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Posted: 3 years ago
Please do try and update 
Posted: 3 years ago
Originally posted by taahir004

Please do try and update 

Really sorry for this wait...This next 2 parts of ORP and HOW TO NAME IT? has been quite challenging to make it fall in place...Moreover too many activities in my kids school being month of December which gives way to christmas, new year and winter holidays.. Confused

But good news is I will give about 2-3 updates within next week...I PROMISE this time. Embarrassed

By the way, I have updated LOVE WILL FIND THE WAY. No comments from you yet Ouch

Posted: 3 years ago
thanks for the note Lakshmi...already waiting! 
Posted: 3 years ago
Posted: 3 years ago
Once again a very biiig sorry from my end. Dead. when you have a family and that too 2 kids...you really cannot take any steady decisions. I had something or the other coming up on my way...2018 was a highly highly challenging year for me and kept me too busy. Didnt have any time for myself. Wish I complete all my pending works this year. I understand some of my readers are very upset with me as I havent been regular with my posts. One thing I would like to assure is I came back after 5 years of leap and I do not intend to stop writting.  Now, I am finding means and  ways to be regular or atleast bank my future posts . Once again I am really very sorry. Confused

A VERY HAPPY SANKRANTHI / BHOGI/ PONGAL... (what ever you call it in your custom Embarrassed)...May this year brings best of the harvest seasons and WISING YOU ALL A WONDERFUL YEAR AHEAD.

Here goes part 15...I am continuing after almost 5 months of break. Pls dont mind if I missed on something or spelling, grammer and formating errors.


Geet: Ji..I have arranged all what you would need ...If at all, you need anything, you can call me on my Mobile. ..IF AT ALL! She stresses on the last three words and that really strikes him and pushes him further. Geet slowly turns and leaves from there and closes the door ...

Maan: Geet..

He calls out her name but it was late. And all what he could do is to give into the helpless situation.

Where as Geet again manages to find a lonely place for herself and cries her heart out

She cuddles in one corner of that lonely place.. takes her mobile out and even she has saved one of Maan's Picture in her mobile and talks to it caressing on the picture face very gently . This is the only communication she had with her better half and that too she does it when her mindset reaches an extreme level.

Geet: You cant stand me even for 2 mins? Hmm? Mujse itni nafrat karthe hain na Maan?

She wipes her tears and continues to talk.

Don't worry. It's a matter of 3 more weeks and I will make sure you never get to see me again..never..and .. (sob) and I know I have no right to have this pic of yours. I Promise I will delete it once this tough phase of yours passes.

Just then, there's an incoming call and she takes a long breath and relax herself before answering to it.

Geet: Hello

Prem: Hey Geet... how are you?

Geet: Hmm..fine

She was definitely not sounding good but still its high time when Prem has interacted with Geet and after having a talk with Maan this afternoon and knowing the fact that there was a special function that happened in the evening. He decided to call her to find out how is she feeling now and how his bro is behaving with her.

Geet: So, How are you? And howz Annie?

She wants to enquire about Annie's message to her this evening..but holds herself back.

Prem: All fine Geet. We both are busy with Exams and projects... By the way,  I never knew that you are in Hoshiarpur. Why you didn't call me and Annie before leaving?

Geet: You almost stopped calling me..she pauses for a while. I mean, there was hardly any interaction between us for the past one month. So, I assumed it doesn't matter to you.

Prem: It does matter to us Geet...how can you even think like that?

Geet: Woh.. Main.. excuse me for a sec...

Geet is really not able to have any control on her tears. She is really feeling emotionally low at this point of time... Maan's presence is just making her even more vulnerable and she has been having a tough time covering up her actual relationship status and pretending to be happy. She is left alone..all alone and she cannot disclose this as well.

Prem: GEET...what happened? Are you fine?

Geet had always put up a image of a brave girl but today, she is breaking down

Prem called her at a time where she needed someone whom she can talk to..

She really wishes to tell him that she too is a human and have a limit on her own self control and beyond a certain level she herself doesn't know what can happen...but she cannot voice it out. She has to yet seal all her emotions behind her thick skin.

On the other hand, her silence is really worrying Prem. Wondering what has happened? Did bro hurt her again?

Prem: Kya hua Geet..did bro ...

Geet instantly stops him when he starts asking about Maan and suddenly changes the topic and that's enough for Prem to prove that things hasn't settled down infact he is finding Geet to be more concealed within her own shell.

Geet: Woh.. I am really tired as it was a busy day.

She doesn't mention about the function that happened and no mention about Maan. Prem could sense there's no trace of excitement what so ever.

Geet: Hmm.. Now, Leave all this...How is it going with your studies? All set for the exams?

Prem: All going good. I had been too busy with exams and projects submissions. That's why I missed to call you. Sorry once again.

Geet: Please don't say that. I never intend to make you feel small. What matters to me is you called me and as usual, I am really glad to talk to you.

Prem: That's nice to hear Geet...that my call could be of some help. By the way, you didn't tell me howz your final year preparations going on?

Geet and Prem shared some talks for few minutes and bid bye to each other.

Once done with the call, she was feeling a bit light at heart now. She takes a long sigh  making her way to the terrace where Rajji, Nandini and Preeto have been waiting for her. Where as Prem's burden has increased. He is sensing no changes in Geet's mindset and really wondering if his bro has done anything productive for the day to make up to her or he has hurt her further?

Back to Maan:

From the time Geet passed by the door, he stood there staring at the exit for some time. He just couldn't stop her ..Why?

Her cold behavior..her moist eyes...she left me here in this room which is her room in her maternal home.

I feel she has drifted herself very far away from me?

He is trying to find an answer but in vein. His own harsh words are echoing in his ears he openly admitted to her that it's a forced relationship and she needs to stay away from him and he had communicated this in such a rude tone... A lone tear escapes his eyes without his own knowledge then how much she should have borne?

Why she didnt tell me to get out from her room like how I had been voicing it out to her?  WHY GEET?

I really wish I could go back to that moment and hug her back...I am prepared to take her anger but not this silence.

He despirately wants her by his side. He is even prepared to get slapped by her 100 times but this coldness...and she still puts him on priority without caring for herself... inspite of all what he has done to her...how could she? the remorse that its building is proving to be the worst punishment ever.

He recalled his Daadi's word. She must be living with this fear that I will hurt  her again. It seems to be true to some extent...but is it only fear?

What was it in her today? Is it only today or it has been like this for the last one year? I want to see the same chirpy girl whom I had seen almost a year ago. I have found her...but why do I feel I have lost her even after finding her? NO..NO... I will not allow this to happen. If not for me, I must find out what's going on within her.

Just then, Prem calls him as well..Just like Geet, even Maan needed someone with whom he can have an open talk and Prem is the right person.

Maan: Hello

Prem: Hello Bro..how are you?

Maan: Hmm

Prem could sense this silence filled sigh in his bro's voice.

Prem: How is it going in HP? Daadi had informed me about some function happening.  So, How did it go?

Maan: Hmm..yes..

Prem could sence his restlessness. At the same time he is more curious to know about what's currently happening between his bro and Geet.

Prem: What happened? Did you manage to speak with Geet?

Maan takes a sad sigh before answering "NO

P:Is she with you?

Maan could again manage to utter a "NO.

P: Now what is this bro? ...why you didn't talk to her?

M: Well..here it hasn't been easy since morning. This Handa Haveli is always crowded. And moreover, she had some classes and also this evening function was unexpected... He sighs..  I simply couldn't.

Prem is laughing within looking at his brother's plight...he recalls how Maan would react if he and Annie don't maintain discipline or if things goes wrong... Moreover, Prem truly feels sorry for Geet and all what she went thro for one year. Today, he wants to take full advantage of the situation.

P: Well I am not buying this reason at any cost...how could you not even find even few minutes to talk to her?

Maan remains quite for few seconds.

Maan could sense luck is no way favoring him today,...all what he has been telling his siblings is backfiring on him and one way its so true. He hadn't tried hard enough. But whenever he found some time, something or someone will barge in between them... and then function and then...huh...

Prem on the other hand is again trying to throw back his bro's words which he (Maan) often used to utter when Prem and Annie are being silent.


Maan: PREM!! He screms..

Prem: I know how you are feeling bro...today is my day...let me enjoy it

Prem, literally bullys him and laughs at him.

Maan expected Prem to feel sorry..but on contrary Prem is all smiling..and Maan screams at him angrily

M: PREM.. you are laughing at my plight? Here, I'm struggling to meet her and when I meet, my lips gets sealed. Wonder what is stopping me...and moreover, I literally don't know anything about her..

P: You've said it!! YES ..you don't know anything about her and that's the root cause to all your problems...above all, you have been assuming so many unwanted things about her.

Prem takes pause and continues..

P: I couldn't believe, you thought her to be an illiterate and you told this on her face? Huh..bro..you are really impossible. Atleast you should have asked about her with me, Annie or tried to find out with your own sources. And now tell me..How on earth you can think that Geet will give in so easily? Main yeh sochke paagal ho raha hoon ki Geet ne ab tak aap ki pitayi kyon nahin ki. (I am going mad wondering how come Geet has spared you by getting beaten up by her?)...

Maan is really getting furious now..not on Prem but on himself.. what made him talk like this to her without even thinking for once? And in return she just bore everything quietly. She did say that " You don't know anything about me...It was not out of anger but it came as a plead from her lips. He is ashamed that he knows literally nothing about his wife.  

P: Its understandable that you don't know anything about her till date...but atleast try to know about her from now onwards.

Prem pauses again. He knows his bro is a leader and when he talks no one dares to talk or argue where as today, he has been silently listening. Prem wants him to open up and he is trying to take logical steps to put some more sense into his elder brother.

P: Leave it bro...by the way, before calling you, I had called Geet.

Maan literally didn't know how to react on what he just heard from Prem...

M: what? Why you didn't tell me before?

P: Please chill... I knew you will react like this and also I wanted to know what is going on in your mind before mentioning this. And I am not too sure if you have been really trying enough to sort out things between you both.

M: Ofcourse I have been doing it...I have been interacting with her family, I was active part of this function..

P: But not with Geet right? Very Good!

Prem says it sarcastically and Maan didn't have a clear answer to this...even though he tried but YES, it wasn't enough.

M: I know you will not understand my plight and neither I am able to justify it. By the way, Did she talk to you? What did she say?

P: Again, we were talking like how we have been talking in this one year...without any mention about you...I tried to involve "You and she instantly changed topic...  But the only change is I found her to have drifted into even tougher shell...I mean, she is not opening up to me like she did before.

Maan: Damn!

For Maan, it was a real blow that he was no where in the picture when Geet happen to talk to Prem but over and above that he is deeply concerned about her aloofness.. atleast she used to open up with Prem and Annie and now, that too is slowly deteriorating.

M: I am sincerely willing to apologize and prepared to take any reaction from her. But its simply not happening..

P: Bro, Remember what we discussed this morning? You just cannot ask for any apologies and expect her to forgive and forget everything in just one single day. It's a way too sensitive issue than you think it to be. With all what has happened to her in the past one year, and more specifically past one month when you were in London... her life wasn't easy. She would have drifted herself apart from this relationship purely based on your verdict and you cannot expect her to change herself in one day and happily forget everything and give in to you. Things will not shape up within this short phase. She definitely needs her time now and in that time, you have to take your full efforts.

M: I had answered in the afternoon itself.. I equally understand what ever you are saying. Now, Prem, I really need your support on this. As you know, Me and Geet are bound in this relationship but we are worst than strangers.

P: There has never been a "WE in this relationship. Its only Geet who has been there and you were never with her... And she getting into this relationship, she valued all the relationships that got attached to it. But YOU deliberately failed in it and SHE had to bare for that failure as well.

Its so very true. Even Prem being younger to Maan, he understands the true value of this relationship which not only bonds a husband and wife but it builds and strengthens its connection with other family members which he completely failed to understand.  Maan realizes what damage has been done and it will take hell lot of efforts before even starting to make up to Geet.

M: Will she ever forgive me?

Prem could sense his elder brother is really willing to make up for all what has happened but alas, the damage that has been done is done and it's highly challenging to mend things.

P: She will bro...but please ... you need to do your ground work from scratch and to seal and coat all the damages that you have done... and most importantly, don't make things worst. You need to have a control on your temperament

M: I promise you that I will...

P: I don't need your promise...its Geet who needs it before she even starts to feel comfortable with you around her.

There's a complete silence...

P: And if you really manage to win over her heart and soul, you will know about her without my guidance. So..make a start to know about her right away.

M: Hmm...I will

P: And next time when we happen to talk, I don't want any silly excuses.

Maan smiles at Prem's audacity

P: Bye

M: Bye

He turns and walks back..and stands in front of the dressing table..where he just smiles thinking about the moment he entered in last time and Geet was getting ready to leave for the event. Her cheeks were glowing with the effect of pink colour dress she was wearing...He was so much longing to cup them with his palms and take her into his embrace promising to never let go of her henceforth but it doesn't seem to be as easy as he thought it to be. Just then, he got to see the Kundan Necklace which was kept in the side table with a postit note saying "THANK YOU.

He takes a long sigh...These jewels belongs to her and she is returning to me with thanks note?  He takes that note and gently kisses it..as if that's a first love note for him...he is really going mad with silly thoughts.

All these years, he has lived all alone in his own world but today, he truly feels lonely.  He wanted to be with her..Kneel down, hold her hands and ask for apologies for all what he has done to her. But he hasn't yet got a chance. Like Prem said, Telling a mere sorry is just not enough...he needs to know more about her...but how and where to start? He just sits down in the rocking chair and all lost looking at the ceiling .

Over there in the terrace, jute netted beds have been arranged neatly (Its known as CHAR PAI in hindi don't know what you call it in English). Geet makes a slow entry and finds Rajji, Nandini and Preetho are already settled down and they all are playing with Tej-Simran's son Pappu who is mere one and half years old.

The moment Nandini and Rajji got to see Geet..They run to her and hug her and take her to the beds that has been arranged neatly in the terrace.

Geet composes herself and as usual she has masked all what she is going thro behind her smiling face.

N: Welcome Di...Why you got so late?

Preetho: Arre, Jijaji ne roka hoga... and she winks at Nandini and both laugh out loud.

N: Challo...Geet Di  is here but Simran Bhabhi came and left...leaving her pappu (Simran-Tej's son) here. Wonder when she will come back?

G: What happened to Simran Bhabhi? Why she went back?

Preetho: Woh yahan kuch der ruki thi...fir tej bhai ka bhulava aagaya. (She was here for some time and then Tej bhai called for her)

Geet: Oh...may be he had some important work that's why he called out for Simran Bhabhi.

Preetho and Nandini look at each other and giggle. Rajji and Geet look at each other and wondering what Preetho and Nandini are upto.

Preetho: Geet Di...Aap bhi na? Ab raat ke is waqt main kya kaam ho saktha hain Tej bhaiya ko apne simram Bhabhi se?

Ab dhekhna...aap ke un ka bhi bhulava aa jayega. Aaur aap bhi kisak jaayengi yahan se... (Now you see, you will also get a call from your hubby and you will also escape from here)

Geet just couldn't help but giving into their talks by listening quietly. "Maan and would come for me? She smiles sadly...he cant stand me for  even for 2 mins.

Geet diverts her attention by carrying Pappu in her hand and starts playing with him..and at the same time, Rajji, hands over a carry bag.

Geet: Yeh kya Rajji?

Geet peeps into the carry bag and takes out the things...it's a incomplete crochet handbag with the strings of yarn and a crochet needle still attached to it.  Geet had started making this just few days before her wedding she had almost done with it. Only the handles needs to be done. she couldn't complete it for obvious reasons. Geet looks at it with a blankness written all over her face.

Rajji: Di...please complete this na...I have been waiting for this handbag for the last one year..

Geet: Woh tho tik hain rajji..but it gets difficult to do crochet during night time... and moreover, I have to trace the handle pattern that goes with this design.. I have saved some copy of the pattern in my laptop. Will do it tomorrow.

R: Di.. From the time you are here, you are busy with your studies and moreover, Jiju is here now, so, you will never get time during day time...I know you have a good speed with crochet and this night is the only time limit... Moreover, you just have to finish with the handles that's it. so, please complete it na..

Geet: But..

Rajji rushes to switch on the extra lights that would help Geet to do her crochet and she leaves from terrace ...

R: di..wait for me till I get your laptop..

G: Rajji...please listen to me.

Rajji didnt even care enough to listen to Geet's pleads. She simply zoomed towards Geet's room  to get Geet's laptop

N: Di...she was really waiting for you to come to HP and you can complete this hand bag...she was keeping quite for this long as she wanted to give you enough time to settle down.

Geet: I understand dear

Geet sighs.. and checks on the bag and trying to recollect how to complete it.

G: I must check that pattern again. But Don't want Rajji to disturb Maan now.

Preetho: Arre don't worry...Jiju would be awake only...

Geet looks at her questioningly..

Preetho: How do you expect him to have a peaceful sleep without you around.

Geet hits her head with her palm...literally giving up. The more she is diverting herself from these kind of talks, she is pulled into it again and again.

Nandini Giggles..Haan Preetho..I mean, Preetho Bhabhi..you should have seen Jiju's face when he was informed about this get together in terrace and Geet will be joining us. Bechare Jiju ne pata nahin kya kya plan kar rakha hoga. I am sure when me and Rajji left from there, he would have pleaded Geet di to stay back and see..even she was late to reach here. And wonder what will happen when Geet will go back to her room now.

Preetho: I am sure our Jiju will eat her alive.

Preetho and Nandini take hi fy and laugh out loud. All Geet does is sadly smiles at their silly imaginations...deep within her she is craving for all Nandini and Preetho says happens to be true but alas only her babaji knows the actual value of their relationship.. she again tries to give her full concentration in planning completion of this crochet handbag...but her ears cannot help hearing sharply...afterall the talks are all about her and Maan being together atleast in form of imaginations.

Preetho: Haan haan patha hain...Suna hain hall main, sab ke saamne badi pappiyan jappiyan ho rahi thi tho bandh kamre main kya kya karenge yeh dono?

(Yeah.. I know..I heard what all happened in the hall.. lot of hugging and kissing and that too in front of people around...then what would these two do when let are alone?)

Now, Nandini Pokes Preetho and signals her to keep quite. Nandini is still feeling bad for all what had happened in the hall and Preetho doesn't even know the actual reason behind it.

AND ...that's it...Geet cannot tolerate it any more.

Will you both stop talking all these nonsense? Are we here to only talk these things? Why cant we spend this night like we used to spend a year ago?

Nandini understood that Geet is upset...she tries to console Geet...Preetho also is  made to feel small with what Geet just said and she holds Geet's hand..

Preetho: Di..hum sirf mazak mazak main...

Geet: But this isn't funny Preetho

Nandini and Preetho get into a deep silence now while Geet continues..

Preetho, Its understandable that I am a married woman now, but somewhere within me, I have that old GEET alive who was once upon a time standing free on this earth and absolutely no barriers between her and the sky... and that's why I am here to refresh our good old memories.

Nandini: Di..I am really sorry. Didnt mean to hurt you.

By the way, we need to discuss on topics which Rajji can also be involved...she is just 14 and what effect she will have when you talk in front of her like this? Now, I am happy that she was away in the right time.

Back to Maan...

Maan is still seated in the rocking chair glaring at the blank ceiling thinking about all what happened today. He didn't liked when Geet left him alone in this room... in one day, he is feeling this low, then how she would have felt all these days? What shall I do? he just discussed with Prem and how to progress further? Just then, there's a knock on the door and he moves to open the door to find Rajji standing over there.

Rajji: Jiju...Mujhe Di ki laptop chahiye..

Maan wonders where Geet keeps it. While Rajji walks in...

Rajji straight away gets inside the room and opens the cupboard to find the blue laptop bag in the lower shelf. While Maan finds the bag to be familiar, he takes the bag from Rajji and opens it to confirm it. YES it was Annie's laptop which Annie would have used barely for six months and she dropped it by mistake and the plastic case that covers the laptop monitor broke on the left side...Even though it was still in a good working condition, Annie was adamant to get the latest I-Pad that was upto date with latest features and she had left this laptop in her study table in her room.

Back to present, He checks the left side of the monitor..it clearly shows that it has been repaired.

Maan ST: So, she has been using Annie's old laptop... If she would have told me, I would have got her a new one. Just then the ultimate truth strike him..., when did I ever allow her to speak?

He is lost in his past world when Rajji calls for him.

Rajji: Jiju...

Maan: Hun

Rajji: Thank you...now, di will be able to complete my bag ...YEAH!!!

Rajji is all excited and Maan is wondering with what she just blabbered.

Maan: Kya?

Rajji hits her own head thinking what she just said.

Rajji: Woh .. kuch nahin... thank you so much

Rajji leaves from there carrying the lappy bag with her. Maan is really wondering. Like this laptop, there must be hundreds of tiny miny things that he needs to know about Geet but how?  He was about to close Geet's Cupboard that's when he got drawn to the contents of the cupboard. As if its a small world behind those doors. It had her dresses neatly folded and displayed in hangers. ..he gently touches with his palm ... "Are these the only ones she had? wonder why he feels she had limited collections of them. Then he moves to the next cabin...it had various prizes, shields and certificates of appreciation and achievements that she had won.. Quiz, debates, creative writing. He was checking on each and every academic achievements and feeling so proud about his wife.

One thing that drawn his attention was given a special honour shield the certificate attached to it read "IT'S A HONOUR TO AWARD MS GEET HANDA FOR SIMPLE TRANSLATIONS GIVEN TO SHAKESPEAR'S PLAY JULIUS CAESAR FROM SHAKESPEAREAN ENGLISH TO SIMPLE ENGLISH, HINDI AND PUNJABI. HELPING THE STUDENTS TO UNDERSTAND THE PLAY IN DIFFERENT LANGUAGES He just checked the first page of the English version and it was really interesting and creative writing ...Again, his smile fades thinking about the loss  in missing her final year of her college days where in she missed so many opportunities in expressing her creative side, and she had to compromise for the sake of this sudden wedding and she never ever raised her voice against this where as he was fuming in fire of hatred against her and her family and his mind filled with assumption of her to be an uneducated country brute.  His head dipped in shame...knowing just this much about her and still a very long long way to go. He sighs and keeps those three books back on its respective place aiming to read them one by one.

The other shelf had some photo albums...His eyes fell on a huge album which was titled "SWEET MEMORIES .. Then till now..He opens it to see it. It had all collections of photos...the very first photo where young Ranoma is carrying a New born baby. Ofcourse it seems to be Geet...A cute smile touches his lips.

My princess just born!

there's another one...where she is approx. 6-8 months old and both Rano and Mohider hold her together...a Pic of  her first day to school.. and another cute pic where she is approximately 6 years old and a baby is resting in her lap..

Hmm...must be Rajji.. Like this there were many more where she is with her family and friends...and so on primarily arranged age wise He caresses each and every image of hers to feel the nostalgia of different phases of her life right from her infant stage passing thro her childhood, teenage and adultood.. some clicked with her school and college friends..and some clicked during accademic events... and then his smile slowly vanishes seeing emptiness in the album...i.e no recent pictures or say this album is in a "Stand still for the last one year and he really feels edgy about it.

He keeps the album in its place. And he moves to another shelf where she has some childhood collections of dolls and tiny miny things. He moves few things to get a better glance of the things stored..and just then, something fell in his feet. He slowly takes it in his hand. It's a neatly gift wrapped item..he could feel there's some kind of cloth or fabric that's neatly folded in a rectangular form and Gift wrapped  

Maan ST: Has someone gifted this to Geet? Why this Gift is not opened yet?

He is more curious to know about it..he checks the Label card attached to it and it confuses him even more...There are few lines written and then scratched but he is still able to read it... first line is written and scratched... "To My dear the second line, its written, "For my close friend and its again scratched... and then, its written, "To my dearest...and again "My dearest is scratched out...then, "To My"...again that has been scratched off...and  Finally, its zeroed on  "TO"... without any scratching on it but left blank for whom its addressed to.

Wonder what is this gift all about? And why so many scribbling on the label and why she hasn't opened it yet?

He is so curious to open it but withheld himself to do so...

Again some strange restlessness builds in him. He checks the time and the night seems to be long and this room has already started to consume him with its loneliness. He desperately wants her presence by his side and moves out of his room finding his way to the staircase that takes him to terrace and he is there...his racing heart calms down from the moment he gets a clear view of his sweet angel...

To be continued below...will be doing it later today.

Meantime, please tell me how you liked it so far.

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Edited by Vaidhumom - 3 years ago
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Thank you for all your likes and lovely comments for PART 15. HugHere goes PART 16...

Sorry my dearies...this communication gap between Maaneet will not get nullified that easily. It will take time...but YES...they will become one and no one can seperate them at that time...but before that, please bare with me and the story...there are lots and lots of things to realise, regret and clear...during this process...and I will ensure to make it happen. Embarrassed



Again some strange restlessness builds in him. He checks the time and the night seems to be long and this room has already started to consume him with its loneliness. He desperately wants her presence by his side and moves out of his room finding his way to the staircase that takes him to terrace and he is there...his racing heart calms down from the moment he gets a clear view of his sweet angel...

He finds her with these girls surrounding her and she is busy chitchatting. Her hands seem to be busy weaving something with a crotiet needle in the right hand and holding on to the yarn on the left hand and she's seriously following some pattern in the laptop that's kept in front of her. It was such a delightful sight indeed.

Geet is so curious to ask Rajji about about Maan but unable to as again this will give a key to all those naughty and erotic discussions among the girls around and she no way wants it. Especially when Rajji is back. But she is all the time thinking about him only... She knows that he wouldn't be comfortable in that small room in comparison with that biig room of his in KM.

On the other side, Pappu was peacefully sleeping in one of the bed. Nandini, Rajji and Preetho were surrounding Geet and all pushing each other..to gather some information about Geet...Especially Nandini and Preetho are curious and scared at the same time as they just got good lessons from Geet sometime back.

Geet: Kya khusar pusar ho rahi hain app theenon main? (What secretive talks you 3 are having?)

Nandini: Woh Di... you are not sharing much about your married life...

Geet gives a questioning look to them whilst continuing with her weaving and Nandini and Preetho gets scared that they should not get blasted again by Geet...

Nandini: Di..Di...dont get angry now...we just have genral questions..

Geet: Arre...why should I get angry unnecessarily? Poocho jo poochna chahthi ho.

This time Rajji asks her...

Rajji: Di..Ma was telling me that you are living in a Big house in Delhi...how big is it? You have many rooms?

Geet just doesnt like to boast about it at the same time she has to maintain the excitement among the girls surrounding her.

Geet: H...haan.. its very big...with many rooms and each room is vast in size. I was getting lost within it during my early married life you see.

Rajji: Wow...you must be having a fun filled life. She is really excited. And what about the Garden and louan? It must also be huge na and lots of flowers? And And..How many cars do they have?...

Rajji was all excited and going on non stop with her questioning. Geet could understand her plight..Rajji is a girl who believes more in fairy tales still and in that context, she is shooting all these questions. Geet sighs seeing her in dreamland..but one day, even she will have to have to face the realities of life.

G: Haan batcha...there were many cars and a huge garden...but what excites me more is the LOVE and RESPECT that I have got from that place.

Maan on the other hand smiles sadly...LOVE & RESPECT? When did I ever give it to her? He is completely unknown to the fact that he has invited himself to get into an emotional ride and its just a beginning.

R: Aur Di..

G: Ab bas karo batcha...You are the one who wants me to complete this bag and now you are shooting too many questions at a time and distracting me. Now tell me...you want your bag or not?

Rajji she gives a disappointed grin and turns away..and Geet hugs her lovingly.

G: Meri gudiya looks even more prettier when she gets angry..

Geet, Nandini and Preetho giggle at Rajji..she will never stop if she is not put to stop this way.

On the other side... A smile touches his lips with the way Geet deals with her siblings..Atleast something common between him and Geet.

N: Di..I do agree...you have got a loving family...especially jiju...he is in Madly in love with you.

Geet again fakes a smile which of course is mistaken as a blush by Nandini..she thinks about all these days when she had to hide to get one glimpse of him in the morning and evenings...

G: Haan..Nandini..He loves me so much...and my daily life begins with him and ends with him...

Nandini-Preetho and Rajji voice it out together... HAAAYYEEE. While Maan is getting to hear the ultimate lie from her. He was assuming that he was in love with his Pari..his Geet...but his love is too small in front of the love that she possess for him...she is the one who was madly in love with him but was never allowed to express it. Wondering what more she needs to cover up.

Nandini: DI...Aap ne bataya nahin ki aap aur jiju honeymoon keliye kahan gaye the?

Maan was wonderding what will come out of Geet. Forget about Honeymoon, there has been absolutely NOTHING between them in the past one year and HE is responsible for it.  Geet stops her crotiet work wondering what to answer...She looks up so cutely for a brief sec and conflicts with her babaji..

Geet ST: Hey babaji kya kahoon apne is paagal behnon se? Ke HONEY Ek kamre main aur MOON doosre kamre main.  ( Now what shall I tell my crazy sisters? Honey was in one room and Moon in the other? ) What to tell now? at times she has to speak the truth.

It's a state of tension for both in their respective places but still he is admiring her tensed face. She is really looking so cute with a mix of confusion and blush listening to the word Honeymoon. he was pushed out of his world with Geet's answer.

Geet: Woh we didn't go any where yet.

All 3 look at each other and shout with disappointment..KYA?

Geet: I mean, we just couldn't

She couldnt complete her sentence as she didnt know what to say further.

Nandini: Di, we were so eagerly waiting to hear your romantic honeymoon story so that I can get some tips for the honeymoon that me and Rahul have planned after our wedding. You have disappointed me.

Nandini makes an angry baby face and Geet was about to console her.

Preetho was feeling so jealous with Geet & Maan in comparison with herself and Lucky and tried to grab this opportunity to prove that her's and Lucky's pair stands far best.

Preetho: Arre Nandini, Itni si baat? You should have asked me na? You see... Lucky took me 4 days to Rishikesh immediately after our wedding happened...Haaye...Mere Lucky kitne advanced hain..

Geet's face becomes small and Nadini gives a stern look at Preetho...

Nandini: Oye Preetho...I mean, Preetho B-H-A-B-H-I...it was a travel to a holy place and  not only Lucky but his entire family was with you people..HAH...must say you both are really advanced as yo both are already done with what couple do in old age. And by the way, no body here wants to get that advanced you see.

Preetho frawns at Nandini and Nandini and Rajji giggle out loud...But Geet is lost in her own world whilst weaving

Nandini: Ab batayiye na di...Kya hua? Why Jiju didnt take you to honeymoon?

Geet: its not his mistake..its just that..

She pauses and preparing herself for another lie. While Maan is once again taken back not only with her casual behavior, he could also sense how sensitive she gets if some one talks against her husband.

Geet: woh our wedding happened all of sudden followed by Daadi's death.  I took some time to settle down and from his side, there were lot of commitments towards business and family... Also, now, I am busy with my exams. that's why we both gave some time for things to settle down and then he has promised to take me for a long honeymoon.

On the other side, Maan smiles at her  level of understanding and he accepts her promise with a smile...YES..A VERY LONG HONEYMOON. ITS MY PROMISE GEET.

Least did he know how these girlish talks going to shape up and progress further.

Nandini: Oh that's so sweet of Jiju. Infact, now, I am feeling even more proud about the relationship that you both share. And I am sure he must be seriously planning honeymoon once you finish with your exams.

GEET ST: Now, how many more things that I need to cover up? Anyways, Life after 3 weeks is going to be a never ending honeymoon for both of us...YES, a honeymoon where I am ALL ALONE and He will live his entire life  with his PARI.

She is lost in her own sarcastic thoughts really wondering whether to laugh or cry on her own plight and she lost her terrance with the shoot of other questions

Nandini: Challo your honeymoon is pending but what about touring you in and around Delhi and places like Agra, Qutub minar? This used to be your childhood dream right?

Maan continues to quitely listen to them..Every passing second is putting him into a new shame. He couldnt even fulfill such small wishes of hers. He has been observing Geet's reactions. She is not showing any signs of disappointment. Infact, she is so casually weaving and talking at the same time.

G: H..aan..Haan...he toured me to many places in and around Delhi.

Rajji opens up her question box again..

R: Really Di? So which all places did you visit?

Geet just fakes  a smile and continues

G: There are too many  and if I start, I will go on and on thro out the night until morning describing about these places.

Geet fakes a smile again and tries to concentrate on the crochiet she has been doing so that her teary eyes are not visible to her cousins. Maan listening to her talks now is fisting his hand and closed his eyes tight. He has learnt from Daadima that Geet has never been to any other place apart from that temple and few common places where she has accompanied Daadima. And here Geet is lying to her cousins just to safeguard HIS image of being ideal husband.

N: Must admit...jiju is madly in love with you. But one thing that I really couldnt understand..

G: Hmm

N: Jiju London gaye the na? Why didnt he take you along?

She really gets cold thinking back all what happened during that One month. He didnt even bother to tell her a good bye before leaving on that last trip. When she learnt from Shantima that he is about get into his car, she ran towards the main entrance to get one last glimpse of him atleast say bye to him. She still recalls that he bid bye to everyone and even dogs safeguarding the KM got a pampering good bye from him before he got into his car and he had zoomed off without even looking back at a soul who just took her right hand above to wave BYE at him but alas, she was once again ignored and time and again he proved that she means nothing to him...simply NOTHING. She recalls how he was pleading her in the outhouse in the previous night not to go and he left her all alone?  next minute she ran to the outhouse where he was made to lie down She could still feel his fragrance around. She closes her eyes and touches the bed with her palm as if trying to feel him...She remembered last night's events...First ever time he grabbed her hand with such a force as if he never wanted to let her go.. and she got to look deep into his eyes which were speaking such high volume of love...Even in the drunken state he was pouring his heart out thinking her to be his Love. "Even though he meant those feelings and words for someone else, I got to feel his love for some time..I will live with those beautiful moments." The following one month was the worst phase. But She got some peace in that Outhouse room. Whenever she would get to miss him during that one month phase, she would move to outhouse to calm her racing heart remembering those short and sweet moments.

Geet gets back to her present with Nandini's questioning:

N: What happened di? Why he didnt take you? Aap ki honeymoon bhi ho jaatha aur aap dono ke birthdays bhi celebrate ho jaathe.  (It would have been two in one treat including your honeymoon and Birthday celebrations)

Maan on the other side is literally taken back with one more fact..


N: I have heard that those couples are lucky who's birthdays fall on same week. And you both are really the lucky one...

G: Hmm..Our Birthdays fall on next to next days...First his and the next day is mine..

Geet remembers that day..She knew that he would never call and wish on her Birthday and she didnt want to keep any useless hopes. As per him SHE should have not born or even existed in this world. He hates her mere presence so much and she close her eyes and sighs.. But His Birthday was much more important for her now...he is her better half...she really wish he was here in KM and she would have done something special. But Alas, he was in London..and all she could do is do some special pooja in that Ganesh Temple for him and just wished to tell him these two words "HAPPY BIRTHDAY for once...that's all she was craving for.  but again, it didnt happen.

M ST: What? Our Birthdays are so very close...a smile touches his lips but he is once again disappointed that he couldnt do anything special and Again, Its ME and ME the sole reason behind it.

He is blinking and  and trying to go back to that day when he was in London, Daadi, Anni and Prem Calling him and wishing him on his Birthday..When Daadi called and wished him she was about to tell something about Geet and he conveniently cut it off... "Was she trying to inform me about Geet's Birthday that was falling on the very next day? Damn!!

A brief Flashback... (When Maan was in London)...

Daadi: Happy Birthday beta..

Maan: Thank you Daadi.

Daadi: Jeethe Raho Beta...So, how are you? How is it going in London Office?

Maan: Hmm...getting too busy. The work load is too high. Have been meeting the clients and venors here and have been sitting down with Projects and Operations managers on a regular basis in order to re-organise the flow of work here.

Daadi: That's really good work beta.. And really wish all your wishes comes true.

Maan thinks about his only wish...to meet his PARI and something tells him that his Pari will be with him very soon... He is again lost in that day when he met her first in his farm house...and his thoughts gets Disturbed when Daadi takes Geet's name.

Daadi: Woh beta...ek aur baat kehni thi aap se...woh GEET..

Maan again was thrown out of his world by listening that Ganwar's name...He assumed that Daadi was about to give the call to Geet and he was least interested to spoil his imaginations which are the only thing connecting him with his PARI. At the same time, he has to maintain a calm posture when he is talking to his Daadi.

Maan: I have an urgent meeting in 5 mins and I am arranging some important reports...shall we talk later?

Daadi: Par beta, Geet ka kal..

Maan: Can I call you later Daadi?

Daadi just couldnt utter anything further apart from HMM..and she kept the phone.

Daadi turned to look back at Geet...She feels really low as once again Geet had a small wish and it couldnt be fulfilled. All Geet wanted is to just wish Maan on his Birthday and Maan again neglected by hearing Geet's name but what could she tell Geet? Moreover tomorrow is Geet's Birthday and Daadi wanted him to atleast call her and wish her...she takes a sad sigh thinking about Maan...how he is making simple things complicated. She is really worried where will these incidences lead to. She slowly turns to look at Geet with a smile to control her insecurities.

Daadi: Woh beta, he too wanted to talk to you..she gulps...But woh kya hain na, he is getting into urgent meeting and will be busy for rest of the day. So..

Geet could understand all what would have happened. Its just one more simple wish of hers which got crushed.

Geet: Arre...its ok Daadi...I can understand. Woh London eise thodi na gaye hain? He must be really very busy and lots of things to do. Even he must be missing to be with you on his birthday.

Daadi looks at her questioningly..and Geet corrects herself in a diplomatic way.

G: I mean, he must be missing all of us on this special occation  ...Hain na?

Geet tells this with all smiles..Daadi pats on Geet's cheeks  lovingly. She feels really low for not able to fulfil even these small wishes of hers.

On the other side, Maan was again fuming within listening to Geet's name. "Yeh Daadi bhi na...why she took the name of that ganwar? Mera saara mood kharab karke rakhdiya. HUH.. He takes a anger filled sigh and continues with his work.


Back to present...At the terrace...

Maan has still not come to terms...while he is still not aware of what Daadi wanted to tell him but he remembers what was his mindset at that time. He was cursing Geet for  once again disturbing his imaginations with his Pari...He had so much of hateredness filled in his heart for her... And today, he came to know his Geet is his Pari.. and so many incidences are opening up in front of him. Why god has spared him? Why his Pari is getting punished for his wrong deeds?

He looks at Geet with a sad note. He remembers what prem said, she has been left all alone to give answers for such questions where both husband and wife are answerable. And even to this very minute she is alone and he is not able to join her.

On the other side, She didnt expect these question to come. She really not able to decide that how and where to start and end the answers. That London trip phase was something that screened her actual place in Maan's life. Those moments right from the day before he left for his trip where in guest house he took Pari's name followed by his trip to london the next day, then their birthdays and then That Annie's chapters and the moment he came back and the same moment she had to leave and couldnt even bid a good bye to him...Even if she tries to forget,,,these memories somehow or the other confronts her again and again. Seems she is not permitted to come out of those bitter memories.

Nandini repeats her question..

N: Batayiye na Di..why did he leave you all alone? Why he didnt take you?


Nandini, Rajji and Preetho were looking back at her with all confusions where as Maan on the side who made a fist of his hand banged straight on the pillar with full force behind which he was hiding. He is not able to take those lies which is boasting his own image in comparison to all what he has done to her.

G: You see, that was a crutial business trip and I was preparing for my exams.  Moreover, Daadima was all alone here some one had to be with her na?

N: Oh..Ab samji. (I can understand now). But I am still not able to digest the fact that how you both were living with that seperation?  Wasnt it difficult for you both?

Geet is really finding it difficult to confront these questions all alone. Yes, she was all alone but how can she say it? Only she knows what kind of a painful phase it was. She use to get one glimpse of him during morning and evening hours and that piece of happiness was also snatched away from her during this phase.  Each and every second of that one month was a slow poison that was slowly killing her. and the day he came back, his harsh words almost stabbed her to death. But her lips are now so used to tell only lies.

G: It was a very challenging as we never stayed away from each other... She smiles...He didnt want to leave me alone and go. He had cocooned me in his arms for hours before leaving for his London trip.

Nandini, Preetho and Rajji are listening to her silently. Geet takes a pause and continues..

G:  That phase was very difficult on both of us. (Geet ST... "Not him but only for me). We really missed eachothers presence as it was our first birthdays after our wedding but what to do? We had our own commitments. But on our birhthdays, we spoke for  hours and hours over the phone. Eventhough we were missing each other's presence but I was talking soo soo much na...Finally, he started pleading me...AB BAS BHI KAR MERI MA...And I was not leaving him that easily and he was pleading continuously

All three girls surrounding her started laughing out loud. Only two souls in the terrace were quite without any expression as they knew what is the ultimate truth. Maan really wishes to hear Geet talk to him non-stop day and night...but it seems to be near impossible now.

G: The day he came back, we got into such an emotional hug...

Geet is lost in that day..yes an emotional hug from her side which is a life long regret for her but she continues to fake in front of Nandini, Preetho and Rajji. On the other end...Maan too remembers that very moment when he was in the gym and how he had reacted when she had hugged him for the very first time...and here, she has a different story to tell..

G: and at that time he was again pleading me not to go..but then, life was preparing us for another seperation... He had further commitments with regard to business and current projects he is handling..and me, I had to be here and prepare for my exams.

N: Di...even in this separation, you were never alone. You both were present in each other's heart.

Heart? Does he really have one? She thinks and smiles with a teary eyes...This time she couldnt hide her tears flowing down her cheeks and all of them were trying to hold and console her.

On the other side, Maan's eyes burns seeing her crying in silence. Like Mohinder had told him, Geet has to hide her emotions many a times as her siblings get inspired by her...but she is holding herself to this extent?

N: Di..Dhekhiye na, Jiju yahan aagaye aap ke peeche peeche..Ab woh aap ko kabhi akele nahin chodenge. I will pray babaji that he should not test you with such painful seperations anymore.

Geet flutters her lashes to control tears further. she knows the harsh reality of her life. Her husband cannot even stand her for a single second. Its her babaji's wish that she has to live all alone for the rest of her life and she is preparing her mind and soul to live with this fate.  Nandini assumes that she has tears thinking about the separation phase that she had to face. While Rajji is still too young to assume any thing...

R: Di...why are you crying?

Geet quickly wipes her tears as Rajji is too sensitive.

G: Nothing Rajji...its just tears of joy..I mean, you get them when you are so truly happy in your life.

Each and every word is just striking Maan with million of arrows. The reality is he had given her only tears and pain.

Rajji: Geet Di...Today I have decided that I will not get married

Geet-Rajji and Nandini look at each other and then they are curious to know why?

Geet: Kyon Bacha?

Rajji: Dhekiye na...shaadi ke baad jab aap dhukhi hain tab rothe ho, aur jab khush hothe ho tab bhi rothe ho..Hmm..

Geet smiles listening to Rajji's kiddish cribbings now.

Geet: Eisa nahin hian bacha..Shadhi tho..

and she stops and gulps as she doesn't know what to comment further as she has been living a dummy married life. Where as on the other end, his heart stopped when she stopped with "Shadhi Tho". How clear was it that she doesn't have any answer for this even lies.

G: Chaddo (Leave it) you are too young to think about all this. Concentrate in studies and other aspects of life.

R: Di..what ever may be, but I cannot see you crying like this. Wish you get all happiness of life.

Geet is really moved with Rajji's concern...and she hugs her...

G: Believe me...I am very very happy...hmm

Some more time passes by...Maan has not taken his eyes out of her and his ears are all the time glued to all what she has been talking. She is almost done with the handbag...just one more line of weaving left.

Nandini: Di..you are weaving so fast...It reminds me of our grandma..

Rajji: Haan Nandini Di..didnt I tell you? Geet di has a good speed just like our grandma. She used to be so creative with her crotiet and knitting and Geet di has inherited this art from her.

Geet: It all comes with continuous practice. Why you people didn't learn all this?

Nandini: C'mon di...we are not grandmothers to do all this.

Geet smiles at their thoughts which is an age old myth that crochet, knitting, stitching are done only by grandmothers whilst doing with her work on her handbag.

Geet: Haan...I agree with you. That's why I am practising now so that when I get into my old age, I have something productive to do.

Preetho: Di, you were spending time on all these even at your inlaws place?

Geet recalls, she used to spend max time on her studies and crotieting, knitting and stitching as these helped her to keep her mind busy. Even now she is trying to divert all her attention into this weaving what she is doing.

Geet: Hmm..

Rajji: And where you would get the wool, yarn and all required materials?

Geet: Oh I have a huge pile of them..

Geet tells this with all smile and excitement remembering how daadi handed over a very huge basket that had wool, yarn and crotiet and knitting needles and not to miss the sewing machine.

N: Oh..so you managed to purchase these things?

G: No...It waas already there. It belonged to Maan's mom who also had similar hobbies and she had a huge collections of yarn and related stuff.

Geet had a spark in her face..but her smile fades when the realization strikes her that she will never ever get to access that basket and that sewing machine again. How can she claim her happiness that she used to find in these tiny miny things of KM when her husband clearly considers this relationship as a forced one.

Nandini: Wah..aap ke saasuma agar zinda hothi tho aap donon ka bohuth acha bantha na? (Wow...if your Mother-in-law was still alive, then you would have got very well along with her right?)

G: Hmm.. so true..wonder why but I would feel Maa's (Maan's Mom) presence close to me or say sitting next to me whenever I am doing something out of her things. Also, she had so many works that were left incomplete.

N: Oh you mean, she had weaved half way thro and its incomplete since the time of her death.

G: Haan..I managed to complete some of them. She was half way thro of a shawl that she was crocheting for Maan's Daadima and I completed it and gave it to Daadi. She was so very happy.

N: Oh that's interesting. And what else did you complete?

Geet takes a sigh...

G:  Maa had just started making something for Maan. And absolutely no idea what it was as it was only about few inches long. No body knew what she was making ...even Daadi didnt know what was it and she had 5 huge rolls of wool for that project.

N: oh..then what happened?

G: I removed the entire stuff and started from the beginning and transformed it into a nice mens scarf.

N: Oh wow di...jiju would have loved it. What was his reaction when you gave it to him?

G: No..Its still with me. I have neatly gift wrapped it. Wanted to give him as a birthday gift.

N: Arre di..Aap bhi na? Why you havent given it to him yet?

G: I dont know..I have been missing on it somehow or the other. Also, I am not sure if he would like it.

Geet is again lost in her bitter memories...she had made this scarf for him but always wondering if he will ever accept anything from her...SHE whom he hates..The most hated person in his life.

While on the other end..Maan who has been listening to Geet's conversations with her cousins got rooted to where he has been standing. His Geet, his pari has made something special for him. Just then he recalls seeing that gift wrapped pack. He didnt know what to do at that moment and he zooms back to his room, i.e Geet's room and opens her cupboard restlessly. He takes that gift in hand...and reads that lable again and could clearly understand why she scratched it again and again as she didnt know how to adress him. He gently opens the gift wrap and finds a lovely wafle design men's shawl. His Geet made it for him.. what else he can ask for in his life. Its something his mom left it incomplete and he never knew about it and  Geet transformed it into a nice scarf. He hugs it close to his heart. He is already moved with Geet's innocent talks with her cousin showcasing her husband to be the best and on top of that this gift... He is not able to calm himself now. He sits down, kisses that scarf and hugs that scarf close to his heart...its Geet's creation and to him, its as good as his geet being with him.

Simultaneously at Terrace:

N: That's really nice of you Di...that's why Maan and his family love you so much.

What else Geet could do apart from hiding her sorrows behind her smiling masked face.

In less than few minutes, she finishes with her handbag and hands it over to Rajji. And Rajji kisses Geet's both cheeks back to back.

R: WOW...DI...I am the happiest today. I was so eager to have this bag completed. Thank you Di.

G: I am also happy to see my sister happy and all because of me.

She really feels proud and seeking her happiness in Rajji's happiness for this moment. Nandini and Preetho drag the handbag to have a closer look and Rajji pulls it away and keeps the bag close to her heart and not even prepared to give it even to Geet who is the actual creator of this bag and all three laugh on Rajji's kiddish possessiveness on such silly things.

G: Challo Rajji..please get back to your room and sleep. You have to get ready for school early in the morning na..so, have a good sleep.

What about you di?

G: Me, Nandini and Preetho will chat for some more time and then get to sleep here in the terrace itself.

Also, take pappu with you and get him back to Simran bhabhi in the morning.

Preetho's mobile rang a couple of time in between. All calls were from Lucky. Preetho was continuously cutting the calls as she was put into great embarrassment in row over the Honeymoon topic and she was mad angry on Lucky.

Nandini: Arre Preetho, I mean, Preetho Bhabi...why are you not attending to the calls?  Is it call from Lucky veerji..

P: Haan..I mean, Na...I mean..

N: Arre bhabi...koi zaroori kaam hoga...calls uttayiye na..

Preetho immediately takes the call and initially shouts.. KYA HAIN??

Nandini and Geet were looking at her with open mouth and she then starts answering in a calm tone. KYA HAIN JI??

Nandini to Geet: Di..lagtha hain, Preetho is mad on Lucky... and she giggles.

Preetho finishes her relatively short talk with Lucky...Lucky was pleading her to come over his room for atleast half an hour and Preetho's anger turned into blush which she was hiding with a great difficulty.

P: He is calling me to his room as he has some important work. Aap dono kahin mat jaana..I will come back in about half an hour.

G: We are here only. You finish your work and come.

Once Preetho leaves...Nandini and Geet lie down on their respective beds and then, they get into few more girlish talks.

N: Di..Preetho is going to take nice class of Lucky Veer Ji...I am sure Preetho will drag Lucky for a long honeymoon now.

Nandini laughs out and Geet too enjoys her sense of humor

G: Anyways, glad that Preetho will not be arround for some time. I need to talk with you something personal.

N: Ji Di..

G: Woh...I want to know further on what you and Preetho blurted out in front of me at the Mehendi hall and then trying to cover up.. I mean...what's connection between your Rahul and her Lucky?

Nandini is going all red in shyness..as she has been cought.

N: Ji...Ji di...Rahul is Preetho's cousin.. I happen to meet him couple of times at her home and we fell in love. Preetho happen to catch us red handed...and somehow we got to an understanding point where we agreed to help each other as she was in love with Lucky veer ji. We just tricked  the marriage brokers of both the families to carry Lucky's aliance to Preetho's house and Rahul's aliance for Me.

Nandini tells this cutely with her face dipped in embarrasement. Although Geet is happy for Nandini, she still feels Nandini shouldnt have done this...

G: Par Nandini, you should have atleast shared this with your mom (Manjit)... I understand she is a tough woman in view of others par hain tho ma na? And she loves you so much...

N: Kya kahrahi ho di? Ma se? Thoba thoba!!! Nandini gasps ..you dont know all what happened here. I didnt want to tell you because you will feel bad.

Rano had told Geet about few things but still she listens to Nandini Quitely.

G: Eisi kya baat huvi?

N: You see...the elders had got you married to a richie rich family...and my mom also had similar dreams for me. But when Daarji and Papa zeroed on Rahul's aliance, My mom was so very negative. She was accusing Daarji that he has been very unfair in choosing such aliance for me... where as Geet has been married off to richie rich family.

G: Kya?How could she think like that? I am really sorry Nandini... This aliance was fixed long time ago and you know under what circumstances our marriage happened.

N: Di...why are you telling sorry? Me and Rahul love each other and I know he is from a middle class but he earns enough for a family. I trust him that he will love me and keep me happy. And that's all matters in a marriage. I am no way interested in a Richie rich guy as I know I am from a middle class and I will never be respected in my inlaws place. Mom doesnt understand all this and I just couldnt imagine to get married to some one else. Even if he happened to be the most handsome or richest person on Earth.

Geet is really lost in what Nandini just said..It has so many hidden truths that Geet has practically experienced. She had everything in KM but her husband's love?? and what is the use of living in a palace and your husband doesnt even consider you as a human?  She also recalled Annie's rude words"MAAN BHAI knows very well, who are you and where you belong... and what's your reality...that's why he has kept you in the right place...a place far away from HIM...from EVERYONE...

Nandini could see that her Geet Di is lost in her own thoughts and just then she realised about what she spoke just now. Geet gets back from her past thoughts Feeling Nandini's hold on her shoulder.

N: Sorry di..I didnt mean to pin point at you. You and Maan jiju and to that matter your inlaws are rare examples and not included in that greedy people's group and Maan jiju loves you so much. But not all rich families are like that.

What could Geet say at this moment? She doesnt want to spoil the inspiration that Nandini has got from her and Maan and their so called married life. She holds on Nandini's hands and tells her..

G: Woh tho hain..I am truly blessed and I wish you too get all love and happiness that you deserve.

It was close to mid night and they continued their chatting whilst sleeping. Geet had set her alarm in her mobile. She has to wake up quite early for the interview tomorrow and to act well in advance to make it on time. And at the same time, Nandini got a message on her mobile. It was from Rahul .. she read it " I will be leaving from HP early in the morning. Can we meet for some time?. I am waiting for you standing close to the back entrance of your haveli. Nandini is not able to decide what to do. She cant tell Geet Either.

N: Di..I just remembered some small work in my room. Will be back in some time.

G: Hmm

N: Thank you di...Preetho will be here in sometime so please dont feel lonely.  

G: No problem dear...you finish your work and come.

Nandini leaves from there...Geet is all alone now...She gets up and looks arround to find there's no human around her...This loneliness was her actual life of her recent past and future ahead. But she wonders why today her heart is getting restless...Her eyes looks around for Maan...with the series of incidences since morning has contributed to her current restlessness especially their first kiss..even though she tried to make her herself understand that it all accidental, her innocent mind is no way listening.

G ST: Geet, you have really gone Mad...MAAN and coming over here? HE Who never ever came to check on you even for once when you were in KM? He must be peacefully sleeping in your room I mean his room now...because YOU are not arround him. she nods her head giggling at her silly thoughts

she is getting terrified with this thought and seriously wondering how her life will be after 3 weeks. She prays to her babaji as he is the one who has decided her fate and he is the one who will give her strength to face all challenges in future.

She was waiting for either Nandini or Preetho to come back and slowly her eyes got  droppy due to the tiredness and drifted into a deep sleep.

Back to Maan's room...

Moments passed by and he still lost hugging that shawl close to his heart. He doesnt know what to do...He knows that Geet will give him this gift some day or the other and he doesnt want to take away that excitement from her...hence he neatly packed it back in the same gift wrap and kept it back in its place. He realised that its been quite some time since he has got back to his room (Geet's room). He is in a deep pool of guilt. He was in such a desperation to bring her back to this room but now he decided otherwise as she is having a good time with her cousins at the terrace. But his heart is getting restless with every minute that's passing by. He walks towards the window and opens the doors to take in some fresh air. This window gives clear view of the haveli's backyard...and he got to see Nandini and Rahul there.

M: Nandini and at this time? She was with Geet some time back

The very next second he rushes back to terrace and his racing heart got almost in verge of explosion seeing his Geet is sleeping there...ALL ALONE.. A sight which clearly portrays her aloofness that she has been going thro all these days. Just then Nandini and Preetho make their way to terrace and they have some anger filled murmerring with each other.

N: What is this Preetho? You were supposed to get back to terrace..and I was thinking that you would be already there with Geet...Oh no...she is all alone now..

P: Wah..you are putting all blame on me? Woh...Lucky ne thodi der aur rokhliya tha and  I thought anyways you were there with Geet and that's why I took more time. And you left her all alone and blaming me for this?

They were nearing the place where their beds are set and Geet is sleeping all alone. But both made a stop when they got to see Maan standing right in front of them with his hands folded and with his typical anger filled sterned look. Nandini takes a lead in talking...

N: J..Jiju...aap ...yahan?

M: Haan...why? I cant come here?

N: Na Jiju...woh...just surprised to see you here..

P: Haan...Nandini...you see...even I was telling you na...he will be here to call out for Geet ...hee hee..

Preetho laughs..but gulps seeing  Maan still maintains a strict posture.

M: You took away Geet with you saying that all you sisters are having a get together...and I didnt mind it as I was trusting YOU as YOU are going to be with her all the time. WAH...acha get together ho raha hain yahan...here Geet is sleeping all alone in the terrace and you both are having good time with your respective partners?

N: Jiju...you are mistaking...woh..we just went to finish off some work in our respective rooms..

M: Oh...you didnt know that my room window gives clear view of the haveli backyard...Isint it?

Nandini was caught with her own whilte lie.

N: Jiju..Woh..I am sorry...

Maan just smirks and looks away in reaction to this..

M: Leave it Nandini...you people carry on with all what you have been doing till now. I will be here with Geet.

N: Jiju...please listen to me once...

M: leave US alone.

Preetho and Nandini moved back to their respective rooms quitely.

He turns and slowly moves towards her..she is cutely cuddled in one corner. His anger vanishes in thin air and a smile touches his face.

The night is getting chill. Maan slowly comes to her and covers her with the duvet. He wanted to take her back to their room but didnt want to disturb her sleep and hence he slowly slips to sleep next to her... He was all lost looking at her. She was even more glowing with the effect of the moon light.. His fingers were so eager to touch her features...to began with, he gently pushes the hair strands that are falling on her face. And then he gently circles her eyes coming down to her nose, her chubby cheeks and then to her lips...He remembered their first kiss today...and ofcourse he is despirate to taste her lips again and again... While he smiles at his naughty thoughts...A cute smile touches her lips feeling his touch...as if she is having a very sweet dream or may be deep within she has similar inner desires... He wonders how his feathery touch effects her so much and that too when she is deep in her sleep. This is the very first moment where he feels both of them smiling together. He wants to take her into his tight embrace but then, he withhold as he fears she will wake up from this deep sleep. Instead, he takes her henna adorned palm with a gentle grip and a smile touches her lips again.

He is really moved with her gestures...Especially recalling his behaviour when she touched him for the very first time...why my touch effects you so much GEET? Why? his emotions that are deeply packed within are thretening to burst out. Also, those lies that she was telling just to hide her inner turmoil and his image. Those lies are her simple wishes. He slightly strengthens his grip...and further wispers to her... I promise all your lies will be transformed into reality...I will make it happen. Its my promise...AND ..AND..Thank you for the birthday gift...I am eagerly waiting to get it from you... He smiles looking at her...again she smiles as if deep within her she is listening.. He keeps looking at her with lot of admiration and wonder when and how he drifted into a deep sleep with his grip on her hand.

PRECAP: INTERVIEW EmbarrassedDeadConfused

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Posted: 3 years ago
Okay from where I start... Yes by scolding you Angry

Hehehehe chalo leave it. Smile
Now coming to the update. It's been more difficult for me to express exactly what I felt. Because every chapter cause ache to me. Seeing their condition. Two strangers stood on the bank of river and have no source to meet each other. Caged emotions, deep desires, regret, hope, their yearning, longings, urge to correct the mishappening in their own ways all were there in the update.

Irony she wants to go away from him still not able to fully and he wants to go to her but the barriers he raised was so high that now it becomes so difficult to cross them, sply when you surrounded with so much crowd. I really want dadi called both back because they need time to talk. Peaceful talk. Handa haveli is full of crowd. In such atmosphere how they get two mins of peace? Embarrassed

I know anyone can say he should try and do efforts. I know he should, but it's a fact they need time jo is pagalkhane me to milne se raha. DeadDead
Kitni bheed hai upar se Nandani and other cousins and friends making it worse. Geet's burst was natural.

In fact I really want her  to burst out because she is enduring everything and that day is not far when her body give up and she will collapsed.CryCry Everything has a limit and she is crossing it. 

After a time even sponge stop absorbing water. Geet already crossed that stage and still she was forcing herself to endure more which I don't think so is possible. Poor girl.CryCry

In this fic I only found Prem is matured and sensible. He talked to both and gave him right advice. ClapClap
Because of her wardrobe he got a chance to see in her life. Now waiting will it really help him in anyway.

Sorry for short reply as I am confused what to write exactly. My heart is aching for my Maaneet.CryCry
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