MG SS - FLOWER BASKET - Last Part udt PG 42 + Note Added on PG 52 - Page 11

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Posted: 4 years ago
Awesome update dear 
Posted: 4 years ago
lovely update
awe they actually liking each other
but again his gf word ruined everything
geet still gave him best gift
Posted: 4 years ago
Originally posted by Drashtilove

lovely update
awe they actually liking each other
but again his gf word ruined everything
geet still gave him best gift

Thanks Dear Hug
Posted: 4 years ago


Geet is not in a mood to work anymore. She takes the bonus envelope which Deepak uncle gave her...takes 1000 Rs and adds it to the cash counter ensuring the cash received tallies with the total amount of bills.. and carrys the entire amount from the cashcounter to behanded over to Deepak uncle as he has left earlier today. She assigns the further shop closing tasks to her assistants and she leaves from there..


at Khurana Bunglaw...Shimla...

An old lady is shouting left right and centre on Shambu him all lessons of life..

He told you to take a cab and leave from the airport and you left him leaving from there all alone? she is litterally fuming

Malkin, I requested him so much and he was not listening to me...he wanted to drive the car all by himself.

Aap ko patha hain na? He visited this place when he was mearly 10-12 years of age...and this place is relatively new for him and you left him to drive alone like this? Hamen aap se ye umeed nahin thi.

Arre Arre...what happened to my Girl Friend?

That old lady and Shambu Kaka move their gaze towards the entrance of the bunglaw...and in no time, Maan runs to her swings her and hugs her tight and swings with her...

Arre Arre...Maan...yeh kya kar rahe ho beta...

I am all excited to meet my Girl Friend ...HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY GIRL FRIEND...He hugs her tight and gives her light kiss on her cheeks.

That old lady blushes with his act and nods her head in amusement...

Aap ko yaad tha beta?

Haan Girl Friend...You know how eagerly I was waiting for this day to celebrate this day with you...He hides the fact that he actually forgot her Birthday and was running from pillar to post to buy her a gift...till he made his way to that flower and gift shop

kuch tho sharam kijiye...itne bade hogaye ho ab bhi mujhe Girl Friend kehke pukarthe me Daadima atleast from now onwards... are my Girl changes in that...

And what if you meet your girl friend in real?

He instantly remembers that flower shop girl...Oh...why am I not able to remove her thoughts from my mind?

Huh...but you will always remain my First Girl Friend...

Aur yeh...aap keliye gift...

He handsover the big red box of Surprise and the bunch of flowers to his Daadima (Girl Friend)...

Wow...This is the first ever gift from you...Dadi is all excited She takes the flowers  and places them in the flower vase near by...Now let me see what is there in the Gift Box...

Haan Girl Friend...Jaldi Jaldi open karo... Maan is even more curious you see even I didn't get to see what is there in this...It seems its a surprise gifts and only Girl friends can see?

Daadi is not able to register what he is saying KYA???Shocked

Haan... that's the speciality of this gift box

Maan...what if something comes and out like a spring and punches on my face??

Aap na, please stop watching those old comedy movies...again and again...

Now, please stop this suspense...tell me what's in this box?

Mujhe nahin pata...that girl told me its special one and only my Girl Friend can open it and see...

Girl? Now who is this girl?

That girl from the Flower Shop from where I bought the gift...ab chodiye...jaldi open kijiye...because more than you I am curious to see what's there in this box...

Daadi opens the box slowly and gently...

The first item that comes out is a greeting card..."THIS GIFT BOX...SPECIALLY FOR MY LOVE"...both Daadi and Maan give a shocking look at each other...and next...a huge white cute teddy bear holding a red colour double  heart.. "For my Valentine" written in the heart...Maan is looking at it and his eyes pops out and he thinks WHAT THE???Shocked  Daadi is not able to control her laugh...LOLstill she gives a stern look to Maan..and Maan looks away hiding his uncomfortableness..Then she Takes out a box full of heart shaped dark brown and white chocolates neatly arranged and packed in heart shaped transparent box...A cute coffee mug again imprinted with cute hug of two teddy bears..A small pouch full of colorful hair bands...and finally, a T-Shirt neatly folded and packed...She takes it in her hand and opens it...its XXL size cute baby pink T shirt with Teddy bear with heart print...(That's why Geet had asked for the sizeLOL)

Maan is all Astonished with the items that has come out of the box...No wonder it has surprised him and his Girl Friend but in a very different way...He doesnt know what will be his Girl Friend's reaction seeing this...Huh...I am sure she will turn towards me and hit me left right and centre...DeadDeadhe opens his one eye and looks at her she is standing folding her hand giving a killing stare...

Woh... His face is full of embarrassment...wondering what to tell his Girl friend (Daadima) now...

Daadima bursts out in laughter...and hugs Maan Tight...Maan couldn't believe that she is reacting in such a a sense that Shop girl is true that this gift box will do wonders..somehow he is happy to see this laughter in his GF Daadima.

You know Maan...This is the best gift I have ever had..You know, when your dadaji was alive, he didnt buy me any such romantic gifts for my Birthday which invariably falls on Valentines day not even flowers...Maximum he would buy me a saree, or sweets and once or twice he has got me some jewels..but jewels too doesnt match such very special gifts...and your papa-mama would always buy me shawls, white/cream sarees making me realise my old age...but I was so much longing to get these kinds of gifts for such a long time...Today, you made me feel almost 40 years younger...You really made me feel so special today...

Sach main Girl friend ?? You really liked it?

I loved it...WOW...This greeting card to begin romantic..kaash aap ke daada ne eisi koi greeting di hoti...Angry she makes a disappointed face thinking about her diseased husband LOL...And coming to the items in the box...especially this teddy bear...this is so cute...and she hugs it tight...This mug...I will keep it in my table in my room...Chocolates are my all time favourite...Now, Maan gives a stern look at her...Dont worry beta..I will not consume entire box in one go. I will eat one chocolate each in two days...T-shirt and rubber bands...I can use it when I work out in my secret Gym...

Mazze ki baat yeh hain ki yeh actually Valentines special gift box hain...Did you specifically ask for it?

He nods for a No...I just told that girl that I need a gift for my Girl Friend...Confused

KYA??Shocked are my girl friend na...that's what I told her... and I didnt tell her I want Valentines day gift...Promise...but then why she gave me such a gift box? Wondering why she suggested giving this gift box to you...Confused

Daadi bangs herself...Itne bade ho gaye ho maan...Zara si bi akkal nahin? When you went to this shop...that sales girl would have definitely asked you for whom you are buying this gift and you told her its for your Girl Friend? Woh bi Aaj 14th Feb hain..which is also Valentines day...How on earth you expect her to assume that you are actually buying a gift for your Daadima for her Birthday and this Daadima is also your  Girl Friend?? Sach main..such a dumbo you are...

Maan is in his deepest confusion ever with what has happened...and his thoughts gets disturbed when his Daadi holds on his shoulder...Jo bhi ho...I loved the sweet surprise and will cherish this for ever...

Daadi pats on his cheeks...Ab aap jaldi se nahalijiye aur fresh ho jaayiye...I will arrange for the dinner to be served...

Hmm...he moves into his room and immediately heads to take a hot shower...he is all lost with series of inciedents that happened in the flower shop...that girl is really driving him crazy with her simple innocent looks and sweet gestures...How he felt the moment she fell in his arms..he could still feel her lips on his shoulder...Her Eyes...He could see the same reflex of the feelings in her hazel eyes which he possessed for her...She was so happy seeing him just like he did...but all of a sudden she became pale...just then he realised that he has been blaberring "Girl Friend" instead of his Daadima and that too today is Valentines day...OH Ghosh..yeh main ne kya kar diya? He instantly stops the shower nob and comes out of his washroom wiping himself...Is ka matlab...she also truely fell for me like I did without even knowing my name, who I am, what I am doing...a smile touches his face...Moreover, she also helped me on money part..He sighs...Any other girl in her place would have thrown me out of the shop showing her true frustration dipped with jealousyness...but this girl genuinely helped me and told me to pay later...Ghosh...kya kar daala main ne..Did I hurt her by any means?

Now he is really feeling sad to have hurt her unknowingly. I will tell her the truth when I meet her at her shop next time.


At Geet-Pinky's home

Geet is walking back to her home..Its just 5 mins walk from the flower shop to Geet's home but today, she is taking much longer time than usual. She is still holding that single rose to her heart...Hey babaji...yeh mujhe kya ho raha hain? Why am I thinking only about that guy? Why? First ever time in my life I met someone who created a positve place in my mind...and I am sure that I will never be able to meet him again or there's no way there's going to be a future for this relationship...then why am I still thinking about this guy?

Geet reaches the door steps of her home...and she gets a call from her papa...

Hello beta..

Papa are you?

All fine here beta...How is your studies going on?

its all going good. Preliminary exams are going to began in another 2-3 weeks. waiting for the time table.

Gr8..Well..Beta...I had to talk something very important with you.

Ji boliye papa. Geet could sence that her papa is going to comeup with the topic with regard to the aliance...and that's it...the time has come where her papa spills the beans...

He spoke to her for some time about khuranas their family and how will she lead a wonderful life when she too will become a part of their family...Overall his discussion with Gaurav..

Papa...they seem to be far far rich than us and too much of a upper crust..

I know you have never liked guys from rich families but believe me...Khuranas are quite different people...they value humans more than money...Palkon pe bitake rakhenge tumhe..

Geet is loosing all her sences...she still has that one rose with her which she is gently  twisting and rolling in her hand...she is all lost in that guy...and the next moment she reminds herself that he belongs to someone else..and she closes her eyes and tears wells down her cheeks...and she sobs...

Geet beta please rovo mat...I never intend to build relationships at cost of your precious tears...When Gaurav calls, I will call Gaurav and tell them a NO...

Nahin ...mera woh matlab nahin tha...sorry, I got emotional. Ab aap hi sochiye aur faisla lijiye. She wipes her tears and continues...Mujhe aap ke har faisle par barosa hain...

Thank you...thank you beta...Geet's papa is so delighted...this will take some time as Gaurav is in travelling for some time..will update you on this hmm?

Hmm...Bye Papa..Good Night..

She again looks at that flower...she still wants to retain phool ka kya dosh? Dosh tho meri kismat ki hain...Shayad main bohuth despirate ho gayi thi life main...But not any more

Just then, Aadi-Pinky's bike arives...Pinky runs and hugs Geet...Oye Geet yahan betke kya kar rahi hain?

Woh..I got a call from papa when I was just entering home...

Pinky lifts Geet's chin...kya huva Geet...sab tik hain na?

Haan yaar...

Chall Aadi wanted to say hie to you...and waves bye to Aadi and walks into home

Aadi's family lives in one of the neighboring house. Pinky and Aadi were good friends since their childhood... and it was just a year Back Aadi proposed her and both families accepted their relationship. By this way, Geet and Aadi too became good friends...Geet really admires Aadi's simplicity and his patience level...especially his winning smile even when he is going thro tough situations.

Hey are you? you had been to Delhi right? How is uncle and Auntiji?

All fine Aadi...Aur was the Valentines day?

He gives a weak was great Geet. Challo catch you some other time. My family is waiting for me...bye...

Bye Aadi.

Geet could sence something fishy...will check with Pinky on this..

Geet enters into home...hands over the cash and all transactions details for the day to Manchanda uncle...and uncle leaves  Geet and Pinky all alone as he know how long Geet and Pinky take when they sit in the dining area...munching food and their non-stop talking...and today, Pinky is even more excited...

Oye Pinky...kya chal raha hain? How was your day today? I am dying to know since morning...

Arre yaar Aaj ka din kitna maza aaya pata hain?

Mmm...hmmm...She is listening and munching her dinner...

Sabse pehle..we went to have breakfast...Aadi took me to my fav restaurant where I get different varieties of parathas... TonguePinky rolls her eyes recollecting all the events...Geet I will take you there next will amused to see so many varieties...

Oh Really? Interesting! will make it there sometime. Fir Aur kya huva? Please continue na!! Wink

Hmm... from there we left to a place where you get an excellent ghanne (Sugarcane) ka juice...Oye Geet...kya fresh juice tha Tongue...main ne 2 glass piya...I will take you there next must come with me..Tongue

Hmm.. I am very curious what lays ahead so please continue na.

 Haan...and then we drove for 20 mins and by then the clock stuck one and I was feeling so hungry...I requested Aadi...Lets finish with lunch...You know na, I love Gujarathi was so sweet of Aadi..he made sure to take me to a Gujrathi Restaurant...Tongue

Geet is rolling her eyes thinking how the day went from Aadi's point of wonder he looked so worn out...She is looking at Pinky who is still accompanying Geet during dinner session by munching apple...and talking in between...Geet is now controlling her laugh to the maximum extent...and still more curious to know further on their exciting date...

Fir kya hua Pinky?

Fir..fir...haan...At Guj restaurant they served so many know what's the speciality of Guj thali? you enjoy more when you are eating slowly...I spent nearly 2 hours week I will take you there too...Embarrassed

PINKY... Angry Geet almost shouts...Aur kya kiya batao...Angry

Woh...Aadi wanted to take me to waterfalls...but to reach there I had to walk down so many steps and it was so steep and also will be difficult to climb back...woh main ne itna khaliya tha na, I couldnt walk down...and I came back...aur waise bhi...I am so bored of seeing waterfalls regularly.Ouch Pinky is still lost in munching fresh apple

Geet hits her own head with her palm...Mera yeh haal hain tho Aadi bechare ka kya haal huva hoga...OuchLOLEven though she knows nothing more happened in this romantic valentines day appart from Pinky's continuous Munching. But still hoping on hope that some romance would have happened in last few hours...Hmm...phir kya hua kya kiya??

Hmm...We couldnt go till the falls because it was steep...but we sat for sometime and were able to watch the falls from  a distance...

Geet takes a sigh and thinks...challo kuch der keliye hi sahi ...but Pinky and Aadi sat down for a while looking at waterfalls..Aur phir...Confused

Wahan na garma garam channe milthe the...It was so yum you see...Tongue

Geet has completely lost it...DeadAnd I know what happened further?


It might be dinner time hain na?

Arre Wah are reading my mind like an open book...Tongue

Pinky...the book of your mind can be easily read without even opening it.Sleepy

Pinky is blinking at her without even understanding what Geet is trying to say.

Pinky...what is this yaar? Is this what you were considering a romantic valentine date and you were waiting for this for such a long time? Geet is really getting mad on her now...Bechara Aadi, did you even consider what were his expectations out of this day?

Pinky stopped munching apples in mid way...Nahin Geet...I completely lost on him...I didnt ask him and he didnt tell me...

He didnt ask and you stopped taking his wishes into consideration? Pinky blinks back and Geet continues...Mujhe pata hain Pinky...I know Aadi as a best friend and that's how I know...he loves to watch movies, he loves to go for a long walk along side nature...isliye he was insisting on that waterfall part...If not those waterfalls, you should have given him a chance to hold your hand and have a long walk somewhere in the park or on a loanly road side..or a hill side...

He also loves shopping and he would have loved to take you some where and buy you few things...And I could see clear disappointment in Aadi's face today. Eise ladke kahan milthe hain aaj kal bolo? He did everything that only you wished...

Pinky is in all tears now...Geet...yeh main ne kya kar diya? Apne Excitement mein, main ye bhool gayi ki Aadi kya chahtha hain...Pinky sobs...Geet...I am worried if Aadi will leave me for ever...geet comes and consoles her...

Please calm down Pinky...Aadi eisa kabhi nahin karega...You know each other for more than 10 years and it was last year he proposed you. He is a far good friend of yours before you both got into this relationship hain na? ... Us ne muj se khud kaha hain he will never leave you...

Geet...Please suggest me what to do? Aadi and talk to both decide may be go out for one more day...

It might not be possible Geet. He has lot of work to do with the new boss...

Woh tum dono baat karo aur decide karlo...But remember this time you need to give full importance to Aadi...hmm?

Pinky hugs Geet...Thank you Geet...I am so lucky to have a friend like you

Geet responds to the hug equally... didnt tell me how the day went at shop...and you were also sad today when I was just walking into home...kya hua Geet?

Geet tells all events that happened in the day...Including that guy (Maan) who came to buy gift for his girl friend and series of incidents that happened between them...and her talks with her Papa..

I gave positive answer to my Papa..

Pinky is worried for Geet now as she sounds too cold...Oye should have taken some time from your papa na?

Kya time pinky? I have realised noting is going to change for me and moreover, I dont want to get despirate for someone to be a part of my life...I think I have crossed that age now..

Geet..yeh kya badi badi baathen kar rahi hain? You are only 20 and like every girl you too have your dreams of ideal partner...

I understand one week back I told you to consider the aliance what your papa has choosen for you and I still suggest the same...but I dont want you to force yourself..

Geet rests her hand on Pinky...Dont worry Pinky I will never ever force myself into any relationship.

Aur ek baat poochoon? Sach sach batao Geet...


Are you falling for that guy who visited our shop late in the evening?

He has a girl friend already

I didn't ask if he has a girlfriend or not? Are you falling for HIM?

She looks away from her and tells NO...

I know my friend very well...I am seeing so many changes in her within a day...and I could see its all because of that stranger...

Haan Pinky...he has all the qualities that I had ever desired..but he has a girl friend..I have no right to think about him what so ever..

PRECAP...Remains Same Embarrassed
Edited by Vaidhumom - 3 years ago
Posted: 4 years ago
Cute Dadi pota part.. Lovely Geet pinky bonding...Pinky understand Geet little too much.. and Geet admit her feelings for Maan...poor Maan he dont know k Geet ko richy rich munda nai chahiye..LOL
Posted: 4 years ago
Originally posted by HateMee

Cute Dadi pota part.. Lovely Geet pinky bonding...Pinky understand Geet little too much.. and Geet admit her feelings for Maan...poor Maan he dont know k Geet ko richy rich munda nai chahiye..LOL


missed to comment in resp to the first post for this SS...Thanks my dear Hug

Yeah...Daadi-pota and Geet-Pinky relationship is also cute. aur Maaneet ki tho puch math Embarrassed
Posted: 4 years ago
Awesome maaneet fallen for each other
Ho daadi loved the gift...
Geet s sad... 
Hope to see maaneet moments
Please update soon

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