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Hi AllTongue
Missed me?
I know Its been almost a month but
here I am finally, with the last update of the year on demand.Wink
PartyA very belated Merry Christmas everyone.

80.There Are Realms Between Dreams And Wakefulness...


Tere Bin Mein Jiyun Ke Na Jiyun

Jo Hai Mera Usey Apna Kahun Ke Na Kahun

Ab Tu Hi Bata Kya Karun

Kahan Jaun Mein?

Tere Jaisa Koi Kahan Se Laun Mein?"

They are right!

They are right about people coming into your life and leaving you in the middle of it.

She saw him leaving too.

He was going away from her and she just wasn't able to stop him. She cried and she screamed and when nothing worked, she begged.

"How will I live now Maan? Come back!!!" she tried to run towards him. But she couldn't. It was so dark that she could no longer see her way. She didn't know which direction he went.

There were no vestiges of Maan.

No trace of the man who had slowly crawled into her life, made her hold on to him like hope and vanished like air.

"Come Back..." she screamed and let the hot tears roll down her eyes. The tears didn't want to stay with her either. Her legs trembled and she fell to the ground, helplessly

Is there no end to this?

She squirmed in her sleep and woke up with a start. It had been a dream...just a dream, she thought. But then she found herself trembling. It had been too real. Too overwhelming to not feel that helplessness; too painful to not feel her heart hurting. She had never felt this helpless before; not even when she had lost Raj or Pooja from her life. Not even when she lost her father?

The bright afternoon did nothing to help her feel at ease and she was left with nothing but questions and fresh pain. she heard the distant sound of the ocean and unable to hold back the dream-reality, she broke down crying. It was too painful. She had been here with him the whole week, she had enjoyed with him, fought with him, laughed with him and had come to love him even more but just a dream...just a dream had such an effect. he had made every moment beautiful for her and she had been happy. But this pain was too painful.

She hid her face between her palms and cried like a baby and that was how Ana found her when she had come up the stairs to wake her up. Everyone was down in the hall, watching movie while she had decided to just go and take a nap.

"hey hey Geet...oh dear, what happened?"

She ran to her friend and hugged her tightly, scared as to what made her cry this bad.

"Its okay it was just a nightmare..." she tried to calm her down but the hurt endured. She stopped crying, drank water that Ana offered but the pain in her chest still remained.

They walked down to find Maan missing and the parents deciding to go on a date. It was the last day of the year and the kids were free to go out and party.
Her restless eyes scanned the room to find that one person who held the key to her heart but disappointment met her. her eyes welled up unknown to herself and she bit her lips to muffle the cry.

"wh...where is Maan?" she asked with that lump in the throat.

"Bhai has gone to meet up with his friends. He will be back by night. Say Mi Bella, do you want to go out somewhere tonight? There will be fireworks and parades in the city. We can go there." Kabir offered, turning off the TV.

"Yes Geet, it will make you feel better..." Ana chimed.

She watched Radhika dress up in a beautiful off while saree with thick orange border and walked out with her husband.

"Go out Kids and have fun but like responsible adults." Mr. Khurana warned and walked out with his wife.

"Now Geet...tell us. Its new year's eve. we can go out for drinks too..."

"You guys go ahead..." Geet sighed.

"Geet was just a dream yaar. Don't mull over it so much."

Kabir hugged her side ways, "its okay Mi was just some bad dream. Don't let it ruin your reality."

"I am just not in a mood guys. Please don't ruin your new Year because of me. You guys go ahead."

Her gloomy face said it all. they tried to coax her out but that only ruined her mood.

"Please leave me alone for some time."

The siblings backed off.

"Fine. But we can celebrate at home right? Let me get the drinks. Ana, order dinner."

Kabir took the car keys and rushed out. Geet sat in front of the TV trying to distract herself when Ana sat beside her, trying to cheer her up. But nothing soothed her heart. not Ana and not the tv...just nothing.

Ana's phone rang with Aarush flashing on the screen and Geet smiled weakly.

"Go take the call."

"but Geet..."

"Am okay Ana... just go."

she found herself walking out to the beach when nothing pleased her anymore. Ana was busy with Aarush and she preferred it that way. She walked towards the darker side of the beach and sat on one of rocks perched there. The Atlantic wind was cold and she hugged herself to generate some heat but the pain lingered.

I am happy after so long Kanha... I was trying to be. But what if...

It wasn't that she was insecure about her life and her relationships. No. she knew she wouldn't have to worry a bit when Maan was there. But the thought of the dream was just so scary. She was holding on to hope all over again. Daring to dream the dream that was left unwoven in the mayhem of her life. She was plain disturbed because she had seen too much of loss to last a lifetime.

What does happiness even mean to her right now?

It was so dark that she couldn't make out the line that parted the sky and the ocean. The wind galloped, and the waves crashed and the heart... the dear heart remained vulnerable. She looked to oblivion and blinked away the tears that popped up time and again.

"what happened Geet? Why are you crying?" her father picked her up in his arms and caressed her back.

"I... I cannot sleep daddy." The little girl sobbed, burying her face in her father's shoulder.

"and why can't you sleep?" her daddy asked lovingly.

"Sniff... when I close my eyes, I see bad dreams."

"How about I sing you a song and put you to sleep?" her daddy smiled at her and it was so contagious that she couldn't help smiling through her tears.

She sniffed and heard another wave crashing on the shore.

"catch a falling star and..." she wiped away those tears from her cheeks, "...put it in your pocket, never let it fade away."

She buried her face in her palms and gulped down the knot that was hurting her throat.

"Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket..."

The waves and the wind didn't let her voice be heard. They played mean and she didn't mind either. Her lips trembled and her voice cracked, partly because of the cold and partly because of that gnawing feeling that tugged at her chest.

"...and save it for a rainy day. For love may come and tap you..."

She stopped and closed her eyes shut. Trying to get the images of the dreadful dream out of her mind but when was it ever easy to let go?

He watched her from a distance and saw her head hung low.

His little storm... she was back in her own world perhaps.

As much as his heart ached to see her back in the abyss, he knew she needed him now. He had come back home and the first thing he looked for was her. He had rushed out to look for her when Ana had told him about her being disturbed about something.

He walked slowly and stood quietly beside her. She didn't even realize.
When she knew she had calmed down, she wiped away her tears and felt the presence of someone around her. Startled, she quickly looked around only to find him right beside her, looking at the darkness ahead.

She quickly blinked away to dry her eyes and stood up, trying to smile that didn't even reach her eyes.

"Maan? When did you come?"

She was elated to see him. A sudden wave of relief gushed down her spine.

He tore his glance away from the sea-sky and looked at her quizzically, "what happened Geet?"

She went numb for a moment or two at his direct question. There were no formalities. No hesitation. He just asked point blank... just as he always did.

How did he even know Kanha?

But then she knew it better. She knew he was like that.

"what?" she tried to be a little clueless.

He sighed and turned to face her, "little storm, do you think it pleases me to see you so disturbed?"

She gulped down in nervousness and it didn't go unnoticed by him. She had always been an expressive woman. And he had never found it difficult to read her.

"I... I am not disturbed. Why do you think so?" she tried smiling and she did a poor job at it.

He raised a brow, "You can't even lie! Do you even know that?"

She sighed and looked down, knowing there was no escape. But she didn't want him to worry because she had been worrying him so much already.

Oh what a terrible woman you are Geet!!!

She chided herself mentally and sighed in defeat.

"just that..." She bit her lips.

"Just that?" he repeated.

"I just...I... I miss my family." She quickly looked up and tried sounding more confident, "yes. I just miss my mom and dad so much today."

She was lying through her teeth and he knew it. She had never been this distraught about anything before. Her body language screamed that out. He looked at her pale face and wished once...just once that she opened up to him and accepted him in her life. He knew she needed time and he was ready to give that to her but at times like these, he felt his patience wearing off. But he held back...

He held her hand and tugged her ahead.

"where are we going?"

He smiled softly, walking ahead, pulling her along, "lets go for a walk."

They walked in silence for a couple of minutes until their feet fell in sync with each other. The sand moulded itself under their feet to give them space and time decided to slow down a little, shushing the wind to a gentle breeze. The ocean became louder and rhythmic, just like their heartbeats.

The moon went a little higher and became a little brighter and then her mind went back to the dream that broke her heart.

Here was the man who held all her happiness, walking right beside her and here she was, a pathetic woman who couldn't even love him at the time of her choosing.

Happiness...what was it to him?

"Maan?" she asked after a long time.

"hmmm?" he didn't even look at her.

"Can I ask you something?"


"what makes you happy?"

He stopped and she halted too. Turning towards her, he found her forlorn and thoughtful.

"what do you want to hear?" he asked looking straight into her eyes, beckoning her to tell him what chaos her heart had brewed up.

"what makes you truly happy?"

He sighed and inched a step closer to her. She didn't inch back.

"do you really want to know what makes me truly happy?"

She nodded, "be a little selfish today maan and tell me what is happiness to you!"

He knew what she meant. All those topics of discussion came back to him... talks of how he took care of the world without a word and how he loved to see everyone else happy.

He inched closer, further and let his hand graze her cold cheek. She shivered more because of it and not from the cold. His eyes looked straight into hers, holding her captive. Her breath hitched at the proximity. His gaze thrilled her and worried her all at once and set goose pimples on her skin.

His warm fingers slowly grazed her cheek, lovingly, carefully, gently and his breath tickled her skin.

"what makes me happy you ask? Eh Geet?"

She nodded, her breaths coming in short gasps with his proximity.

"I am happy when I make you happy." He just said it so simply.

She froze.

He cupped her face and held her still, "if I make you happy, then I am happy. And that is my selfish happiness."

She was at such loss of words that she remained still in time. Even after all this time, did she even need more proof? This man loved her...that was the end of all thoughts.

"...and to be happy," he continued and she just listened, "I want you in my life Geet. I need you to be with me."

He watched her still so stunned and so still and sighed, taking a step back. She always coaxed things out of him. He took a step back and pulled away his hands.
Turning around, he took a deep breath in, "come now. Lets keep walking."

She saw him trudge ahead slowly and that is when she noticed where he had brought her. There were so many lights around, so many people, so many houses. All this while she had been sitting in the darker side of the beach. How simply he had come and pulled her out of the dark and how stupid she had been to even not notice?

She rushed and hugged him from the back, stopping him in his tracks.

"Geet... wha..."

"Shhh..." she replied and turned him back by his shoulder

She felt her heart would pop out of her chest with the emotions this man set in her as she looked at him lovingly and pushed the hair from his forehead.

"why?" she asked, a bittersweet ache simmering in her, "Just why Maan? Why are you the way you are? You just make me give in..."

He opened his mouth to say something but she surprised him. She leaned closer and pressed her lips on his!!!

Her hands clutched his shirt on his chest as she kissed him softly, as much as she could with her shambled pieces and let her tears tell the tale of her heart.

His eyes went wide as saucers at what happened. He was too stunned; too shocked and too surprised to comprehend what happened but her cold soft lips on his were such potent proofs.

She let out a sob of anguish when he didn't respond to her and gently opened her eyes that let down more overwhelming tears.

"Maan...please!" she quivered and looked down.

Did he not want this? Was she being hasty? Was it not meant to be? was it wrong?

Her heart ached up until the moment he grabbed her face, pulled her close and kissed her back!!! There was no induction required and no preliminary formalities. She sighed in relief when he proved her wrong and closed her eyes, feeling the his lips pressed hers and how they held on to each other like a pair of drowning doves. Her hands curled around his shoulders as she trembled in his embrace; partly by happiness and partly by her own acceptance.

There are realms between dreams and wakefulness when you are asleep but you aren't; where the heartbeats calm down and you just cannot differentiate between what is real and what is not. This was that moment...beautiful than a reality and truer than a dream and that they never wanted to end.

Their lips crushed into one in acceptance and reverence after a chaotic battle and suddenly there existed no world apart from them. His hands snaked round her waist and pulled her closer to himself whilst his mouth coaxed opened hers.

"Ohh.." she gasped into the kiss and felt the need to breathe. He probably felt the same too because he let go of her, taking in air to calm his erratic heartbeats. He opened his eyes to see that blush on her cheeks and her shy eyes drooping to the ground.

He let his index finger lift her chin and her eyes fluttered open to look straight into his.

"you do realize what this means, right?" he asked.

"Yes!" she answered boldly despite the blush, "I want this. I want us'"

His eyes twinkled in joy that he had so concealed up until this moment. He leaned closer and pressed another kiss on her lips and laced his fingers with hers, "will you tell me now Geet, what bothered you?"

She thought that question had escalated but he never forgot. She looked at their fingers entwined and took in a long deep breath.

"You won't let go of it?"

He pushed that strand of hair away from her face, "Don't you know me?"

She sighed, "its really stupid Maan..."

"I am listening." He pulled their tangled hands and pressed a kiss at the back of her palm.

Her lips curled into a smile...he ameliorated the pain just with his presence!

"I just had a bad dream that's it."

"so bad that you were this disturbed?" he raised an inquisitive brow.

She looked back at the dark sea and shrugged, "I am just not used to so much happiness."

There was an underlying ache in her voice that he felt in her words. He snaked his free hand around her waist and pulled her close to him in a sudden movement that she drew in a breath in surprise, "Ahh..."

He leaned closer and buried his face in her hair. And just when she thought he'd hug her, he whispered in her ear, "you have to start getting used to it little storm."

There was a subtle mirth in his voice that made her smile and all she did was wrap her arms around his shoulders and clung to him like a baby.

"Just stay with me like this, okay?" she hugged him tighter.

"I have said it and I will say it again... mein tumhe chod kar kahin jaa hi nahi sakta!"

Her petite figure trembled in his arms and he smiled, holding her tighter if it was ever possible. he knew he needed her in his life and now he also knew that she needed him as much. Gosh! When did they become so dependent on each other?

As they walked inside, holding hands, he couldn't help thinking. They had been such different personalities from two different worlds that had nothing in common. And now was the predicament where he just felt he wouldn't breathe if there wasn't a trace of her.

Kabir and Ana gaped at them when they entered. Maan held Geet close to him, his one hand around her waist protectively and asked them to sit for dinner.

"woah woah...wait right there." Ana stopped them, "what is going on?"

Geet knew this was inevitable. She opened her mouth to say something but Maan intervened, "Nothing kiddo. Let's have dinner first. Then we can go out to see the fireworks."

He left Geet and walked inside to freshen up, leaving a flabbergasted Ana. The moment he was gone, Ana jumped on the lady in question, "You have to tell me what happened. Something happened in the beach I know. You were all sulking and now look at you...wait let me guess... you guys are together now, aren't you? You guys confessed!!!"

Geet turned red and looked down, smiling, unable to not do so. Ana grinned, "am I right or am I right Miss Handa?"

Geet blushed harder and nodded in affirmative making Ana scream in glee.

"OMG OMG...OHHH EEMM GEEE...finally...finally... Ahh am just so happy Geet..."

And she went on and on and on about her plans and everything when Geet looked around to find Kabir looking at her intently. He wasn't smiling though; he was just looking at her with some emotion she couldn't understand.

Kanha, is he mad or what?

She took a step towards him and stopped when he flashed a smile; just like he always did. But something was off about him. It just didn't reach his eyes. She knew something was wrong!

She opened her mouth to ask him what bothered him but he beat her to that, "Lets get you dinner Mi Bella... today is such a happy day. I got beer too..."

He walked away, leaving her all confused. Maybe she was just overthinking? Maybe it came as a surprise to him? She tried to reason but Ana was a big distraction. They set the table and sat down for dinner. Maan joined them after a while and they had fun cracking jokes and teasing Geet. She glanced at Kabir who looked pretty much normal and sighed in relief.

The parents came back right before the zero hour and they decided to go to the beach where people were ready to welcome the new year.

"5...4...3...2...1...Happy New Year..."

People screamed everywhere and hugged each other and set the sky on fire. They wished each other until Maan and Geet stood face to face.

"Happy new year..." she squealed in happiness and the firework went off. The sky turned red and her face reflected the light.

She just looked so adorable with that smile plastered on her face that he leaned closer and pressed his mouth over hers, stunning her to silence. The fireworks went on and people continued screaming. She kissed him back once again and this time in gratefulness.

Radhika looked around for Maan and stopped short seeing him with Geet!!! Things happened right under her nose and she didn't even realize???

How? Just how?

She called her husband and ushered him inside, briefing him of what she had witnessed.

They were the last ones to enter the house and stopped seeing the parents waiting for them. Radhika didn't even smile at them. She sat with a poker face and looked at Geet intently.

They took a step more and the lady of the house couldn't bear it anymore.

"Stop right there both of you!!"

"Mom??" Maan wondered if something was the matter.

"What is going on with the two of you? You guys thought you would hide and no one would notice?"

Her gaze flicked to their joined hands and Geet noticed that. Everyone was looking at them.

"We didn't expect this from you two..." Mr. Khurana spoke up with so much disappointment that sunk her heart.

Kanha, are they not happy? What happened?

The few seconds of silence was so overpowering that Geet trembled in fear in embarrassment. She had not expected this!!!

He felt her hold around his hand loosen but he held her back.

She jumped and looked at him. He looked straight at his parents, holding her tight.

"there is nothing going on mom and dad." He spoke sternly.

"then care to explain this Maan..." his mother spoke equally sternly.

"there is nothing to explain..." Maan announced.

Geet's heart pounded in anticipation. In her own world with Maan, she had completely forgotten about the world that they lived in. what if no one liked this?
What if no one was happy? How will she deal with this?

"...We are together."

She heard Maan announce to his family and gaped at him like he were an alien. He just said it... just like he'd always do. No articulating, no hiding, no excuses. She held his hand tighter and looked at everyone in nervousness.

And the next moment everyone burst out laughing.

"Oh dear Geet...look at your face!!! What did you think?" Radhika went and hugged her.

"We were just trying to get back to you for hiding this from us..." Mr. Khurana added, "but we are just so glad that its you Geet..."

A wave of relief washed through Geet as she saw happiness trickling down Radhikas's face.

"But this was unexpected Geet...we thought it was going to be you and Kabir." Radhika teased.

Her eyes widened in surprise and then quickly looked down in embarrassment.

"We didn't know you had eyes for Maan...not even the slightest idea about it."

They teased her so bad that she hoped the earth opened and swallowed her up. Everyone was there, teasing her, laughing with her, talking to her except the one person she had hoped to see the most.


>>Okay, I know not a very awesome update in terms of writingOuch
but we will get back to it.Tongue

>>And Finally, its official!!! Dancinglets see what more do we have in store.
Geet still has to go back to her workplace now... LOLand so do I!!!Ouch

>>See you in the new year. Happy Holidays!!!Nuke


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Marium Surprised and in 1st place wowww

Well That was really long update and Wonderfully written Miss.Kawaii You are in form no doubt on that but Have Doubt on myself Was not reading anything for few days and tried catching up today some and comments are not coming out and there you come with your too sweet surprise update...

Maybe just now can't say many things about this one you have written amazing no doubt but I may lack in saying how good you were...

Starting That dream and those lines at first I was 1st confused reading those lines to understand for whom you have written and two name was doing merry go round on my Head 1st Geet and Last One Aayat well I guess I'm fascinated by that character already it's seeming to me...

About that dream even I've some bad dreams like that in past and cried over couple of them... I know how bad it feels it's a dream still those emotions stays with us and that's why it feels so bad ...I was constantly feeling out of all days Maan has to be out only today I was just praying He should come back and he did I could not have Feel more better than that...

I don't know what you do with us but when I read them it feels different and Special to have read them and feeling those emotions which you portray and offer to us to explore...

Reading this chapter I was feeling like awww it's like ages I've read them and feel those emotions ...

You write gracefully how things happening how the atmosphere is all helps more to Get connect with whatever you write...

Well Why always Stuck on this story try writing os sometimes or non maaneet shot which you write good I like everything you write... But don't know why you think you can not write os??

well many things happen they confessed and also it's official now but which didn't get at all was Kabir????

What's with this thing why he's not into this happiness??

He's upset over something???

what's that??

I'm curious to know about it...

well I will like to end it here cause Don't have more charge on my mobile so bye bye...

thanks for updating while you were so busy...

New year may bring all happiness to you and Allah showers His All Blessings on you...

Love you My Miss.Kawaii Have a safe journey back to your that boring work place again... Feeling sad for you that you will be there alone again but nothing to do... You know I have Feel so bad while you were traveling by train for so many hours while coming Here I've felt wish I was there too with you.. you were alone and I was wondering All Time what you must be doing it was exhausting also... But glad you arrived safe now should return also in one Piece...

Until next update lot's of love And Blessings...

Sorry for not able to saying how beautiful it it was...

But If I read it 2nd time will do that Inn sha Allah...Heart

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Nice update 
Geet had bad dream 
All tried to make her relax but cand do except Maan 
Now she accept him 
Maan family also know they are together 
& they are happy also teasing them 
Geet is enjoying all this 
Update soon 
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Kabir? Oh no.. man you knew that right maan and geet are together..
I guess he is sad that his love the women who he liked previously.. is not with him like maaneet..

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Happy New year... Nice part
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Wow nice I think geet is not moved totally as I feel hinderness but awesome updt n happy new year 
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AHHH THE CONFESSION THE KISS OMG indeed it is a great end to a crazy year lol They really are for each other I mean the way they notice the good and the bad with each other the love and concern is so overpowering! She got the assurance and so glad the family is accepting. Kabir knew so I dont know why he is so upset :( Did something go wrong somewhere in the previous updates we missed ? or he is missing some love in his life ? Thanks for the update :) 
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