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What to say about Rati Pandey?  Words don't seem to do enough justice to her. 

To start off with, when she comes onscreen it becomes difficult to take eyes off her. She slips into the skin of her character and emotes so convincingly that we forget she's just acting. She is blessed with a pleasant demeanor and the ability to connect with the viewers effortlessly. 

She's got eyes which speak thousand words even in deep silence and a voice which would surely melt your heart. We are not exaggerating when we say that give her any character, any situation and she would nail it completely. Rati has already showcase a vast range of emotions and proved her versatility by portraying characters startlingly different from each other.  Yet, by her own confession, she is never completely satisfied with her performances and is always keen to improve and learn every day. She loves taking up challenges as an actor and even manages to ace them all with hundred percent dedication.

With her typical Indian beauty as well as her charismatic personality, she has charmed her way into the hearts of people. She is an enigma in her own right with a magnetic aura around her. The reason why she is loved by many is the fact that she always stands out in a crowd. She has always done things in her own unconventional way and refuses to get slotted as a typical celebrity! In real life, she comes across as a simple, humble and sensible person, someone we all can relate to. At the same time, she also has a fun, bubbly and mischievous side to her which makes her all the more lovable.

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Rati Pandey ,  the name has versatility all written over it. Everything from playing a normal bahu to a bubbly college-going girl, to playing a mature girl, with lots of responsibility on her shoulders to a fierce cop, she did each role with utter perfection, with true expressions, strong acting and her beautiful self.

Rati Pandey as Nandini - Rati made her debut with television with Deepti Bhatnaghar's show Shaadi Street which could not go on air initially because of some issues. However in 2009, it was telecast on star one after the popularity of Miley Jab Hum Tum.
Rati played the main protagonist Nandini, who's bubbly and chirpy. She also believes in living life on her own conditions. She wants to avenge her father's murder and is in search of the killer.
The plot thickens when Hrishikesh Pandey plays Rati's love interest and later she finds that he's the real murderer. 
Rati managed to impress all with her innocence and fit into the role like a glove. Despite being new, she performed with amazing confidence. 

Prathna Thakral - Rati started her career by taking up the role of Prathna Thakral in Harr Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai. Rati played the character of Prathna an orphan who is raised by her uncle and aunt.  She's soft spoken, silent, who craves for love, warmth and a family to call her own. And her dream comes true when she marries into a traditional joint family household. But once she sets foot in the house, she gets quite a surprise as from the outside, the house seems like one, but inside each family member is for them themselves, all ties and relationships broken. And here enters Prathna in the house, with all the love, warmth and joy in her heart. To mend all broken bonds, and connect everyone in the house. And that she did, with her strong determination, warmth and the strong will to have her own family. This may have been an ordinary saas-bahu role, but Rati took it several notch higher, with her strong acting, powerful expressions and beautiful self.

Nupur Bhusan (Sharma) - This may have been Rati's second serial, but it gave her massive fame, popularity and wrote her name in golden letters in Tellywood. Nupur Bhusan is a household name for everyone, as soon as we hear it; the bubbly, chirpy and talkative girl comes to mind. The girl who won us over with her non-stop talking, her witty one-liners, especially "By God", her charming personality and of course her Bollywood fanatics. There is probably not a single person who Nupur didn't connect with, she was the typical girl next door, which made us all connect with her, but what made her extra ordinary was her charming personality and ability to gel with each and everyone in the show. This was Rati's most appreciated and loved character till date, even today people love and remember her. Rati played Nupur Bhusan the way no actress ever could, by giving it a piece of herself, making the character come alive.  And for that Rati has been applauded by both fans, co-workers and other people from the television industry. And today the name "Nupur Bhusan (Sharma) speaks for itself.

Indira Sharma - After portraying the character of Nupur Bhusan, the fans were eager to see what else Rati Pandey had tooffer.. because the role of Nupur had it all, it perhaps THE character any actor could get. However, Rati came back after a long hiatus with the show Hitler Didi, where she portrayed the role of Indira Sharma, a completely different character than any of her previous ones. Indira Sharma was a tough, to-the-point, demanding and stern woman. Life had taken a toll on her father left them at a young age, and remarried.  And from that day she held her family's responsibility everyone from her mother who her father left, her drunk and useless brother and his constantly eating sister-in-law, her younger sister to her one and only nephew. She worked hard, all the days of the week to fulfil the responsibility that had fallen on her shoulders. She was a selfless character, she gave every ounce of happiness to her family, not sparing a single one of her. Rati made an amazing comeback with Indira, from the bubbly and chirpy Nupur, to the tough and stern Indira, she shocked everyone by the transition, which she mastered perfectly. Making all her fans love Indira.

She played two more characters...lahorewaali and husna when she looses her memory. 

Zara Malik Khan - A cop by profession, and that a loyal one, she has won several medals and achievements in the short time she have worked for the Delhi police department. Nevertheless, she has made name for herself, as the strict, tough and to-the-point Zara Malik Khan. She stays away from things like attachment, love and generally feelings. However, when little Indu comes into her life, she makes a place for herself in Zara's heart, waking feelings in her that she never felt before. Zara was parallel lead in Hitler Didi, which Rati played along with Indira. Although Zara wasn't the main lead, her role as Zara Malik Khan, was loved and appreciated as much as Indira, if not more. Rati enacted both character's with utter perfection, tumbling two completely different character's in one screen may seem extremely difficult, but Rati made it seem like a piece of cake, and she shone on the screen, her effort clearly visible, and for that we salute her .

We last saw her portraying Komal in Siddharth Sir show "Begusarai". That was a negative character And she completely nailed it and was praised for her performance. That's when...siddharth sir choosed her for porus. That show gave her a beautiful set of friends for lifetime. 


Anddd now she is playing "Queen Anusuya"

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SBS/SBB/U me aur TV/others Segments


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EtherealRati, -PD-, Angels_Sweetz, --BlackSheep--, Souparnikakk, GrumpyCat, ratibob007,.rumki., Arpimugfan, and rosecutie

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Introduction write up- -PureBliss-
Characters Write up-.SilentPrincess
All Anusuya Creations Used-  Angels_Sweetz 
All other Siggies and Creations used-Cinderella.. and .ByGod.Nancy
Pictures Credit- Angels_Sweetz, Pooja, fcporus and porus_russian
Compiler- EtherealRati

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Some Creations From Fans 

Some Pictures of PRINCESS ANUSUYA 

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Rati welcome back to TV. You are awesome as Anasuya.
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Originally posted by -PD-

Thanks Sur for the AT Hug
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What a beautiful AT Surbhi!!Hug
Can I join???
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