MG SS - FLOWER BASKET - Last Part udt PG 42 + Note Added on PG 52 - Page 28

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Posted: 3 years ago
fabulous update. Maan and Geet are really comfortable with each other and their spending time together is bringing them closer. Loved their waterfall scene. Maan coming  to the shop and pinky catching them was cute. waiting for next.
Posted: 3 years ago
Superbbb update...
Loved it Maaneet beautiful moments...
totally enjoyed it...
Posted: 3 years ago
Thank You for all your lovey comments... Hug


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Posted: 3 years ago


a) This part is a short update. hope you dont mind.
b) I will maximum take efforts in translating hindi dialogues into English as I guess there are many readers who dont understand Hindi. If I miss on this, then please feel free to PM me. This applies not only for this SS...but all my stories.
c) Will check spelling and grammar mistakes one by one.
I havent yet sent PMs. Will send a combined one by this weekend.

Geet takes a sigh...GOOD NIGHT... and she almost runs towards her home without considering road conditions...and when she reaches her home door steps,  she turns to look at him and she immediately steal her glance and zooms into her home..

Huh..yeh ladki..khud tho paagal hain hi aur main bhi din bhar din paagal ban raha hoon..

At Khurana Banglaw:

The dinner has been served...

Daadi has been closely watching her grandson who is still playing with the bowl and a spoon over the soup that was served 15 mins ago. He is in serious thoughts...and momentarily smiling at the good times he has been spending with Geet..

Maan...Aap ka soup ekdham tanda ho gaya...(Your soup has become chill) There's no reaction from him

MAAN...She shouts loudly now...and he is out of his world instantly...Kya Baat hain beta? (What happened my child?)

Woh..kuch nahin Girl Friend (Daadi)...I am not hungry now. Will eat later...He was about to leave and Daadi holds her hand.. want me to have dinner all alone? I know this is the time you have your dinner...Please thoda tho khalijiye na..


He starts with Hot soup once again and Daadi smiles at him ...and she surprises him with her question..

Aur batao beta Kya chalraha hain? Aapki woh Flower basket kaisi hain?

(So, tell me, what's up? How is your Flower Basket doing?)

Maan instantly chocks the soup he has just consumed...

Kya?? Mera Matlab what Flower Basket?? Who??

(What? I mean...what Flower Basket? Who?)

Daadi is not able to control her laugh...wohi...woh..Flower shop wali sales girl.

Woh woh...he is cought red handed and  is not able to face his Girl Friend (Daadi)..and hiding his blush to the maximum level. How do you know?

Daadi holds his hand..hamen sab pata hain...I am not only your Girl Friend...I am your DAADIMA...Now she pulls his ears...Samjhe??


She giggles...She was the one who selected that gift from me right??

He looks down and nods for a Yes..Embarrassed

Thanks God someone is coming to take your Girl Friend's place...

I already told are my First Girl Friend..and that's it...

Huh...I had enough of arguing with you...Let your flower basket come here and we three will sort out this issue...and she winks at Maan and he blush within and not able to face Daadima's teasing looks...Tho kab milvarahe ho apni Flower Basket se? (So, When will you introduce me to your Flower Basket?)

Yeh kya? Why are you calling her Flower Basket? Her name is Geet

Arre beta...when I can know so many things happening behind my  back, wont I know her name?

But I will call her Flower Basket...She pulls his cheeks again...a basket that is not only filled with Flowers but lot of happiness all stored for my Sweet Grandson...She cups his face with lot of admiration...

Acha..ek baat batao... (Ok..Tell me one thing) On that day you had blabbered to her that you were buying gift for your GF? Did you tell her the actual truth about your GF?

He nods for a no slowly...and lost in his own world.

MAAN...yeh kya? Why are you not telling her the truth? I know that deep within she must be feeling jealous of your GF ...and that's ME Confused

Maan couldnt help smiling at Daadi's last sentance...LOL

Even though Daadi is always happy to see him laugh and smile like this but she is also concerned at the same time...MAAN...please be answer me...why are you not telling her the truth?

Woh...there's a small issue here...she doesnt like rich guys and she is mistaken me to be a middle class person...That's the reason I am first trying to take her completely into my confidence and then  tell her both truths in one go...

Daadima is worried now and rests her hand on his shoulder...Maan beta, please dont take it light...when you are in love, its like playing with wrong move or hiding things unnecessarily will really burn need to be very careful.

You have said it right...I am very taking each and every step carefully and that's why I have been taking this long. He holds her hand...Dont worry about this my Girl Friend...Now the time is nearing and I will confess to her. and hugs her instantly.

I trust my grandson.. But Geet ko aur andhere main mat rakho beta..

Hmm..I promise I will tell her the truth as the time is nearing for the same.


Another few days pass and Maaneet continue to meet at their favorite spot...The same water falls place. and later Geet goes to the flower shop and Maan follows her later. Even Pinky has got used to him being in the shop and never disturbs them. The following Saturday...its a usual day and Maneet spend their time at the waterfalls...

Geet..Geet...stop splashing water like this...

Oh Maan..what's wrong with you? Dont be a spoilt sport...

Me and spoilt sport?? Ruk its my turn...

He starts splashing water on her rashly but playfully and both of them are completely drenched in water now...He He...Now, you are a good boy...

So you mean I was a bad boy till now?

Arre nahin..I mean...He starts chasing her and she runs thro the shallow water towards the spot where the water falls...

She turns to look back at him whilst running within that place and about to fall down due to slippery rocks as its close to the water fall...and he reaches her on time and holds her by her waist..and she instantly hugs him to support herself...The water is now directly falling on both of them.. Their hearts racing against each other...his one hand slowly runs thro her back and the other hand rests on her head and their eyes remains closed and so lost in that moment holding themselves so very close to each other inhaling each other's sweet fragrance...She getting to feel his strong body and he getting to feel her petite one and the water falling on them is simply adding more fuel to their desires. She slowly breaks away from the hug and opens her eyes slowly... Both their eyes locked into each other...

(I felt this pic matches their situation and posted itWink. Never found clear video or pics for the same...but still found it apt for the situation and hence sharing it along with this SS)

Their lips too very close. He pushes her hair strands which are falling on her face and tucks them on her ear lobes and she blinks on the ticklish feeling...He gently cups her face and place a kiss on her forehead and she is heaving heavily like ever before...He kisses on both her cheeks one after another slowly and gently and he looks at her pink trembling lips and he couldn't hold on to himself and he sealed the tiny gap between their lips. A current passes thro them and she holds on to his shoulder while he strengthens his grip on her waist..Their hearts thudding against each other..She too slowly started responding to his kiss and their kiss turns to be more intensified and passionate... Being their First kiss ever, both are so lost into each other as if not willing let go...After what seems to be an eternity, they break away when they reach an extent of getting breathless and start panting heavily...Geet has shut the doors of her eyes as she is still lost in another world. Maan kisses softly on both her eyes and then places soft kisses all over her face...I love you...I love you Geet...I love you so much..

Geet slowly opens her eyes listening to his confession but what about his girlfriend? She instantly pushes him away...and he is taken back..

GEET...he again wants to take her into his embrace..but she moves back noding for a NO...sealing her lips with her palms with embarrassment.  and he is really not able to take it.

Geet...please dont move away from me like this...

Nahin...Nahin...yeh galat hain...she is feeling guilty now... She turns away from him...I am sorry...I am sorry...

He again moves to her...and cups her face as he is unable to see her teary eyes..GEET...what are you saying? Why Sorry? I said...I LOVE YOU...

She pushes him away Yeh jhoot hain Maan...Shayad aap bhool rahe hain...aap ki girl friend hain...(This is not true are forgetting about your Girl friend all together)

Meri koi Girl friend nahin hain samjhi tum... (I dont have any Girl Friend did you  get that?) I Love you and...

She stops him instantly...if you dont have a girl friend then whom did you buy that gift for? Next day you told me she is out of town...and now you are saying there's no Girl Friend in the first place...Please stop it Maan...she starts walking away from him

Geet...I wanted to tell you...

I dont want to listen to are a big liar...

GEET...Please meri baat suno...

Dont meet me again...No...Never...and she runs from that place...


She doesnt stop...He kneels down where he has been standing unable to decide what to do next...The evening is getting into its darker shade and he tries calling her on her mobile and its switched off...He immediately calls Aadi on his mobile and Aadi comes to the place where Maan is there...

S..Sir...What happened?

Woh Geet has mistaken me now...he tells him all what happened..

S..Sir...nothing to worry...I will come with you...But sorry sir you have to come with me on my bike challega?

Maan smiles at him...sure Aadi...for these many days I have been taking a backseat on Geet's scooty.

Aadi-Maan reach Geet-Pinky's home. Pinky...where's Geet?

Her papa had asked her to reach Delhi by tomorrow morning. He had sent driver to pick her up.

Maan is not able to believe what he has heard...What? But why? Is all fine in her family.

She didnt tell me anything...yes, all fine with her family...but haan her papa was interested in an alliance for Geet..may be Geet has been called related to that.

Maan is rolling his eyes...NO...eisa nahin ho saktha...I will leave to Delhi right away.

Pinky, I am not able to reach Geet on her mobile. Can you give me her Delhi Address?

Woh Address tho Papa ke pass hain. He is out of shimla and will be back by tomorrow see the weather is also bad and the mobile signals are very poor to attend to calls out of shimla. I will update you as and when I will reach him

Pinky, please help me on this...In meantime, I will leave to Delhi. he turns to car parked Market parking area. Please drop me there. I have to reach home and leave to Delhi right away...

Sir..Dont worry...I will drop you and will message you Geet's address as and when I get it.


At..Khurana Banglaw, Simla:

Maan zooms into his banglaw without even noticing his Daadima is sitting at sofa and has been eagerly waiting for him..

Maan bete...

Hey Girlfriend..I have to leave to Delhi right away...He is not willing to give her any tension telling all what happened between him and Geet...

Oh thanks god that Gaurav was able to reach see I have been trying to reach you on your mobile and not able to get thro the signal.

Kya...yeh aap kya bol rahi hain? Papa (Gaurav) had called you?

Wohi..Maan...Gaurav called me on landline and informed me that He (Gaurav) and Priya are leaving to Delhi right away and also he (Gaurav) informed that both of us should  leave to Delhi right away. We all four will meet at Khurana Manscion at Delhi.  

But why are we called there? sab tik tho hain na?

I dont know anything beta...Gaurav said its a surprise...We have to leave right now...pack your things we are already late...Shambu Kaka has made all arrangements with the car.

Par Daadi...

Beta..there's absolutely no time...we have to patiently wait till we meet your dad.

Maan is really helpless now...Oneway he is glad that he has been asked to come over to Delhi as Geet is also there. All he will be waiting for is a message from Aadi with regard to Geet's address.

PRECAP: Maan-Daadi & Gaurav-Priya meet at Khurana Manscion, Delhi.

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Posted: 3 years ago
Opss MSK get caught
Now how will he made her understand
Awesome update
Ohh so geet went Delhi
Maan should listen Dadi but how msk listen other he only do what he wants
He conffesion made geet stunned

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