Dips Cr. #6 |Bepannaah|DeepVeer|NickYanka+PSD Giveaway: Page 14 - Page 5

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Posted: 3 years ago
Hellozz ShelozzzDancing

1st of all Congozz 4 reaching thread 6 may u have many moreParty

The entire update looks Gorgeous but the Padmaavat/Deepika stuffs looks absolutely breath takingDay Dreaming
And its banned in ur countryOuch!?that sucks!! I really loved this movieHeart Ranveer be awesomeDay DreamingUff jus loved him in this movie more than deepikaTongue

The coloring on the gifs is jus amazing and the b/w mixed in the siggy looks beautifulDay Dreaming

The texture,coloring and the blending in the deepika siggies look fabulousThumbs UpTotal StunnersBlushing

I will be waiting for Ranveer stuffs from uDay Dreaming

Apart from this the Kash and GOT stuffs look stunning but but i'm drooling over the padmaavat and deepika stuffsLOL

Keep creating moreHug

Come back wit more of Ranveer Singh's stuffsTongue

Till then its Bhootni signing offROFLHug

Edited by -PyaariBhootni- - 3 years ago
Posted: 3 years ago
amazing update
cant take off eyes from each edit
Posted: 3 years ago
Originally posted by aftermath..

Like finally she is back with the new thread.

1st: First page is bindass babu like you.
2nd: I'll come back editing this post again. ROFL

Can't wait to see you updateee!

Either god is extreme bias towards me or this lady have some telepathic connection that she always grabs the first spot every effing time. NEDAN ? Whereas i might bump into her thread like the person who mostly arrives late at the parties. o.O

Babu OMG this just melted my heart Blushing Haha my first page is no informal like sometimes I wonder what my resume would be like. Got to think that btw. I have done my updating part and now its your turn bruuh like where the hell are you wandering. I want my marijuana.  
Posted: 3 years ago
Originally posted by theaisha

Can't wait to see your updateee!

Thank you Aisha! Clown Got the thread updated. Would love if you leave a feedback :)

Originally posted by ..RamKiJanaki..

Yayyy, congratulations for your new gallery! Party

Yaa look whose here. Cool Thank you Janaki so much. Good to see you around Embarrassed

Originally posted by Arteclectic

You are back and that to with bang
Damn awesome!  First page looks best

Then baby come lets dance on bang bang.. raat bhar..pyarr kar..Aichu baby aaja tu mere saath chal Dancing
Thanks my love. I never thought that people would like the 1st page this much *facepalm* 

Posted: 3 years ago
OMG!!! How are you SO good, Dips?

It's so not fair, seriously! :P

I honestly cannot even choose which of your creations is my favorite. They're all freaking fantastic. I love the icons, gifs, animated and non-animated siggies so much! 

When will you open? I have SO much to request from you. :P
Posted: 3 years ago
Originally posted by DEFOM

congratulations dips on the new shop PartyParty

Thank you Palakh baby Clown

Originally posted by ruky786

:) Congratulations on your new shop Dips 

Wow Ruky good to see you here after long like year long actually. Thank you so much dear ! :) Embarrassed

Originally posted by lipshaa

Congratulations for new Shopiee :)

Lipshaaa ! Where have you been bro? No see :( You should be active much and kindly update. And, thank you so much love ! Approve

Originally posted by -PyaariBhootni-

And she is backHug

Haanji ! I'm (naam ka) BACK  ROFL The tenure is questionable always. *hides*

Originally posted by .Priyanka-

Hey congratulations dear for new shop!!
Waiting for updates yaar

Thank you so much Priyanka baby. :) The thread is update. Go check out and would love to hear the feedback. Embarrassed

Originally posted by SujiZ

congratulation for ur new shop 
waiting for the Updatee

Thank you SujiZ ! Embarrassed Yes the thread is updated dear. Have a look and would love if you leave a feedback :)
Posted: 3 years ago
Originally posted by Haal-e-Dil

Now don't take another 3 years to update it. I have uninstalled Tumblr and not willing to go there using phatichar phone browser.
Congrats on your new shop and thank God for H and VSilly 

Hahaha Ri my dear its unpredictable whether it will take 3 years or more this time or i would bind up within a year. I need a jyotish baba right now to look at my stars. You don't have to browse Tumblr with your pathichar browser because i am not updating the blog either. 

Thank you love and you are also to be thanked for having a part in rescuing me. Its a team work lady. I Love you ! 
Posted: 3 years ago
Originally posted by .annihilation.

This has to be legit one of the greatest events to have taken place at IF in 2018. Congratulations depsi pepsi (*remembers Rida*)! Hug Since you're such a humble soul, you thanked us having reached #6 but truth be told lady, you and your exceptional talents are the principal reasons for you having reached so far. I know I have said this many a times ever since I started following your work but never stop believing in the fact that you're truly brilliant, with PS or with anything else for that matter and I can say that with complete conviction. Heart Always stay as awesome as you're, keep your head up and keep doing such great work and continue to inspire people like us. Star Oh and the first page has to be one of the most hilarious intro's I ever read on IF so far. ROFL 

Hahahaha this just cracked me up like real bad. ROFL Its almost a beizatti for me because i'm so incorrigible to open a new thread *facepalm* Kahin muh dikhane layak nahi rahi ROFL Ahh Rida the darling Hashmi, miss her and her unique naamkaran for me. Depsi indeed loves Pepsi and Rida and (Husna too). I want to cry since TAREEFShocked Me and HUMBLE. I should be highlighting this and my family should be watching this. I wanna give a legit speech right now. I don't know how much of contribution my talent have been there but it was people like YOU who made this thread possible. I would be thanking all of you from the bottom of my heart Hug (okay this is getting sentimental right now). Husna, my dear, the inspiration vibe you gather from my kachra work is originated and extracted just from master PSers like you. I am just a stream to the massive river. And thank you so much for appreciating the first page. ROFL  Like i said V that the way i kept it informal, IDK how i will manage to update my resumes.ROFL The Company will surely hire me as a clown Clown 


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