Dips Cr. #6 |Bepannaah|DeepVeer|NickYanka+PSD Giveaway: Page 14 - Page 17

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Posted: 3 years ago
Originally posted by Aashna05

Amazing update DipsHeart
Everything is so so gorgeousDay Dreaming
Bepannaah stuff is so fabulous, each and every edit isHeart
Simply flawless, mind blowingHeartDay Dreaming
Your text style is amazing!!

My dear Aashna, thank you so much love Hug Thanks for such pretty words, I am so overwhelmed right now. So glad and grateful you liked them Embarrassed
Posted: 3 years ago
Woah woah, you always come up with something entirely new! Heart All these different styles, I don't know what they are called but I do know they're mesmerizing. You keep inspiring me to PS.
^That icon stack is truly one of a kind!
^Cool coloring and style<3 Gorgeous!
^Never followed this show but must say this guy Harshad is hot and everything you did here brings out his irresistible looks really well.
^Flawless cropping and effects.
^I have fallen in love with Nickyanka and these two siggies look magical. Day Dreaming
Will certainly work with the PSD and show you.Embarrassed

Posted: 3 years ago
Dipsyyy Hug
As much as i have missed your updates all those time you went MIA, i won't be swearing at you. Though i do deserve some here because am so frigging late as always to comment.

Let's turn the page though, it's 2019!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! Wishing you a year filled with amazing experiences and growth. LOVE YOU DIPSY! I miss you loads, especially our long long PMs and show discussion! Adult life happened!Broken Heart

Coming to your updates now

Bepannah: You should be glad the show ended on a good timeline. Dragged shows are a torture. I may not have watched the show till the end but it was a good one. Jen-Harshad had really great chemistry. I remember how during DMG days people were craving for a show on them. Though late, it did happen after 10 years Stern Smile [That makes me think if wishful thinking does happen? *cough**cough* kash??] Ok let's not go there... -_- But your quote edit did take back in time, Amna made one like this on KaSh and needless to say, nostalgia hit back at first look. You have the playfulness in your creativity to bring life an edit like that. Well played on the fonts/text. How fonts can change a whole look an edit? 

https://i.imgur.com/M8o9sPz.png DUDE THIS IS PERFECT cropping and masking. It's a flawless work out here. The simplicity elevates all of it. I love the banner tags in the background. Such a pretty creation i must.

https://i.imgur.com/3LbH7kS.gif So you are experimenting? I love how we can use pictures and animation together. I'm more fascinated with how you kept the simpleness intact like the above. 

https://i.imgur.com/SjL34WL.png Oh this is so cute!!!! I love quote in between and that doodly design ;p

https://i.imgur.com/uzvpPih.png OMG but this is the ABSOLUTE AWESOMENESS edit from the Bepannah lot. Pink is suddenly so hot. Only you could have pulled a photoset so cool like this. Cropping+masking=amazing. But the textures are so apt here. I think each picture set is exquisite. Blue is a great combo with pink btw. I can't stop staring at it and think Harshad is a great inspiration behind ;)

DeepVeer: OH HOW CAN WE GO WITHOUT A DEEPVEER creation here? I was waiting to see some of your magic on them again. Am sure you had a hard time deciding what you wanted to do with the pictures. 1) Because the pictures are so tempting 2)Because it's f**king DeepVeer. ROFL They really look amazing though. You should do one on reception where they in black and red. Oh f**k am suddenly tempted to work on this now that am remembering Stern Smile C'mon get your hands on them asap.

https://i.imgur.com/KX8DIii.png OH I love how they give a moodboard vibe to it. It's a set right? You didn't stack them but am assuming they are a set. You are doing so good with simple edits these days and it's easily inspiring. Don't feel surprised seeing me landing with an update filled with Dipsy touches on them ;|  I love your coloring <3

NickYanka: NickYanka?Seriously, is that there name??? ROFL I read the news waale called them Prick too. ROFL It's just too funny reading their couple name thoughROFL 
https://i.imgur.com/zCLGOoW.png Anyway this is so tumblr like ;| It reminds me of those teen wolf edits i used to come across and thought this is not my level. That texture background works best here. Your creativity is top notch here, esp with that text stuffs you did. 

https://i.imgur.com/3WSPFE0.gif I've seen this one around in sigboxes. Your starry animation is so tempting to try out. I love the forest trees and that dark pink color to them. Nothing looks distorted with your croppings man, that's why i keep saying they are flawless. They seriously are.

COME BACK AGAIN!!!! I've already commented now. Am greedy for more Ermm

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