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Hey guys...Good Morning

I had some technical problems and couldn't post last night and had to get back to sleep

I am adressing this issue and will post in about 2 hours.

Sorry for the inconvenience Ouch
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Originally posted by Vaidhumom

Hey guys...Good Morning

I had some technical problems and couldn't post last night and had to get back to sleep

I am adressing this issue and will post in about 2 hours.

Sorry for the inconvenience Ouch
Good morning
Thank u for the information
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Good Morning Have a Pleasant Day akka Big smile

No issues ,Take ur own time Embarrassed

But i am waiting LOLDay DreamingLOL
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Originally posted by maaneetfavo

Good Morning Have a Pleasant Day akka Big smile

No issues ,Take ur own time Embarrassed

But i am waiting LOLDay DreamingLOL

Thank you dear Big smile

Almost done...will be posting it  in another half an hour.
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Thanks for the note and
Shall be waiting 
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Please read my note on Page No 105. I was about to update PART 12 with a long update and it got so long that I had to break it into 2. Hence...Enjoy PART 13 too. That's very next update.

Editing-Spell check and colouring the comments will be done one by one.


He slowly opens her jewel box. It had a set of jewelries. But a beautiful kundan necklace caught his attention which would perfectly match with her dress and he takes it and keeps it safe in his pant pocket before hurrying out in looking out for his Pari.

Geet walks down the stairs accompanied by Nandini, Rajji, and other distinct cousins and neighboring friends. The place has been beautifully decorated with flowers, lights and lamps. She is somehow reminded about that day when her marriage was happening in a rush hour...there was no sangeet and a namesake haldi and mehendi rasm (function) happened...that was followed by her so called wedding. It was a weird atmosphere that day. Her marriage was happening but no one was happy due to her Daadi's health condition of course she was no way an exemption.. Coming back to present, everyone are so happy today. The home looks even more colorful and lively than her wedding day...Geet want to be a part of this celebration that's happening but the actual truth of her life is not letting her to do so. Faking a happiness and that too during such a function where the entire town is gathering is not at all easy.

Maan locks the room and move towards the balcony and from there he can get a clear view of the ground floor. Surprisingly the place is getting more crowded than expected. He is desperately looking out for Geet among the crowd and just then he got a glimpse of her while she was descending from the stairs. She literally stands out of the crowd. His eyes all glued to her. One of the girls who is accompanying Geet happening to look up and see Maan and she murmurs it out to other girls including Rajji and Nandni...

"Arre...Suno..Hamare Jiju na...di ka peecha kar rahe hain" (Hey Listen, our jiju is following our DI)

All of them started to giggle

Geet also happen to listen to that girl's comment and she initially thinks that this girl is trying to make unnecessary fun to suit the situation..Even though she is sure Maan would never ever do that but her eyes scans the ground floor only.

"Di..Jijaji tho aap pe poore ke poore fida hain" (DI...Jijaji has fallen head over heals for you)

Geet: Arre chup hojao sab...Mazak ki bhi hadh hothi hain. (Please keep quite everyone..There a limit for fun)

"Di..par aap ke WOH...tho saare hadhen paar kar rahe hain...zara upar tho dhekhiye" (But your hubby is crossing all limits...Look up)

Geet slowly looks up and Maan was standing there. She misses a beat...wondering what could be the reason for him to look at her like this or follow her... But his gaze on her definitely has a magnetic effect on her but she doesn't want to admit anything as she knows the consequences.

Geet ST: Hey babaji...What has happened to him? Why is he following me? Why is he looking at me like this? Is he trying to show off here? You have been happy sitting quite. But please answer this one question for me.

Geet too is lost looking at Maan for a brief moment whilst walking ahead. Their eyes meet and the vision on each other clearly speaks how much they are actually longing for each other but they are captivated in their own respective world which is not permitting them to express each other ...especially Geet. and just then Geet happen to bump on Rano and Kamla mausi (Rano's sister/Tito's mother).

Maan immediately hides away. He gets back to his senses and literally bangs himself. He was so lost in her that he missed to give her a signal to meet him...and when he came back to his senses, she was standing with her mom and one other lady. And he missed to call her out.

He wants her to wear this kundan chain before the actual function began. Now he slowly makes his way to the ground floor to meet her

Coming back to Geet ...All girls leave from there leaving Geet with Rano and Kamla. Kamla too loves Geet equally like Rano does. She feels truly happy to see Geet happily settled down in her life

Rano: Geet Puttar...aagayi aap?

Kamla: Arre..hamari Geet kitni pyaari lag rahi hain. Babaji..aaj hamari Geet par kisiki buri nazar na lage. (Our Geet looks so lovely...babaji, save her from all bad eyes)

Geet gives a weak smile to them and slowly looks up at the balcony but Maan was not there. She is really not to able to take so many confusions in her life all bottling up in one single day. She still seriously thinks that its all a dream and her eyes will soon wake up to witness the ultimate reality of life. She is all lost and restlessly knotting her dupatta. She again looks up and looks everywhere and she's not finding him around. She takes a phew holding her palm in between her lungs closing her eyes.

Kamla: Is Gulabi kurthe main kitni soni lagrahi hain (She is looking so pretty in this pink dress)

Something instantly flashed her mind... she remembers Maan's blabbering in the KM guesthouse in an unconscious condition "I love you more in Pink Colour". Just then she glares at herself ...OMG she is actually wearing a Pink dress...and she shouts out...

Geet: GULABI (PINK)!!!

Rano and Kamla look at each other and then look at Geet Shockingly.

Rano: Kya hua bacha?

Geet pulls Rano aside and murmurs to her.

Geet: Maa...Aap ko poore Hoshiyarpur main yehi gulabi kurtha mila tha? Aur koi rang ka kurtha le aathe.. (You got only this pink color suit in entire HP? Couldnt you buy it in some other color?) She complains cutely.

Rano: Arre...aap ko Gulabi rang bahut pasand hain na..isliye laaye hain.. (You love Pink right? That's why)

Geet is not able to understand what to tell her mom now. Yes...Pink is her favorite colour. But she is willing to reconsider her liking for the sake of Maan...but what will she tell her mom?

Geet: Maa...Aap bhi na..Ofcourse Pink is my favorite. But for that matter, you need not buy only pink colour dresses for me..Chaddo...

Geet folds her hand like an angry kid and Rano cutely rests her palm and Geet's Cheeks..

Rano: Geet puttar...All this function got planned in a hurry and I couldn't check with you before hand. So, I decided to buy you dress in your fav color.

Geet melts hearing her mom's talks.

Geet: Its Ok Ma... main tho bas..

Geet is not able to open up in front of her mom. Geet looks up cutely... "Hey babaji...Main maa se kaise kahoo? Pink pe tho unke Pari ka copyright hain" (How can I tell my mom that his Pari owns the copyright of the pink colour) she makes a baby face knotting ther duppatta...Is that's the reason he is looking at me like that? Her innocent mind is busy calculating all permutations and combinations... That means one more cherry added topping his anger...isn't it? That's why he is following me like this? How do I know? His expressions are same for all emotions...and the only emotions that she got to witness so far is his anger and hateredness. She again looks up seeking answers from her babaji.

Rano: Acha challo..Mehendi lagalo. (now get your hands adorned with mehendi/henna)

Geet: Ma..I dont want to...

Rano: Kyon puttar? You love to apply mehendi in your hands right?

Geet: Haan Ma. Par...

Rano: What happened to you? I have arranged all your favourites..and you are arguing for such silly things.. Rano is getting little upset now.

Geet: Nahin..Nahin ma...I am sorry, I dint intend to hurt you.

Rano holds Geet's hands.

Rano: Geet puttar.. is anything bothering you or troubling you?

Geet nods for a No. Rano gets to see Manjeet passing by and she assumes may be She has again tried to be rude to Geet.

Rano: Did Manjeet taunt you again?

Geet: Nahin Ma.

Rano is not able to understand her daughter's behavior today.

Rano: Phir kya pareshani hain puttar? Some thing is bothering you for sure. Please open up.

Geet: Kuch nahin ma...

Rano: Now, go and get the mehendi tasks done...she looks around for Nandini, Raji or someone of Geet's age but no one seems to be around. Wait I will send someone with you.

Geet: Ma..I will go by myself. Dont bother.

Rano: Make it fast. See...you need to meet and greet the guests too.

Geet: Hmm

Geet leaves from there and Manjeet and 4 other friends of hers have been observing Geet. They come to the point where Rano and Kamla are standing.

Manjeet's friend: Kya Baat hain Rano...Geet badi jach rahi hain aaj.. (What is it? Today Geet is looking so pretty?)

Rano is giving a weak smile at her...while Manjeet's friend continues.

Manjeet's friend: Par Geet ne kuch khas zevar nahin pehni hain.. (But she isn't wearing any special jewellery)

Other friend: Haan...Gale main mangalsootra tha par us ke alava kuch bhi nahin.. aur haathon main kaanch ki choodiyan...bas?? (Yes...only her mangalsootra and some glass bangles...that's it?)

Kamla is really getting mad angry on these women...and Rano holds her hand.

Rano: Aap ne dhyan nahin diya hain..us ne haath main sone ki kada pehna hain (You didnt notice...she was wearing a Kada in her hand).

A/N : Kada is a kind of bangle which is generally worn as a single one not as a pair..it will be usually heavier and big in size compared to the bangle

Another friend of Manjeet: bas ...woh choti si kada? Sone main aur kuch nahin pehna hain us ne. (You mean, that small kada? That's it? She is not wearing anything else in gold.

Rano ST: How many times I have told Geet to wear few gold ornaments. She completely forgot and I too missed to check on this.

Rano: Woh bhool gayi hogi. Main abhi apna gehna pehnathi hoon. (She might have forgotten to wear it. I will make her wear my jewels)

Manjeet: Kyon Rano? Us ke sasural ke hothe huve woh maike ke gehne pehnegi? Lagtha hain un logon ne koi gehna nahin diya hain Geet ko (Why Rano? Why she will wear maternal jewels where as she is suppose to wear the jewels given by her inlaws? Guess her inlaws have never got her any jewel till now).

Rano is really loosing it. There was no need for Manjeet to make such a big issue out of it but Manjeet is always busy in defaming Geet. That's it and this is the first time Rano is accumulating her guts and answers Manjeet..

Rano: JI...aap damad ji se khud kyon nahin poochlethe... (Why dont you ask this question to Maan?)

Manjeet rolls her eyes thinking about her morning encounter with Maan. Rano could easily sence Manjeet's restlessness.

Manjeet: Main...Main kyon poochon? (Why? Why should I ask this?)

Rano: Kyon ki aap is ghar ki badi bahu hain na. Aur subha jo kuch bhi huva, us ke baad tho daamadji aap ko khoob sunayenge... ( Because you are the elder daughter in law of this family. And all what happened this morning, my Son In Law will take good lessons for you)

Manjeet stares back at Rano and Rano continues

Manjeet: Mera matlab hain Aap ki baat Sunenge ... hain na? ( I mean, He will listen to you ...am I right?)

Rano taunts Manjeet again looks here and there. Manjeet's friends are curious to know what talk happened between Manjeet and Maan...

Manjeet's friend: Arre...Manjeet...Aap ke aur Maan ke beech main kya baat huvi thi subah? Aap ne hamen bataya hi nahin (What talks happened between you and Maan in the morning? You didnt even tell us about it)

How on Earth Manjeet can tell her friends what talks happened. Maan had literally warned her to stay away from his family matters. Manjeet is giving a stare at Rano to have put her into such a situation. But Rano has got the guts now to stare back at her...Thanks to her Daamadji.

Manjeet somehow manages to handle the situation:

Manjeet: Arre...aei vei baath huvi thi. Acha chaddo...bohuth saara kaam pada hain.. Nandini ke sasural wale bhi aathe hi honge...Aap sab meri haath batao.. (We were just having casual talk...Just leave it now...Nandini's inlaws are going to be here any time and I have lot of work to do..so..all you ladies help me)

Manjeet and Gang leaves from there. Kamla and Rano give a look to each other and laugh out...

Kamla: Di..Aap ne us Manjeet ki mooh band kar di...Bohuth acha laga. Par Subha kya baath huvi thi Daamad ji aur Manjeet ke beech? (loved the way you shut Manjeet...but I am curious to know what talks happened between her and Daamad ji)

Rano tells her all what happened in the morning...Kamla is equally excited with the fact that finally there's someone who can shut this Manjeet.

On the other side...Geet makes her way to the adjacent hall where all her cousins and friends and some of the neighboring ladies are already present. She is walking whilst scanning the place. Her eyes desperately looking for Maan...wondering why she is doing so...but this is again happening to her naturally, fighting out all the inner turmoil that she's going thro.

Maan just walks down the stairs and has reached to the ground level and he too is scanning everywhere for Geet...and "THUG they bumped on each other right at the main entrance of the Mehandi hall... Geet was about to fall and he manages to grab her by her waist, He is all lost feeling his Pari so close to him.

Geet has closed her eyes tight thinking she is going to fall and suddenly she feels someone's hold on her with a strong grip..she slowly opens her eyes and again not believing her own vision..she is blinking and looking back at his eyes trying to read them as her mind is blocked out..she snaps out of her thoughts and looks at herself. She is almost cocooned in his arms..his hands are so comfortably resting in her waist in order to support her from falling...and her hands holding on to his shoulder.

and her hands holding on to his shoulder

She again scans him with her moist eyes. but why would he do that? Given a situation he would love to see me fall...because I am the one who had snatched away his happiness by marrying him...

"Today you have crossed all limits by hugging me" his harsh words spoken on that day are the tonic for her to get back to her usual life. She slowly breaks free from him. Tears forms in her eyes and she turns away and rushes into the mehendi hall wiping her tears quickly before anyone notices it.

Maan is really going restless with the way she is deliberately avoiding him.

Maan: GEET...

He calls out her name and follows her blindly and walks into the Mehendi hall.. Just then Simran blocks him. While Geet gets surrounded by Nandini, Rajji and Other distinct cousins and friends.

Simran: Arre...Arre...Nandoiji..kahan challe aarahe hain? Idhar sirf kudiyan aur aurathen aa sakthi hain.. (Here only girls and ladies are allowed)

Maan: Woh...kuch baat karni thi.. (I ...need to talk something)

Geet rolls her eyes in fear...to her, his talking means expression of his anger or hateredness

Geet looks up cutely...Hey babaji...why is he behind me today? What he wants to talk?

One more lady comes forward and teases him...Oye hoye...Bas thoda sa intezar kijiye ..woh Mehendi lagwakar jald aap ke pass aajayegi aur fir jee bar ke baat karlijiye apni biwi se. (Just little bit of waiting. She will come back to you after applying mehendi design and then you can talk to her as much as you want)

All ladies around give a teasing laugh putting both of them into embarrassment

All ladies around give a teasing laugh putting both of them into embarrassment

Maan gives one look to Geet and slowly moves out...and she tries to look back at him from corner of her eyes as she feels shy to give him a direct look in front of these ladies. Now she is damn sure that his level of anger is increasing every second passing by. She comes out of her lost world when Nandni dashes her shoulder on Geet's.

Nandini: Oye Di...Kya Jaadoo kiya hain aap ne Jiju par...Aap ka peecha chodne ka naam hi nahin le rahe hain. ( What magic have you done on Jiju...He is not leaving you at all)

Another cousin: Hum sab aap ke liye wait kar rahe the ...pehli mehendi aap ko lagana chahthe hain...par aap donon ko romance karne se phursat nahin mil rahi.. (We all were waiting for you ...so that first design can be applied on your hands)

Geet sits down and the mehendi designer starts designing ..

Designer: Di..aap ko kaise design chahiye? (What kind of design you want?)

Geet: Koi bhi chota design challega. (Any small design will do)

Nandini: Di..Aap ko tho vadi vadi designs pasand hothe the na? (You used to love big designs na?)

Before Geet could answer, another friend gives a teasing answer.

A Neighboring friend: Arre Nandini...Samjakar yaar...chota design jaldi ban jaayega. Tabhi woh jiju se jald ja milengi. Pakka Jiju bahar bete di ka raah dhek rahe honge...(Try to understand dear...Small design will take less time to complete. And then she can join her husband...I am sure he must be waiting for her somewhere out)All cousins and friends give a teasing laugh and Geet is getting pink and red in embarrassment even though she knows what's the truth.

Nandini: Di...Ek kahawat hain..aur mujhe us kahawat pe yakeen ho raha hain..(Di..There's a saying and I have started believing in it)

Geet is looking at her questioningly

Nandini: Woh kehthe hain na...jitna Mehndi ka rang gehra hotha hain..utna hi gehra hotha hain aap ke pati ka pyar..Aur mujhe ache se yaad hain aap ke shadi wale din..aap ke haathon main lagi mehendi ka rang kitna gehra chada tha. Aur dhekiye na..Jiju aap se kitna pyaar karthe hain! (There's a saying that the deeper the colour of henna..the deeper will be the love of your life partner for you...and I still remember the colour of henna in your hands..It was so very deep..and see...Jiju loves you soo much)

Geet remembers the mehendi ceremony during her wedding. Seeing the colour of mehendi that was observed by her hand, The ladies around were teasing her that her would be husband will love her madly. She smiles sadly...LOVE and HIM?

Simran: Sach main Geet...Kitna paglon ki tarah pyar karthe hain woh tumse. (So true Geet...he is madly in love with you)

One more cousin is even more curious.. "Di ...Suhaag raat main...jiju aap ke haathon main ranga huva mehendi main rang gaye honge hain na?" (On wedding night..Jiju would have lost in the colour of your mehendi right?)

Another cousin: "Kya woh apna naam doondh paaye? (Could he search his name in between the design?)

Neighboring friend: "Ya...apni khoobsoorat patni..aur us ki khoobsoot mehendi ko dhekkar khud apna naam bhool gaye?" (Or...did he forget his own name seeing his beautiful bride and her beautiful mehendi design)

(A/N: for those readers who dont know much about Indian wedding: Its a general wedding custom where the bride's henna design will have hidden name of her husband. And during the wedding night, her husband has to search for his name inbetween the henna design :))

While once again all girls lost in their laughs, Geet is again lost in her world which is way far from her cousin and friend's imaginations. Like every girl in her community, she too had dreams about her wedding night...how her husband will take her hand in his and try to trace his name in between the henna design with lot of admiration.. she had simple dreams which will never ever come true..That sudden wedding and the circumstances are to be blamed. All she got to remember about her wedding night is... "LETS NOT CROSS EACH OTHER's PATH" and she is living upto it even till the very minute.

Just then one other cousin rushes in... "Nandini Di.. Lucky Veerji aur Preetho Bhabhi aayi hain" (Lucky bro and Preetho bhabhi are here)

Lucky is Nandini's Maternal cousin (Manjeet's nephew) and Preetho is his wife. They are newly married couple. Also, Nandini and Preetho were class mates and good friends. And that way, Preetho is also well known to Geet as she used to visit Handa Haveli regularly. Geet-Nandini-Preetho and few other friends used to do combined studies and play together during school days.

Nandini: Arre...Preetho bhabi ko yahan leke aao. (Hey...get Preetho bhabhi here)

Geet thinks...Preetho Bhabi? wondering from when she became bhabhi to Nandini.

Geet: Arre Nandini...Is it your friend Preetho?

Nandini: Haan Di...Preetho is now Lucky Veerji's wife...they got married 6 months back and it was purely arranged marriage.

Geet gives a questioning look to Nandini...Lucky would regularly visit to meet his Aunt (Manjeet) During those days when all these girls would do combine studies and also spend some quality time together especially during evenings. There was talks among the girls that Lucky and Preetho are looking at each other and hence Geet doubts if its Arranged Marriage.

Geet: Hmm...Arranged Marriage? Are you sure?

Nandini looks here and there and then answers her.

Nandini: Di...Haan...Ittefaq se yeh shaadi badon ne tay ki hain (Yes...Co- Incendently, it was a wedding arranged by elders)

Preetho walks in and gives hug to Nandini and then Geet.

Preetho: GEET Di.

Geet: Hey Preetho...kaisi hain tu?

Preetho: Hum tho maje main hain..Aap Batao.. Suna hain aap shaadi ke baad bi padayi kar rahi hain? (I am doing great..you tell me...I have heard you are still continuing with your studies even after marriage)

Geet: Hmm... Is saal final year exams dene wali hoon...Aur ...tum? Tum ne aage ki padayi kyon nahin ki? (I am going to give my final year exams..how about you? You didnt continue with your studies?)

Preetho: Kahan Di..Gyarvin padli..bohoth ho gaya. yeh padayi vadayi main mera koi shouk nahin hain (Where di? I completed my 11th standard and that's it..Anyways, I was least interested in studies)

Geet: Haan Haan...Patha hain..Patha hain...tumhare koun koun se shouk hain..aur kya baat hain? Lucky veer ji se shaadi bhi kar li..(Yeah..I know ..I know ...what all interests that you pocess...by the way, what's up? You got married to Lucky veer ji?

Preetho is going all red with Geet's teasings..

Preetho: Kya di...Its Arranged Marriage.

Geet: Mainne kahan pucha...yeh love marriage hain ya arranged marriage? (Did I ask you whether its a love marriage or arranged marriage?)

Again Geet gives a teasing look to Preetho and Nandini comes to her rescue. This is the first time in one year where Geet is being herself , bullying her cousins and friends forgetting the fact all that has happened in the last one year.

Nandini: Di...haan..as I told you...Co-incidence

Nandini and Preetho signal each other ...Geet is looking at them suspiciously

Geet: Co-Incidence? Hmm...waise Nandini...I heard your Fieance ...Kya naam tha unka? Haan Rahul...He and his family are going to attend the function today?

Nandini: Haan di...Rahul is also Cousin brother of Preetho.

Geet: Oh...Acha??

Preetho: Haan di...even theirs going to be arranged marriage you see..

Nandini gives one stern look to Preetho... and murmurs in her ears... "Oye..Did Geet Di ask you if its love or arranged marriage?"

Geet is getting doubt now.. and again teases Nandini...

Geet: Acha..so, even your's is a Co-Incidence, I mean, arranged marriage?

Nandini: Haan Di ...Nandini gives a silliest of her smile.

Geet: Woh bhi..Preetho ke cousin ke saath..haan?

Geet knots her eyebrows teasingly and Nandini is blinking...

Nandini: Shhh..di..Main aap ko sab kuch bataaungi.. is function ke baad. Tab tak jo bhi doubt ho apne paas hi rakhiye... (Shh..di..I will tell you everything but after this function gets over....till then please keep all your doubts to yourself)...Nandini folds her hands and pleads cutely...PLEASE. Geet giggles at her plight and Nandini and Preetho also join her and trio get into a cheerful laugh.

Maan has found a secret hideout from where he can get a clear view of Geet and all what happen surrounding her. He could make out all ladies and girls surrounding her are teasing her and again her face going pink with shyness..and as if his breath was taken away when she was giggling with Nandini and other girl.This is the first time he is seeing her laughing like this. Still could sense some thing missing in her laughter...A paleness and as if huge emotions piled up behind that smile...

back to Mehendi Hall:

Preetho: Di...Aap ke woh kahan hain? (Where is your better half?)

For sometime Geet forgot about the last one year's happenings and Preetho's question gets back to her normal self now...

Geet: Woh bahar kahin honge. (He must be somewhere out)

Nandini: Arre...Preetho bhabhi..haan ...she means to say that, he must be outside somewhere near the mehendi hall and waiting for her...Woh tho hamare Geet di ka saaya ki tarah peecha karthe rahthe hain..(He follows Geet di like a shadow) and you know he followed her till the time she entered the mehendi hall..

Geet nods her head with all the teasing happening as by now she has got used to it.

Preetho: Arre ...Kya baat hain di...Lucky bhi hamara peecha karthe hain..par is tarah? Baap re Baap. Waise aapse bohuth saara gharelu nuske sikhni hogi (Wow...how nice di..Lucky also follows me but not like this...HUH...By the way, I need to learn lot of homely tips from you.). And she winks.

Nandini: Geet Di..Yesterday night was full of fun na? You, me and Rajji slept in the terrace. Lets do that today also. Lucky and Preetho are going to stay here with us. So, like yesterday, shall we all chit-chat and doze off slowly...you see..only we ladies i.e., You, Me, Rajji, Preetho, and even Simran bhabi was telling me that she will join us. Tho aaj raat tho bada maza aayega. (It will be so much of fun tonight)

Preetho: Woh tho teek hain Nandini...par jiju Geet ko aane denge kya?

Nandini: Arre haan I forgot about it completely. He is already following her like a shadow...I doubt he will leave Di even for a night...she turns towards Geet now..Hain na Di?

Preetho and Nandini look at each other and then Geet and give a teasing laugh hitting on Geet's shoulder. While Geet again gets into a serious thoughts to plan out her night time.

Geet ST: Oh no..I have to make arrangements for myself for tonight. Let Maan sleep in my room. And YES..its a good idea for today to spend my time at the terrace. Kal ka kal dekha jaayega...May be I will hide and sleep in Rajji's room from tomorrow..I have to make necessary arrangements and plan well in advance

Geet: Eise koi baat nahin Preetho...I will join you people.

Nandini: Par jijaji?

Geet: There wont be any problem.

Preetho: Well..I doubt Jiju's intentions...she winks at Geet and continues...but there's a possibility when you make him understand with your sweet talks, he will listen. You see..I have made Lucky understand with my sweet sweet talks that today he has to sleep alone and he has agreed.

Geet again gives a weakest of the smile. While Maan has successfully faked an image about himself that he is madly in love with his wife, Geet is the one who knows the actual truth. There's no need of any handwork required...all she needs to do is to get out of her room before he shouts "GET OUT"

She snaps out of her thought when one of her neighboring friend walks in with a message...

Nandini Di...Daarji wanted to meet Geet Di and Jiju.

Nandini: OK..I will bring her once she is done with mehendi.

Soon..Geet Nandini, Preetho and even Rajji are done with the Mehendi and they slowly walk out of the mehendi hall. few more girls who are mix of friends and cousins join them. Geet is again lost in their girlish talks and she is completely oblivious about her husband's presence around and who has by now seems to have lost all the patience. He has been waiting for her in a secret place and hoping on hope she will pass by him and finally she did...and he pulled her with such a force that she didn't even have time to think and react. And she was about to scream out as she really got scared with what just happened and he instantly closes her mouth with his palm..

(To be continued)

continued in PART 13 below...

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Soon..Geet Nandini,Preetho and even Rajji are done with the Mehendi and they slowly walkout of the mehendi hall. few more girls who are a mix of friends and cousins join them. Geet is again lost in their girlish talks and she is completely oblivious about her husband's presence around and who has by now seems to have lost all patience. He has been waiting for her in a secret place and hoping on hope she will pass by him and finally she did...and he pulled her with such a force that she didn't even have time to think and react. And she was about to scream out as she really got scared with what just happened and he instantly closes her mouth with his palm..

On the other hand, Nandini and Preetho and rest all girls didn't even realize when and how Geet went missing from the crowd. They realized it just when they came face to face with Rano.

Rano: Oye Kudiyon...Geet kahan hain? Daarji kab se pooch rahe hain Geet aur Damadji ke liye.

Nandini and Preetho look around.. " Arre...Geet di yahin tho thi...kahan challi gayi? (Geet di was just here around us...where has she disappeared now?

Rano: Arre..She was with you people right? Aise kaise gayeb hogayi? (How can she disappear just like that?)

Rano and the girls really get tensed and confused now wondering how could Geet get disappeared like this? They start looking out for her.

He is all lost in her facial expressions to an extent that once again he has successfully forgot the actual purpose of pulling her towards him as she really looks so adorable and cute in this shocking and embarrassing state

He is all lost in her facial expressions to an extent that once again he has successfully forgot the actual purpose of pulling her towards him as she really looks so adorable and cute in this shocking and embarrassing state.

He is all lost in her facial expressions to an extent that once again he has successfully forgot the actual purpose of pulling her towards him as she really looks so adorable and cute in this shocking and embarrassing state

He takes a few seconds to scan her and notices her hands are stiff as its adored with beautiful henna design. The feel of her soft lips with her hot breath against his palm was giving him a sensation as if his hard palm melting. On the other hand,this is the first time her lips has got to feel him and she is also burning in an equal desire...those desires which she has packed deep within herself as she has no right to feel or even dream about. Then what's happening to her today? She slowly gets back to her normal self and she blinks and looks down and that's the time Maan too realizes his palm still on her soft lips and he slowly takes it out unwillingly.Still his one hand is having a hold on her shoulder.

Just then Rano and the Girls surround Maan and Geet. Nandini, Preetho,Rajji and all other girls around are controlling their laugh to the maximum.

Nandini: Preetho ... see..this is what has been happening since morning.

Preetho: Baap re...yeh tho bohuth zyada ho raha hain. (Oh My...this is way too much) Preetho is made to feel as if Lucky doesn't love her like he used to do before. Patha nahin..why Lucky is not being so romantic these days?

Manjeet and Gang also looks at them from a distance. Wondering what's happening between Maan and Geet and why the crowd has gathered. Looking at Geet's flushed face, she assumes something serious has happened and she is waiting to know what it is. Of Course Rano got to notice Manjeet.

Rano is also amused with the way her damadji is following Geet. But she needs to keep her reactions at bay seeing girls of all ages surrounding them..especially, Manjeet's presence is also making her more alert and finally she breaks her silence.

Rano: Damadji, Geet puttar, is all fine between you both? Why are you standing out of the crowd?

Geet is not able to give any answer. While Maan takes the lead in talking.

Maan: Ji..wo..Ma.. Geet forgot to wear her necklace. I just came here to give it to her.

Geet just couldn't believe her ears. She thinks he is just faking it to cover the situation...but she was proved wrong with the very next action ofMaan.

Maan takes out the beautiful Kundan ka haar (Kundan Necklace) out of his pant pocket and everyone in the crowd were put into shock seeing the shiny Jewel. The Girls scream out... "WOW" .. 😮😱While Rano was feeling asif her Daamadji has some magical powers where in he could read her(Rano) mind so clearly and ensure to act further. Geet is again standing there without any sense or feeling. She knows she didn't forget any necklace in her room and she is getting to see this necklace for the first time. So innocent she is that she doesn't even know that this necklace is one among many other jewelry that was locked within the jewel box which she didn't even open in that one year and she returned it to Daadi before she left from KM.

Rano had the most pleasant surprise of her life. She has never ever come across such an expensive glittering jewellery in her lifetime. To that matter, even Manjeet has got to see something like this for the very first time and with all what's going on, she is fuming with Jealousy with double Capital "JJ".

Rano: Damadji..you did the right thing by getting this necklace. It's really so beautiful..and this girl (Geet) doesn't know how to value these things..

Rano was getting a bit angry on Geet now and Geet was pouting cutely thinking "Ab main ne kya kiya hain? (What did I do now?) ... Maan feels sorry for this..but still smiles within looking at Geet's cute pouted face over her sweet mother-daughter anger filled talks.

Maan: Ma..Aap yeh haar Geet ko pehnadijiye.. (Mom. you help Geet to wear this.)

Now Rano looks at Manjeet...a pricky look with a Smirk and talks a bit louder so that Manjeet and Gang listens to her clearly.

Rano: Arre beta..why me? You make her wear it. While I enjoy the scene...😉

Maan Smiles at Rano and comes to the point where Geet is standing. Her inner self wants to protest as she doesn't want to wear such an expensive chain and she is again put into such a challenging situation that she cannot even voice it out to either Maan or Rano in front of the crowd that's gathered. Her thought process is instantly put on halt when Maan softly touches her shoulder and makes her to turn around slowly so that he can access her from "Back" and it's easy for him to fix the necklace on her neckline. He pushes her long plat to her front side and he stands still for a second looking lost in the mesmerized view of her "back"where her upper part of her body is exposed to his naughty eyes. Where as she has closed her eyes feeling his soft touch on her shoulder and she holds on to her own breath when his hot breath falls on the nape of her neck while he slowly conjoins both sides of the necklace on her neckline.

 Where as she has closed her eyes feeling his soft touch on her shoulder and she holds on to her own breath when his hot breath falls on the nape of her neck while he slowly conjoins both sides of the necklace on her neckline

She let a soft HISS when his fingers accidentally happen to touch the spine line below her nape which only he got to hear and cherishes the feel of her effect of one single feathery touch on her.Wondering what will be her reaction and condition when they get to feel the most intimate moments of their life. He is smiling within with his all naughty thoughts which he never even knew it existed in him.

Geet has still closed her eyes tight where as he is still standing behind her feeling every moment that's passing by. They both are instantly snapped out of their thoughts when all girls around clapped in excitement and Rano had tears of joy in her eyes seeing her daughter looking even more beautiful and adorable with the glittering jewel on her neckline. Where as Manjeet was really burning in Jealousy.

Rano looks at Manjeet again and smiling within. Where as Manjeet was again made to feel small in front of her own friends. All the time she has been taunting Rano on various areas Mainly the jewels that she owns in comparison with Rano. Over and above the jewel factor, Maan's love forGeet is what irking her more. Now her own friends are praising Maan and they are going crazy with the very look of the Necklace which is something they will never ever get to see in their life time and over and above all, love what Maan has for Geet.

Manjeet notices that Nandini is all smiling with happiness truly showcasing herself looking at Maan and Geet. This irritates Manjeet even more and she calls out for Nandini.

Manjeet: Nandini Puttar...what are you doing here? You see..Rahul and his family will be here anytime. You need to be with me and help me arrange so many things.

Nandini gives a sigh and forced to join her mom.

Rano accompanies Maan and Geet to the place where Daarji is seated with other family members and close family friends and Majority of people from the neighborhood. He proudly introduces..Maan to the crowd that had gathered.

Daarji: Yeh hain mere DamadJi...Maan Puttar...

He tells it so very proudly.

Daarji: You all are aware of the fact that under what circumstances my grand daughter's wedding happened. That was the day I had lost my wife and hence no special event could be arranged after their wedding. And today, after one year, that day has come where I can proudly introduce you all to my Daamadji.

Maan smiles at Daarji and then looks at Geet. Her beauty is even more intensified with the kundan necklace that she is wearing and the mehendi design that has been applied on her hand. Where as she looks at him for a very brief moment and steals her glance. She is really feeling odd to stand in front of the close family, friends and known people masking herself. She choose to stop thinking and that should make her life easier at this point of time but nothing is working out for her. There has been nothing between them and today, his presence has only blessed her with a lot of unanswered questions. But no way any single thought is coming to her mind that he is here for her only. She wouldn't believe it even if he screams this fact in front of her today that he has changed for good. That's the deepest impact which last one year has caused to her innocent mind.

Daarji drags Maan to his side and individually introduces him to all people around. Meantime, Nandini's Fiance Rahul and family walk in and they are received with warm welcome by Manjeet and Rajinder. They have heard a lot from Daarji and Rajinder about Geet and Maan and today they are very glad to be invited for this event so that they get to meet Geet and her husband. Daarji personally introduces Maan to everyone.

Nandini drags Rahul and she introduces Rahul to Geet. Just then Geet hears her name taken loudly by someone.


She immediately turns to that direction and surprised to see Ridzi who is walking in along with her dad..Dr. Shashank Soni. Geet is really pleasantly surprised. Dr. Soni was taken by Mohinder so that he and Daarji can introduce Dr. personally to Maan. Where as Ridzi runs to Geet and hugs her with all excitement.

Ridzi: Oye Geet...I was shocked and surprised listening from Dad about this function we have been invited for. Why you didnt tell me since morning?

Geet: Ridzi, Daarji has organised this. I myself came to know about it when I returned home in the evening. Sorry dear.

Ridzi: Its ok dear. ..

Ridzi scans Geet from top to bottom...Oye Hoye...you are really really looking so beautiful Geet..bilkul ek pari ki tarah.. (Just like an angel)

Geet's face becomes small hearing "PARI" ..again pulling her back to her harsh loveless world. Again Ridzi senses Geet is all lost in her own world and not at all reacting to her praising.

Ridzi: Aur kya chal raha hain? Sab tik hain na? (So, what's up? All fine na?)

Geet just answers with "hmm"

Meantime, Dr. Soni is done with meeting Maan and comes and joins Ridzi and Geet.

Ridzi: You know something Dad is more excited to meet you after long time and this event has made a way to it.

Ridzi's dad really admires Geet..same like his own daughter. Her innocence, her positive attitude, her zeal to do something in life and moreover, her hard work in her studies. He was worried for her when he heard about her sudden marriage. But after getting to meet Maan personally via Daarji, he is convinced that Maan is the best match for Geet. Moreover, he is delighted that Geet is allowed to continue with her studies.

Dr. Soni: Geet beta, how are you my dear?

Geet: I am fine uncle

Dr notices her closely and talks further...You seemed to have lost weight and also looking pale.

Geet: Uncle ji...nothing like that..I was more worried for my exams and was concentrating more on it. That's why.

Dr. Soni: Health comes first beta. Please take care of yourself. You know, me and Riddhima couldn't even come to the terms when we heard about your sudden wedding...How is your married life? All fine with you?

Geet simply nods for a YES.

Ridzy: Papa,...Daarji is with Maan and this is the right time to talk to them and take their permission.

Dr: Oh ghosh...one day this doctor will get killed by his own daughter with the level of desperation she pocess.

Ridzy pulls her papa's cheeks cutely and he simply smiles within nodding his head looking at his grown up daughter still behaving like a kid but tries to maintain his stern looks and fails deliberately. Ridzy giggles at him and Geet is really wondering what is it that Ridzy and her papa are discussing about

Ridzy: Ab challiye bhi na.. (Now, lets move)

Dr: Chal raha hoon baba... (I am moving dear) Do I have a choice?

Ridzy again nods her head cutely. Geet always enjoys the father-daughter bond between Ridzy and her papa. But now, Geet is really wondering what ridzy and her papa wants to talk with Daarji? she holds Ridzy's hand with questioning gestures and Ridzy simply drags her along.

Geet: Sambhalke (Careful) Ridzy...My mehendi in my hand is yet to dry up...Waise, Kya chal raha hain? (By the way, what's going on here?)

Ridzy: SURPRISE!!! 😉

Geet, Ridzy and Dr Soni get to the place where Daarji and Maan are seated. Geet's heart was calm for sometime and now it's beating faster and with a pace filled with restlessness..Maan is all lost looking at her and she is looking everywhere apart from him.

Dr: Daarji...I have a request to make.

Daarji: Ji...why are you requesting Dr ji? You have the right to order me.

Dr smiles and continues..woh Daarji..Riddhima's Birthday is coming this weekend. And she has arranged a party for her friends and she wants Geet to stay in our place for at least 2 days.

Daarji: Woh tho teek hain Dr ji. But I am not the one to take decision on this. Its Geet's husband who needs to take the call. And if he doesn't have any problem, then I have nothing to comment for or against this.

Before Dr Talks to Maan, Ridzy turns to Maan and pleads him cutely by holding on to his hand.

Ridzy: Maan Jiju...please please please..let Geet stay with me...during this weekend. It's a matter of 2 days only na? See all my other friends would also be present there.

Maan is really lost. 2 days??He is already finding it difficult to stay away from Geet even for a second and in this case, how will he give this permission that easily. But he is unable to take a decision that will favour him as Ridzi is really pleading him and ofcourse Geet would love to spend quality time with her friends. On the other hand, Geet knows very well that it's a YES from him. He has always stayed away from her..then how does it ever matter to him

Maan: Ridzy...I actually can't decide as its a special event where all your friends are gathering. Hence, I agree to whatever Geet decides.

Ridzy and Dr. are both amused with what they hear from Maan. He is so very practical in life.

Ridzy screams "THANK YOU" holding his hand.

Again it doesn't surprises Geet as she knows very well about his preferences. She assumes he is being manipulative to show off that he cares a lot for his wife and at the same time ensuring his so called wife stays away from him.. All these days since their so called marriage they have been living a separate life and that london trip phase perfectly nailed her heart. He never even bothered to even bid her goodbye or call her at least once and enquire about her wellbeing...still she couldn't help but miss him...to have one glimpse of him. But did he even bother? Why would he? As this is a relationship that's forced on him. then what will matter in her 2 days stay at Ridzy's home? NOTHING..Absolutely NOTHING! Least she knows what turmoil he is going thro. He is literally clenching his fist cursing each and every second he wasted in this last one year... and he is not even getting the true guts to even feel what Geet would have felt and gone through in that one year. He is going helpless with all what's happening around around and he is forced to give into the situation.

Geet ST: Maan is here because Daadi has forced him and also he is forced to show off in front of everyone here in HP that he is madly in love with me...but the reality lies elsewhere. He hates me...simply hates me that's why he has easily agreed to what Ridzy has requested.

Ridzy is jumping away to glory...she just hugs Geet crazily

Ridzy: Oye Geet...I am so sooo happy...So, be ready...we will rock this weekend together.

Geet again gives her an emotionless smile.

Geet: I am glad that you are happy Ridzy. Now, you and Dr. Uncle...please help yourself with Dinner.

Dr: Sure beta..why don't you and Maan, have dinner too?

Geet again looks up cutely. Hey babaji, why are you giving me all troubles in one single day? When it has happened when maad had any food session with me? He hates my mere presence and how on earth he will have dinner with me?

Geet: Ridzi, Uncle, please carry on. We still have to attend to some guests.

Maan: Its OK GEET...we all will have dinner together.

Ridzi is awed once again with Maan's gestures. Where as another confusion is added to Geet's list.

Rano happens to come pass by them and listens to their talk.

Ridzi: Auntyji..kaisi hain aap?

Dr: Namasthe

Rano: Namaste Dr. Ji...Ridzi bitiya...

She turns to Geet and Maan.

Rano: You both please accompany Dr Ji and Ridzi for Dinner. Almost all guests have come here and I will attend to any guests who are yet to visit.

Dr: Maan Geet beta, please join us.. he insists strongly this time.

Now Geet again has to give in to the situation. She is secretly praying her babaji that Maan shouldn't mistake her again as its not at all her fault. Meantime, there are other happenings which she needs to concentrate...especially, her interview which is going to happen the next day.

Geet murmurs to Ridzy: Ridzy..I want to talk to you about something important can you come with me for two minutes.

Ridzy senses she has something confidential to talk and she smartly takes a leave from her papa and Maan taking Geet along.

Ridzy: Papa-Maan jiju, please you both carry on to the dinner venue, we will join you in two mins.

Ridzy Drags Geet without looking back at her papa's and Maan's reaction while Maan simply looks at both the girls till they get out of view.

Dr murmurs to Maan: They both will join us in sometime. Both are like that only...they will get into some sudden girlish secret talks which we men are not allowed to participate.

Dr. looks at Maan and both smile at each other. Let's start with our dinner.


Geet: Ridzy, I need your help again dear. Please come to pick me at 10:00 AM in the morning. I will inform my family that I have some classes.

Ridzy: But Maan is here na? He will feel bad.

Geet: Well, you don't bother about him. He has some other commitments and he cannot drop me.

Ridzy: Geet. I will happily help dear. I am only worried about you. Hope everything is fine with you.

Geet: Haan...haan Ridzy...all fine with me...it's just that I have to go out tomorrow and if not college, It will be difficult to seek permission from Daarji.

Ridzy: Don't worry my dear..I will be here sharp at 9:00 and I will drop you and pick you up again from whichever place you want to go.

Geet: Thank you ...thank you my dear.

Ridzy has no problem whatsoever in helping her best friend. But she is really wondering what is actually happening in Geet's life. There's something really fishy and she has to somehow find it out what's happening.

Ridzy: Chal...Papa and Maan must be waiting for us at the dinner venue.

At the venue:

Dr: Oh..greatest of the achievement...you both are back in just 2 mins by watch? You know, I was just telling Maan that you both will be back earliest by tomorrow morning breakfast...

Ridzy: PAPA...😟😩

Ridzy shouts and fists on her dad's arms cutely. Maan and Geet get to glance at each other for a brief moment.

Dr: Challo..lets get the dinner plates.

Ridzy: Arre Geet..you still have mehendi in your hand.

Dr: Arre..Maan beta will feed her.

Ridzy: Teek kaha papa..😉(Right Papa)

Maan is more than happy to help her. What else he can ask for? But Geet doesnt think in line with him. She really had enough today. She doesn't want to make Maan feel any more discomfort. This dinner itself is just an emotionless gulping down session for her. And now Maan will force himself to feed her? No ways...

Geet: NAHIN... I mean..Ridzy, I will wash my hands and come.

Ridzy: Aur thodi der rakhna...aur acha rang aayega...she tells it with all excitement.

Geet: Jitna rangna tha rangliya... (Its enough of coloring myself) she tells this whilst lost in her own world and her eyes gets moist without her own knowledge.

Ridzy, Dr and Maan look at her surprisingly.

Geet: I ...I mean, I am worried if I keep mehendi for more time, it will become black in colour. So, excuse me for a minute. I will wash my hands and come.

Its Ridzy and Maan who are quite sure that she is actually not referring to her mehendi but her life. This is the first time Maan has felt the pain in her talks and he feels it even stronger when she tries to cover it up so that no one can understand the actual meaning of her talk.

Geet leaves from there and joins them after washing away the mehendi that was adored on her hands. Even in this short time, it had imprinted a dark red colour in her hands and Ridzy is so excited to see it. Whilst having her respective dinner.

Ridzy: Geet...kitna acha rang chada hain. (Wow..its imprinted into a lovely colour)

Geet: Hmm..

Ridzy: Maan jiju..please have a look...

Geet didn't even get enough time to react while Maan who is sitting right next to her takes her palm in his hand and he is all lost glancing at it and caresses it with his long fingers that it giving all ticklish feeling to Geet which she is controlling to the maximum level not to show it off to Ridzy and Dr. She is heaving heavily while he is still lost with the feel of her palm.

Ridzy is giving a teasing look.

Ridzy: Geet... I think Jiju is going to munch away your hands for dinner.😜

Ridzy and Dr let out a laugh and Geet and Maan get embarrassed and instantly snap out of their lost world. And they continue to have their dinner quitely.

Some time passes silently and then Dr. breaks the silence.

Dr: Geet beta, you are so lucky that you have got such an understanding and encouraging husband. He is helping you so much with regard to your education

Ridzy: Haan papa...you know something, Daarji was not sending her to college today and Maan jiju made him understand and made sure that Geet makes it to college today.

Maan: Stop praising me unnecessarily. I know my wife is good in her studies and I will do what it takes to help her.

Geet was about to take a spoon of rice into her mouth when she hears him claiming to be an understanding husband. Then why did he accuse me by calling me "Chote sheher ki anpadh gawar? ... Just because I dared to...she is not able to complete the talk of her own mind and she stops and brings the spoon that's filled with rice back to her plate and she slowly gets up.

Dr: Arre beta, you haven't eaten anything yet.

Geet: I am done with it uncleji..My tummy is full.

By then, Ridzy also finishes with her dinner and Dr gestures Ridzy to join Geet as he intends to talk to Maan.

Dr: Maan beta, don't mind me telling this...

Maan: Ji Uncle?

Dr: Geet seems to be so weak and pale. Also, you see, she is not eating properly. It seems she has developed a poor appetite in this last one year.

Maan too is seriously thinking in line with what Dr has been talking about Geet. Has she been such a poor eater all the time or he didn't notice. Just then it strikes him that he never even once had breakfast, Lunch or dinner together with her. One more reckless behavior of his which puts him to shame. Forget about eating together he has never ever enquired about her well being.

Dr: beta, I guess you are done with your business and foreign trips. Now, please spend some quality time with your wife.

Maan: Ji..Ji uncle. I will ensure to take care of her henceforth.

After some time, Geet and Maan bid goodbye to Ridzy and Dr. Soni and also to Rahul and Family. Once they leave, Geet slowly walks away from there Maan turn to follow her slowly but Daarji caught of him. Daarji was concerned if his damadji is happy with this function or not? Did he have his dinner and so on. But his eyes all glued on his Pari..his Geet.

Sometime Ago, Rajji and Nandini were in discussion that there's not much fun happening in this function and they must do something about it. And Nandini comes up with a naughty idea. She also involves Titoo and one other friend in her plan and explains very well to Rajji and Tittoo what needs to be done.

While Geet is walking back to the haveli, Rajji and Nandini surround her.

Nandini: Di..where are you going? You are yet to have special badam wala kheer (Almond dessert) It's been kept in the haveli hall. Please come lets have it.

Its true that a special dessert has been served in the main hall but Nandini and Rajji are trying to bring in a twist.

Geet: Nahin Nandini...my tummy is really full.

Rajji: Yeh kya baat huvi di? You used to love sweets and desserts so much. And now you are avoiding it. Moreover, you had dinner with Ridzi...at least have dessert with us.

Geet gives a teddy hug to Rajji...with a smile.

Geet: Acha baba...I am coming with you. Bas?

Rajji too responds to the hug...

Rajji: That's like my sweet sister.

Rajji and Nandini wink at each other with a smile as their naughty plan is slowly working out. Nandini turns back at Titoo and winks at him with a thumbs up clearly indicate him to go ahead and do what is planned.

While Maan and Daarji is still indulged in their talks, Titoo goes to Maan and pulls his shirt cutely to get his attention.

Titoo: Maan jiju Maan Jiju...Geet Di has informed you to come to the Haveli hall to have Badam wala kheer.

Maan is really not able to believe what he heard from Titoo...but still he is excited that Geet has asked him to join her.

Titoo and his friend makes sure he takes another entrance which is on the opposite side of the haveli..not the same one which has been taken by Nandini-Rajji-Geet.

As a result, Geet is walking ahead along with Nandini-Rajji and Maan is walking ahead on the opposite side accompanied by Titoo and his friend. Once again their eyes meet and unknowingly they are kept captivated in each other's vision whilst walking ahead. Nandini and Rajji are smiling at each other that their plan is slowly shaping up. Their distance between them is getting reduced with each and every step they are taking still they are so lost in each other. Just when they were only a few inches away and just at that time... Rajji brings her foot forward to Geet's feet and as a result she trembles and loses her balance and directly falls on Maan...

As a result, Rajji-Nandini-Titoo and his friend jump and clap in excitement.

Geet happens to fall on Maan and both lose balance and fall on the ground and it resulted in the most awkward position they are put into. Her soft lips came in direct contact with his "M" shaped ones..their body glued to each other tip to toe and Maan is holding on to her waist and his grip got further strengthened. Both their eyes are closed to feel this very special moment of life. Their lips still glued to each other. They didn't want to break away from this accidental kiss that is giving them a strange pleasure. Geet slowly opens her eyes and attempts to breaks away from him. He too opens his eyes slowly and all lost looking into her eyes which seems to be terrified now...but still its blinking back at him so very cutely which is simply creating a havoc in him. His vision goes further down where her heaving chest is glued on to him and he is able to get a clear view of her deep cleavage. Her hands clinging on to his shirt material covering his abs..Geet instantly follows his vision and looks back at herself and that's when she realizes her own pathetic condition ... and she quickly stands up adjusting herself.

Geet when turned back, She happened to see Manjeet and her friends standing there. Just then Rano came over there as someone had informed her that Geet and Maan fell down.

Rano: Geet Puttar..Damadji...Aap dono tik ho na? (All fine with you?)

Manjeet's friend: Oye Rano..What will happen to them..they seem to be happy in their own world. can't you see...Geet is openly romancing with her husband.

Already Manjeet was fuming with jealousy and how on earth she can miss on this wonderful opportunity?

Manjeet: Rano...is this the way Geet and Damadji behaves? You see they are behaving like a newly married couple as if their marriage happened yesterday. Can't you see there are kids of all ages around. And what will young girls like Nandini and Rajji learn out of this incident? She looks around at her gang of ladies and most of them are Manjeet's friend...what will these ladies talk about our family? Chee!!

While Maan happened to glare back at Manjeet. His attention got diverted to Get who walks back slowly and then runs away from there. Geet is not able to hold on to her tears and she immediately leaves from that place closing her lips..and feeling disgusting thinking about what just happened. It's not only the embarrassment that she got to feel in front of everyone but all what happened between her and Maan. She is aware of the fact that she has no right on him and he has been clearly voicing it out to her. She takes all the blame to herself. Without knowing that it was just a playful trick by Nandini and Rajji, Geet blames herself for her own clumsiness. She should have controlled herself from falling. She reaches a lonely corner in her terrace holds to the rim of the balcony and all what happened today plays behind her mind. Now how will I ever face him..he hates my very presence. He is already upset with me for my advancement towards him on the day he came from London. Wasn't his shouting good enough? And with all what just happened, he must be mad angry on me...She cries her heart out.

PRECAP: A ladies get together at terrace. Will Geet keep up her promise to join them?

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Edited by Vaidhumom - 3 years ago

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This is not Love- MG || Thread II (*Epilogue* Page 137)

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