Aapke Aa Jane Se 1st February 2018 Written Update

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Posted: 2018-02-01T12:45:46Z
Its my first update. Please forgive any mistakes. Also i might not be going scene by scene detail.

Episode starts with an elderly lady telling Nishi's mom not to let Vedhika organize or touch pooja ki thaali. Vedhika silently listen this and tells Nishi's mom to help her pretending she forgot the details. On the other hand, girls asks if Sahil is married but he replies he is not but he is in love and he clicks their pics. Vedhika crushes on Sahil while coming out with pooja thaali and all the items fall, flower patels fall on them. The lady comes taunting her and curses her. Arya comes to Vedhika's defense but Vedhika didnt let her to say anything. She started to take her inside but Sahil stops them and defends her. He tells them its her house, she cooked and organized everything. They had no problem with that then why they have problem with Vedhika touching pooja thali. He also reminds Sunil (Nishi's father) how all the expenses she is incurring for the functions, how she sold cloths in markets to get the money and why she rented him the rooms so that she can pay for the functions expenses. He almost confesses but said Vedhika is special woman whom he respects. Vedhika goes inside and had tears in his eyes.

Sahil goes to Karan and reminds him his words and said he is sure now that he loves Vedhika and he is now one woman man. But Karan telks him about their age difference and how society wont accept. on the other hand, Badi amma reaches Mathurs house. She starts instigating what has Nishi's parents given. Nishi's in laws said gold chain and big car but Sunil said he couldnt afford big car but he got smaller one. Nishi's father in law then said if they cant pay, they will break the rishta. Then badi amma told him not to hurry and starts giving them alternatives and intentionally said about house during the process. Nishi's parents starts begging Vedhika to give Nishi's in laws the house. Badi amma signals Nishi's in laws to accept the house. Vedhika reminds her moments with Nishi and how Nishi told her it was tough to convince her in laws (love marriage) she is happy today and cant live if her marriage doesnt happen. Vedhika feels helpless reminding this and decides to give her in laws the house.

Vedhika's mom taunts her in a room how Vedhika is against dowry but today she gave dowry. Vedhika says she couldnt help before Nishi's happiness. Outside Tilak ceremony starts. Everyone starts dancing, tgen Sahil came with dhol and starts singing the mohabbatein song. Badi amma notices him staring and singing for Vedhika. Later, Sahil notices Badi amma. He tell her, he wont go home but badi amma tells him to go to shop tomorrow 9 am sharp in exchange of her deal. After ceremony finishes, Sahil sees Nani ji outside feeling mad and restless. Upon his inquiry, she tells Sahil this house isnt their anymore. Episode ends with Sahil's shocked face.
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Posted: 2018-02-02T06:10:01Z
Thks for the WU ...really appreciate all the efforts you put into it.  
Yday epi was overall really good...as usual Sahil stood for Vedika in front the society
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