Sahil standing up for Vedika!

Posted: 2018-02-01T12:41:52Z
As always my heart goes out to Vedika. As always i am glad to see Sahil the way he is concerning when he takes a stand to right and wrong.

I loved that Sahil stood up and defended Vedika, in a room full of ignorant elders. But what i loved was what he said, because these elders like to nitpick on things and ignore other things. Proud of Sahil for that moment... 
And also want to say this moment is crucial because it shows us that in the future whenever Sahil and Vedika get together and face this society and certain people that Sahil will be the kind of person to answer back and stand up and defend! It is exactly the kind of man Vedika needs and in a companionship particularly in where she stands today amongst her family members who talk down to her and say stuff, and Sahil's family esp Badi Amma who is stubborn as hell.

Sahil was also right to point out, that Vedika doesnt even know what her favourites are, her colour or what she likes because she is taking care of others and her house and trying to get on with her day to day life.

Precap - Sahil gets a slap, as i said i can understand why Vedika slaps him, he laid a finger on her big brother (i think thats the relation), but we know Sahil could not bear to see Vedika get called names. 
And Vedika asks that all important question - Who is he to change her decision! Who is he to question her decision! 

The kind of question she also asks in the new promo - When Sahil says he wants to be by her side, and she replies by what relation? 

This is the very question...  Who is he to do even question her, change her decision, by what relation do they have...    WHAT RIGHT DOES SAHIL HAVE is the real question!  And that is what Vedika is asking.thinking, the very question the locals and her family would be thinking... 

You know the right i am talking about... the one you have when you are married to someone... the husband, the wife ...  RIGHT. 

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Posted: 2018-02-01T12:53:03Z
I absolutely loved what Sahil did. He was awesome.
Is there a new promo?
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Posted: 2018-02-01T12:58:52Z
Originally posted by crispsy

I absolutely loved what Sahil did. He was awesome.
Is there a new promo?

Yep in the EDT thread or SaDika thread page 9. Smile
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Posted: 2018-02-01T17:06:08Z
Vedika was really touched when Sahil stood up for her. She might have felt for a moment there is someone to support her. Sahil was really amazing and he said such relevant things. Only people like him can come together and change our society .
It is really sad that people like badi Amma,  Vedika's jethji and her sister in law exist who are the root cause for all these injustices.

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Posted: 2018-02-01T21:00:19Z
Saw the promo. This will be interesting. Competition for Sahil. LOL
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Posted: 2018-02-01T21:37:15Z
Sahil always takes a stand for Vedika and will continue to do this in future and Vedika needs a companion like Sahil who would be there with her in every phase of life!
Coming to Badi amma she's not gonna leave Vedika that easily... I am sure she'll continue her tricks to keep SaDika away! Currently she's doing all this without knowing what Sahil feels for her but imagine what all she can do when she gets to know about his feelings for Vedika. 
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Posted: 2018-02-02T01:14:20Z
Originally posted by Lennie

Originally posted by crispsy

I absolutely loved what Sahil did. He was awesome.
Is there a new promo?

Yep in the EDT thread or SaDika thread page 9. Smile
Hi lennie
Next time pls share new promo in separate thread so that everyone can easily access it. Smile
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Posted: 2018-02-02T03:25:41Z
It's good to see Sahil standing up for Vedhika and answering everyone around. He really has a spine and this would be very much needed in the future.

Vedhika's reaction to it all and esp in precap is understandable. If anything this is her life and her decision and right now, Sahil is an outsider. She doesn't even let her mother or Arya voice their opinions against anyone. I would like to see Vedhika herself shutting everyone's mouths by her words one day, maybe due to Sahil's influence rubbing on her.
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