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Yes, waiting waiting...
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Part 82

Kabir- aayat Smile soo eager to know wats store for him n his love life.

Maan everything is so special abt him bechara missing his little storm. He never went to send off geet to the airport bcoz it hard for him to see her goingDisapprove   

Loved reading your update. Thank you

Waiting for the next
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Jaane woh kaise log the jinke pyaar ko pyaar mila... humne to jab kaliyaan maangi, kaanton ka haar mila... jaane woh kaise log the jinke pyaar ko pyaar mila... listning to this song and hoping Maan does not have to go through this pais
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Subah ho gaye... uth jaao ab?

Tea or Coffee or Hot water?
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I have started something new. If Interested, do check.

A Small Forgotten Thing.

I am again yet to read the comments and reply. Been a little busy.
But hey, its Sunday and Update is Here!!!Embarrassed

83.She Shivered Despite The Warm Afternoon...

She plopped herself on the couch beside her window and picked up her phone, the bright afternoon of the winter was surprisingly warm. The sun beams were warm and soft on her face and looked at the name in her contacts.


A slight blush crept on her cheeks. It happened more often now; this silly blush creeping up her cheeks whenever Pooja took his name or Ana mentioned about him or that when her brain decided to think of him which was all the time. And hence, the blushed remained permanently on her cheeks. Its been weeks since she was back and she talked to Maan often over phone and video calls but each time he swept her off her feet by talking nothing but genuine mundane things.

"I miss you Maan."

She had once confessed and he had smiled into the camera.

"Don't make that silly face now Geet."

"Why am I so far?"

"Because you chose it so my dear."

She made a baby face, "I don't know what to do. I just can't wait to get some holidays."

He laughed, "You are so cute, do you realize that little storm?"

"You are laughing? Yeah right, why would it affect you? You don't miss me at all." She snorted.

"Of course I miss you Geet." He chortled.

"I don't think so."

"And Why is that?"

"Arrey what why? I am feeling so low here and you are laughing at me."

"Trust me you don't want to know what goes on behind that laughter." He smirked.

"then tell me."

He raised a brow, "Are you sure?"

She twisted her lips, "I should also know how much you miss me."

He leaned closer to the camera and whispered, "You know what I feel these days Geet?"

That intensity in his voice, she took in a sharp breath and held it. Her stomach churned.

"I feel like flying to you, holding your hands, getting you back here and never let you go. And the urge is so intense that I wouldn't regret if I ever give into this temptation."

Her heart thudded and blush crept along her neck and cheeks and she could only whisper, "Maan...please stop."

He relaxed back and smiled softly at her, "Good night little storm."

She had relaxed after he had finished the call and pressed her hand over her chest. It was beating wildly. Her phone had buzzed with an incoming text message. She opened it quickly to distract herself and found herself getting trapped into the haze he created.

"What are you doing to me Geet? How can I ever tell you how excruciating it is to touch you and then let you go...


She shivered despite the warm afternoon and snapped back from her thoughts. He always leaves her unarmed and vulnerable.

Oh Maan, how easily you can say everything and how unfortunate I am that I cannot tell you what I want to...

It was not that she loved Maan any less but she wasn't a very verbal person. Maan was the kind of person who would just go and tell what is in his heart just at the drop of a hat. She was the kind who'd contemplate a thousand times over before saying it out. May be that was the reason why she hasn't been able to express how much she was in love with him.

The distant chirping of a bird broke her reverie and she looked at her phone, smiling. Checking the time, she pressed the call button on FaceTime.

He had just got back home after a run. Pushing away the curtains, he let the morning rays hit the floor in beams of dust. The iPad on his desk buzzed with an incoming call. Pulling a towel and checked his tab and smiled. His day was made!
He rested the device against a book and pressed the green button.

"Good Morning." Came her loud chirpy voice that drew a smile on his lips.

"Good afternoon little storm. How are you?" he stood by the table wiping the sweat off his neck.

"I am good. You went out for a jog?"

"Umm yeah.." he shook his head to let the sweat from his hair trickle down and she bit her lips on the other side.

She had always known him to be a good looking man but the way those front hair fell on his eyes, the way they remained dishevelled  made him look like a designer piece from the workshop of the lord.

Seriously Geet? Designer piece?

She chided herself for such a silly thought and concentrated at him.

Uff Kanha... he looks so good. ummm...

"Geet? Kahan khoyi ho?" he asked, seeing her frozen as he took off his shoes and took long deep breaths.

She snapped and shook her head, "Nothing. What are your plans today?"

"Uhh yeah...I am in the middle of a takeover. Got work."

"Oh weekends? Oh wait, I forgot. You wouldn't be you if you didn't work on weekends." She taunted, folding her legs up on the couch.

"Hmm...I have extensive traveling over the coming few weeks..."

She watched him take off his watch and put it on the table and he continued speaking.

"I have been after this for a long time and it is exhausting..."

And without a warning he just held the hem of his shirt and pulled it off him, "Kabir is handling a lot here..."

She was caught so unaware that she couldn't hear past what he spoke about Kabir. Her eyes widened like saucers and she forgot to breathe.

The man right in front of her was so alluring that she just couldn't take her eyes off him. He stood sideways and she would see those muscles around his abs so toned and so in shape. She knew he worked out, she knew he maintained a good diet and she knew he was pretty disciplined but to know him and to see the result of his discipline was so different. She had spent two years with him in New York and never she had crossed that limit of his personal boundary. Drops of sweat rolled down slowly and lost themselves into his tracks. She gulped down her saliva to wet her dry throat.

He pulled his vest and turned to face her and found her so frozen on the screen. Her eyes had forgotten to blink. That was when he realized what he had just done. And that look on her face told that she was definitely pleased with what she saw. A slight heat settled on his cheeks at being admired so openly and yet a part of him felt proud...that boyish pride at being admired for your looks and your body.

"Geet..." he leaned closer to the tab and whispered.

She didn't reply.

"Geet, love..." he called a little louder and watched the slight, almost invisible movement of her throat which pushed his boldness a bit.

"Does this please you little storm?"

On the third try, his voice reached her ears and she snapped away blinking her eyes. He had a soft smile adoring his lips and her eyes flicked to them.

"You are blushing." He teased.

Sanity hit her hard and she quickly looked away, closing her eyes with her palms.

"woah woah... What do you think you are doing, monkey man?" she felt breathless while speaking.

Chi chi Geet... what the hell were you doing? Kanha...ummm...

Embarrassment drowned her and she knew she wouldn't be able to look at him now!!!

He pulled on the vest and sat on the chair, smiling at her naivety.


"Umm?" she replied without looking at him.

"Idhar dekho." He called lovingly.

She shook her head, making him chuckle.

"I am decent now." He spoke lovingly.

She didn't say anything and she didn't even look at him either. She just couldn't. she was going crazy these days.

He understood her apprehension and shook his head.

What do I do with this silly little storm?

"I got a meeting in an hour. Gotta get ready. Take care of yourself okay." And he finished the call.

When she couldn't hear his voice anymore, she slowly opened her eyes and looked at her tab only to find him gone. she kept the device away and hid her face between her palms. Her heart was still running a marathon and she understood after a while why he finished the call. Her eyes moistened out of happiness and anxiety and whatever storm of emotions she felt and she sniffed.

"Ohh how do I tell you I love you Maan?"


She peeked into his room and found him playing with Raj(the dog) and sighed in relief.

"Uhh Kabir?"

He looked up to the sweet voice he wasn't very used to and raised a brow, "what have you done now, you witch?"

Ana got in and stood in front of him, knotting her fingers behind her,

She was acting weird. Ana called him sweetly only when she had done something stupid or she when she wanted something. Something was fishy!!!

"spit it out now."

"Erm... can you come with me?"

"Uhh where?" he raised a brow.

"Just come. Its important."

She didn't even let him speak anything. She just held his hand and dragged him to the car.

"hey where are we going?" he asked, totally clueless.

She honked and then took a left, "we are meeting someone."

"But who?"

He found his sister a little fidgety and nervous. Something was definitely up and his suspicions were confirmed when they stopped at NYS Psychiatrist Institute. He was flabbergasted when he watched her get off the car and gestured him to walk.

He got off and followed, "I just knew it. I knew you had some brain issues when you were born witch. Come on now, lets show that good-for-nothing brain to a doctor. I am so glad..."

"Shut up!!!" Ana screamed, "we are here not for me but for you, freak!"

"Hey wh...what? Dude, there is nothing wrong with me. Your head needs to be checked and not mine..."

Ana turned back, exasperated, "Uff Kabir, stop assuming. We are here to meet somebody."

"Yeah right," Kabir rolled his eyes, "We are here to see your doctor..."

For some reasons that made Ana blushed profusely that confused Kabir.

"Yeah, my doctor. She murmured and dragged him towards the waiting lounge and stopped. Taking a deep breath in, she turned to her brother and held his hand,

"Uh, Kabir, I am going to introduce you to someone very special okay."

"Special? What is going on?"

"Just promise you won't freak out." Ana said with a little nervousness.

"What is going on here?" the protective instinct in him kicked in.

"Kabir, just don't freak out okay. I wanted you to know first before I introduce him to Maan Bhai."

His ears shot up in alert, "Him??? It's a guy? Who is he? Why is he here? Who is he to you? Where does he live? What does he do? You better not lie to me Antara Khurana."

Ana hit her head in desperation and sighed, "shut up now. You know him well."

"who is this guy? You never told you were dating? I..."

She didn't even hear him. She just saw him coming and rushed into his arms, leaving Kabir flabbergasted.

"Aarush?" was all he could say!!!


She walked into the house and found Pooja brewing tea in the kitchen. She looked exhausted, standing there. She threw her purse on the couch and walked to her, "here, let me help. You sit."

Pooja nodded and sat on the bar stood beside the counter munching a biscuit and watched her friend strain the piping hot tea into two cups.

"Where are everyone else?"

"Ummm mom has gone to temple and papa is in his study. How was your day Geet?"

She pulled another bar stool and sat in front of Pooja and pushed the cup of tea towards her, "Day was good but exhausting. How's the baby? When can we see him?"

Pooja smiled and caressed her 8 month old baby bump, "In a few weeks perhaps. He kicks a lot these days. Too eager to come out."

"aww I want to feel him kicking too." Geet's eyes twinkled.

Pooja giggled, "that is why am saying go get married and get pregnant.Then you can also feel him kicking."

Geet choked on her tea and coughed, glaring at her.


"What? Am I right or am I right Miss Handa?" she couldn't help laughing at her friend's plight.

"Ugh, you are disgusting." Geet rolled her eyes and sipped her tea and revelled in the taste.

Pooja laughed to her heart's fill and leaned over the table, "so, how is everything going on with Maan?"

The mention of his name brought back the images of that bright afternoon and she wondered what was changing inside her. Quite a few times she had found herself losing in the thoughts of him; the image of him bare from waist up refusing to fade from her mind.


She zapped back to reality and looked at her friend, "Huh, what did you say?"

Pooja smirked, "Stop spacing out. Seeing that blush on your cheeks, I can gauge how are things between you two."

"Shut up."

They sipped their drinks in silence for a few seconds when something struck Pooja.

"Say Geet, I have heard Maan calling you by names...ahh what was it?"

"Little storm." Geet offered, subconsciously, dipping that biscuit into the
 tea and popping it  quickly in her mouth.

"yeah that. It sounds so cute. So, what name have you for him?"

"huh? Why should I have a name for him?" she looked clueless.

"Uff. Are you even a couple? And with this long distance, don't you feel like showering all your love on him? Call him cute names may be..."

"I call him Monster." She finished her tea and kept the cup away, "and I don't know why are we even having this conversation!!!"

"You are such a boring girlfriend. I mean do you every think what he might expect from this relationship? He has already let you go. The least you can do for him is to make him happy..."

Pooja said it so cutely that Geet felt bad. Her friend was right. She keeps complaining and he never says anything.

"So, surprise him with a cute name."

"Like what?"

"Umm...Ummm... teddy bear? Cuppy cake..."

"ewww...your hormones are making you talk crap." Geet cringed and added, "how about sweetheart?"

Another wave of warm redness swept her features making Pooja laugh.

"terrific. Now call him and tell him that."

"what? No!!! are you mad?"

"what is wrong? You only decided that name. Now say it."

Pooja insisted so much that Geet felt trapped.

"he must be in the office pooja...please try to understand."

"no no...he will pick your call I know." Saying so, she snatched Geet's phone and pressed a call.

"No Pooja don't do it." She was totally clueless about the call.

Maan loosened his tie and found his phone beeping.

His tiredness gone, he relaxed back on the couch and pressed the answer button and stopped short hearing Pooja and Geet. She realized it was Pooja who held her phone perhaps and didn't say a word hearing them crib about something.

"Geet...tell him."

"No. No. No. I am not going to do it."

Do what? He wondered.

"You can't back out now. Say it. When he picks up, call him the name you have chosen for him."

Maan realized apparently Pooja hadn't realized that he had answered the call.

"No!!! I am not calling him that. Stop it Pooja please." Geet cried.

Pooja made a face and said, "you can't even do this much for him? That's terrible."

Geet pouted and he just smiled.

"I am just not very confident about it. How weird it will be if I called him and said- Hi sweetheart. I miss you sweetheart... ughhh"

He couldn't help his laughter and burst out. And it was only his voice that brought both of them back to sanity.

Holy cow!!! He had been on the loop all this while?

Geet's eyes widened in shock first and then dropped in embarrassment.

Why Kanha why? Why again?

"Sweetheart, eh?" he teased, making her go even redder.

"Arrghh Pooja I hate you." She snatched the phone, disconnected the call and rushed to her room, leaving Pooja in splits.


He walked slowly out of the hospital too numb to feel anything.

Ana and Aarush? Holy F...

When? How? Why?

Ohh well, Ana and Aarush had explained him everything but it was still too much to digest. His baby sister was in love? When did she grow up so much? Ana and Aarush walked behind him, talking something in whispers but he could care less. He wasn't against their relationship though but he needed time to digest the hard facts.

What if Maan Bhai got to know this? But isn't that exactly why Ana had got him here?

"I want you to approve of him Kabir before we tell Maan Bhai about him. You know how protective he is of me. Your approval will make Bhai trust Aarush. I want you to accept us first Bhai...else I wouldn't..."

She couldn't complete her sentence and it was after ages that she had called him bhai. Else, he had always been Kabir for her. Her voice held hope and nervousness, happiness and desperation all at the same time.

Someone hit him so hard that the collision brought him out of the stupor he had been walking in.

"Ahhh..." he winced in pain as his chest hurt.

She sighed exasperatedly and looked up only to feel angry.

"You?" she snapped, "Why can't you mind your own business?"

He looked down only to meet that pair of pure hazel eyes that had left him dizzy that winter night and that tiny silver nose ring shining in the light.

"Huhh?" he breathed out only.

"Can't you see and walk? You ran into me deliberately didn't you?" she screamed.

Her nose flared in anger and the mole on the corner of her lips added to her flair.


"I know you guys well. That night and even today... Do you want me to call the cops? What in the world do you want from me?"

She stood there, her hands crossed over her chest and her foot tapping the floor in quick succession showing her impatience and waited for him to speak.

And when he didn't speak another word, she pushed him away rudely, "next time, I am going to call the cops. Beware!!!"

She took a step away from him and he stood firm.

"Aayat." He called out, finding his voice.

She stopped and froze in time. How in the world did he even know her name? was he a stalker? Fear gripped her heart as she turned back to look at him.

Deep down, she shivered.

"I'm sorry." He spoke and walked away.

She just stood there for a couple of minutes, blinking her eyes, not knowing whether to feel pleased or scared...


>>I hope you guys liked it. It is really really tough for me to write a long distance relationship which is why it is taking time for me to update.

>>SLY has a few more parts may be. Not sure how many. But just to let you know...

Chapter 82

Chapter 84

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Hi ash 
Lovely update the way maan is making geet loved .he is just awesome ...geet totally mesmerized and smitten with maan's love and care ..pooja too teasing her ..
Ana told abt ayush to kabir..kabir too confused that he didn't noticed aayat...
Kabir and aayat going to be together?
Thanks for the lovely update 
Waiting for next 
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Itni subah uth gayi? 
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