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Posted: 2018-02-18T06:57:46Z
Originally posted by LovelyUmang5

savvy di, like we chat there, come to chat forum over here sometimes.. you will make great friends.. & please don't hesitate for anything..
you feet welcomed in geet forum coz you are there for long & are free with them.. A little try.. you will be liked here as well...
I am the newest member here, but I feel like I am here from ages..

I saw you very famous here Wink
yup will try
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Posted: 2018-02-18T06:58:28Z
Originally posted by LovelyUmang5

ek baar try to kore dekho,
shobarir shonge ek baar porichito hoye gele, bhalo bondhutto hoye jabe.. nijeyi chede jete mon korbe na..

hmm try korte hobe dekhi
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Posted: 2018-04-23T23:46:00Z
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Posted: 2018-04-24T01:32:30Z
Originally posted by Keepdreaming

Originally posted by LovelyUmang5

<font color="#FF00FF">I know you get less response her, but that's coz very few members are present in this forum.. In geet forum, there are many readers, half of them do not comment or like.. they simply read & leave..Only reason you don't feel that coz other half also make quite a number..
same is not the case in this forum.. Though few members..
All of the them comment & take interest in all the stories..
It's due to these handful number of people, this forum is not locked yet..


I know umang ..this forum has some awesome writers and supportive readers too
I saw it ..
even I'm reading some of their story like Evil angel no word for her talented mind Smile
even I'm reading deepti di story n dear diary ( really nice one )
but you know I don't feel like I belong here I mean they are nice but I don't know anyone so not feel like to stay ..its not anyone's fault may be mine .

Hey dear :)
Plz don't be feel low about it !
Forum is being dull now a days, that's y not many readers are coming across..
And those who are present over here.. they have been appealed many a times to Keep dropping their support :)
And about knowing... It's about time dear... U will get to know many others  members.. and eventually u will like it :)

Ur Story lines are awesome.. so plz don't give up :)
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