Dips Cr. #6 |Bepannaah|DeepVeer|NickYanka+PSD Giveaway: Page 14 - Page 4

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Posted: 3 years ago
Gallery updated. woohoo.
Posted: 3 years ago
Reserved cause your brilliance left me awed.  Stern Smile
Posted: 3 years ago
You're in the 'she PSes to maim and kill' club too. Stern Smile I ain't forgiving you ladies. *goes to cry in the cupboard for the unfair treatment* 

Edited :

There hasn't been a more apt gif to describe what is it like to be in this PS palace of yours. 

Na na, don't you dare deny any of it. That's just how you roll, depsi pepsi. You're one merciless and ruthless lady. Stern Smile 

GoT  - Seriously? LIKE S E R I O U S L Y? How do you do it?! No matter which kind of surface or which wall in the world I go and break my head against, I just can't comprehend as to how come you can produce stuff like these. Those icons are the epitome of sheer immaculateness through and through. You HAVE to teach me typography sometime, you just have to. I ain't taking no for an answer, that's the least I'm entitled to get for having escaped doom narrowly at your hands. There's nothing wrong with gif-edit set, idk why would you say that. It's such a fine piece of work, esp. that template. 

So, V's tutorial managed to screw your brain up and now in turn, you're screwing ours. I guess, that's just how you two ladies function, causing fatalities day in and out. Someone should report you two already. Ermm I realise all this is sounding more like a rant than an appreciation comment  LOL but uh hello, you show no kindness and so you ain't getting any either. 

The absolute excellence of those animated edits are like stabbing me over with a thousand knives. *I should perhaps insert a discretion advised warning here 'cause I'm beginning to sound wicked ROFL* Just let me not get started on the ingenious texture play or gorgeous coloring or any other aspect of it because chances are I'd trail of to a land you prolly can't get me back from. 

Padmavat - I'm so used to saying Padmavati now that I just can't say it without the 'i'. LOL Did you happen to watch the movie yet? How is it? These gifs though are so simple in nature but look absolutely stunning. The following edit, uh, whatever. Stern Smile You think I'm going to lift that style of yours? You think? YES, OF COURSE I AM! If you were thinking you'd put up something so prodigious and it won't be getting copied then, you're mistaken, lady. I'm in love with the second half section of the edit. *heart eyes x1000*

DP - I have these saved in the hope that someday I'd be able to produce something like this too. Ah, talk about being naive. Sigh. Ermm The look that the whole texture play, coloring, cropping, text and blending is bringing about in both the icons and the signature is just so alluring. Sultry and spunky, all rolled into one. 

KaSh - The heck did you get that clarity in the gifs from? I see not one tiniest particle of grain. The coloring scheme although unusual makes this set look amazing. 


^^ Jee, humare bhi 'the end'. Clown

Change your UN to superlative or something 'cause that's what you do. Hug 

Edited by .annihilation. - 3 years ago
Posted: 3 years ago
WOW. Dips your update is amazing. You've improved a lot I must say since the last time I commented. The gifs in particular are amazing. Love the colouring, and your edits are excellent.
Posted: 3 years ago


I need to breathe! *PAUSE*


Posted: 3 years ago
ahmazing update girl love each n everything u make Heart Edited by DilBoleRikara - 3 years ago

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