MG SS - FLOWER BASKET - Last Part udt PG 42 + Note Added on PG 52 - Page 26

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Posted: 4 years ago
Originally posted by Loveforever18

Beautiful update Smile well written.. Seems there love is blooming.. Maan nd siting back side of scooty Embarrassed they shared a little abt there family nd schooling, studies.. nice to read.. geet opened up to him nd she seemed comfortable in his presence.. they roamed with holding each others hand.. that's awesome.. interesting update.. continue soon..

Thank your for your continuous support and amazing comments my dear.  Embarrassed
Posted: 4 years ago
Originally posted by jasminerahul

maaneet talking about their life...schooling was nice. geet holding maan for balance was sweet.but she is feeling guilty and is controlling her feelings.but maan feeling sad to see her guilty was nice.waiting for maan to tell her the truth

Thank You for your lovely comments dear. Embarrassed
Posted: 4 years ago
Originally posted by nakh5683

awesome update both were restless for each other eagerly waiting for next maan knows geet loves as much as he loves her but he was waiting for right time to tell her the truth maan was excited to meet geet that he didn't wait for to come instead he went to her college geet shocked to see but more shocked to see his excitement to spend time with her maan riding scooty with geet though he felt weird at first but the ride was heaven as he got to be close to his angel bth sharing their history with each other they had lot in common maaneet falling for each other but for geet it's too hard as maan has a gf

Thank you so much for lovely short, you have depicted their state of mind 100%Embarrassed
Posted: 4 years ago
Originally posted by crazyfriends007

Lovely maaneet moments
Geet is still in guilty n she thinks maan has gf
Maan loving every minute of geet

Thanks dear Embarrassed
Posted: 4 years ago


They stroll around the place for about an hour and Maan ensured he doesn't leave the hold of her hand even when she tried to pull away a couple of times as she was hit remembering about his GF...but still he won over this situation and never let her go of him at any cost...It was something Geet has been longing for and she is cherishing every moment with him...she takes these sweet memories imprinting it to her heart.

Next day same schedule follows where Maan visits her college at a specified time... Geet takes him to a place which is just a short drive from her home. The rain water that flows from up hill making its way towards the plains...during this process it passes thro many places of the hills in form of mini waterfalls. One such mini waterfalls flows down the small hill which is very close to Geet-Pinky's home..about 20 mins drive..the water that flows here is shallow i.e maximum it reaches to the level of your feet.. luckily, not too many people come here as most of the crowd are attracted towards the huge waterfalls in the surrounding hills.

(Authour Note: These kind of waterfalls and surroundings were a blessing when I visit Munnar. I am not able to pen it down with right words and sentances...but have tried to the maximum possible.)

As the water flows down to this place where Geet has got Maan, the water streams down to move at a slow pace and at a very shallow level where you can sit on the rocks around and relax by soaking your feet into the water. The water is pure, chill and so very soothing when you come in contact to it...The only thing that you need to be carefull is there are lot of small and large rocks around and most of them are quite slippery when you keep the feet on them and if you fall, you really get hurt badly.

Maneet sitting down here on one of the rocks and their feet let loose to play in the water that's flowing at a reasonably shallow pace. are really surprising me with these amazing places here...She is also excited like a kid and glad to learn that he is a nature lover just like herself. Maan is now bold enough to hold her hand without caring for her reaction or action...she looks back at him with her trademark shock look  but he looks away for sometime as if he is admiring the nature around and he smiles with in...and no way going to leave his hold on her hand.

They sit down for hours like this. Just remaining quite enjoying the silence and sweet nothings..with very occasional chatting and playfully splashing water on each other. by now, even she feels pretty comfortable being with him and at one point she just rest her head on his shoulder holding on to his strong arms...she finds the peace of mind that she was desperately wanting in her life.. She has visited this place so many  times and she always dreamt of spending special moments with a very special person and a smile touches her face seeing that silly wish coming into reality...without her own knowledge she is slowly driven to a short nap which she usually takes during the afternoon time and not able to get the required nap yesterday and today and her tiredness gave in to her eyes

GEET ...he gently calls out for her as she is too quite and when there's no answer, he bends down a little to look at her to find she is sleeping peacefully. A smile touches his face looking at her sleeping like a baby clutching to his hold. Deep in her sleep all her imaginations are taking a scary shape...she hears his very sweet voice making a strange request...She sees him and a reasonably fat girl standing a little far from him "GEET..I DONT NEED YOU ANY MORE...YOU SEE MY GIRLFRIEND HAS COME BACK" and walks away conjoining his hands with his girl friend's hand and she (Geet) is left all alone...she closes her eyes and tears start flowing down her cheeks..she instantly snaps out of her sleep and looks at Maan and looks around for his Girl Friend as the dream looked so very real

(Aurthor Note: Believe me...this bad dream is a harsh reality of one of my close friend... but somehow moved on in her life. just remembered her at this point of time)

She gets restless and she bends down and splashes water on her face continuously for 4-5 times and breathes heavily and lost in her own world

Maan cups her face...Geet...what happened? Are you OK?

She closes her eyes to feel his hard palm on her soft cheeks...he is lost in the feel too and he is simply lost in those hazel eyes which many a times lies to him.  Haan...I ...I had a bad dream...I mean...a dream...she looks away from him  and closes her eyes and she could still hear his harsh words which he tells her in her dreams but soon she will hear it in reality and has to be prepared for it

Woh..Mujhe chalna chahiye...I have to go to shop today. She turns to leave and Maan is confused what happened to her all of a sudden. He holds her hand.. Geet please..take a day off today too..

Maan..yesterday I took a day off.. I have to go today.

He knows very well that she is not an employee there but working there just out of her own interest and if she wants to take a week off also, she can still take it ...but he is not voicing it out.

Mere liye, aaj ek aur din...Please!! He litterally pleads her

Even though she too is willing to spend more time with him but after such a dream she is determined to get back to work today.

Maan Anyways, we will meet tomorrow again same timing..

Tik hain Geet...lets leave...but one thing, I want to come over here again tomorrow..I really love this place.

She smiles at him...that's the wonder of this place. you never get enough out it and that's the magic it spells on you.

And above all spending time with the person you love isn't it?? with a naughty smile and ofcouse inviting a stare from her...Oops even in the form of stare...but love it when she looks at me... Just then he realised what he has been saying and thinking. LOL Maan, you are an ISO certified Paagal now...have litterally stopped to think before talking and on top of that you are smiling?Confused

Sahi kaha aapne...She admits and looks but in a different sense maybe he is planning to bring his GF here once she comes back. She looks up making a cute baby face...hey babaji, you are so mean in granting my wish of spending my time with someone special but LIKE THIS?? Huh... Confused Ab challen?

YES...but promise me...


We will come here daily...

She nods for a YES...ab tho pakka confirmed hain...he is going to bring his GF here for the rest of his life.Ouch

He gets dropped at the near by market as she heads towards her home and then to shop.He smirks within thinking...Jaao Geet...I promise to be there before you @ at the flower shop later.

At Shop:

Pinky is all struggling to arrange the flower baskets which usually Geet does. She takes a very long sigh seeing Geet walking in...Oye Geet..Thanks to your babaji that you are here today. Daddy is also out and Woh dekho kitne saare foreign customers bhi aaye huye hain (Also, see there are lot of foreign customers)

Geet pulls the Red Roses and the basket which Pinky was struggling to arrange. Arre chill na. Now, I am here so, dont worry. SmileGeet couldnt help pinching Pinky's cheeks...

Ouch...Ouch waise Kya baat hain Geet? All Happy Shappy these days??

Hmm..nothing like that ...with a red hue on her face and She is lost in her own world whilst arranging few flower baskets of different sizes filling them with red roses..

I was with him till some time ago and miss him already...hey babaji what's happening to me?

Oye hoye...your cheeks are getting red hot, even more brighter red than the roses you are arranging...Wink

Geet's mouth is wide open ...Chup ho ja Pinky, eisa kuch nahin Re...Blushing

They both keep talking and talking whilst doing their work without even realising Someone has made a secret entry into the shop and have been abserving them from far...Geet..As promised, I am here...Winkhe could see from a distance that both girls are continuously chatting and working and he could sence they are teasing each other and Geet cheeks are turning all red and a smile touches his lips...After sometime, Geet is attending to those Foreign customers...

"Excuse me.. can you help us with some rare flower seeds ?"

Sure sir...if you could tell me where will the seeds to be hills, plains, sunny, winter places? You see accordingly I can suggest you the seeds.

Maan thinks...Only this girl can think different and ask such questions huh..LOL

"Well, we come from island covered with sea and its warm and sunny thro out the year..."

OK...I have few flower seeds to suggest...wait let me bring it...

She gets into the nearby room where the special seeds are kept.. and her hand is been pulled by someone and she hit on his broad chest and resting her soft palm there...She instantly knows who it could be it a reality or its a dream? She slowly looks up into his eyes and both their vision captive on each other as if their eyes dint want to see anything else for their entire life...


Geet snaps away from him after listening to the customer calling out for her again...

Maan...Aap yahan? She sees the customers have gathered outside this room and She hurriedly takes the seeds packs with her shivering hands and tries to rush out and he again pulls her..Maan..those foreign customers are waiting for these seeds...let me attend to them. He still has his hold on her arms behaves as if he is deaf and not able to listen to her. She is wiggling to get away from him..MAAN PLEASE...she pleads to him and he leaves her hand slowly...and she rushes out giving him a look filled with angry pout which again ads to his admiration towards her.

Geet attends to the customers and they are so overwhelmed with the rare seeds collections of this flower shop. You are having amazing collections and you are doing a great of the customer praise Geet and about to pat on her cheeks but Geet moves away thinking about what Maan questioned her during his previous visit and the cute nok Jhonk that followed...LOLOn the other side, Maan was about to come out and punch on this customer but withheld himself when Geet walked back inviting a smirk on maan's face...LOL

Pinky does with the billing and cash for those customers and Geet moves to the place where she bumped on Maan a while ago...she looks out for him and he hides from her purposefully enjoying the tension written on her face as she is unable to find him now.

Was it a dream or hallicunation? She looks up cutely...hey babaji, you have decided that I will get to witness all dreams of my life time in one day? Huh..I am sure that was a dream..She looks up angryily now...Yeh kya baat huyi babaji? First torture me and then keep quite as if nothing happened...that's the rule you follow...hain na Babaji?? She turns around and once again bumps on Maan who was standing right behind her. She composes herself and starts bashing him...Yeh kya hain maa? This is not our usual place this is a flower shop where I work and there are lot of people and customers around...dont you even care what will they think about us?...and she goes on non stop...and he instantly brings his index finger forward to seal her lips and she stops then and there.

She is all lost in his eyes and heaving profusely as feel of his finger on her lips and feeling goose bumps all over her body and he too lost in the feel of soft petals and releases her slowly.

She again composes herself before talking further.

Yeah kya kar rahe hain maan?

You refused to take a day off today...he looks around the flower shop and continues because of your job...Is liye, main yahan aagaya...and winks..


Dont take so much difficulty in framing questions which alreay has answers...Smile


I know very well that you were missing me already..that's why I am here

Par...she turns away from him..eisa kuch nahin hain...

She talks to him further looking down..Please aap yahan se jaayiye na...I am worried if Pinky gets to see you here.

So What? I am not at all worried...about your friend Pinky nor her dad..

Pinky finishes invoicing for the foreign customers and she calls out for Geet but there's no answer...Geet...where are you? Pinky gets tensed and takes another apple and starts munching whilst looking around for Geet  and her mouth wide open seeing Geet and Maan in that room and cought them between cute arguments. But Pinky is reacting as if  she is the one who has been cought LOL. The Apple piece which she just bit is stuck in her her open mouth and she remains in that position...where as Geet is going all pink and red being cought by Pinky..Blushing

Woh..Woh..Pinky...He He...Geet is not finding right words to phrase and Pinky is still in state of shock seeing Maan here and now Maan's turn to show his reaction and of course he is so very cool...

Pinky, Do you have any problem if I come here daily to meet your friend?

Pinky is in a state of shock..she cutely nods for YES without realizing and then immediately nods for a NO.

After shop hours Pinky takes care of the shop closing procedures while Maan and Geet take a short walk till they are near Geet's home...Maan instantly holds her palm once they were out of the shop and she gives a surprised look at see, I am not used to walking in these muddy road..

She responds positively to his hold and strengthens her grip...You are right...until and unless you have lived here for a long time and you have continuously walked on these roads, it wont be easy...both look at each other and smile...

Both walk like this holding each other's hands...everything looks perfect...their hold, their sweet nothings occasionally looking at each other and stealing glances...and their silence communicates much more than their talking...But the realization strikes her like a thunder and she snaps away and he looks back at home is just there and if uncle ji sees us we will get into unnecessary trouble...Is uncleji ki tho main...Angrybut he is not convinced uncleji to be the please carry on. Will meet tomorrow after college hmm?? and she smiles aur haan...please dont walk back as the road is muddy...she points him another road ...this road is far better and it takes you to the market..and you get taxi, take care...bye and she is about to leave when he pulls her almost for a hug putting her into sweet shock and he cups her face gently...He still has so much to talk but  either end up in being silent or running short of words...I just called to say...GOOD NIGHT

She takes a sigh...GOOD NIGHT... and she almost runs towards her home without considering road conditions...and when she reaches home she turns to look at him and she immediately steal her glance and zooms into her home..

Huh..yeh ladki..khud tho paagal hain hi aur main bhi din bhar din paagal ban raha hoon.. Confused He is not able to control his smile at his own plightSmile

PRECAP: Their first kiss... Embarrassed ...and ShockedOuch
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PART 7     



GEETIKA next update in progress...will post in some time

I need some time for JOURNEY CALLED LIFE... hope you will understand and be with me.
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Posted: 4 years ago
I am fine akka
How are u and ur kiddo's ?

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