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Update soon...

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Good Morning Beautiful! Water for your thoughts? Take me home... to the place I belong... coutry roads...
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Lovely written. Read all parts together superb must say..
Waiting fr next part. Maan and geet at client party
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Lovely update. Soo cute of geet not believing seeing maan thinks it's her imagination LOL maan's surprise and his way of making her realize it's real super cute Embarrassed.

Loved the update. Thank u
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Please please update...
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Waiting now
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Thank you for the long and Maaneetful update
sorry for the late comment
Ana and Geet convo was sweet
Geet missing Maan
hasn't talked to him for so long
ufff this long distance love
Geet finding the old note
remembering the lovely evening
how time has been flying
he has been always hers
she finally realising and accepting it
 her longing to see him and say so many unsaid feelings
and there he was to surprise her
their kiss...her angry complains...his sweet sorry
her being so expressive...wanting to know all about him
the reluctance to leave him...the party invitation...
him all lost in her...the possessive hold...beautifully written Clap
waiting for the next part
plz continue soon Smile
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@kansya: hindi words... they are beautiful no?
 I just couldn't help replying to you. 
Foreign languages at times just cannot express what our native languages can do... andit also includes describing feelings like "love".
thank you for the awesome comment.Embarrassed

@Niharika.nair: You don't want long distance to end? more blushy mushy parts coming up. Tell me after that whether you need long distance or not!!!Wink and i don't know how I write lines for Maan. 
they are so impromptu...LOL

@taahir004: no need to feel jealous ya. he is just being who he is. I think i have just made him a bit too ideal perhaps. 
take your own time yaar, worries.Big smile

@Pqwert207: I wish I could give double or triple updates a week dear reader but I have got a very tight schedule and hence it only leaves me half a weekend to write, update, pm and catch up.Dead

@-SwaSan- : thank you for the kind words. This maan of SLY is supposed to be like that, the physical manifestation of every girl'd dream guy. About new story, i don't know.Ouch I hardly have time to update this. May be will go on a break after SLY. **fingers crossed**

@maansi25: Geet is slow and that she is not vocal, eh???!!! 
Well well, i wouldn't say much there. guilty is as guilty does!!!Wink

@Kkiran: it is #goals only because i am not writing the worse parts...LOL else the story will take eons to complete and I have no more patience!!!Ouch

@Tarana: I don't know what i am doing to you guys...hell, i don't even know what i am doing with sly!!!Wacko

@anmirza: hey, this is the first time when someone noticed Aayat... 
she has some role but am just phasing it out! lets see how this ends...Ermm

@vrishtigoel: ahh questions!!! I love them.Big smile
Honestly, I don't know. I don't know if hallucinations happen or not... because i haven't experienced anything as such. if it really happens, then I am just taking writer's liberty and if it doesn't happen, then its a writer's liberty by default.LOL
hope i answered to your satisfaction.Embarrassed

@indiegirl: thank you so much. you noticed the kanha thing...Hug
this is a slow story and in all honesty i have never imagined it to receive such love and appreciation. thank you so much for being here

@uluvmg: thank you so much for the beautiful comment yaa...
 I was all in smiles.Big smile

85.To Love A Man...

If you want to change the world, love a man,

Really love him.

Find the one whose eyes are like blazing suns,

That make you look away the first time,

That pierce right through you,

Blinding you to everything but the moment,

Melting you into a puddle of soft pastel light,

Even though you cringe at the color pink!

If you want to change the world, love a man

Beyond the fear of being burned.

Beyond unforgiveness and the walls you've built

To protect your sovereignty and anonymity.

Love him beyond old wounds and lies you believed to be truth,

The hole in your heart from an absent father,

The scar in your sacred flower left by thieves.

Beyond past lives and the memory

You keep like a shrine to betrayal

When you fell to your knees in the

Ashes of your village and

Love became a field of bones.

Lift your darkened face to him who

Stands before you.

Take his hand and let him raise you

To your feet.

Trust him to hold you as you tremble

And weep in his arms for all that has

Been lost and found in this holy instant.

If you want to change the world, love a man...

-Lisa Citore


His hand gently squeezed her waist as he walked her around, greeting people in between and smiled as how her hold around him became a little tighter.

She smiled weakly, "A little may be. I don't know anyone here!"

He leaned closer and whispered in her ears, "Wanna know a secret? I don't know anyone here except 5-6 people here in this party!!!"

She leaned a little back and widened her eyes, "Don't tell me! You have been greeting every other person who is here!"

He straightened himself and looked ahead, bringing back that business person' look and shook hands with a half bald man with pressed lips and turned to look back at her.

"I don't have to know them. They know me and they greet me Geet. All I do is reciprocate."

He looked straight and waved at some people as they slowly walked around and she tried noticing. He was right though. People greeted him first. He only replied. It hit her like an epiphany that it was his work that spoke all about him. It was his work that introduced him to the people. He didn't have to do anything.

How hard have you worked Maan to have reached at this point?

She found the question on repeat mode in her head as they approached a lady in a white gown, smiling at them. She felt his hand slip away from her waist and curl around that lady's. it was a bit displeasure but not bad. Maan knew her perhaps because they had struck on some conversation about work. she just stood alone in the middle of the party, watching him.

She watched as few more people joined him and how sleekly he picked up a glass from the waiter passing by and sipped the drink. So gracefully, so elegantly

"And who is the lady with you Mr. Khurana?" his client asked, taking a detour from the conversation they were having.

She watched her business partner as she swiped the wrinkle away from her white gown and watched his smile turn wider at the question.

He turned around to find her and saw her standing a little away from him, watching him. He raised a hand towards her and blinked, gesturing her to come near.

"Come here, love."

She tried walking as gracefully as she had seen him walk and gulped invisibly as every pair of eyes in his circle remained fixated at her. Such dignitaries they were and she was probably under their scrutiny. But she had his pride to uphold and she had learned this already when she had been to Sam's party with him for the first time. Hence, despite the nervousness that zoomed like butterflies in her stomach, she put up a brave face and gently slid into his arms as if she were the missing piece to the puzzle that he was.

He wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her closer to him as he swirled the left over drink in his glass.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce you the woman of my life, Geet."

He said it so proudly, so arrogantly that even she remained stunned for a while or so along with the others.

"The only woman?" someone just mocked out of the blue.

He squeezed her closer and smiled, "Yes, the only woman. My Geet..."

She glanced up at him with some emotion she herself couldn't recognise but found his attention away from her. His eyes twinkled in joy as he spoke about her when they asked and worst, she heard none of it.

Has the time come, kanha?

She asked herself mentally. Her fingers curled to clutch his suit tighter when someone asked if marriage was on the cards.

"It will happen when it has to." And he ended the discussion right there.

People came to her now and shook hands with her, congratulated them but she remained dazed throughout. She hardly spoke, not more than what she was required to and smiled as much the situation demanded but something else occupied her mind. She loved this man as much as he did and his recognition of her socially was something she had not seen it coming. He was always open about his feelings whenever it came to her. She realized now what she had bargained for when she had decided to be his.

She watched him talk and she clung to him; he never let go. She watched how his lips curled into a smile or how his jaws moved when he talked of topic she never knew of and had this urge to just run her fingers down that stubbled cheek and feel him for herself.

"Are you tired?" he riveted his head back at her once they were lonely and he had found her very quiet all through the evening.

"Ummm..." She hummed, "I will just get myself something to drink."

"Come on."

He guided her towards the bar and made her sit on one of the high stools. His index finger went up and pushed away that strand of hair from her face, caressing her cheek in a feather soft touch, setting her skin in goose-pimples.

"I know it's a bit boring for you little storm..." he spoke softly.

"On the contrary," She intervened as the bartender forwarded her a mocktail, " actually getting to know a lot of things here."

He flashed one of his best smiles...the only smile, "Glad."

He raised the hand that he was holding and pressed a kiss on the back of her palm, "You look amazing."

She blushed and looked down, "thanks..."

He was about to say something when someone called him to join them for some important thing. He sighed and looked at her apologetically, "You want to join?"

She smiled and sipped her drink, "I think I'll pass. You go and finish your work."

"I will be back soon." he left a promise with a chaste kiss on her forehead and walked away.

She relaxed once he was gone and for a moment felt relieved that she wouldn't have to put up a brave face anymore. As she slowly sipped her drink, she watched him walk towards the group that awaited him and sighed.

It was taking him time and she couldn't have been more glad because she had all the time with herself. She sat at a dark corner, dangling her legs very un-lady like and sipped her wine that she had ordered sometime back and then fixated her eyes on him. And because most didn't know her and rest were busy, none disturbed her. He was busy with people, talked something she had no idea about but she let his aura invade her senses. She watched how his hands moved in the air while he explained something and sighed as the wine slipped down her throat. She watched how his brows narrowed when he disagreed with something and how they relaxed when he approved something. She watched him talk with such authority and she watched him smile with the people around.

She finished her wine and ordered another, her second wine and rested her head over her hand that took support of the counter top.

He was laughing at something someone said and a bunch of his hair fell on his face. She gulped down the wine and felt like just walking up to him and caressing those hairs softly. Her gaze just followed him wherever he went and remained at him as her focus of attention.

He shook hands with the people as they walked away and sighed in relief. The discussion had gone for long and he had left her all alone. He turned towards the bar and found her walking towards him with a smile on her lips.

"Ah Geet..." he opened his arms for her and she stumbled as she slid back into his arms again.

"That was long..." she giggled.

He looked down into her eyes and smiled, "how much did you drink?"

She shrugged, "two glasses of wine."

"lets get you to eat something and then we are leaving."

He guided her towards the tables because he knew she was tipsy. Not drunk but a little tipsy.

"thank god!!!" she sighed in relief, "I was getting a little hungry."

They sat with their plates and he found her looking at him instead of eating.

"What is it?"

"Nothing." She looked down and bit into her bruschetta.

"Are you bothered about anything?"

"Nahi Toh!" she replied curtly, "Ummm... I like these devilled eggs."

A few more people came to greet him and she rolled her eyes. They didn't even leave him alone even while they were having food. And so, they quickly finished their food and made an exit. They came out to the lobby only to realize the English weather has been as unpredictable as ever. A turbulence and the torrential rains had not stopped. The chill set in and the clock struck midnight. She wrapped her hands around herself and rubbed her arms.

"Stay back with me. I will drop you home in the morning." He offered.

"but how will we go to your hotel?" she saw no other option.

He smiled and ushered her into the lift, "we are here!"

It was then she realized she was in the same hotel where she had been a day back.

"Same hotel, eh?" she smiled.

"Convenience!!" he added.

The lift stopped at the 13th floor and she followed him into his suite, calling back home and informing her about the stay over at the hotel. The room looked just the same as she had seen it last. His laptop rested on the coffee table and a file flung on the couch that told her perhaps he had worked before leaving for the party. Her thoughts went back to the time when she had worked with him closely and how she'd organize his stuffs while he messed them up.

"You want to change?" he asked from behind, turning on the room heater.

She looked at him and then at her dress.

Not very comfortable!

"Do I have clothes here?" she asked playfully.

He threw a pair of trousers and a tee at her which she caught in air, "This will do I guess. Make yourself comfortable Geet."

His phone buzzed and she let him go. Scrutinising those clothes she realized they were his. She had seen him wear those back in the estates countless number of times. As she slipped her heels away and headed towards the washroom, a weird anxiety zoomed in her nerves.

I am going to stay here for the night...

She pulled out her dress and watched herself in the mirror.

Countless number of times had she spent nights with him back iin the study then what had changed over the night that she was feeling what she felt now? She washed away her makeup and pulled the tee over her head that drowned her. The party replayed in her head and she kept rewinding it in her head again and again when some voices swirled in her head. She had been studying, lying on the rug and he had asked her why she didn't use his table instead.

"Shhh Shh... that is my boss's table."

"and whats wrong in that?"

"My Boss doesn't like his things to be touched. He is a sadu you know.."

He held back the shock at the names she had come up with and decided to give her back in kind. Quick on his moves, he grabbed her by the back of her neck and pulled her close. She lost her balance and fell on him. one hand of his holding her by her neck, the other supported her by her waist.

"Maan..." she gasped.

"So, Miss Handa, you have problems using your boss's table but you do have the guts to stay in your boss's study late night? Isn't it immoral?"

"Immoral, eh?" she smirked to herself and walked out only to find him dressed in his vest and tracks, pacing around, still on a call.

He hated when he had to take calls out of the blue and Adi had apologized a thousand times over the phone to have called him unplanned but something needed his attention. He had this urge to throw his phone away when the click of the washroom door took his attention. He stopped pacing and stood rooted as he watched her walk out, pulling her now messy hair to a side. She walked towards the chairs and spread her dress out so as not to let the wrinkles set in and swiped a hand over her forehead to clean those droplets of water that still stuck to her face.

She must have felt his gaze on her for she stopped and turned to look at him for a moment or two. He could see that throat moving slightly as she gulped down that knot and left an inaudible sigh. Could he just go and touch her? He asked himself or she looked every bit the woman he had ever desired or wanted. She wielded the power to make him dance to her tunes and make his heart skip beats. Their eyes met in a fiery gaze as he breathed in sharply to simmer down the fire that had started dancing between them now.

His saviour was Adi who brought him back to reality and he couldn't have been thankful to him. He flickered his gaze away and went back to the call, trying not to focus at her.

She saw him walk away and smiled to herself. So, is this how she held a power over him now? The more she came in terms with herself, the more her stomach churned. She walked towards the window and pulled away the curtains. Rains has made the view blurry against the glass as she watched the lights fade in and fade out in the water droplets. She affected him in some way she realized now when she had seen his gaze all over her. The feminine power in her surged through her veins making her feel more powerful.

She slid away the window open and the cold gushed in along with the rains. Cold droplets fell on her skin and burned her on the contrary. But she liked this... half of her warmed up good by the room heater and the other half cold by the rains.
Two warm hands rested on her shoulder all of a sudden and she jumped in

"Close the window." His voice boomed behind her.

She quickly turned around and placed her hands over his chest to hold herself as a reflex and looked up, "Don't you scare me like this always."

A breeze gushed past and ruffled her hair, pushing all of them on to her face. He smiled and slowly pushed them away, "Don't you want to sleep?"

Her gazed slid down on her hands that now rested over his chest over the black vest and the video call of the other day ran fresh in her head. Red settled over her face as she looked up again to find his gaze hover over her.

"Not sleepy. Say Maan, how do you manage to handle so many people at a time?"

His hands that rested on her shoulders now slipped involuntarily to rest over her waist comfortably.

"Years of practice. Why do you ask?"

The warmth of his body now slowly seeped into her as she stood close to him but not too close yet.

"Just like that. I had never seen you like that." She felt a long breath.

"I see it fits you well." He pointed towards the tee she was wearing. She looked down at her shirt and then back at his face.

"Its still too big for me."

He leaned closer, intending to tease her, "isn't it iniquitous?"

Her eyes widened in surprise, "Huh?"

He deliberately pulled her closer and enjoyed her face turning red, "I asked isn't it immoral? You are with a man in his suite and in his shirt... what will you do little storm?"

He waited for her to go crazy like every time she did but she was something else tonight. She just kept looking at him with those shy yet bold eyes and he pressed further.

"Say Geet...doesn't this scare you?"

He waited for her to push him away and scream out names to him but she was as calm as the ocean. He faltered a bit seeing her so poised and then she did something he had least expected her to do.

She had been wanting to do it for a very long time now as she slowly realized what he meant to her and what power she held over him. And she wanted to test it. Hence, she did what she had wanted to from the very beginning of the evening. She clutched his vest, tiptoed and pressed her lips hard on his. He was taken by surprise to say the least as her lips moved over his in a sinful urgency and she pulled him close wanting him to reciprocate. And he gave in. Which man in his senses would deny such a pleasure?

His lips move against hers as he tasted that sugar sweet mouth that had tormented him even in his dreams. A slow and soft kiss it was meant to be and she surprised him by taking the lead and pushing herself in. Oh dear lord, he sighed mentally as his hold around her waist tightened. This was not he had expected...they had kissed before and they had been so slow and languid about it. She had taken a step ahead tonight, testing him and he realized he just didn't want to back out. And so, he back her up against the window and kissed her back with the intensity she desired.

"Ohh..." she sighed into his mouth as the cold drops of water wet her expose neck from behind and the wind made her tremble. She slowly opened her mouth and welcomed his fiery intrusion and then she realized she had never known this side of their love too. She slowly opened her eyes a bit and let her hands do what she had wished to. She let her hands move up and caressed his hair and sighed in pleasure. The other hand didn't know where to go as her eyes drooped close and finally in a clueless motion, rested on his bare shoulder.

He burned with the touch and quickly cupped her face to hold her still. Her fingers slowly moved down the length of his bare arms and he shivered. Her fingers laced around his as he raised their entwined hands and rested it against the cold window. She hissed feeling the cold on the back of her palm and his warmth on her palms. He kissed her once again before he parted and pressed a kiss at the corner of her lips and then trailed on to her chin.

"Maan..." she could barely whisper.

He pressed another kiss on her throat and she moved her head away to let him.

"You know how to make me powerless..." he whispered, coming back to her lips and pressing another long kiss on her lips before parting away. He rested his forehead against hers and left their raging hearts calm down a bit. Their breaths mingled and she didn't open her eyes. Breathless that they were, she clasped their laced fingers tighter.

"What are you doing to me little storm?" he spoke between gasps and pulled her into a hug and sighed as her fingers softly drew circled behind his neck.

"what do I do now hmm?" he could still hear her quick breaths in the aftermath.
She opened her eyes and pulled herself away from him embrace. Her eyes took in his view and curled her hands to her sides.

He watched her red face and brought his hand close to her cheek, "do you realize..."


His hand froze mid-air as he gaped at her astonishment.

She looked at his stunned face and then at his hand that remained suspended in the air. She completed her action by leaning closer and touching her cheek with his hands, "I love you."

And when he still didn't move, she just went ahead and hid herself in his arms, wrapping her arms around him, waiting for him to reciprocate. A few seconds of silence slowly ebbed away as he slowly, very slowly wrapped his arms around her and pressed a kiss on her forehead.

"Thank you..." he whispered.

She heard it and knew he didn't want her to hear it. She looked up, placed a kiss on his lips, quick and hard, "and no, it doesn't scare me. Nothing is iniquitous when it comes to you."

She cupped his face and looked straight into his eyes, "I have taken too long, haven't I?"

He could probably lose himself in those light brown eyes. She had sent him on fire it seemed as every bit of his existence took in her confession...slowly seeping into his cells. He held her hand and cupped his cheeks and pressed a kiss on her palm,
"Its alright little storm."

"Will you forgive me?" she asked feeling guilty.

"You did nothing wrong. What are you even apologising for hmm?"

"I...I just wanted to tell you for a  long time but I...something..."

She tried explaining him why it took her so long but he just dragged her towards the bed and made her lie down. Tucking her in the spread and let his finger trace her lips, making her shiver.

"Its okay. Just sleep."

He turned to leave when she held his hand, "What about you?"

"I will just send some mails and be back."

He walked towards the coffee table, picked up his laptop and sat by the window, tapping something away. She kept watching him for a while and slowly drifted off to sleep.

When she woke up in the morning, she found herself warm and cozy. The previous night remained fresh in her memory as pink touched her face. Looking around, she found pillows piled beside her and he slept on the other side, on his stomach, his hands tucked under his head.

She looked at him and the pile of pillows and couldn't help blushing. She knew he wasn't the kind of man to lose his principles yet those pillows weren't for him. It was for her. Now she understood him. Now she understood what it meant to love a man...

She pulled away the pillows and slid closer to him. As tempting as it was, very innocently she placed her head on his shoulder and stretched her arm around him, placing a soft kiss on his exposed shoulder.

"I can't stop falling in love with you Monster Khurana..."

He didn't wake up and neither did he move. She smiled and closed her eyes intending to sleep a little more when her phone blared, waking both of them up. She pulled away and picked up the phone from the side table. It was Pooja's mother.

"Pooja went into labour. We all are taking her to the hospital. Come quick..."

She got off the bed when he held her hand from behind and pulled her back. She stumbled a bit and supported herself against the bed.

His groggy eyes welcomed her morning and his drowsy voice made her smile, "Who was it?"

She leaned closer and placed a kiss on his forehead, the first time she ever did, surprising him and pried away those messed hair, "Good morning."

He smiled weakly and yawned, rubbing his eyes, "Morning little storm. Tell me what happened..."

She gently played with his hair, "Pooja went into labour. I think we need to go."

He watched her pick her dress up and vanish into the washroom and left a long breath. She was everything he could ever wish for. Revelling in the warmth of her love, he got up and opened the windows. The rains had stopped but the clouds still remained. He ran his fingers through his hair and went back to everything that happened the previous night.

Has it really happened?


He watched her look at the baby in awe and smiled. Everyone surrounded Pooja and wanted to hold the baby. She remained aloof, awed and amazed. He walked closer and whispered in her ears, "Don't you want to hold him?"

She made a baby face and looked at him, "I want to but he is so tiny. I am scared. What if I drop him?"

He laughed and she twisted her lips.

"You won't drop him. Its not that hard Geet."

"Nahi chodo. I can't."

She stood beside him at the corner and watched Raj sitting with Pooja and holding their little baby in their arms. It felt so cute...they looked so happy. She turned to her side and looked at the man beside her, holding her hand.

She was happy too... finally!!!

>>Finally she said it. Seemed like an arduous task!!!LOL

>>Next... too many things...lets see what surprises you the most because I have a lot.Wink

>>Until next weekend...

Chapter 84

Chapter 86

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