like that " she got  up suddenly and start walking he hold her hand to stop her ...

             " Geet oh Geet suno toh " she first eyed his hold and then him " you are holding my hand "

                 " Oh I'm sor.. "

                   " look Mr I'm a simple girl not have big ambition or anything but I won't leave my job for you or anyone . I have a strict father and a scary admirer it won't be that easy to be my boyfriend "

               " mujhe koyi farak ... "

           " I'm not finished yet . You are two years younger than me ..you are 28 and im 30 " Maan looked surprised    " I won't go easy on you or start running behind you , calling janu manu . I'm what I'm , do you still want to date me ? ..do you still like me ? "

                   " ha bilk.."

                   " don't bother to answer " she stop him " um im giving you 1 hour , go sit there and tell me your decision after that "

            she went to nearby bench and sit without giving him any glance .. Maan start pacing one side to another.. for him this 60 minutes feel like 6 days He looked at her who engrossed in phone then looked at his watch . Time feels stopped not moving..with great difficulty he did pass one hour and came running to her .

                 " Geet i still want to be with you. I don't care if your father hates me I will try my best to make him like me and I'm not scared to that goon too .."

                      " why you want me ? Because I'm beautiful ? "

                 " because I never met a girl like you ..i love you Geet " finally he confessed what he feeling for months now .

                 " I love you too . Let's go " his mouth open wide at her sudden confession " what do you think Mr why I would sent you to my father and that sadu guy ..why I would follow you to get all information about you ? ..you are an idiot .Chalo ab " she kept dragging him hidding her smile..

               He looked at her " you always loved me ! " she didn't answer only blushed at this ..

                    " Shut up ..don't dare to tease me "

                   " but " he stopped as Geet kissed his check lightly

           " ab chalo bhi " she start walking leaving him behind and as expected he run to catch her

                 " Geet oh Geet suno tho " ... and their love continue like this...
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hey guys ..a random one

actually its a movie ( one of my favourite )

feels like it suit maaneet well ..so here my Valentines gift for you all


     all Kolkata people guess it ...bataooo movie ka naam kya hai ..its too easy I know

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Posted: 2018-02-13T20:34:02Z
What the!
U made maan rejected by geet das
Beaten ny geet admirer...
Poor him how can u sabi...
Bechara kitna darr gaya hai...
Posted: 2018-02-13T22:27:09Z
Originally posted by SANJANA9167

What the!
U made maan rejected by geet das
Beaten ny geet admirer...
Poor him how can u sabi...
Bechara kitna darr gaya hai...

kisne kaha tha geet ke picche jaane ko ...
Laski o ki kami thi kya ..
now bear all this Wink
Posted: 2018-02-13T22:36:16Z
Engayum eppothum ...its tamil movie
Posted: 2018-02-13T22:39:13Z
Originally posted by aarisha

Engayum eppothum ...its tamil movie

may be but it was made in Indian Bangla ( Kolkata ) too
I watched that
Posted: 2018-02-13T23:06:06Z
superb os..
loved the way you wrote it on maaneet..
I remember, when the movie released,
it was such a superhit..
especially the song naa re naa.. we used to copy the famous steps of the song..

Posted: 2018-02-13T23:07:39Z
I really loved Soham Chakroborty's acting..

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