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Posted: 4 years ago
Already anxiously waiting for part 8  
Posted: 4 years ago
Will you be updating part 8 today please
Waiting for it
Posted: 4 years ago
Hie dearies...Hugwill update on Sunday...Wink

Posted: 4 years ago
Originally posted by Vaidhumom

Hie dearies...Hugwill update on Sunday...Wink

Will wait
Posted: 4 years ago
Originally posted by Vaidhumom

Hie dearies...Hugwill update on Sunday...Wink

will wait
Posted: 4 years ago

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1 Thank you for all your likes, comments and supports so far. Hug
2 This part doesnt have Maaneet scenes..still covering the other aspects especially the emotional turmoil that has been faced by both.
3 This part I wanted to complete in one go but couldnt...Its getting longer and longer and hence decided to continue it in PART 9.
4 Editing and spelling mistakes shall be checked later. Embarrassed


Geet bids bye to everyone and when she came to Maan she remembers...how she used to wish he turns towards her and bids "Bye" with a sweet kiss on her forehead before he would step out of KM everyday and that "Wish" remains a "Wish" which never happened and she sighs...She tells him "Bye" with a weak smile and she makes her way towards the exit gate. ...where as Maan is all lost in her till the time she exits. He really wished she turns back and looks at him at least for once...but she didnt. His "wish" just remains a "wish"...and it will never happen that easily. His heart really goes restless seeing her cold behaviour.

Maan snaps out of his thoughts when his shoulder felt the hold of Daarji's firm hand.

Daarji: Aur batao beta...We are so glad to hear from Mohinder that you will be staying here with us till the time of Nandini's wedding.

Maan: Ji..Ji haan...I have some projects going on here in HP, Amritsar and also some major cities in Punjab which I missed to attend to and that's how I clubed my project works with Nandini's wedding.

Rajinder (Taya ji): Arre project-Voject tho bahana hain...Asli Vajah tho yeh hain ki yeh Geet se Door Nahin reh sakthe... (Project-Voject is just an excuse...the true reason is he is unable to stay away from Geet)

Mohinder and Daarji laugh out with what Rajinder just commented. Maan has a slight blush touching his lips but at the same time the reality strikes him that he has been behaving directly opposite to what Geet's Taya ji has been acknowledging him and also what Geet has been telling her family about him.. How on earth he can tell Geet's family that he has got to see her this morning for the very first time and before that, he is answerable to himself, his own conscience for his own deeds.

Maan: Ji..I will leave now..will be back in the evening.

Mohinder: Maan beta, you have any luggage to keep it in Geet's room...I mean you both's room...

Maan eyes twinkles with joy... YES..Geet's room is as well my room.."OUR" Room

Maan: Ji..I just have one luggage...Its already kept near the entrance door of Geet's I mean, Our room

Mohi: Oh..No problem beta...It will be safe there and Rano will have the keys safe with her.

Maan: Hmm

Maan takes the blessings from all elders present there before he leaves.

Maan reaches his car. His Driver had been waiting for him. Because of Maan's ill health the previous morning when Shantima treated his wound in his hand and she doubted him to have fever, Daadi didnt permit Maan to drive by himself. The driver was holding the set of sweet boxes (Wrapped together in a satin ribbon) which Daadima had got for the Handa Family.

Driver: Sir..I was just comming to you as you missed to hand over the set of sweet boxes that was kept in the backseat of the car.

Maan: Arre haan..Give it to me..I will give it to Daarji and come back in 2 minutes.

Back to Handa Haveli..

Daarji-Rajinder-Mohinder were in serious discussion and Rano was standing next to Mohinder as a silent listener.

Daarji: I was worried if everything is going smooth between Geet and Maan...Geet was so true. Maan is such an amazing guy.

Mohi: Haan Papaji...see...he has planned his busy schedule to fall according to the wedding ceremony.

Daarji: I have a thinking, As Geet and Maan's wedding happened in such challenging circumstances and in hush bush and as it was immediately followed by Geet's Daadi's Death. Its almost one year since then when Geet and Daamadji are here together in this haveli.

Mohi: Ji papaji...because of mama's death and all rituals involved in it, we couldnt even call Geet and Daamadji for phagphere...and see..how soon one year passed by.

Daarji: Haan...and also we live in a small town where we have to listen and abide by the pepople around. Already, Geet's sudden wedding without any formal invitation for the near and dear onces has given a way to lot of roumers and many people have been raising unnecessary questions ... and hence, I have decided to arrange a formal function and invite some of our relatives, all neighbours and known people around.

Mohi: This is a good decision papaji...but when do you plan to keep this?

Daarji: TODAY...I mean..THIS EVENING.

Rajinder-Mohi-Rano voice out together - WHAT?

Daarji: Yes..and I dont want any further delay...you see, even Daamadji has a busy schedule..we need to accomodate this function this evening itself...hence all of you get going with the preparations. we have lot of things to do.

Daarji: Rajinder-Mohinder, you both equally share the responsibilities for the home decorations, dholak & dance, and dinner.

I will make a list of people to be invited and will call them personally myself.

Raji-Mohi : "JI Papaji"

Daarji: Aur Rano puttar, you have to do the necessary shopping...you can leave along with Manjeet - Nandini.

Rano: Ji Papaji.. I will take care of it..

Just that time everyone gets to hear Manjeet's voice

Manjeet: But I cannot take Rano with me..

and all turn to look at her

Manjeet: You see..I am going to Amritsar to do shopping for Nandini's wedding.

Daarji: Par puttar, there's lot of time for that..and by the way,what shopping you are going to do? it will be dresses, sarees and jewels right? I have spoken to some well known shop keepers and interestingly, we all need not visit their shops but they will come over here and and showcase their items. It will save lot of our time and also ensuring the presence of all family members.

Manjeet: Maaf kijiye papaji, I want the best for Nandini. I cannot compromise on quality for each and every item that I am going to buy...and in Hoshiyarpur, there's not much variety and I dont trust the quality.

She takes a sigh...Waise bhi.. Nandini is my only daughter and I am not getting her married in hurry burry and that too in an old and wornout Gurudwara...

She glares at Mohi and Rano.. and continues..Even though you people have choosen a guy from middle class family for Nandini, but I need to ensure a grand wedding ceremony where all friends, relatives and neighbors are invited...Unlike Geet's..

Rajinder: STOP IT...

Manjit stops then and there. After hearing to Manjit's harsh words, Daarji is litterally taken back and he falls back on his seat and remains silent...Rano has tears in her eyes listening to Manjit's taunting comments for Geet and her wedding that happened a year ago and she runs away from that place. Mohinder is equally disturbed and he follows Rano...

Nandini is equally not liking the way her mom is behaving but she is forced to be with her.

Rajinder-Manjit: You have completely lost it Manjit...Do you even get all what you have been talking since this morning? And before giving such harsh comments, do you even recal under what circumstances Geet's wedding had happened? to remind you, it happened to fullfil MY MOTHER...i.e, your mother-in-law's last wish..

Manjit remains quite but still she is not giving into his words seriously as she is still not able to accept the terms with her tough mindset. Her jealousy has crossed all borders.

Daarji: Rajinder, just leave it..when it comes to kids, we can correct them when they do mistakes..but nothing can be done when a grown up and matured person commits such blunders...only time is the best healer for them...so, leave it and concentrate on the arrangements that needs to be done for the evening. We are really running short of time.

Daarji calls out for Simran...

Daarji: Simran beta, quickly finish off with your pending work and you accompany Rano with the shopping.

Simran: Ji Daarji...

Rajinder-Manjit: Now what are you waiting for? You leave...but one thing you remember, one more harsh word from you, I will be forced to take tough decisions.

Manjit is in turn getting angry on Rajinder.

Manjit: Aisa bhi kya keh diya main ne haan??

Just then...Nandini happen to see Maan...

Nandini: Maa...papa...dekhiye...jiju vapis aaye hain..

All of them including Daarji too turn to look at Maan...he was standing there by folding his hand and looks as if he has been quitely listening to their conversations.

He collects the set of sweet box which he had dropped down by listening to Manjit's harsh words which is burning him from within but for the sake of the rest of the family members he decides to stay calm and quite.

Daarji immediately gets up and welcomes him once again...

Daarji: Aayiye..Maan Beta...

Maan: Ji Daarji...I forgot to give you this sweet boxes...Daadi has specially got them for you all..

Daarji: Arre beta, Already, Geet came here with lot of sweets and gifts..and again Savithriji has taken so much trouble

Maan: Actually, its our family practice which we strictly follow..We never go bare hand whenever we happen to visit the near and dear ones's home...and I am here at my wife's home and its my home now... so, how can I miss on this?

Now, he gives a glare to Manjeet and continues to talk...and hopefully, these sweets will help some people with bitter tounge and will put some sence and manners in them about when, how and what to talk.

Maan's words puts everyone in great embaresment as they have realised that Maan has listened to all what Manjit has been talking.

Maan: Acha Daarji, Will leave for now and will get back in the evening.

Daarji: Maan Beta...I have something to talk to you.

Manjit: Papaji, I need to take your leave...me and Nandini have lot of shopping to do.

Manjit leaves from there along with Nandini without even uttering even a single word.

Daarji takes a sigh and continues.

Daarji: Maan Beta...we have decided to keep a small function this evening.

Maan: Ji?

Daarji: Haan beta, you see today is the first ever time you have visited this haveli in this one year...I know its all because of the circumstances... and more over, there was no proper wedding, reception or even phag phere...so, we have arranged for this function where our known people are invited to meet you and Geet as a couple...

Even though Maan doesnt like all this... but he totally agrees to what Daarji says.

Maan: Hmm..Jaisa aap tik samjhe

Daarji: Hence please come back home say by 5 PM in the evening.

Maan: Ji Daarji..will make it on time in the evening.

Maan once again takes their blessings and leaves.

At the same time...Geet - Ridzy:

(Immediately after they leave from Haveli)

Geet and Ridzy walk out of Handa Haveli...Geet was just clenching her fist trying to control herself to the maximum level to not to turn back and look at him..and even though she suceeded in the same, she is feeling so very restless as if a major portion of her heart is left behind... and the moment she reaches the ridzy's car, she just stands still like a statue all very lost in her own world... and when Ridzy looks at geet...she felt as if Geet has been staring at the car as if she is seeing it for the first time.

Ridzy: GEET...

Geet snaps out of her thoughts...HUN

Ridzy: What happened my dear? Where are you lost?

Geet: Nahi..kuch nahin...

Ridzy: Oye Hoye...it seems you have lost all mood to attend classes today...and winksWink

Geet doesnt show any reaction that any girl in her place would obviously do...say, a smile, a blush or shyness... and she just tries to ignore Ridzy's teasing..she just gives a slight smile..and without showing any further reactions, she gets into the front seat of the car and helps herself with seat belt.

Geet is again all lost and she is not yet ready to accept the fact that Maan has actually come to stay with her in HP and that too till Nandini's wedding. Why would he?

Ridzy starts driving...and first to start the conversation..

Ridzy: Arre wah Geet... Jiju is so charming and mingles so well with everyone...she pats on Geet's shoulders and continues... And how well he handled the situation when Daarji ordered you to stay back and your Tayiji...huh...that lady really got it from jiju and I am so vrey happy today for that... And he loves you so much yaar.. see how much he supports you...The way he said "GEET is my wife"...I really fell for him yaar...

Geet too is happy for what Manjeet got from Maan... But Maan's behaviour today is only confusing her and raising lot of questions.. As far as her knowledge goes, Maan had taken her (Geet's) name for the very first time, and adressing her as his wife is unbelieavable. May be he is behaving different in front of the crowd.. The happenings during the last one year is stopping her to think anything positive. She recalls what happened when immediately after her marriage, her daadi passed away and she has been crying endlessly and right at that time she got to feel maan's gentle and supportive hold on her shoulder...as if he is communicating to her that he is always there for her and besides her...but she was proven all wrong...and she is again not willing to build a trust as this trust will lead to new expectations that will give her only disappointment...

keeping all these points in mind, she somehow manage to answer Ridzy...

Geet: Hmm...

Ridzy goes on and on with her praising for Maan...but Geet doesnt utter a single word as she is still lost with the happenings of the day...trying to find answers to her question. Infact she didnt even listen to Ridzy's talks in first place.

Ridzy: GEEET

Geet: Hun

Ridzy: What's actually up with you? Yesterday too you were so quite quite and there's no change in your reactions even today...Arreee...your hubby is here, and I wished to see a "Lost Geet" in her beautiful dream world...or some blush.. but again I see nothing...and for such a long time I have been talking and praising about your dear husband...Thoda sa jealous bhi ho sakthi ho...there's nothing wrong in it you see...

Why would I feel jealous, you have been talking about his behaviour as you like it. ... Geet tells this with weak smile...and ridzy nods her head with disappointment. Deep within, Geet knows what's the depth of the reality of his behaviour... and how will he behave when he is alone with her...anyways, why would I give myself an opportunity to stay alone with him? Actual truth is there's nothing and there will be nothing between us..and he has been putting up with me due to this forced relationship ...that's what he had claimed on that day when I was leaving from KM..and for me...that's the ultimate truth which I have accepted

Ridzy: Oye Geet.. do you remember whenever we girls would have a group discussion about our "would be" future husband..like who is he? How will he look? where he is from...I remember when your turn comes, you used to blush so much...the very thought and imagination about your future husband would bring so much glitter in your face. And I am not seeing even 1 % spark in you today.

Geet: That's the difference between dream and reality...

Geet was so spontanious whilst lost in her own world. and her eyes have become moist without even her own realisation. Ridzy immediately stops her car... GEET...Shocked

Geet snaps out of her world and she looks at Ridzy as she has stopped the car and Ridzy is all lost looking at her...

Ridzy: Geet..what's the matter yaar? I understand Maan seems to be a nice guy...but I am sure there's something bothering you in this relationship?


ironically there's no bond between them then only there could be Relationship

Ridzy: Or any mis-understanding between you both? And he has come over here to console you?


again she has a sad smile touchig her lips...was there an understanding in the first place?

Geet: Ridzy, Eisa kuch bhi nahi hain Re...by the way, all that's been going on in my mind is the special classes which we are suppose to attend today and I just remembered that we have to collect our hall tickets as well...and we are already late you see. also, we have to pass by Muskan's place to collect our question papers. So, my humble request is to please start your car

Ridzy again nods her head as she is really not able to get what's actually going on in Geet's mind. Ofcourse, she is willing to give into Geet's request and as they have to be present in the college on time and that too they have to collect their final year exams hall tickets today. They both head towards Muskan's home first and then they moved towards their college.

Back to Maan:

He leaves from Geet's home. Actually, he didnt have any site visit or meeting lined up for the day...its just that he came to know about Geet's special classes via her talks with her faculty and Ridzy when he was secretly listening to her at that time he first entered into her room. He understood its very important for her to be present in college and that's why he had to give this excuse to Geet's family and leave from there unwillingly... otherwise, her family would force her to stay back at home...like they tried to do already.

Moreover, he is in no mood to give any importance to his office and work as his mind is full and fully preoccupied with Geet and his guilt which is piling up to grow bigger...he is still not able to come to terms of the happenings since morning from the time he has got to meet his PARI...who is none other than his GEET...with whom he is already connected with the most sacred bond.

He decides to leave to his ancestral farm house ...yes, the same farm house where he got to see her for the first time. His heart and brain is now ruled with a strange restlessness...he is not able to cherish this happiness as he has been hurting his own PARI and her cold and casual behaviour in front of the elders of her family is really pushing him to the advanced level of remorse.

Just then, Maan gets a call on his mobile...It was a secret agency whom he had assigned to trace PARI's details. They have been working on it for the past one year but there has been no success and just when Maan was back from his London trip and on the way back to KM...he had called the officer incharge from this agency whom he has been dealing with and he had given him a deadline of 2 more days time to get information about this girl and that's it he will withdraw and the deadline is today and the agency has yet again been unsuccessful in tracing this girl or to get any basic information about her but still the senior officer incharge had taken "more than enough" efforts inspite of not even getting any basic information about this girl...not even her name or her photograph but still, he did full justice to this CASE 100% whilst maintaining its secrecy. He calls Mr. MAAN SINGH KHURANA who doesnt want NO for an answer..but still he calls him to explain whis point of view.

Maan: Hello

Secret Agent officer: Hello Sir. Well...I understand today is the deadline you had given for this case and if no success as on this date, you will withdraw from it.

Maan: Well Mr...

SAO: Sir.. I understand that you will not take "NO" for an answer...but atleast give me a chance to explain...

Maan listens to him patiently.

SAO: Sir, you didnt even know this girl's name. The only information that you had provided is she is a beutiful girl with big dark brown eyes, fair complexion...age approx between 19 - 22 years..and she is likely to be in and around Amritsar and other major cities...you didnt have her photograph, so, we offered you to help you with our specialist sketch artist. but you even said a "No" for it..

Its true...he said a NO to prepare any sketch as he was too very possessive about her and wanted to look out for his PARI as secretly as possible.

SAO: Your Watchman had given you the information about the car she had drove in. It seems she came in a red colour car and that too there has been no further details about it...but still we were getting details of all the "Red Colour" car owners in these major cities and we have got all the related information about it..but still it didnt help.

Maan interupts again...can you please listen to me once..

SAO: Sir..please let me complete..Let me give you this final explanation from my side...I had mailed you the pictures of thousands and thousands of girls from these major cities and I had also extened the region with the basic information given by you with regard to the age and the features...can you even imagine what kind of an effort it takes to get the photographs of these many girls? Like you had initiated the "Secrecy" aspect, we have mailed you many of the pictures of the girls without even their's or their family's knowledge which is highly risky and illegal...but we have our trust on you that you will never ever take undue advantage of these details that we have been providing and we continued to do our duties...But one thing I can say with a confidence...that either this girl is married off or she is not from this region...

Maan is kind of convinced by now that how difficult a task it would have been to trace a person with these basic information...now this investigation part is considered VOID by him and wants to do the complete and final settlement.

Maan: Listen Officer. I understand you had giving in your full and full efforts and have got your self involved in high risk..but officer, I have paid 3 times more than your regular assignment for your services alone + Bore all extra expences.

Now, coming to your efficiency and efforts, I really appreicate it. but still, I would like withdraw from this assignment and now its not due to your inefficiency but due to personal reasons.

By now, Maan's car reaches his ancestral farmhouse and he continues with his call and straight away heads to his room..

SAO: But sir...I am sorry to ask...may I know what's the main reason for your withdrawal? You see, I am answerable to my senior officials.

Maan: You can tell them that this decision is not taken based on the efficiency level...Its purely purely personal and again, would not like to disclose the same and would request you to STOP all your operations with this regard.

SAO: But sir..

Maan: I will be issuing the cheque today towards the full and final settlement for this assignment. It will reach you within a day or two as my operations manager is busy travelling and he is the one who is taking care of the payments part.

SAO: Sir..its alright. Please take your time. But..

Maan: Listen officer...I really mean that I have a personal reason to withdraw from this assignment and I am fully convinced and happy with your service. Now please STOP continuing with it.

SAO: Thank You sir.

Maan: Hmm..

He cuts the call... how the hell they could have traced her when she was already in my home...yes..this SAO said it right..either she has left the place OR got married...and YES...SHE IS ALREADY MARRIED TO MAAN SINGH KHURANA... A strange smile filled with happiness and bitterness touches his lips...he is now standing by the same window thro which he got to see his PARI for the first time...his PARI has been filling his life with all happiness in last one year with her mere presense and how he has been behaving with her? he has been ignoring her and looking out for her in the world outside khurana Manscion...this fact is buring him alive...Its been less than 2 hours since he left Handa Haveli...and he is already missing her. Then how much she would have missed him when he was out of home for a long period especially during his London trip...it was so evident with her hug and touch ... and those magical words which spoke her heart out for the first time... "Aap Aagaye...Pata hain Main aap ki raah dekh rahi thi"... and in the middle of his restlessness that he couldnt get any details about his PARI and he had litterally taken S*** out of this Secret agent challenging their efficiency just on the way from Delhi Airport to Khurana Manscion and all what followed added fuel to his anger and that was outbursted on GEET...on his PARI itself...

He getting restless looking out of the same window...as if his Pari is present there all lost playing with the white pigeion..I have hurt her innocent soul...What have I gone and done...I let her down..I completely let her down...he kneels down...

I want to meet her NOW...but I cannot...atleast I can have her photograph...He checks his mobile again and realises he doesnt have even one photo of her...He has been married to her for past one year..and he doesnt even have a single photograph of his wife...its really so weird...and he is the one who made a way for this own condition.. Just then he gets a call on his mobile and a smile touches his face and he takes the call immediately as its need of the hour.


sorry dearies...I had to break this part into 2...will complete the same in PART 9 and PART 9 will be updated in max two days. Embarrassed.

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