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Posted: 4 years ago
Originally posted by preetidhawan

Superb Update
Uff!!!!!! Prem ne kitna kuchh suna dala Maan ko poor Maan had to listen everything from his younger brother . Maan convinced Prem that he is regretting will fix everything . Maan asked Prem if he has any photograph of Geet and Prem send him the pic of Geet in her bridal wear and Maan was overwelmed ,Maan assured dadi also that he will win Geet back and everything will be fine.Maan visited the Gurudwara where he got married and took the responsibility to renovate the whole Gurudwara, just loved it.Geet relishing gol gappas with her friends when Maan,s phone came and informed that he is going to pick her up and again Geet was confused with his behaviour, Adi informed Geet about her second round interview and at the same time informed Maan the same.Geet,s family welcomed Maaneet in traditional way and again Geet getting scared of Maan,s reaction
Eagerly waiting for next

Thank you for your encouraging comment dearie Hug
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Originally posted by richa_kapoor

Part 9 : 

Maan searching for her picture and luckily got it to because of Prem who called him to scold his elder brotherLOL guts hai bhai... MSK ko daantna isn't a joke..LOL
Geet smiles after so longTongue though it's short lived but atleast she smiles and enjoy golgappe. 
Maan was restless. Can assumedOuch but "boya ped babul ka aam kaha fal hoyeConfused"
He was searching for solace and in this reached to same Gurdwara where he got married to her. He saw the condition and offered help. Nice gesture from his side. Hope Geet to got to know about thisBig smile
Geet didn't use money dadi put in her account and she was worried. 
Its First who paid het fees.
Second round of interview... Hmm will they met thereWink
Might be...Wink
Maan picked up Geet and reached to handa Haveli where all welcome then and she got to know about the function and she scared how Maan reacts to all this. 
Now i am really forward to this. Wanna see her reaction when she got to know that he actually gave his permission for this function..Wink 
Secondly will they get the chance to talk? Major question as Maan wasted his first chance in car... They were alone that time and he should initiate there but he missed...Shocked
Looking for next part...
Thanks for updating dear...
Waiting for next

Thanks  a lot dear...Hug

loved reading each and every word, sentances you have contributed...really appreciate your efforts and interest. Embarrassed
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1) Coming to Part 10, I am sorry, there wont be actual function scene. I had to bring in a flashback scene and realised this is the right time to bring in...Hence, request you to give in your honest comments...I shall continue with the actual function scene in PART 11. I am trying my level best to post PART 11 by tomorrow.

2) coming to the story part, Many of you have already started feeling sad for Maan...Me too..Confused
But I have to do full justice from Geet's point of view putting myself into her shoes...Hence please note that she will not give in or express herself that easily. Its not because of her stubbornness. its simply because of all pain that she went thro. But trust me...things will move positively in future updates (But not immediately)

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I have to do complete editing and coloring...will do it one by one... Confused

As mentioned above...I couldnt include this function scene in PART 10. and hence no Maaneet scenes in this part. I had to focus on the flow of the story and had to bring this flash back scene in this chapter itself.
 and will be updating Part 11 wihtin a day or two (I am sure to update it quick Embarrassed) .

Rano: Shhh... one year or ten years...you both are here TOGETHER for the first time and this is our custom to arrange for a function.

Geet doest look convinced...she is even scared to look at Maan as again he will mistake her and her family for organizing this event...least did she know that Maan already knows about it and he is positive about it.

Almost half an hour passed and Geet is all dressed up for the event.. she has dressed to kill...Rano had got her a Traditional punjabi dress in a baby pink colour. Her long hair is neatly platted and is adorned with a lovely parandha (Kind of decorative ribbon tied in the edge of the plat) She had to choose which bangles to wear...she has an attractive bangles rack which is kept on her dressing table and she starts wearing bangles that matches with her dress...she was about to choose one of the artificial set of necklace which she is about to wear and just then she gets a whatsApp message and when she happens to check it, its a message from Annie and geet's eyes gets widened..

"Geet...its been long time since we spoke/chat last time. Please message me back when you are free...and we shall talk.

Geet ST: Message from Annie and that too after 3 long weeks?

She pulls down her hand and get into a serious thoughts...Annie and Geet were regularly in touch with each other..They would make sure to talk once in 2-3 days. But that one incident changed everything and there has been no exchange of voice or words and its been almost 3 weeks since they communicated with each other.

Geet is unable to decide what to do? She takes her mobile to reply her.. but then She recalls the day when she last got to speak with Annie 3 weeks ago... and she holds herself.. and she is lost in the brief moment.

At the same time in Canada:

Its around 8 AM in the morning..and both Prem and Anvesha (Annie) are seated on the either side of the table having their breakfast before they could get started with their busy day as usual.

And even today, Annie has taken enough of cereals into the cup but all she has been doing is mixing and mixing the cornflakes and milk mix and she is lost looking out of the window thinking about Geet and their last conversation. After that, Annie didnt get to talk with her and its almost half an hour past, she has sent a message to Geet and she hasnt yet replied her. This is the usual time when they get to chat...It has never happened in the past where Annie sends a message to Geet and she takes this long to reply.

Annie ST: I shouldnt have spoken to Geet like that...I dont know if she will ever get the rights of being Maan Bhai's wife or not but she has never behaved sensitive with regard to the bond she has been sharing with Daadi, Prem bhai and over and above all, to me. I have had so many friends but most of them were aiming to maintain their friendship with me mainly due to my family, status and above all to get introduced to my handsome brothers and none of them are even worth to share my feelings with. But I have been really blessed to have 2 good friends...Arjun, and Geet who is my friend first...Many a times, I dont even remember that she is my Bhabi as Geet has been so different. Even though I haven't got to meet her even for once and all our talking has been happening over the phone or Skype...She has been a very true friend with whom I can rely upon anything and every aspect of life...But I broke that bond with my bare hands...

Thanks to Arjun..If he was not there, I would have never come to know the actual truth about that Vikram. And that made me realize how rude was my last conversation with Geet..After all its me who had requested her to help me and...Annie is gulping with the very thought of her misbehavior...Its my mistake to blindly trust that B****** Vikram. Geet was right in describing him in the first meeting itself.

Is she angry with me? Will she ever talk to me again like before?


It was almost 10 days since Maan had left to London and Annie and Geet are on their usual voice chat

Geet: Ye...lo...Why you keep fighting with Arjun. He is such a sweet guy. Only I know what it takes to be Anvesha's friend

Geet giggles and Annie makes a baby face.

Annie: GEEET...HUH...now stop supporting Arjun. He is behaving so different these days. He has been so weird from the time I have told him about Vikram. He has been telling me that Vikram is not at all the right guy for me..

Geet: I somehow feel that you should have listened to his POV at least for once. You see..he is a true friend of yours.

Annie: NO..NO NO I wouldn't take anyone to speak against Vikram...

Geet: But Annie..you cannot afford to loose a good friend for this sake.

Annie: I am not breaking my friendship with Arjun...I know him very well...at times he is too concerned and over protective about me and all what he is talking about Vikram is purely his illusion. You see...even in college he has punched on guys who had tried to advance towards me.

Geet really feels sad for Arjun. has been true friend of Annie. Geet recalls that day when Annie has got Arjun into voice chat during the break session in her college and Geet had a good First impression about him. Actually, she was thinking Annie and Arjun love each other and personally she didnt have any objection towards it as Arjun seems to be a nice guy and from a decent family and Annie too was feeling pretty comfortable with him and his presence.

Geet ST: Patha nahin yeh Vikram kahan se aa tapka in donon ke beech (Wonder from where this Vikram came in between these two)Hey Babaji...I wish all the Misunderstandings between Annie and Arjun gets sorted out. And This girl is crazy...why cant she listen to Arjun at least for once? Wonder who is this Vikram and how serious is he about Annie?

Geet is lost in her brief thoughts while Annie continues..

Annie: Now stop worrying about Arjun...I will handle it...Well..I needed a help from you...

Geet: Yes Annie.

Annie:Vikram is coming down to Delhi for a short trip this week. Please meet him once and be honest how you find him.

Geet: Oh..Main kaise?


Geet: ANNIE, please listen to me for once. As Vikram is also based in Canada, why not Prem meet him?

Annie: That's the problem Geet...Vikram hails from "Bhatia" family and as per Maan and Prem. "Bhatias have always envied "Khuranas" and always in look out for means and ways to degrade our name and fame in the business world. But Believe me, Vikram is different person all together he claims that all what we have been hearing about "Bhatias are nothing but misconceptions. and he intends to patch up all misunderstandings between both the families.

Geet: In that case, Its not atall advisable for me to meet Vikram

Annie: Geet...its Vikrm waho is insisting to meet you.

Geet is really getting confused now...

Geet: What? But why?

Annie: See, you are my bhabi na..

Geet: Annie...you know all what's been happening between me and your bhai and our so called relationship. And in between all this mess, If your bro comes to know about it? Do you even understand the consequences? Hence ME meeting Vikram is ruled out... C'mon dear, I cannot dig my own grave.

Annie: Geet...don't worry, I have a fool proof plan.

Geet: Annie, you know your elder brother. You cannot fool him that easily.

Annie: I am not going to fool my Maan bhai. I am making a way to make him understand in the right way...

Geet: Par Kaise?

Annie: See...I agree to Vikram that "YOU will be the first person to start with as a perfect start is made from a "Comfort Zone and that comfort I have found only in you Geet.

Geet: Annie, I am really going speechless for your level of trust and comfort levels with regard to me. But still I am not confident to take this risk...

Annie: Geet...Whatever I said I really mean it...I consider you my best friend and I value this friendship more than the relationship status that we possess...and your opinion matters a lot to me. She takes a long pause...And secondly, we have a positive card in between all of us, and that's none other than Prem Bhai...provided we convince him in a right way.

Geet: Woh tho hain...now, please share your plan

Annie: Hmm! ab suno...you meet Vikram...I am sure there's no way you will not like him...

Geet is smiling at the level of confidence Annie has about Vikram.

Annie: Once you are done with the meeting, you brief me about how your meeting went. and I will arrange for our usual conference talk between you, me & Prem bhai...and at that time, we can bring in this topic and I am damn sure, Prem Bhai will listen to you and will vote for your point of view...and by that time, Vikram will finish with his short trip to India and will be back to Canada. We can arrange a meet between Prem and Vikram. Here, Prem can be taken into 100% confidence. Prem Bhai will never ever let Maan bhai or Daadi to know about your meeting with Vikram

Geet: Sounds fine but...what about Vikram? What if he happens to disclose all our pre-schedules to Maan or Daadi ?

Annie: Be rest assured... Please mark my words..you can blindly trust Vikram on this.

Geet is finally convinced and Annie coordinates all needs to be done with regard to Vikram and Geet's meeting. Geet requested Annie to set this meeting in one coffee shop which is just 2 mins walk from the Ganesh temple which she regularly visits. For the first time ever, Geet tells a lie to Daadima that she is visiting the Ganesh Temple. Once the driver drops her there, she makes a slow move towards the Coffee shop where Vikram was already waiting for her.

Geet: Hie...I'm Geet...

Vikram: HIE .. I'm Vikram Bhatiya

He brings his right hand ahead gesturing for a shake hand and she gives in just because she is here for the sake of Annie. But this is the very beginning of undue advantages that he is going to take...he shakes hand with a strange grip making her feel uncomfortable and He huskily tells her ...And people who are close to me call me VICKY...and you too can...

She wiggles and breaks away from his hold and abruptly stops him to talk further.

Geet: Thank you..but I am far comfortable to address you with your full name. Mr. VIKRAM BHATIYA. Giving him a stern look whilst smiling.

As per Vikram, no girl has ever refused this opportunity to be close to him and would love to call him Vicky...She is so different from all other girls...so stubborn and so up to the point. Again, her behavior has proved to be even more "Inviting as its contradicting all what he had expected Geet to be.. He is even more interested now to make Geet all his...

YES..He had made friendship with Annie and slowly got her into this "Love trap" in order to take his revenge from Khurana family...for years, Khuranas have won over major projects during bids...and today Khuranas are in a place where Bhatias are suppose to be..and that place will soon belong to Bhatias and only bhatias...that's why he had advanced his friendship with Annie with all planning and moreover, playing a game as if he himself didn't knew that Annie belongs to Khurana family and when the truth was out, he took Annie in his confidence and assured her that together they both shall sort out the differences between both families. Annie easily fell in his net without even knowing his actual intentions.

Vikram didnt know about Maan's wedding and how it didn't get that media attention and he happen to casually enquire about this with Annie and she innocently blabbered to him about the relationship between her Maan bhai and Geet and under what circumstances their wedding had happened. This proved to be the weakest information about the Khuranas and he wanted to take immediate action by secretly leaking it to media but he called back his decision when he came across Geet's photo in Annie's mobile ...and he simply got glued to it. She is the most beautiful girl he got to see till date and he instantly got attracted to her. He decided then and there to make Geet all his. Rather this is the first ever time he got serious about a girl and wanted to marry her.

He smirks within...I was thinking of taking my revenge by taking the daughter of Khurana Family into my confidence...but I can achieve beyond my objective by making Geet falling for me...KHURANA Khandan ki bahu...ab BHATIYA Khandan ki bahu banegi. Khurana Khandan ke liye, is se badi badnami ka tamacha kya ho saktha hian? (Daughter in law of Khurana Family will soon be DIL of Bhatiya Family...and this will be a tight slap of shame for Khuranas ) knowing the actual fact of Geet-Maan's relationship, he thinks he has an upper hand now and Geet will happily agree to all this. After all he is handsome and most eligible bachelor and that too from a richie rich family and his looks and status does its work automatically when it comes to attract Girls. That's how he made this plan for a short trip to India and insisting to meet Geet.

Getting back to his meeting with Geet in this Coffee shop, Vikram is falling head over heals for Geet now. His lust for her has intensified hundred fold by meeting her in person and he is prepared to go to any extent to achieve it.

Vikram: Pleased to meet you Geet...Have your seat.

Geet is not getting any positive vibe by meeting Vikram. His body language, flirtatious gazes and the advances he took with the reason of shaking hands...uff, she is really feeling so uncomfortable within very first minute of meeting him...but still she is here for Annie and she has to maintain her calmness and she sticks on to minimum talking and all she replies is a "Hmm

Geet: HMM

Vikram: What would you like to have? Hot or soft drink?

Geet: Well I will help myself with a glass of water thank you.

Vikram is all lost looking at her but she is not even looking back at him. She is actually confused if she is over reacting...maybe she has to start some conversations before getting into any conclusions and continues with her talk..

Geet: Woh..Mr. Vikram, Annie has been talking a lot about you ...

He immediately cuts her off...

Vikram: Oh really? What a co incidence!! ...Annie has been talking a lot about you too... you see... "GEET is so close to me... "GEET is my best friend "GEET does so much for my family "GEET is this...GEET is that what not..

Geet gives a weak smile...and she feels the pinch with what he continues...

Vikram: Well, I understand that she is so very close to you that she addresses you as GEET and not as BHA...BHI?

Geet looks back at him questioningly and Vikram covers it up immediately.

Vikram: Well..I mean..it proves the level of friendship that she shares with you and ALSO THE LEVEL OF RELATIONSHIP THAT YOU SHARE WITH HER ELDER BROTHER...

Geet is really not able to comprehend all what Vikram is talking about or pin pointing at and from the time she has met him, she has not got even one single clue that this guy is good for Annie.but still she knows how much Annie loves him..but does he loves her equally? she must stay calm for the sake of Annie and find it out.

Geet: Well...its nice to know that you both are interested in each other and you are prepared to clear all the differences between both the families...and..

Vikram: Wait a minute..

Geet is really getting confused now. He is not at all giving her an opportunity to talk about Annie and his relationship with Annie nor show casting his seriousness with regard it.

Vikram: Well...well..well.. you are completely mistaken...Me and Annie are just good friends.

Again Geet is not able to get what he is talking...

Vikram: You see...we both happen to meet in parties, Get-togethers among common friends and that's how we got introduced and we are still good friends...

Geet: See..I am glad to know that you both are good friends...and she told me that you both have decided to take this friendship ahead to a life long bond...

Vikram: Oh really? You see...she is completely mistaken.. I consider her as a true friend...only a FRIEND

Geet: Then...why did you ask her to fix this meet between us? And...and ...you were giving her confidence in bringing in good relationship between both the families...

Vikram: Yes..its true...and I still aim for the betterment of both families...and for that, I need not get married to Annie..I can do it being her good friend.

Geet: Oh..ok...in this case, I guess Annie has completely mistaken...well...I will talk to her and make her understand..

Geet is really feeling odd with all what is happening between Annie nad Vikram and moreover, she is feeling so very uncomfortable with the presence of Vikram and she decides to leave..

Geet: Mere khyal se mujhe ab chalna chahiye... bye

She gets up to leave and Vikram stops her immediately...

Vikram: Rukko Geet...I am not done yet.

Geet stops then and there and looks at him questioningly...

Vikram: You were asking me, why am I here...Wouldn't you like to know the answer? I am here for YOU

Geet's eyes widen by listening to this...

Vikram: Yes...I came to know all about you...your forced wedding with Maan...and he has still not accepted you and this relationship.

Geet is literally burning deep within her by listening to each and every word and advancement that he is taking...especially when he is taking this liberty of pinpointing her relationship with Maan. And what she hears further literally questions her mere existence.

Vikram: And I know very well.. Maan will never ever accept you...and the actual truth is he doesn't deserve a person like you...but I am not like him...I know how nice a person you are and your true worth...you dont deserve a person like Maan. And his family is nothing less..even though that old lady is claiming you to be her grand daughter in law, but she is actually taking an undue advantage of your innocence..To that matter, Annie and Prem are nothing less...they are just acting as if they value you...you see...they dont even call you "Bhabhi"

Least did Vikram knew that Geet is the one who had requested Annie and Prem to not to call her as "Bhabhi" for some obvious reasons...and she doesnt owe any explanation to an outsider for this. By now..Geet has completely lost it...She is holding on to her clutch ( Hand Pouch) so tight..

Vikram: And I am here to propose you...and bring all happiness into your life...I love...

This is the first ever time Vikram was stopped by continuing his sentence further as a huge splash of water hit his face...for a second he doesn't know what happened and the very next second his face and upper part of body is all drenched with water... he instantly wipes his face and slowly opens his eyes to find Geet is holding a big glass jar which was filled with water and was kept in center of their table just few seconds ago

Geet: Dhek kya rahe ho? Abhi tho paani phenki hain...one more word against my husband or my family ... and this glass jar will find its way to your head and the dripping water on your face will be replaced by dripping blood.

Vikram didnt expect this atall...he was under assumption Geet will give in positively like every girl he has followed...and moreover, Geet is the only girl whom he is interested to lead his rest of his life with and at the same time take revenge from the Khuranas. but here all his plans lopsided. Now, he is getting Mad Angry on Geet and her "Sati Savithri behavior.

Vikram: Listen YOU...

He pin points at her and she doesn't care anymore..

Geet: That's what I have been doing so far Mr. Vikram. Now its your turn to listen... Dare you if you even look at MY family...or talk about my husband and that too in front of me. And how on earth you are comparing yourself with MAAN SINGH KHURANA ...Haan? Kahan woh aur kahan..

She feels awkward and turns her face away to even put him in comparison with Maan...and for Vikram this was worst feeling than the water splashed on his face. His eyes are spitting fire...This is the first ever time any girl has let him down like this

On the other hand, Geet too had always been calm and sweet..but today is an outburst day for her..as this person dared to talk about Maan and her "family like this.

Geet: Do you even realize the consequences when my husband will come to know about your behavior today?

Vikram: Hey you..I had come here as your well wisher and you..

Geet holds on to the burden in her heart...and talks further...she herself is wondering if she has a right to talk like this but she talks her heart out...

Geet: My husband is my well wisher..my husband means every thing to me...We both are two heart and one soul...so, dont you ever dare ...she again pin points at him ...MIND IT...

And she leaves with out even looking back at him...

Even though vikram had booked a private place far away from other guests in the coffee shop, he still feels insulted with all what has just happened.

Vikram ST : I was very gentle in my talks today and you insulted me! Hmm..still I take it positively...now, you will get to see real VIKRAM...I promise that I will make you mine GEET...and Maan will never be in a position to save you...Now I am more and more determined about it. He smirks and continues with his thoughts...A big surprise waits for you when you get back to your home...and I am sure you going to love it

He takes his mobile and calls on Annie's contact number...

When Geet was back to KM..

Geet made sure not to fall into Daadima or Shantima's gaze as they both are very sharp in reading the state of her mind. Today, her life after marriage has been mirrored in front of her. She feels like a thirsty person who is all lost in a deep desert and she is continuously following a mirage that's showing her false hope of getting water.. She runs thro the corridor...and  when she came across Maan's room...she couldn't hold herself anymore. She just walks in and runs within his room scanning it desperately to get one glimpse of him...but he is not there. He had never been there for her...and will never ever be... she is holding on to her restless heart and clutching to the thin material of her chudidar that's covering her heaving chest. She finally kneels down and cries her heart out...

without she realizing,  her cry could be heard out side the corridor and just that time Shantima was making her way to Geet's room as Daadima wanted to talk to her... and on the way shantima saw Maan's room doors were open and she could hear some noise...She slowly enters his room and was shocked to see Geet there...

Shanti: Geet bitiya...aap...yahan?

Geet slowly gets up and runs to Shantima and hugs her and again cries out loud...

Shanti is really feeling sad for this girl. She could very well understand the level of mental trauma Geet is currently going thro. Moreover, her Maan baba is not around.

Shanti: Kya baat hain bitiya? Aap yahan kya kar rahi hain?

Geet had no answer for this...all she could do is to continue with her sobbing.

Shanti: Shhh...lets go to your room first...

Geet scans Maan's room again and she slowly moves to her room along with Shanti and  Shanti helps her to sit on the bed. She checks on Geet's health if she has high temperature or something..and convinced to find her health normal...but what can she ever do for the trauma that she is going thro mentally. All Shanti can do is to give her a moral support but how far that would help this poor girl? And what made Geet's way to Maan's room ? Why is she so restless and heart broken? She must find out. She hands over a glass of water to Geet..

Shanti: Bitiya, what happened? Kisi ne kuch kaha kya?

Geet remains quite. She cannot disclose her meeting with Vikram as she had promised to Annie.

Geet: Shantima...I need to know few things..please help me..

Shanti: Bolo beta

Geet holds shanti's palm and she looks at Shanti with Teary eyes...

Geet: Main...Main koun hoon? ( Who am I?)

Shanti knows what she is referring to...this is one question which she doesnt have an answer.

Geet: Main yahan kyon hoon? (Why am I here?)

Shanti: Beta...what question is this?? Aap...Geet ho...Aap is khandan ki badi bahu hain...

Geet: Hmm.. Badi Bahu?? Badi bahu matlab...I am wife of eldest son of  this family hain na?

Shanti: Haan beta. ..

Geet: And being husband-wife...we need to share our joys and sorrows with each other right?

All shanti does is she nods her head to all her innocent questions...which has got her only harsh answers so far...

Geet: Phir mere Pati kahan hain?

Shanti is getting emotional on her innocence filled questions which she is asking with teary eyes...

Shanti: Geet beta...woh...woh..

Geet: Shantima, you see..I tried to share some of my joyful bountys of  my life and one of them being ...my exam results..but he didnt allow me to share it with him and he  asked me to get out...But today, I really need him...his moral support...atleast...his shouting...and today,  I am deprived of that too

Shanti: Beta...eisa mat bolo...he is in London na..

Geet: Shantima...Main jaanti hoon woh Lonon main hain...Par main us doori ki baat nahin kar rahi hoon...main us doori ki baath kar rahi hoon jo hamare dillon ke beech hain...(I am not referring to the distance between US as he is in London...I am referring to the distance between  our hearts)

Shanti holds on to her shoulder to support her..

Geet: Sach kahoon tho hamare dillon ki raasthe ek dam alag alag hain...aur yeh rasthe kabhi ek nahin ho sakthe...kabhi nahin...(To be honest, the path of our hearts are so different that they will never ever meet..NEVER)

Geet recalls all what he had spoken to her in the outhouse...about his PARI...and she knows this so called relationship that she is sharing with Maan is VOID as she can never ever take that girl's place. But still, wasn't there a way, he could have atleast spoken to me?...checked with me how is my life going?...that's all I wanted from him.. Yes..she loves him and that's what made her defend her relationship with Maan in front of Vikram...but the actual fact is there's no relationship what so ever. Today, it was Vikram...but tomorrow, someone else..and all I am suppose to do is, lie to myself, lie to this society.

She takes a sad sigh and continues

Geet: When  My so called husband hates me...then what's my place in this family?  Where do I actually stand here? To be very honest, I am just NOTHING... I am here just like a show piece...or even pocess a worst identity than that.

Shanti: Eisa mat kaho bitiya..I know Maan baba needs some more time to accept and come to terms...but you see...you have won the hearts of this family..See..Daadi, Prem and Annie love and care for you so much..

Geet: I know that Ma...but even though they love me as a person, they will never be in a position to accept me truly...Even Daadima...she loves me to the extent that I have never felt the loss of my own grand mother. But still why there's a wall between us? Why?

Shanti is really speechless. This is the first ever time she remains quite..as she knows Geet is right in her place.

Geet: And today, an outsider has shown me my actual value and place that I possess

Shanti: Ab samaj aaya...So, some one has taunted you today at the temple? Who is that person? Main abhi jaake us ki khabar lethi hoon.

Geet: Us ki koi zaroorat nahin...I have already given him a good peace of mind...but today this person has dared to pin point on me because he is aware of my status and he has some how taken this as a clean chit to advance towards me...

Shanti's heart beats faster getting to hear "HIM and what did he do to this innocent soul? What advancement he had taken?

Shanti: Kya? Kya kaha aapne? Some guy dared to misbehave withyou and...

Shanti is going restless and her entire body is shivering hearing to what has happened to Geet today...Geet holds a place of "daughter" in her heart...and no way she can see Geet being insulted like this..

Shanti: Bitiya, Tu chal mere saath...hum abhi Memsab ko sab sach bathathe hain.

Shanti tries to drag her...but Geet stops her.

Geet: Ma..you know what is the health condition of Daadima...Its better to keep quite. Moreover, this will only give her more tension and I cannot take any risk when it comes to her health and that too when Maan is not here.

Shanti is really amused with Geet..she is mix of innocence and maturity...and always she thinks about everyone in this family especially Daadima..She feels sad for Geet as well as Maan...as she knows very well that no other girl will match him by all means and he is failing to realize it and when he will realize it, it will be too late.

Geet: Par Ma...why my life is like this? What is my mistake? I feel I am standing in the middle of the fourway point all lost...helpless and without any identity...I have been snatched away of support from my maternal family...and here in my paternal family...this GEET is just here...NAME SAKE

Shanti holds her shoulder with a tight grip and continues...

Shanti: Bitiya...Please...dont find yourself low because of some of the cheap people whom you come across...PEOPLE are PEOPLE and they would talk about something or the other...logon ko tho bahana chahiye...  (People around us are always in look out for reasons) she takes a long sigh before continuing...And dont ever claim you are alone and you don't posses any identity...You being a WOMAN is your biggest identity.. your  SELF CONTROL is your biggest strength and your SELF CONFIDENCE are your biggest asset.

Geet has a sad smile with tears rolling down her cheeks...Patha nahin..what babaji has in store for me.

Shanti wipes her tears...He has all happiness in store for you...

Shanti: But one thing you have to do..I know its not going to be easy for you to listen to this but  you have to do it...you need to share all what happened today with Maan baba, once he comes back from London.

Geet: Ma...you know very well...I am not the one who is stopping myself to talk to him..he is the one who has been stopping me. He hates my mear presence and my voice.

Shanti: I know that bitiya...If he is like that, let him be. But you need to find a way to communicate to him... I know very well how you value this relationship between you and Maan Baba. If not for him or for yourself, but for the relationship that is still binding you both together somewhere. And with due respect to this sacred bond, you must not hide it from him from him.

Geet: I dont think I will be able to do it but .. I will try seeing the given condition and situation. Moreover, I will be leaving to Hoshiyarpur. Hope he comes back from his London trip before that.

Shanti: That's like my good girl...Dheklena Bitiya, this bond between you two will soon spell its magic...I have full trust and faith on it.

Shanti's words are giving Geet some positive rays of hopes.

Shanti: Ab apne mann ko shaanth karo...you have to also concentrate on your studies or spend some time on your fav hobby for some time...but before that you need to have something for dinner.

Geet: Ma..mujhe sach main bhook nahin hain...

Shanti: Mmm Hmm...Do you think I will leave you if you didnt have your dinner? You must have something...

Shanti arranges for her dinner at her room and by the time she finishes with her dinner...Geet is feeling light at heart after talking to Shanti...but least did she expect that this peace is again going to be short lived. She gets call from Annie.

Geet was suppose to call Annie and brief her all what happened. She was about to call her after an hour or two as she is aware of the time differences between Delhi and Toronto and was about to call her after her last class finishes...but Annie happen to take a lead by bunking her last class. Before calling Geet, she had called Vikram...and ofcourse, Annie is blind in his love believing each and every word Vikram has told her about the meeting that he had with Geet.

Geet: ANNIE... I was about to call you after your class hours...how are you dear?

Annie: HOW ARE YOU? Good Question Geet. Well...what you want to hear from me? You want to hear "I AM FINE? I know you will pretend to hear this...par asliyat tho kuch aur hi hain.

Geet is literally shocked with Annie's talk...she didnt understand what Annie is upto in the first place but Annie's anger filled state of mind was quite evident and wondering what could be the reason.

Geet: What happened? Is all fine with you in Canada?

Annie: Leave about ME...lets talk about YOU...

Geet has never heard such bitter words from Annie...she is trying her best to stay calm...and listen to Annie.

Annie: I was so positive about your meeting with Vikram...but you ...you spoiled it...In between the talks, you splashed water on him? How could you?

Geet: Annie...please listen to me once...He is...

Annie: I know what you are going to say...he is lying right?

Geet: I did splash water on him but there's a reason behind it...you see...Vikram is not right match for you.. you see...he..


Geet is going speachless...

Annie: I know why you did all this...you did it as you are jealous of me...and for all what Maan bhai has been doing to you..you are taking revenge on other family members and I am the one to start with...and why would you miss on such a chance? hain na?

Geet: Annie..dear...please calm down..you dont know what has actually happened.

Annie: you threatened him to stay away from ME? I know very well...you are doing this because Maan bhai has not accepted this so called relationship with you and that's why you are no way prepared to see this family happy and you are all set taking revenge.

Geet is nodding for a NO...and she is not able to hear those harsh words from Annie.

Geet: I will just take one minute from you...please allow me to talk...

Annie gives deaf ear to Geet's pleads..

Annie: You know Geet...My one and only wish was to see you leading a happy life with my bro..I didnt see you as my bhabhi but a good friend. AND YOU?? You are filled with VENOM.

Geet continues with her sobbing voice...


Annie: You know something, MAAN BHAI knows very well, who are you and where you belong... and what's your reality...that's why he has kept you in the right place...a place far away from HIM...from EVERYONE...

Geet closes her ears with her palm as she is unable to give into Annie's rude comments...

Annie: And that day is not far where you will be thrown out of this family and you will be standing all alone..Aur tumhare aas paas koi nahin hoga.

Geet's eyes fills with fresh tears...she had just had some ray of hope with regard to her relationship with Maan and the other family members...and Annie has axed all the last hopes that were the only support she had so far.

Annie: And now, LISTEN MS GEET HANDA, Me and Vikram love each other and no one can come on our way...I Trust Vikram more than god... AND YOU  have lost all trust which I had in you... I will never ever talk to you again...NEVER!!

Geet: ANNIE...


Annie cut her call and Geet is just standing there like a motionless statue and her mobile slips from her hand...and she remains in that position with a state of shock of all what happened. Its not the first time that she builds up a new optimism that everything will sort out in her married life...and THUG, all what she builds up simply crashes down in front of her vision...and this time, the great honor was done by Annie. Annie had cut off her call but all what she had spoke is still echoing in Geet's ears...especially the words which pricked her with regard to her true place in Maan's life.

Just then, her mobile rings again...and she sees the caller ID and immediately attends to the call..


Arjun: GEET...How are you? I heard Annie's rude talks with you...still cannot believe she spoke to YOU like this.

Geet holds on to the call unable to contol her sobs...

Arjun: Geet..Please...stop crying...I know what all you have been doing for this girl and family...but what you did today is not at all acceptable... He takes a anger filled sigh...

You met that Vikram just because this stupid girl asked you to meet him?

Geet immediately wipes her tears...

Geet: Ajjun...Aap ko kaise patha is baare main?

Arjun: From the time that Vikram has become friendly with Annie, I am following Annie with out even her knowledge as I am really worried about what Vikram will do to her...I know that Vikram personally He is one Casanova, womanizer and a big time gambler...moreover, he is claiming that he wants Bhatias and Khurana's friendship...but its not true...You see...Rathore and Khuranas have been sharing a good bond in  terms of business and friendship for ages...We Rathores know very well that Bhatias can scoop to any level to bring down the people whom they hate. And there's something really very fishy about Vikram's intentions with regard to Annie.

Geet: A...Arjun...Please ...Please be with Annie...She is not in a position to listen to me...but atleast you are with her..you make her understand. Woh...Vikram is a sardist...he can do any thing to achieve what comes to his mind.

Arjun: That's what I have been tring to explain Annie too. You know how immature Annie is and that's what has been an added advantage to Vikram's plans. Meri baath suniye...Please talk with Maan bhai or Prem regarding this.

Geet: I cannot do that as I know the consequences...they will directly barge on Vikram and his family and this will slowly leak out  and grab unnecessary attention. That...That Vikram is a very dangerous guy. I have understood his intentions and he can go to any extent to support his family in taking revenge against Khuranas...

Geet sighs and continues...

Geet: Arjun, I am so thankful to you that you stand by Annie inspite of her insulting behaviour towards you...you see, she is blind in her love for Vikram and unaware of her own behaviour...

Arjun: Annie is a very good friend of mine...will not leave her side just because of her immature behaviour..

Geet: Thanks Arjun...but you must do one favor for me...You see, Annie is inviting hell for herself with Vikram's company...please take all efforts to make Annie understand aobut Vikram's wareabouts...may be with live proof...

Arjun: That's my primary agenda now...Dont worry...I will make sure Annie is out of Vikram's Love cage.

Geet cuts her call with Arjun...she is worried with all what Annie has invited herself into...she needs to ensure Annie is safe...She cannot talk about this with Prem or Maan...but has to rely on Arjun now... She has no other choice she couldnt call Annie again after that day nor Annie called her...She just left it on Arjun now...but this Annie-Vikram chapter had definetly had a negetive effect on her.

Flashback ends...

Annie ST: I was cursing Arjun for his indifference towards Vikram..but what would have happened if he wasnt there on that day. Just few days after Vikram came back from India after meeting Geet. He had arranged for a get together on his Birthday where he had invited his friends and me...and when I went there, there were 4 guys whom he claimd to be his close friend...and when Vikram offered me a soft drink, I consumed it without even knowing he had mixed some sedative and I fell unconscious...

Next morning, I woke up with a heavy head and surprised to find myself at Arjun's home. I had a shock of my life when I heard from Arjun what Vikram had planned. Vikram had set hidden cameras in his bedroom where he and his friends were about to get physically intimate with me and every moment would have got recorded...And Arjun tricked Vikram and his gang by taking me away from Vikram's bedroom when I was left alone for a brief moment. Another shocking news was to learn that its was not Vikram's Birthday on that day. He had arranged for this party to trap me.

I still couldnt believe all what Arjun told me...Vikram's focus has been mainly to defame my family in  cheap way. Arjun took me to Vikram's home again on the next day where Vikram was having a gala time with his another girlfriend. I managed to catch him red handed and give him one tight slap and walked away from his life and never looked back.

Annie takes a long sigh...she is all lost in her own rude words towards Geet...she is yet to know the reason why Vikram was insisting in meeting Geet and what exactly happened on that unfortunate day where she was forced to put a harsh end to a true friendship bond that she shared with Geet...She didnt even permit Geet to talk and she couldnt gather enough courage to call her and apologize to her..but today, she has made up her mind to talk and ask for forgiveness..and wanted to know from her what happened between her and Vikram.

Annie again looks at her mobile...still eagerly waiting for Geet's reply.

On the other side of the dining table, Prem has been observing his little sister who is all lost these days. Prem knows very well what's bothering her. He assumes that just like him, even Annie wants to see her Maan Bhai and Geet to settle down in their life and to see the Khurana Khandaan leading a happy life together. He knows very well how Annie has bonded so very well with Geet in this past one year that she used to share anything and everything with Geet...Prem is completely unaware of Vikram's entry in Annie's life and Vikram being cause of big misunderstanding between Annie and Geet...

Prem decides to break this awkward silence.


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I love the concept of your story!! Eagerly waiting. You write awesome!

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