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               " Oy golgappa idhar aao " Madhu shouted to a fat boy to come ...

            " Madhu what are you doing he is our senior " Trishna said softly in her ear

" so what "

          Madhu gave who cares look and eying Rishab to come.. he looked here and there to confirm if she really calling him and then came before her looking confused ...

               " yes "...

               " go get a ice cream for me " without saying anything he took the money and went to get her ice cream..

               Trishna gaped at his back ..."aw he really didn't shout on you " ...its really big matter as Rishab is their senior in school also he is a boy still , he agreed to get ice cream for her gundi friend Madhu ...

               " no he didn't and he won't uffo Trishna you don't know he is our neighbour Mr Golgappa Rishab Kundra .. newly return from US ...Whole school bully him and he doesn't say anything..aur waise bhi itni dhoop mein agar main bhahar gari toh meri skin kharab nehi ho jayegi " she finished rubbing her hand ..just then Rishab came back with ice cream .. He gave it to her with a cute smile..

           " yuck " Madhu shouted as soon as saw chocolate flavour " i don't like chocolate flavour. Don't you know chocolate makes skin dark " he murmured sorry and went to get another...

              " Madhu itni garmi mein bechare se itna kaam "

            " acha itna bura lag raha hai toh ja tu jake leke aa " Madhu glared her ..

              " aur waise bhi mard ko dard nehi hota right Rishab " she said as soon as Rishab back with a smile but her smile fall as soon as she saw strawberry flavour...

            " not again i hate this flavour its just smell of medicine yuck i can't tolerate it.." she said giving it back to him and glared as if want to kill Rishab ...

            " you are really buddhu golgappa " Rishab again didn't say anything and ready to went get another but stop and asked her...
" what's flavour do you like ? "

              Madhu bite her tongue for her mistake ' how he would know your choice idiot ' ..she mumbled to herself but didn't show guilt on her face instead said

           " hmm ha bring vanilla only..i just love vanilla..its always make my stress go.."

               she complete with a dreamy face as if eating ice cream already .. Rishab gave a cute smile before going again...
Trishna nudge Madhu ..

              " that's not right Madhu ..you didn't tell him exactly what you want and there scold him for no reason " Madhu is Madhu how can she accept her mistake..

                   " meri nehi uski galti hai.. He should have asked me first "

              Trishna knows no use of arguing so she kept quiet .. This time Geet took ice cream happily from his hand ...

               " you are cute " she said in return he only shrugged his shoulder giving another smile and went from there ...

             " you didn't even thank him "

                  " i told him cute " she answered as busy eating ice cream not even offering it to Trishna..

               This one thing she would never compromise or share ...her favourite ice cream where Trishna poorly looking at her eating alone..

               " oops sorry " she barged on Rishab as she was running to go to her class , as a result his tiffin fall on ground ..

              " its ok " Rishab said with a cute smile collecting his box on floor..
              " hmm i know waise bhi itne mote ho , ek bar khana nehi khawogi toh kuch nehi hoga.. Balki maine na tumhari help ki hai golgappa .. " she told him going away and other student start laughing at him ...

            " Madhu ruk ..samne kichar hai " Trishna warned her but she didn't listen to anything and went fast with her cycle as result all mud water fell on a nearby boy who is none other then Rishab "

             " oops sorry " she said loudly laughing seeing his condition but didn't stop...and keep went on.

               This was the routine of Ms Madhubala Malik for whole high school "bullying Rishab " was her favourite time pass or say hobby , other hand he only smiled at her act..
                  It was very rare for him to go home neat and clean sometime ink or food or dirty water smashed on his dress and he always get scolded home because of this , but never utter a word against her as if he liking her attention even if she making his life hell...Edited by Keepdreaming - 2018-01-13T03:46:28Z
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hi guys
not so new actually I write on Maaneet
here a short story on RM
hope u guys will like it
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Claplovely...different concept n different rk n madhu...waiting for the next
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Posted: 2017-12-14T06:47:57Z
Congrats for the new story,
Superb start,
Rishbala characterization is different,
poor Rk daily he is getting bullied by her ,he never ever uttered a word against her always smiles seeing her antics,
continue soon,
thanks for the update,
plz continue ur other story too
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Posted: 2017-12-14T07:21:34Z
Nice start.. 
Different concept..
Poor rishab madhu always bully him.. 
Will the table turn in future..?? 
Waiting for the next part. 
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Posted: 2017-12-14T07:26:12Z
School me bully Madhu.n gogappa Rk..that too us returned..
Nice concept..
Nxt part updt soon
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Posted: 2017-12-14T08:23:42Z
Originally posted by Keepdreaming

hi guys
not so new actually I write on Maaneet
here a short story on RM
hope u guys will like it

Note ...I started a FF here named Humnava but couldn't finish it . Sadly now I lost the thread . Don't think you guys remember it now but if you want then I would like to post it again

Hey dear..
yes.. i remember u & ur previous stories..
Search in Google by ur thread's proper title.. and Then u can pm mods to open the thread to complete ur incomplete work :)

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