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I want to meet her NOW...but I cannot...at least I can have her photograph...He checks his mobile again and realises he doesnt have even one photo of her...He has been married to her for past one year..and he doesnt even have a single photograph of his wife...its really so weird...and he is the one who made a way for this own condition.. Just then he gets a call on his mobile and a smile touches his face and he takes the call immediately as its need of the hour.

And incidently he gets a call from Prem...his younger brother who is settled down in Canada and currently doing his master degree..

Maan: Hello

Prem: Hello bro

Maan: Prem..how are you?

Prem: I'm fine bro...I want to talk something very important.

Maan: Prem...you wont believe, I have something important to discuss.

Prem is really surprised...he has never heard his brother to have sound so curious.

Prem: Oh..I do remember... you had asked me to inquire about some leading projects in Toronto and surrounding cities. I could just get some basic information...will work on it after completing my MBA project assignment...

Maan: Its ok Prem..take your time...Actually, I needed help in personal front..

Prem: Bro..even I needed to discuss something very important and serious...again its personal...Its about GEET...

Maan is really surprised to hear this...

Maan: Oh...what a co incedence. Even I wanted to talk to you regarding Geet..I..have come down to Hoshiyarpur right now..and I ..

Prem stops him abrubtly.. and Maan had expected this at the least...he has never heard his brother speak like this ...and moreover, its regarding Geet...

Prem: Bro, why did you go to Hoshiyarpur? Why are you hardbent in troubling that poor girl and that too for no fault of her?

Maan: PREM?

Prem: I just happen to speak with Daadi... and when I asked her about Geet...She told me all what happened when you returned back from your London Trip..you have hurt her beyond limits.

Maan: Prem..listen to me..

Prem: You know something, YOU were the true inspiration of my life but today, I am really ashamed to even relate you as my brother..

Maan: PREM..Maan's voice is getting heavier. He is under shock to hear Prem's bitter talks.

Prem: Bro..I know you are in HP just to trouble her...hurt her further. Am I not correct?...

Maan: You are completely getting me wrong...I admit my own mistakes and deeds and that's why I am here...and..

Prem: Oh..you have realised it so early bro...why so early? You should have mentally tortured her for another 5 or ten years and then you should have realised your mistake.

Prem taunts...

Maan smiles sadly... I know that you wont believe me and my realisation, I have been so very wrong and I have truely realised my mistakes and that's why I am here to apologise to her...and..

Prem: Bro..do you even understand under what circumstances she had been married off to you and how her life had been for the last one year? Forget about the husband wife relationship, you should have treated her like a living being in first place.

Maan: PREM..

Prem: Myself and Annie wanted to chat with you personally with regard to your's and Geet's relationship..but you were cutting us off as you were least interested in taking this wedding into consideration...But Please allow me to speak atleast today bro...

Maan remains quite..

Prem: It was a big shock for me and Annie to know about your sudden wedding...c'mon...we missed our elder brother's wedding...you can never imagine how sad we were? What all we had dreamt about it?

Maan continues to listen to him

Prem: But when myself and Annie spoke to Geet for the first time...we truely felt she is the best match for you..its not our parents..but God's own blessing that you had got Geet as your life partner.. we even exempted the disappointment feeling of your low profile wedding and moreover, we both not being there in KM at that point of time...to meet our bhaiya and bhabi together...Prem gives a sadness filled sigh...but for you, she has been just anoter "LIVING THING.

Maan still listens to him quitely accepting to what ever he says.

Prem: And please dont assume that she has been complaining to me, Annie...Infact, whenever we happen to talk, she would never utter even a single word about you simply because she was aware of her rights. And again a special thanks to you...throout your London trip, she was aloof and she was not atall herself when we happen to speak during last one month... I was wondering what has been bothering her...also, she missed to bid goodbye to Me and Annie and I know she completely lost herself on the day she was leaving to Hoshiyarpur.

Maan's eyes are burning with guilt...

HOW COULD YOU? SHE CAME TO SAY GOOD BYE AND YOU TOOK THIS AS AN OPPORTUNITY TO HURT HER AGAIN? And if that didnt satisfy you enough, you are making yourself available at Hoshiyarpur so that you can mentally torture her and that too in front of her own family. You are becoming a sartist.

Maan: PREM...you think I seek pleasure in hurting her? No...its not true. moreover, I have never even spoken to her much...and on that day when I came back from London, something went above me and when I happen to control it, it was too late...He sighs..I even went till her room to apologise to her but by then she had already left...and believe me, I never knew she is leaving for Hoshiyarpur on the same day...

Prem: I really dont understand...your rudeness filled silency is the one which has been hurting her the most. She was not permitted to talk to you open up herself to you..and as a result, she couldnt even keep you informed about all the happenings in her life and the result is right in front of you.

Maan: I KNOW I HAVE BEEN DOING ALL WRONG..Prem... But my eyes got wide open with realisation of my own deeds on the day I came back from London and that's the day, I have truely understood the importance of Geet, my wife in my life. I really really wish I could go back to the initial days of our married life and correct all my faults which will never happen. That's why I am here to apologise to her...win her confidence back and make a fresh start to ensure that things will get back to normal.

Prem is not able to believe what he is hearing from his Bro...He didnt believe even a bit when Daadi told him that Maan has changed a lot and he has understood his mistakes and gone all the way to Hoshiyarpur to win back Geet. Moreover, he is addressing Geet as his wife.

Prem: Bro..I really dont know how serious you are but its going to be a highly challenging task because you dont realise the deapth of her sorrows...she is deeply hurt. And just because you are there in Hoshiyarpur it doesnt mean that she has to forget all what happened in a day and she has to accept all what you say...she needs time.

Maan's voice has got really low now...I really really understand and even Daadi had briefed me about it

Prem: But I am not briefing you...I am warning you Bro

Maan: What ever it is...I am determined to face it Prem. I will not force her on anything. Please trust me on this.

Prem is now a bit calm after feeling the seriousness in his elder brother's tone. Today, Prem was talking as if he is Maan's elder brother and surprisingly, Maan feels light after speaking with Prem like this.

Maan: I know Geet was close to you and Annie..please help me in understanding her further.

Prem: Bro, I will help you against all odds. My humble request to you is to handle the situation with care as you have caused enough damage and cracks and before that understand the sensitivity of the issue.

Maan: I am and I will continue to do so..


Maan: Woh..Prem, I need one help to begin with...I cannot take Daadi's help in this regard.

Prem: Yes bro..

Maan: I know its very weird to ask...Do you or annie have any of mine and Geet's wedding picture or mine and Geet's picture clicked together? If not, atleast Geet's picture

Prem nods his head surprisingly and he is so amused with his brother's antics today to the level that he is not able to decide to laugh or to cry or to get further angry on his elder bro.

Prem: Bro..please hold on..let me check my system...he scans his system and checks if there's any luck... Unfortunately, I dont have your picture taken together...but yes...there's Geet's picture. It was clicked by Daadi before taking her to your room for the first time..

Maan: Please send it to me right away..

Prem teases his bro now...Bro...see, its already 12 AM in canada and Its time to sleep for me. I am very tired. I will send it to you in the morning hours here.

Maan: PREM...I said you are sending it to me NOW.

Maan orders him and Prem takes this as an opportunity to tease him further.

PREM: Ooh hoo...itni betaabi?

Maan is actually blushing for the first time..

Prem: Ooh...I guess My elder brother is blushing...wish to take YOUR picture now...

Maan: PREM...he screems with irritation... Dont waste my time...will you send it or else...

Prem: OR ELSE??

Maan sighs with helplessnes.. Alas, only Prem can send him her picture and he has to put up with his younger brother who has been behaving like an eldest member of the family...

Maan: PLEASE...PLEASE jaldi bhejdo...

Prem: That really sounds better bro..I will do it right away before hitting bed...Happy now??

Maan: Hmm...GOOD NIGHT...

Prem: And a very very GOOD MORNING TO YOULOL

Says with a teasing giggle...Maan gives one anger filled glare at his own mobile and Prem could sense his elder brother is all fuming with anger...

Prem: Now, Dont slam down your mobile in anger..TAKE CARE...BYE.Tongue

Maan again gives one look to his mobile and keeps it aside. He comes out of his room and calls out for the old watch man who is incharge of this farmhouse...

Maan: Shambu Kaaka..

Just then, one cute 5 years old girl bumps on him she is all shocked looking at a stranger (Maan)...and Maan is equally surprised to seeing this girl..He bends down and talks to her...

Maan: Hey...Aap...koun hain? Aap ka naam kya hain..

Even though Maan is talking to her softly, she is terrified and she is all blinking at him

"CHUTKI...Kahan ho tum? "(where are you?) There's a voice from the kitchen...and a young man aged in early thirties walks in to the living room...and this girl rushes to him and hugs him

Ramu: Saab...Aap?..Maaf kijiye Hamen patha nahin tha ke aap aarahe hain...hum abhi aap ka kamra tik kar dethe hain...

Maan: Rukhiye...Aap koun hain? Sambu kaka kahan hain?

Ramu: Ji...Sambu Kaka has taken 15 days off as he had planned this Gangotri Teerth Yatra (Ganges Holy trip) I am his eldest son Ramu...and she is my daughter chutki...aur woh meri biwi hain...he points out at his wife who just comes out of kitchen... Father had requested me to stay here and take care of the farm house for these 15 days. I couldnt come here leaving my family behind and hence staying here with my family at your servants quater and taking incharge of your farmhouse till the time my father comes back. He had taken Malkin's (Daadi's)permisson as you were out of country.

Maan: Oh..hmm..no problem..When is Sambu kaka coming back?

Ramu: Ji Saab...He will come back by next week..

Maan: Hmm...ok.

Just then, Maan gets an attachment on his mobile that was sent by Prem

Maan: Listen...I am going to take rest in my room for sometime and I do not want any disturbance till then.

Ramu: Saab...please wait, let me clean your room

Maan: No need..Its clean enough.

Ramu: Ji Saab..aur khane main kya banaye?

Maan: Hmm...anything light would do..

Maan moves to his room and closes the door behind with a desperation to open the attachment sent by Prem.

He lies down on his bed and he opens it with great curiosity and what he got to see just blows him away...

It was Geet, his PARI's Picture taken just before she got into their room ...their Suhag raat...the word "beautiful seemed to be so timid to describe her natural beauty decorated with the wedding attire... He instantly hugs his mobile..as if he is hugging his Pari..his Geet..his Wife.. He is the most unluckiest person on this earth...his Pari was alredy his...Even though this picture of hers depicts all the confusions she has been facing at that particular moment after all it was a very sudden marriage followed by her daadi's death. But still she was all glowing as his dulhan...Maan ki dulhan...he was not lucky enough to get a glimpse of her in real eventhough he was there in the same room with her and moreover, he gave her a verdict to stay away from him and never to cross each other's path...

I hated you as I could never bare anyone to take PARI's Place...I have been hurting YOU for YOU.. YOURSELF...his eyes shut and a lone tear escapes thinking all his behavior towards his PARI..from their so called suhagraat till the day he got to see her last in KM.. He places n' number of kisses on the picture and hugs it again... I am sorry my dear..I know I don't deserve forgiveness ...I have hurt you beyond limits..but be rest assured that I will get everything alright and I will shower you with all my love and happiness ...ITS MY PROMISE.

He closes his eyes holding his mobile close to him...but sleep is no way even touching his vision...

Just then, he gets another call on his mobile...and this time it was call from Daadima..

Maan: Hello Daadi

Daadi: Hello beta..Woh..I happened to talk with Prem this morning

Maan: Yes...I know as he called me too..

Daadi: He was very angry at you by the end of the conversation. Was he rude when he spoke to you?

Maan: We had a long conversation and end of it we both felt convinced and contended...that's all matters to me...

Daadi: Huh...I was really worried about you both talks would have went...Anyways..why you didnt call me? I was so eagerly waiting for your call...

Maan: Woh ...I had been to Handa Haveli this morning and just reached Farmhouse ... I have asked the driver to leave the car in Farmhouse and get back to Delhi...Dont worry, I am all fine and can drive myself now.

Daadi: I know you are fine... I am more curious to know about Geet...

Maan makes a sad puppy face seeing all his family memebers are concerned for Geet and But he is happy for her to have created this space for herself..

Daadi: Kaisi hain woh? You spoke with her?

Maan: Ji...woh..

Maan gets into a silent mode as he is not able to give answer to this simple question raised by his Daadi.

Daadi: Woh khush tho hain na?

Maan: I ..I dont know Daadi.

Daadi: What do you mean?

Maan: Woh..we couldnt talk to each other in between that crowd..

Daadi smiles at his plight...well..Didnt you ask for it? When she was there at KM you didnt even acknowledge her presence and you realised her value when she has left to Hoshiyarpur where she is all the time surrounded with the crowd of relatives and neighbours.

All He could do is accept each and every word what Daadi says...and remains silent while Daadi continues..

Daadi: And by the way, what are you doing at Farmhouse now? You should have been in Handa Haveli right?

Maan: Huh.. I had to leave from there...Geet had some special classes to attend in her college and moreover, Daarji was putting pressure on her to not to go to college. If I didnt come here, she would have been forced to stay back and I could understand how important these classes were. That's why I excused myself from there telling them about couple of meetings that I need to attend

Daadi: Oh...that's really nice of you Maan...Geet was always telling me that the elders of her family never understood the importance of higher education and that too a girl doing her higher studies is viewed as a taboo..

Maan: Yes...I could sense that in the atmosphere...Daarji straight away ordered her to stay back which I didnt like it...and on top of that her Tayiji is also too much daring to interfare...

Maan tells all what happened and why he had to come and stay in Farmhouse today.

Daadi: Sach main Maan...today, you did a sensible thing. People in Handa Haveli and the surrounding neighbourhood are real narrow minded. Very difficult to make them understand and they will never change. She takes a sigh...Poor Geet..she told me how challenging it was for her when it came to her education and what all she went thro.

Maan could really sense the struggle that she has gone thro in her life...but she never gave up and she excelled in her studies. Even he lived with an assumption of her being an illitrate and all he could do is shout at her when she came to his room to share her exam results. He was never with her when she needed him the most. He really has to make up to her and so many barriers on the way that was created by none other than himself.

Maan: and also today, Daarji has insisted to arrange a function for both of us in the evening. Guess he is inviting the neighbors  and near and dear ones.

Daadi: This is a appreciating effort from Daarji... Wish I could do something like this at KM...but in vein.

Daadi takes a sigh as she too feels low about so many things that has happened in this one year.

Daadi: Please mark your presence in the function beta... dont again behave like how you did during the wedding.

Maan: Believe me...I will not let you and Geet down this time. I ensure 100%

Daadi is feeling so happy to see the sense of commitment in Maan's words.

Daadi: I also have one more important thing to share with you.

Maan: Ji..boliye Daadi...

Daadi: I had opened a personal bank account for her and have been crediting decent money into that account. I have got to check her account today. Surprisingly, she hasnt withdrawn even a single penny from that account in the last one year.

Maan: What? But what about her personal expences?

Daadi: well she was provided with all basic necessities with in the Manscion.

Maan: And what about she going out and spending?

Daadi: Most of her time was spent in Manscion itself...and then..She used to regularly visit Gurudwarah and Ganesh Temple near by...Many a times, myself, Geet and Shanti would go there together and many a times she would go there alone..apart from this, she has accompanied me to hospital visits and few other common places..but still, she must be having some personal expenses and I didnt want to interfare in that...To that matter, even her final year college expenses. Even though she couldnt attend her classes during her final year and her college staff were highly supportive, but still, she must have to pay some term fees I guess but she has never payed from her Bank Debit Card.

Maan: Is Geet still carrying her Debit Card and cheque book?

Daadi: Yes

Maan: May be she would have paid in these two days via cheque and you know well, cheque transactions appears late in the statements.

Daadi: I doubt on that. She is getting her hall ticket today then she should have paid the amount well in advance.

Maan: Daadi..Aap jyadha tension mat lo...Now that I am here, I will have a check on this.

Daadi: I dont know how much to trust you on this...with my personal experience with you, I am living with fear that you will hurt her again. By the way, when I am carrying this fear within me, then what about Geet? Now that you are there, she would live with this fear too.

Maan: Please eisa mat boliye ...I am here to correct myself and set things back to right and I will do it.

Daadi: Beta...believe me...its a very very challenging task. But I apprecaite your dedication now. I really wish to see Geet back at KM and see you both together.


Daadi: Wish you Good Luck...

Maan: You take care Daadi. I have to leave now.

Maan has a quick lunch and leaves from the farm house driving his car on his own..He has given assurance to Prem and Daadi and when it comes to himself, he goes blank. He is not able to assure himself when and how he will confront her..seek her forgiveness..set things right and win back her love again. From the time he realised his mistake and he left from Delhi to HP...everything seemed to be so very easy for him..but it seems way beyond complicated and that too his negetive emotions are at its peak after realising Geet is his Pari...He is feeling some unknown restlessness...just then he remembered about this Gurudwara where he got married and in no time he drives his car towards that place. Wondering why he is doing that but he is sure to get some peace there.

When he got in there, his mind started to cool down as this is the place he got into the sacred bond with his Geet...they took all promises together which he failed to keep up. He kneels down in the same place where the rituals were performed. When he closes his eyes, he could feel all rituals happening once again around him followed by Geet's Daadi's death and he instantly opens his eyes and prays.

I am so thankful to you for giving my PARI to me...But I am unfortunate one who didnt even look at her even for once...never kept up my promises which we took together...left her all alone this one year when she needed me the most...and never ever acknowledged her presence and ..and I have hurt her with my harsh words..How could I? I really dont have an answer for this. He takes a sigh and continues...But give me one chance..if not for me..for the sake of my wife..I know I have been very mean to her and you can punish me personally...but she deserves all happiness which she is always deprived of. I was under assumption that I am very strong person...but no I am not...PLEASE...give me the strength to wipe her tears wipe off all sorrows and bad memories from her life and take her into my confidence to make a fresh start.

He bows down in front of the holy book and he feels so very peaceful to come over here.

He spends some time and scans entire Gurudwara...incidently what Manjit taunted about his and Geet's marriage is right...this Gurudwara is very poorly maintained and wornout...it needs complete renovation and reconstruction. He cheks with the Granti (Sikh Priest).

Maan: Sat Sri Akal

Granti: Sat Sri Akal Puttar

Maan: Ji..I want to ask some thing...This seems to be one of the oldest Gurudwaras here. Why is it poorly maintained?

G: Puttar...huge donnations are received only by big Gurudwaras...especially Golden temple. Here we have a donation box and also our management has some donation schemes but all we manage to gather every month is between 50000 - 75000 PM which is just sufficiant for our basic day to day operations...Also, the committee members join and leave constantly because of which we couldnt take any serious action against this problem.

M: Ji...I dont trust in donnations as many a times it ends up in wrong hands. If you dont mind, can I take the complete responsibility of reconstructing this Entire Gurudwara Plus I will make lot of facilites for the devoties...including the place where you serve free food and water.

Granti holds on Maan's hands and touches his eyes in a way to honur him

G: Arre Puttarji...PLEASE go ahead.

M: Ji..Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity

G: Me and the management here are the one who are thankful to you. Par puttar...you are taking full responsibility on your shoulders. Bohuth karch hoga ismein

M: I am into construction business and I have my team whom I will assign this work. So, dont worry about the cost. I will take care of it. Just tell me from when I can start the work?

G: Ji...Aap kal se...nahin abi se bhi shuru kar sakthe hain. You please come with me to the management office so that you can complete some basic formalities

M: My team will be here tomorrow and to study the place and please cooperate with them and feel free to tell them all what that needs to be done here.

G: I am all the time here and I will extend my full support...Once agin thank you puttar.

M: Ji..Sas Sri Akal

Maan is really feeling some peace at heart now but still he has a long way to go. He calls Aadi and explains him about all that needs to be done at this Gurudwarah

At Geet's College:

It was about 4:00 PM when Geet and Ridzy finish with their special classes ..They have also collected their respective exam hall tickets.

Ridzy was actually fuming...

Ridzy: Me and Armaan had planned for a romantic date today...that HOD...that Moti...she forced me to attend these boring classes..There will be some time in future where I might get to see her alone out of college..Main dhek loongi usse..

The only entertainment in Geet's life at this point of time is being with her friends..especially Ridzy...she is real two extrems. At times she talks like an old lady and at times she cribbs like a kid. Geet couldnt help controlling her smile

Geet: Oh Stop it ridzy...I am thanking my starts that atleast I could make it at least to these classes...It was really helpful. Also, most of my doubts have cleared.

Ridzy: You see...I was least bothered when you and Muskan are here to help me with..

Geet: By the way, the faculties have suggested me to revise previous years question papers. I will do that as the first thing..

Ridzy: Tu jo bhi kar maata...I am done with my studies.

Geet knows Ridzy will spend limited time for her studies and that too very last minute and she somehow manages to get thro the exams.

Geet: Ridzy...I have a request..

Ridzy: Haan..Geet

Geet: You have been paying all my term fees and also these exam fees...is it ok if I pay it back later after exams?

Ridzy: Did I ask you for that money now?

Geet: Nahin yaar par..

Ridzy: You can even pay me back after years...Tik hain?

Geet: Thanks dear

Ridzy: Geet...C'mon...stop being formal now OK..

Geet Smiles at Ridzy for her very kind gesture...while again Ridzy is left all confused. Its not about money..but understanding between Geet and Maan.

On the other hand...Muskan surprises Geet and Ridzy. She was waiting for them near the entrance of the college.

"Muski Geet and Ridzy voice out her name together and run towards her...the trio had a friendly hug..

Ridzy: Hey Bookworm..what a surprise yaar..wait wait...I guess you are here to see our state after attending special classes hain na?

Muskan: Well...I didnt have such an intention till now..but after looking at you, I really feel that you enjoyed 5 hours of grilling special classes.. and winks..

Geet: Well...in that case Muski...Me tho totally enjoyed this special classes...Missed these class rooms for one long year..

Muskan: Tik hain Tik hain...I am here for a different purpose...I wanted to have gol gappas with you both..I really miss those days when we 3 used to have chat and chitchat together after college hours

Geet: GOL GAPPE...Haan yaar..Even I missed to have Gol Gappas..Dying to have them...Jaldi challo..Tongue

Ridzy and Muskan look at each other and then at Geet with amusement...for the first time in last 3 days, they have seen some old excitement in Geet which they missed. Ridzy is not that big fan of it...but she would have one or two from either Geet's or Muskaan's plate..that's it. But still she is still considered a good Company. They go to their regular char shop and even the shop keeper is excited to see the trio...especially Geet...

ShopKeeper: So glad to see you three here together...Especially Geet bitiya...How are you? I have heard you are married now and settled in Delhi now.

Geet: Ji Bhaiya ji..I am here to prepare myself for my final exams.

SK: Bohuth Achi baat hain bitiya...So...I will make special gol gappe for you all...

Ridzi: You give my share to these crazy girls...I will steal one or two gol gappes from them

Geet: Bhaiyaji...I was missing Gol Gappes what you make...please make it soon na...not able to wait any moreTongue

Muski & Ridzi are happy to see some child like excitement which they were missing to see in Geet.

Geet and Muskan were swallowing Gol Gappes as if there's no tomorrow...

Ridzi is simply smiling looking at them..

Ridzi: Oye Geet-Muski..This shop is not going to vanish in next moment..So chill girls..LOL

The shop keeper and surrounding customers were enjoying the trio and their antics. Just then Geet gets a call on her mobile...she just swalowed one full gol gappa before she read the name and she instantly chocks out and coughs holding on to her breath and eyes getting red and teary.

Ridzi: Oye Geet...What happened? Answer the call na?

Geet is not able to talk still she is still coughing..drinking water is not helping her. Muskan is rubbing on her back to sooth her caugh..Ridzi pulls mobile from her hand

Ridzi: "Call from Maan

Geet gestures her to answer the call whilst caughing..Ridzi had to take it.

Ridzi: Hello...

Maan: Hello...woh..

Ridzi: Jiju..its me..Ridzi..

Maan keeps quite wondering why she gave the call to Ridzi. Also, he is hearing someone coughing from behind.

Maan: Hie Ridzi..can I talk to Geet..

Ridzi: Woh ...she was having gol gappas when she got your call and she chocked and coughing continuously...

Maan: Is she alright?

Ridzi could sence lot of concern in his voice.

Ridzi: Not to worry...me and Muskan have attended to her...

Maan: Ok...please inform her that I will be there in 5 mins to pick her up

Ridzi: Ji..Sure..I will tell her.. We are in the chat shop which is just very near to our college.

Maan: Thank you

Ridzi cuts the call and Geet takes a long sigh after gaining control on her caugh...and seeing Ridzi done with Maan's call..but still her throat has been cought up with a burning sensation and still coughing now and then

Ridzi: Geet...He is coming here to pick you up

Geet: KYA? Ridzi...I guess I was coughing too loud and you couldn't hear what he was saying..

Ridzi: Oh Hello...You gestured me to attend to your call...and I attended to it and passing you the right message...He will be here in 5 mins.

Geet is not able to join dots...already he has created enough confusions in her mind by coming down to Hoshiyarpur and uper se this call And he is coming to pick her...she is shaking her head to come out of yet another dream and again not able to decide whether its a good or bad dream.

Geet: Ridzi..you should have told him na that you (Ridzi) are going to drop me.

Geet is still coughing on and off and panting..

Ridzi: Hello...I dont want to come inbetween you two..Already he was sounding bit upset that you didnt pick his call and on top of that you are suggesting this? by the way you are behaving as if this is the first time he is calling you and this is the first time he is going to take you for a drive.

Geet is rolling her eyes in confusion now this is the ultimate truth what Ridzi is portraying but she cannot accept it. She looks up cutely...Hey babaji...why are you troubling me so much?

Geet: woh..Nothing like that Ridzi...he is always busy with some or other work...even here itseems he had some meetings since morning. That's why I didnt want to disturb him

Muskan: GEET..c'mon yaar...if he was busy then why he would call you and inform that he is going to pick you? Mujhe kuch samaj nahi aaraha...She takes a long sigh...Anyways...are you done with your gol gappas?

Geet nods for a yes.. Just then Maan's car zooms right in front of them. He slams the door and rushes to Geet and holds on her shoulder gently. For a brief moment, she  so lost in his looks..he was wearing a white shirt which she loves to see him in..and on top of that this googles which is adding further charm to his sharp features..and he frees them from his eyes when he comes close to her and holds on her shoulder gently.

Maan: How are you feeling now? Are you OK?

She keeps looking at him with a blank note...He is looking deep into her eyes which has got teary due to continuous coughing..Geet snaps out of his hold slowly and gently and trys to compose herself as she is still coughing in between..Geet is really not able to relate to this Maan and his concern towards her...again she took this gesture as a "behaviour in front of others.. Why he would bother for her? As if he did in this one year? After all she means nothing to him and there is absolutely nothing between them. but she has to hide her reactions from Ridzy and Muskan and she simply nods for YES and turns away and coughs a little and blocking the tears to fall down fron her cheeks..On the other hand, Maan is concerned for her and still not able to take her cold behaviour

Ridzy: She is all fine...just that burning sensation will be there in the throat for some time that's why she is finding difficulty in talking.

Muskan: By the way..I am Muskan..Me-Geet-Ridzy are very very close friends..

Maan shakes hands with Muskan..

Maan: Pleased to meet you Muskan...Well if you all are done with your chat session, I shall take Geet along with me.

Muskan: Please..carry on..she is ALL YOURS...

She turns and winks at Geet ..but Geet is consealed herself in her own world...No reaction what so ever..

Geet: Bye Ridzi...Bye Muski..

Ridzi and Muski voice it together..BYE

Maan opens the door for Geet and she sits in quitely. He brings his hand forward to help her with the seatbelt and seeing this she quicky wears her seatbelt..letting him off when he was on the way to help her. He knows after all what he has done to her and with her current state of mind, she wouldn't give in easily.

Throughout the drive, Geet was quite and looking out of the window...controlling herself and she's all prepared to hear anymore verdicts from him...may be he would tell her that he is forced to be here and OFCOURSE how can he miss on "STAY AWAY FROM ME?. She opens her mouth only to sip water every now and then to calm the burning sensation in her throat and the nervous state of mind which she is keeping it to herself and not willing to express it to him.

Maan has been looking at her every now and then...she is sitting right next to him...on one hand he is so excited as this is the first drive with his wife..he want to talk to talk to her so much..but her coldness is really hitting him..He gulps and tries to make a start to talk..just then her mobile rings and she attends to the call immediately.

Geet: Hello

Aadi: Geet..I am Aadi with you..remember, I had interviewed you yesterday. How are you?

Geet: Haan Sir...I'm fine thank you.

Aadi: Geet..You have second round of interview tomorrow ...at 11:00 AM and the venue remains the same.

Geet: Sure...Thank You.

She cuts the call..and again continues to look out.

Geet ST: How will I make it for interview? I will again tell everyone that I have some classes to attend tomorrow and will request Ridzy to pick me up. Hey Babaji..please be with me.

She is lost looking out of the window again trying to find a solution for tomorrow...and Maan looks at her and tries to make a start with a talk..and he gets a call on his mobile this time. Ironically, it was Aadi who calls him

Maan: Hello

Aadi: H..Hello Sir...Tomorrow we have lined up 10 candidate for interview. For the said timing.


Aadi: And coming to the Gurudwara..I have arranged a civil engineer and architect to visit the site and examine all what needs to be done..

Maan: Hmm. Good

Aadi: Thank You Sir..See you tomorrow

Maan: Hmm

And by end of this call..their car enters Handa Haveli. And the Handa Haveli members and some close relatives and some neighbouring woman have already gathered there..Rano-Mohinder- Daarji were in the front row to welcome them...

Rano: Arre..I thought Ridzy would drop Geet..good you picked her up today.

Rano and Simran take Aarti for both of them and Rano keeps Aarti tika on Geet and Maan's forehead and warmly welcomes them... Geet is rolling her eyes and looking around and not able to understand what's going on. While Maan is aware of it...but still he didnt expect this kind of a welcome when he promised to be here at 5:00 PM

Rano hands over the thali to Simran and She cups Geet's face and continues to talk

Rano: Puttar..We have kept a small get together function for you both as you both are here TOGETHER for the first time after your wedding..Ab challo..you have to get ready for the event..

Rano drags Geet to her room to get her ready... where as Rajinder-Mohinder help Maan in getting ready for the event.

Geet to Rano: Ma..what is this now? We are married for a year now and...ab yeh kya tamasha hain?

Rano: Shhh... one year or ten years...you both are here TOGETHER for the first time and this is our custom to arrange for a function.

Geet doest look convinced...she is even scared to look at Maan as again he will mistake her and her family for organising this event...least did she know that Maan already knows about it and he is positive about it.


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Please check this link to be a part of GEET 8th Anniversary...Its so much of fun...and the thread organisers have really worked hard for this event by posting exciting, OS/SS/VMs and awards.

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Part 9 : 

Maan searching for her picture and luckily got it to because of Prem who called him to scold his elder brotherLOL guts hai bhai... MSK ko daantna isn't a joke..LOL
Geet smiles after so longTongue though it's short lived but atleast she smiles and enjoy golgappe. 
Maan was restless. Can assumedOuch but "boya ped babul ka aam kaha fal hoyeConfused"
He was searching for solace and in this reached to same Gurdwara where he got married to her. He saw the condition and offered help. Nice gesture from his side. Hope Geet to got to know about thisBig smile
Geet didn't use money dadi put in her account and she was worried. 
Its First who paid het fees.
Second round of interview... Hmm will they met thereWink
Might be...Wink
Maan picked up Geet and reached to handa Haveli where all welcome then and she got to know about the function and she scared how Maan reacts to all this. 
Now i am really forward to this. Wanna see her reaction when she got to know that he actually gave his permission for this function..Wink 
Secondly will they get the chance to talk? Major question as Maan wasted his first chance in car... They were alone that time and he should initiate there but he missed...Shocked
Looking for next part...
Thanks for updating dear...
Waiting for next
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