MG SS - FLOWER BASKET - Last Part udt PG 42 + Note Added on PG 52 - Page 14

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Posted: 3 years ago


I know my friend very well...I am seeing so many changes in her within a day...and I could see its all because of that stranger...

Haan Pinky...he has all the qualities that I had ever desired..but he has a girl friend..I have no right to think about him what so ever..

Par Geet...

Geet cuts her off ...Ab jaldi se Aadi ko phone lagao aur baat karo. Main bohuth thak gayi hoon ...I am going to sleep...Aur haan by the way, remember we have a field tour arranged in our college for tomorrow.. so we need to wake up early so finish your talk and sleep fast...hmm? Good Night Pinky..

Good Night Geet

Even after a Hectic Sunday with so much of work she had been assigned with, she had a disturbed sleep. She wakes up and sees the rose which was given to her last evening kept in the side table. She again takes it and gently caresses it.. she is wondering with her own weird feelings. She has to make a move fast as she has a field trip to attend...there's a field trip arranged by the, they are going to visit a Tea Estate.

Next day morning at Khurana Banglaw:

Maan is nothing less..he too had a tiring day...He hit the bed but sleep was miles away from him and now tts 6 AM and he has been working out thinking all about that sales girl... her cute and innocent face..her sweet voice...huh...her eyes reflecting equal passion for him...her face going pale when she heard about his Girl Friend...a naughty smile touches his face again

Maan finishes with his shower and breakfast and immediately leaves to meet that sales girl taking this big reason of returning the amount that he owes to that flower shop.

At the flower shop:

He walks into the flower & Gift Shop at around 9:30 AM and despirately looking around for that Sales Girl in every nook and corner and happen to bump on Deepak.

Hello may I help you?

Woh...I met a girl yesterday here...

Deepak gives him one disapproved look as doesnt like these youngsters flaunting into his place with the purpose of flirting and he thinks the same about Maan..

Now he talks a bit sternly..Listen...are you here to buy something in this shop which I shall help you with?

Maan rolls his eyes and not able to get the right words...he again continues asking the same question..

Woh ..I met this girl yesterday late in the evening in this shop..

What do you mean this girl this girl?

See..she is a sales girl here...

Deepak is still not able to didn't strike him instantly about Geet as he has never considered her as a sales girl. She is like his own daughter assisting him with this small business.

Woh..she was wearing a yellow dress...

Now, its confirmed that he's referring to Geet as he remember very well she was the only one wearing yellow dress yesterday.

But she is not sales girl..and he instantly stops to talk about her further in order to avoid giving any further details about her.

Its that I am here, you can talk to I can help you?

But I have to meet her only...

He scans Maan from top to bottom...yeh bandha tho tik hi lagtha hain...and also he sounds like a gentle man...but why is he so much insisting to meet Geet? I cannot give way to any guy meeting her just like that...No no...I am local guardian of Geet and ...If any serious consequenses occur then I am answerable to Geet's parents.

Listen...I have been asking you so many times how I shall help you and you are simply blabbering "That Girl" "That Sales Girl"? This is my shop and I will not permit any nuisance you get it?

Huh...Maan is literally going mad now..on one end he is not able to see that girl and to make it worse he doesn't even know her name. On other hand I am forced to listen to the nonsense of this guy...How dare he talks to me like this? If he talks to customers like this then how will be his behavior towards that sales girl? Poor girl.

Listen...I am asking for that Sales Girl as I owe her money


Yes, yesterday evening I purchased a gift item and I didnt have immediate cash...That girl was so kind to tell me to pay as and when possible..that's why I'm here to settle that money today.

Deepak is seriously lost now...we never sell on credit...and if Geet helped someone like this, she would have told me yesterday evening and also the cash and bills were perfectly tallying for the previous day...

Listen gentle man...give me 5 mins.. Let me check yesterday's transactions and come back to you.


Deepak checks and there's no note by Geet, there's no descrepancy of even 1 rupee in the transactions...

What's the amount you owe gentleman?

Its 1000 Rs. Here is the bill...

He rechecks the systems and checks the bill and PAID stamp was already mentioned on the counter part of the bill in shop's box file.

There's nothing like that mentioned here and there's no such note for yesterday...

But that Sales Girl...she knows about it. I owe money to this shop.

Deepak is really getting mad about this guy. Is he trying to play smart by throwing this amount as a token moeny and I will permit him  to get friendly with girls working here? CHEE...anything can happen in today's world and I shall not tollerate this. Now, Deepak's tone gets rude..Listen gentleman.. I have clearly told you there's no such pending amount noted for yesterday. Your bill shows that its already been, please, if you need to buy any more stuff here, I shall help you with otherwise, you shall leave.

Maan was really getting mad angry on Deepak...I came here to pay the money that I owe and look at this Old man...he is behaving so non curtious...that girl was super honest in her job and also she helped me with this money part and this old man is not willing to take that money from me...huh...sach main.. namoone bhare pade hain!! The cherry that topped his anger is he couldn't meet that girl... But He has been very patient and decided to move out of this place only because of that girl who is working over here...otherwise, he himself dont know what damage he can do to this flower shop if his anger would have triggered further.

Maan Calls Aadi and he sounds so rough and tough...AADI..I will be in Tea Estate in another 30 minutes. need to check all the files, documents and fix a meeting with staff.

Y...Y...Yes sir...I am already here and arranging for the same.

Maan cuts the call and Aadi looks at his mobile as if he is seeing it for the first time...what happened to sir. Till date, he never raised his voice on me...and today he was sounding as if he was agitated and rude...kya baat ho saktha hain? have to talk to him once he is calm.

At Tea Estate:

This Tea Estate was bought by Gaurav almost 10 years back and there was an inauguration function organized by the Khuranas and that was when Maan last visited Shimla. Savithri Devi had taken the in charge for this business and she used to visit this estate once every 2-3 months...but of late she has been facing so many challenges health wise and has been staying in Shimla for the last one year in order to give full attention to this tea estate whilst avoid frequent travelling between Mumbai to Shimla. Gaurav and Priya have been too busy handling other businesses falling under Khurana Enterprises. That's why she wants to handover this estate responsibility to Maan and he's all here for this purpose.

Maan has just got into the Estate premises and parked his car...On the other hand,  he sees college bus making its way into the premises...He walks in and understood from the estate security that there is a field trip organized by this college to train their students with regard to tea estate operations.

Another baseless anger hits his brain and he barges into his room...asking the security guy to send the Estate Manager to his cabin.

Maan walks into his huge cabin on the first floor...which also has a clear access to the ground floor factory operations.

Aadi wishes him...Good Morning Sir..

What so good about this morning Aadi? Tell me one good reason?

S...Sir...whhh hat happened? you really looked tensed today.

Maan doesn't answer him and just that time there's a knock on the door and the estate Manager walks in

Manager Saab...what is this? What are these college students doing here? Do you really value time? I am here and this is my first day and I have important meetings lined up ...and HAH...I have these college crap...

SIR..I am really sorry but please allow me to explain...

Aadi holds Maan's hand and tries to console him. Aadi has also become his good friend as they both belong to same age group and both get well along with each other. Aadi murmurs to him...please calm down...

Maan turns away his face and Aadi continues to talk with the estate manager

Ji Boliye kya baat hain? what is this college trip to our estate all about?

Sir..every year students from 4 different college visit here which is a study tour for them and they make a project report with what they get to see here how a tea estate operates and flow of work...Various departments within a tea estate and so on... They regularly visit between Jan-March and it happens in batches...Savithriji knows about it as she has granted permission to these colleges and that too end of December last year.

Tik hain...Koi baat nahin...till what time will they be here?

Sir..Max for one hour.

Hmm..please leave and finish attending to the students as soon as possible.

The Estate Manager takes their leave and Aadi rests his hand on maan's shoulder.

Kya baat hain sir? I have never seen you loosing your temper like this...

Maan is still angry with the series of incidents since morning. Moreover, he is so very desperate to meet that sales girl again...

Woh Aadi, Yesterday was my Girl Friend's Birthday

SIR...GIRL FRIEND???? ShockedAadi is shocked to here this as he knows Maan doesnt have any Girl Friend...

WOH...Sorry I mean...It was my Daadima's Birthday and right from my childhood I have been adressing her as Girl Friend...

Aadi takes a phew ok..

I didnt remember about her B Day till I landed here and reached the main town of Shimla and all shops were closed apart from this flower shop in the uphill and I happen to meet this sales girl...

Aadi has been listening to all further incidents that happened patiently...Maan tells him all what ever happened between that sales girl and him...till all what happened in the morning...

Aadi has been patiently listening to him and all what he could react is with his typical smile...Hee...Hee... Big smilewhich annoys Maan further...

Aadi, I am telling you as I consider you as my very good friend..

S..Sorry..Woh...Actually, that shop belongs to my Girl Friend's Father.


J...Ji sir...As you know yesterday I was out for the whole day with my Girl Friend...but not sure who is this sales girl you are talking about. Even it didnt strike aadi that he is actually talking about Geet as Geet is not considered as a Sales Girl there. Infact Geet doesn't even come into this topic picture. Now he is really wondering who this girl could be.

I was so despirate to meet this girl this morning and on top of all that there was this old man who was showing ME ...MAAN SINGH KHURANA all attitutes...

Hee..Hee... Big smile again Aadi laughs and Maan gives one deadly stare at him

S...Sir...that old man is the owner of the shop. My Girl Friend Pinky's Dad...


Ji Sir...He is very strict person and follows rules of his business...He is a very sweet guy by heart...believe me.

Maan is still not able to come in terms with his first meeting with Deepak and he simply walks away towards the Glass covered wall from where he gets a clear view of the happenings in the ground floor. His eyes opes wide to see the same Sales girl who is one among the college students...she is all dressed in light blue jean with attractive baby pink top clinging to her perfect figure...and she has a long woolen scarf which is of a size of a duppatta and loosely wrapped around her neck. He is rubbing his eyes to confirm himself...and he calls out for Aadi.

AADI...come here fast...see that sales girl is here...

W...what? Aadi thinks Maan has really gone Mad thinking all the time about that girl and his eyes pops out seeing Geet is the one whom Maan has been referring to...Also Aadi's face lits with joy seeing Pinky standing right next to Geet...Embarrassed

Oh...yeh GEET hain sir.


Yes...her name is Geet.. a sweet name...Geet ki no...Maan ki Geet...Embarrassedhe is all lost in her and his silly thoughts and a blushy smile touches his perfect M shaped lips. Aadi is getting shock after shock. His boss was all angry sometime back and now his face is glittering with all happiness...

Sir..Both Geet and Pinky are in their Final year of Business Management from St. Martha's College here in Shimla. And Geet is staying here as a Paying Guest at my GF, Pinky's house...Also she works part time at the flower shop which Pinky's dad owns that's how you got to see her.

Maan is listening to aadi obtaining all her details...and he is falling more and more for this girl now...and he is desperate to know more about her.

And Sir..she is working part time not for the sake of money but to give into her flair for learning, and moreover, she loves being in between flowers and plants. Her parents live in Delhi and they dont even know that she is doing part time job here. Her father and Deepak uncle are thick friends that's why Deepak uncle is more strict and protective when it comes to Geet.

He is really amazed about her. How she handles the shop floor operations without any attitude and with so much of dedication to her work and so very sincere and serine..and also she is a full time management student.

He holds Aadi's hands ...Aadi..I am...I am in love with this girl...

Today is a day of ALL SHOCKS for Aadi as the last sentence that he heard from Maan has litterally pushed him down...


Yes Aadi...I love Geet..and I could see that she too loves me... It was love at first sight for both of us...and this is the first time, I have come across a girl who fell for me and not for my richness and background..and she too coming from a upper middle class family, but still holds simple and kind nature..

I understand you know her personally...please help me...

S...Sir...I will su...rely help you...but one thing to began with...Geet is a girl who doesnt like Rich guys.


Haan sir...As per her rich guys dont posses good culture and values...I dont know why she has these thoughts in her mind but she has this opinion bout richie rich guys...LIKE YOU..

Maan gives  a stern look at him again..

I am clearing this fact to you...She prefers guys from Middle class or even poor to that matter who even if they lack in finances but will be loyal to the girl whom they love..

Huh...On one hand Maan is Madly falling for this girl now...and on other hand he is worried with her so called imaginations and assumptions about rich guys...

Aadi and Maan work towards some further talking on this and walk towards the ground floor where Geet, Pinky and all other college students were busy involved in noting down each and every detail on how a tea estate works...its operations and they visit various departments..

Pinky turns back for a sec and jumps with joy seeing Aadi...and she screams...AADI...and runs to him and about to hug him when he gestures her to stop...

Pinky...kya bachpana hain yeh..this is my work place...calm down baby...

Pinky makes a baby face dipped with embarrassment while all people were looking at them...Embarrassed

Just then Geet turns to look at Aadi..and shell shocked to see that stranger who walked into her shop previous evening and he is standing right next to Aadi...

She looks away and rubs her eyes in order to confirm ...Why am I seeing him every where? she cutely looks up...babaji..yeh kya ho raha hain mere saat? Aur yeh yahan kya kar rahe hain? Ouch

She slowly turns to look back where Aadi and Pinky are talking to each other and shockingly confirms herself with that stranger's presence.

They both  (Maaneet) happen to look at each other without even a blink of their eye..So very lost and seeking peace of missing each other since previous evening...Geet's heartbeat raises when Aadi and Maan walks towards her and she shifts her vision on Aadi . Now Pinky comes back to stand along with Geet.

Maan could sense that she is trying her maximum possible to avoid him now..Her eyes looks tired as if she too didnt get enough sleep last night..just like him..

Hey are you?

Im fine Geet... this is the place you work?

This is just one of the organisation which falls under the Parent company..This entire week I will be here along with my boss..

Geet gives a week smile and gives one look to Maan and slowly turns her face away. where as he is all lost in her..

Pinky is curious to know about Aadi's boss now...

Hey Aadi, you were telling me a lot about your boss and you were about to introduce him na? Where is he?

Aadi instantly turns to Maan and continues...He is my...

Ouch Ouch Aadi shouts as Maan pinches him on his hand...

Kya hua Aadi? Pinky asks in concern...

Woh I was standing so close to this machine which clears tea leaves and my hand touched it by mistake...

Hmm..Main Keh raha tha ki ... he is my friend Maan...

Geet is busy noting down something or the other but her ears all glued to what Aadi is talking. MAAN...she closes her eyes and tells his name and a smile touches her lips...and she slowly opens her eyes again to look back at him..and seeing his vision all glued only on her...she couldn't help to control the red hue forming on her cheeks and she again looks away. Also she notices all her class mates were gaping at him...

Oh..hie Maan...I am Pinky...She introduces herself with all excitement...

Hie...Maan shakes hand with her..

And she is my friend...Geet...

Hie GEET...he brings his right hand forward gesturing for a shake hand to which she obliges... and he slightly firms his grip on her hand

Hie ...I am Maan

She gulps and introduces her self...Hie...I am Geet...It was so natural for them to get lost in eachother's eyes whilst their hands locked as they are still not out of their shake hand mode while they have a brief talk

Woh..I had visited the flower shop this morning and didn't find you there.

She looks back at him questioningly..

I return the money..and met that old man...he refused to take the money see..I work there part time. And you met Deepak uncle. He is Pinky's Dad..he is little stern and strict...

Maan rolls his eyes listening Deepak's name now...anyways..I will come in the evening to handover the amount to you personally.

NO...I mean...I have settled it..

But how?

Leave need not pay that amount that's it.


Its OK.

The professor incharge was calling out for all students  to make way towards their bus...

Maaneet so lost in each other naturally that they didnt even hear the professor making the announcement.

Aadi notices it and clears his throat and both (Maaneet) instantly snaps out of eye lock and break apart..

Aadi...mujhe chalna chahiye...and did you take boss permission for a leave from 3:00 PM today? Pinky asks curiously

Aadi was about to talk about it to Maan but couldnt as Maan was in such a bad mood..

Maan understood Aadi's plight and rests his hand on Aadi's shoulder noding for a yes...

H...Haan...Pinky. Be ready. I will pick you direct from college...Aadi holds her hand...and wispers on her ears...BYE AND SEE YOU :)

Geet is feeling happy to see Aadi and Pinky bonding back to normal...

Geet too bids Bye to Aadi...she turns to maan and bids him bye weekly and both Pinky and Geet leave from there.

Maan is again feeling low now...sometime back he was shouting at the estate manager to have allowed this bus to come in today and now he regrets the bus leaving from there so very early.

The rest of the day passed by so slow and boring for Maan inspite of so many things to do. His lips has been chanting only Geet's name since the time he has come to know her name.. He is really lost in his magic world of his first love...he just met her yesterday evening and by today he has reached a condition where he cannot live even a second without her...

PRECAP: Meeting at Flower Shop Again Wink

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Posted: 3 years ago
missing, meeting and again missing.. 
i'm really getting excited for the next coming parts..
maan is too fast to realize his feelings..  
i loved the update... 
Posted: 3 years ago
Sooo much lovely update lakshu dear maaneet intro each other. ...Aadi getting shock after shock. ..awesome. ..Thanks for updating. ...waiting for nxt part
Posted: 3 years ago
Adi is in shock after shock...
Maan is so mad
Again maaneet met ... Geet also in stranger mode
Loved maaneet moments
Please update soon
Posted: 3 years ago
Lovely updates Clap
Geet wants a simple guy to be her life partner... But she heard her parents talking about an alliance 
Maan meets geet in the flower shop both got attracted towards each other... Geet became sad hearing the word girlfriend 
Dadi is maan's gfWink... Dadi loved the gift
Geet agreed for the alliance her parents saw
Maan stopped adi from introducing him as his boss
Aage kya hoga 
Posted: 3 years ago
Originally posted by -Gemini-

Lovely updates Clap
Geet wants a simple guy to be her life partner... But she heard her parents talking about an alliance 
Maan meets geet in the flower shop both got attracted towards each other... Geet became sad hearing the word girlfriend 
Dadi is maan's gfWink... Dadi loved the gift
Geet agreed for the alliance her parents saw
Maan stopped adi from introducing him as his boss
Aage kya hoga 

Thanks dear Smile
Where were you? Didnt get to see you for such a long time Embarrassed
Posted: 3 years ago
Originally posted by jasbirkaur85197

Sooo much lovely update lakshu dear maaneet intro each other. ...Aadi getting shock after shock. ..awesome. ..Thanks for updating. ...waiting for nxt part

Thanks a lot for your comments dear Tongue

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