He Is Not a Robot ( Thread 1 )

Posted: 2018-01-12T07:58:32Z
here I'm with a new story ...but but but very weird ..for few days its running in my mind , let's see how you guys feel about it and important note - Don't try to find logic

Warning/____read at your own risk and don't expect much from me

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        "Hi um I think we don't know each other , I'm Maan..no its silly you know my name right ..of course you know your husband's name .."

             he silent for sometime then speak again " don't think I'm bad ok it's my first night and all groom become nervous on this matter , don't think I'm lying about this you must read in novel and saw in serials that only girls nervous on their wedding night but it's lie ..groom are equally nervous and scared too.. Between I'm really nice guy and I will..."    

             " I want some time " finally his bride speak up looking at him strangely " I know you have many expectation from your wife but I can't be your wife by all means ..I love I mean i loved someone else ..But I promise you I will give hundred percent on this relation just give me some time to adjust please " Geet said in one go without looking at him ..

             Feeling silent for sometime she looked at her newly husband , she tried to read his face , Any anger or sadness but got nothing his face is total blank ..he nodded and went to sleep on left side of his king size bed not before uttering good night to her...next morning she was nervous to face him ..last night her new husband's reaction shocked her to the core ..as soon as he came out of washroom Geet went to him ..

             " dekhiye ap mujhe galat maat Samjiye ..it's not that I don't respect this relation ..mujhe bas thora sa waqt chahiye ..mein "

               " Good morning ..its bad manner you should greet first ..you did it last night too , you didn't say good night ..."
            Geet gaped at him shocked here she talking about such important matter but her husband giving her lecture on manners

            " anyways now come to the point yes I was sad last night , but I'm glad that you willing to give your best or else you and my family would face so much humiliation ..plus a lot of money which I spend on this wedding would have wasted ..about giving you time I have no problem.. take your time , although you are very beautiful and attractive , it would be hard for me to control but i can assure you I won't force you to have sex with me .." finally he stop looking at her shocking face and mistook her reaction ..

             " you don't know sex . OK here let me explain sex is ..."

             " I know about it " Geet finally able to speak up after composing herself ..her newly husband really making her crazy that too at second day of her marriage

              " oh that's great ..there I thought you may be like those naive heroine of novel who doesn't know anything about sex ..but I'm glad you aware of it , its little embarrassing to talk about sex with own wife "   ' Are you really embarrass ? ' Geet so want to ask him as his face expression giving nothing but her thought broke as her husband keep talking in this matter.

              " how those novel hero do this ..those writers are really creative, I should thanks them on their Facebook page ...anyways what I was saying..."

              Just this moment he got a call and went from there not before telling her he will talk about it later . .Geet looked at his retreating back ..shocked would be small word which she feeling now ...

           " Dad sach main mere liye isse chuna ..how could he marry me off to this emotionless Robot "
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I normally don't give CS but I think for this story I should ..taki koyi confusion na ho

Geet Singh Khurana - 28years old ..a fashion designer ..a very mature and lovable girl ..married to Maan but still loves her ex Dev

Maan Singh Khurana - 33 years old ..known by genius in business world ..very unusual character .. don't know how to show emotion ..very fast and good IQ..too much straight forward , blunt ,too honest and truthful ..don't talk much but when he start talking he won't stop..and never shy away to give opinion in everythingEdited by Keepdreaming - 2018-01-12T20:28:49Z
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OK here done ...
again guys its my weird kind concept . won't continue if u don't like n if this story similar to someone then please inform me ..its solely my idea but still it can get match unintentionally
i will trying my best to make it ss only ...
    AND please don't try to find logic.. read for funEdited by Keepdreaming - 2018-02-12T07:56:12Z
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Nice looking story continue soon
Posted: 2018-01-12T09:28:47Z
congrats for new story ... Clap
Posted: 2018-01-12T09:33:25Z
awesome prolouge ...seems like maan is a man of no emotions but full of knowledge abt everything ..LOL Geet is shocked as he is behaving like a robo .. I am rofling now .. He said that he is embarassed but his face emotions doesnt say that .. ROFL...  Reversal of roles .. Maan is chatterbox here and geet is sensible .. Thank god he didnt mentioned indian forums here ROFL.. Maan and manners dangerous combination .. Gud mrng scene is hillarious .. Awesome concept .. Plz continue ..  Edited by Roopa_1 - 2018-01-12T09:33:38Z

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