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Hi dearies , some Short stories post in this thread .. enjoy guys .. yeah i had written this story for Maaneet Farewell thread & Anniversary celebration. 

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                                           Kabhi Alvida Na Khehna

Note: i already mentioned , posted on maaneet farewell party thread , this OS dedicated for all participant in maaneet farewell party so i added their IF names.

Hi dearies , One more story from my craziness .. enjoy guys .. yeah i had written this story for Maaneet Farewell thread.

Little Intro 


Maan Singh Khurana : 25 yrs old, jovial type,working in KC.

Geet Handa: 23 yrs old, love to gardening work & working in KC & very kind character

Dadimaa- grandmother of maan

Annie- sister of maan

Rajveer- dad of maan

Sharmila @Sharmi - mom of maan

Pammi- step mother of geet

Raji-step sis of geet 

Priya- best friend of geet 

Sanju- best friend of Maan

Preet- best friend of priya ,geet ,sanju 

Kalpi- Assistant of priya & sanju ( yeah very poor character LOL)
friend of girls gang & maaneet 

Sanju & Priya - best friend & also best Wink

City Hospital

Whenever  we hearing hospital name , we have some fear in corner of heart , If anything happen to anyone .if person is safe or not  , yeah more times that places making person alive ,sometimes persons left also .if  we were loving person to deeply , we  never want that person say good bye to us , if  our loving person in critical condition , how could we feel in hospital, yes we feel like we stand in burning of fire or our heart beat not stabled one ..same situation happening in one man life , if he get his love back  or she say goodbye to him, he don't want her goodbye permanent ly , she want alive for him , let see god show any mercy for him and his love .

Hospital ICU corridor , its very silent . its seems like big storm crossed like silence .yes big storm crossed in his heart , his mind , heart , all his veins thinking about her , only her .

 A Man sitting in chair outside of icu , his face so pale , his brown eyes around area were swollen insake of crying , may be he did not slept last 24 hours even his eyes did not closed single blink , his mind and heart screaming , if any doctor say good news for him.even his face more guility because of him , she in critical stage ..if anything happen to her , he cannot forgive himself even he cannot live also why not she is his love , hmm stupid guys not realize her pure love , he thought that she is good friend for him , he shared everything with her even his love, no no..not love just crush for Girl , insake  he did not realize her love much he hurt her but she always hidden her pain infront of him , her lips crept on smile for him . Doctor touched man shoulder and his eyes sight caught doctor while his eyes asking his love alright before his mouth open with doctor.

 Doctor : sorry Mr. Khurana, she counting her last  breathe left  as his word broken him more..

Mr.khurana touched ICU door glass while his hand feel for his love face : plz don't do with  me, I am stupid , I am not realize ur love, I am sorry , forgive me , u r  iron lady , u faced everything alone,but today , I am with u , u r not alone ..plz come back .. his tears hit his cheeks while inside his soul have tears flicked in her eyes , she know him in and out more than anyone.. she is fighter , now she  fight for her life and dead not for her sake, just for him.

M.K short form Mr.Khurana.

M.K  legs moved out hospital like zombie person and  his heart and mind not in his control , his leg stopped in hospital Garden as his eyes fallen garden flowers , little smile crept on his lips , that garden flowers remembered  his first meet with her .he closed his eyes as recall their past cherish moments still alive in his heart like new blossoms flowers.

Man : oh god, why today more traffic in delhi . I need go soon otherwise I  get more scoldness by boss while rubbing his cheek ..his angry mood calm after hearing giggling sound in his left side of view 

Girl standing in some flower pot in her hand , her smiling sound like some coins drop down to ground .

Girl give pot to old lady : aunty , u asked this flower pots right .

Aunty : thanks dear.. give some amount to girl .

Girl take amount from old lady : aunty, take care this flowers  and don't placed in very sunny place. just placed in little warm place .

Aunty : yes , dear.. everytime u saying same instruction for me ..with teasing tone.

Girl pout face : aunty don't tease me .. u love this flower fragrance ( Khushboo)..

Aunty : I got from u , surely this flowers give more fragrance and its make my  place more beautiful , I asked u special rare piece . I forgot flowers name ..when I will get dear

Girl:  u mean Pixelflower , that flower really rare piece . next week I will deliver aunty,bye aunty .. I need go soon , today my first day office ..

Aunty : all the best dear ..

Girl smiled look at flower pot : u r not say all the best for me .. with cute pout face.

Some wind hit pot flowers while flowers swing lightly and girl got super happy , she had taken flowers swing as flowers saying All the best for her .

Girl smiled widely : bye aunty .. thank u with flying kiss to flower pots .

Man smiled broadly : she so cute .. behind horn sound realized traffic jam cleared .. his bike zoomed out the place.


Man enter his office and waving hand to his collegue and everyone replied broad smile to him..

Man take file move to MD cabin opps sudden bump to someone , his arms caught person waist before person fallen to ground .. man surprised  seeing person face (mind) same girl met in traffic signal . her eyes open lightly as her glimpse fallen handsome young man.her eyes widely as she realized she in his arms .. man smile crept on his smile seeing her face reaction.. he helped her for standing in her own feet.

Man: cutie , are u alright..

Girl : ji..with confused face.

Man: are u alright..

Girl : yes ..with eyes lash down ..

Man : I am Maan .. with show his right hand for shake ..

Girl smiled and shook his hand : I am Geet .. Newlyy joined in KC ..

Maan : welcome geet , come I introduce to everyone .geet nods her head silently behind to maan.


Maan placed coffee mug to geet table : how is ur first day , geet ..

Geet: its good ..

Maan: don't worry , Ms.lizzie explained everything , if u understand anything asked her , she help u .dont hestiatae ..feel free .

Geet : thanks

Maan : for coffee ..

Geet nods her head negatively : for everything..

Maan : My pleasure mam..

Maaneet talk with some times while two person eaves dropping their conversation..

Tasha : sasha, I mean sasha mam..what u thinking about them.. they talk freely like they know very well in childhood days .

Sasha : Tasha , I am not interest with him  and that behanji ..

Tasha: but he so hot and chocolate boy in our office.. his smile .. omg god with dreaming way..

Sasha : yes , but my eyes only for dev sir  .

Tasha : mam, he already married with meera .. even he is our boss son and next Owner of KC.

Sasha grinned teeth : I know... Go give this file to Mahika .. with fuming face.

Office pantry 

Maan: Geet , u love flowers ...while sipping his coffee.

Geet : yes  maan, I love flowers so much . flowers my friend . in my garden , I  am planting variety of flowers , u come to my home, u also like it .

Maan : I am not ur friend with fake angry face.

Geet smiled : u r my best friend ..

Then whom am I for u madam ..angry voice behind from geet back .. she turn look at person , person standing with angry face.

Geet smiled broadly : Priyanka .. with surprised & excited voice.

Geet jerked from her chairs and hugged her tightly : 

Priya .. what a surprise ..

Priyanka : don't talk with me, geet handa while  stay away from her hug and geet pout look at priya..

Maan sad for geet : Ms. Priya , she is ur friend , why u angry with her.

Priyanka: hello mister , she is my best friend not for u with possessive voice.i am right na , Ms handa with warning tone

Geet smiled  and nod her head as signed accept she is her best friend .. no one got her place.

Maan (mind): geet is very silent type but she is jungli bili type how both were best friend with confused face.

Geet whisper maan : maan , plz look at her like that, she will punch ur cheeks , don't mistake her , she so sweet person and her heart like baby .. trust me ..maan blinked his eyes .

Priya tapped her foot : I am waiting .. u come with me or not ..

Geet : yes priya , but I am in office .. first tell me.. how u know about iam work in KC.

Priya : I am priyanka agarwaal , my dad one of the clients of KC. I come for meeting , I saw u moving pantry  area with him. But u hided with me ,u  r working in KC.

Geet : sorry .. maan excused left the place while give privacy two friend

Priya :its ok .. Sunday ur free ..we will go outing ..

Geet : No Priya ..i need to delivery more flowers pots and more work to pending..

Priya : when u think about u , geet even they did not think about ur wellness ..

Geet : no Priya, they worried about me .. they were my family , I earn for them..

Priya : u never changed .. ok whenever u free, call me and I  will come .. side hug with geet ..

Geet : I know u always with me.. priya left the place..

Maan come back to geet side : Ur jungli billi friend left out ..

Geet mouth open widely : maan , don't call jungli Billi .. she is so sweet...with pout face..

Maan nod his head : ok  baba sorry .. smile .. geet smiled lightly ..

Sunday ..

Geet hit scooty bike handle forecily but bike not started : babaji ..see my bike not start .. I need go deliver this flower pots to everyone .. with pout face.

Maan bike stopped infront of praying geet : Geet, this is not temple nor home. U r standing in mid of road but u praying with ur babaji with rolled his eyes.

Geet : maan .. what r u doing here ..

Maan : come for praying with shook his head ..

Geet : maan, don't tease me ..

Maan :ok ,baba tell me..why u doing crazy activities in road .

Geet pout : my scooty repaired but I need deliver my flowers to everyone.

Maan : come I drop u ..

Geet : u going somewhere , no I go myself .. u carry on .

Maan : u r my friend , I help u ..what u r problem, oh I understand , u not trust me , I scared for bike ride with me with dramatic sad face.

Geet closed his mouth through palm : Mr.maan, stop ur bak bak.. we need deliver more place. . maan nods his head ..

Both left the place.

Maan drving bike and geet sitting back with him..: geet, first where I will drive .

Geet : Lakshmi apartments ..maan drive to lakshmi apartments.

Geet : maan, stop here, apartment came.. u wait her .. I deliver this flower .. I come back soon.

Maan: no I am also come with u ..

Geet : Ok , u deliver this pots to  MG13 flats and I deliver to RM14 flat .. maan nod his head ..

Geet delivered and come back to parking area but maan not return back..

Geet : maan...where r u, I delivered Vaidhumom house before 10 minutes . why he take more time

Maan fear face come to parking area and without say anything he start bike said geet sit back soon. She sit back seat without asking anything.

 Maan stopped far from apartment : time god, I escaped ..with take long breathe..

Geet : what happened maan..with worried face.

Maan : I went apartment and press door bell .. one lady opened door.. she smiled widely ..her dressing sense not good with yuck face, she pulled me inside , placed her hand to my cheeks while rubbing my temple , she tried to with horror face..

Geet mouth open O shape : then .. with horror face.

Maan : she said ..i am waiting for u long time .. and I gulped my saliva ..her hand travelling to my neck.. I tried to push her hand but she pinned her hand to wall  as she locked me . I said , I am not person..ur mistaken me . she said I know , u r not my person but he look more handsome than him with wicked eyes. I pushed her ground . and run out from apartments ..with said in one breathe

Geet : which apartment , u went..

Maan: MD13 ..

Geet hit her forhead : I said MG13 .. u went to wrong flat.

Maan: oh no I went to not only wrong flat even wrong member also.. omg I saved my sanity otherwise..with relieved face

Geet blashed her laughter: otherwise , next day newspaper young man ..maan closed her mouth as signed don't say anything with horror face.


Maan : now where r we going...we delivered everything right.

Geet : no , I need go Sharma house ..they need 1,000 flower pots for daughter marriage to return gift to their  guest .its super idea , return gift is flowers .

Maan admiring geet : how manage everything easily , I never saw ur sad face, I see only ur smiling face. Ur efficient worker in office and outside lovely girl to ur customers, without rest u doing ur job , how could u doing easily without show frown face to anyone .u got job why u selling plant .why u did not quit.

Geet : maan stop ur question bank  , planting my hobby and job my passion .Planting flowers give more happiness and My job give me good friend .. both job important in my life . .. ok let go Sharma house ..Mr.driver ..with teasing tone.

Maan : yes Mam.

Maaneet come to Sharma house.. , more crowd in Sharma house..some function happening in mansion..

Geet : come inside ..

Maan : No geet , u go inside..i wait for u.. geet signed , went to inside house..

Maan got boring and saw geet missed her phone in his bike ..

Maan : she forgot her phone, without her phone how she note on everything .. some time  she was crazy .. more time she was cutie with smiling face.. maan come inside Sharma house.. his eyes caught smiling geet .. she make any place to lighten , make anyone to happy .

Maan : geet .. everyone turn look at Maan ..his smiling face change to horror face.

Geet  jerk up from sofa and come to maan as dragged maan to make sit down next with her and some eyes angry glare to maan , his face reply pout look at them.

Geet : Mam, meet Maan..

Oldlady : oh maan.. nice to meet u , Maan with little grinning teeth.

Maan : nice to meet u , mam  with uneasy tone .

Oldlady : Geet beta, he is ur deliver boy.. maan mouth open widely with fuming face.

Geet: No.. mam.. with shocked face.

Young girl: dadimaa, he is her boyfriend ..i am right maan sir .. with murdering look to maan.

Maaneet unison : No..

Geet: he is my friend and collegue ,annie scooty punctured, he gave me lift.

Annie : oh , I see ... Her eyes guestered to maan, she saying truth .. maan nod his head .

Annie murmuring dadi ears : dadimaa, I feel something fishy , morning we asked drop Sharma uncle house , he denied our request , now whole day he roaming with geet .

Dadimaa : right , annie.. we were in Sharma house, we deal with him in our court.. by the way call her bhabhi ..not geet..

Annie: u fixed her to maan bhai.. I am ok .. but dad, mom , bhai & bhabhi..accept their love..

Dadimaa: first  maan accept his love infront of us..then only we think about other members..

Maan(mind): geet ki babaji, plz save me from two devils, they surely tease me to hell level.. omg they planning something .. plz god save me...

Geet shake his arms and maan look at geet : what happen , maan.. I think u r not comfortable in this place.. no problem , we go outside..

Maan : no geet, I am ok ..

Geet : Ms.sharma , I call u later ..geet look at dadimaa and annie : my pleasure meet u both..

Dadimaa : me too geet beta..

Annie : we r right na, Maan sir .. with stress tone.

Geet : bye mam, bye Annie..

Annie : bye bhabhi ..with slow voice..

Maan heared her word with angry glare to annie ..before he say anything to annie..geet dragged him outside..


Geet : Maan, I am hungry .. we will go any restaurant ..

Maan :favourite restaurant near only..u come with me beautiful lady..with flirty tone.

Geet whacked his shoulder playfully  : lets go.. restaurant name..

Maan : shawo restaurant ..

Maaneet drive start to restaurant while  three pairs eyes shocked maaneet together going in bike ride..

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Part 2

Maan dropped geet in her house .geet insist come inside but maan denied as its already late and he come pickup her tomorrow.

Geet : thanks  maan, because of u, today I enjoyed so much.

Maan nods his head lightly : me too enjoyed ..ur company not that much  bad with teasing face.. geet twisted her lips .

Maan: bye .. Good night..

Geet: Good night maan...his bike zoomed out but her eyes strucked in his bike way..

U come inside or waving ur boyfriend night time fully with taunting tone ..

Geet turn look at person: oh ..maa..he is my friend..

Young girl: friend or boyfriend with disgusting face.

Geet: raji & maa.. he is my friend ..

Maa:how many times I said  don't call me maa, I have only one daughter, raji ..i am ur step mother .with angry tone .

Geet : ji .. with slow sad voice

Maa : ur father ran out from house , now u will try run out with him right .. geet eyes moist ..

Maa : u go roaming anywhere but don't spoil my name and my daughter name.. come inside and give delivery amount .. geet give whole amount to step mother. She went inside as raji smirked look to geet ..behind to her mother.

Geet take long breathe , its normal for geet , but they talk about maan.. , she did not like anyone badmouth to maan.

Geet sit garden cot  , cot surrounding beautiful flowers .. and her habit talk with flowers .

Geet : today , I enjoyed with maan so much . I don't know why I feel that If he is with me, I am very secured . her mind thinking about maan but her phone ring distracted her ..

Geet pout face attended her call : hello priya

Priya : time god u remember is ur outing today with teasing tone..

Geet : outing ..with confused face.

Priya : outing with ur maan.. geet cheeks turned to light pink hearing my maan..

Geet : no , Priya , he is my friend .. don't imagine more..

Priya : really , say one thing ,u went to drive any boys except maan in ur life time..

Geet : No ..

Priya : u love him. So .u went drive with him..simple ..

Geet : no priya, I trust him..yes I like him also with slow voice ..

Priya smiled : no problem , u trust him soon u love him also.. and any other news u want share with me.

Geet excited face: yes, Next week  groom family come to see raji . I am happy for her ..

Priya hit her forehead :god sake geet, they won't u geet , they never accept ur also their family ,they want only  ur money ..plz shift to my place.. but u did not come with me..with angry face.

Geet smiled : they are my responsibilities ..

Priya : u never changed .. god only send angel for ur life..

Geet  giggled : Angel or devil..

Priya: u get only Angel ...good night.. tomorrow I come to pick up u ..

Geet : but maan said, he come to pick  me..with pout face

Priya : Acha ji.. no issues, messaged him.. don't come tomorrow .. I  will come for u.. bye ..cut the phone..

Geet : ok..with sad tone.

Maan slowly enter in his home and slowly his leg move to stairs ..some one tapped his shoulder..maan closed his eyes murmur.. I  finish..

Maan turn his face : hi dadimaa, hi annie with sheepish smile..

Dadimaa: hi Maan singh Khurana..

Maan: dadimaa..i am very tried .. I am going sleep ..bye ..annie dragged him to hall before his leg move to stairs steps.

Annie : bhai..we need talk more , u cannot escape from us with warning tone.

Maan : don't think wrong way.she is my friend ..just friend..

Dadimaa: then why u  not introduce to her ..i am ur dadi and Annie is ur sister.

Maan : she don't know I am from khurana family .. she thinking I am his colleuge and from middle class.. otherwise she did not talk with me freely ..

Annie : so she don't know about u , no problem, I will tell her..i already got her number from  Ms Sharma aunty . with excited face.

Maan: don't do that.. with warning tone.. dadimaa, she is my friend .. plz try to understand ..

Dadi blinked her eyes to annie nod her head..

Maan beta, u came , have ur dinner baby..with loving tone..

Maan : mom..i had dinner outside ..

A middle age woman come from kitchen while wiping his hand from clothes..

Maa : baby, outside food  not good for ur health with concern voice.

Maan : mom, i went with my friend ..sorry next times  its not happen..

Maa : ok baby.. go to sleep.

Annie chuckled face: dadimma.. baby ..

Dadi : yes .. he planning for his marriage but ur mom addressing him to baby.. my daughter in law very innocent person. With murmuring tone.

Maa: maan baby , ur dad said after u come back , meet him to his study room ..and maaji, priya asked come her home once.

Maan horror face: Priya , why she asked u come home , mom.

Sharmi: Priya is our neighbor  why u scared ..

Maan (mind): She is priya Not priyanka .. with relief faceBig smile., Maan nods his head and left to study room. but then he think she is not bad , geet likes her... Wink

Dadimaa: sharmila bahu, he is not baby..

Sharmila : maaji.. but he is my child na.. with pout face.

Dadi rolled his eyes with murmuring face: I don't know in these years ,how my son managning four children perfectly..

Annie with confused face: dadi..four children, me, dev bhai and maan bhai ..only three children..

Dadi: ur mother is ur father first  child .. she so nave ..after ur mother enter in my son life , he got more success , she made his life to heaven .same way I want our maan life also settled down , dev already married to our sweet meera, ur life soon settle with Arjun .. he is prefect guy for u ..annie blushed hearing arjun name.. now maan turn ..

Annie : dadimaa u like geet I mean geet bhabhi because u see bhabhi character similar to mom character .. then only u fixed geet become my second bhabhi .. I am right..

Dadi: exactly ..geet dido like ur mom..she is prefect to maan.. even I saw their love with each other eyes .

Annie :dadi, our buddhu bhai saying she is his friend only with  sad tone.

Dadi :  he realize his love soon..ur father also realize love later only..

Annie : really ...omg dadimaa, my friend  Nehaa come to whatsup .. I am going..

Dadimaa :   nehaa.. or Arjun with teasing tone

Annie : dadimaa..with blushing face.

Study room

A middle age man reading his office file sincerely and maan knock door while man head look up from file .. his eyes signed come inside .

Maan: Dad..

Dad: maan, when u take over ur MD post in KC.. with serious tone.

Maan kneel down infront of him and cupped his palm : dad, not now..plz I need more experencie after I take over KC..plz with puppy face.

Dad: I think , u enough knowledge take over company , u r brother and meera will be shift to London soon, he will take care London branch , annie marriage also fixed with arjun . now ur turn , I need u too settle down ur life soon ur dadi wish also same .

Maan : dad.. ok after annie marriage I will .. but our staff don't know my real identity .. I am ur son..

Dad: this is ur unquie personality , without using my name,  u get own place in our staffs heart. U have wonderful bonding with them .

Maan : After they know about my identity , they not go away from me, they not hate me right ..his mind thinking geet , he did nt why..

Dad  smiled : if they know about u truly , they never leave u .. maan smiled

Maan : thanks dad..

Dad: tomorrow , come soon office , u need meet Riya.Raj.. and Ms.Suhaira Malik.. both need ur presentation only..u impressed anyone easily..with teasing tone.

Maan : dad.. with little embrass tone

Dad: arhhh.. I am saying truth , my boy ..Rajveer singh khurana never judge people wrongly with proved tone.. ok go to sleep ..

Maan: Ok boss.. wished him left the place.

Rajveer: oh my son thinking about staff or geet .. she so sweet girl .. many times I noticed their closeness but maan not realize his love .my stupid son ,he is sharp in every matter, when come to love matter , he dido like me.. with shook his head lightly.

Some one touched maan shoulder, he come out from past .. and his tears look at back ..

Maan hugged him : dad.. with crying face.

Rajveer: shh.. don't cry ..nothing happened to geet..

Maan : I  am stupid,  I hurt her .. so much..

Rajveer : shhh.. my son very brave person , he never give up , now what happen with u ..

Maan : dad, now I realize , she is my strength.. without her , I cannot alive dad..plz do something.. I want her .. before me everyone know that she is my angel , my life .but I am not ..

Rajveer: its not ur mistake , maan.. she never open her feeling with u not with  anyone .

Maan : No , she never share her pain to anyone , she don't want pity for her , she need everyone happiness .. when I said  I  am in love with Sam , she shattered but she never show her sad face.

Rajveer smiled : u know her pain more than anyone, yes i agreed, u did not recognize her love but whenever she have problem , u stand with her right , now also stand with her , make her feel , she not alone.. u need her.. she come back for u ..

Maan nod his head , rajveer : lets go inside, everyone waiting for u .. I already called special doctor treat for her but she need ur support ..

Maan: thanks dad..

Rajveer: thanks for ur dad with chuckling face. She is not only for ur love, she is my future daughter in law. Don't forgot ..

Maan smiled lightly .. both inside hospital.. dadimaa, annie , dev & meera waiting for maan and rajveer..

Maan: where is Mom ..

Dadi: she is going temple pray for her daughter in law.

Maan : sorry ..

Dadi : maan, nothing happened to her ..


Sharmila give pooja items to priest and fold her hand infront of god idols .tears flicked in her eyes .

Sharmila : plz god , save her .. I cannot see my children suffer .. with moist eyes .in ur temple only I met her first time.. u only gave rising my wish for her , she is my maan wife. Plz  save her.

Flashback start..

Sharmila smiled seeing girl antics in temple .. she cursing god with cute angry face.

Sharmila touched her shoulder and girl look at sharmila ..

Girl: Namaste aunty, sorry I did not recognize u , u know me already with confused face.

Sharmila nod her head negatively : No beti .. I don't know u before but today onwards I know u ..

Girl  smiled : oh .. I am geet handa ..ur sweet name aunty..

Sharmila : I am sharmila khurana..

Geet : beautiful name like u ..

Sharmila sit in stairs and make geet sit down next with her : why u angry with  God..

Geet : I am not angyr with god, he only angry with me.. today groom people come to see my sister  but my fate I cannot attend her function, why god hate me.. I am also god child right .with pout face.

Sharmila smiled : ur good in heart , why u cannot attend sister function

Geet : oh.. aunty..

Sharmila : ok don't say .. but remember if groom  see u first he want marry u rather ur sister better u dont go infront of them .. with naughty tone.

Geet smiled : aunty , apb bina ..

Sharmila : Geet dear, will u help me .. I am going near mall. U select gift for me .. if u have free time.

Geet : sure aunty .. I never shopping with my mom..she died after my birth  with painful voice

Sharmila understand her hidden pain word : lets go beta, my daughter & daughter in law join us.. u never bore with old woman.

Geet : no aunty , ur heart more younger than  me.

Shopping mall

Sharmila & geet have great time in mall.. Geet first time enjoyed mother warmth from sharmila..

Sharmila : geet beta, see that shop  Sonia collection s ..her collection very elegant.. u come with me ..we select dress from that shop ..geet nods her head ..

Sharmila phone ringed and she attend the call : beta where r u ..i am in Iptida shop .. u come soon and cut the call

Geet : who aunty

Sharmila: my daughter & daughter in law..

Geet face chaged to pale (mind): geet , why show ur dull face to her..she is not her mother..u enjoyed her company few minutes ..dont wish more its never happen in ur life ..

Sharmila : lets go beta..

Geet smiled brightly : ok aunty..

Few minutes Annie & Meera reached the place.. annie shocked seeing geet with sharmila.. both shopping with happy face.

Annie : Meera bhabhi , I am in dream world or real ..

Meera : u always in arjun dream world .. I am 200 % sure , u r dream world with teasing tone.

Annie:where arjun  come between here.. I am talk about Geet bhabhi..

Meera: u mean Devar ji lady love..where is she..her eyes searching there and here..

Annie: see mom side, she talk with mom only.if mom know about maan bhai love or its coincidence ..

Meera: really she so beautiful , annie with enthusiastic face ..

Annie : meera bhabhi , why u more enthusisatic meet geet bhabhi ..with chuckling face.

Meera: she will become our family member soon..we need know about her everything.. let go meet her first.

Sharmila :Meera & annie beta, why u standing her..come here ..

Geet surprised seeing Annie : Hi annie. Your r  aunty daughter.. annie nod her head ..

Meera : hi geet ..

Geet : hi Meera, Aunty talk about u more.. u r lucky got like  mother in law..

Meera: u too ..geet..

Geet : Ji..

Annie : meera bhabhi what tried to saying u also get mom like mother in law ..with sheepish tone..

Meera : yes geet.. annie angry glare to Meera ..

Sharmila: Annie u already know Geet..

Annie :  yes, me & dadimaa met her Sharma house party function..

Sharmila: ok select ur dress.. Geet u too select ur dress ..

Geet : but .. I don't need anything..

Sharmila: I said right..annie take geet with u .. meera & annie dragged geet to Anu Gurti's  collection section.

Geet overwhelmed their love and cursing her fate (mind): don't waste ur time with cursing ur fate.. each sec very valuable for me.

Sharmila paid their dress and geet touched her feet while seeking blessing from her .. she blessed geet with whole heartily ..geet left the place..

Sharmila : Girls, what u thinking about her..she will become my maan wife maan become lucky person right.

Meera & Annie unison: Maa, ur wish already fulfilled ..she is our maan bhai/devar lover..

Sharmila : sachi..with excited face..

Meera: yes , maa..

Sharmila:why u did not say before..why she called me aunty.. with sad face.

Annie : because ur buddhu son not realize his love with her.. u need wait until ur son bring her home ..

Sharmila : hmmm.. with sad voice.

After Long two months


Maan sitting with Girl .. he freely talk with her, she also very comfortable with him..Priya & geet passed restaurant ..priya caught maan talk with some girl ..

Priya mouth open widely : What the hell, why girl mingle with maan ..

Geet : maan.. where .. her eyes searching everywhere

Priya turn her face to resturtant side and geet face change to sad ..

Geet : Maan talk with her friend..lets go from here..

Priya : u cannot interfere them but I can..

Priya marched to place and geet have no choice as come behind her ..

Priya : maan.. what r u doing here.. with shocked look at Girl..

Girl jerked up chair: u.. what u doing here ..with same shocked face.

Geet : Priya, u know her ..

Priya : yeah I know very well.. She is SD ..

S.D : u shout up ,PD ..

Maaneet Unsion: who is PD & SD ..

Priya : she is SD .. sanjana devil

Sanju : no maan, I am sanjana dear .. she is pD ..priya devil ..

Priya : maan don't trust her word , she is dayan ,devil ..

Maaneet confused look at each other : they don't know what u say..

Girl come to restaurant place and  tried  stop their fight ..

Maan: Ms, who are u ..

Girl turn back and look at maan : when they start their fighting..

Maan : 2 minutes before ..

Girl : oh now they not finished . hi I am kalpi ..their assistant..

Maaneet : really , ur priya & sanju assistant.. with doubting face

Kalpi: yes ..

Maaneet : u look like normal person.. so we have doubt..

Kalpi : what do u mean..

Maan : we mean u became mad right but u still behave like normal person.

Kalpi: why I  became mad with horror face.

Maaneet unsion : because u r their assistant..

Kalpi smiled : yes ..

but both are sweet and nice, just when both come front each other behave like this...that's not mean both hate each other but both are friendship is like that...Big smile

Sanju & Priya stop their fighting unison : what u both said ..

Maaneet & kalpi: nothing..

Kalpi : Priya ,I come for u only .. u need sign paper.. u come with me .. bye guys.. dragged Priya from restaurant ..geet nod her head for priya to approve go to her .

Sanju : time god , devil run out from place.. maan u not intro with her ..

Maan: she is my geet, my friend , collegue..with proud tone .. sanju noticed his eyes  visible more love for geet .

Sanju : oh she is geet, u daily talk about her only.. geet lightly blushing as sanju noticed her blushing face.

Sanju (mind): oh some thing something between them .let me help them..

Sanju locked her arms in maan arms : long back we chat .. I will order ur favourite drink.

Geet eyes starred sanju hand in maan arms and her heart bothering something .. ..

Geet : Maan.. with slow voice.

Maan : yes , geet .. he sensed some uneasy in place..he never saw geet like that..

Sanju: Geet , u love anyone .

Geet : oh.. sudden sanju question geet voice stambbering ..

Maan seeing her face expression and he don't why he did not like  her sad face.

Maan: geet,. I need go now.. bye  sanju..come geet ..i will drop u ..

Geet : sanju ..

Maan: she go herself.. sanju mouth open widely ..

Geet smiled and left with maan leaving sanju in shocking state.

Sanju : I confirmed , they love each other.. now I need my crime partner.. call Priya instantly .. this devil not pick my call..once again try sanju .. u r sweet person ,no one bothering u.. Priya  pick up her call ..

Priya : yes , SD .. what u do want ..

Sanju : PD .. I need ur help.. u only help me ..

Priya : wow SD need my help sunrise in the west..

Sanju : I need help for maan & geet love matter.. both love each other ..i don't know they hide from each other or not recognize.

Priya : I am also same doubt sanju .. we will find out  first..let mission start Maaneet together .

Sanju : yeah.

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Part 3

Back to present .

Rajveer give coffee to maan , he denied ..

Rajveer : don't behave like kid .u had not anything last whole day, atleast drink this coffee.

Maan : dad.. plz..

sharmila : plz maan, atleast drink coffee .. maan nod his head .

Dadi (mind): beta ,my whole family waiting for u , u want also same right. Now u have everyone around u ..and waiting for give more love ..

Doctor come out from ICU ward and signed Rajveer & dev come to her cabin..

Rajveer & dev followed doctor in her cabin.

Doctor cabin

Doctor : plz be seat mr.khurana .both seat opposite to doctor .

Doc: I am Dr.Preet.. I am specialist in neurologist . she have some improvement in her body.. may be chance, she can alive ..

Dev : doc, plz save her.. we don't mind about money , u can bring any specialist doctor to save her..

Preet : Mr.khurana we trying save her only..its not matter of money ..her body not response our treatment. May be she don't want alive .. because of her bad past life.  We could give  medicine cure her wound , we cannot cure her heart wound , Mr.khurana.. I think u understand ..with taunting tone.

Rajveer : yes , Doc..

Preet : don't worry , nothing happened her , I already my consult my chief dr.rose.

Dev: thanks doctor .

Maan hearing everything in outside doctor cabin., not only maan , sanju & priya also stand with maan..

Rajveer & dev come out from cabin and maan hugged his dad .three of them move out that place.

Sanju & Priya banged to doctor room and preet werid look at them .

Preet : this way u enter in doctor room with taunting tone.

Priya : this way u talk with Khurana family , Preet sorry Dr, Preet ..

Preet ; then what I would do.. Maan hurt our geet, Priya .. I cannot see geet in hospital bed .. I lost my control.

Sanju : I accept preet, he hurt geet but he did unintentionally , he don't know geet love him .

Preet : sorry.. I got angry ..

Sanju : its ok ..

Priya : how u know about geet love matter ..

Preet : I met her , that day she broken down , I never saw that geet in my life time.

Flashback start

Hotel, Parking area..

Girl crying vigorously and preet come to parking area..seeing some one crying heavely ..

Preet touch girl shoulder and girl head raise look at preet .

Preet : geet..with fear face.

Geet hugged tightly : Preet.. with heavely sobbing voice.

Preet : what happened , geet, why u crying..

Geet : maan not love me..he love sam .. I am not deserve him..yes sam only deserve him,  I am unlucy person, first I killed my mom in my birth time, my dad ran out from family because of me , my chotimaa & raji said right. I am cursed person ..if they with me, they life also become curse one. I thought I get maan love  insake I will get my every happiness from him  but everything my dream , how silly I am .in my dream , I built small house in mirror , anyone hit stone that mirror house broken right  but  I forgot my curse life , my dream never fufil . why  god not give me die ..i want die ,preet..geet blabbering about her fate .

Preet eyes moist and tears flicked in her eyes : Geet.. why u talk like stupid.. Preet take geet to her home and gave injection make her sleep ..

Flashback end

Preet: morning she not in my home, I called her , she said she went to her house. After hearing her voice, I got calm , she talk normally..

Priya : preet , u don't know before & after in hotel incidents .. maan mistake ka main reason this sanju devil only.

Sanju : Pd, don't blame me , everything happened because of me.. I am not , maan thought he love with sam but true he love with geet ..

Priya : yes  but u only said he love with sam .

Sanju : when I said that he love with sam, I just said he in love but he mistook my word .

Preet :say clearly what happen in geet life..

Flashback start

Sanju, priya , geet & kalpi were good friends in short times , everyone went outing , sometimes maan also company with girls . sanju & priya devil start their mission maaneet together .. of course they joined sweet kalpi in their team also .

Sanju : Priya , what u think maan realize his love or not ..

Priya : I confused .. u r maan friend .. ask him directly .. if he love with anyone..

Sanju : ok , I  will try ..



Maan : sanju , I confused, u help me ..

Sanju (mind): he confuse about geet , sanju don't miss the chance .. say to maan, purpose her soon ..

Sanju : yes, u r my friend, I try to help u , clear ur confusion.

Maan : I met her girl few days back , she more beautiful , I thinking if she stand with me, we were prefect couple.. what u think , I will ask date with her .but I don't know anything about her character . its attraction or love ..with confused face.

Sanju (mind): why maan confusing me , he talk about geet or someone.. if he met other girl, he definetly said me , so he talk about geet .. but why he saying he don't anything about geet.

Maan : sanju... with shout voice.

Sanju : yes , maan..u r in love .. but u r .. maan side hug to sanju ..

Maan : thanks sanju .. bye left the place without hearing sanju incomplete sentence..

Sanju : maan, u r in love with geet with shook her head ..whatever u going purpose her only .

Maan called geet and said come near mall ..


Maan  waiting for geet and geet come to mall , tapped maan shoulder as maan turn look at geet with smiling face.

Geet : something wrong , ur face glowing like thousand watts bulb.. what going on..

Maan : I tell u later , geet..come help me...maan dragged her to shop..

First both went dressing shop .. geet select dress for maan.

Maan : u r best, u only know my taste ..

Geet give some suit : try these ..

Maan nod his head and try some suit and come to show geet and her eyes strucked  him.. her heart beating fastly ..

Geet (mind): geet control urself , yes u love him crazily but he is not

Maan give saree to geet  : This is for u, .u like it ..

Geet : I don't want ..

Maan : this is my first gift.. u accept my little gift  with sturborn face , plz..come select some gift ..

Geet nod her head and maaneet went to gift shop

Sales man : yes sir, what I can do for u..

Maan: show some gift resemble of love ..

Geet : love .. with slow voice.

Sales Man: see..this gift.. it latest love gift., one piece  only here , it names Crystal flames ..

Maaneet: yes, Crystal flames.. u see this demo..u understand..

A heart shape crystal , inside two heart separated , suddenly two heart burning in fire , after sec two heart mingled to one heart .. with some melody song playing in crystal .

Maan: its cool .. pack this Gift ..

Geet : maan, running madhubala123 film in mall.. with excited voice.

Maan : we want watch , I buy ticket for us ..

Geet : no ..its already late .. I am going home bye..

Maan held her wrist and geet turn look at maan.. both eyes locked , geet come out from starring ..

Geet : Maan..

Maan: yes , geet.

Geet : why u held my wrist .. maan still held her wrist .. he removed his hand from geet .

Maan : u come to XYZ hotel on  .. with eager voice.

Geet : ok but why..

Maan: surprise ..

Geet nod her head : u r crazy maan.. maaneet left the place.


Maan : geet , u come sure na..

Geet : yes maan.. I will many times..u told me .. with fake angry face.

Sasha : u both don't have any work  with taunting tone.

Geet : No sasha mam. He is not mistake .. I am only talk with him..

Sasha : Ms.handa , KC gave money for ur work not ur chatting ..with angry tone

Maan grinned his teeth : Ms.sasha , who give u right talk with us like this way .

Sasha: Mr. Maan, I am senior for u . don't forgot .

Geet  held maan hand : sorry Mam ..

Sasha left the place..

Maan : geet ,why u stopped me.. today I am not leave her..everytime she taunting u..

Geet : I like it ..with smiling face.

Maan : what sasha taunting.

Geet : No ,I like the way , u support me , protect me .. thanks ..

Maan: u never get angry ..

Geet smiled ..

Maan: u r unbelievable ...with shook his head ..

Rajveer called Maaneet to their cabin and maaneet enter unison in MD cabin.

Rajveer : Geet , what happen with sasha..with serious tone.

Maan ; sir, its not geet mistake .. that sasha..Rajveer show his hand signed stop it.

Rajveer : I asked to geet not u maan..

Geet : Nothing sir, sasha mam not saying anything ..

Rajveer : are u sure ..

Geet : yes sir...

Rajveer : u go to ur cabin .. geet move out cabin but her eyes in maan.. her head bumped to door ..

Geet : ouch.. maan run to her , rub her forhead ..

Maan: are u ok ..with concern voice.. geet nod her head .

Rajveer clear his throat.. geet run out from cabin and maan embrassed in front of dad.

Rajveer : Mr. maan , sir down

Maan : sir, plz warn sasha., stay away from geet .

Rajveer  raised eye brow : why she taunting geet every time  and give more work to her .

Maan: yes sir.

Rajveer: ok no problem, I will transfer geet to Mumbai branch .. I  want efficient staff in Mumbai branch also..

Maan shout : No dad.. don't do it .. I don't want my geet to Mumbai branch .

Rajveer murmur : my geet.. not bad , Maan singh khurana..

Maan: dad, plz with puppy face.

Rajveer: I am just kidding maan, after Annie marriage , u will take over our company and then u will deal with sasha and take care ur geet with teasing tone..

Maan smiled & not notice ur geet word from rajveer : I am going ..

Rajveer : Maan, when u going say geet to u r my son ..

Maan sad face: I am scaring I will say soon..

Rajveer nod his head : ok my boy .. this weekend Annie sausral come to our home.. so before finish ur every work

Maan: yes dad.

Priya , sanju & kalpi come to Geet room..

Kalpi : why geet call us immediately ..with confused face.

Priya : I don't know..u know SD

Sanju : I know.. but we hear from geet mouth..with smirking face.

Step mother : Girls, what r u doing here.. with angry tone.

Kalpi : hello Aunty, how are u .. with fake smile face..

Step mother : I am fine .. nothing happen to me ..

Priya , sanju & kalpi murmur unison : why god not punish devil and her daughter ..

Step mother : girls , go out my house soon..she went outside.

Priya : yes Aunty ..with irriatate face.

Kalpi (mind): we go out ur house soon but when u will go out from earth..with eager voice.plz god , fulfil my wish soon.

Geet : guys , u came..

Four of them enter geet room and girls shocked seeing geet room..

Sanju : geet, why ur room seems like  garbage .

Priya : garbage better than ur room.

Kalpi : why ur dress shattered in every place..

Geet : girls, plz select dress for me.. evening maan said come to XYZ  hotel with blushing face.

Girl shout : omg ...with excited face.

Priya : he is going to purpose u ..

Geet sad face:I don't know..

Sanju : surely he planning for purpose ..

Kalpi : why u wasting time, let make ready her first date..with naughty tone.

Sanju : yes, which dress u going to wear ...

Geet : confused .

Priya : this saree.. geet take saree from priya ..her hand touching that saree smoothly ..

Geet : maan brought for me ..i wear this saree..

Kalpi : I select perfect ornament for saree ..

Sanju : I know, u don't need any make up ,but I do little make up to glowing ur skin to more glow

Few minutes , geet ready for first date ..

Sanju , Priya & kalpi : Maan  going faint to see ur beauty.. geet cheeks red insake of shyness.

Geet : don't imagine more, may be called me for some other reason.

Sanju : hey ladki mujhe pagal kargi..

Priya : its impossible sanju ..

Kalpi : why .. with confused face.

Priya : she already mad .. with laughed loudly ..

Geet :  both stop ur fighting.. first drop me to hotel .. my scooty in workshop ..

Priya: ok sure..


Maan walking one side to other side with tensed face..

A lonely dark place, neatly arranged date for couple.. with some lighting ..

Girls stopped in infront of hotel ..and geet step down to ground .

Girls : all the best , geet.. she smiled , her legs step up to her soul side ..

Kalpi : anyone want see maan ka romantic purposal .. with evil smirk .

Sanju & Priya : eveasdropping ..

Kalpi : its not eavesdropping.. u both not come right.. both stay here. I am going bye...she left behind geet ..

Maan eyes strucked  angel way, his eyes not blink  totally freeze in his place.

Sanju : devils,I already said na, maan going freeze after seeing geet .

Kalpi:oyie, when u both come here.. with shocked face.

Sanju & priya : KD , let watch their romance..then we will discuss everything later..

Kalpi: oh yeah.. chupke chupke chori chori..with giggling face.

Sanju : shhh.. kalpi nod her head with pout face.

Maan : she so beautiful.. his heart beat rapidly , his body shivering like same cold wind breeze hit his body .same way geet also afftected by him, she have more butterflies files inside of her stomach . her eyes lash down, she cannot manage his glaze for her.

Geet : Maan..with slow voice.

Maan: I never  notice before  she have sweet voice more than honey ...with mind voice.

Geet blushed heavily : Maan..

Maan : ji ..geet..with stammering tone..

A girl come between maan & geet .

Girl : hi maan.. maan mind come  back from trance

Maan : sam, when u arrived .. with little disappoint face.

Sam : just now..noticed geet ..who is she ..

Geet confused look at sam : ji I am his..

Maan : my friend.. with slow voice..he did not why he saying slow and hesitate voice.

Geet hurt so much (mind): he introduce me to his friend even hesitate voice.. he thought I am not deserve for his friendship  also but  iam thinking  he going to proupse me ..

Sam : hi sam, Maan girlfriend .. wow maan, he arranged everything for our date.. its awesome .. with excited face..

Geet moist eyes and she turn her face while wiped her tears and control herself ..and turn back to maan

Geet : congrats maan & sam ..with energetic smile ..

Maan smiled lightly and sam gave broad smile to geet ..

Geet : ok u carry on.. I am leaving..

Maan : geet .. with emotional voice.

Geet hearing his voice and she cannot control anymore, without turn back , she left the place..

Three innocent souls shocked  in their place.

Kalpi : what the hell , who is that girl, why she come between maaneet with fuming voice.

Priya : how dare he.. he broken my geet heart ..

Sanju : me too hell angry with maan..

Both marched to maan place with fuming face..kalpi said wait guys I am also coming ...

Priya & sanju shout : what the hell ongoing maan singh Khurana ..with fuming face

Maan surprised face: sanju , Priya & kalpi.. what r u doing here..

Sanju : what is this ..i never except from u with angry face.

Maan  what I did it sanju ..with confused face.

Sam : hi guys ..

Priya : u shut ur mouth.. if u talk anything .. I don't know what I will do for u..

Maan: priya, why u get angry with sam..

Sanju: then whom we get angry Maan..with same tone

Maan : guys , I already confused  why everyone angry with me..

Sam : maan, u called for me our first date right..but u called more girls not only me..

Maan : shut up sam..with angry face.

Kalpi : sam baby, u go to ur home .. they seriously discussing with maan right..why u poke ur nose ..

Sam : but I am come for date .

Kalpi : ur date over, u never date with MSK in ur life time.. don't worry I book ur cab..go back ur home safely ..

Sam : I don't need ur help .. with fuming face ..left the place.

Kalpi ; thanks..bye.. don't come back ..

Sanju : what the hell..i thought u going purpose to geet.. when sam come between u and geet..

Maan : geet..

Priya: yes, geet..

Maan: geet is my friend ..

Sanju : PD.. I am going kill him sure.. u stupid MSK ..who said , u love with sam.

Maan: u..

Priya & kalpi angry glare to sanju.. and sanju nods her head negatively ..

Sanju : when I said, u love with sam with warning tone.

Maan: when restaurant , u only said right.. I am in love ..

Sanju : oh god, I tried to say u love with geet before u hearing my fully.. u left the place.

Maan : kya..

Priya : Sanju leave him..think about geet..i don't know where is she now ?

Maan fear face: where is geet? What happened to her..

Kalpi : go to check ur girlfriend , sam.. we will go check to our geet ..with taunting tone.

Maan : first tell me what happened to geet ..

Sanju : why u worried about her...are u love with geet  ? no right.. why u bothering about her?

Maan: sanju, she is my friend..

Priya : God sake maan, she is ur love not just only friend .. how many times ,we saw ur eyes love about her ..

Maan : when this happened..

Kalpi :  maan ..with angry tone ..

Maan : why I did not realize ..

Priya : still, u did not ..if any man starring geet what u will do..

Maan: I will beat him sure with possessive voice.

Sanju smirked face: if  she got wound ..

Maan : tears flicked in my eyes .

Sanju : daily u talk about sam Or geet with me..each lines u took geet name ..why ... Maan become numb..

Priya smirked face: last month , why u beated boy , he just flirt with geet but u broke his mouth.

Maan : I don't like anyone flirt with my geet with angry tone.

Kalpi: if anyone kill her heart, her feeling..

Maan : I will kill him..

Sanju : u killed her feeling , killed her heart.. she love u , maan..crazily love with u..

Maan shocked  : she said u.. she love with me..

Sanju : No.. but we know her love  but her soul mate not  recognize her love..

Priya : u don't know anything about her , maan.. she never wish for anything , she scared if wish for anything,she lost her permenately ..same thing happening since her childhood..first her mother died, her father such crowd person , he ran out from his family in her younger age ,everyone blamed geet, her step mother & sister taunting her everyday, but she supported them .she bare everything alone.first time she wished u , ur love ..but ur broke her heart ..i hate u ..

Sanju : priya , kalpi..lets go ..its waste talk with him..

Flashback end

Kalpi  enter doctor cabin : Preet, she hard take to breathe.. plz come soon with fear face..

Preet : what..she take stescope from table..she run to ICU..

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Last Part


ICU ward

Preet control her breathe to normal..and give injection..she back to normal breathe..

Preet come out from ICU...everyone surround her..

Preet : her breathe come to normal but still she is in critical condition..

Maan body layed to corridor wall and his closed  eyes tears flowing in his checks

Geet step mom & her sister come to hospital ..

Priya: why u both come here..with angry tone..

Maan look at them : who allow inside hospital.. get lost this place ..with angry tone.

Step mother: she is my daughter..

Maan : what u said ,she is ur daughter.. wow Mrs handa.u never treat her as she is ur daughter even single minute .. now u addressing she is ur daughter.. without u and ur daughter goodness  u never do any thing  for her.. now what do u want from her..

Sharmila : maan beta,Mrs.handa plz get out from her.. and she is my daughter not u with warning tone.

Rajveer : guards , clear them from hospital , I don't want see them in my sight..

Step Mom & sister both left hospital before guards throw out them outside.

Maan : I already said them .dont show their face to her.. with bang his hand to wall heavily ..

Flashback starts

Whole night maan not sleep ,why not his mind ringing girls words and whenever close his eyes ,geet face only come infront of side smile crept on his lips remembering cute antics , silly mistakes , her babaji complain.other side he got sad as he did not realize her love even his love..

Maan take his mobile and look at wallpaper : I love u jaan.. kissed  geet photo in wallpaper.. plz don't disturn my sleep.. tomorrow morning I come infront of u already late otherwise, straighty come to ur house. I am waiting , when sun will rise  ..why clock not moving fastly .. maan rolling one side to other side in bed .

(wow maan, with in few hours, geet become ur jaan and changed ur wallpaper, even ringtone related to geet name ..Boys very fast in love antics , why he rolling one side to other side , omg he dreaming about geet ..hey bhagwan..poor geet ..)


Our hero ready for meet his heroine through his bike .. he stopped in geet house..

Maan hit his forhead : first time u going to meet ur love  with empty hand .. his eyes caught garden area..

Maan look at beautiful flowers  as every flowers look at maan ..

Flowers (mind): which flower maan select for his love.. yeah flower know very well maan why not daily geet talk about maan story to flowers ..

Maan : I know what u thinking , which one I pick for my love.. u all r beautiful . but not much beautiful like my geet..

Flowers face fell down .. maan hit his  forehead : oh jaan, single day u make me crazy.. I am talking  to flowers  same like u .. in my whole life what u will do for me with horror face.

Maan stop in door steps  , geet step mother taunting geet and her sister enjoying ..

Step mother : whole night , where u went , I never say shameless girl like u ..with disgusting look .

Geet : ji..i stay in friend house with teary face

Stepmother : chi chi.. don't open ur mouth , whole night u roaming which one ..ha I remembered that night boy dropped u , u spend night with him or someone..

Geet closed her mouth through her saree pallo and nod her head negatively ..

Step sister : mom, look at her saree..its very costly saree.. with  jealous face.

Step mother grabbed her arms : who brought for u..

Geet  eyes lash down ; ji.. oh..

I  bought for her ..with heavy angry voice..

Maan closed his fist tightly and come stand next with geet & remove step mom arms from geet  : I bought for her.

Step mother: who r u..why u bought dress for her ..why.

Maan : she is my l... no maan , its  not correct time..with mind thought about geet reputation.

Step mother: yes, she is ur ..

Maan take long breathe : friend..

Geet closed her eyes : friend,...this word hunting her so much.

Step mother : Go , geet , u r my friend , come for u .. get lost my place.. I don't want see ur face anymore in my life.

Geet : ji..where I will go..plz forgive me..with begging tone.

Maan held geet shoulder : Geet, why u asking forgiveness without ur mistake ,they don't know ur purity ..i know my geet purity ..

Geet (mind ): my geet..while her eyes starring his eyes..

Step mother : then take her to ur home

Maan: if u not said  also..i am doing something.. geet stay with my home..with angry voice. Don't enter her life anymore if u can try reach her even in ur dreams also never happen  ..that is Maan singh Khurana Promise.. Maan held geet wrist and dragged to outside.

Maan dragged outside and maan cupped her teary face with wiped her tears through his index fingers.

Geet  smiled lightly : thanks maan.

Maan: come sit m ,we talk in my home.

Geet : u helped me , its enough..i will manage my life.

Maan (mind): u r life not only for u.. its mine.. with mind voice. Maan start bike said sit geet while rising bike accelerator more..

Geet : Maan.. plz..

Maan  not say anything and he continuously rising his bike..geet have no choice..geet sit back in his bike .

Maan drive silently .and bike stop in khurana mansion.

Geet step down from bike and confused look at big mansion..

Maan: geet, come inside ..

Geet : Maan, where we came..whom mansion maan..with confused face.

Maan : oh ..come inside ..i will tell u ..with stammering tone.

Geet nod her head as follow his path..she don't know infuture this mansion only her world.

Maan : geet come inside..dont hesitate ..

Maan (mind): I bring geet home, what other think about geet..plz god make everyone  understand geet state and everyone accept  heralso.

Dadimaa stand in upstairs see geet enter mansion with maan , she is super dupper happy .

Dadimaa called annie ..and annie come out from her room..

Annie : what dadimaa.why u shouting..

Dadimaa: Ur bhai bring geet to her home..

Annie : dadimaa, are u day dreaming.. bhai never bring bhabhi to mansion. Dadimaa shift annie face to mansion entrance.. annie mouth open widely ..

Dadimaa: now say...

Annie: dadimaa..pinch me.. if I am dreaming or real..

Dadimaa pinch her arms hardly : u keepdreaming .. I go meet my bahu..with excited face..

Annie : dadimaa..wait I am also coming..

Both come in front of maaneet, geet shocked seeing them and maan scared seeing two devils.

Maan (mind): first  I caught by two devil.. oh god ..

Geet murmur : maan, why u bring Annie house u know them..with confused face.

Annie : I  say geet bh...maan nod his head with warning eyes. I say geet..

Geet : Annie, how maan know about u , yes I know we met in Sharma house ..but ..

Sharmila come from pooja room with aarti plate in her hand : maaji , annie..everyone here ..

Geet smiled : Namaste aunty..

Sharmila : geet beta..u r here with surprised face.. Maan u not say me ..u bring geet here ..

Geet was super confused now..and her head spinning.

Sharmila murmur annie : ur bhai proposed my bahu or not..

Annie : I think No.. mom.. Sharmila disappointed look to Maan .

Geet : Aunty , u know maan with confused look..

Sharmila : I know him long 25 yrs ..

Geet : he is ur ..

Dadimaa & annie : Maan is her baby..with chucking face.

Geet : Kya ...

Sharmila : yes , geet, he is my maan baby..

Maan want hide any underground, he never care his mom calling baby to infront of anyone but now situation different she calling infront of his future baby mother..

Maan: mom..with pout face..

Geet head spinning and going faints before maan held her shoulder ..mahi mahi...happening between..

Sharmila : maaji why both in statue state ..

Annie play background in her phone .. Mahi..mahi...while around maaneet with dancing

Dadimaa smiled seeing her grandchildren naughtiness & romance .. & sharmila clear throat.. she wont  geet embrassed ..

Geet come out from maan lock ..and annie stopped stand next with maan..

Maan: Annie plz stop ur useless background song ..

Annie : bhai don't say  my mahi .. it favourite song to everyone.. if my friend heared,  u said our favourite song to  useless one..everyone blashing u with warning tone.

Geet : My favourite song also., annie...

Annie side hug to geet : see , she is my side.. u heared Mahimaan pop music .. Geet nod her head ..Annie excited more .

Maan : dadimaa , few days, geet stay in our home..after I will arrange permanant place for her ..

Sharmila murmur to dadi : maaji ..he really buddhu or acting like stupid with worried tone for her baby.. why he thinking arrange place for her permanantely somewhere ..

Dadimaa: I am also thinking same sharmi..

Maan : Annie ,take geet with ur room.. geet go with annie.. ..geet hestitate go with annie but annie dragged her to room..

Maan make sit dadimaa and sharmila in sofa and kneel down in front of them.

Maan cupped their palm and narrated what happened in geet house.. dadimaa & sharmi feel bad for geet .

Maan: mom, dadi. I want marry geet .. plz accept geet to ur daughter in law..she is very sweet , kind , lovable girl ..maan prasing about geet and both staring maan without saying anything..

Maan: why u both silent..say something..

Dadimaa: u already said everything what u want hear from us..

Maan: dadimaa.. with grinned teeth..

Sharmila: u r late baby, we already fixed  she is our second daughter in law ..with chuckling face.

Maan : second daughter in law..with shocked face..

Meera come to their place: ofcourse she is second DIL.. logically I am first DIl so she is second.

Maan: oh meera bhabhi, u already know geet is my love..when..with shocked face.

Dadimaa: u r younger than us.. we need grown up , maan..with patted cheeks ..

Meera: maan, where is my sister with excited face.

 Maan : who bhabhi...

Meera: geet..

Maan smiled : Annie room..thst enough for meera , she run to annie room..

Sharmila : Maan baby, why u said , u will arrange permanent place for her .with confused face

Maan: yes, after me & geet marriage, she will shift my room..

Sharmila twisted his ear : My naughty baby.

Maan : after marriage, Geet not shift my room with fake shocking  face.


Park ..

Sanju : maan,  u called us  but why u silent ..

Maan : I am in love..

Priya: we know that.. u love with sam ..with angry face.

Maan: no ..i am in love with  geet with little blushing face.

Sanju: god sake, we already worried about geet, we did not where she went.. don't irriate us .

Maan: I know where is she ..

Girls unsion : where..

Maan: Khurana Mansion, soon she going marry to Rajveer singh khurana second son with  excited face.

Priya ; are u mad with angry face.. few sec before u said u love with her, now u saying she going marry to Khurana son with excited face.

Kalpi : Maan, I call doctor for u..with concern voice.

Maan: girls , Plz listen my words , yes she is going marry to Khurana boy , none other ur maan Singh Khurna..

Sanju , priya & kapi unison with shocked face: what...

Kalpi : u mean , u r rajveer sir second son, but everyone know his second son in london..when u come back , why u hide ur identity .

Maan: I want experencice like employee not owner I joined KC in employee ..if I said my collegue .. I am MD son, staff not talk with me freely I hide my identity .

Priya : ok ..geet know about ur identity ..

Maan: yeah, little bit .she don't know I am future MD of KC and her boss is my dad..

Sanju : great, surely she not accept u..

Maan: why

Kalpi : because  ur rich .. she did not want rich person in her life . she already think about her low , she know about her rich , what she think, she  not correct person for u..

Maan : right..

Priya : what, so u leave her easily with angry face.

Maan: when I said I leave her.. I need ur I called  u. Plz help me .

Priya , Sanju & Kalpi : yes , we help u not for ur sake .. we help for our geet..dont break her heart.. if  u break heart..we will break ur Nose.

Maan (mind): Jaan because of u  ,three devils warning me ..after u accept my love, I will deal with them ..

Maan phone ringed , his lips crept smile seeing geet call..

Zindagi pyaar ka Geet hai

Ise her dil ko gana padega

Zindagi ghum ka sagar bhi hai

Hanske Us paar iana padega

Maan phone ringstone, girls mouth open widely ..

Sanju : what a song.. geet name in ur MSK ..

Geet sit in balcony & starring sky and maan come to annie room..

Maan: geet.. she turn look at maan..

Geet smiled : u came,maan..

Maan: u r not angry with me..i hide my identity from u..

Geet (mind): how could be angry with my life , u r my love...

Geet : why angry with u maan.. if u hided anything ,its behind strong reason even I just  ur friend ..with little sad tone.

Maan (mind): no jaan, u r not only my friend, u r my soul mate , my heart beat..

Geet : leave it, thanks maan. I never cherished family love.. I got mother warmth from sharmi aunty & dadimaa, sis love from annie & meera .. I know I will stay here only few days.. this few days I never forgot my life..

Geet (mind): this days enough I will live my further life  ..thinking about u ..

Maan : what u got from me , geet.. (his mind eager voice saying plz say love )

Geet : friendship .. ( mind .. love ...)

Maan little disappoint and but tried cheer her ..and tomorrow annie sasural coming home..

Geet : super..dont worry I will go out ..

Maan : why...

Geet : Maan, i won't my bad fate fallen to annie...sharmi, Dadi,meera & annie enter room in same time.

Annie : Geet , its too bad, u r not with me, in my special day.

Geet : oh..annie..try to understand..

Sharmi : geet beta, forgot ur past life , now we r ur family ..while caring her hair ..geet tears flicked in her eyes.

Dadimaa wiped her tears : don't cry ..

Sharmi : maan baby..

Geet  chuckled face and maan embrassed..

Sharmi : baby , girls going shopping , u go with them...

Maan : sure mom..maan stand next with sharmi in murmur tone : mom plz don't call baby infront of geet.. plz with pout face.

Sharmi nods her head with smiling face

Annie : mom ki baby..let go..with teasing tone..

Maan : mom ...with fake crying tone ..

Sharmi twisted  annie ear: don't tease my baby.. maan grinned teeth : mom.. sharmi bit her tongue whispher sorry ..

Geet smiled widely with whole heart and dadimaa kissed her forhead : be happy ever..

Dinning hall..

Everyone settle down their respective places, maan tried sit next with geet but annie & meera make sit  her middle of them.. and maan fuming and glare to them as annie showing her tongue to maan.

Rajveer come sit in head of chair..and geet jerk up from chairs seeing rajveer..

Dev come to sit next with meera: geet,why stand like school children.. yes, she is ur boss it not mean u r eating ur food in Standing position with teasing tone.. geet embrassed .. maan glare to dev..

Rajveer : geet beta, site down and have ur dinner..geet nod her head ..everyone pulling their legs each other and geet silently admiring their bonding ..


Everyone settled down in sofa ..Rajveer sit next with geet voluntarily while teasing maan . he know if he sit next with geet, he never come sit next with her.

Rajveer : geet,  now I am not ur boss  my children supported only their mother & my no one support me with pout face.with murmuring tone

Geet giggled seeing tough boss behave like child ..

Rajveer: u support me, Geet..

Meera: dad, I support u right..

Rajveer: yes, Meera, but I want my team stronger one , u support me , geet ...geet nod her head ..

Dadimaa: rajveer..which marriage hall u book for annie marriage..

Rajveer : Janumkrk Marriage Mahal..

Dev: dadi I booked Krishna Saurav Music ..

Dadimaa : good.. what about wedding planner..

Maan: I booked Rsumita wedding planner..dont worry about any work.. we already finsihed every work..its our one only princess marriage .. we will do her marriage grandly .. Annie blushing heavily .

Maan : dad, we seeing our Annie or any alien inside her body.. with shocked face.

Annie : Dad, see Maan bhai..teasing me with angry tone.

Maan: poor arjun how to handle my devil sister.

Annie  hit his shoulder playfully and hide her face in rajveer shoulder ..

Rajveer kissed annie crown head: Maan  , don't tease my princess. After she go to law house . u  miss her so much more than anyone .

Annie eyes moist  and hugged maan with crying face.

Maan : princess, don't cry..after marriage, we will tie Arjun in KM ..what u say with teasing tone..Annie twisted her lips.

Geet moist eyes (mind): I am also dreaming like family but god not gave me any beautiful relationship.. she left the place..

Maan run behind her while whole family whishtle him..

Geet sit in garden area with moist eyes and maan touch her shoulder ..geet wiped her tears before maan look at her face.

Geet smiled lightly : Maan, I missing my flowers so I come to garden area.

Maan (mind):  tomorrow , u don't need ur flowers, u share ur pain to ur flowers right. tomorrow I am going to propose u infront of my family, our staffs, enjoy ur lonely life tonight only , tomorrow u r in my arms , my love.

Annie Engagement..

Khurana mansion surrounded by relation , office staffs ..

Sanju , Priya & kalpi banged geet room: geet why u not ready yet ..

Geet : I am not interest attend function.with sad tone.

Priya (mind): everyone waiting for maan bride but she not interest to attend function..

Sanju : Annie , engagement day..if u r not come, she will sad..

Kalpi give parcel to geet : go ready soon.. we will wait outside..

Geet take parcel and went to washroom..

Kalpi : today not only Annie engagement & Rajveer uncle going to announce Maan bride also .. I am so excited ..

Geet heared Girls conversation and she cried in washroom..

Geet (mind): today maan officially ,he is not mine . I cannot see my maan arms in other girl.. with tears flicked in her eyes.i am going away from u ..i never show my face anymore . today last day I spend time with u , ur beautiful heaven.. I am going miss sharmi maa, dadimaa, annie, meera, dev bhai, Rajveer sir .. but I never miss u .u always in my heart till my last breathe.

Geet step down from downstairs , she wore white saree , she look like angel .Arjun & annie engagement finished with fully masti mood.. some staff doubt maan very close with khurana family as well with geet also.. Dance start ..every couple come to dance floor.. Maan ask geet hand for dance ..Kurbaan song played background, maan forgot their surrounding ..their dance show their love to everyone .. maaneet in their own world, that world no one come to separate them . Heavy applause maaneet stay away from couple changed , unfortunately maan dance partner was sam , geet cannot tolerate seeing maan & sam  together..she left mansion without saying to anyone.

Sanju : Maan, why he dance with sam ..

Kalpi: its not maan mistake sanju di..

Priya : where is geet..

Maan come from dance floor asked same question where is geet..

Kalpi : maan ..why u dance with sam with angry tone..

Maan: don't talk about sam matter..where is geet..

Priya: I think she went out ..

Maan run out mansion and geet wrapped herself  through her arms while walking like  dead person.

Maan run behind her and sudden thud sound, maan freezed in his place.. Geet in ground . his whole body shivering  seeing geet soaked in her blood.. he run to her side, take her petti body in his arms ,held her to his  chest closely.

Maan : geet , open ur eyes .. jaan.. I will die with out u..

Dev car passing maaneet side .he jumped out from car ..

Dev: maan, oh god..what happened to geet..

Dev pickup geet in his arms and placed geet in back seat.. and maan sit in mid of road like numb state..

Dev dragged maan from raod but he is not in his state..

Dev shook his arms : Maan control urself , we need go hospital soon ..come sit car fast .. Geet in critical state..

Maan heared geet name and his head look up to dev: Bhai, my geet.. with tears eyes.

Dev hugged maan and rub his back.. and make maan sit in back seat ..maan placed geet head in his lap.

Maan & dev joined geet in hospital.. and dev informed everyone..

Flash end

Preet checking geet inside and few minutes she come out from ICU ward with sad face.

Everyone enter ICU wards except Maan...

Maan: preet , why ur face to pale...nothing happened my geet right.

Preet : sorry maan..with sad .. she said good bye for u ..

Maan heart beat stopped ..

Preet smile lightly : Maan, she is perfectly alright  but she said good bye to u..with teasing tone.

Maan tears flowing in his cheeks and he banged to ICU room.. his soul siting in bed , everyone showing their love to her.. his body layed to door , everyone look at maan, they know he need her like Oxygen..last two days , he suffocated without her like breathe without air. Everyone left the place.maan baby step and near to her bed .their eyes and heart talk rather than their lips .maan cupped her face, bandage wrapped in her head. He kissed her bandage while tears flowing in his cheeks.

Maan :  I love u Jaan.. u killed me ..

Geet starring maan and maan continues ..

After accident only I realized how much u r important in my life, ur accident broke my heart into thousand of pieces .dont go away from me .maan hugged tightly without harm her wound ..geet cried ..yes happy tears .. few minutes both hearing their heart rhythm each other..they know their beat for each other . geet stay away from maan..with fake angry face.

Geet : Good bye , Maan singh Khurana...with emotional face.

Maan: what ..why u saying good bye to me..

Geet : u dance with chudail right .. go to dance with her , date with her .. with angry face.

Maan pout face: I am not date with her..

Geet angry glare to him : u dance with her ...

Maan : oh ..its just for fun..

Geet whacked for arms : its fun for u but  u hurt my feeling ..i cannot see any girl in ur arms.. u r mine.. I cannot share anyone with u ..

Maan hugged her : shhh..dont cry...I am ours only..

Geet : u saying lie.. better.. u go away from my life.. good bye ..

Maan placed his head to geet head : Kabhi Alvida Na Khehna .. if u wont go away from me..first kill me through ur hand and then go anywhere..

Geet : stupid, moron, why u talk about death.. After ur death, I will become alive..

Maan smiled : my cutie .. I love u , jaan..never say good bye ..

Geet : I love u Maan.. I never say goodbye..


Family happy for their confession and ofcourse maaneet happy live after forever.


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superb OS...
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Lovely how you incorporated all name sin your story. Seriously maan is Buddu Singh khuranna. Everyone except him realized his love
But glad all worked out ok 
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Love the story
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