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Can we expect an update??? 
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so will you b updating today?
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Interesting story. Read all parts in one go. Geet lost all the hopes and plans to stay away from Maan. Her friends are good and clever, they could guess things are not pleasant for Geet. Maan finally meets his Pari, but alas, couldn't fathom Geet and Pari are one single person, with whom he misbehaved badly. Geet doesn't want to get hurt again, so might stick with her decision of staying apart. Good going. Will wait for next. 
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Hope I have delivered my best with Maaneet emotions. Please tell me how you liked this post and also, give me your honest comments. Embarrassed
I understand there has been lot of editing and spelling mistakes. will check and correct it one by one.

She walks back and at one point she breaks her vision from him and bends down to collect all the papers that are shattered arround...just like her shattered life...she is again gone back to her own world that's filled with emptyness and lonelyness which she has somehow got adapted to by now.. and has accepted to live with it. The tears which had formed in her eyes have started flowing down her cheeks and she wipes it..She starts collecting the papers one by one..Maan is still lost looking at her...even though she long time broke away form that Mesmerizing eye lock...He too bends down to help her to collect the papers..he is doing so whilst looking at her reassuring that his pari has come back to him..infact she is already present in his life in his GEET...but she has stopped addressing his presence now...and at one point their hands accidentally touch each other...and again he is lost in that touch and attempts to look deep into her eyes... but her eyes are glued to the ground...her cheeks still has some traces of tears which he tries to wipe off by bringing his long fingers close to her cheeks...but she turns away and gulps and wipes the tears by herself...She is no way giving in...unfortunately for GEET, everything is over she doesn't want to feel anymore...

She slowly gets up after collecting the papers and walks back to her table and stares at he wall blankly. Maan too follows her at her equal slow pace..Her mind is still not come to terms that Maan is right in front of her. Why is he here? Why? she is rolling her eyes and scanning her brain for an answer.  Oh...I guess Daadima is trying to use her card again? What else could be the reason for his presence here? He hated my mere glimpse and why will he come all the way here? To fill his heart with more hateredness?? she closes her eyes with pain...I am sure its Daadima who has forced him to come over here. I can understand Daadima's condition...all she longs at this old age is to see "US" leading a happy married life...but unfortunately, this is not going to happen...Why is she hard bent in pusing him into such useless and baseless situations. when and how she will understand that this relationship is going nowhere and there's no future what so ever.

She slowly composes herself and opens her eyes  and she stares at the blank wall without a blink as if all what has happened to her in past one year is been screened on that wall...she gets all lost in that particular moment and all what she went thro in that one year is flashing on the wall. she is engulfed in that dark world...On her so called SR, she was already engulfed and packed with so many emotions and when he entered the room on that day...she found an unknown solace in him and she calmed down a bit but again what happened next drifted her into complete darkness...he just walked away giving his verdict and leaving her all alone in that big room. she was feeling so vulnerable and miserable to be left all alone in a stranger's place. Its not only about that room...about her life...which changed overnight and  she was pushed into this unknown world...She was so much longing to rest her head in her mother's lap and cry her heart out ...but that too she is deprived of as that bond also changed all of a sudden as she is a "daughter in law" of another family and this unfair society doesn't permit her to share the daughter - mother bond with her own mother any more. The only person whom she has to rely and trust and share all her feelings is her husband but All she has got from him is that hateredness filled ignorance...she doesn't even have the right to ask him what is her mistake? What did she ever do?...she had all people around her in HP Haveli and suddenly, all alone in a big room and when she is out of that room, she is amidst strangers. The only people whom she found some solace was with Daadima and Shantima...She living in that seperate room raised so many questions among the other servants and workers around..only her babaji knows what kind of an embarrassed feeling it is. but luckily, Daadima ensured that Geet gets her due respect of being elder daughter in law of the family yes..every single person in KM, respected her including Prem and Annie and only exception was her so called husband... and that respect is the one which a girl longs for...In this one year, he never even acknowledged her presence, never uttered a single word apart from those few shouting and rude words when she happened to visit HIS ROOM during the initial days of their so called married life...He was kind enough to provide her with a huge ambience...that's it and his duty is over and never for once he checked on her well being?

Coming to that London Trip, she came to know thro Shantima that he is already left... and when he came back and on the same day, she was about to leave  to HP, that was the first time she had ever expressed herself truly madly not only to him but to herself...and... all what followed...she was put into such a shame as if she did a crime..YES...a crime indeed. She had no right to loose her mind and soul like that...and she is really ashamed of herself...she couldn't live upto his expectations...shame on her.. a circastic sad smile touches her lips as even tears have stopped forming in her eyes.

He is literally disheartened to see her like this...she is not even allowing him to wipe the  tear drops which were visible on her cheeks.. above all she is holding back all her emotions or has she lost all her emotions to that unfortunate day? Today is a happiest as well as saddest day of his life... Happiness filled his heart when he met his PARI after almost a year and soon it got replaced with the sadness when the moment he learnt his PARI is none other than his GEET...his GEET...his WIFE..he should have taken care of her, treasured her but his own mindset he was looking out for her everywhere in the outside world but she was already present in his home... is he blessed or cursed? BLESSED because he has got his PARI and she already belonged to him...She has been living under the same roof where he has been living , breathing the same air...and he has been hurting her as he was not able to find his PARI...where as she was already HIS WIFE...ALL HIS... CURSED because his PARI already belonged to him but he never lived with her...never ever acknowledged her presence..he has hurt her to this extent that she is not responding to him...and all what he spoke on that last day it was for his GEET.. his PARI..n hurting her thro out this one year. He goes back to that day where they took seven peras, seven vows and promises to keep each other happy by all means..give the deserved respect of a life partner to each other.. share all joys and sorrows equally...she had lived upto her promise but HIM? All he has given her is those wounds that can never be healed... he really feels ashamed of himself... this could be the lowest point he could feel about himself. Maan is swirled in that whirlpool and not able to come out it...how on earth will I make up to her? How will I ever make her understand all what I went thro in this year that made me behave like this..It was for her and against her at the same time...he forms a fist of his hand and hits on the wall nearby but Geet is still lost in looking at the wall and she didnt hear it. he really wishes he could rip himself apart.. but has to stay alive for her...her love.

He gathers all his wits and turns to move towards her. He could see she is all lost looking at the blank wall. He wants to began a conversation enquiring about her well being which he has never done till date...to began with, he calls out for her name so very softly...GEET..

She almost Jerks out of the happenings in the past and her heart beats faster and faster as she is kicked out of her world...and she stares back at him...Did he call out my name? Did he? she doesnt answer him as she thinks its just an imagination or he is taking an advance step towards his cruel and rude behavior.  ...she expects only harsh words from him and nothing else...He is all lost in those pair of hazel eyes which were all soaked in happiness when he got to see her for  the first time in his farm but today, he is getting to see her eyes are dark with all bitter emotions, pain and fear. He advances few more steps towards her and he could sense her getting vulnerable and she immediately turns away from him and dipping her head.

She is heaving uncontrollably and She clutches to those papers harder which she was still holding in her hand.  His presence has always made her feel as if she is the most ugliest soul who doesn't deserve any self respect and the velocity of it has just increased by the passing time. Now, that she has decided to live on herself after these 3 weeks time from now on.. she is not prepared to face him anymore.. DISCOMFORT is all that she is getting to feel with his mere presence. Where as he has come to a state where he cannot imagine a single second without her. She looks here and there anywhere but not him...and he is craving for her one look...

Just then, there's someone who calls out for Maan and he turns to look at that person...It was none other than Mohinder & Rano and Rajji Titoo too accompanied them and Rajji-Titoo now dressed in their school uniforms.

Maan comes forward and takes blessings from Mohinder - Rano. Geet slowly moves and takes her position near Rano and she holds her mom's hand with a grip as she feels there's no place for her to go. Rano could feel the weird behaviour of Geet...as if she behaving like a todler who is scared of a stranger around but still Rano smiles it off taking it  to be Geet's shy behaviour after seeing Maan.

Rajji joins Rano-Geet and she dashes Geet and winks at her and teasingly wispers in her ears...Didi...Looks as if Jiju is not able to stay even a second without you...see...kaise aagaye aap ke peeche peeche...Wink

Geet remains quite and no way showing any reaction and no way looking at Maan...

Mohi: Arre Maan beta...when did you come?

Rano: We all were present in the hall area. How come we missed to see you?

Maan looks at Titoo..

Maan: Ji woh I have parked my car in the back entrance of your haveli and there this boy was playing with his friends.. I told him who I am and he got me directly to this room...

Mohinder and Rano are so happy to see him. While Geet is just listening to their talks and she is knotting her dupatta and eyes glued to the ground.

Rajji again murmurs in Geet's ears...Di..baath tho woh ma papa se kar rahe hain...par aap hi ko ghoore jaa rahe hain.. (He is talking to mom - dad but he is all staring at you)

Even Rajji's talks are not making her curious enough as she knows its all Rajji's assumptions or Rajji is finding ways to tease her...but least did she knew that all Rajji is noticing is correct and Maan was actually all lost in his GEET...his PARI. But she is no way looking at him. Geet is already so tensed and feeling all the discomforts of the whole world at this point of time and Rajji's teasing is just irritating her further...as a result Geet hits hard on Rajji's hand.

Rajji: Ouch.

Rano shouts at Rajji.. Rajji beta...please keep quite...we are talking with your jeeju na..

Rajji again murmurs to Geet...Di...why did you hit me? see it hurts...she makes a baby face ...CHHODOO...By the way,  I dont think jiju is even a bit interested in listening to Ma-Papa talks...he is waiting for an opportunity to just take you away from here..he he LOL

Geet gives one stern and deadly look at Rajji.. and Rajji keeps quite instantly

Geet is rubbing her forehead...she is not able to comprehend what's actually going on around her but forced to give in to the situation. She can give in but how about him? How to find out what is actually going on in Maan's mind at this point of time? Hey babaji...it was all cool when I was in KM...he was away and even I ensured to stay away...but how will we both manage here? I know all this will result in new outburst of anger from his side and only on ME.

Rano: Geet was telling us that you will be coming here during Nandni's wedding...

Maan: Haan...woh...I was planning to give a surprise to Geet and she doesnt know about this visit...

Mohinder and Rano look at Geet and smile as they are convinced now that Maan is the Right match for their Geet and both (Maaneet) are leading a happy life together.

Maan: I will be staying here and working from Hoshiyarpur as anyways I have some projects going on here as well.

Rano: Projects? Rano didnt understand what he meant by this.

Mohi: Rano ji, He is in construction business na? his business understandings are termed as projects. You will not understand all this.  

Beta, you are handling projects in Hoshiyarpur also?

Maan: Ji...hoshiyarpur, Amritsar, Nizampur and so on.

Mohinder: Arre Wah...yeh tho bohuth hi achi baath hain beta. challo with this reason we got to meet you here again. The last time we got to see you is on yours and Geet's wedding day...it was such an unfortunate situation where we couldnt welcome you and bid you both (Maan and Geet) good bye properly.

Maan looks at his Geet at this very moment but still there has been no reaction from her side.

Rano to Geet: Arre Geet, arrange for tea and snaks..

Geet: COFFEE..black coffee without milk..

Maan was lost at her quick reply

Rano: Arre...we dont have coffee in the kitchen. She moves towards Titoo...go to the department store near by and buy a pack of instant coffee powder and give it to Geet.

Rajji: Ruk Titoo..Even I will come with you...otherwise, you will never come out of that department store..we have to leave to School in 10 mins.

Geet: Rajji..NESC*** hi chahiye.

Maan has been looking at Geet with awe. How she is giving in to his likes even under this challenging situation...Its so true that she knew everything about him but he knew nothing about her...He had only those baseless assumptions as information about her and his head is dipped in shame.

Mohinder: Maan beta...come lets go down...

Hey Babaji...all dangers in Groundfloor what shall I do? its better he relaxes here than comming down and facing the crowd.

This was the first time she looked at Maan for a brief nano sec and nodded a NO to him...but all he lost in that very sec and not taking her gestures seriously and he joins Mohinder- Rano while Geet follows them...she cutely looks up and prays...Babaji...you know verywell that I cannot get angry on you. It doesnt mean that you take me for such a ride? what for you? You are so comfortably sitting up. Come and face  my tayiji and those ladies for once. Yesterday, those woman were targetting at her but she was alone and could manage. But today? She again gives a pittyfull look up..and CHHADDOO.Ouch

Geet follows Mohi-Rano-Maan helplessly...

There at the ground floor Mohinder - Rano escorts Maan to  the point where Geet's Daarji, Taya - Tayi ji (Rajinder-Manjeet), Tejinder-Simran, Nandini and , as its a close knit group of neighborhood... and also seeing Maan's posh car parked behind Handa Haveli, few men and ladies from the neighborhood have also gathered. of course most of the Ladies are Manjeet's so called friends.

Maan scans the place and shocked to see so many people gathered there and he kind of looks at Geet again. She is very well aware of the fact that Maan doesn't like this kind of crowd gathering and that's why she had already gestured him but as usual, there was no response and she too left him to face the consequences.

Maan Takes blessings of All elders there... and then Tejinder comes forward and hugs Maan.

Daarji: Puttar..Aap se itne dino baad milkar badi khushi huvi.. (Glad to meet you after so many days)

Maan smiles at him and Daarji continues...

Daarji: Puttar...Savithriji Kaisi hain? Unka sehat sab tik hain na beta? (How is Savithriji? All fine with her health?)

Maan: Ji..woh Tik hain (Yes...she's fine)

Taya Ji (Rajjinder): We heard from Geet that you were on a Business Trip to London. How was your trip beta?

Maan: Ji it was quite a successful trip

Taya Ji: Of course beta...Geet was all praising your hard work and she was all happy as you ensured to call her daily even between the hectic schedule.

His eyes burn in self hateredness...he looks at Geet and she is still standing there listening to their conversations quietly. He and Geet only know what relationship they shared and coming to the London trip, he dint even tell her before leaving for that trip and during that entire month, he was all lost in thoughts about his Pari...and even though he was in London, on his business trip, he was in touch with some of the secret sources whom he had assigned to get the details of girls from particular age group in and around Amritsar-Hoshiyarpur and there was no success... and during this process, he conveniently forgot about his marriage...and he smiles at his own fate that his wife is none other than His PARI ...his GEET..his WIFE...and she was left all alone in that huge KM...and during this period forget calling her..he never even remembered her...and when he came back...he closes his eyes to feel that day when she hugged him for the very first time...AND...

He again looks at Geet and she is looking everywhere apart from him...it really hurts to have hurt this innocent flawless soul whom he claims to have been in love with her and was madly looking out for her. He deserves the worst punishment but she has been punishing herself by hiding the actual truth. She could have as well told the truth and by this way she could have taken her revenge on all what he has gone and done to her...but instead she has been lieng to her family...and under what circumstances she would have told so many lies to her family and she did it to save his and his family name and fame from getting ruined. Why Geet? You should have spoken the truth...Atleast by this I would get that deserved punishment...Since the time he has met her here, he has been desperately looking for some private time to talk to her but its not just happening. That's the irony...they both were all alone in their respective rooms in KM in that One year...and he wasted all that precious time in keeping himself away from her...and now, the same "Time" is playing hard with him where he is not finding a single opportunity to talk his heart out to her.

Taya ji: Geet was all the time praising about you...Actually, we were not even willing to believe if you were going to Attend Nandini's wedding...but Geet has been assuring us.

Maan looks at Geet and smile touches his face...but deep within his guilt is piling up which he is controlling with great difficulty.

Taya ji: And you have really surprised us with your presence beta.

Manjeet holds Rajjinder's (Taya ji) hand gesturing him not to praise Maan Too Much and Rajjinder gestures her back to stay calm.

Nandini and Simran join Geet's side and they both fully involve in teasing her..

Nandini: Simran Bhabhi...mere saath bohuth anyay ho raha hain..

Simran: Arre..Kya hua?

Nandini: Ab shadhi meri hone jaarahi hain aur Gaal kisi aur ke sharam se laal ho rahe hain. (I am the one who is going to get married but someone else's cheeks are getting red)Embarrassed

Nandini and Simran pull Geet's cheeks from either side and laugh at her plight...

Today, Manjeet's jealousy is double folded as least did she expect Maan to give a surprise visit at Handa Havili...she has been taunting Rano with regard to Maan saying he belongs to a big city and that too from a rich family and such guys simply marry girls like Geet to use and throw them...but Maan has proved her wrong today...Rano has been enjoying Manjeet's plight. But Manjeet is Manjeet...she gets into her full authoritative form and she shows off how much she cares for the Daamad (Maan) of this family...

Manjeet to Geet: Oye Geet...Did you arrange for Tea-break fast for Daamadji?

Geet: Ji Woh...

Geet was cut off abrubtly...

Tayi Ji: Is this the way you take care of your husband? Now, go and arrange for his morning refreshments..

Maan really feels disgusting with Manjeet's behaviour towards Geet. She can as well talk politely...He really wonders why all of them around are listening to this lady without raising their voice.

All ladies there again give one disgusting look to Geet followed by Manjeet's blame on Geet...just then, Rajji-Titoo come there holding a carry bag.

Rajji: Jiju..sorry, for the delay...she turns to talk to Geet now...Di...yeh rahi coffee powder. Ab Jaldi se Jiju keliye Coffee banadijiye.. She again turns to Maan...Jiju...me and Titoo going to school. See you in  the evening.

Rajji-Tittoo say BYE together to everyone present there and leave.

Manjeet and all ladies look at each other...and that's when Rano spoke to those ladies...My Daughter was waiting for this coffee powder ... as she very well knows what her husband likes and dislikes...She turns to leave giving one disgusting look to Manjeet.

Rano: Geet beta..let me help you with the snaks..

Manjeet is actually burning in jealousy and finding ways to defame Geet in front of Maan and the crowd. Rano and Geet turns to leave when Manjeet again began with her taunts.

Tayi ji: Oye Rano..why Cant Geet do her family duties by herself? You be here and let her handle it herself.

Maan is really fuming within...if not HIM, his Daadima, Prem and Annie really showered their love on Geet and this lady's (Manjeet) behaviour is really hitting him in wrong place.

Rano and Geet have no other option than to give into the situation. Geet is controlling all her tears as again she is not finding peace anywhere and what ever she does she is made to feel so small. Maan could sense this restlessness and he just began to hate this Tayiji character in the first place and that too she doesnt have any idea what to talk and what not to talk in front of the crowd.

Maan calls out for Geet

Maan: GEET

Geet turns to leave to Kitchen and she stands rooted to the Ground and Shivers even though Maan had taken her name softly. The way he called her with love and care...Geet really couldnt believe her ears...and Rano-Mohi-Darji-and all who were present there were admiring the way he called out her name. The only person who is burning with Jealousy with Caps "J" is Manjeet.

Geet gulps and looks at all people arround and gets cautious and answers back ... JI

Maan: Only Black Coffee will do.

Geet nods for YES and leaves to kitchen.

Rano: Maan Beta, what is this? Please munch some thing along with Coffee. Wait, I will bring some buiscuits for you..

Maan: Ma...please dont bother...Black coffee should do and it will fill me.

Many of them didnt understand what is Black Coffee...especially the ladies and they were discussing among themselves what it could be..

Nandini voices it to them...yeh...bina doodh wala coffee hain...Kadvi ...Then she murmurs...bil kul aap aurathon jaisi (This is coffee without mil and it tasts bitter...and she murmurs...just like you woman)

Nandini was standing little close to Maan and he could hear her murmerring and he started smiling.

Manjeet shouts at Simran now... Now, what are you doing here? You have so much pending house hold works pending. Tejinder will be leaving to work now...go and take care of him. and she turns to Nandini now...Aur Nandini Beta...you get ready..we have to go for shopping right?

Nandini nods her head and says Ji Mamma..

Maan sits down with Daarji-Mohinder- Rajinder -Tej and they happen to have casual chat...

Just then Ridhima walks in...she pass by Manjeet and doest even bother to tell her even a HI...

(Someone had asked me Ridzy's pic. That's why I am posting here)

Apart from Geet, Ridzy love 2 people in this family. That's Daarji and Rano.

Rano: Arre Ridzy beta..Aao

Ridzy: Hello Aunty ji...how are you?

Rano: I'm fine beta...wait here... Geet will be here in 2 minutes.

Ridzy. No problem...I'll wait.

In meantime, Ridzy goes to take Daarji's blessings...

Ridzy: Pairi Pouna Daarji

Daarji: Jeethe raho puttar...How are you? How is Papa?

Ridzy: Ji all fine Daarji..

Ridzy comfortably takes her seat next to Daarji...and just then, Maan and Ridzy happen to see each other...Ridzy recollects she had seen his picture that was shown by Daarji when Ridzy and her papa visited Hanada Haveli just after their forgin trip and they had a shock of their life to learn about Geet's sudden marriage followed by Geet's Daadi's death.

Ridzy - Maan: Ji...Aap... she is not able to frame her question as she is not very sure and just then Daarji interfares.

Daarji: Beta...he is Maan...Geet's Husband.

Ridzy's eyes wide open with excitement and she rushes towards Maan and Shake hands with him...

Ridzi: Hie...I am Ridhima...Geet's best friend.

Maan: Oh...Hie...I'm Maan...Pleased to meet you.

Ridzi: Pleasure is mine.

Just then..Geet walks in with a tray with Black Coffee and Ridzi rushes to her and hugs her with excitement..

Ridzi: Hie Geet...

Geet: Arre Arre...ek minute...

Geet handsover the black coffee to Maan without giving him any eye contact and he takes a sigh and sips it...He was really astonished with the taste. It was all perfect blended with key ingredients. He is really wondering how she knows about his likes and preferences...and that too he is so very particular about his coffee...and this is more than a perfect coffee...Leasst did he know that she is the one who has been preparing black coffee for him in this last one year and would get it served thro Nakul Kaka or any other KM Servant.

Ridzi: Arre Kya baat hain Geet...you didnt even tell me about jiju's visit?

Geet rolls her eyes as she doesnt know what to comment in front of everyone.

Daarji: Arre Puttar...No body knew...Maan has really amused us with this surprise visit.

Ridzi: So, Geet madam will be all busy now...Wink

Geet gives her a weak smile...Ridzi takes her share of teasing her but again Ridzi finds there's no change in Geet's response or reactions...she is same like she has been for the past 3 days.

By the way Geet...for today, you have to forget your hubby as you have special classes to attend.

Daarji: Maaf karna beta...Geet cannot come today. You see...Daamadji is here and hence Geet has to be here...

Ridzi is really worried now...she also knows that Geet cannot say NO to Daarji.

Geet really gets restless what to do now...she cannot say NO to Daarji and at the same time she has to attend these classes...and just then...Maan stood and spoke

Maan: Daarji...Geet will go to college.

Ridzi and Geet look at each other surprisingly.

Daarji: Maan beta...what are you saying? How can she go to college leaving you alone here?

Manjeet also interfares..Geet...you go inside..you are not going anywhere.

That's it...Maan almost shouts at Manjeet now...

Maan: Well..may I request you to mind your language first and then mind your own business?

Manjeet - Daarji - Mohi - Rano and to that matter Rajjinder - Nandini - Tej were also stunned with his audocacy..

Geet and Ridzy are simply standing there like a statue now.

Maan: First thing first...Geet is my wife and its me and Geet who will decide mutually, where we should go and what we should do...whether to go together or alone... I wouldnt permit anyone to interfare in "OUR" life.

Manjeet gives one glare at him and everyone present there...she wanted to show off that she has an upper hand on the situation...but she has been punched right on her nose.. She leaves from there and Nandini and Teji follow her where as Rajjinder still stays back with Daarji. Rano is the happiest person today that finally, someone is here to raise their voice.

Daarji and Rajinder knows that Manjeet has been talking bit too much these days and that too she didnt have any control on herself even when Maan is here and Daaji is very well aware of the reasons...but still he has to speak in support of his elder Daughter in law.

Daarji: Beta...all she wanted is Geet should be around you as you are here...

Maan: Maaf kijiye Daarji... Main Geet aur mere beech main kisi ki dhakal andaazi bardaasht nahin karoonga. (Please dont mind me...I will not allow anyone to interfare between me and Geet) Moreover, Geet had already informed me that she has to be in college today. Also, I have some meetings to attend. Will be back in the evening only.

Geet is really not able to believe what she is hearing...but still she is not willing to react or over react and get into an illusive world.. Even though he is claiming her to be his wife in front of her family..She has a strong awareness of what place she holds in his life...and the harsh reality is She means NOTHING to him. She knows very well how Maan will behave with her when he will get the next opportunity to be alone...wonder what verdict he is going to give her now. Anyways, he would be happy if I go to College and that's how we both will stay away from each other and to that matter, he will go against any one on this just to stay away from me...hain na baba ji? she takes a long sigh...So long as I am going to college and staying away from him...I am happy too...

Its not that Geet is not amused with Maan's behaviour...But she is still living in her past "One Year" and she is caged within those memories and she herself finds it challenging to come out of it. Moreover, she has accepted her fate with positive note with all that happened between her and Maan on that last day of her stay in KM has NAILED IT...Now, its really not easy for her to think back. She again snaps out of her thoughts when Maan calls out for her..

Maan: GEET...isint it getting late for you? You please carry on and I will also leave in some time...

Geet nods with a weak smile and leves to her room to get all her required study materials.

Ridzy - Maan: Bye...and meet you soon again... They both shake hand and smile at each other.

Geet bids bye to everyone and when she came to Maan she remembers...how she used to wish he turns towards her and bids "Bye" with a sweet kiss on her forehead  before he would step out of KM everyday and that "Wish" remains a "Wish" which never happened and she sighs...She tells him "Bye" with a weak smile and she makes her way towards the exit gete. ...where as Maan is all lost in her till the time she exits. He really wished she turns back and looks at him at least for once...but she didnt. His "wish" just remains a "wish"...and it will never happen that easily. His heart really goes restless seeing her cold behaviour.

PRECAP: Where and How will he find peace now?

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I had updated my FF...HOW TO NAME IT? (H2NI)  few days back and many of my regular readers of H2NI has stopped reading commenting on it Ouch. I had received  112 likes for PART 5 and not even 60 Likes for PART 6 Confused I understand it was late post after 4 long months. I will try and give at least one update every week...please continue to read and comment as I need it for the story to move in right track. Confused







GEETIKA next update in progress...will post in some time

I need some time for JOURNEY CALLED LIFE... hope you will understand and be with me.
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