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@abi_sanam: Hi, welcome to my thread. I am so glad that you are enjoying the story. Loving all your comments. about maan, i will just keep quiet and give you the benefit of doubt. keep reading and keep telling me how you feel. 

@shamaan: "for someone like me, there will be someone like you"
Ohh so beautifully penned...thank you!Embarrassed

@Shopnokona: hi. welcome to IF and welcome to my thread. so glad you are enjoying this. hope to hear more from you. do you like maan now?

@ALL: Guys, I wanted to reply to you individually but then each one of you had such an amazing response...I still  can't believe i have actually written that chapter. been too busy lately but i have sneaked in and read your comments multiple times because they were that awesome. Thanks a ton for being here and loving this story.Hug

86.How Easy Was It Going To Be...

I set out on a narrow way many years ago
Hoping I would find true love along the broken road
But I got lost a time or two
Wiped my brow and kept pushing through
I couldn't see how every sign pointed straight to you

He bobbed his head along with the music and tapped his fingers on the steering as the music from the radio. His work was done and his brother was back with Geet and Ana...he sighed at the thought of it. She had dropped a bomb. His little sister was totally in a mood to play with them. Not that he as averse to Aarush but the thought that his sister has grown up so much now hit him hard.

His phone screamed with some unknown number and he slowed down a bit, lowering the volume of the radio.

Every long lost dream led me to where you are
Others who broke my heart they were like northern stars
Pointing me on my way into your loving arms
This much I know is true
That God bless the broken road
That led me straight to you.

"Yes, may I know who is this?"

"Umm Sir, can you please come to xyz hospital as soon as possible?"

"What happened?" his brows twitched in worry.

"Ummm there is this lady here who was attacked by some goons and your number was the last called in her call log. Please come quickly."

Now I'm just rolling home
Into my lover's arms
This much I know is true
That God bless the broken road
That led me straight to you.

The music faded in the background and he swerved to the right and took a u-turn. It was all so weird for he tried raking his brain as to why would some stranger have his number on her call log and that too a woman!!! Nevertheless, the situation sounded worrisome and he had to look into it.


She looked at the time and pulled her legs close up to her chin. It was long into the night and she just didn't know what to think. Maan was gone. he must be in his flight now for some work in California. He had been gone for a few days now and it felt so empty. She played the confession in her head so many times and felt her heart fluttering. With him gone, the flutters vanished into emptiness. It just felt so weird. What was it that she was missing? How easy was it going to be from now on that she had placed her life on his hands and let him handle it however he wanted?

She felt a knock on the door and looked around to find Pooja standing there with a smile on her face. She looked frail now but there was a smile that the baby has left on her.

She smiled back, "You didn't sleep?"

Pooja slowly walked to her and sat down in front of her, "I just put him to sleep. He had been crying the whole time and I lost my sleep."

Geet held Pooja's hand and caressed it, "It must be so hard no?"

"I will be honest Geet, it is. It is so hard to be a mother. It is exhausting when its been just a few days. I don't how will I handle everything..."

She watched Pooja's eyes look at something at the distance and she looked tired. Her eyes had dark circles now and the exhaustion was so visible. But motherhood had left a definite glow on her face that none could miss.

"You will get used to it. Its only a matter of time. You want to lie down?"

"No. I will leave in sometime. If he wakes up, I have to feed. Why aren't you asleep?"

Geet sighed and looked out of the window, placing her head on her folded knees, "Just so many things going on in my head."

"A penny for your thoughts?"

"I was thinking about Maan and me."

"Is something wrong? You confessed already, right? Then what?"

"exactly Pooja. Then what?" Geet pressed her lips at the seams thoughtfully before speaking.

"he is back in NYC and am here. I don't know how this is going to go. Sometimes I think I worry too much but at times I am scared of this distance between us."

Pooja leaned back on the couch and nodded her head, "Does he want you back?"

"I know he wants me back but he would never say it. He is the kind of a person who would do anything to make sure his family is happy..."

"And you are his family too right now." Pooja completed her sentence, "Have you thought of going back?"

Geet took some time to answer the question.

"being with him makes me so happy Pooja. There had never been a day when I don't think of going back since the day I had come here. But then, I had been scared of my own heart. Now, I am just in two minds."

"It's about your job, isn't it?"

"Partly, yes. I have just started my career. This is my first project and I know how much I struggled for it. Am I being selfish Pooja? Am I?" her voice faltered as her eyes burned with emotions.

"You are absolutely not being selfish. Even Maan knows right, how much you struggled? And it is not easy for freshers to get a job. It would be foolish to just give up on it when you have worked so hard for it."

"Hmmm." She could say only so much.

"Don't worry yourself too much. You will find your way to him am sure."

"I have thought of something Pooja."

"And it is?"

"My project is going to end in a week or two. Maybe I can just relocate back to New York. Will you all be okay? I know how much you want me to be with you guys but then I realize now how much he needs me Pooja. I don't want him to be the one who 'gives' all the time. He had done that enough, not only for me but for everyone else too."

"You are silly if you think we will stop you Geet. We will be more than happy because you found your anchor. Just go back to him girl. I am so glad that you took this decision. Don't you worry anymore now!"

When Pooja left, she kept watching the moon from her window for a very long time. Nothing was uncertain when it came to Maan, she knew now. And she also knew that she wouldn't be able to live apart anymore now. She had brooded enough on her fate and been selfish enough. Something must be done now for she had no more in her to stay away now.

Kanha, I just hope I am not too late...


He watched the woman lie in front of him unconscious and kept staring at a dirty red mark across her neck. If he felt anything, that was nothing but anger. He was told that she had been injured by a few people who had broken into her house and that she had been found in this condition right outside of her building.

Where did she even live?

He talked to the people who had called him and sat outside, putting the pieces of the puzzle together. The last time he got a call on this number was when Ana had called him, asking her to pick her up from near the hospital where Aarush worked. Apparently, her battery had died and she hadn't had her car. Aarush had been out for some urgent meeting. But that had happened the previous evening. Could it be that Ana might have bumped into her and asked her cell phone to call him?

He stood beside her when she had opened her eye an hour later. Those hazel eyes that he hadn't been able to forget till date remained the same... beautiful and scared at the same time, asking so many questions that he didn't know what or how to answer. She tried sitting but the nurse held her back saying she needed help. He could see her lips twitching in pain when her neck hurt. And that mole at the corner of her lip move along with her movements.

"Aayat." He finally called out.

She looked at him, her fingers curling into fist out of fear, "wh...what happened?"

Her voice trembled despite recalling that she had met the man before too.

"Where is your family?" he asked lovingly.

"What happened?" she didn't even hear him. Fear lurched into her heart and she her eyes watered.

"Shhh shhh...its okay. Someone broke into her house and tried to hurt you. You are safe here."


"those who brought you here called me because apparently my number was in your caller id. Don't worry, you are safe now."

"I...I want to go home."

"hey hey...I am not going to hurt you. The police is involved here and they have sealed your place for investigation. Do you have anyone here?"

"Yea...yeah my friend..." she looked here and there for her cell phone and found it beside her bed. She quickly dialled her friend's number and it went to voice mail. She tried a few times but nothing happened.

She might be at work. What do I do?

"Do you want me to call someone else? There must be someone who can take you in till your house is ready?"

"There'sNoOne." She said so quickly that Kabir couldn't understand.

"Excuse me?"

"There is no one else."She looked so vulnerable at this point that he wished if he could just ask her why she was so troubled.

"They will be discharging you in a while Aayat. Will you be okay?"

She nodded in affirmative but she was so readable. He could see right through her. She was scared. She was scared to hell but she wouldn't admit. And she had no one in her family.

"You know what, forget it. I have an apartment uptown and you can stay there till your house is ready."

Her eyes widened in disbelief and she shook her head, "No. No. thank you. Its okay. I can manage."

"hey, its okay. You can stay there. I live with my family near Manhattan so you can just relax."

"No no...I can't stay. Please."

He folded his hands over his chest, "what other options do you have, woman? Your house is a mess and you don't have anyone here. Do you plan to live on the streets?"

He was surprised at his own attitude. He had never lost in cool up until now and he couldn't believe what he was doing. He had an apartment on his name but that was like a getaway of his. How easily had he let her in? this lady was testing his patience.

She looked thoughtful now and uncertain and she tried every possible way to avoid him.

"I...I don't have clothes."

"Cool. We will drive to your house, get yours clothes and go back. Any other excuse?"


"Hi. Did you reach?" she felt her lips automatically curling into a wide smile and her heart fluttered.

He took off his shoes and fell on the bed, relaxing. She always did that... made his mind calm down from the raging thoughts of work and life.

"Yes. What's up with you? Don't you have work to do?"

"Not much to do today. I told you right the project is coming to an end. We are almost done with the stuffs."

"Hmm. Right. How are Pooja and the baby?"

"Ohh they are good. He smiles now. I am still a bit scared to hold him."

"You should try once."

"Maan..." she cried like a baby surprising him.

"Yes, little storm."

"Why are you so far?" she pouted.

His lips curled into a smile, "Because I have work, maybe?"

"I miss you."

"I was with you just the last week Geet."

"and that was enough for you? How unromantic!!!!" she twisted her lips.

"Unromantic? Was there anything there to be even remotely romantic about?"

"Ugh... chuck it. You just can't understand how I am feeling right now."

"then tell me little storm, how are you feeling now." He placed one of his hand behind his head and listened to her blabbering.

She had opened up so much...he still couldn't believe for he hadn't known her that way either. Geet Handa had shades that were still unknown to him.

"You should say I miss you too Geet and that I wish we could meet sometime soon..."

"You want me to say cheesy lines to you? No thank you Ms. Handa. I'd rather be insulted."

"Ohh is it? Then let me abuse you verbally if you wish." She retorted.
She loved arguing with him, she admitted to herself shamelessly and she was getting good at it. Initially she sucked but eventually he was rubbing it off on her and so, she enjoyed.

"Anything for you Geet." His voice dropped to a whisper and she felt the difference. Her heart raced as the memories of her kiss back in the hotel ran in her mind erupting tingles all through her body.

"I want to see you Maan." Her voice died down too for she missed him so.

"I have so many things to tell you, I have got so much to show you... it feels as if when you are with me, the time that we share is just not enough. I am still left with so much unsaid. What are you doing to me?"

To find her this expressive was something so new for Maan. He wondered what had changed... not that he was unhappy about it but the change was just so visible. She was expressive before as well but this was just something so different.

"Maan...Maan... are you there? I was ranting, wasn't I? Anyways, ignore all of it and sleep. I have a call to attend in a few minutes. Good night."


"Hmm?" she pressed back the phone into her ears.

"I wish I could explain how much I wish to just go back to London, take you by your hands and just make you stay with me all the time."

She remained silent as the words slipped into her heart one after another...slowly and gently like feathers.

 "Have a good day little storm. Take care."

The line went dead and she sat by her desk, pressing her hand on her chest. The heart was wild today as it becomes every time she talks to him. Her vacillating heart now seemed to calm down, slowly coming towards the mean, but still moving...left and right... left and right...


She was definitely embarrassed.

Kabir could see it through and through. She had directed him towards her house and he had been shocked to see where she lived.

"You live here?" he had asked unable to hold back. She had felt terrible for embarrassment made way to her heart and her head dipped down. She had said nothing but quietly gotten down and run to her apartment.

He sighed and ran his fingers through his hair, some trait that he shared with his brother.

"I just shouldn't have said that..."

He chided himself but he couldn't help but feel terrible. She lived downtown in some place that looked nothing less than hell. There were few men who drank openly...some already drunk hurled abuses at every other person. There was such chaos that he wondered why did she even live in a place that bred criminals in the first place. Her apartment as he could was a very old dirty building that seemed as if it'd crumble any given time! No wonder people broke into her house and injured her so.

She came back quickly, hiding her face with her scarf holding a duffle bag and sat inside. He could see her relaxing once she had shut the door.

"Done?" he asked.

She didn't speak. She kept her head down and nodded. He pulled out of the place without saying a word.

What in the world was happening to him?


She hummed a tune as the grin on her face widened. The weekend had been relaxing and she was too excited about what to come. She folded the dry clothes and placed them together in the cupboard one by one.

"Hey. Busy?"

She looked up only to find Raj by her door, with a smile on his face.

"Oh Raj. Come in... not going out today? You were taking Pooja out for dinner right? Poor thing has been so tired all these days."

He walked slowly and made himself comfortable on one of the couches.
"We will leave in an hour. She is getting ready. Do you want to join us?"

His eyes followed her and fro in the room.

"Nah. I will pass. You guys enjoy. I have got some emails to reply to."

He relaxed back and kept looking at her for a while.

"Geet, what's up with you these days?"

She took another set of clothes and walked back to the cupboard, "what's up with me?"

"I mean about your job. Is everything smooth?"

She rolled her eyes wondering why was he even asking such irrelevant questions.

"Yeah. Job is fine. Am learning a lot of stuffs and I am liking it too. Why suddenly?"

She picked up another set of towels and was about to walk back when he stood up and held her hand, making her stop on her tracks.

She looked at him and then at his hold and again back into his eyes that questioned her so much.

"You decide to move back to New York and don't even tell me?"

His voice was laden with hurt and she felt it.

"" she raised a brow in surprise.

"You share everything with Pooja because she is your friend. Am I nothing to you anymore Geet?"

She kept looking at him for a while and kept the towels back on the bed.

"Raj... it is not like that..."

"then why am I not your friend anymore Geet? You know what you mean to me right? Didn't we promise each other to always be friends even after all that has happened? You moved away and I said- let her go. You came back...I was the happiest but then sometimes I feel I don't know you anymore."

She blinked slowly and saw the gnawing distance between them now. She had been so busy in her world that she had forgotten the fact that has Raj not supported her back then, she'd have never been allowed to go to NYC in the first place. He had been there when she was going through an emotional crisis, unknowingly. He had never stopped her from doing anything.

"Raj, I am sorry but I didn't mean to hurt you. It's just that nothing is final. I am yet to get approval from my seniors for relocation. Then I'd have told you..."

"I don't hold anything against you Geet... but it worries me that we have drifted apart and turned into strangers now. You never told me about Maan or anything else...hell you never told me that you got a job. I got to know from Pooja. Don't I deserve even that much?"

She sighed and went into his arms, "am so sorry. Honestly, I never thought I'd create so much between us. I wanted to get away from everything then...and yes, you were the only one who stood beside me when everyone was against it. May be, I just went too far ahead and forgot to look back..."

He gently caressed her head, "Its okay. But please tell me honestly, are you happy now? The only thing I want is you to be happy."

She looked up and smiled, "Its about Maan, isn't it?"

He looked straight into her eyes, "Yes and No at the same time."

"Raj, he is a blessing to me by Kanha...I cannot say anything about him more than this."

"Glad. But please, Geet, please let me be your friend."

"After all those years I have spent with you, you don't have to ask."

He stepped back and smiled, "when are you shifting?"

"As soon as I get the confirmatory email which could possibly happen in a day or two. I might just move a week after that."

"If you are happy with the arrangement, then I will not stop you from anything."

She couldn't feel better than this. Up until this moment, she had not realized what chasm had remained between her and Raj. But whatever it had a closure now.

She quickly picked her phone, checked the time and called Maan.

He didn't pick up in the first three rings.

"Ugh...always busy."

She went ahead with her work and called back again later at night.

This time, it went to his voice mail. Strange.

She kept changing sides the entire time, waiting for his call nothing of that sort happened.

Something was off...her heart thudded in fear.

Something was wrong...


>>Okay, not that great update, I know. But This was a necessary build up for something that is coming up.

>>I have been extremely busy these days because of which I haven't had the time to sit and write.. Probably going to be busy for the next 15 days or more. Cannot be sure of the updates. Please bear with me. I am just permanently exhausted these days!LOL

>>See You Soon...hopefully.Ermm

Chapter 85

Chapter 87

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A beautiful start of the morning with the update uff I can't tell what I was going through when u weren't updating . Well the wait was worth it
Wonderful update as usual the slight fear in geet heart for this long distance relationship is natural but I im little confuse in few scenes that the way geet is expressing her self and maan seems to be abstaining himself from the word why is it so...
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Omg, finally an update on a totally unexpected day! Thank you Ms Writer.

Geet's situation beautifully expressed... don't tell me Masn is unavailable as he is hurt and Geet will blame herself for this. Nahiii
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