OS - Fighter Of Destiny

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                  Fighter Of Destiny

               " chalo 3 lakh mila hai ..Maine kaha tha na rano yeh lawyer hume jarur jitwayega .." Rano only nodded her head ..what will she do with win ? , her daughter's marriage broke just now , how can she be happy of this fact ..she looked at her daughter who sitting on bench looking lost ..Janvi noticed her friend's gaze .

             " don't be dishearten, ab bas accha sa ek ghar dekh ke phirse shaadi karwade , 3 lakh toh hai hi ..I'm sure you will get a good family just don't think of rich koyi bhi mile usse bandh dena . Ab dusro pe daag maat dundna , kyun ki Geet pe hi daag lag chuka hai ..don't forget that you have another daughter too.. If you keep your elder divorced daughter at home it won't be good samajh gayi na ..."

              Rano didn't answer only keep looking at her broken daughter " Uparwale meri bacchi hi kyun ... "

               May be Geet was lost but she didn't miss any word of their conversation.. like her mother she also has this question " why my fate is like this ? what i did to get the punishment ? "

                 She was happy girl just last year but everything changed when her Darji got her married to a well know family of Hoshiyarpur .. boy Amit well educated and soon will go Australia..

              " what more she want ?" Her darji asked angrily to her parents so there was no option other than agreeing with him..She also accepted it thinking its written on her fate ..

                 Her marriage was one of the biggest marriage of her town ..like any other girl she also had lots of dream regrading her married life..but all shattered within 6 months when her husband went to Australia and got married to an Australian girl ..

              " tumhari beti ki kismat hi buri hai " her Darji only comment this ..

             its all her fate's fault.. is it really ? , may be if her parents didn't let that marriage happened she wouldn't have face this ..Her mother think she is lost not she is tried no lost ..Tried of people's blaming ..tried of hearing negative comments of her character ..

             Sometimes she feels like she is the culprit she is wrong not the person who left her ,who cheated on her and married someone else ..instead saying anything to him they saying she lacked something that's why her husband left her ...

            She heard what Janvi massi said and know very well her family again marry her off soon may be this time worse after all her got a negative mark on her forehead a divorce ..

              we live in a society where people judge by colour , weight, disability , marital status and past . Geet is very aware of it ..if again her family force her to marry can she stop that ? ..No she can't , she is not that's strong to fight .. ' whom would I fight ..I can't stop what bound to happen , her inner voice gave her answer already .

              " Dadima app " Geet hugged the old lady whom she respect most ...She is Savitri Devi Hoshiyarpur's most reputed family although their family settled to Mumbai now, but Savitri Devi still couldn't left her root , her hometown she still come to visit often ..

            She looked at the young 19 years old girl and caressed her head lovingly... " kaisa hai gudiya .." .

           " bas thik hoon .." she answered quietly ..

            Dadima's heart crying seeing the broken girl in front of her ..she got to know what she faced ..and very well can understand how in small town people treat girls moreover a divorced girl ..

             "So what's plan for future " she asked her directly..

           " bas jo kisma...".

            " bas jo kismat mein hai uska intezar hai " Dadima completed her sentence " you want to say this right ? for how long you will keep blaming your destiny ... ".

          " main aur kar bhi kya sakti hoon Dadima ...".

               " bohot kuch , you can fight against it , you can write your own fate ..sitting in home and blaming won't give you anything ". Geet looked at Dadima as if Dadima saying some Aline words ..

             " you playing safe don't you Geet ? its so easy to blaming fate par ap bhul gaye kismat hamari muthi mein hoti hai ...hume apni kismat likhte hai , kismat humari zindegi nehi ..." All words gave her hope but still she couldn't get any courage to accept the fact that she can really change her fate ...

            " Stop hiding behind fate and make own choice ..Even God help those who help themselves .." Dadima left giving Geet her card of Khurana foundation , telling this foundation door will always open for her ...
             After 4months she looked at the card with longing but still didn't have courage to take any step ..just then her mother informed her about Dev's arrival ..Dev her new suitor this time her father's choice ..he is an NRI, very rich.

              " Geet ki kismat khul gayi hain rano .. " her father is very happy ..Dev is a divorce too but so what he is a man moreover a rich one ..now just one problem his family wants the land which is on her Darji's name ..but Darji hesitating ..

          " ek ladki ko vidah karne keliye itna kyun dena parega ..phele bhi uske shaadi mein kitna kharcha. ..".

            " Bauji mujhe kuch nehi sunna ...this marriage will happen that's all ..baadi mushkil se aase rishte aate hai ..sukar hai Geet ki kiamat acchi hai ..." This time too no one asked Geet ...

              " What is written in my destiny ? will I get happiness or my fate will play another game ? " She thought sadly ...

            Dev gave her a smile as soon as Geet came out " how are you ? " Geet only smiled slowly

              " I'm so jealous of you ..you looking perfectly fine there I'm not able to sleep after meeting you ..you are so beautiful..." Geet got little uncomfortable as she not used to those words but didn't reply anything ..
             " bas raha nehi gaya toh tumse milne chala aaya .." there is pin drop silent them he finally told the actual reason of his arrival.

            " you must be aware of my family condition..don't get me wrong Geet but its only my family's demand...please talk to your Darji..we are so rich ..you will become the queen of my family " he tried to held her hand but Geet took one step back.

             " Last time when your family came they said I'm used , divorced girl so they want that land to forget everything. I was just thinking you are divorced too then what I will get from you to forget your past ? you first marriage ? "

           Dev's face lost colour at her question but still managed to utter " don't mind Geet but look at my family and your family we are so rich ..still we are ready to forget everything and accept you ..you were married once.. You are acknowledge as second han.."

           " Don't you feel any shame ..you called yourself rich still eyeing the money from my family .. " Geet cut his words but didn't stop here ..for months she bearing peoples taunt her patience just broke she can't take any more ...

              " From which point you claim yourself better ..we are not very rich but still we are not cheap like you who want dowry ..and if you claim yourself better on base of virginity then we are equal here , In your language I'm second hand than you are too Dev ..being a boy doesn't make you less used than me"

            Saying she left without hearing his reply and for the first time in months she felt peace ..and now she is determined not to submit herself on her destiny instead she will fight against it .

Few Years later

            " lovvv uuu hotttyyy ..marry meee ".

              " you were awesome last night ..keep it up Man ..all the best for next match #MSK #wonderboy and for your new life too .."

          " you are so good #MSK ..you are best ...why the hell you married that #bitch ..aww kya dekha tumne uss divorce main ..I love youuu. "

             " left that # used girl ..I'm hereee hottty you rocked last match ".
           " wowww #century that too two match in row way to go #wonderboy #bestMSK "

              " Man you are unstoppable #bestMSK Keep going we love you ..

               Geet smiled as she reading comments on Facebook she was about to scroll down to read more her angry husband snatch her phone and throw it on floor " so rubbish what the hell people think ..."

                 " Maan calm down they are just teenager ..its not big deal " ' I heard worse ' she added in her mind ...
                   " What not big deal ? Who gave them right to abuse my wife on social media "

               He dialed his PA Adi and ordered him to take action against them. She tried to bring him back on bed " just comeback my century boy ..or you want to give a free show of your naked self to our neighbour .. " smiling naughtily she eyes his bare form ..

             Maan is Maan shrugged his shoulder but do come back on bed , pulling Geet closer to his chest ..he buried his nose on her hair to calm down his anger . He won't lie sometimes he do hates his immature fans , yes he is a big cricketer . Why don't people judge him by his profession only? why drag his wife in every matter ? What they know about her other than that divorced woman tag ..

                 Every time he did good people shower him with immense love but there would be few haters too, no not his haters his wife's haters . He is a public figure but he has a personal life too , he has a family too. Just because many fans admire him doesn't mean he can marry all of them .

               Outside of his profession he has a life . Is it so hard to understand ? Why attack his wife with bad comments ? . If they are true fans they would have understand his feelings , no they are just some bunch of immature stupid kids who don't have respect for idol or his personal stuff ..they claim to love him still use foul word for his wife which can only hurt him , is it so hard to get this thing ?...

             " how you stay so unaffected by all this ? "

            it's not new matter , they are married for 3months now and its happening from that time . He tired of this but surprised to see his wife's patience level ..never once she did reply to those or block , how she managed to stay cool ?.

            " Do you love me ? ".

            " I live for you " he simply answered

        " Me too , that's all I need " she kissed his chest ..keeping a hand on his heart , smiled feeling fast heartbeat that means he is still angry.

               " I don't care about these people Maan ,nor their comments affect me . It's only you matter . What my family my husband think mattered to me .Frankly said I took those message as inspiration to keep going forward that's all ".

             " hmm I can never understand your point ... I really hate when they judge you like this ..From which basic they abuse you ? Do they know how u suffered but still didn't back away instead fight against all odds . Do they know how many people you save every year ? Or they know if um still playing after my drug episode only because of you ..? you are a fighter Geet , I'm so proud of you ." he kissed her with all love he has for her..

             Geet looked herself at the mirror recalling Maan's words ' you are a fighter ' yes she now proudly call herself a fighter . She fought against her destiny . That day she rejected Dev and left her home without saying anything ..She had two things in her hand her certificate and Dadima's card .

             It was not easy decision for a girl like Geet but she was determined not to let her fate rule her life and she succeeded too now she is not some divorced girl Geet but Doctor Geet . She now believes that no one can help you if you don't help yourself not even God .. Yes God will show paths its in your hand to accept and fight , or decline and suffer by name of fate..

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another OS ..
not new again ..it was in wedding thread
hope you guys will like it

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Superb update !!
Amazingly written !!!
Gives me goose flesh !!
Girl power!! Absolutely stunning
Not everyone gets a daadiMA !!! V have to be strong n listen to what our brain n heart says:)
Maaneet part was cherry on top !!
Beautiful OS
Posted: 2018-02-05T05:08:56Z
Wonderfull !!

This is what i can say ...

Waiting for next update and also update soon...
Posted: 2018-02-05T05:34:05Z
very inspiring story dear

geet is really fighter
 and you have tell how women have to face the punishment becoz of the mens mistake
despite of being sit and cry they have face  the world with high head and make the words as motivation
really super

Posted: 2018-02-05T05:36:41Z
very nice..
Loved her courage.. the way she rejected dev & decided to write her own destiny..
She became an inspiration for many..
Finally, she got married again but by her will..
I liked her convo with dev..
it's so true.. if a woman is a divorcee people raise fingers on her..
her future is ruined etc..
But same is not the case with men..
Also it was her husband who was an incompetent man.. who cheated on his wife..
Why should she suffer for his mistakes..
very well written di..
Posted: 2018-02-05T05:44:45Z
Nice os 
Read it in wedding thread 
But really Geet is figherr 
And she achive her love 
Who love her how she is 
Also doesnt care about her past 
Thanks for PM
Update soon
Posted: 2018-02-05T06:46:54Z
thanks for the pm! read this already! 

realistic astounding OS! well written!

Liked Geet's determination to fight for herself and against her destiny! great she that she refused to marry Dev! glad that she has dadi's help.

Geet now married to Maan! she is unaffected by his fans' taunts! she is just happy being with Maan! 

Geet is a successful doc! she is a fighter! 

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