Arshi: Devi maiyya's wish... chapter 48 (Last chapter)

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Hi dearies
This is my first creation of Arshi, been reading their stories for nearly 2 yrs and this thought has always been running at the back of my mind. Took me so long to write. Hope you will enjoy. Also sorry guys my Hindi is not up to the mark... pleaj excooj

Here is the link to my stories

I felt Khushis self respect was always at stake every time she had an encounter with the Raizadas...

Story starts right in the beginning when Khushi says she will go to Lucknow after the guest house incident. Few changes here and there..

Chapter 1
In RM, Arnav was getting ready for the launch of the calendar event and going through the presentation to make sure everything was just as according to his liking. Last but not the least was the  calendar itself. He was staring at Khushis photo..  "Hum Lucknow jaa rahe hai. Hamesha ke liye (I am going to Lucknow, never to come back)... khushi's words kept ringing in his head.
 Suddenly he thinks of the her resignation "bhaad mein jaaye aap , bhaad mien  jaaye aapke naukri (To hell with you and your job) and get very angry.
 I must stop thinking of that middle class chit of a girl..

Meanwhile all preparations were being made to go to Lucknow. Khushi, Payal and Buaji are not very happy with the idea but they have no choice. They were still worried if the video clip which was published would still be a danger to Khushi. As usual our Sanka devi starts making jilebis and says "Buaji hum aakhri baar yeh jilebi deke aayenge preeto ke mausi ko' (Buaji I will give preetos aunt these jilebis for the last time) and sprints off to her neighbours house. 
At preeto mausis house, mausi introduces her to her cousin Kedar who runs a hotel.
"khushi beta inse milo humare Bhai Kedar." (Khushi, meet my cousin Kedar) Preetos mausi introduced..

Khushi happily replied, "Namaste kedarji , aap bhi leejiye jilebi. Humne khud banaya. Woh kya hai ki hum Lucknow wapis jaa rahe hai tho sabko mitai de rahe hai (Please take some, I have made them myself, we are going back to Lucknow, )

"kyun beta dilli mein aisi kya kharabhi hai...mmm array wah aisi jilebi khaake itne barso hogaye, apna dost shashi ki yaad aa gaya" (Whats wrong in Dilli,... wow these jilebis are just like the ones my friend shashi used to make, its been ages since I ate such jilebies)   said Kedar while munching the delicious  jilebis..

Khushi was surprised to hear shashis name n wanted to make sure if it is her babuji. "Aap kis shashi ke baare mein baat kar rahe hai (Which shashi are you talking about)

Kedar beamed with pride saying "woh tho hamara chaddi dost hai Lucknow mein. Khud ka dukhan has swastik mishtaan bhandar. Wohi aisa jilebi banata tha" (He used to be my childhood friend. Had his own sweet shop and he used make just like these)

Khushi was so happy she bent forward to take his blessings and said "woh tho hamare baabuji hai "
(He is my babuji)
Kedar   wished to see Payal and both buaji and Payal soon came to preetos mausis house. Now there was no stopping any of them, buaji vaguely remembered Kedar as well but had forgotten over the years. Also she was not aware that he was their neighbours cousin.
 While exchanging all the pleasantries  Kedar offered Khushi and others if they could supply with Lucknowi sweets. This was something they had never thought of and as they not very keen on going to Lucknow anyway.. 
Thus they all started their next phase of their journey... not in Lucknow,   but very much in Delhi itself...

Precap ..  arnav and khushi meet...

How was it... please comment

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nice pls update soon
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Posted: 2 years ago
Hope this venture works out for Khushi so she can show the rich people what the middle class can do.
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Posted: 2 years ago
awesome start
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Posted: 2 years ago
Awesome start. I really love showbased track FFs. Please don't discontinue it and do update soon.
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Posted: 2 years ago
Superb start
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Posted: 2 years ago
Interesting start 
Khushi started supplying sweets 
And now they will be in Delhi only 
Continue soon 
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Thanks dearies for all the likes and comments,..
 here is the next part, a bit long, hope u all like it.

Chapter 2
The three ladies got busy with all the sweet making and the family started to look a bit settled after a few weeks. Thought the business was not at its best at least they had some peace of mind.. considering Khushis adventures at AR. 

Happyji was more than happy to help out the girls with all the shopping and delivering the sweets. Payal too started getting out of her shell slowly and actively started helping khushi outside the house as well, even though she was still shy... but she realised she too needs to support tag family when Khushi is doing so much...

All this while snake Shyam was trying to play low. He was out of the picture since he knew the job he had suggested to Khushi had ended up turning very sour.. "Buaji something urgent has come up and I will be away for a few days... he said in his sweet slimy voice, and buaji as usual gave credit to his good nature!!!  

On the other side, Arnav could not get Khushis thoughts out of his head. During the day he immersed himself more at work,.. but nights, he could not get away, he would still dream about the photo shoot and how he was mesmerised by her beauty, and the passion she ignited in him when he saved at the car park in heavy rains.. 

Soon khushi got an order for delivering sweets for a big wedding party. The Mehtas were from Lucknow origihally and very influential in Lucknow.  Their elder son Kunal was getting married. Their younger son Karan was a charmer!! The invitees were from far and wide and the Raizadas were not to be missed.

"This is a good opportunity for Lavanya to accompany Chote, after teej, this is the next occasion where Nani can meet her thought Anjali 
(Note. La is not living in RM, she is still in her flat, Anjali is trying to match them up..)

Early morning as Arnav was dashing off to his office, Anjali cried, "Chote bring Lavanya in the evening, we are all going to Kunals wedding,.. 

"Sure Di, Arnav replied, unaware of the fact that he will be accompanying them. . " arre mere chote you will be coming as well " thought Anjali but left it as she knew she can convince him to drop them and ask him to stay...

Meanwhile in GH,
Khushi  while dipping all the freshly fried jilebis into the yummy syrup, was shouting at the top of her voice, 
"Buaji get all the special boxes, trays out of the cupboard, we have to deliver directly to the wedding,.. Jiji where are all your lucknowi  embroidered material, we can use it to cover the trays, it will give a special lucknowi effect, tan ta na... 

Buaji as usual said, "hai re Nandkishore... this girl is going to keep me on my toes... ye payaliya come and help me get them from the attic...

Payal got all the samaan packed and said, "Khushi we cant wear the normal clothes, we need to deliver to the wedding, kuch decent pehen lete hai,.. chalo jaldi karo (lets wear something decent, common lets go) I dont want to stay long the guests will start pouring in...

The traffic however did not let them get to the venue any earlier, but they were on time,... they did not waste anytime, but got to setting up all the sweets along with the other caterers. Karan was seeing to it that all was being done properly in the kitchen. He could not stop looking at khushi and mentally noted "I must get introduced to her,...

Arnav was busy through out the day with back to back meeting, forgot to inform La, when he got the call from his di, "Chote I asked you to come early with lavanya, shadi pe jaana hai, (We need to go to the wedding)

"Oh di I completely forgot. I will send her with the driver,

Anjali knew when to trap her chote and she said, "Chote, mohanji had to go early, Mami and nani are going with the other driver, you have to come to take us! 
"Di I cant, .. however he was cut short by his Di, "Ok Chote no problem, we will cancel, Mami and Nani will go anyway,.., 

"Di I will ask Akash to drive you there..

"Akash kaam ke waje se Noida gaye ha, aur woh seede shadi mein pahuchenge, Dont worry chote, koi baat nahi,. Koi baat nahi." (Akash has gone to Noida on work and will come straight to the venue, dont worry, its ok, its ok)

Obviously Anjali knew chote would eventually agree and said "Ok di, aap log tayyar ho jao, I will bring Lavanya...(OK di, get ready )

After all the hurry burry, the ladies finally got ready. .Arnav drove to the venue,  dropped the family members and went to park,.. The wedding was indeed very grand and the mehtas did not leave any stone unturned to show off their wealth,.. La was very impressed, Shyam was bowled over,... 

As Arnav was about to enter, he felt a gentle breeze and time stood still. Arnav slowly whispered "Khushi,... aise kaise ho sakta hai, woh tho lucknow chali gayi..(How can this be possible, she has gone to Lucknow)

Meanwhile Khushi stopped doing her work and she was in a trans everything went still..

 Payal nudged her "Khushi kahan kho gayi ho,... (Khushi, where r u lost)

Khushi realising what may be the cause said, "Jiji mujhe lagta hai woh Arnav singh Raizada bhi aya hai, woh bhi tho Lucknow se hai na, aur itni badi party hai... Chalo jiji hum chalte hai, apna trays sab baad mein lelenge,.. (Jiji I think ASR has come, he is also from Lucknow, lets go from here, we will collect out things later)

Payal soon finished and  Khushi said, "Jiji hum manager to batake aate hai aap chalo happyji intezaar kar raye hai...(Jiji I will speak to the manager and come, Happyji is waiting u go)

Khushi after meeting the manager rushed out so that she will not have to meet any of the Raizadas, however in her hurried clumsiness, she banged straight on to Arnav who was entering the party. Arnav held her arms so as to not let the person fall, but immediately khushi shouted.. 
"dekhe nahi chal skate kya... (Can u not see and walk)

 Both were dumbstruck to see each other. Everything stopped around them , however it did not take long for Arnav to get angry and he lashed out, "tum yahan kya kar rahe ho" (What r u doing here)... thinking of all the times she had occupied his thoughts, he blurted out, " oh.. mujhe nahi pata saka tho Karan ke peeche aa gayi..." (Oh you couldn't get me, so you have come for Karan is it?..)
Khushi could not believe her ears, and in her confused state of mind said... "Karan,... woh kaun,.(Karan,...who is that).. then realising with whom she was talking,... she said, "waise bhi mujhe aapse kuch nahi baat karna (Anyway, I dont want to talk to you) and rushed out  from there..

Thats it for today,... 

How is it guys...please comment, even  tomatoes,... rotten eggs,...Confused will do

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