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Posted: 4 years ago
Posted: 4 years ago


While Maan happened to glare back at Manjeet. His attention got diverted to Geet who walks back slowly and then runs away from there. Geet is not able to hold on to her tears and she immediately leaves from that place closing her lips..and feeling disgusting thinking about all what just happened. Its not only the embarrassment that she got to feel in front of everyone but all what happened between her and Maan. She is aware of the fact that she has no right on him and he has been clearly voicing it out to her. She takes all the blame to herself. Without knowing that it was just a playful trick by Nandini and Rajji, Geet blames herself for her own clumsiness. She should have controlled herself from falling. She reaches a lonely corner in her terrace holds to the rim of the balcony and all what happened today plays behind her mind. Now how will I ever face him..he hates my very presence. He is already upset with me for my advancement towards him on the day he came from London. Wasn't his shoutings good enough? And with all what just happened, he must be mad angry on me...She cries her heart out.

Out there in the hall, Maan had taken few steps so that he could follow Geet but he had to stop seeing Mohinder, Rajinder and Tejinder rushing to the spot. Manjeet's noise was loud enough to get the attention. Rano is in tears as Manjeet has been way too rude and by now even Rano's sister (Kamla) has joined her and consoling her. On the other hand, Rajji and Nandini are shell shocked and nervous with all what they had planned and how it ended and if the elders of the family will rip them apart if they come to know the actual truth. Where as Titoo is least affected and continues to play with his friends.

Mohinder: Kya hua Rano? Why are you crying?

Rano: Woh Geet...

She was abruptly stopped by Manjeet.

Manjeet: Woh..Geet aur Daamadji...here..Openly...Manjeet looks down with disgust and says... "CHEE"

Rano: Chup ho jaayiye (Keep quite) ... She wipes her tears and shouts back at Manjeet...You have no right to talk about my daughter and my Daamadji like that.

Manjeet: Arre...Calm down Rano. I am not accusing them. I am telling all what happened here and All what I request your daughter and Daamadji is to have limitations on their romance and not to make it Public.

If this lady (Manjeet) and Maan were let alone, would have cracked some sense on Manjeet in his own way but he is forced to calm down to the maximum level with all elderly people around and moreover, he doesn't want to unnecessarily spoil Geet's name.

Maan: Look you...when you are considering yourself as the eldest among your generation and you expect people around you to respect you...then behave yourself.

And then, Daarji arrives to the spot and he gives a glare at the crowd and then checks with Maan.

Daarji: What happened Maan Puttar?

Manjit: Woh Geet aur Maan...

Maan instantly shuts her mouth.

Maan: Look.. Daarji has asked this question to me and not to you. So, May I request you to keep quite?

Manjeet was put into embarrassment for yet another time and Tejinder was not convinced with the way Maan was talking to his mother and Rajinder holds his hand immediately so that he could calm down..and then Maan continues.

Maan: Daarji...

He looks at Nandini and Rajji who were standing nearby and pleading him cutely with a baby SORRY Face and smirks at them and continues.

Maan: Woh..Geet happen to slip and fall on me. It all happened with in a blink of an eye and she lost control. That's it. Now you decide Daarji what's wrong in it?

Daarji: There's nothing wrong beta. These kind of situation happens

Maan: Yes..but this lady is making a big fuss out of nothing and has gathered this crowd and moreover she pinpointed at Geet again.

Maan Points at Manjeet and Manjeet tries to defend herself ..

Manjeet: Daarji, Main tho bas..

(I was just trying to ...)

Daarji and Rajinder give an anger filled glare at Manjeet that stops her to talk further and she leaves from that place. Tejinder follows his Mom. Nandini is feeling even more guilty for all what has happened because of the prank she and Rajji did.

Maan: Daarji..sorry to say but I am forced to warn you people. I myself don't know about the consequences if Geet faces any form of trouble or insult once again.

Daarji: Maan puttar..I know what happened is not right on our part. I ask for SORRY on behalf of this entire family.

Maan instantly holds his hand. Why are you asking for Sorry when you didn't commit any mistake? I understand you are the most eldest person of this family but that doesn't mean that you take all blame to yourself? And you see...few people from your own family are taking advantage of your kindness.

Rajinder understood very well whom is Maan referring to and he too pleads for sorry especially on behalf of Manjeet.

Rajinder: Maan beta...I am really sorry for all what happened.

Maan: Please...why are you asking for a sorry when you personally didnt do any thing.

Rajinder is really amused with Maan's nature and his like mindedness.

Maan: Aur Daarji...Aap tension math lijiye...I guess its time for you to sleep so please carry on.

Daarji: Ji puttar...you too relax and get back to your room. If you need anything, you can ask Geet or can call out for any one of us for help.

Maan: Sure Daarji.

Once Daarji and Rajinder leave from there, Mohinder and Rano came to Maan and thank him for being supportive and being with each and every phase of the day

Mohinder: Beta, We are l Really missed your parents today. How I wished they were still alive and in between us.

Maan: Yes, I miss them a lot but today, I didn't miss them as you both have showered that love on me and Geet.

Rano: Yeh tumhara badappan hain beta (This is your kindness my son)

Maan: Nahin Ma, today, I feel I am truly blessed.

He looks around for Geet and continues.

Maan: Maa...woh Geet is not to be seen anywhere..

Rano: Dont worry beta..where would she go? She has to get back to her room by end of the day. She sighs and continues..anyways, I have to take your leave now.

Rano and Kamla leaves from there leaving Maan and Mohinder alone as she has lot of pending work before she gets to sleep.

Maan is a bit taken back with Rano being so casual.

Maan: Papa...please dont mind me asking this... It was just sometime back Ranoma was arguing with Manjeet and now as if she doesnt care about Geet.

Mohinder: Its not like that beta...Let me tell you something and request you to keep it strictly between you and me, Rano will not get to sleep till the time she ensures Geet is fine..its just that in front of you, she is forced to act casual.

Maan: What? I really didnt get you.

Mohinder: You see, we live in a rural town where everyone know each other and this place has its own limitations when it comes to female and their acceptable behaviour. Same rule is followed by Handas. Moreover, Geet is the eldest among the kids of her generation and she is expected to be more patient calm and gentle. As its strongly believed that her siblings will follow her guidelines. and that too after her marriage, she is expected to remain even more calm and Positive. You see...people around will gossip about her if she makes an unnecessary fuss here in this place and they get to talk like how she must be behaving with her husband and his family and so on. The simplest of the example I would like to give you is about my Bhabi's (Manjeeth's ) behaviour when Geet sliped and fell upon you accidently? She said "What will the younger generation learn from the situation? and Especially when you are here, what will you think about Geet if she gets angry with her own family on tiny miny things?That's why Rano is many time forced to be casual and at the same time she will be deeply worried for her daughter.

Mohinder's explanation puts Maan into more confusion. That means Geet has no right to get angry or upset and even if she is hurt with rude comments passed by own family members like Manjeet, she still has no right to defend herself or express that she is upset? He feels its very very unfair.

Mohinder rests his hand on Maan's shoulder.

Mohinder: Jyada math socho beta. Now what's the point in making a big issue out of nothing? Geet too thinks in these lines and dont worry..she will be back normal in some time. Good Night beta.

Maan is still not convinced...but he didnt want to further talk about it as he sees there's no point and these people will never change their mentality and narrow mindedness when it comes to their daughters

Maan: Good Night...Papa..

It was easily said by Geet's parents and not for him. How he cannot worry for her? Maan looks around for Geet. Doesnt know where she went from here. He is not that aware of the Haanda Haveli still. And then came the naughtiest saali sahibas .. Nandini and Rajji in front of him...and Maan happen to stand in strict posture fold his hands

Nandini: Woh Jiju...SORRY...😳

Rajji: We just wanted to add more fun to the event as it was going to end. 😳

Nandini: Woh woh kya hain na.. we never thought such a thing would happen...and it would meet such a tragic result.

Maan gives a glare at both of them and Nandini and Rajji gets both nervous.. and just then, Maan laughs at them giving a sweet surprise to both and they are amused with their mouth wide open.

Maan: C'mon, When you saali sahibas can do such blunders, then I am your jijaji right?...You people have the right to play pranks on me and I have the right to bully you too..Am I correct?

Nandini and Rajji take a phew...

Rajji: Tho aap hum pe naaraz nahin ho na? (You are not angry on us...right?)

Maan: Mmm..Hmm...But only thing is bothering me is where is Geet now? I am not finding her anywhere moreover, she got little upset.

Nandini: Arre Jiju, dont worry...when you have forgiven us, she is even more sensitive person...even if someone upsets or hurts her and tells her sorry she will find it difficult to see that person's sorry filled face

Maan gets little tough with his talks now...Already he is taken back with Mohinder and Rano's comments on what they expect out of their daughter and Nandini's and Rajji's casual attitude towards Geet further upsets him.

Maan: But that doesn't mean that you all can take turns in bullying her like this and she is the one who is pushed to the receiving end listening to all shoutings and acquisitions and you people don't care to tell even a sorry..?You both had also got to witness how she ran away from here with an upsetting note right?

Nandini and Rajji look at each other and again get into a fix..it was just a minute ago when he was taking it calm when it comes to teasing him but they didn't realize the depth of sensitivity he possesses when it comes to Geet.

Nandini: Jiju..you are actually mistaken. Woh...

Maan: I have been seeing all what's happening since morning...So, you need not comment about my judgement.

Nandini: Sorry Jiju...

Maan rests his hand on her shoulder and continues...Even you got to witness the aftermath of your prank Nandini. Sorry to mention that your mom doesn't have any hold on her tongue and on top of that all what she spoke about my wife is not at all acceptable..and who is actually responsible for it? You know the answer Nandini. Does your sister really deserve this? She has come over here to spend some quality time with you before you getting married and look what she has been facing.

Nandini's eyes filled with tears and Maan takes a long sigh and continues. Today, she just left the place and even for once she didn't mention what actually happened nor she complained about you. Being the eldest among you siblings it doesn't mean she can be taken for granted all the time.

Nandini and Rajji's face bent down with shame.

Rajji: Once again sorry Jiju.

Maan: You need to tell sorry to your sister and you see I am not finding her anywhere as I am not that aware of this haveli.

Nandini: Jiju..dont worry..we will find her.

Nandini and Rajji leave from the spot so that they can look out for Geet. At the same time Maan is again engulfed with his own deeds. From the time his last one year's behavior towards Geet has been mirrored in front of him, he is feeling more and more guilty. And one thing is so true..with what Nandini and Rajji told him. Geet is way too sensitive about relationships and that's what has been taken for granted by people surrounding her and Maan too is not an exemption.

Maan ST while he is looking out for Geet: Main ne bhi tho koi kasar nahin chodi tumhen chot pohunchane main...yeh thak nahin socha ki tum pe kya guzri hain. (Even I have hurt you way beyond limits and without even bothering how would you feel.) He has been looking out for her and she is no way to be found. His heart is going restless even if she is not around him for a sec and it hurts him acutely when he gets to feel how she would have felt in that last one year...when she was waiting for him endlessly, silently hiding all her tears away from the world outside herself.

Back to Geet..She is still in tears and for her, LIFE is just a big question mark. She touches her lips to feel that moment when her lips got smashed into Maan's lips...and she has a sarcastic smile whilst tears flowing down her cheeks.

"This is such a special moment in a girl's life...but for me? I cannot even save this precious moment even in my memories. I can only feel guilty or ashamed of myself she looks up and seeks an answer from her babaji...Ab main ne kya kiya hain? Boliye na babaji? (What did I do now? Please answer me Babaji) Its going to make a way for another shocking verdict or an out burst of anger from his end

Ab main ne kya kiya hain? Boliye na babaji?  (What did I do now? Please answer me Babaji) Its going to make a way for another shocking verdict or an out burst of anger from his end

Tears rolls down her cheeks continuously and just then she remembered what shantima had advised her in the KM Gym.. "Apne aansoo samhal ke rak. yeh tumhari shakthi hain aur isse ithna kamzoor math banao"( Take care of your tears. This is your strength and dont make it your weakness).

Geet ST: Shantima was so true... my tears are my only strength left in me. I cannot afford to loose them like this and by the way, shredding my tears will not change my life and fate. She wipes her tears in a hurry.Anyways the worst has already happened and I guess there's nothing more left in store. Moreover, he is least bothered.

Just then Geet hears Nandini and Rajji calling out for her and both nearing to her. Geet quickly composes herself and acts as if she is in terrace to take her clothes that was washed and let to dry in terrace.

Nandini and Rajji rush to Geet and hug her.

Geet: Arre Arre..what happened all of sudden? What you both are doing here?

Nandini: Di..that's what we wanted to know..what are you doing here? You know where all we looked out for you?

Geet: Cant you see? These clothes have dried. I am folding it and arranging it to take it back to my room.

Nandini and Rajji really dont know what to do seeing Geet's casual behaviour. But as they have promised to Maan, both of them owe an apology to Geet...

Rajji: Di..

Rajji has tears in her eyes and Geet is not able to take it.

Geet: Arre Gudiya..what happened? Kisi ne kuch kaha kya?

Rajji is not able to comment anything now and Nandini continues..

Nandini: Di..All that happened now is because of me and Rajji. Sorry Di...

Geet is really confused and not able to understand...

Rajji: Di..Me and Nandini wanted to do some fun as the function got to end.

Nandini: Haan di...par sach main humen nahin patha tha ki yeh sab ho jaayega..aur meri Maa... (Yes Di..I didnt know all this will happen and my mom...)

Nandini couldn't continue as she is ashamed of her own behavior and all what her mom spoke about Geet.

Nandini and Rajji Together: SORRY DI

Geet hugs them instantly

Geet: I know my sisters more than anybody else. They can play pranks but can never hurt anyone...hmm!

She breaks away from them wiping her own tears.

Nandini: Di..Woh Jiju..

Geet is not willing to listen anything about him now. The function is over and all that's going on in her mind is to get out of her bedroom before Maan walks in. Where as Nandini wanted to tell Geet about how well Maan handled the situation just after Geet ran from there but Geet cuts off Nandini.

Geet: I have to change myself and shall join you people in this same place (Terrace)

Nandini: Di..par Jiju..

Geet again cuts off Nandini..

Geet: We have a lot to talk and do right...let me change and join you people...meantime, I need a small help from you both

Nandini: Anything for you Di. Please order.

Geet: See..your jiju might require few cups of black coffee during the night time. So, can you both get into the kitchen and arrange to bring a big flask filled with hot water, the coffee which I ordered in the morning and, sugar and a coffee mug with spoon?

Nandini: Bas..itni si baat? Sure di

Geet: Tik hain...I have to go to my room now and clean the place before your jiju comes.

And also Geet plans to leave from her room before Maan gets in and before that she has to make necessary arrangements that will make him feel comfortable. She gets into her room. She sits in front of her dressing table and once again looks herself in the mirror and the moment she sees her lips..a slight blush touches it... This is the first and last kiss of my life. She looks up and talks to her babaji.. Can I have this one sweet memory for myself for ever? And suddenly, the thought of his Love..his PARI, cosses her mind...and fresh layers of tears forms in her eyes.

Geet ST: GEET, that kiss was an accident. Dont forget that he hates you from the bottom of his heart.. she looks at both her hands...remember how harshly he pushed you when you hugged him for the first time and..and his words... Nahin Geet...dont burn your self again. Like he always wished, just stay away from him.

Then she happen to see the Necklace which he adorned in her neck and that too in front of everyone...Again, she is not permitted to carry this memory too. She is also wondering thinking about the whereabouts of this Necklace.without even knowing that this was one out of many jewels in the jewel box given to her by Daadi. She was not tempted to even check what all are there in that box...which she could do only when she and her husband mutually accept this relationship wholeheartedly Tu bhi na Geet..what are you thinking so much? Its simple fact that this Necklace doesn't belong to you and you dont belong to it...so, keep it back...is in't it simple? She smiles at her own thoughts and carefully keeps the necklace at the dressing table with a Post It note of thanks.

On the other hand, Maan has been still looking out for Geet...and suddenly, he comes across a huge mirror on a wall and he looks at his image and when his eyes falls on his lips and he touches it to feel the first kiss ever of his life..and that too with is wife..his Geet..His Pari... That was the most beautiful moment which he had always dreamt of but he is disappointed under which circumstances it happened today and moreover, he wants her to be equally happy and not guilty. He immediately takes out his mobile and looks at her photo and hugs it and he talks to her silently...Where are you Geet? I truly wish you be with me every second that's passing by...especially tonight which we will spend together for the first time. I am so aware of my rude behavior towards you...SORRY word looks so timid as I know this word can never ever bring back that one year you have lost..but believe me..That one year has been a loss for me too. He takes a sad sigh. I know that you will not forgive me that easily and I am prepared to take any punishment and revenge from your side. But please come back to me I have a lot and lot to talk and listen you talk..

Just then Titoo and his friends pass by...

Maan: Hey Titoo...please stop..did you see Geet anywhere?

Titoo and his friends look at each other and laugh out loud and this annoys Maan.

Maan: Now, this is not funny...

Titoo and his friends are still laughing uncontrollably.

Maan folds his hands and gets into his usual serious avtar

Maan: Now tell me where is Geet otherwise, I will tell everyone about all the pranks that you did in the evening.

Now this makes Titoo really serious.

Titoo: Nahin...please dont do that...Woh ... woh we were laughing because Geet Di is in her room only and you are searching for her everywhere.

Maan: What?

Titoo: Haan Jiju..she went back to her room almost half an hour back.

Without thinking twice, he rushes towards Geet's room without even caring for anything or anyone coming on his way..and he bang opens the door..and the moment he gets to see her present in this room...he takes a very long sigh and now his vision is completely glued on her...

He is getting to view her from her back. She has changed into a cotton churidar with a dark pink dupatta. guessing she wears it during night time and her hair let open and its waving following the flow of wind thro the open windows. She is busy arranging the bed and changing the pillow covers. Listening to the door opening sound, Geet thinks its Nandini and Rajji.

Geet: Arre Arre...why you both always come with a bang like this?

Maan is wondering whom she is referring to but he is loving her blabbering. While she continues whilst arranging the pillows.

Geet: Do you even realise that I have been waiting for such a long time?

Maan's heart beats faster hearing this. She sounds so cute with this complaining tone. He recalled her words which she had told him whilst hugging him.. "Maan...Aap aagaye, pata hain main aap ki raah dekh rahin thi"

he just closed his eyes to feel her touch with those precious words but that moment got disturbed as she talks further

Geet:Ek kaam bola tha karne ko...aur Wah.. subah hone se pehle woh kaam kardiya tum donon ne? (I had given you one work and you have got to complete it before it gets morning)

She is talking with a nagging tone..and he is controlling all his smile and at the same time he expected her to be sad with all what had happened sometime back and he wasn't wrong in judging her. He is really taken back with her casual behavior that's bothering him even more. Least did he know that she has been piling up all sorrows deep within her...just like a boiling volcano deeply buried within a calm mountain and even her babaji doesn't know when it will outburst...

Geet: Anyways, please arrange the things on the side table.

She is talking whilst setting the bed and the surrounding and just then, the flow of wind thro the windows got intensified and her dupatta flew away from her and fell on the ground. She turned back to pick it up and just then she got to see him..and again she skipped her heart beat and her tongue got stuck with what she was talking all this while mistaking Nandini and Rajji to have got into her room.

Her hands covers her chest and again she is feeling nervous with what he is going to tell her now. She was about to leave without even bothering him but before that she was waiting for Nandini and Rajji. She again turns away from him and faces the wall..While Maan has been all lost at her and he takes very slow and gentle steps towards her. Geet could feel him coming nearer to her and her heart beats doubles and it almost stopped to beat when he places her dupatta on her neck and while doing so, his hands got to gently rub her neck and shoulder sending shivers into their spine.

 Geet could feel him coming nearer to her and her heart beats doubles and it almost stopped to beat when he places her dupatta on her neck and while doing so, his hands got to gently rub her neck and shoulder sending shivers into their spine

She could feel his breath falling on her shoulder and As a natural effect she slowly turns her face to look at him again blinking her eyes cutely.

She could feel his breath falling on her shoulder and As a natural effect she slowly turns her face to look at him again blinking her eyes cutely

He could get drawn in those moist eyes for ever. She is really not able to understand what's going on between them but she is very well aware of the fact that this is not what he wants...he hates her and her being around him...She turns away and tries to explain him..

Geet: Ji..Aap..Aap Aagaye? Main...

She stops instantly thinking about the last exchange of words on her last day at KM. "Door Raho Mujh Se..samjhi tum?" (Stay away from me..did you get it?) Even though she wants to save her tears...She is deliberately failing in her attempts and she wipes her tears before continuing.

Geet: Ji..Main...yahan se nikalne hi wali thi (I was...about to leave). Bas 2 minute loongi... I will finish setting the bed and I will leave from here.

Geet's talks are only putting him into a shock. What did she just say? She is leaving from her own room which is "our room"?

Maan: Par Geet...

Geet assumes that he is going to tell her to get out as she is used to that behavior.

Geet: Ji..please tension math lijiye...sirf 2 minute...fir main yahan se challi jaaongi.. (Ji..please dont get tensed. Only two minutes and I will be out from here)

She is again involving herself in fixing the bedsheet edges and pillow covers...

He is not able to take her casual and cold behavior or what to name it or term it but he is really not liking it. And where will she go in this night time? He turns her around and holds on her shoulder..

Maan: Geet...Listen..

She looks back at him and gulps ... Hey babaji...I told him I will leave in 2 minutes then why is he behaving like this? He cannot stand me even for 2 minutes? I am after all cleaning this place so that he can have a peaceful sleep!

Just then there's a knock at door and it was none other than Nandini and Rajji and Geet takes a sigh of relief seeing them.

Nandini and Rajji were again giving in an evil filled smile looking at Maan's hold on Geet's shoulder.

Rajji: Here goes your flask filled with hot water, coffee, sugar aur mug.

Geet: Woh..please keep them in the side table.

Maan: Yeh..yeh sab kya hain? (What is all this?)

Nandini and Rajji hugs Geet sideways...

Nandini: Ji..we all sisters are going to have a get together in terrace. That's why Di had requested to arrange all these things for you so that you could help your self as and when you feel like having coffee.

Maan is all lost looking at Geet. How well she knows and understands him in spite of all how he has behaved with her. He doesn't want her to go.. But Geet is not even looking at him now.

Nandini: Even Preetho and Simran bhabhi joining us. So, please dont mind Jiju!

Geet instantly answers Nandini

Geet: Why would your Jiju mind? You see.. he will be very happy.

Maan could clearly understand what Geet is hinting at. Geet looks straight into Maan's eyes for a very brief sec and continues...

Geet: He will be happy to see me spending quality time with my sisters after a long time. Isint it? Geet fakes a smile and Maan is really going restless and helpless at the same time. And Rajji comes and holds Maan's hand.

Rajji: Bilkul sahi kaha didi ne..hain na Jiju? (Di is talking the right thing...isnt it jiju?) Maan doesn't respond to this question as he is still lost in his Geet who is going to leave him all alone in this room and he is not even able to imagine that.

Nandini: Di.. we are leaving now...please join us soon as we will be eagerly waiting for you.

Geet: Hmm

Nandini and Rajji leave from there. Maan looks at Geet who is just done setting the last pillow. Its so weird that he never had any trouble in shouting at her to get out of his room each and every time she tried to walk into his room in KM. But today..he so desperately wants her to be at his side but not able to voice it out. He again makes a deliberate attempt to break this awkward silence but unfortunately, she is just done with her work and about to leave.

Maan: Geet..woh..

Geet: Dariye math (Dont get scared) , No body will trouble you and "I will not be back here"

She tells this so casually but it really strikes Maan with Millions of arrows...and she continues to talk..

Geet: Ji..I have arranged all what you would need ...If atall, you need anything, you can call me on my Mobile. ..IF AT ALL!

She stresses on the last three words and that really strikes him and pushes him further. Geet slowly turns and leaves from there and closes the door ...

Maan: Geet..

He calls out her name but it was late. And all what he could do is to give into the helpless situation.

Where as Geet again manages to find a lonely place for herself and cries her heart out.

Precap: Geet with her sisters in Terrace...what will happen next? 😉😉

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Posted: 4 years ago


Edited by Vaidhumom - 4 years ago
Posted: 4 years ago
Waiting for update 
Posted: 4 years ago
thanks Lakshmi already waitingBig smile
Posted: 4 years ago
I started reading this story and absolutely loved it especially the intricate relationship between maan and geet and the rest of the family members...story has a lot of layers especially with the villain angle...eagerly waiting for next especially geet's Interview results!!! Looking forward to it update.
Posted: 4 years ago
Wow..waiting eagerly lakshu

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